Shaq knows how Kawhi landed with the Clippers, talks Westbrook trades and local heroes on The Big Podcast with Shaq


Thank you for listening to this podcast. One sports net production available on apple podcasts and podcast one. This is an exclusive presentation of podcast one sports. Hey guys throb. Just a quick friendly heads up about twenty minutes after we finished recording the show you're about to hear Russell. Westbrook got traded to the rockets so there's a lot of good conversation that we left in this week. Show about Westbrook. We wanted you guys to hear that but just giving you a general heads up that that literally happened right as as we finished recording this show overtime means you might be on the hunt for new place see ready. Are you ready for hours of searching. Are you ready toiling over listings. Are you checking out different places. How much time do you have in your day? How about you just take note from our very own Shaquille O'Neal and make everything easier with apartments dot com with apartments dot com which you see is what you rent the poor over there listen to make sure all the information and up-to-date that way you don't have to dig very far the find the perfect place say what we need something pet friendly something in a certain area or something on a budget apartments dot com has got an awesome custom search tool so you can find the apartment townhouse condo or home? That'll be perfect for you to stood a worried about finding a new place lace. Try your some apartments dot com change. Your apartment changed the World Shaquille O'Neal podcast physician cast and the drop that today on the podcast with shack eight ton to get to Kohl eyeliner Paul George in the Clippers Brooklyn Westbrook Sharief's new Tattoo of course. We're GONNA get borderline. John kincaid brings surrounded the match game now live from the cave in Atlanta Georgia John Cade and the big off all the favor J. Diesel Shaquille O'Neal Kyri every time you leave someplace it's a worse ending the game of thrones and then every one of the rooms I would have laughed at that time was there any black people know blacks during that time podcast with Shag he should kill only on chunking Kate. That's raw jenner's. That's Brandon Harper. The dog and we are enjoying a summer afternoon with us. We tape the podcast today. Ah You giggling people in game of thrones where there and I love me there were black. People didn't exist back then. I thought we were around. We just weren't there too cold. We were in the motherland the spirit too much Shaquille O'Neal fresh off a D._J.. gig Last night in Las Vegas I Nevada. How are you the big man chilling villain like how was the how was the Gig last night? As part of the whole resident said it was off the chain baby was hobbling everything do game seven and and as you all know I don't round game dependable and moves up the way we were worried about free throws I`Ma dominate the game so much nothing else will matter so this poppet practice prepare been doing bonuses eighty eight so it's nothing to make people that's awesome England for and to fourteen fourteen to fourteen this is show to fourteen to two hundred hours syndicating it. We have to be more episodes right now than <hes> many of the kit hit succumbs remotely. We have more resources how long we been no more pockets since day one or forever for for years. If you want to be over forever would be the way to go. What did you think we gotta get into it right away because everyone wanted to know what your thoughts were on the whole by Paul George and we're going to step into your little bit? Okay Okay Spiderman movie because you're marvel. I enjoyed the hell out of that. It's it's it's really good. It's real good if if you like the yeah it's fun man. It's it's a good movie overall but if you're a fan of that character mysterious show that they put in this movie it's perfect I mean it's like so to the t- The way they did that. Villain he was great. He was really really good back into my world question was since day one is always been a night mythic figure. What did you just call him an enigma okay `Nigma no magnetic whatever please yeah no? He's always been a Mr guys here. When I hear rock laughing in the band just shut your mouth attack love that one so he's always been a mysterious guy so the fact that he did like this and how happened I wouldn't surprise I just thought he got a little Hollywood all decision next week? I'll make my decision to the fourth of July weekend and then he just has made a decision out of nowhere. However was I saw it? There's only one man named because say Jerry wasn't that wonderful airframe with he's he's so ridiculously ahead shack psyches. It's like he's playing chess and other people playing checkers workers and I know how how he got COA member Kawhi wasn't before he got the Gregg Popovich and Greg Papa Vision Jerry West of the same type of people so Jerry Protocol Demands I listen. I know you got a lot of people but you WANNA win championships so I'm working on a deal but okay so you to bring you Paul George. You saw we D- last year we don't have no crazy. Plaza got guys Patrick Beverley boom boom boom. You can win here. I know your family's here you can win here. If you're interested. We're interested in and probably walk out the room to Ah Jerry West to undo all chasing because you already know who he is. You already know his resume. You already know the teams. He