116. Voice Artist Peter Hollens describes The Epic Hand Washing Song & more!


Really good you pay. We'll come to your online coffee break where we discussed bite-size topics that inspire educate and entertain. Here's your host a software innovator award winning marketer and astronomy and space bus shucks fields. Hello thanks for joining me today for your online coffee break today. I'd like to introduce my special guest Peter Hollands. Everything you're about to hear is made by the human voice in mouth. Peter is an entrepreneur educator and is best known as a classically trained vocal artist specializing in a cappella music on Youtube and facebook is. Is this just fantasy see Connie scape from as a youtube sensation his content has earned over five million followers and over a billion total views shoe shine shimmering rings? You tell me Princess No. When did you us let your Peter was a founding member of the Youtube Creator? Advisory Board and has collaborated and performed with many outstanding artists including David Archie. Letta Brian Wilson Jason Mraz Gladys Knight and Lindsey Stirling Chemicals. Recently Peter debuted the epoch. Handwashing saw a new musical parody to encourage good hygiene and social distancing with one hundred percent of the proceeds donated to global giving corona virus refund. Just give it to you because I would be online coffee break Peter. Thank you so much for joining me today. Really appreciate it absolutely. It's my pleasure. Well I I love the epic handwashing song and video. It's Hilarious. It's fun is for a great cause and as I understand what I'm really impressed by is one hundred percent of proceeds are going to be donated to the global giving advice relief fund. Tell me more about that and how you came up with this awesome idea as everyone is aware right now. We are in a high anxiety time and as someone who creates for a living a someone who fights mental illness myself. The one thing I can do to to help is to do what I love and do what I do. Best which is to create and so I couldn't even get my own five-year-old to wash his hands correctly. And I said you know what I can fix this with the song so I did some. I did some due diligence. I found basically the top fifty most watched viral videos last five years. I picked out the ones that I thought would make the most sense and be within the confines of like that twenty seconds. Cdc recommendation of length. And I started Contacting some of my songwriter friends. We we wrote you know the eleven songs that we did and we came up with this and we worked really really hard because we were so passionate about doing something to to effect change because right now we have so little that we can control and I thought we can control how we wash our hands and so many of us. Don't wash your hands correctly. I was not washing my hands correctly. I see guidelines I was like we can go like this. And then like this and they get the top of the hands in the thumbs. I was like wow okay well if I didn't know how to do that and I'm forty than most people probably don't know either so I can make this song. I can help people even if it only changes a few people wash their hands right and that can possibly save them from getting sick. It was worth it and it was great distraction to your guy. Maclean IS THE FAST. Take out from the start to the finish. That's because that's amazing Gr- great quality and all the creativity that went with it. Oh thank you so much You know what from concept to execution it was. It was nine days While with which. I was really proud epic gathering. We're in the middle of a pandemic and everybody is very busy with trying to control their children and their own anxiety and so one of the cool things that I get to do. Right now Which is such an interesting angle to look at. It is that I have always created in my house. I have always recorded in my bedroom that you're seeing here on this skype and I've always shut my videos on my garage so I can keep up extremely high production quality content when people who are brilliant but have huge teams. Jimmy Fallon are not able to. So I think it's kind of an almost. It almost gives me even more reason to work even harder to try to create content to provide levity to provide education in this trying time which is which is. Why we're you know three days out from releasing the handwashing video and I already finished writing the follow up which is all about you know quarantine doing the right thing and staying inside. You know utilizing the same educational workflow. We haven't finalized a charity for this. I'm looking to see if I can maybe figure out a A A a charity to provide food to the children who went to school to get fed. You know like there's the low income family. So we're doing some due diligence on that and so I'm gonNA keep on creating I. That's all I do. Aww casket kind of a silly question but are he's our proceeds raised just by watching the video alone. Is that how people can help? So the best way to to help honestly is to spread the video because what that does is it gets. It gets education and awareness of not only the charity but also how to wash our hands so we can save ourselves the faster we can. We can do hygiene The more we can protect people that can't protect themselves but streaming of the of of the music on any Streaming Platform Apple. Itunes Google play on your Alexa purchasing it on itunes everything that will go one hundred percent proceeds to Google Dot Org Corona Virus Relief Fund in Perpetuity. They own the masters now awesome but streaming of the video. No because ad revenue is so small. And I'd rather not put ads on the video so people don't not watch it right in the beginning. Because it's not it's not worth it because there's so much value in my opinion on digesting it and having being your subconscious while you hopefully wash your hands and you're like why am I singing. These really strange words to this Maroon. Five Song you know so true. Can you just a little bit more about global giving itself? How you chose that. Yeah so I had four hours to choose a charity while And I went through all of the Colonel Virus Relief Funds. I did my due diligence on the websites that grade charities because global giving has such an incredibly high rating and because one of my peers