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Hi, I'm Bob lead for the past sixteen years. I've been part of something very special here at ESPN called sportscenter. Yes, sportscenter is a sports news information filled with those of us who actually work here, something much, much more. And so which was a great deal of pride that I invite you over the next several months to take a long hard, look at the sports center. You've never seen before the behind the scenes exclusive new are sure to enjoy. Bob is you are probably aware announced yesterday. That is retiring for me SPN. He was one of the originals. That was the very first this is sportscenter commercial that you just saw. He was on outside the lines yesterday. The show that he created, and he talked a little bit about what it is he expects, he's going to miss a miss the meeting the creative process, those days at about eleven o'clock with one o'clock, airtime, time, something happens. And we would say here, you blow up the show. We, we had to change it on the fly or do something quickly, or go longer than a half hour. That's when the adrenaline runs and not to wish for ill events in the world. But I would Mohammed Ali died you and I worked together till four in the morning. The Boston marathon bombing we worked together for hours together. And that's when you feel that there is a responsibility on your shoulder to get it, right. You don't have to be first to bring perspective to be accurate and to keep your point of view out of it, because it doesn't matter in a moment like that. Those. The things I will matter. I have really miss. Now, we got the news that Bob was retiring right at the end of our show yesterday. So had time to make a few comments on him in what I believe he has meant to our company and quite simply I would sum it all up by saying, if you look back at ESPN this enormous thing that has been created over the last forty years. Chris Berman was the heart. Stuart Scott was the spirit and bobbly was the conscience. And while those two guys the other two became more famous, I think than Bob did. No one was ever more important than bobbly was to whatever it is that he SPN has managed to become. So we wish him nothing. But the very best of health and happiness in his retirement and hope that we see him soon. And having said that we welcome you to another hour of get up Jay will this here. Jalen common. Whoa. Just coming. We are live as always from above the Heineken river decade appear seventeen and here comes the menu get not with K D. He officially took his first step out of Golden State yesterday. Maybe we'll tell you why the timing of all of this could make all the different that is off the very top, and then the rockets are putting the full court press on. Pursuit of Jimmy Butler wait until you hear what they're willing to do to make that happen. And we've ranked the roster of every NFL team and have reached one clear conclusion about which team has the best chance to win might the entrance surprise you. You'll find out in this hour. Let's go. And we start with the rockets where yesterday Adrian origin asking came on this program and told us the general manager Darryl morning head interested in trying to work a trade that would bring Jimmy Butler to Houston. We have a lot more on this move because as the reporting went on yesterday, it becomes clear that they're willing to put, basically everybody besides Chris Paul, and James harden on the trade block in order to try and find a way to bring him in the one, the only Jalen rose joins us live from Detroit this morning, and j lead start there jail. And I talked about this a little bit earlier here, as you hear all the links, the rockets seemed to be willing to go to try and bring Jimmy Butler into play with Hardin NCP three. Do you like it? I love it. I, I really believe that he ultimately gets a five-year max deal with Philly and this becomes an irrelevant topic. But if you're the Houston Rockets, you've already hit your ceiling. And when people talk about acquiring, Jimmy Butler, you can't leave out the most important fact they're trying to give from under Clint Capellas contract. They gave them ninety million dollars to play basketball. Yes. He could set screens and block a couple of shots. Catch a couple of LA but you figure you could find other players to do that at a cheaper price. Looking guys like javale McGee or de'andre, Jordan. I feel like they can almost contribute to the Houston Rockets the way he has. So to get from under his contract. Of course, you do what you can acquire a guy like Jimmy Butler, Jalen rose do just comparative L McGee to Clint cappella, did you just compare the as far as far as how much his game as far as how much is game has improved over? The last three years of his career. So all I'm saying is that this team rink last and bench minutes points, steals rebounds. And now you're gonna take that away to add, Jimmy Butler to the squad and take away all their bench are all the hard-working guys like PJ Tucker. And then you can have three guys that are paid over thirty million you're going to be in the same cap situation. Jay williams. We just saw the Golden State Warriors lose the championship. However they lost because of injuries. They have either the league has become that big twos. Look at the Lakers, they have LeBron James, Anthony Davis Akao Kuzina, and they don't even have a roster yet. We, we already feel like that. They're going to be a championship contending team. That's where the game is. Now it is wide open to go stay warriors probably gonna lose. K D Claes going to be injured. We gotta see what's going to happen with Denver. Mike Caputo junior. I love the Utah got my colleague junior, hopefully poorly kick secure a body of free agency. The Houston Rockets are right there. If you acquire a guy like Jimmy Butler, I think it brings validity to what you're trying to do with James harden, because their peers it ain't like in Minnesota, where he was the big brother and he was trying to get car tiles, and wickets to by the rockets have been trying to get Jimmy Butler on their tee a couple of years. They offer four first round picks to get him. He has a dynamic player and look at it like me ask you this question. Jay. Yep. If you're Jimmy, Butler, you better law who you better the next two or three seasons with Joel and Ben Simmons or Chris Paul James heart. Well, if I get the sewer max and like you said before that I'm staying. If I get the max, I'm staying in Philly. But I will say this, though the, the dynamic personality, you didn't ask your lawn. Amazing today. Kohima james. I'm raising my hand. I'll think your question. Jalen rose to me. The question is undoubtedly Philadelphia. You are much better off trying to win a championship with the p in Philly than the pieces. They have in Houston. Not only based on conference, which everyone always says the east is easier. I'm not even one hundred percent. Sure. I buy that anymore. But there's no question to me that Embiid and Simmons are on the ascendancy. They're getting better. And in Houston, they're getting worse. I think the window was shut on the rockets if I'm Jimmy Butler. I know he's from that area, but I'm much more interested in staying in Philly and trying to make a run the name and going to Houston. The reason why it seems like Phillies the easier path is because at a conference that they play is not because both of their top players doesn't bought away there, go perfect players. So if you wanna look deeper into the box score, I had Joel