put together so are probably like that Cooper. I don't like all the hey man. We'll give you the top CONDO in Toronto and we'll do this. We'll do that. That's not how you build really liked. The people that are straight up he did he did Co.. Why in your opinion did he play the Lakers because from from what I'm just all the stuff I'm reading about it? It appears the Lakers acres. He was leading them on no. That's what everybody was saying. Don't talk so if I don't hear from Koa. You'd think I'm listening to all these people know. I'll listen to you because you my guy but I'm not gonNA listen to all these other clowns on T._v.. He did he did he did if you look at the history of why he don't say nothing he don't know hints he don't say nothing. What's your leg which is going to talk to medical people when you're GONNA come back? I don't know like he he don't ever talk so. I thought it was going to be Toronto auto or somewhere else. I knew I knew was going to be the legs because when he did talk he said I don't WanNa play Lebron. He said that yes before. It said he said I so. I don't take who is a guy. That's going to go back on his word. Last last time we we taped. I said the one thing that I believe one hundred percent was he would never want to go to the Lakers and be be part of. Why does he dessert? Why should he be a co star to Lebron James? Show when you know Lebron is trying to manipulate everything behind the scenes to the way a he wants. It is a two time champion himself. He doesn't need Lebron to get a ring point and that's why Jerry was probably even said that right. You're Jerry was required. You don't need to play nobody. I'm GONNA bring somebody play behind you. The love that I love it and your family's here are get them topnotch ticket boom boom boom and aim at a decision and now okay see. What are they going to do a Westbrook I'm here westbrook Miami Heat Oliseh would where he gusting about that situation? I'm hearing heat ally said he here's the problem with the heat. They don't have any number one picks. They've dealt away Pat Riley. They've won. They have to number one picks in the next year's drugs routes breath okay well then what draft got him yeah but here's the thing Jerry West just showed us what what what number one picks worth when he gave away like a whole drawer full but Miami doesn't have to deal so what currency would they have to get Russell westbrook where T is a couple of guys from what I'm hearing that the Miami Heat don't want to give up but who Oklahoma City <hes> what's to African dues name the Senate you gotta go go dog who said they're getting rid of the African Guy Africa that was not it was not ro Robin Padilla both not saying get rid of the African I well. I mean every general manager sitting there right. Now going we could get Russell Westbrook if he could get them. They could get him. I don't think people want Russell Westbrook as one. I'm looking at the sats dude on looking at the stats and I'm asking you to show me what of those stats delivered. He doesn't make other players better period. He doesn't I vote okay. Listen the term. I like that term but I don't make another place better means. Put them an opportunity to do for themselves but you also have the <hes> the ability to do for yourself. See what I'm saying so like if I kick it to you and you say hitting shots. Don't come back on me and say you don't make them better. I can't make you can't talk to you and make you better. I can't make you work harder when and I get double team and I kick it to you. The definition of making you better give you the opportunity to succeed but if you ain't succeeding as a player it ain't always my fault so I like that term but I really don't like that term time while you were you were guy you know we jumped Ghana's guy a longtime Paso Paso he's passing and he never really had the pieces around. Put it this way if you train him the for Steph Curry. Would it be similar place well. I guess I'll yeah because you know when Russell get double. He kicked Klay. Guess what Clegg on I'll tell you knock that down every time every time so you know I don't know I I don't even know the other guys Westbrook Governor's team so well talk to me to me the one thing I'm going to give and I'm going to give the kudos shack to you on this among other people because every generation of N._B._A.. Players has done a better job of taking more control of their league and their sport and the N._B._A.. Players have more of an impact and more of a control of their product than N._F._l.. Players do the major league baseball plots doing are so to me shack. You were part of that you you took it a step further than guys before before you now and then Lebron took two totally different step now guys behind Lebron taking it to a total even dictating. We're going to take a two year. One where it's like a three year with an out after two Paul George he requested a trade. I love great places. Stop depress give me some senseless sensitive music man. Sorry I'm sitting here in Las Vegas talking to my Best Friends Rob John Kgo TV in the studio and it says robot Umpire Debut Atlantic League all-star game. I'm not a big baseball fan but you're not I don't WanNa see no Goddamn robot calling the game five. We call the game since Babe Ruth. Keep it like that a lot of places where robots take over for example Jeff Bezos from a friend of mine. Can't we studio this two million Goddamn square feet