White House Down (feat. Andrew Torrez)


hello and welcome to the daily beans for Monday. May Eleventh Twenty Twenty today. The White House is a corona virus hotspot health and Human Services Whistleblower. Dr Bright speaks out in a sixty minutes interview documents. Show the trump administration buried detailed plans from the CDC more administration watchdogs depart at least forty seven states partially reopened over. The weekend is cases. Pile up. Cuomo and Hakim Jeffries put churches to work in New York and an update on the Flynn case. I'm your host. Ag Hey everybody's AG. I am doing show remotely today. Jordan's GonNa be sending in her Abe lock clips for you and she's going to give you some updates on some really important stories going on in the pandemic and surrounding issues. We had a wonderful time on Saturday with our Pizza Party. We needed a pizza sort of cuny a cocktail hour. Happy Hour thing though so much fun. Thank you for everybody. Who joined us on that? We'll be doing it again this Saturday. We'll have to come up with a theme. I think we came up with the theme. What was it going to be the eighties? Figure it out. We'll figure it out and we'll let you know Patrons you can join that. If you're not a patron you can become one at Patriot dot com slash the daily beans Muller she wrote either one. You'll be patron of both shows and We do have a lot of news to get to this week but I definitely wanted to thank everybody for joining us and we have an amazing Jordan will be joining me later for the good news. Block and Quarantine Confessions. I've already recorded them with her. Their incredible we're doing little time flip here so You definitely WANNA stick around for that. And I've got an interview with Andrew Torres. Real life lawyer cost of the opening arguments. Podcast WE'RE GONNA talk about the filing error in the Flynn motion to dismiss the Department of Justice is motion to dismiss the Flynn case. And IT'S INTERESTING. It's more interesting than just a clerical error. There seems to be a little bit of cover up going on so you definitely want to stick around for that but right now. Let's hit the news with the hot notes hot notes alone. Jordan's corn beans for kitchen so as it sounds like I say corn and beans which is very fair actually but it is not cord. It is cool beans today. I have a Story pretty much just on steady probably been hearing in the news covered nineteen just rearing its head closer and closer to the trump inner circle and at this point. There's a decent cases now that are all happening Kind of all around him. In the way that they're responding versus the way that other officials in the task force are responding is pretty different. So we're going to go over some of that today when I say we I mean me myself night So we I heard news at the valley getting sick. That's at person that's essentially like in you know kind of personal assistant like tape To trump like a like a a butler like surprised trump. Just didn't call him a Butler a he got sick and that was the first piece of news that we heard then. We are getting more news about people that had gotten sick to AIDS tested positive for cove in and there were a lot of people that potentially were exposed to that In senior members of the Pandemic Task Force were included in that and some of them stopped said that they were they went into self quarantine basically three of them. Did those three people were Steven Hahn. Fda FDA commissioner and CDC an prevention director Robert Redfield in the fallacy. We got word that FAO she was going into a modified cell quarantine as well. So they're gonNA telework Some combination of self quarantining and teleworking for two weeks after that exposure to cove in nineteen. And so that's what that's what they're doing and then we have on the other side. What trump in penser doing and what? They're encouraging others to do in in memo's essentially Which is making the argument that virtually everybody on the task. Force is essential ass. Such you know they're gonNA keep expecting people to like come into work and with that being said. There's the caveat of them saying they're going to engage in excessive daily cleaning of the areas. And they're saying don't worry. Trump and pence are getting tested every day. And we're doing everything we can to keep them safe and everybody that's around but there is no mentions of wearing masks for example in one of the memos and the stark difference. Here really is what this is about between how people are handling it that our scientists and how people are handling it that are. I can't even say politicians because it's trump and he's not a fucking politician. He's just an idiot. So how how? They're handling that Pen spokeswoman Katie Miller also tested positive too. I forgot to mention that at the top So so there's just more and more people that are kind of getting closer to the circle. It's like this FIB NACI spiral that they're just The the viruses just go and down just trending closer and closer to the epicenter of the inadequate leadership of this country. And no like I mean the reason why this is news isn't because people want them are like sitting there hoping that they get sicker anything. It's that there's a huge example to be set and how you handle this and they're not setting that example and they haven't been setting that example really this whole time they're talking about social distancing in cleaning and we're talking about a lot of the things that are good. I obviously you know you have to give. I guess you don't have to. I'm GonNa give credit where credit is due. They're not blatantly saying foot. The virus like some of the people in my friend circle are Just saying whatever I'm not I'm not scare do anything. They're not saying that they are saying they're gonNA take increase precautions in a lot of areas but the ones that are you know mainly recommended by the CDC and by scientists all over the world that two weeks self quarantining period. They're just not going to do. And it's weird because teleworking you know I really don't see why that's like like the whole world is shifting the teleworking in many ways right. Now if you're a task force meets so meeting online for a few days. I really don't understand why that is such an issue which makes me wonder if it's more obstinate. Move to perpetuate the messaging that you don't need to do something like that because when we do something like that or require that things that are done in the greater society