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GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 574: NFL Championship Sunday Preview, MLB Drama, Vegas Golden Knights New Coach, and Connor McGregor


At this is your ultimate staffer. Everything sports the Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Should I say more from the NFL MLB the NBA. 'em All in here. Golden state media concepts sports broadcasts. Listen Yeah in the lowly gentlemen welcome to the GMC sports podcast broadcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I'm your host as always on the Sunday Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm here host Josh Strickland and and what a crazy week in sports this week You have you had you have. NFL playoffs coming today. That we'll talk about Oh you had the MLB scandal that happened. You Got Conor McGregor and you see that happened last night and then you also have. Lsu Else you everything going on with Lsu this week including winning the National Championship but also losing pretty much every key piece that got him to win the National Championship. But first we're going to talk about the NFL. Playoff Games is changed to Sunday. These games are playing today. So let's jump right in. We're GONNA START WITH THE AFC. We're going to start with the Tennessee titans for Kansas City chiefs. They're playing at three five PM Today on C. B. S.. So let's just get right into it so the titans. Nobody expected the titans to be here at all they played. They've had pretty rough playoff schedule so far this year. They played the the the New England patriots which nobody thought they would win. Because it's the Patriots but I mean in hindsight that's not a tough match-up at all blight is the Patriots. So nobody expected them to win. That one and Ryan Tannehill through only like seventy eight yards per derrick. Henry almost got two hundred hundred rushing yards so you know it even doubt then they went on to play the Baltimore Ravens the hottest team in the NFL at the time with Lamar Jackson marking coming back from injury. It seemed like the titans had no chance at beating the Baltimore Ravens but then their defense completely stifles the Ravens and I say stifle very loosely because the ravens still got over five hundred yards of offense but the two key turnovers. There's that helped out with victory there so they upset at the Ravens here and now we're kind of in a similar situation where they're playing a team that no no one thinks they can beat play a quarterback that is better than Ryan Tannehill. And we'll probably have much better performance than Ryan Tannehill but you can't just but but after the past two weeks I can't really automatically give this to Kansas City anymore so I do believe Kansas City as the better team but based off the past the base off this entire playoffs. I can't really count out the titans at this point. The Titans Defense has really shown up. The play. Ryan Tannehill makes no mistakes. He's managing the game as well as you can. If you're Ryan Tannehill one Ryan one comeback player of the year and most improved player of the year. which interesting how you can win both I guess? And then Derrick Henry of course derrick. Henry Former heisman winner is destroying people. Right now lake. AAC You can't tackle him at the moment and he had to. He had almost two hundred yards against New England at one hundred ninety yards or something like that against the Ravens and of course they're gonNA use them heavily against the chiefs so for the chiefs. Defensively your main goal is to stop Derrick Henry. And that's not the only goal they have but I mean that's the main goal at the moment because Ryan Tannehill. He is one last two playoff games. I say they won loosely. Because you know. It's a team sport quarterbacks don don't dictate everything as you can tell from the titans this year ryen channels Held to under one hundred passing yards in each of those playoff wins. We'll Derrick Henry. Over one hundred seventy five rushing yards in each of them. So I think the main thing for the chiefs to do is to stop Derrick Henry and make them throw the ball more. Because there's gotta be a reason that they're not throwing the ball as much as other teams are. But so. Here's a quick quarterback comparison. Of course. You have Patrick Mahomes. WHO's the WHO's the non-essential new kid on the block? Because Lamar Jackson St Louis Nuclear Wheelock now. But you Patrick Mahomes. WHO's got over four thousand passing yards twenty six touchdowns five interceptions compare that to riot in two thousand thousand seven hundred forty two yards twenty two touchdowns and six interceptions so touchdowns are similar? The yards are completely different. You move on to the Kansas City chiefs who had a bye in the first week of playoffs because they are twelve four earned that by because the Patriots lost to the Miami Dolphins and the last week of the playoffs. I mean the last week of the regular season so then Kansas City goes against Houston Texans facing to Shawn Watson deandre Hopkins in a Pretty Okay Texans defense and they go in and they're down twenty four zero at the end the first quarter so all all is looking lost. Looks like another Andy. Reid bust of season as they're down twenty four zero. But you can't really count out. A team came after just the first quarter you know so especially a team with Patrick mahomes and a team with traps Kelsey and stuff like in. Yeah yeah and also they have Shawn McCoy and stuff like that so you can't really count them out in that situation and of course they came. Aim Bagley scored like this. Forty eight unanswered points won the game when the game. Big Time Fifty. If you wanted thirty one I believe one by twenty points. So Kansas City's coming in here with the little momentum going now you do have the whole Andy Reid issue and I saw I call it an issue for no reason. Actually so andy. Reid is is a fantastic coach. Fantastic offensive coach offer to mind. He He's been in the League for twenty plus years. You've made the playoffs like fifteen thousand times. He's always the teams are always competitive. Always always up there one in Philly with Donald mcnabb one in Kansas City as you can see obviously with Patrick mahomes slash. Yeah so I'm blanking on the last guy's his name so he he's known to win he he wins but his big issue is. He's been the playoffs like ten. Plus Times made it to the super bowl once with Philadelphia and he made it to the AFC championship game or NFC championship game. Plenty of times as well L.. But he can never pull it out. You can never win the big one. I hate that because I love. Andy Reid is Larry Dude. Easy Seem Super Super Super Nice Guy and he's a great football mine is mentioned but he has an issue with winning with getting his team to win these big games. It's not it's not even like they lose who's close games. Team come out flat and it kind of looked like that last week when they down. Twenty eight th twenty four two zero two Texans and it now I would. I want to win but it