Embiid. Second team all NBA. He's a fantastic score could shoot two three rebound could block shots. But he's going to miss a lot of games due to injury antelope. Management is Ben Simmons going to be able to make a shot outside of the pain. What's going to happen with Tobias Harris and JJ ready? Jay williams. You do know that the Sixers don't have debt either. That's what's happening with most of these squads now. They become so very top heavy that a guy like Jimmy Butler, who's an all VA caliber player off, all of a sudden takes you from being a team that is going to be a top four you conference to a possible contender. So it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out, but we save all of these hyper for later in our last because. Go do is get a five-year max deal to stay Philly. Then let me leave it there on that thought for a moment because I have a much of other places I wanna take you, two guys. Let's go to Kevin Durant next who did take as I described earlier, the first step towards his departure from Golden State. Now, this was a formality opted, not to opt back in for the final Europe is contract. It does not mean he is leaving Golden State. It just means all his options. Go on the table. He can re-sign for the max supermax, if you will Golden State, two hundred twenty one million dollars over five years, or he can sign with another team. I love Brooklyn, or the next even the clippers seemed to be the other viable option out there, and that team could from four years at one sixty four so that's one fewer year and fifty seven million fewer dollars. And Jalen, I nominate start with J will broke broken all these pros and cons earlier in a really fascinating look at the decision that Katy has to make. And where do you Jay Jay Lin, excuse me place, the significance of that extra year in the extra fifty seven million dollars? How important would that be? Do you and should it be to Kevin Durant? Well, if I was me, I take all of the money I can I ain't think twice. I'm not the kind of flared at Kevin Durant is and so therefore he can play the long game. You just had a conversation about the league taking about shortening the season. Which, by the way, I hate that idea. That's another topic for another day. But if you're going to shorten the season at me, you're going gonna give long deputy to the player and I got newsflash. Greenie whether it's eighty two games or sixty two games and you're not gonna like this people still gonna miss games due to low management because Jalen. He didn't like it. I told him that he hit the, the low man is ain't about the rules is about the players wanna compete every night and played a game that they love I had a seize while eighty three days we used to take pride plant all games all season. So therefore, you Kevin Durant. You can play the long game. Yes, you might walk away from fifty meals today, will ultimately as long as he wakes up in the morning. He's going to be a guy from the four forty from three nine from the field. I mean ninety from the free throw line when the top two or three players in the league, ultimately long Javadi, he's gonna get all of the money that's come into another caveat on top Ajay row said the they do so much business like they've invested in post mates, their relationship with his shoe deal. So you have all this answer income from all these other business transactions that make up for that law. K D is obviously personality unique circumstance guys, I'm going to let everyone in a little bit behind the scenes here. We have been pausing to some degree. Or, or stolen to some degree because I'm told that wo- just been working the phones and out breaking news for us here to bring agent origin Espy into the conversation on that thought. Whoa, jr. Good morning. Welcome to the floor is yours. What if he got when free agency opens on Sunday night? The Celtics have emerged as a strong front runner to sign Kemba Walker from the Charlotte Hornets Boston can continue to clear, some cap space. They could renounce Terry Rozier, create a number that gets up to Kemba Walker max. But right now, Boston, and Kemba Walker are focused on each other. And, and there's a very strong possibility that Kemba Walker will replace Kyrie Irving, as the point guard is, is a centerpiece in Boston. Outstanding loge with a bomb live right here on Gedeh. Won't stay with me a second here. Jalen rose, let me go back to you. What do you make of that? How do you like Cambe as the peace to replace Kyrie in Boston? No disrespect to the people of Charlotte. But all season obvious saying free Kimball and the thing I like about this for the Boston. Celtics is system. Brad Stevens implemented want that we seen Isaiah Thomas flourish in an almost average. Thirty points, we've seen career urban become all NBA player, Terry rosier got a nickname of being scary in the playoff playing in that system. So are you gonna pay Terry rosier the of money that you would pay Kimba Walker? No. So therefore, you go ahead and give the money to Campbell. I think his attitude his ability to be a teammate Invidia with the other young pieces of the Boston Celtics is going to be a lot better to even kyri urban was. And I think this will be a terrific signing for the Boston Celtics. I love I love the move for Kemba. I think that's a young core that is different than what he had in Charlotte. Different pieces. Jason tatum. Jaylen Brown in. Other pieces that they have there. But I would like to put this holding at perspective last year we were talking about this team winning a world championship. Bless you. Now we're talking about them in rebuilding year. It's different drastically different conversation from where they were last year this year like the move not so much. I agree with you. And I'm the one who said the other day that they went from the team of the future to the team in the past, and they never had a president. But if they put Kemba Walker in where kyri was aren't. They still among the front runners, if not deficient in the Eastern Conference how much Moore smart, he's going to be the favourite he'll why stays going this season. Boston was the favourite what weeks? Yes. Yes win. And then they just imploded in that series against Milwaukee candidly, because all those guys were standing around watching kyri dribble, the ball, that's what happened to the Celtics. If Kemba doesn't do that. And he plays within the system as jailing was just saying the Celtics had feels to me are one of the teams you could pick in the eastern, you can get out Horford back. You don't have Baynes. Right. A lot of missing pieces, I'm not going to put them over Milwaukee. If quiet goes back to Toronto, not gonna put them over Toronto. There's still some teams that are up there that are better than the, the Boston Celtics, by the way, Billy, they go back with James Casella me out on the sneeze. I was off camera. I tried to I'm sorry. I just couldn't courteous. He's through the little God bless you win. Joy still have JR. I want to get back in here. All right. Let me get agent. Origin, Eski back in the conversation because the next topic that we're going to get to here. Whoa, jr. Is this idea of shortening the season? Jalen just brought it up. We've talked about it earlier, I'd love to get whatever incite you can on what the thinking is behind this from the league standpoint, and I suppose as best you can the realistic chance at this might actually happen. Well, the reasons are obvious. Jalen mentioned them there. The the ability to preserve physically star players in the