you know that that does lend itself to things that put more strain on the economy and I feel like that's what this all kind of comes down to. It's particularly frustrating. Because it's denying you know the advice of scientists Pretty blatantly actually especially with that whole night even including the face mask thing. Pair that with pence not wearing his face mask when he went to visit that clinic. And you just get a whole Schwartzberg Schwartz Sh- mortgage that word was meant to be mispronounced for the twitter follower. That tweeted at me saying it causes them pain when I say words wrong. I hope you enjoyed that. One right in the gut a kick in the gut of Schwartz White House spokesman Judd Dear. Can you think of a more American name? Judd with two DS deer like the tractor. Holy Shit Judd. Dear says the president's physician and White House operations continue to work closely to ensure every precaution is taken keep the President I family in the entire White House complex safe and healthy at all times. In addition to social distancing daily temperature checks and symptom histories hand sanitizer and regular deep cleaning of all workspaces every staff member in proximity to the president and vice president is being tested daily for Cove in nineteen as well as any guests so again. No mention of like masks or quarantine periods in there. But why deary that the first thing? I do Kinda think maybe it's just because I'm a hater is just like oh how convenient for you. You're protecting that very select group of people. What about the AIDS? What about the pandemic task force that that you're not encouraging to maintain You know safety in the ways that I was just talking about. It's kind of know I read that and I'm like cool I don't really care. That's that's kind of brutal of me. Sir The White House will receive heightened levels of daily cleaning according to that memo as for the quarantine of fourteen days though it did say that all employees must quarantine for fourteen days if they leave the Washington region and must report all their travel. The memo did not suggest their employees wear masks like I said And so I guess. This is a bit confusing to me. Correct me if I'm misunderstanding here. Please you're saying that employees must quarantine for fourteen days if they leave. The Washington region wouldn't the presumption of that reasoning be that if they travelled they may have picked it up and because they may have picked it up and might have it. You need to quarantine yourself so then when you look at someone. Multiple people many people honestly at this point who have been confirmed to have covered nineteen. But then you don't want to implement fourteen day quarantines and that scenario obviously. I guess the only argument that they would probably make against that is yeah. Were saying you should quarantine the people that get it or could have gotten it versus the people that may be exposed to it but we do. We just know this to be such a highly contagious contagious disease. It's just it just seems like such a fucking dumb thing. I hate to even spent so much time reporting on it kind of just because I don't hate that's a strong word. I I hate that. They're getting a rise and conflict out of obstinately refusing to do something that is very simple. That's how feel you're going through all these other measures to keep everything clean and test. Everybody daily you'RE GONNA daily test people but say it's like ridiculous and unnecessary to have telework from home for two weeks. I just don't understand that. It's nonsensical just have fucking quarantine. But again I think it's a bit I think it's a bit more than In innocent reason it just seems antagonistic. Towards the scientific community I guess not in the sense that they're talking about all the sanitizing and social distancing and stuff but it's like just fucking you're intentionally tripping at the finish line of responding to this and they're responsible way just fucking Korte that's it just set a good example and that's it that's all we ask until it is established across the country that you know we're going to start easing up on these kinds of restrictions and precautions and I don't even know how long it's GonNa be till we start easing up on precautions like when we go back to hanging out in small groups or whatever that looks like whatever steps to the reopening like. I don't know what the I imagine the two week. Quarantine will stay in place as well. So that's just that's just something that's here to stay. I imagine issue probably continued to be well established in the brains of Americans a bummer. That they're not doing that. Basically T. L. D. R. of this hot note. Bummer so easy tabby a bummer. Just don't be above cover. You have the technology said getting sample. Please I believe in you. I'm trying to insert positivie where I'd like I want. I want so badly for things to be good. Sometimes I feel like I talk about so much bad news with such tone of hatred and disgust towards trump and his administration that I feel like I need to acknowledge the way better alternative would be for them to not fuck up. That's what I'm really rooting for a really rooting for them. To not fuck up and to not keep fucking up. I care more about that than care shitting on them so come on do. The right thing is a conservative listening to this podcast. That has an ear in trump's McDonald's ear I was GONNA say Harry Man Ear and I'm GonNa get shift or saying he has hairy ears. What's something else I can give him? Shit for MC Donald's everyone could shoot up. Mcdonald's there's nothing to do with ears. I digress you can do it. Trump do the right thing but I still hate you all right. That's been my heart note. Everybody thank you I hope you all are holding up O. K. I know I say that every time but I mean every time we love you Thank you for the birthday wishes everybody. That was so sweet. I got I was flooded with birthday tweets and messages and I tried very hard to respond to them. I will still go through and respond to as many as I can but I really really really appreciate them and I saw them and the best. Thank you birthdays. Are I have a childlike happiness surrounded on my bird surrounding me on my birthday sale you for placating that okay all right good bye? Everybody all right George so much for that. Update stick around. We've got a lot more headlines and that interview with Andrew Coming Up. We'll be right back these missing everybody's a G in this episode. A daily beans is brought to you by beach on demand right now. We're all stuck at home. 