would be the most andy read thing to do to lose the Tennessee Titans in the AFC championship game. Can you imagine when you have on the other side. You had the forty niners. There's and the packers with Aaron Rodgers and the Jimmy Garoppolo and the great defense at the forty niners have and they have to play the titans titans instead of the chiefs. No offense titans of course It just seems like that's the least interesting outcome now. I did say last week that the titans had the best story in the playoffs because he had the best story doesn't mean you're the most entertaining football all team. They have the best storage because they've upset people and if they keep it running because at the end of the day the win Super Bowl. You've got have you've got to have a four game win win streak. He's got the plows win. Four Games but and the titans are on game win streak right now two teams. They should not be so. Yeah so the line is Kansas City. Seven I'll probably Charlie take. Kansas City will win by ten. Hopefully the titans don't pull home and win by sixteen or whatever again like they did against the Ravens because I did choose the ravens a win by ten by ten or more get so the chiefs have a better offense. They I think the chiefs can pull out the win. I don't know if they can stop Eric Henry though like I said that's the main thing for the chiefs defense but we'll see we'll see on that so on the other side we'll be talking about Green Bay San Francisco the NFC championship game so stay tuned and we will be right back. Are you looking for the very best. NFL and college football podcast check out the GSM see football. PODCAST get the latest football news. Both in off the field from the NFL draft to treats it's to the rumor mill to the NFL. Combines they got you covered that's GSM. See PODCASTS DOT com back slash. Football Dash podcasts get updates. I'm college. Rivalries keen insights and much much more. It's football talk the way you want it. This show sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like on facebook spoken. Follow them on twitter visit. Yes MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO breath in the now we will move on to the boring side of the bracket or depending on or more exciting exciting. Depending on. Who you're talking to? I call it boring because Kinda chalk you got the Green Bay packers who had the bye week against the San Francisco the forty niners we also have the by week that one and two seeds in the NFC are facing off against each other. So it's kind of boring in that sense. This is going to be on six forty PM. I'm on Fox. So of course the backers Rogers backers last week nick played the seahawks and they won. Pretty handily I mean some people say it was a close match up. I didn't I mean they were Kinda ahead for most of the game and the seahawks almost had a comeback. Because of course they did today of Russell Wilson who is the comeback master over there then any have San Francisco forty niners who won handedly last week as well. So this is an interesting game Both teams have pretty good offenses. The packers kind of have this renaissance at offense because of the new coach men for and Aaron Rodgers. I mean kind of back to his old ways. He's got four thousand yards twenty six touchdowns four interceptions on the year Jimmy Garoppolo. The comparison has three thousand nine hundred. Seventy eight yards twenty seven touchdowns and thirteen interceptions green. Bay's doubly running the ball. More as Aaron Jones has has over a thousand yard rushing and sixteen rushing touchdowns so green bay seems learn from their mistakes under McCarthy. It seemed like they never ran the ball. They this kind of force. Rogers throw a Billion Times a game and it just wasn't working era just didn't think it was working. The packers organization didn't think it was working in now. Mike McCarthy is working in Dallas so the forty niners on the other hand. Their offense seems impenetrable penetrable. They have George who can do everything he can he can block eakin block The big dudes upfront. But he can also slip off and be in athletic tight in. It's kind of crazy that you can do both. He's basically like gronk except he can block better kill is an insane weapon for the forty niners to the have and whenever he's not on the field kind of Jimmy Garoppolo guy like. Oh No. Where's my guy? So George Kill of course with the with eighty five receptions over thousand yards and five touchdowns so what I've noticed is that the forty niners weaknesses. Witnesses kind of Jimmy Garoppolo. He almost has four thousand passing yards. So that's not saying much but Jimmy Garoppolo does have thirteen interceptions and on the year which I think is the most out of the rest of the dudes in the playoffs right now as Pinhole only had like six and Patrick Mahomes at five then. Rogers has four. You're so Garoppolo. kind of kind of turnover prone. He seems to be the weakness of the offense. He seems to sometimes make mistakes. Sometimes makes a bad throws that kind of drives early so I think packers all they gotta do is just get pressure on him. Force them to make some mistakes and then and hopefully packers defense can capitalize on those mistakes. So that's the main thing for Green Bay. They're Green Bay's defense. They're green green. Bay's defense is overhauled. They got a bunch of new pieces this year. They kinda rebuild that whole defense in off season which was very impressive actually so oh green bay defence. Ready for this challenge like I said George biddle most dirt and Grop blow there. It's a it's a good team and then you got deebo Samuel. Who's going to be all over the field? Do Samuel who can play wide receiver. You can play running back. He's going to be palm attorney's GONNA kick off return. He's versatile versatile player and he's going to do bad things if you don't expect them do so. Do Samuels good star. But of course green bay they have Aaron Rodgers and the Aaron Rodgers looked okay against Seattle last week. But it's still an rogers. You can't really count Aaron Rodgers out no matter who they play so it's going to be interesting but that forty niners defense however the big story for the forty niners the defense with Nick Bosa and the Nick Joe. I think it's nick but with Nick Bosa so that defense for the forty niners is killer so first off forty nine. The driver genuinely ten points allowed per game which is insane. Compare that to the packers. They're packers defense. Allow Twenty three points per game. So I think it's going to be pretty high high-scoring for the forty niners here and then yards allowed forty niners average one hundred ninety three yards allowed so this defense defense is insane. They kind of made kirk cousins of the Minnesota. Vikings look terrible last week as they they kind of they thrash with twenty seven. Ten per cousins couldn't do anything against the Defense Aaron riders like. I said it's a different beast so we don't know I think it's kind of funny that both teams played their division the other teams division