league in a season that listen, we know what happens when we get into a lot of cities and a lot of marketplace's by the time we get to March, and April, you know, that it's kind of a death March to the end, you know. Teams that are out of it and then teams who are in the playoffs starting to shut it down and get guys ready for the playoffs. But in the end, this is going to get back to money and less. Games means less television, less gate receipts. And so you're going to have to get the players association on board. You're going to have to get the owners all onboard on financially. How can you how can you make up the difference? Certainly the in-season tournament the play tournament at the end of the regular season that Adam silver has really wanted the league to consider those are possibilities financially to maybe make up some of that money loss than regular season revenue, but in the end, this is going to be about money. And if someone doesn't have to give up money if there's a way financially they can make this work. It has a chance to happen. But I think we all know nobody's giving any money back. It's just I don't see a scenario where that happens. All right. Well so well done. Thank you very much. Thank you for the breaking news here on. Cambe and we will come back to you as vents as we go. Let me continue here with Jay and Jalen and I wanna play back what Scottie Pippen said yesterday. So Scotties on the jump yesterday. And they bring up the notion of possibly shortening the NBA regular season. And he brought up what I think, is something they do need to consider. This is what Scotty said. May benefit the players a little bit. But the thing that bothers me more is this the record books? I think when you start to compare different eras in different players is no longer something that you can compare is. It's a different game and the players are going to be playing less games. It's going to be less stress on their bodies. So I don't think it will be fair in terms of relating. These players are trying to relate different eras of the game. It's just it's a different game. I hear what Scotty is saying. And I understand that. But the reality is this team conversation probably took place. I wasn't there to have it in the early sixties when major league baseball expanded their schedule from one hundred and fifty four to one hundred and sixty two games I am old enough to remember a time when the NFL regular season was only fourteen games long, and now it is sixteen games long and further. They've changed so many rules in pro football that the record books are basically irrelevant. At least as far as the past is concerned with the way they don't allow it hit the quarterback numbers. And all that sort of thing, that's not an important consideration in this, the ability for people like us to compare LeBron James or whomever. The next great player is to the great players of the past is not the primary consideration. Adam silver is taking into consideration the customer, the fan, the consumer, the person who is actually paying a bunch of money, and has a right to expect to see the product that he or she was sold in the first place that is what I would like to think Adam silver is considering here, and if so. I applaud him and I will fight with him on that with every breath. I have Jalen rose, go ahead and tell me I'm wrong. You're definitely wrong. And here's the thing you just gave two examples of baseball and the NFL, but your examples were them extending the season with the NFL. I went to NBA you talking about shortening the season fans and media don't care right now. The teams that win the division if you ask people that are die hard fans at NBA you could ask them who wanted to Pacific Division last year. They probably wouldn't even know their certain teams to hang division banners. There other teams that don't amid season Cup is going to be about is as irrelevant to the fan as the NBA awards ten weeks after the season. And so I want to watch a playoff playing of eighth and ninth see teams that are really trying to stop trying. Zion that really don't wanna be in the playoffs that arresting healthy players so that they can be in the lottery to catapult themselves in the being a position to get a top three pit. I just think you're going to water down a product. I think the players aren't gonna have the level of his Tuesday, Yasim. We need to have the accountability lie where it should with the players, the one thing that we loved about Janas via no stage, the other night, except in the is, we felt like that was a guy that was willing to give us eighty two games. That's what we love. Okay. I don't care if the seventy two I don't care if the sixty to the bar has already been lowered. That's who is already out of the two fans and media have already accepted guys not playing when they're healthy. So now guys are going to continue to do it. And extend their careers. This is not going to have an effect on that. Well, I at least one fame slash media, that has not accepted it, and that would be me. Go. Ahead jae. Whoa. Said it this comes down to money. It comes down to revenue. But sometimes I'm you take less that can make the product better. I go back to the NBA lockout year. And I hear what J rose is saying, I know guys are still going to do low management to a certain degree. But if you have fifty games that means that almost every game now matters when you're in a race or a playoff hunt and guys will be more conducive to play and play harder each and every night if they're less games because you have to get there from a playoff seeding perspective. It means more it might mean that you take less. But at the product is getting better. It can still thrive over time. You saw the find different ways to reinvent have so many arguments here. Jalen, what are we actually talking about this is show business? And what is the ultimate adage in show business, always leave them wanting more? If the NBA players can't play all of the games than the season is too long, and I'm not so concerned about what happens in April. I understand that playoff teams are going to rest healthy players leading up to the playoff chase. But when did we get so tired and November? I mean guys are sitting out games in November the look. At the schedule and the deciding we're going to sit out this game this game in this game. That's what I'm trying to combat. That is the thing that I think is a significant problem. And I don't know if things in Cup is going to address that or not. But I like the fact that there were at least trying jail. I'll tell tell you what happened. Yeah. Players realized that they were going to be Joe's body numbers in analytics, and they're smart enough to know how to manipulate those, so therefore, I don't need to play four games. If five nights the league changes the rule. I don't need to play back to backs the league changes the rule. So now instead of having eighty two games, you wanna have seventy two or sixty five per se players are still going to rest now because they understand the longevity game is what you need to play to maximize your opportunity to get dollars. And it's not going to be held to gives you in any way, shape or form. So this idea that the product is been watered down. They don't believe. That. And I was in the league that year win San Antonio Spurs one the lockout season. And there's so many people to still put Asterix next to it because it was a short and season. Visit this is something that as you pointed out some guys used to take pride in. And if you go back