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Just text the word daily beans all one word to thirty thirty thirty all right. Everybody welcome back one of the big stories to come out over the weekend about corona virus in the mishandling of the pandemic by this administration came from the associated. Press quote the decision to shelve detailed advice. From the nation's top disease control experts for reopening communities during the pandemic came from the highest levels of the White House according to the internal government emails obtained by the Associated Press Unquote so after the Associated Press reported Thursday that there was a seventeen page guidance document that was buried by the trump administration. Trump ordered key parts of it to be fast tracked for approval. He got caught basically in these emails. Show the nation's top officials at the CDC spent weeks working on this guidance but it was quashed by political appointees with little to no explanation as to why the document entitled Guidance for implementing the opening up a America again framework was written to help Faith leaders business owners educators state and local officials Schools began to you. Know the process of figuring out how to reopen and it included decision trees and flow charts to help navigate the decisions to reopen or remain closed. Like do you have this. Do this do you have this? Don't do this Simple flow charts but Friday Kaley mcnugget. Mcenaney mcenaney Frau Bluecher. That's told reporters. The documents had not been approved by Redfield at the CDC but these new emails show that he did clear the guidance. So there's a big lie from a lady who promised to never lie to us but despite being approved by the. Cdc trump shelved the document on April thirtieth and went with his gut. We now know as early as April tenth. In fact redfield shared via email the guidance with trump's inner circle including Kush Kellyanne Conway. A guy named Joe Grogan not Joe Rogan Joe Rogan along with Dr Burks Dr Fao Cheam and other Taskforce Members because early April tenth. Redfield did three days later. The CDC sent a sixty page report with the guidance to the White House. They send it to the White House Office of Management and Budget for approval. That's generally how you do it. But the seventeen page document that was released earlier was only part of that sixty page document. Friday Associated Press got the entire thing and that version is more universal series of phase guidelines geared to advise communities on testing contact tracing and other infection control measures. Not just getting criteria and redfield weighed in on Friday contradicting his own emails and siding with trump like the sycophant that is despite being in quarantine saying the thing was just a draft but on April twenty. Four redfield emailed the document. Doctor Doctors burks and Grogan. I don't know if GROGAN DR SCARF lady in and Grogan the Gorgon Medusa Anyway. He emailed that April twenty four then asked for their review and attached where the decision trees including one for meat packing plants. That was left out In the eventual release and after two days because we know trump put an executive order that meat packing plans to stay open despite being hot spot and after two days Redfield hadn't heard anything and send an email to the office management budget saying. Hey we need this soon as possible so we can get him posted but the office of Management and Budget said they were awaiting White House review and for days the CDC kept sending inquiries. Hey Hey we need this. We want to publish it by May first. Because that's when trump plans to open businesses but on April Thirtieth. The documents were killed for good according to the AP a White House staffer emailed the CDC saying the guidance should be more cross cutting in it should say when they should reopen dates and how to keep people safe and fundamentally the task force cleared this for further development but not release not for release and trump had already released his plan by then and then hours later on April thirtieth the CDC Chief-of-staff McGowan told CDC staff. None of it would ever see the light of day. You've been working since April tenth with flow charts for meat packing plants and contact tracing and testing and how to reopen safely. Not GonNa see today the CDC stood down and it was shelved until may seventh and that morning the press reported that trump buried the guidance and after that story ran within hours the White House called an order the CDC to refile the decision trees except the one that targeted churches also in news. Dr Bright Dr Rick. Bright the whistleblower that outed corruption in the contract awards. The mishandling of the Corona virus pandemic by this administration is and the Task Force. Of course is is speaking out apart from his official complaint filed last week which we went over which is astounding and again. If you haven't read that I highly recommend picking it up. Dr Bright says he believes he was removed in retaliation. For wanting to put science ahead of politics refusing to back the hydroxy chloroquine bullshit and calling them out for ignoring the need for p. and since then the office of special counsel which is a watchdog in in the Federal Government Executive Branch has said it sees that this could have been retaliated retaliatory and they are fully investigating it now the fact that he was you know giving a shit job moved out of his position at the head of Barda at the health and Human Services Department and put into a shit job at the NIH trump said you know. He dismissed Bright Over the weekend. I think it was on Thursday as being a disgruntled employee but bright said in a in an upcoming interview with sixty minutes that will air on May seventeenth. It's not out yet. He said I'm not disgruntled. I'm frustrated at the lack of urgency to get a head start on developing life-saving tools for Americans. I'm frustrated our ability to be heard a scientists. Those things frustrate me we see too many doctors and nurses now dying and I was thinking we could have done more to get those masks and supplies to them sooner in if we had would they still be alive today. It's a horrible thought to think about the time that passed where we could have done something and we didn't and health and Human Services Has said they strongly disagree with the characterization that moving bright to the H. was