rivals last week. So we kind of get a nice comparison here so like I said the packers beat the hawks. Twenty eight to twenty three forty is when they last played the Seahawks they won twenty six twenty one. So it's Kinda even there and then last time. The packers played the Vikings. They won twenty three ten forty nine one twenty seven tenths based on past experiences past Games. James this is this is going to be pretty pretty even of course transit bar. Property doesn't work very well in football. So we'll see what the game actually turns out to be. One interesting thing that popped out to me was the four deniers have zero injured players. This is the forty niners team that went thirteen and three in the regular season. They're six to home. Fun Fact Packers six and two away so the forty niners have zero injured players coming into this game which is insane for an NFL to have no injured players going into the playoffs even going into the championship game of the playoffs. I mean I've seen teams have questionable like the packers have to questionable right now but they're JK Scott their punter. And Danny Vitol Towel. Who is a fullback so those are questionable but are they really though so the forty nine zero injured players going into this which is like it's already said it's crazy the full strength thirteen and three San Francisco Forty niners the packers on the another hand or also pretty much a full strength as I told you as a fullback and punter that are not not completely ready to go but they'll probably still play way I mean? Jk Scott's upon her. I mean you'll be all right. So both these teams are completely healthy going into this game which is impressive to me. So I think there's going to be a really good game. I think Aaron Rodgers going to have his hands full with the forty niners hellacious fetes and that of course the San Francisco Forty niners they. I don't think they're gonNA have any problems at all fats. To be honest Jimmy Rob Lowe might make a mistake here and there but I do think the four nine can win this handily. I think it's only going to be like a seven point game same. Maybe like a six point game because field goals. So I'm taking San Francisco. Taking Green Bay on the spread though as the spread is seven and a half or San for Cisco so I'm GonNa take greenband spread here so but I really do think that the forty nine ers are gonNA stop Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers GonNA blame Rogers stuff and score points for the Green Bay packers. He's GonNa make amazing. Plays out of nowhere just going to pull them out of thin air to escape the pocket and not get sacked and then chuck check it fifty yards down the field without even trying and then score a touchdown so Aaron Rodgers will pull something out and keep Green Bay in this game but for the majority of it. It's going to be San Francisco winning this game. I want to say Handley I did say it's a six point game but I I think it's going to be like a handedly. Six point game like the like pretty much how the seahawks were last week when they were trying to come back against the packers. Of course they're gonNA come back and make it close close because the seahawks Russell Wilson whereas the packers have Aaron Rodgers so Aaron Rodgers just the presence of Aaron Rodgers is going to keep the packers. Here's in this game. I might be overstating the power of Aaron Rodgers and the power of the starting quarterback in the NFL. Of course. But that's just how I look at it so we'll see what happens there. It's commute again. This is the game today. Honestly the titans time Cain the city has potential to be a good game but just looking at stats and stuff it. It doesn't look like it's going to be that good of a game so packed for Niner's there's this game today so be sure to tune in at six forty pretty much. I hope Kansas City wins. Just because I think the winner of this game would be a fantastic super bowl. Although I'd rather be the forty niners but all right so in our next segment coming up we will be talking about. We'll be continuing to talk about the baseball scandal with the Houston Astros as there have been some updates and the Astros had day yesterday which was a terrible idea. They're part but idea. Oh it was scheduled way in advance but we'll talk about on the other side check out the show it's built on the AMA from UFC UFC two extreme cage fighting they got the fights covered. Check out the GSM. C M M A podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights join necess- we've talked to and about some of the biggest names in the past presidential when it's the fight game there's just one show to check out. GMC PODCAST GAS DOT COM back. Slash me Dash podcast. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter is GS MC PODCAST DOT com for more in both. It took take the if you do not know the Houston Astros or in huge trouble at at the moment as they have been found to be cheating signs dealing with electron ix with video camera that was set up in center field the old and they banged a trash can for dear life to signal what pitch was coming and then but that's not all of course outscore of the Red Sox. He got fired because he was the bench coach for the Astros in two thousand seventeen and also. The Red Sox are under investigation as they won the world series in twenty eighteen with Alex. Cora's the manager. Then you have Carlos Beltran manager of the mets. He newly fresh hired fresh. Aw fresh off the fresh off the manager of whatever for a new new manager he got fired after only a couple months because he was a player during the Astros. And there's some conjecture there some people some sources. It said that Carlos Beltran said that he would be a distraction to the baseball team so he would step down. Some things have said that the magistrate fired him. And then you have Carlos Beltran's niece and I say that with air quotes quotes as a twitter account going around that claims to be called Beltran's niece and she said that she can't hold it anymore. That Jose Altuva Alex Bregman and folks like that for the Astros wore electric buzzers on their shoulders. And it would. It would buzz it depending on what pitch it was which is a completely new thing then to back that claim up. There's videos on twitter of today after he hit a hit a walk off home run against the Draw Chapman and the New York. Yankees advocated. Walk off home run. He was telling his teammates not to take off the Jersey not touch his Jersey and then he went into the Dugout to change into a shirt privately. Instead of doing what normal people normal baseball players have been doing which is just changing in the field. Because who cares. You're an athlete. Why are you ashamed of your body so suspicious? Things are happening. Suspicious things being found people have been posting pictures of wrinkles and jerseys that look like buzzers with wires. People have been posting pictures of Bregman when might be pregnant or posing pictures of one of them with confetti on their chest claiming its tape claiming