and look at the books, look at Michael Jordan in the last three championship seasons. The bulls had he played a lot of minutes. There was no load management. He played eighty to eighty two and eighty two games during those three years when they won the championship all three of those years, and he was in his thirties, and he was carrying a franchise in a way that almost no one before or since ever has it can be done. So did they breed shows in to stop doing it? It's fine. There's a different breed today than what was back twenty years ago. All right. Well, I'm allowed to yearn for better. Short break. We'll Stu got say if LeBron James wins the title next year against our better judgment we're bringing star now and let's see what happens and also how a seemingly harmless Zion Williamson comparison turned into a beef between two NBA players, those stories and more as we roll on get up on ESPN. Back on get up. And how about this picture? Yesterday. Tom Brady posted on his Twitter account that spoiler alert, we were friends, this whole time, always great to see you Peyton J will, I don't know why. But I'm dying you know where they are legends. How about Payton's jacket? What what's going on? Yeah. That's not my swag, but I guess I can appreciate it. I don't know why. But I'm dying to know where the two of them are inquiring minds want to know, meanwhile, coming up in the next half hour of get up for reasons, unknown to me, we're putting Stu gods on the show. I have no idea where we got that picture of. He weighs in on all things right after that are the New England Patriots the team to beat again. We've got data that answers the question and then speaking of answering big questions once casing gonna do we go in search of that answer, t minus three days and counting to free agency in the NBA. We're back in a moment. Get up on ESPN. Let's go. Huge day for international soccer today. And then we have our next MLS match of the week tomorrow, the Minnesota United hosting FC Cincinnati, four eastern on ESPN ESPN, deport this and the ESPN app. And for all your soccer needs checkout, ESPN FC at Sahni SPN, plus everyday, and on this jam packed busy morning. Look who is joined. Low low is ready as we go into a weekend that we really have been anticipating forever, right? I mean, and it is finally here here and we ready we got we got specifics. We're not just going to tell you. Well, they may signed someone we're going to tell you who's going to the best of we continue from live above the Heineken river decade, Pierce, seventeen huge hours out of the way here's what it is. We're getting up with the Lakers suddenly space. They have enough cap room four coup. Why? But can they convince him we're all over it right off the top, plus casinos, who is meeting with and where but it's the win that may reshape the NBA as we know what will explain Stephen. A Smith says he knows what and Kyrie are going to do. You'll hear it. We'll tell you what it means. Fasten your seatbelts going to be a bumpy ride another hour. Get up starts right now. We are two days and counting to free agency and yesterday the Lakers made the move that set Twitter on fire, they're making smooth. To make space they have enough room now to signing max free agent. They do that by Anthony Davis, waving his four million dollar trade bonus. And by the Lakers, trading away, basically, everyone who was left on their roster. Besides a D And LeBron Kyle Kuzma. They ship all these guys off to the wizards that trade, the trade is finalized, and they have space to go out there and sign a max free agent, or they can split up that money. They have the thirty two million dollars and try and bring in a variety of players. I will start was used that glow as you are new to the conversation. What do you believe the Lakers should do with the thirty two million dollars in cap space? They have it's a tough question, because you can't you can't answer it without thinking about the deal. They made to get Anthony Davis in that deal surrenders, all of their draft equity for basically ever to New Orleans. And so there is such a severe downside to any season if LeBron gets hurt or gets hurt that you almost want to say the best hedge against that is just get another star because that so you will want to fortify yourself against the downside. But for. Next year's team specifically to be as good as possible. I kind of think the role player the role player route might be better. And we just for those of you just joining us, Jalen just data and outstanding job of showing you some putting some names to that. And use specifically like the idea of Malcolm brogden and Patrick Beverley, those two guards that Jalen just put up there Jake. I heard you say that's a rat if they get those two guys. Well, I talked to Kevin Bradbury who was agent for Patrick Beverley, and he said that the Lakers would be one of those teams potentially became about but not combat. I think is one of the most underrated players, there is an NBA no purchase year. But how good he is defensively. His building knocked down shots from the outside and he just makes the right play. Stay rose said he was a fifty forty ninety guy. That's guys in NBA history. Right. So you put him with Patrick Beverley as a defensive minded backward and a guy that can knock down. Let me ask you the question to you this way. Though, Jalen because we know the history of the Lakers, they can't help themselves. Sometimes they get never. Hollywood. They get a Nabet of the star factor. If they have the opportunity to meet with Kawhi Leonard, maybe with Kyrie Irving. Do you believe they will try as hard as they can and would rather sign one of those? Oh here's the great thing about plant fantasy basketball. You wanna put the best players with the best players and think that's the best fit. I don't necessarily think Kawhi, Leonard playing with LeBron av is the absolute best fit. I think kyri Irvine playing with those two guys is a better fit now. You can't get either one of those guys, you have to go to row odd just detail. Zach Lowe just said you have to build out your roster. Okay. You have to have a level of depth. We just saw to Toronto. Raptors win the championship PASCAL Siaka at the second best player. But then you look deeper in the box score. Van the van bleep plant quality minutes, and things like that. So I think that's what it's going to take to have a level of sustainability other than your super say something, I know a lot of lot of people before. When Kevin Durant went to the golden. State warriors. It was a big thing. Let me say this. If quiet Leonard leaves Toronto to go to the Lakers where they have to the top by players in the world that would be the weakest move ever by a superstar. Now you're gonna have three three guys who were top five in the league all on the same team. That's, that's a monumental thing. We're basically asking you to different questions here. Right. Like, which star are you getting to me if it's finished you get Colli Leonard, if you could get Coalisland TV, get who I Leonard kyri, probably given the history with Brian. I don't know the wants to do that. But we'll see if not, then I think you might wanna start going to the role players, but like brogden plus Beverly that's also wrap on your cap space. That's all you're getting. And you might not even be able to get those guys like, Malcolm, the bucks are bracing for a twenty million dollar offer sheet them out, corruption, let you might not be able to get those two guys. So then you ask yourself. If you can't get guys