retaliatory? They disagree but you better believe this will be investigated it is now And I'll be turning. Ib Tuning into sixty minutes on May seventeenth fo show Also just a quick update maziarz in Deutsche Bank cases headed to Spring Court. They're going to be heard tomorrow over the phone. Live Ten am eastern. I'll be listening. You're going to hear Clinton v Jones. I think referenced Allot Soobee be prepared for that and it should be an interesting oral argument. I have no idea how they're going to come down on this for a long time. I was like this is so cut and dried. This is so clear I know George Conway Kellyanne husband wrote an OP. Ed in Washington. Post saying here's the eighty six reasons I I don't know if it was eighty six. Here's all the reasons that trump should lose and Clinton v Jones. That's precedent here This isn't even you know. The the president is not above the law especially in his personal life. Impeachment is the remedy for You know the office of President. The law is the remedy for a private citizen. This is private citizen Shit. This isn't got anything to do with the office of the president and it's even more open and shut than than the Clinton v Jones case because it's not even against trump it's subpoenas to third parties. Deutchebanks czars. So it'll be interesting to see how this how these arguments play out. I don't know that we'll be able to get a read on what the court is thinking. But we'll be listening in you know we'll we'll give you updates and Don't freak out. But Chief Justice Roberts has granted temporary administrative stay in the Muller Grand Jury Materials Case. We knew he would We knew they would do this. this is not the full stay. This isn't the major stay this isn't you? Know the real the in real life stay. This is a temporary Ten a day administrative temporary. Hold while they you know while the house can file its opposition to the Department of Justice's request for a stay while they seek appeal so that they don't have to hand over the Mulberry Materials Information in one should ask you know on the larger scale the grand scheme of things. Why does the G. O? J. Not want the Miller grand jury materials handed over to Congress if the Molar report and Muller was corrupt and if the mole report found noth- no wrongdoing and this should totally exonerate the president and it should totally implicate the deep state. Why don't you want those documents handed over in any case They've asked for an appeal. They've asked that they don't have to be handed over. They've requested a full stay and now they have until may eighteenth. I believe to the house does to file their opposition to stay request. Then the supreme court will weigh whether or not they're going to allow a stay pending appeal They could come out and say we're not going to hear this on the merits. No stay no nothing Bam that would be over. They could come out and say we're going to grant the stay. You can appeal. The case will decide on the merits. we'll find out but it's it's happening so stay tuned for that. We'll keep you posted. And Speaking Muller cases there have been some developments over the weekend in the Flynn case and I have brought on an expert to help us with joining us today to discuss the updates on the flame case Israel life lawyer and host of opening arguments. The podcast greatest podcast ever in the History Universe Andrew Torres. Second second graders. Oh we're we're we're close. You're right Greg Greg. Proops podcast is a little better now but Well I'm a much better now after that Four to kind introduction. How are you doing you know? This is I'm okay shits fucked up but I'm okay. That's that's the way to play I. We were just saying before the before the record like that. I don't often fail the the two of US but We're we're rapidly heading into that territory. So I know today's episode was either going to be called White House down or shits fucked up and I can't. I can't decide Probably for search engine optimization reasons we might go with White House down but it's slightly snappier and also I feel like shits fucked up is kind of evergreen at this point so I know like people are GonNa go really now. Let's check that out so things I'm wanting to know because we've spoken since this flinch it went down But there's two things I want to know. I we know last week. Bill bars personal lackey that he installed in the US Attorney's office in DC which intercepted most of Muller's cases by the way when Muller work ended quote Unquote And that's Timothy Shay. He's took over for Jesse Liu right and that happened when trump promised her job at the Treasury and while she was walking over to the treasury. He pulled the job out from under her. So Tim Shea signed appearance Medically Jesse Liu I mean Jesse Lewis. Sally Yates rightly this is. This was not somebody who's particularly anti trump to begin with anyway. I'm sorry no but you know she did. I think she did stand her. Ground on. Not Indicting Andrew McCabe and that that put her in some bad light But Tim Shea signed his name all by his lonesome to emotion asking the court to dismiss the case against. Flynn is the TAME. Same Tim Shea. Who put in the request to go easy on Roger Stone during his sentencing He was also alone on that one. Because in both the stone and flint cases career prosecutor would sign onto that bullshit. Well two questions. I can trump pardon crimes that have been dismissed. Meaning if Judge Sullivan dismisses this case without prejudice which means it can be picked up and prosecuted later on. Can Trump pardoned flynn for his crime. If there's no crime being charged anymore and the answer to that is yes right it s is really yeah so part of what is unbelievably devious about this. Recently filed rule forty eight motion Is that it it really ties. Judge Sullivan's hands right like it. Either you know there are three potential outcomes. Judge Sullivan Can Declined to grant the motion. At which point Amina we can sort of get into the legal standards on this. Although we're you know sort of sort of in uncharted territory As as we'll discuss He can dismiss without prejudice. Right which is typically what you do in a forty eight a case right like it you you say The government isn't prosecuting at this time. But you hold open the opportunity in order to continue to have leverage over defendant or He can dismiss with prejudice. Which is of course what the DOJ has now asked for right because usually the Department of Justice wants the case dismissed