robots moving around arms arms being Bang Boom Bang Bang grow- grew only saw twenty people do not bring robots sports. Let me tell you Mr Baseball Commissioner. If you allow this I will petition and get people to sign up. We Will Never Watch baseball again. Keep the robots game. I afraid of robots hero. I don't want robots game. The game has listen to the game has always been the same. It's perfect. It's America's pastime. Don't touch it. You'll have a robot making calls with a human with the ability to overall well. If you give the human the ability to overrule that the human make the damn decision for the kids and for the people in the Geeks like myself itself keep robots out of sports. I don't WanNa see no robot goalkeeper. I don't WanNa see no robot frito passenger ball coach. I don't WanNa see no robot clock magic. Keep them robots at the game. Okay Sports Geek keep an analytical electrical. The only thing we allow you to do is analytics. We don't want no robot again. I'm not even a baseball guy but I don't want to take a job away from the umpires what ice love based when the coaches to come out and has had colonies targeted noise arguing about Craig's robots you'll be able to do that. We'll have a robot do pelota machine terminator robots out of the game. Thank you very much. I think you're afraid of a robot. I applaud he's right. Oh man a robot's stop that adversely to your point. Did you see the robot online this week. That was is hitting the baseball's. Did you see the one that did the bowling ball yeah one that throw a ball and ball down the alley baseball's now of course thousand those in a row wow. They're all automatic now all L._A.. As well on the from the free throw line I love above media what media now we're media well you. You guys out now. Media is they love you and I hate you. We love you. No no no. They love you. The hate you see I will not hate you. Let me finish John. I came up with a drill sergeant. Nothing hurts my my my right now. <hes> I'm doing all this praise on the top thing on E._S._p._N.. Zion's way to concern well you talk about the lead story yeah because he's got no stop Assi Buffalo. You say that you know no no. You didn't say that having all these at Duke. He's a great player. He's a new Charles. Barkley shockey is your own. Your is a little bit you do you wonder about assize media. Praise them now they breaking this poor kid. Hopefully hopefully he has enough hard to understand what's about to come. I don't have as big of a concern about it <hes> but I was leading with when you see him with the ice on the knee or have people talking about much Oreos Oreos and get into shape broadcast. Hell I think rock could help. Oh what was shape. Have you seen his shirt off. Guess what man got a six pack so that maze other shape just because he's he's big boned and then remember remember he's dominant because he's big boned speaker phone. Did they go into that. Big Won't let you do what you do. The other night shankill view. HAVE YOU WANNA lose a couple pounds. He'd get beat up and get worried about his joints. I'm working. I'm worried about the way I'm worried about. Wait a minute duke. I was blew out when he blew out that shoe who's eighteen years old were about thirty not at eighteen okay. You know everything you know everything on twenty-seven check you know everything on your joints. In life is cumulative. You can't take back one day AF damage to joints so everything you do at eighteen and twenty and twenty one adds up bothering her twenty seven. I know you didn't then that foot that little toe thing kept you out longtime bet hip seriously so you said you said I think it last week that you don't even think he should play in the summer league mo who shouldn't why for what what he what is first of all this is the N._F._l.. God bless the N._B._A.. That they've made summer league into this big a deal God blessed because it's a ten day event and it's huge. It's so me over guys can't play and guys that are gonNA team what they should do is get a scout and play develop and look at his game see what they need to work on and work on that by yourself elven Jim. You're not going to get better planning some late guys. That's trying to make the team because guess what if I'm trying to make the team and I'd see Zion out there. I'm going at his head anything necessary if he go for a dunk of undercutting them on Bona minutes face. I want people see hey man caffeinated had thirty points. It's my opportunity. I don't Know Jessica Point when I came in. They wanted me to do all this stuff in the somebody note. I told him Bush. I nothing okay. y'All go no my name. Come <hes> <hes> for all your work. I'm not a rookie. I'm a franchise and you know they got kind of said. Okay we'll see I said we'll see you sales already exactly so yeah. I'm not doing all that stuff and guess what he did and he got injured. What he should do is because I saw some all I saw a lot of holes that you did or sure do they did also a long standing around and see all the shots all I would say this? I've got a lawsuit. I mentioned the other day that I'm coming into Vegas on Monday. The fifteenth and I like coming in on Monday and they go. I get to e mail some people around N._B._A.. Summer League on are you coming to the championship game on Monday night. We'd love to see and I'm going okay there blackjack tables in Vegas. I'm not going to see a summer league ceviche again with all due