like that do we get three guys on, like the Terrence Ross kind of level is that good enough to does that justify. The role player around me and all these questions interact with each other. The one thing that has been interesting here this morning, and I'm told wolf is going to join us here, just a second. So as soon as he's ready. We'll bring him in the conversation as well. The one thing I found interesting this morning Zach. And you just saw it the concept of Leonard signing up with the Lakers right now to join LeBron d really bothers these two guys, the former player in them. And this has been sort of the discussion here this morning, it really seems to irk them. How do you think it would be received by the basketball public at large, if a guy like Hawaii honor decided to team up with those two guys? I mean it's funny because to me, Hawaii's untouchable in that sense that he's already done it. He's already carried a team to a championship as the Lone Star. So you can't knock him as like oh, he's you, you can knock him for joining up. But he's already got the bona fides. I've done it quote on his own before. But I think it would be I think there would be some eye rolling like all again, we're going to do the super team thick but wouldn't it wouldn't it surprise you? If he did it. I feel like I don't you will. Yeah, I don't think he just, I don't think he will. But here's what ends up happening. We're going to. Fantasize about him joining LeBron AD but we're going to Nord a fact that that's not the only meeting, he's taking right? He might end up taking a meeting with the Knicks he might end up taking a meeting with Philadelphia. So I don't necessarily believe he's going to end up doing that. But if he does I can't front the ability to put those back up there again. I saw it out of the corner, minor screen. We have so many things going on at the same time. But the odds in Vegas on where Koi winds up going back to and hembo, he's able to put them up there. The Lakers have the third-best hypothetical odds sign Kawai behind the clippers and the raptors everything I have heard, and again whoa. Just going to join us in a second leader clip remains raptors clippers, and that's essentially in any other meetings, he takes I will continue ask why bother taking these meetings, it's been explained to me that there were reasons why you wind up doing it. And I'll say it again. I know it is unlikely to happen. It is it remains my belief that from a basketball standpoint, kyri Irving is the perfect fit. I don't have to wonder if he and LeBron James change. Deanship together because I've seen it with my own eyes quickly. I'm told that is ready to go here. Whoa, jr. Adrian words announce key, of course, who I reported all this yesterday, and set the whole world on fire as he has a tendency to do good morning, and thank you. We're sitting here having the conversation about the story with the Lakers clearing the space to the best of your knowledge. What do they think are their chances of landing one of the huge name guys who will cost all of those thirty two million dollars relative to the chances. They go out and sign a collection of less expensive players. I don't know that the Lakers think that they're a front runner for any of the A-List free agents but they're going to try. And that's what they have a window to do now, starting Sunday evening, DeAngelis, Russell of he becomes an unrestricted free agent. If Kyrie Irving goes to the nets, they certainly have a real opportunity with him. It's likely to go in to get a meeting with Kawhi Leonard and, and you know that's, that's what they're going to swing four. And then they can break up that money and get several pieces in go pursue The Danny Green's, the Terrance Ross's, the Seth curry, and any other combination, you want to try to put together and compete. To sign among any number of a very good role players. I want to make sure that we nail this down. Specifically you have been steadfast from the very beginning of these conversations that you do not expect Hawaii honor to go to the Lakers that, that I want to put words in your mouth on this morning, but I believe you have thought all along its raptors or clippers is that still your belief as we head into this weekend. Well, listen, he's going to make a decision here in the next week. The Lakers didn't have the ability to even go try to sign why Leonard until the last twenty four hours. Now they have the ability to walk in. They're still a little bit south of a max deal. He's going to have to take a little bit less money and the Lakers have to sell. Coli on who they are, which is a star power organization. The brightest lights, the, the, the place would, you know, tremendous history and being a third wheel with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. And they've that's who they're going to be in a meeting, and in any scenario with letter they have to see if that appeals to them right now, the clippers Toronto are certainly selling the idea that they're going to build organizations around Kawai, Leonard, and his brand, so far has been, he's the guy who beats up the super teams, the Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors. You know he's done it as the centerpiece. If Koiwa wants to do it as part of a bigger more talented group will then he'll have that opportunity with Lakers. And so again, let's let's remind anyone who has forgotten. It was Leonard the finals MVP who stopped a three peat with Miami. It was collided finals MVP who stopped the three peat with Golden State quickly. Let me just wrap it up with you here on a Kevin. Rant and Kyrie Irving. The other huge names for so long now it has appeared that was kind of a package deal on a done deal in Brooklyn. And now even that seems to be wavering last minute. What are you hearing regarding K D And Kyrie? Well, I've never thought Kevin Durant was a done deal in Brooklyn. And I think there's no question, Kyrie Irving would like to get Kevin Durant with him. I think Brooklyn Cairo Irving's focus, I'm told Kevin Durant is really trying to make a decision independently of partnering up with anybody. What's the, you know, he's got to look at where his rehab will be for the next year. He's got a look at the injury. He's gotta look at certainly rosters marketplace. He's got he's got a business like LeBron James does off the court that certainly demands his attention and consideration where he decides to go play. I think Kevin Durant is still really mulling where he wants to play and where he wants a side long term in the league. Outstanding Adrian rich Nazi, again, we can't. Thank you enough for all of this insight. You bring us regular. And if we don't see you again this hour, we'll see you next week for our two days. If you will, is, we'll be doing free agencies crazy here at get. So that's whoa. You'll be bring it back to the table here. Football players who were here, they would all start freaking out. Now let's start with that village. Start with Kevin Durant, because there are so many moving pieces here, Kawai, we'll go someplace and wherever he goes, they become an immediate favourite to win the championship next year for Kevin. We all understand the difference in the circumstance with the injury. So Hal, as well as you know him. How is that factoring into what he's thinking here as we go into this week? I think factors about we talked about the pros and cons yesterday about the Knicks situation. Could you work with James Dolan? Could you have atonomy and kind of work with their front office and