without prejudice in case something else comes up and they WANNA move forward with it. That's not what's going on here though. No and and as right in the second half of that is if if Judge Sullivan does anything. Other than dismiss with prejudice than a pardon for Flynn will come the very next day and I think even if he does dismiss with prejudice. Now it's pardon for everything including the forest stuff you might be right It's it's gross but I mean at least that would force trump to do his own political dirty work as I as I said earlier in the show you know because I feel like trump. I mean you know why not just allow the sentencing to go forward and pardoned the guy and I think it's because he knows it's not politically expedient for him to do that I don't. I don't know that I even agree with that at this point. I think Right Pardoning Flynn the the folks who are going to be correctly outraged rightly I. If you're outraged by pardoning Flynn you have one hundred items already on your checklist of things. That outraged you. If you're excited about him pardoning Flynn and you know you were trump blackie. That requires your weekly dose of Cunanan nonsense to to keep being fed And I I viewed this. I thought about this a lot and I give you. Can I give you my alternate view before you give me your view? Yeah please do the other view on. This is that by. Having the Department of Justice file a motion to dismiss the case. It muddies the water about the appropriateness or legitimacy of the entire investigation which could allow trump to lift sanctions placed on Russia by Obama for interference in the two thousand sixteen election which is his top goal. And so you know sort of like how with the with the with Ukraine. He was like I just need you to announce that you're investigating by. You don't actually have to do it in this case it's like I just need the Department of Justice to put in question the legitimacy of the Mueller probe Or the Russia investigation. So that I can so that I can get Mitch you know. Give the give the Republicans in the Senate and excused. Lift the sanctions Before before the election before he loses. Yeah I I think that is highly plausible. I also think that the the personal motivations are a really clear rightly. Donald trump wants to rewrite history. Such that he was never impeached. Such that the Mueller investigation never took place and and on top of that his technically. I mean we have seen. We saw this firsthand In in the recorded Ukraine conversation. Right of the man. I would like to help you but you gotta do us a favor. I and and this strikes me as the kind of unnecessary wearing kissing right like because as we both said right trump could very easily pardoned. Flynn that has been teed up for months And forcing bill bar to force Tim Shea to sign a pleading that he's not entitled to sign Is is the kind of Capo tactics of I want you to prove your absolute and complete loyalty to meet to sign a pleading that is unprecedented nonsense from top to bottom aisle at which has already been at Sullivan's already thumbed his nose at. I mean there's nothing new in that document at. This isn't the first time you know. Sorry Tim Shea. This isn't the first time somebody's tried to file a motion. To get this case your. You're you're retake fuck a number and all of this was included in the original motions you know motion to dismiss materiality of the lie. The investigation was already over. Bullshit that You know that that that we know to be true Through public reporting. So it's it's it's GonNa be interesting to see what Sullivan does in this case. It's going to be really interesting. I think that Sullivan will grant the motion and dismissed with prejudice That's what I leaned toward as well but who knows who knows he's he's pretty pissed off at Flynn and not you know not in a bias way in A. You're a fucking criminal way as a judge would be pissed off at any criminal so so. Can we talk about how unbelievably unprecedented this is? You are listening to the daily beans interview with Andrew Torres. And we'LL BE RIGHT BACK TO DISCUSS. How rare this is along with. The filing error made by the Department of Justice and whether it was accidental. Stay WITH US. Hey friends it's G in helping. Daily beans is brought to you by Zebra Dot Com in these crazy cova times. We're all trying to save as much money as we can. 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There's anything weird about that because as you know as we know Tim Shea signed under Jesse lose bar number which is this a cut and paste error or is this a document that Jesse Liu was initially supposed to sign and she refused and was then offered a job at the treasury. I don't know do you know I don't know so I don't know the second half of that. I I do know the first half of that which is really really important because this is a court in which. I routinely practiced right in which I have One case right now right so I'm I'm acutely aware of of how the procedure works. And if you look at the motion right you'll see at the top. The caption contains The case number and then the document number because all of these are filed electronically right and in order to file them electronically you have to log into CNBC CF And you then have to sign onto the system right When when you do that and look like back in the day when I worked for a big like I had my paralegal or sometimes even my assistant Log On and do this for me. Yeah of course this the tim she didn't write this thing. Yeah and there's nothing inappropriate about delegating that to someone else but it is to say that you don't you don't that that the the being admitted to the DC bar is a prerequisite to being able to file this electronically on the CNBC F. system right so you you can't just. It's not like in the olden days where you can say. Wow you know we just cut and paste this in here and we left that look like that sort of stuff does indeed happen all the time to lawyers right like I've because I practice in both Maryland and DC. Like you know sometimes you know you transportation. Maryland doesn't have the same bar numbers at the state level right like all sorts of things like that can happen. That's not in and of itself suspicious but as always the case with this administration. It's not the initial act. That was so weird. It's the cover up afterwards. It's the explanation afterwards. And the the idea that you would file this and not know that you were using Someone else's bar number. It's