that's where the wire was that's where the Buzzer is when he did a live interview. I feel like I feel like some people are claiming they're stupid enough to do that. Just it's kind of it's kind of the general track of conspiracy theory because what happens when the conspiracy. It's weird theory. Is You find the conclusion first. And then you find the clues you go back and you find the clues because now you have a a conclusion to look for clues for. So that's how that's how a conspiracy works you come with a conclusion and then you look back and then you look for clues that best instances. The Paul is dead theory for the Beatles. It's kind of. It's just something that someone made up and then you go back and you then you look at like album covers sergeant pepper's. It looks like funerals that people are just like. Oh is it Paul's funeral and then then play us on backwards and it sounds like he's saying Paul is dead and stuff like that so you come up with a conclusion and then you look back for clues in that. That's pretty much what's going on right now. Your people are working backwards Insane that all of this is happening is is a bit of a Buzzer is possible. I think it is possible. I mean I don't know how how that could have gotten away for so long. I feel like a catcher would have came out and said he heard a buzzing noise whenever altuve or Bregman was up to bat. I feel like an umpire would hear buzzing joins anytime something like that happened. It was just like a small buzz that you can never hear or something. People thought it was besieged or something because baseball is play during the summer. So mosquitoes are prevalent. So it's the Buzzer thing is interesting to me because it seems so unlikely to happen now. To be fair banging on trash can the also unlikely but that happened. I really that was more of A. There's a rain obeying sound. Might be something going on in the concourse or something but it happened happen every astros home game so anyways. I'm on twitter I seen. I haven't seen anybody defend them. I've seen people make the terrible claims that they should be stripped of their world series title and World Series Rings or Jose Altuve and Bregman should be banned from baseball which of the buzzer things. Truth and that could be a possibility ability because that is just straight up despicable cheating so stuff like that is going on but the Houston. Astros had a very well-timed fulltime fan day yesterday Saturday very well timed. It was perfectly timed down just in time for the team to be surrounded by news reporters to talk about the upcoming season. They're not going to talk about anything other than that. Of course that is is incorrect. So one thing stuck out to me. Jose Altuve Bay in his interview. He said that this is an issue. We plan on being the world series again and we plan on winning the world series in the upcoming year. which is crazy to me because is he basically said he's basically saying we're not worried about about the biggest cheating scandal in baseball since one thousand nine thousand nine hundred says the black sox? We're not worried about the biggest cheating scandal in one hundred years. WE'RE GONNA win World Series. Anyway you can complain about this all you want. We're GONNA win the world series again so it's going to be very interesting to me. I'm very interested in how the MLB is going to police this. Because I feel like the Astros are definitely going to have a huge. They're gonNA have allies on the Astros here during the season so I don't know if they're gonNA have metal detectors put into their dugout. They're going to have someone in that video room at all times to make sure they're not banging on trash cans which I think that's an easy solution to fix that. Our they're going to make sure that the Centerfield cameras not their dade aide. They're going to be. There's going to be high alert for the Astros. The Astros start doing well. Then you're going to see you're going to see stuff like that happen. People are going to be skeptical with the Astros. People are going to be scheduled today for the rest of his rest their careers every single player that played for the Astros Arizona very very skeptical their careers from now on and I hate that because I thought Jose Altuve is one of the best hitters in baseball and I mean he could still be. I mean used other and I'm seeing a lot of people that said who does it matter. Why does it matter are they no matter they have buzzers wise a matter of they know the signs and stuff like that? Well it it. Baseball one of the main main things are one of the main advantage of the pitchers have is that they can throw very hard and it takes like a fraction of a second to react. They can also switch up the pitches so the batter. I mean signs dealings thing in baseball for a long time but it used to be like there's a guy in second he can tell the batter like what's coming up up stuff like that and I think that's fine. Honestly pitchers get mad about it but you know there's reason because if the batter knows what pitch is coming up then take out one more advantage that the pitcher had making it just a timing thing now of course these players just because they have the they they know what's coming what pitch is coming designing. They're automatically going to hit it but it makes it a lot easier. Huge Difference Between Seventy six MPH curveball and ninety mile per hour fastball eight. You're expecting the seventy six MPH curveball. You can react better if you're expecting ninety per hour ninety per hour fastball. You can react to better. You Change Your you. Change Your approach to the pitch depending on what pitch you think it's going to be. That's why pitchers are very adamant that this is the worst thing that ever happened in baseball because Alex would pitcher for the dodgers. There's former pitcher. I'm not sure if he's still daughters. I forgot I think he was a free agent. Is this a pass off season. But he pitch for the dodgers and he said he'd rather face a guy on steroids. The guy that knows the signs that says a lot. Because you if you don't know curve balls coming then they're going to get you with curveball. Or if you if they think fast balls coming hit him with James Up these things matter in baseball and that's why this is such a big deal so there you have it. Hopefully I don't have to talk about this again. But they're probably be an update before Tuesday or Thursday. So we'll find find out find out so up next I'll be talking around the NHL and how it seems like every single coach in the NHL has been fired this year. Stay tuned to. Are you looking for help for your fantasy football team check out the GSM MC fantasy football podcast get. Today's best advice on who to start. Who even who? You should draft from sleeper picks. Red Hot LINEUPS. They got it all covered for you. That's GSM see podcasts. Dot Com backslash fantasy dash football dash. PODCASTS we'll cover traditionally dynasty few. Pr Even DP leads when you need fantasy help there's just one showed up. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. GS MC PODCAST DOT COM. Tom For more INFO. Yeah so now. The football season is coming to a close. I'm going to do what I usually do. When football season comes to a close I kind of switch? Switch my attention to hockey a little bit. I do like watching hockey. Hockey's a fun sport to watch but it's just it's just a lot I I mean I can follow baseball but baseball is more of a relaxed thing. We're hockey I. I'm kind of stress when I watch hockey. It's a it's a stressful sport to watch so big news and hockey this week or not big news if you've been paying attention to the GEL at all this year as it seems like every coach has been fired from the NHL. I think there's been a total of fifteen coaches fire was. That's half the league. Half the League have changed coaches just this year which is crazy to me. I don't know teams just have super high expectations. And these coaches aren't reaching them or something like is just incredibly rock with some things on coach is going on ear but the the big the big story in hockey this week was the Las Vegas Gold night fired their coast Robert Galant. They fired him which was kind of insane because he he's he was the Co.. He was the first coach of the team. Franchise started three three years ago. They made the Stanley Cup their first year. He made this band of misfits. No go to the Stanley Cup play. which is impressive on his own right and then last year? They made the second round the playoffs. I believe and knows first round and lost to the sharks in seven games which they lost arguably because of a five minute major penalty. That may or may not have happened but bottom line is they blew a four lead to the sharks after during that major penalty. I mean you can't win games. If you're giving up four goals and five minutes just say anyways so vegas they fired this man and it's kind of baffling. Because he's one of the better coaches in the league and he like I said he'd lead led this band of misfits the Las Vegas nights to a Stanley Cup and also. They made the playoffs last year. This man is not made. He is dot. Don't miss the playoffs. So it's very confusing and then the M- more confusing thing is that they replaced him with Peter Bore. which if you don't owe Peter Warriors? He was the San in Jose Sharks head coach from last year. So there's a little history there and he was fired from the sharks earlier this year literally like a month or two ago so I mean the NHL Weird when it comes to coaches. Because I feel like a coach will get fired but then we can immediately hired somewhere else. Villa there's not a lot of new coaches that come into the league. And maybe that's why fifteen coaches have been fired because they retreads that they're trying to get rid of But so Peter Bore. He's a solid coach. He's a really good coach especially in the Nhl especially in the Pacific Division as has some players have mentioned that. That's a big reason. They're big fan of Peter he coached for Shark for Since twenty twelve twelve I believe so seven six or seven years and they made the playoffs every year. They always had a really good team. Every year usually played very hard this year. It was kind of an exception as discharge bombed the barrel at the moment. So yeah so. Peter Bore my issue though. Is that the sharks WCHS had a window at about a seven year window because they went to the Stanley Cup. Final in two thousand twelve thirteen one of the two. No they went later. They went to the final and fifteen or sixteen trying to remember ahead but they went to Santa Cup final final recently in the last five or six years and they couldn't win so everybody was like other windows closed. Because Joe Thornton's forty Logan Guitar is old too. He's like thirty two or something on that. So yeah sharks old then they then they go out and they get they get Vander Kane and they get they get Carlson and they they look like a new team so they look our flu teen to kind of bring in another another a a Another window another window opens up one one window closes. Another opens competed boroughs. Supposed to lead the sharks trying to push the sharks over the edge and win the Stanley UNLE Cup. Get one for jumbo. Get one for the tour and yeah but this year was kind of disappointing for the shark. Last year was kind of disappointed with the sharks as they like. I said they had the seven game series against the Vegas nights which should not the sharks terrible that entire series. Just so you know they they want a couple of games CBS in between but the nights were up three to I believe and then up three games to and then that game happened in the sharks pulled out a a a series victory but then they got absolute thrashed in the next round the playoffs. I forgot against who but they I think it. It was the blues so the Santa Cup winners the blues so the sharpest kind of have a history of disappointing with great talent. They've been doing it their entire existence. So can you really blame for that. I still can cause the sharks had pre talented teams for the past couple of years and kind of did nothing. Nothing Carlson injured. You can't really do that. Vader Kane has some issues but he's overall pretty good player but So Peter Bore. He's with the Vegas nights now. I don't really know how it's going to go but we'll see It's going to be interesting one. One thing I saw the vegas nights owner said that Girard wasn't getting the best out of players and they needed someone who can get the best out of the players lawyers and the like so. You hired Peter Deboer who is known for wasting talent at San Jose. So that's just my opinion opinion of course but it's going to be interesting. How it works out is GonNa various ring and it Kinda it? Kinda makes the Vegas San Jose rivalry rivalry a little stronger because those two teams have had a rivalry. Recently they kind of hate each other if you watched Stanley Cup playoffs last year. If you watch the sharks versus the nights it was a bloodbath to say the least I mean everybody knew that someone quite literally was about bath because one guy for the sharks has his head busted open and that caused a five minute. Major in Vegas fans are still mad about that and San Jose fans made made shirts with made shirts of it with a five minute major and all that. So there's kind of a rivalry building up here. These two teams really don't like each other and I really don't know why it just kind of happened. I guess is because Vegas I mean. They're in the same division of course in the Pacific Vegas just things that Sanders Ariza the top dog so they picked with them Vegas Strategy for the past year especially under Gerard was to kind. I don't believe the other team which Kinda worked against because Peter doesn't really Coach coach for that he coaches is more XS and os said of just a bully people into the ground so drawer. It was all about bullying all about yelling and being aggressive and stuff like that. So it's going to be very it's it's an interesting tone. Shift there between Vegas and