Steve mills? And Scott Perry. So legacy franchise. We know what the nets we said that kyri was a pro and con kyri. Are you actually getting to play with by the time you take a year off, you come back to that team? What does that team look like the clippers was possible opportunity to even know nobody really talks about that. And then I'll you have gone back to Golden State. I mean you have a euro therapy, what better situation to walk into realistically? They come back to Steph curry and Klay Thompson. If you're able to get over that trust. Factor would happen with the medical staff. And by the way, you have fifty seven more million dollars over the course of your of your deal that says a lot, even other people can speculate about it. So says a lot is that I want to ask you the question this way you like I am a New York area guy grew up just a basketball nuts, and Jalen has maintained consistently that these stars, particularly guy like Kevin Durant is not going to come to New York to go to Brooklyn is going to come to New York to go to the garden at the allure of that remains out there that sort of notion of the legacy franchise and the bigger franchise. What do you make of that dynamic in this city and how it affects decisions than a guy like Katie might make it? There's no question that the Knicks are the Knicks. They're always going to be the Knicks their nets are not going to be the Knicks. It's Madison Square Garden. It's the Knicks. It's the seventies. It's all that stuff. It's quiet Frazier. It's everything, but where is the big free agent, that the Knicks have gotten in the past twenty years? Where is the evidence that the Knicks are going to be a well organization? And now I will say I think it depends on the player because I've had agents of other star players. Tell me. There's something kind of cool about Brooklyn. There's something appealing about living in New York, but not having the pressure of being the guy who has to save that franchise. It gets three times the media coverage and three times the noise and has the owner who's going to be a nuisance at all times. It just really depends on the player. I mean some guys are going to like the idea of Brooklyn. I love with the nets in the clippers accomplish this year by outplay expectations. But when you ask the question Busan with the Knicks, the last twenty years, you could also ask same question to the net. Absolutely. The clippers. Okay. So none of those bought away. The ladder two teams have never won a championship. Okay. So the Knicks do have a history and in the Lord to me if you're a Kevin Durant, and you already want to championships, you already been finals MVP. That's why you left. Okay. See to meet at next chess move will be legacy play reminiscing. Lebron leaving Cleveland go to LA I feel obligated just to say one more time on this show before we leave this conversation to move to a. A different topic. The borough of Brooklyn, if it was its own city would be the third largest market in the United States. The borough of Brooklyn alone. It would be Los Angeles Chicago. And in Brooklyn. There are two point six million people in the borough of Brooklyn, it is markedly larger than Manhattan. It is more than twice the size of San Francisco and Oakland combined Brooklyn can become its own market, if it figured out a way to do it. So you have a school, right? And I'm just going to another caveat. How great is it going back to Detroit CNN ks? It looked like you like that's kind of what Brooklyn is to Kevin Durant to. I think he kind of looks at it that way, other kids from like the DMV that are struggling I can help build that culture up. It's different but he can do that in New York to now imagine this, if Kevin Durant signs with the Knicks and they ever win the championship. It'd be the equivalent of what collages deal with the raptors it would be heightened with the Knicks versus with the bigger bigger. It would be bigger is also it's a higher ceiling and a low. Lower floor. Because if you don't win the championship with the nets that to markedly different than not succeeding with the Knicks rate, right? But markedly experts. Think about what you just did. You said that the nets are on the level of the Knicks. And you say it's okay to fail with the nets, not necessarily with the Nick. Right. That's why you're leaving the warriors perhaps. Okay, I got to leave it here. Because I got a million other things I wanted to let me get up and go here, guys, LeBron giving up the number twenty three for Anthony Davis, looks like he's going to wear number six Jalen D like it. I love it. Because once he got signed a clutch sports. Okay. They basically forced his way out of New Orleans. Got that dumb form. Got the jersey number. You just talked about bully, Boston may shoot it. They didn't try to trade all gotta myspace jam movie. On this saying, there's ways to make up this money when you have power if the Lakers are one or two million dollars away from a player, they can wink, wink, if found things to get of business. The number one selling jersey in the league right now. This is. I would say go for third number. Kemba guys camera this ethics expected to offer him four years in one hundred forty one million dollars was Charlotte. You develop this guy and then you don't pay him. What one this is the disaster for Charlotte, who could have seen this coming. They can do is going to get a lot of money. Maybe should've traded him if he didn't wanna pay him. Not real. If you can't re-signed Kimball, wocka step up to the plate this sale. The team like Faria talking to him. He's homegrown. You're going to turn your fans say, we can't even offer him, top dollar at least to a bigger discussion our show that we should have about MJ and its own. Let the red show for those that you owner of that team is Michael Jordan deaths. Next major league baseball all-star game starters announced last night. Astros led all teams three starters. Bregman Springer and Brantley. Mike. Trout. Let all candidates in boats. Christian yelich was the leading vote-getter in the National League yellow trilby joined by Cody Bellinger, Ronald new junior comprising the youngest starting outfield in the all star game since Hank Aaron Willie Mays, and Frank Robinson, in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven by the way Carlos Santana of the Indians will start at first base for the American League in front of his home. And so there you see martyrs for the all star game. And then let's get to what is by far the biggest sporting event of state women's World Cup. The wait is over. We'll off with host France in the quarters later this afternoon, this shapes up to be one of the most anticipated games in soccer history and all of us who watch the game against Spain on Monday as I did that was a very tough match. And a lot of the expert opinion, I've heard has been if the US does not play better than we did on Monday that will be very difficult day today. Let's put that question and more to Julie Foudy who joins us live from France that that's the perspective. I've been hearing Julie is that the American side will have to play better than they did on Monday in order to get through France today. What is your sense of that? Yeah, I agree. And they agree, they'll say the same thing. Megara Pena said wasn't good enough. I wasn't good enough. And this is the player who got the two penalty kicks, by the way, but they just didn't have a rhythm. And I think that's a good sign is when you can play a game and it was a very good Spanish team. Of