respect. Thank you very much. I grab exactly. Do you get anything. For winning the Summer League champion and more importantly if the frigging sixers won the summer league that doesn't make me feel better about the crap show they put on in May. They're not GONNA win. The Nixon doesn't really the team is made up of guys it does that does still make sure to stick around after this podcast to get the latest headlines from A._B._C. news minute okay. You're craving something spicy during your commute am I right what I do. It was snack on Blue Diamond Saracho flavored almonds. They're really good in spicy and almonds are superfood. Don't deny your cravings eat them. Blue diamond almonds crave victoriously at farmers insurance. We know a roof roof can withstand a lot one exception being an airborne car seen it covered it click for more underwritten by farmer's truck fire insurance exchanges and affiliates products unavailable in every state shut were you UH. Have you been contacted by Disney. No I'm figuring they're gonNA want you to be the next prince charming or they're going to want you to play. <hes> you know something like that because they're changing everything. Did you see they're making a little mermaid. They were they were. They black girls. The League was Rome. It's the controversy the whole cast change in the whole cast so I'm just asking the questionnaire listen I'm. I'm making a joke but I'm asking you this. What's the next thing that's going to be done? We don't Care John. What do you mean? We don't care care. Okay listen. We all of us I nursing. We have jobs right. Okay second of all we have families right right and third of all we we're always inclusive about everything right. No no no wait a minute. There's a we kept the real on the show. That is total bullshit you in the white community within the white community in America the Black Community America then Hispanic Community America none of those none of those communities are totally inclusive not talking about not of them John. If if you listen if you rewind the tape I say we as in the big podcast which saw four members wearing clothes exactly so that's my point okay. We'll get into that so we as real people we got to do. I'm not I'm not worrying about area. I'm aware of I I don't have time to complain about my little controversy with all. Those people and I keep telling all the time all those people that ain't GonNa then they don't have to do this is not a controversy. Disney is a very powerful corporation. They made the decision either. You live with it or you don't so he's taking a few years though I'm not writing my phone all why'd you do that okay. If you don't like it. Don't watch it Yeah I love. Here's a question for you though I got a couple of other insects on I'm pitching an idea. We're going to do a white good times. You can do okay hold on hold on. We're going to do a white version of the Jeffersons. No Ma well wait. We go back to good towns. Let's talk about the characters yes J._J.. Because because white people in the projects to behold on listen when you do projects like this rusher. Is you better make sure it's good okay so we're doing good times. They'll whites J._J.. We're GONNA hire J._J.. White Kid to be willing to be wheezy wise why listen John Spielberg Hi good times. I WanNa hear your characters now. That's saying you so we already know the character. Oh yes we're doing james now. Wait a minute. Who's all you want you to think? I'm take isn't gone. I would have said Gandolfini because he's got that. You know I'm putting a <hes>. I'M GONNA put a guy who would be somebody like Gandalf. We'd be somebody gruff Fokker. Somebody Somebody Gruff to bounty put Donald is easy. Oh Hey all night watching it. Okay then we're GONNA. We're GONNA do an all white cell train. Okay your time to go always joining us. Wait a minute mobile. Listen I got away got a so-called on the dancer. WHO's at he played in those movies step up his name's Adam Sir Volley look them up Adam survival so devout producer? I would do that just to cause controversy right and and then it'll be a large amount of black people. Let me see what they're talking about but I make sure all the white boys be gem like a Mug. Oh I'm saying you know and everybody complain okay. Everybody's GonNa Talk About Aka marketing me and then that's a good idea debut now. We're we're having some fun with the all white culture and you get the point. This is for fun but I will tell you this. I guarantee I bet you I know where they where where we're going to see it go. The whole idea is there is no shack says it best when I saw I said to my fifteen year old daughter like about Ariel. She goes who cares grandma. Can she sing. Can She sang and I said the either grow obviously can sing she didn't know or she knows who she is but you didn't know orgy goes. Can she sing and I'm telling you she's the young kids in America. They don't like of my daughter's generation. They don't they don't see our age group. Who are who are who are trending Hashtag not my area? It's so switches. It's a cartoon. Hey It's a cartoon and more importantly if this girl belts out aerial songs who by the way I can sing every one of the myself to if she can sing those songs well who gives the crap like I mean who really does who cares this is but but shack as you say people will wait hours and hours and hours talking about this and sweating about it and bothered by like we are like it doesn't