that is not plausible. What was the cover up? That happened afterwards. Well the the the explanation of this was just a typo because it was prepared By and I think I forget who they said. prepared initially prepared The document But then when when you go through the The Meta data included You see that this document was prepared by Shays Chief of Staff And and not elsewhere right so in other words right like the initial explanation was Well you know it was the other prosecutors were working on this document and they must have just left the old bar number on there except that the version history and Meta data shows that it was in fact chase chief of staff who was working on this document so you know yeah and is it less likely for him to fuck that up than some other lawyer so I again there is. The screen is GONNA Flash Ready. Right like when you go to sign in right because among other things right the CNBC CF system is how you track how they get how the court gets paid for things that have filing costs right so you have to type in the client number and then you have to type in your barn number to log it. And if they don't match you'll get a flag and if they don't if they don't match it pops up and says you're not authorized to file documents in the stirs diction So it it's it's not possible. What do you think is happening? I just Tim Shea. Maybe not have a bar number. Well Tim show is not admitted in DC he is not admitted to the DC bar. As far as I can tell I went to look that up. So then what? Do you have to have a sponsor to file a motion out? How did he get to stone thing through and and again all because if you have anybody else in the caption who is admitted in DC? Then that's fine right. Oh but nobody else would sign on with him and nobody else would on to this piece of crap. Because Dan Grech withdrew. Everybody was at the same time and and same thing happened right in the stone case so as long as you have one person admitted in DC proper procedure would have would have been to. Have you know whoever that person is sign off on the document and then have and then have Shay sign it with share you know Pro Hawk Vichai Appendix? Right and and again. That's not an issue. Okay so then. How did if if you know if everybody pulled off of the Roger Stone thing to how did shake it. How did they get that document filed with Shay? Yeah fantastic question and one that I asked at the time that it came up to one of my prosecutor friends. Because if you look at the case caption the stone document says respectfully submitted. Timothy J. US attorney and then it says by John Crab Junior Assistant. Us Attorney Acting Chief Criminal Division And then has both his New York number and his His DC office below that and so it's criminal division. Isn't that headed up by bench cow? Ski that Douchebag and what I did was I asked whose crap right and what I got was crab is just you know A. He's just a guy right and he's a guy in the DC bar though exactly right and and so if you look at I mean remember because you and I talked about the supplemental stone member and that it was it was bad and it was it in many ways indefensible but it wasn't facially preposterous right like it wasn't the kind of thing that you know if you just gave it to. Somebody might like. Oh Hey man. Well we're we're prosecutors around. Can you take a look at this and like sign on behalf of you might look at it and go? Okay yeah fine. This looks fun right because there is a legit. They're not well not that it's a legitimate argument but there is an argument to me made to go from seven to nine years which was recommended for stone by the Probation Officer. Whoever The original prosecutors. Those were points added for threats right and so two it. It's going to be easier to say. Hey sign this Mr Crab. Because we're you know seven to nine. I think adding those points at the Max. Just a little too much we're recommending lesson. Somebody's more willing to sign off on it. Then the Flynn document. Yeah and the Flynn document is such that. The moment the news broke I had to separate prosecutor friends one a current and X. Email and message man. I was recording the show at the time. And say you know various versions of what the Hell is this Since then I I called four others right who are either current or former federal prosecutors and I asked them. Have you ever seen have you because I I'm a civil lawyer right so I I don't I don't know I suspected what the answer was but I said have you ever seen the government file a forty eight emotion ranked to to dismiss the prosecution after somebody had pleaded guilty unite? You and I did the exact same thing. I called up Glen. Kirshner worked at DC. Us Attorney's Office for twenty five years. And I said what the fuck what the ever loving. Fuck if this ever happened. If you ever seen this happened. He's like Hell No. I've never seen that happen. And and look he goes. He said you see the nobody else. Put their name on this piece of garbage and so it's quite interesting that they filed it using Jesse lose. Dc Bar number. When Shay dozen have one and I think what that means at least you know I'm just GonNa put some beans on. This is that they went around and shopped. It and nobody in the fucking DOJ would sign it and the only way to get it out there in in in time was to just use Jesse lose number. I I don't want to say I think that that's right in the sense that I think it's more right than I wanNA say. I wanted on those. How about that? Yeah because it it it truly is when you So we all came to the same result. Which is this doesn't happen. And so then I looked to the th already that is cited in the memoranda and the authority that cited in the memoranda. Well I write the case. That is cited for the proposition that it is well established that the government may move to dismiss Even after a complaint has turned into a conviction because of a guilty plea is a ninth circuit case rank and the ninth circuit sits over California and the West Coast not DC and that involved subsequent dismissal of a case because of a a change in the law after the plea was right so the hector case involves somebody who pled guilty to both Receiving Child Pornography and possession of child pornography and prior to sentencing the The ninth circuit came down with the decision. That said you can't send somebody for both receipt and possession of pornography that it violates double jeopardy because the elements of those two crimes are so similar that you're essentially