course, let's give them credit that you play a game like that. And you've lived through it and you still live for another game. Then that's a great sign. So I think they're very pleased that the best of the United States has yet to be seen in their opinion. All of us were planning to watch the game this afternoon. Who should we have our I on we know that repeat? No scored both goals on PK's on Monday, who has to come up big today. Actually think this is one of those games for Alex Morgan. That is a legacy game for her because in the two thousand eleven World Cup. She came in she was a youngster she was coming off the bench two thousand fifteen World Cup. She was injured. And now this is her moment. She did score five goals as we know in that opening game. But it was against Thailand to say this is going to be my World Cup because she's playing against a centreback in windy Reynard, who's a great centreback but I think she can beat her for pace and she clearly can get behind her. She's six foot two windy Renard, one of the veterans on the team. But that's a great match up in the center, which you're gonna see today against France match middle the afternoon today. USA in the home country, France, it should be fantastic. Duly, thank you so much. Enjoy the action this afternoon. We'll see you after what will be really busy weekend. Meanwhile, one more thing. I want to show you before we take a short time out here in honor of LeBron James switching back to number six guys. Let's check out one of his top moments Thursday. Oh, come on Jason Terry. Jalen? What do you do? Just built the wrong place at the wrong time Jeff is just the Brian got to go back to the head band. Well cow had that thought as well. Kyle Kuzma tweeted last night and to tell you all we need is the headband bro gives the fans what we have here. The people getting what they need. What do you think? Did he goes back to the head bet? Old school two Brian go to the headband got a number. I do in the save a lot of time tinker with the hair. A lot of time. Komo man you're. You saying that we have everything going through himself. An extraordinary morning working. Now, the Lakers have the cap space. What should they do with it? We dig in on all their options next and don't miss. Jess mendoza. Live from London. Yankees and Red Sox ready to take off in, in London, distinctly, international field vis more organ two goals where penal one goal USA three one win day. Let's go. That's a whole lot of handsome at this table this morning. I'm now you that we got a big half hour coming your way in five minutes. The Lakers have space but for whom after that. It's an international day, we went to Paris, now, we're going to London Yankees and Red Sox. And then later this morning, Stephen a Smith on Leonard's future, and more. He'll be live with us. You're watching get up on ESPN. Back to the weekend that will reshape the NBA, as we know it in the Lakers. Got it started early yesterday clearing enough cap space to signing max free agent. They do that, as we've discussed all morning long by Anthony Davis, waving his four million dollar trade bonus. And then the Lakers, basically trading off everyone else on their roster. Besides coups, my AD, and LeBron is part of the deal, so they have thirty two million dollars in camps face. They have the option or the ability at least to go out and sign a max free agent. We've been talking about it all morning long here and now we are delighted to be joined by the one, the only Stephen a Smith. I was getting ready for I take in sixteen minutes. Stephen A, we've been talking about this all morning long. Do you believe the Lakers are better served trying to bring a max free agent ten or splitting up that money and spreading it around to a few different players? Well, that depends on who you're bringing on board. If you're bringing on wall, kyri Irvine, Kemba Walker, you might be better served going after de ngelo Russell pursuing a restricted free agent like Malcolm Brogdon into somebody else's seeing how much luck you have in that regard. But if you're talking about adding to the mix, that would be an entirely different animal together. And so it really really depends on who you're going to be able to get who what you're going to be able to pull off. I ready have them as my favorites to win it all next season. We'll see what happens do you, do you have any sense that Leonard would seriously, entertain that the feeling here this morning? Steve seems to be that just knowing his personality to whatever degree. He allows people to know him. It would seem a very unlikely move for him to team up with the Brian Anthony Davis. It would seem that way. But from last night, and this morning, I have received word that he is seriously, considering the Los Angeles Lakers. Can we just pause on that for one brief moment, just because that's pretty significant that you are? You can you just say that again, please. I received a word that while seriously, considering the Los Angeles Lakers, clippers very, very nervous right now. And obviously in the case of the Dorado raptors, he wants to grant you a meeting, but why be well why should why should you require meeting? You just want championship with them. You play with them for the last year. So you're going to listen to the pitch or whatever. But I don't see why they would they would need to have a pitch. So it comes down to, to Toronto, one of the LA teams, you don't dismiss the clippers but I was told specifically, do not dismiss the Lakers. The Lakers are in play for Kawhi Leonard. We'll see what happens. This was not what I was expecting you to tell me, there is a sense that LeBron Anthony Davis are working like crazy to recruit him. I heard stories that they were with him in Vegas, and all of that is, is that what I'm just trying to pinpoint sort of what we're hearing here that LeBron and Anthony Davis are working this hard and they're getting somewhere. Talking to me. He's talking about the J and Jalen packed on me. You. No, I apologize fellas. I was listening because I can't see y'all I'm looking into the camera. Here's the deal. Here's the deal, would you gotta Anthony Davidson LeBron James? Lebron James is basically, of the mindset I got about three years left. And whether it's a D or AD, what Kawai or. If you look at that option you're talking about before the age of thirty the Lakers franchise belong to you. You're going to get max dollars here. We definitely will win barring injury. This is the place to be. And if you're a Linnet wanted, one of the things that you also hearing is that new balance who he's with, with love for him to be an ally, rather than in Toronto, rather than Toronto candidate, you could talk all of that noise about having an entire country that your disposal, and that would be true. But you know what you see a lot of grass in a warm weather. You see a lot of ice in bed. Inclement weather. They loved their hockey new balance would actually prefer him in a market like LA instead of Toronto Canada, if you're listening to what people are saying, so all of those things to get taken into consideration and it's just elevated the profile on a loss. Angeles is, again, this is the Tom year where you hear all of this stuff. I haven't heard anything definitively. But I heard that and I heard it on numerous occasions from numerous sources since last night. Which is absolutely shocked me because you haven't heard me mention co wild landed in the Los Angeles Lakers, once until this morning. That, that's exactly right. I do want to