make any difference implant Mississippi state say a lot of stuff started room in Sydney when we don't need to get into more and I wanted to punch in the face and don't listen to that. Nobody's WanNa feel important to <hes>. That's true <music> sad though it's exactly what you said about we spoke about it at dinner tonight at social media. You've said it you're you're listening. People are so listening to them and you'll say to us who is them who are then. You're talking about you a grown man and a girl. You got time to write Hashtag my aerial anymore. You have more. I would say if you put that on if you put that in your social media you realize you have children. Do you have realize you're gonNA like one see. Your grandchild may see that your children may see that and they're gone. What kind of 'em how? Why didn't you like big volume big? It was my dad or my mom seriously more since loosens music okay you got plenty of them. I don't wanNA sound like a hypocrite because Mr do allows Internet to make you laugh but going into store ice cream and put back on gusting. It's terrible it's going to do that. Don't you think you should cover up your face stupid. They caught that girl they call everybody because listen you little stupid but faces Nisa little dumb juvenile delinquents trying to get likes water likes by the way they way. We're not gonNA talk about that but you don't ask idiots you commit crimes which your face on your page and you forget when you sign up for your page. You have to leave personal information information so as a cop. Let me tell you you ain't hard to find what you're dumb ass for real pulling limited this if I go in the store and see what are you doing that. I'M GONNA put my badge to the side. I'M GONNA pull out my little in Arizona one about favorite drinks. It's the guy who's puts a whole. NEW IN ARIZON- Arizona puts the back of my Arizona if my Arizona doesn't pop. I know that it's been John when when you a quick shop may all just be beyond it so I gotta hear the pop if I catch anyone you kids don't whooping your ass on T._v.. Su there's another story Weber hold on however you little idiots. Let me as a as a master of skits. Let me tell you how to do stupid nicd ice cream by the ice cream show US show yourself that you're buying is can keep the receipt go. Go back in a store skit. Put it back walkaway. Stop Record. Take ice cream and go home so when the cops come to your house no mass so you know it was a skit cer- happened again purchase ice cream. Here's appears to receive boom. Bambi won't go to jail. No no no no. You're incorrect. The gentlemen know the Gentleman Louisiana did that he the one who put his fingers in and did it. He showed a receipt later and goes. I bought that ice cream. It didn't matter because you're creating the impression that people's food is being tampered with and he is he did get arrested so he did get arrested even if you bought it yes he can't do that either do that. Shaquille was talking about turned out to be seventeen years old in Texas. Her video got eleven million views online. You know what they're gonNA do to her. She's going to face the juvenile justice system in Texas so what they do. Oh she black so they hold them. They're going to hold off onto. She get eighteen then when she's eighteen. She's what legally Goshi going okay well. It's crime occurs John on stop it. No it is it's when the crime occurs they can't. They can't wait to charge somebody. Hey you're. You're sixteen years old. You murdered somebody. We're going to hold off two years and then charge you as an adult the catch you at doing all the time. Jill's feel the court cases. They do it all the time trust awesome chief. It's the age the age you are when you commit a crime John's very optimistic. He thinks everything goes according to plan and launch those little kids. Let me catch you. During the day day ends right now go shake lexus ice cream too yeah. I like it. Rocky road before the rocks around of course well celery Orien- Hamas Walmart over here you look Harvey is going to call you. A second video hugh beaten some kidding Walmart Shack ed you're harvey check some of the sponsors about the ASS whooping you put on that young boy last night at Walmart to give him any free pizza. Give him anything some Papa John's. Did you see Josh Norman leap overboard he doing is he hit the running of the Bulls over. He's still playing in the N._F._l.. The Hell is wrong with you. Bullshit on it was fun. It was worth you know what I'm jealous uh-huh to get Gordon careers over eighty. I wanted to be the first to do the Josh beat me. We have well guess what over a bowl. Guess what it's actually the best plays made into making a year and a half so I gotta give him credit for that. So <hes> <hes> we all we all went to running of the Bulls this house go to the Bulls GonNa look at me right and then when he starts coming to me whichever one next to me is sacrificed on camera. Maybe I could check in the forty run in front of him so I'll run in front. Miss Jackson blocked so that way if he gets to see you and shack do a four God. I guess Oh Jeez John. You walk into the elevator. Whether whether or not the corns is coming out of your sneakers new big podcast Olympic Celtics some fun with that that sounds good check it hurt podcast limited hit hard time wiping hoping one day I do have a couple awesome diarrhea g really Oh yeah Dr by the way that's not a good sign a sign. It's