San Jose so once again. It's going to be interesting how it works out. I really don't know how it's been workout workout. It's just such a interesting move and then you added in fact that is the fifteenth. NHL Coach to be fired this year. And I think two of the coaches I have been fired have already been rehired by another team. So really what is going on in the shell. Someone could give me that answer. Please let me know because US fifteen coaches being fired in the same season as bonkers to me like why is that a fake never happened it should be like five seven seven tops. There's never be especially in the middle of the season the off season black Monday or anything like that like in the NFL but yeah no. It's literally mill of the season. We are firing or coach in the middle of the season. We haven't even results are raking fifteen coaches have been fired. Gerard Lard was the coach of the Pacific Division in the All Star Game. So is he's going to be the coach. Are they going to give Peter to replace them. So that would be interesting to get Peter Border Place because then you got sharks players and Nice player but anyway so the NHL very confusing this year. I haven't really been keeping up like I said I usually usually don't start keeping up until after football season ends so I'll look into it in about two weeks after super bowl look more into later. But Yeah Fifteen fifteen coaches have been fired bonkers bonkers anyways when we will get back. I will be talking about the conor McGregor fight or barely what I saw of it. Are you looking to get your college football. Beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite school team the Diaz Mc College football podcast is your ticket to all things college football to us as we talk college football from the National Championship. The college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy. So which converts it's the best we've got you covered for the big ten as these the Big Twelve the PAC twelve acc and everything in between download the GMC in college football podcast on Itunes stitcher soundcloud Google play or anywhere you find God jazz tied Diaz Mc in the search Bar So I just want to preface this by saying that I did not watch U. OF C.. Four to forty nine or whatever. It is last night as I made a mistake miscalculation so I was going to watch at least probably the last like a little a bit of it. I just wanted to watch it. I'm not interested in. May I already mentioned in the last podcast not interested in it at all. I think it's it's a interesting sport. Sport that people I can understand why people like it. It's kind of like boxing except a little bit. More extreme people bloodying each other and beating up so I understand why people like that. I I personally have some reservations about it. Not Not because of the beating up thing. I don't really care about that. It's just the hype for it. It kind of doesn't match. What you get doesn't match the product so then I'll get into a little later so I was GonNa Watch it? I was GonNa Watch McGregor Cowboy fight so it's like eleven o'clock thing doesn't start until ten because people don't have to sleep or anything. I mean. It's a Saturday night. Whatever but so the main card doesn't start until ten they had like a bunch of prelims before and I didn't watch them but the main card starts at ten I'm figuring it's like okay. So that starts at ten than McGregor file will start at like maybe midnight or something like that but I went to sleep at twelve thirty. I never got any notification about Macgregor's I'm assuming the master daylight one o'clock in the morning or some garbage like that by wake up I get notifications notifications. The McGregor knocked him out and then forty seconds or whatever I'm like Oh okay so then go on Reddit Emesa read it because you know why not and then first thing they have is McGregor surroun- and it's literally just the whole clip of the fight. It's just forty seconds. Look I'm sitting there and it's like okay so awesome so I forgot to say I was going to watch it last night. You no matter how late it was. I was going to watch it last night I have. ESPN plus so I assumed and it is my Pulford zooming. I suppose I assume they've got the SPN plus you just get it. I thought it was one of those things where you just turn it on you have. ESPN plus you pay the five dollars a month and you got it. I thought that was what it was turns out. You still have to pay the pay per view fee of sixty five dollars and I was like no. I'm not doing that. I'm not paying six five dollars and now that the big fights over. I'm I'm glad I didn't do that. Now I understand that the five dollars for more than just the McGregor fight. I understand there are other fights but on that main card but Let's be honest here to a cat. Fan The only the only bad take care about as McGregor thrown so the fact that match lasted that fight lasted forty forty seconds makes me think that. I'm glad I didn't spend that much money. So here's my issue with the. Here's my issue with him. A May I think as athletic as you can get like you have some real monsters. Real machines going into the octagon or going into whatever whatever promotion. Whatever are there built their let their fighters? They're they're ready to lay their life their face their your body on the line for People's entertainment and Ford their pride and to win money basically how it is and I respect that I really do. I respect I respect that I respect I mean I respect McGregor. Even though he's kind of a nuisance to society to be honest I respect to Roan I I I remember when I was younger. I kinda got into a little bit with Chuck Taylor is mentioned Taylor Anderson Silva who is still fighting by the way. Here's what the heck man I used to watch them. Because you have see was on. What was it meant? Spike Spike TV. It was like they would have like weekly shows in nyc recap fights. They'll show like full fights on spike. So I used to watch that a little bit. It was interesting I was a a was a big wrestling fan. I kinda still and I don't really follow any wrestling though now. So it's a big W fan when I was younger and I went through that phase where we're like. Oh God it's fake. Oh no so I went to USC because it was a little realis- more realistic. But here's my issue with a UFC though with wwe when you pay sixty dollars you're at least guaranteed entertaining. It'd be entertaining. You're guaranteed for a fight. That will last more than five minutes. And it'll be entertaining. You'll have stupid storylines like dumb ass. Storylines ends but it. It's still entertaining. At the end of the day you earn taint and no matter how stupid it is like if I if I get wrestlemainia if I pay for wrestlemainia which I don't because my I have the wwe but if you pay sixty dollars for wrestlemainia that's a five have hour long show. You're at least going to get good matches if you're watching it for the matches even though the matches are technically not real still going to be entertaining U. OF C.. On the other hand you pay sixty dollars and you don't know what you're going to get because it's actually real and that's why people like in Israel but my issue is you have all this hype for cowboys. Rhone versus Conor McGregor Conor McGregor. Coming back to the octagon how is he going to do. And then it ends in forty seconds cowboys. Our own doesn't even get any offense and and like I can speak on this. I actually watch the full five because like I said. I saw the clip on the night after the morning. After I literally woke up this morning I looked at my phone. I watched it. It was forty seconds long so I watched it and it was over. You can tell also that the Graf didn't want it to be over that fast. 