bring this to the table. Stephen stay with me for a minute here. Particularly for Jalen, j you have been very critical. You have spoken this morning of the possibility of Kawai going. There is something that would really bother you. So now Stephen as telling us this is something he is seriously. Considering what are your thoughts? Well, obviously never dismissed my colleagues Damon Jones. Stephen a Smith, everybody working hard to try to cover the story, but I believe koala, and it will not be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. I believe he stays in Toronto or if leaves he is what the cliff. But, but Jay, I want you to say what you said again. We've talked a lot about week moves or whatever it might be you would have a problem with him. Do it. And just think if you win a championship, and you have a whole country behind you. You leave that to join two of the top five players in the league you have three of the top by players on the same team. You know, I've heard Stephen any say this before, when Katie you went over to golden. State about that being a week move. No that will be that we can move I've ever seen in the history of the game. Who is the most dominant player in the game right now? He's the most dominant player in the game right now. Two ways Stephen eight jump back in. Well, let me say it is, first of all, you, you're blessed to have those guys, first of all, does a great job fuss. Jalen has been on the money with most of the stuff that's come out of his mouth this entire year. So I don't take any offense whatsoever for Jay Lin, or Jay saying, I'm wrong because I'm not definitively saying, anything, I'm telling you right now, J and Jalen, I don't know. I'm just telling you what people tell me. Clue. I have no clue where the hell Hawaii is going. I don't talk to. I don't know. Okay, but I do know this, if this do would end up going to the loss Angeles Lakers. Den. I, I look at you Jay and, you know why I look at you because I'm saying okay if you're K D you do care about winning. They all go off you to supermax excuse me. What team? Do you have the best option to knock off that three headed monster? If it would've show up at the state will send up in a Lakers uniform suddenly that could potentially impact, what Kevin Durant Alexa, do because how else are you going to compete against that three headed monster? Over the next three years, that to me, is what the significance of the Leonard situation is if he makes this decision and decides to go to the Lakers, I'm mean my God. What are you going to do to compete with them? The only hope be K D, stay go to stay. That will be the only thing you can take extra fifty seven million dollars. You Wayne you go back to Golden State, and you get ready for those battles in L Leany. I just got a text. I got some breaking news. Now, if Kawhi Leonard signs with the Los Angeles Lakers. You'll never see Stephen a Smith on the east coast. Ready? This Jalen daily Rogge's broke news. The truth. Going got my flight rating. Yes. Especially because your beloved, New York Knicks in this area will be left holding the bag six. Do that to him there. Don't do most. No right now look at him. They'll do that. New York Knicks. By the way, that's another another tip a news. Do you know that as a right now? Jalen J Zach, grainy what I'm here right now is that the New York Knicks might not even be granted an interview they may get phone calls. I don't know if that's true. Because obviously these been in New York all week long. But the bottom line is how in God's name, we, we went from the New York Knicks potentially getting K, D And kyri to not only possibly ending up with nothing. But that includes not even an interview. Stephen, as Stephen on believable, does not get interview, and he's here in New York City, and that's an indictment on the franchise. I'm just saying if you're eighty blaming the player, I'm not blaming the player eight minutes until I take live right here on ESPN do not miss it. Stephen a Smith, you or. The weekend, we will see you here Monday for the free agency specials and a whole lot more right now. I have another moment here, because it is time for me to insist we talk about which is brought to you by rocket mortgage. And we go to Michigan car, fine. Seventeenth hold Rickie Fowler, one hundred twenty one yards away. Oh and the eagle is landed that what it on the fly. What? Yes, that would on a fly J, we'll take another look at this after one day Fowler would finish four under sixty eight but look at that as we slow it down echoes in on the fly. Why does it never happened to me when Israeli gonna win a major, maybe this'll be the year one way or another off so much August? Twenty six you guys are invited. We will be Monday morning back here. And after noon back here, wall to wall coverage of the first full day of NBA free agency, which dominos fall Durant. Kobe kyri Kemba two days next week, get up on ESPN eight sewer days. Get up is brought to you by the new Wendy's. Big bag price and participation may vary. Helluva place like it. My goodness. What suit good that they he looks very clean. We are. Sartorially splendid. And we are ready to go. Jake. Well, your thoughts Jimmy Butler possibly in Houston Houston canceled a launch. How do you like Cam in Boston? Last year we were talking about this team winning a world championship. Plus, you out on this needs that toothpaste is already out of the to break dancing has been provisionally approved for the twenty two thousand four Olympics. Dumbest common I've ever heard next Brooklyn as Mars once wrote the quota. We just roll something. Reasons, unknown to me, we're putting Stu gods? On the show, my wife and I are spending the week in Hatton. We're just not paying under. Say that on ESPN the morning show. Rep from the movie rounders. Have you ever seen rounders just why I have? He's never seen round left promise. He's lied into a microphone. Of everything just you to clip in this case, dishonesty is the policy. It's always a lot of five editor Riddick week here next week going to be even bigger and even better. And I've got a minute left here. So Zach as we head into this Sunday that we have been waiting for, for a year. What are the first things are keeping an eye on as free agency begins to Cairo go early to Brooklyn is so many people have suspected. And here's underrated one six oh, one PM Phillies says Jimmy about their here's the five year. Full mex- does he say, okay. We're ready to go. So you know what I want to take some meetings? I wanna see what Kawai does, and then all of a sudden free agency gets a little wild. I don't know what's going to happen. I, but I do know what I hope happens. I hope Charlotte pays Kimball Walker his money. I hope they do the right thing for a guy that said blood sweat, and tears that organization role. He's long gone. He's done same. That's what I'm looking forward to Boston adding Kimbe to play in the sister that I saw system that I saw is Isaac, Thomas carry Ervin in scary, Terry thrive in, and I'd say, what is most interesting to me beyond the specifics is the timing of everything because there's a lot of poker being played here now right? Guys up to make decisions. What am I willing to wait on what am I not willing to wait on some teams unit? Take a chance of gaining musical chairs you wind up without a seat. This has been a terrific morning. Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend. We'll see Monday morning. And after noon, I take starts next.

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