not a good one and it's part of my diet. It's because I'm all lactose intolerance that whenever cheating Rago just during the during the milken start monitoring and it all comes up because I got tweezers number let yep there's the big Mac aw come running down your leg and his diarrhea diarrhea McDonald's home and your pants. I heard Oh really oh thirty jucy song. <hes> burst you slide in new. I feel your booty burst. That's all right at the time I did want to throw Jersey must be right. We grew up with that dirty. I'm there it is <hes> we did have a story that I wanted to bring up because I thought Shack aquit appreciate it. I saw it this week on the news and I thought it was a really really cool story so a woman snapped picture of a young man sleeping on the bench of the local McDonalds inside the restaurant and in inside the restaurant and said this is another reason why I don't WanNa live in Fayetteville and that's here in in just <hes> outside of Atlanta in Georgia well it turns out that this this young man was a homeless gentleman who was working at McDonalds sleeping on the bench between his two shifts a morning shift and a P._M.. Shift he had no home W._S._b.. Here locally tracked him down his mom had passed recently. He's only twenty one and he's got a young son and he had nowhere to go. He doesn't have a car. He doesn't have a houses so he was sleeping. I'm not I don't know but he was sleeping on the benches in between his two shifts at McDonalds so instead of this woman posting this video and this kid get shamed everybody kind of came to his aid in Atlanta so they got him a car. They got them. You know they they got him a haircut so we can try and get another job what he doesn't have still I think is a place to live. Oh my God did someone took him in a part of the story. Stop this public shaming crap though of of people on on on twitter and finding like let's have the whole nation point fingers at people for their worst moments terrible a and this guy more poorly. What kind of dirtbag are you as a human? Did you not thinking to yourself okay. Could this person be down on their luck. Could this personally you know what I mean. It doesn't mean they're drug addict because their bench it may be there on a bench because they got kicked out thought hard times. I mean whatever it is. Everybody's going to have their thoughts right like we rob. We just think about stuff that's fine as human as normal but when you pull out your phone unlock it swipes why to get to the aw come on and then shared with the self righteous look. I'm better than this person that I'm showing. Here's what I'd say the one thing about social media it allows you to identify the holes in life much easier than ever before so that's one thing I know it is it absolutely it's like a scarlet letter and for a lot of people a blue check is attached is what I found spots. He has a son wears his day though it said on the news so this was W._S._b.. Here locally in Atlanta his name is Simon Child's and it says that someone a local person quote took him in after seeing his story on the news so someone had run but his son I don't know how long does that last you know what I mean so that's a sad story but but a good outcome outcome because everybody kind of rallied behind kid and that's Atlanta and that's that's Atlanta we have a good we have a good. We do have a good town here. We really do hey. It's Adam Corolla letting you know about my newest podcast going racing me and Matt the motivator. The Andrea that is we'll <hes> highlight the fastest cars we'll talk about the best races and the best celebrities and motorsports subscribe now at podcast. What Okay so works done? You're craving something spicy and salty. I know what I do is snack on blue diamond was sobbing soy-sauce-flavoured almonds. They're so good and almonds are superfood. Don't deny cravings eat them blue diamond almonds crave victoriously at farmers insurance. We have concrete evidence that parking under an industrial cement mixer. That's just asking for trouble seen it covered it click for more we are ars under my farmer's truck fire insurance exchanges and affiliates products available in every state. How about the CHICK-FIL-A employees here in Atlanta last teenage kid the sixteen year old kid <hes> Logan Simmons working at the drive Thru and flowery branch just outside of Atlanta when a woman at the drive thru line started to scream that her son was being choked by the seat belt in the car it had locked up and it had gotten wrapped around him? Oh my God this kid dove through the drive through window and ran out the down the line. Fine how did he fix it caught the kids seatbelt off with a pocket knife sixteen year old kids saved US kids. Oh my gosh draw me jumped through the drive through window ODEM securely differ okay how young kid who was getting choked four. Oh my God I can only imagine Agean amazing along hold on hold on Shack Kit for four four today yeah four carseats monkeys four you have to be you. Don't not to be in the car seat. That's like like when you're a little kid. When you're strapped in boosters you have to be in the booster seat type thing and he probably was fiddling with it and there's a booster seat? Go behind on front behind behind you. Thank you so. We've got to say mom can't get to them. I'll start doing mom starts. Screaming seatbelts were found was across his chest because he was wearing seatbelts. Go across <unk> ally