had already done a charity Push with them two days earlier. The try guys from buzzfeed. They do amazing work. They're very very intelligent. I call them up. I was like hey what. What about this charity? Why did you choose them? And so I got feedback from somebody. I trusted right there. I did my due diligence on their numbers to get tremendous ratings tremendous four star ratings which is like the best you can get for charities on all the websites hand. Yeah I went with them. I still like I said I have this impetus to to have the next charity. Be for Making sure that we are feeding the children. That aren't being fed right now in school. Because I think that's another thing that's just so vital absolutely so that's what I'm looking at for for the next one but yeah I chose global giving because they have a phenomenal reputation. They're really easy to work with the woman that I spoke to was just absolutely lovely and delightful and like I said I. I don't think this is the time to be a perfectionist. When I was working on this video I was like I give it a round of notes. I could work on it more. I was like it doesn't matter I just didn't get this out there. 'cause the earlier we affect change the better right. This is edible snowball effect. We have to we have to get ahead of the virus which is Tough yeah and I commend you. Peter you have such wonderful talent. I love video hustle. Love all your other amazing work. I've been a Fan Josh. I mean you've got so many parody videos so it's not a new thing for you to come up with this. I want to hear if Rick how you got started understand. You earn your degree in vocal performance from the University of Oregon. Go ducks ducks. So now you have over five million followers and over a billion a billion with a beef use of your content. How did that happen? Get started on this and my mom forced me into choir. When I was going into high school mom knows best fighter and say well. You know what guys don't sing. Only girls saying well she was right. I was wrong and it's going to the University of Oregon full ride to become a director because my co director changed my life so significantly I I wasn't able to pull it off on the piano. A my left hand wouldn't wouldn't work that out so I had to become a just like a you know a full ride on on the classical voice performance opera thing to get to finalize my degree. I promised my graduate. That was a tough call with all the performing. I wanted to do right. But but I fell in love with Cappella music. I fell in love with the human voice everything in that video. That you hear the epic every everything I do is just human voice from the drums to the base of the everything so that you realize that I thought I know some of them. I knew they were all voices. I didn't realize that all of them you know you're wow that's impressive so I have a very small niche. A lot of people think it's really Dorky. I think it's really cool. I detail Dork. Yeah so I started. Nocco group in love with Capella fell in love with the studio. When we went to record our first album I fell in love with the girl who who founded the female Acapella Group on campus Which later became the premise to the movie and the Book? Pitch Perfect which might have a Mickey Rabkin wrote. That book came and interviewed US Multiple Times. Where referred to as the Danny Sandy of Acapella in that book and so my wife's Acapella group at the University of Oregon DC later became the Beleza pitch perfect later on after recording about thirty acapella groups around the nation I got a mild group to go Perform on the TV show the SING OFF. On NBC. Oh yeah so that gave me a little bit of an eye opening to the L. A. World and all these young singers having this real huge drive to make it. I never really had that. So I started turning the MIC on myself and stopped recording college. Kids which was really annoying. After I started thirty in working with eighteen year olds. Yeah sure and so yes. I started during the Mike Myself after the experience on the TV show. And even though I had like four or five Solos on national television. That truly didn't do anything for me in twenty ten but what what what did was just the overall passion for like. We'll they're doing it. I can do that. Let let's let's do this. And so I taught myself recording engineering earlier in my life and I saw people on Youtube doing this youtube thing and I was like what is this. This seems like this might actually be a business so I started teaching myself video editing. And I've always been self do or and I've always been a huge dork and loving computers and so I just isolated myself until I got that Squared away and he started remake. I started making these acappella videos and it ended up turning itself into a business. And you know I never really had like a huge viral smashing hit. That changed my life overnight. It's always just been like right. This worked out pretty well. Let's go to the next one. This worked out pretty well. Let's go to the next one so important so common because a lot of people think. Oh one instant hit. Hey you're there but now it's that hard work and persistence and seeing what works and making a better. That makes so much sense. I wouldn't want to put the one hit wonder on on my worst enemy. I feel like the fat like you know. Everybody says that but the faster you go up the faster you fall down because you don't learn along the way and you have to fail so many times to truly be able to build a career in music now you you. You still need to build yourself up almost like a silicon valley startup were. Yeah you the old music career doesn't exist anymore and I think what I'm doing is kind of like the new thing. I'm I'm building a digital media company. My Product is is door cal cappella songs through the distribution of videos. But you've also you've worked with such amazing talent. I mean we have Lindsey Stirling. I I have to admit I I love your scarring parody. I think that's breaking them. But you've also worked with Gladys Knight. Brian Wilson for the Beach Boys. David Archer led many more. What's it like working with such amazing hustle named doing what I do is so incredibly isolating creating an Acapella song takes just so many hours and hours of work. I finally get to work with other voices and other humans