prosecuting somebody twice for the same benefits and so So then the judge went back and said Hey you you've got to pick here and And the prosecutor said no no no. We're we're not going to pick You know you you judge set out whatever kind of sentence you one and then and then you know. We'll decide will elect how to proceed and the judge is like well. Look if you're not going to dismiss one of these counts than going to sentence him to the lesser offense and then the prosecutor trump the lesser right so like that's the procedural history in terms of how you wind up with subsequent motions to dismiss when somebody has been convicted of a crime post conviction right. It's when other fundamental rights are at stake here share or we have the concord man case Which could be argued that that was shady dismissal or not but you know we we had the American lawyers hired by Russians to troll the courts to get documents to get to get sources and methods for tradecraft going back to World War. Two and finally the prosecutors are like. You're never going to come into court. Fuck off dismissed. We're wasting the taxpayers money But even then we didn't we didn't have a plea agreement yeah. He didn't plead guilty right. Or the entity didn't the conqueror but it and obviously you've been through the facts but I think it's worth reiterating that literally every point that is raised in in this Motion to dismiss has been conclusively rejected in December of Twenty nine thousand. Nine hundred right as as you alluded to it the introduction and I it's just the what I think is crucial to know is that the arguments are being made with respect to the statement that is contained in the information right to to which flint pleaded guilty but every prosecutor knows. Everybody who listens to your show knows that the plea deal was a subset of all of the information that was otherwise available to the DOJ. At the time right the idea that you would go back and Flyspeck and then say oh well you know. Thus there was no basis for investigating. Michael Flynn is just nonsense. And and the reference that they make to the three o' twos are references to well. You know we could. We were thinking about shuttering this but of course like closing an investigation is not could be reopened at any time right. That's not the same as dismissing a crime to which someone has pled guilty After the fact it's it's yeah. Yeah I well. I think I think what's going to happen is unacceptable calling evidence. You're hearing he might WanNa Talk to some folks at Covington. Burling which is it Covington Burlington Covington burling or Burlington coat. Factory COVINGTON and burling and I should have said at the outset of this right I used to work for COVINGTON and Burling I. I Know Flynn's former lawyers said this the last time we talked about that. So you know in in full disclosure. I you know that's my conflict. Okay we're because we're all real weird about on this fucking. I don't think you need to be an ex OVINGTON. Burling attorney to know that it's downgrade to go from COVINGTON and burling to Sydney fucking Powell probably safe in that assumption. But in any case I think call an evidentiary hearing I'M I. I am less concerned with the dismissal or not dismissal because I think it will end up being pardoned anyway in either of those cases I'm more concerned with what could come out in an evidentiary hearing with Sullivan. He could ask bar to come and tell them. What the Fuck Bro. He could upbring Tim Shea and say what's your DC bar number. Buddy he could he could I mean and he's he's a get to the bottom of it hates government corruption and doesn't like to give breaks to people just because they're army generals in fact it's quite the opposite so I'm just I'm really interested to see what happens but I appreciate you answering my questions today. Yeah well thanks as always for having me on I. I hope that that's the case. I I fear that Judge Sullivan Major. Sort of throw up his hands you know and and at the point in which you know that That above your pay grade. Everything is raining down I wouldn't I wouldn't blame him for feeling discouraged that Let's let's keep our let's I love. I love the optimism. Well we'll know soon he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy to not follow through on a ruling situation so we will know soon everybody. Thank you Andrew Torres. You check out. His podcast is called opening arguments. You get anywhere you find your podcasts and follow him on twitter and Thank you very much anything else you want to add before I let you go now. Ag just thanks for having me on love Love coming here to chat with you. Yeah of course one hundred percent and everybody stick around because right after this we have the good news block to counter everything that that Andrew and I just spoke about and we have quarantine confessions. And it's all with Jordan Coburn. Stay with US everybody. 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I was talking about it. I forget if it was in the beans or or my an msw hot note but just appreciation for the on twitter. The birthday love and facebook and stuff. Yes wonderful and we had a good time. I'm glad you were able to pop in on the meet and greet Or the Quarantine Party Pizza Happy Hour. Whatever whatever we call it still didn't have a name for it. Yeah totally me too very fun how are you? I'm good. I'm good so we have some good news today. Yes we have lots of good news and Corentin confessions but we start here with the good news here. You are first piece of good news comes from. Stacey says I recently got a hardcore trumper to switch parties with some very tough love for awhile seriously. I was a big bitch to him. Surprised he's still speaks to me and then just pointing out facts. This friend is unable to work because of his health and received government benefits due to it. I have no problem with so in receiving benefits. Who need them but when he said he just liked the guy meaning trump? I asked him why. What is trump fulfill for you that you are missing in your life? Why do you approve of the cruelty? Etcetera he would shoot back with Obama or Hillary Fox News drudge report propaganda which was easily disproven or. Just ignore me completely which was fine eventually pointing out that has benefits were being targeted. Started to soften them up but trump's incompetent handling the virus pushed him over the edge. He recently informed me that he switching will vote for Biden and thanked me for helping