because you're not big enough. Don't you stop it dot com okay so what happened. What are you trying to get parents to be responsible of what they're doing for years? Old seat belts not supposed to go to be in the choking area most seats and I know you put the bill behind and that little one that comes across the way that's the one you go thank you. I'm just saying hey but good for the kid. I mean how that sounds man. You gotta read. The instructions is mom. That's all that's absolutely true on that note. Let's go have some fun <hes> so in this week's edition of borderline. I'm going to bring you just a few of our favorite uncle Shannon clips from the week because I had so many let's go with Sharieff Terrence Davey Avian All at our g mail huge number of people on twitter also brought this to our attention uncle Shannon's take on the coli Leonard Move. How were they able to keep this hush hush for twenty four forty eight seventy two hours unbeknownst to me? Ooh Tell you what's your Bela's. The new sheriff doesn't say much heads here corn role. He has a giant enormous Hammer uh-huh grocery enjoying it just a little too much. How were they able to keep this hush hush for twenty four forty eight seventy two hours unbeknownst to me but I tell you what the new sheriff? <hes> corn rolled giant Norma's hammer. That's what he really wanted to hear. Skip wanted here. There's enormous ham. I can tell you this. That was the best job of of just pulling the rug out of a bunch of fan bases that I've ever seen by still Leonard. You're my new hero. You my new hero a- and that's always laugh hey John Norma's hammer to the to the <hes> football player amputated US Remember Carolina Miami. Oh he got. He got cited today. Though in the accident I didn't hear this what happened Miami Miami Dolphin <hes> like a pretty much squad player but not not grading the man but he who played at University of Miami he <hes> he got in a car accident and they had to cut his arm off to get him out of the the wreck or he was going to die so they had to cut his arm off today. He got cited in the accident. He's about to be going through his guy. I'm going to do prayer sue them for somebody that Brandon Flanders Longtime Listen To the show his Dad Jeff winners fighting through some cancer dealing with it and they're doing a big benefit for him in September and he's just a listener so if you have a chance to kind of throw some prayers my dad's way so there you go. We're thinking about you Braden guys onto more fun and frivolity and border line a a little bit more Uncle Shannon from Marvin g mail. This is skipping Shannon debating the Colli situation before the whole thing went down and Shannon didn't like the whole holding pattern thing that Colli was doing ooh Toronto the Hebrew trouble so you now. It's a done deal l.. Number two is not going back to Toronto there in a holding pattern okay. Now you know skip this either either. Put me down. Don't take off if I got. I hate with like where you know. Traffic is backed up overall Hartsfield Jackson and so we're GonNa be in a whole me down again down but take hold but <hes> and then skip uh-huh again with the move he doesn't. He's licking his lips. Does he really does all right. One more quick one. This is a little out of context but I love it. It's undisputed detective Matthew with skipping Shannon. They're negotiating how they're GONNA go out of conversation and it just sounds so borderline. Go slow go do too short. Josh what Thou refers you. We do it in reverse. Stop at skip but oh do it in reverse rope up here we go let me just play an <hes> read out of me so horny well. That's a real in your own time. Let's let's see we can't get this thing. Slow speed daughter ooh reverse I already slow or reverse in your home. Chevy Sharks <music> this is going to be hearing next week the deliverable for like next week show what what rob a little time and he's going to have that <music> all I love it and that is this week's edition of borderline. Let me call Caleb real quick and get cash contestant. Listen rocks really enjoying in this show happy for screwing for me. Okay you guys ready ready all right here. We go for buddy ready to match the scars should Jokin Brandon Harper all on the star studded big money much twenty nineteen. Here's The star of match Game Uh Stars Tonight. There's nothing funnier to me than watching you. Rain your hands in joy. You introduce yourself. I love it. There's nothing better you're lucky wringing my hands doing something else rob. This is true. Let's welcome Caleb calebs on the show Caleb Welcome to match game twenty nine thousand nine. How are you in the shack podcast doing well? I gotta say I think my wife and I we have to be the first <hes> couple to both appear on the show. N._F._l.. calebs wife is a firefighter. I believe I remember we spoke to a while back during the fires with the Kale who's got the longer hose in the family. You See Caleb. You understand the rules. I will read a question. You'll hear it about until I come back to you. Do Not Answer out loud. Okay okay. Thank you all right here. We Go Caleb Lebron. James said since Kawai played the Lakers. I can't get any Lebron. James says since I played the Lakers I can't get anyone to come play with us. Even blank won't answer my calls Boom Boom Boom Boom Luke Luke doc stars are scribbling down their answers Caleb Lebron. James said since kawhi Leonard played the Lakers. I can't get anyone to come play with us. Even blank won't answer my calls. Who would it be Caleb aw Magic Johnson even Magic Johnson over a bad answer rob Jenkins? What are you to Dwight Howard twenty reaching for one more paycheck amongst other Fish Shaquille O.