'cause cowboy was done he was cooked. It was done and then the the refugee. Ah Hold on hold on hold on all right all right. It's over. It's over. He we waited. He should ended that about ten seconds earlier. McGregor's was pounding his face in and yeah. So that's my issue with the U. of C.. It's you have these big matches. That are hyped. But sometimes they they never live up to high. I don't think I've seen a single match. Live up the hype. I'm really trying to think about it. I'm trying to think of any UFC match that was actually hype enough for me to tune into it and it actually lived up to the hype. Because I've seen leshner fights I've seen him punk fights because because the wrestling thing is actually kind of live at the Hi Brock Lahser pretty good. Usually they're pretty good conor McGregor though I mean these these guys get hyped up because they dock people out in like thirty seconds and then I'm supposed to sit here and want to watch him him. Knock someone out in thirty seconds for sixty dollars. No that's not how that's not how that works for me. That's how I that's not how I want to spend my night night. I don't want to pay sixty dollars. Watch a bunch of matches a bunch of bytes. I don't care about that are probably better than the fight that I do care about. Then when the fight that I do care about comes around at one o'clock in the morning and it sucks and it's only forty seconds long and then I'm just sitting there. It was cool. Great night wasting in my night and no offense. UFC fans of course we have made podcast. You're in the decency podcast network and you can listen to them. They'll actually probably talk very really about got it. I'm just giving my personal opinion. I'm not saying anything about the actual integrity of the UFC or anything. I just personally don't see the hype of it and I personally don't understand paying six dollars for a forty second fight now going into the actual fight. Maguire started with some shoulder strikes. He was striking the man with the shoulder. You broke the man's nose so the shoulder. Can you imagine that you're you're you're about to fight someone and they just start. Swinging with shoulder is crazy They kind of locked up and then McGregor just got him on the shoulder and broke his nose. Apparently then you got a nice kick to the face and that was pretty much it though. I mean there's not much analysis I can do on a forty second fight so there you have it. It's over. We can move on McGregor. He of course one as we discussed McGregor one so he's probably probably get put in another big match up. I was seeing that he might get put in a rematch against Kebab. So that would be. That'll be entertaining. I will definitely not spend sixty dollars to watch that. I will watch it illegally somewhere. No I'll watch it the next morning. Sorry when it's forty seconds and it's over so yeah there's you see that's all the UFC content you're going to get you're probably not going to talk about. UFC again until conor McGregor fights again again. So if you're UFC fan. Sorry that I kind of trashed your your sport. I didn't mean to really didn't mean to. I'm just this kind of giving my opinion on how I felt about how the fight went. And how all that stuff went down. So when we come back we'll be talking about LSU losing literally every apiece and why that makes clemson look better check out this build around the women from the NFC Invicta F- steeped tour championship. We got two fights covered. It's the Golden State state media concepts. Women's May podcast. The latest news of upcoming fights discussions of previous matches. Join us as we talked to about about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when the women's fight gave you know we're to listen to the Golden Golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast It won't we it. It's free. What is going on right now in Malibu so per the Sunday so literally just six days ago? Lsu won the national championship and they'd be really good Clinton team. They they had. They capped off one of the greatest offensive seasons of all time. Joe Bureau is in contention for one of the great sees individual seasons of all time in college football history. St Some people rivalling with came Newton. Which is insane because came noon? Had less weapons than Joe Borough had. But that's a discussion for a different day EH. So Joe Borough one of the greatest statistical seasons of all time with six thousand passing yards or something like that. And then of course sixty touchdown touchdown. So that's crazy and then LSU had ob j making a fool of himself all over the field before during and after the game during the game he was trying to get the band played some song so it's still the phone from the campaign director and try try to get that going and then after the game he was given was given a money handshakes to the players on the field. Just dapper them up with money is is just Jefferson borough to win on a podcast else. You made a statement saying he was fake money. It was just monopoly money because it locally looks like monopoly money when you walks of video but els you made that statement and then Joe Borough goes on goes on pardon my take podcast. And he's he's like Nah. It's real. I'm not a student athlete anymore so I don't care it's like dude but your school cares. I know he doesn't really care. I mean that's that's got suck because he he spent the whole year saying. LSU You've you've accepted me and I'm part of Lsu community. Now they just kind of throws you under the taught what he's done because Jesus there's an internal investigation going on for Lsu there but then you go into locker room you got everybody's smoking cigars and and there's a security officer trying to put the cigars out which I don't really if this story is such a non story to me this Gar. The scar part is uh-huh. Bj then slaps him on the talks and he got charged. And there's a warrant out for his arrest which I think the the officers no longer going to press charges on that one they read yes last night so we're whirlwind of motions just on the day of the game so it's Gar thing was Kinda dumb technically law that you cannot smoke indoors in New Orleans in a public space however these guys won national championship. You know what people do after they win. Titles in sports they smoke cigars. It's just kind of a thing that