not only is that just so needed and rewarding But then working with people who you look up to so much. It is the holy grail of of what I do Collaboration in general Really saves me from the isolated work of of being youtuber. Yeah I I think it's so interesting you you can look at some of these studies and some of these Not Test these on the data from younger. Children saying what? What do you want to be when you grow up right now? It's like number. One thing is youtube or and. I'm like this is such a difficult thing. We have to work so hard on this treadmill that is just excel beyond belief and we have to fight to keep our heads above water. Because we're going up against media companies now and that's the same way. The Algorithm works in the same. We have to run their business and and it's very isolating and it's very mentally exhausting but Working with people like David Archer Letta. Who Dude is so talented. Able to record him on a couple songs and he's just so incredibly talented. And Lindsey stirling was the first person that I was able to ever collaborate with and she taught me man. She taught me so much that was probably one of the most powerful relationships I've ever had and never will have because I went into that week working with Lindsay thinking that every single person in the music world was my competitor. Because that's what we're brainwashed to think right with all these we're charting things and trying to be number one and selling and she taught me to treat my peers as collaborators and not competition and that changed everything for me that makes so much sense because I imagine it also helps you with your creativity as well. I was GONNA ask you. How do you keep the is coming? How do you keep them fresh? Initially in the beginning the ideas came solely from me Now I actually get all of my ideas from my community. Not as they're my like and our team like you know in the past too many times you'd have an age. You're GONNA do these songs. Because this is going to get you on the radio my my audience and my my community they choose my songs and I literally have spreadsheets spreadsheets of tens of thousands of votes that. I have my team like tally up. And I have a messenger brought system that if that like people type into song and it's adds another talion so when songs get high enough enough requests. I just do them. Yeah so I've made entire albums literally because my audience has asked for like I wasn't a huge fan of of Lord of the Rings Music and they recommended it and I started falling in love with it was so beautiful and so I did it and you know. And and and so yeah. That's a lot of ideas. Come from that. I mean sometimes like the one that we just did for this epidemic was just such a like A. I have to do this and I have to do this now. And it's like fifty other songs we're working on the I was going to ask you. I know you're you're actually falling doing another song. That's related to the pandemic. But what else are you working on? What? What's next for you but yeah sure. There's this really fun thing that you have to kind of do now on youtube which is basically create multiple different value propositions during and music video. You know Schumer a visual effects sound effects. Like you have to keep on doing more and more to keep the audience watching as one of the things. I've I've done previously that I'm doing again and releasing on April first is like a It's like it's an impression it's sounds so stupid. It's an impression competition And I'm doing it with one of my fellow peers. Who IS An impressionist pretty much. But he's also a classically trained opera singer so we are going to rick. Roll the world and release a video on April first That will be titled. I don't know whatever hit Song. Right now is number one. I don't pay attention to pop anymore. But but you'll click on it and it'll basically be like. Hey we're doing this impression battle And then the song will start and it'll be a rick role and it's a one take And so we we had like forty different characters that we could that we didn't know the order of that. You have to pull up and like Bryan Bryan Hall. My collaborator had along this love. That because I saw that with you Brian and you did the frozen to. Oh my gosh. It's going to be like that and that was just hysterical and I wondered. How are you guys so talented? All Those Impressions Folks. It is amazing. You gotta check out these videos. He is towns close wide on the mountain to live a kingdom. I'm the Queen. How saying like this world saw means a key in heaven knows I. It is so fun it is so fun. So we did this to Rick Ashley and we fell on our face. We didn't even finish it but it is so entertaining. It is so entertaining so I I have another video that we're actually filming a finishing filming later later today. Which is A dreamworks madly which is like you know like songs from Shrek. And I'm singing as Moses singing. Believe lots of fun anyway. So that's that's coming out. I have a bunch of collaborations that we filmed in late. January early February. That are coming out with the Byu vocal point Capella Group. They have this lovely. Men's collegiate group that we went and saying over at the gorge overlooking all these beautiful mountains and the and the river. I have I have a couple of silly Disney stuff that we've already shot to. It is amazing and folks. We're GONNA I'm going to have all these in the show notes because we've got your youtube channel plenty of ways for them to consume your awesome content pier. I think this is wonderful. I just want to commend you on this. I think it's just a great cause and I want to thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule join us. Thank you so much. Thank you so much online coffee break while I really enjoyed my conversation with Peter Day and I'm loving the epic handwashing parody. Let's check that out or some of Peter's other incredible work to his YouTube Channel at Youtube Ford Slash peter-hans. Our thanks Peter for joining me. WanNa thank you for joining us as well again. Please share this episode with your friends who need a laugh and and can help support a great cause again. Thank you so much for taking time to join us today stay safe. We'll see next time God bless.

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