`Neil who did <hes> Lebron James say won't even answer his calls all the polls be dog that he won't even and Carmelo's like really wanting the job all right well that didn't work? We're going to get to the second question all right. We'll get on this. One all right Caleb. Things have gotten really bad for the Knicks. Their Summer League team just lost a blank next summer league teams even shovel it appears all right Caleb. Things have gone really bad for the Knicks. Their Summer League team just lost to blank in U._S._A.. You've really really good answers. Braden score nice face head space jam Rob Jenkins Lavar Ball's Lithuanians Shaquille O'Neal stevie wonder it okay now politically correct but I absolutely loved that absolutely great all right Caleb. We're going to keep working. We're GONNA keep trying here all right all right. Charles Barkley said I asked my doctor. If I had a dad bud he told me I had a blank. Thank God a blank bod- everybody scribbling down their answers here shack smacking his lips and honor a Barkley Caleb Barkley said I asked my doctor if I had a dad add bud he said No. You have a blank Bod Disgusting Rob Jenkins Disgusting crispy cream by uh-huh you miss that one be dog what kind of discharge Barclay his doctor said he actually has a match disgust. Okay Shaquille O'Neal missed go for a man. That's really the bodies get smashed all right here. We go all right. We gotTA match match there all right Stephen. A Smith said when skip left he never cleaned out his dressing room. I was shocked to find blank in his closet and Samantha Spin scribbled down now Caleb Stephen a Smith said when skip left. He never cleaned out his dressing room. I was shocked to find blank in his closet. He Ah di Di di Di Okay died man do Brandon Harper. I said Tom Brady's jockstrap Shaquille O'Neal what Stephen a Smith say they we found in skips closet what he cleaned out his closet electric razor in your mouth say someone in line with that I wrote his sexuality is it that is blocking last one caleb. Here's last one Ernie Johnson Junior said I really miss the boys when during the summer we're vacation so yesterday I decided to go to blank to compensate. He misses the boys already. Johnson junior says he misses the boys for T._N._T.. See yesterday decided to go to blank to compensate for their absence. <hes> Caleb Ernie Johnson said I really miss the boys in the summer so yesterday I decided to go blank to compensate the worst performance ever. I'm just GonNa go chippendales the green crispy cream all right he had to go to crispy cream daycare daycare shack what you have to say in w Arab ah you're a fantastic contest anybody thank you. We love her. Thank you boys. There was some shock they're funny. They're really some very he's funny. Rub guys are talking about all the enormous hammer to the man. Hey love everybody here at the podcast shack but we love mermaids of every color yes we did burst bowl commercials. Don't bring a robot dude. I'm talk with you on this whole. The robot took for seventy years still skynet takes over the world about how do we get in touch with the show people cast on twitter and at the Big Park Shack on Instagram podcast g mail DOT COM Z in Vegas okay so that's it great ball of the guys on twitter at Shack at John Kincaid and at Rob Jenner's or get more clips and nonsense on instagram and facebook at the big podcast with shack. This has been an exclusive presentation of podcast one sports with new episodes every week at podcast one dot com five our T. with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing and comes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories fit your life with its comback size and portability it goes where you go to the campsite the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down by our teeth caffeine from green tea leaves release your natural side from the makers of five hour energy for more information visit five hour energy dot com. Try Five Our T. Today. Look for five our T. at your local circle okay store at farmers insurance. We have concrete evidence that parking under an industrial mixer that's just asking for trouble seen it covered it click for more underwritten by farmer's truck fire insurance exchanges and affiliates. It's not available in every state okay so works dunning. You're craving something spicy and salty. I know what I do is snack on blue diamond was sobbing soy-sauce-flavoured almonds. They're so good and almonds are superfood. Don't deny cravings eat them. Blue diamond almonds crave victoriously a soaking storm for the Gulf coast. I'm Jacky Quin with an A._p.. News minute the mayor of New Orleans is telling residents to shelter in place as the region braces for the arrival of Tropical Storm Bury it could become a hurricane early Saturday a pair for heavy rain slow moving steel. This is what we're being told so this means staying over us for a while a victory for president trump a federal appeals court says the Justice Department can give preferential treatment to cities that cooperate with immigration authorities and can penalize sanctuary cities comedian Jon Stewart praising the House.

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