happens Joe Borough was doing and it was posted all over social media because it was an epic video of Him Smoking Cigar. It was really cool. Video made him look bad ass. But yeah yeah I mean. Don't see an officer telling him to put it out. Officer was also checking gatorade bottles for liquor which I'm not really sure why they would do. They sneak liquor in in their backpacks. Like what that part was crazy to me because why would you know. These are football players like gatorade did like come on. They're trying to hide anything using these are just taking swigs of it at halftime and then came on still won by twenty points now. That's that's that's a stupid so that's just the night of the game the very next day Joe Brady the architect of this LSU offense that everybody's been praising it's the Greatest Offensive Gospel history supposedly so he immediately leaves. He's only he was only there for one year. He was the he was in office. Assistant for the saints and then he got hired by Lsu because you went to visit the saints to talk talk football and they like Joe Brady so they hired him on as passing coordinator and now he is onto offense coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. Then Joe Burrow he declared because he does have any eligibility left but then Justin Jefferson Hilaire. Edwards layer that Moss and literally. I feel like like the entirety of their just a lot of people declared for the NFL draft. So I mean I saw. There's a card hard. There's guys on defense. So you have these guys declaring for the draft. You're losing most your most your key off into pieces. You still have your March chase which he is better than just in Jefferson my opinion so that's not a big deal. You still have to March ace so then this week Dave Aranda the defensive coordinator for Lsu he leaves Lsu to become the head coach of the Baylor bears. And I'm bringing all this up because because there's been a lot of comparisons between coach overdrawn coach. Oh and Dabo Sweeney of clemson tires. There's been a lot of comparisons between the two because they're both kind of CEO types of both had kind of weird journeys to get to where they are as Dabo was a real estate agent for a couple years and then he got signed by he got hired by Tommy Barnaby receivers coach receivers code for like seven years and then became the head coach and coach Ron. He was interim coach for like to use in room coach. He was head coach at Ole miss where he was kind of a laughingstock and then he went to. USC Southern Cal where where he was the interim coach and he did actually pretty good job. I feel like but he kinda got mocked to there as well because of his voice because of his antics stuff he did did and then he gets a job with. LSU He gets the head coaching job at Lsu after less mild leaves so he's kind of the perfect fit for LSU which. I feel like if this if you had any other coach right now it would not have worked out the way but the main comparison here is that they both were unlikely. Head coaches CEO type. So but here's one thing. Kodjo win the national championship after a fantastic ask year loses passing coordinator. The Guy who revamped your offense defense coordinator the guy who major defense better as the season went on which was crazy to me because I remember going into the playoffs. I was kind of like. Oh Man Oklahoma's GonNa Kinda threw well over them. Because I mean yeah 'cause it's Oklahoma Oklahoma's offense but they they put a stop at Oklahoma's offense and then they came in against clemson ended fantastic cleanses offense defense got better as the year went on because they had really bad games. James defensively defense went better as the year went on then he goes Baylor were meanwhile clemson not only is Travis Z.. T. in coming back. Clemson hasn't lost an assistant to a different team. Since two thousand sixteen they lost Jeff. Scott Jeff Scott go off into quarter CO offensive coordinator now offense coordinator but that could be seen as kind of the same as Joe Brady. I feel like so Jeff Scott leaves. He's the first assistant leaves in two thousand sixteen. CLEMSON's going to return with Brent Venables still their return with Tony Elliott their offense coordinator and they're going to Brandin streeter. WHO's their quarterback coach to offense to co offense coordinator or passing coordinator? Whatever you WANNA call it and then you? Of course they'll have Dabo sweeny. You still have Trevor Lawrence you still traffic coming back for some reason. You're losing Isaiah Simmons. But you're getting the number one recruiting class of the world in the in the country coming in to kind of reload there. So I think it's just a testament to how some there's a difference between building a program that has sustained and going to last and just building a team that's going to win the national championship tape. There is a huge difference between those two. LSU built a perfect team to win a national championship. But they couldn't they can't keep the team Clemson. Simpson built a perfect team to win a national chain ship and is able to sustain that team long enough to win multiple and keep going. I will not be shocked. Active CLEMSON's in Miami next year for the National Championship playing probably Alabama to be honest with Alabama's the only other team that's kind of on that level where they kind of just kind of they keep getting new players and Alabama's kind of different Alabama lose coaches every year. But that's just because the Alabama stigma so Alabama was the only other team on that level. In my opinion. I mean every Ohio state is up there as well as is. Yeah Ohio states up there as well. But basically you're not going to get rid of Clemson and Ohio state or Alabama just because you one just because Lsu one one year out of the rest of talk but anyways that's it for me they were listening to Sunday. Show hope you enjoy those. NFL Games this championship. Sunday Sunday. Hope you didn't spend sixty dollars on the pay per view last night and follow sports on twitter on facebook spoke on on all your social platforms Lee Rate Review. Like us on Itunes spotify stitcher wherever you listen to who your podcast. Wherever you're listening to my voice at this moment just like us and rate us and give us reviews you? Follow me. Asterik Linden Score Josh if you want to complain about. UFC IF YOU WANNA complain about any my views if you WANNA complain that I called Chuck Ladele Chuck Taylor earlier because I just realized I made that mistake. So thank you for listening every bite and hope you have a great Sunday and I will talk to you on Tuesday. Been Listening to the Golden State media concept's substance sports podcast part of the golden state media concepts and podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www viewed Jesus MC podcast dot com. Download our podcast on Itunes stitcher down cloud Google play just type in GMC. I am see to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you've enjoyed today's program.

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