him say the light. I wasn't the one who pushed him over the edge trump's incompetence did but the challenging but challenging him there whoo Nice. That's amazing stacey well done that's fucking amazing. I love hearing that Shit. Because that's one of those things that seems damn near impossible so love to hear that the yes Next up from anonymous this week I got a newsletter for my representative to California Four. Tom McClintock he wanted to make sure all his constituents knew about Bill Fahim bars memo about preserving our civil liberties to go out and act like morons in this public crisis. I was appalled so the first thing I did was go to Bryn. Kennedy's campaign is Saturday B. R. Y. N. E. That's a beautiful name. It is pretty. Yeah Brin Kennedy's campaign website and made a twenty five dollars donation. I also filled out the contact form on Tom's newsletter telling him that I made that donation to his opponent in the hopes that he will get to understand firsthand. Come January what. It's like to stand in the unemployment line. Go Brin Nice. Cool yes Next up from Diana on this mother's Day I need Brag a little about my son. He moved home with US six months ago to try to change his career from cooking to tech through hard work. And a bit of Prescience He just landed a job his new Newfield in DC. He did all of his new education online colonel viruses adding some delays for background checks. But he'll be moving there soon. Hurry I'm so so proud of him. That's crazy holy crap changing vocal. Like I was gonNA say vocations careers. Whatever Na name is best for that? Whatever like in the middle of this. That's insane that's amazing. Yeah Holy Crap. Yup Hell Helje. Good job goes on from Debbie in Colorado. I've been volunteering. With an ad hoc group set up through Next door in facebook called the no co mask making team among our donors fabric cutters in sewers. We've made more than eight thousand cloth masks six weeks that have been given to local first responders and medical groups. That's a huge number eight thousand. God we've about covered that area of need and it started donating to others on the cove frontlines. Recently we set five hundred mass to agricultural workers. That's really cool. I'm so encouraged that in our very red quarter of Colorado. We've come up with the dynamic outlets for trying to make a difference amazing. That's so great. That is I think. That's probably more masks than the. Cdc Has Santa Out so job. That has a lot of masks. That is really cool next up for Molly Molly says. I had to resign from my job this week. Don't worry still good news story. They knew I thought it was too early to return to work safely but still asked me to come back this week so I was forced to choose between my health or my bills like millions of others. Fortunately I'll be okay financially at least for a month or so until I can figure out. What's next as if anyone knows these days? It's good news because it was a seriously toxic environment and in the long run. This is the best thing I could have done for my mental health. Thanks for not letting me forget to take care of myself heart. I appreciate you all your forgetting out of a job that makes you feel like shit. I know that it's complicated. But yeah it's tough but it's wonderful. I just went through it myself. So I I have much empathy for what you're going through I seriously do so I'm I'm glad you're able to see the silver lining and and I'm glad that you're staying positive it's a it's an inspiration yes is so cool Next up from Wendy. Hi My love these. You don't know me but I know you. You are with me every morning to help me start my day. Well informed and I appreciate it so much I had to share my good news that my husband for the first time in his life has stood of trump of mother was praising the Michigan protests and whining that she can't buy her can of paint. And how terrible that. Their golf courses aren't being maintained. He told her to stop watching Fox News and go ahead and buy that can of paint if it's so important but he hopes she does die from doing so. Maybe if we can take the courage to stand up to these people we can really spark change. We have to. I love you guys in keep on keeping on. That is a really hard thing. Do that takes a lot of courage that is a lot of adrenaline flowing through your body in that moment very true standing up to trump family member. That's a big theme sorry to starting. That's a big theme in our community. of listeners and patrons and and that you know so many people just have family members that are trump supporters. It's just it's it's a tough. It's a tough thing to navigate. It's just really really hard. So Yeah Yeah. Definitely power to to your husband Finally from Annemarie. Emory says three year old was very straight laced. When I was growing up she never swore except for damaged so of course I love wearing. I never use whereas around her until I was in my thirties. And certainly not the F. Word but lately I swear a lot. Morrison STREP is occupied. The White House. My mother hates that he is president as much as I do and recently when we talk about the latest awful thing he's done she has begun to drop a well-placed f Bob Now and then. I can't express how happy to speak to me. The really good news is that she now has started to listen to. Msw daily beans as well. She always did get her news from multiple sources but she said she likes daily beans because you report an update on her on thing. She didn't know about. She likes to Huber too. I'm so happy I get to share you with. Thank you for being comprehensive in reporting what's happening in the political realm. I love you all day. Welcome new Listener Mama. Great and happy. Mother's Day yes. My mom ill later on in life started dropping in an occasional f-bomb here and there too but in a very proper manner I remember. She looked at me the other day and said Alley. What the focus. With who just very very as a matter of fact It was very It's adorable it's like when it's it. I just absolutely love it so happy. Mother's Day to all the MOMS out there and happy mother's Day to you and Keep it up totally. And you'll find a lot of fucks on this podcast so you're really in it now. Gosh well those are good news black today. Everybody you can always tweet us those at daily beans pod or email them to us and we will do our best to get as many on the air as you can. Thank you so much. And now it's time for the second part of our de-block Corentin confessions first. One comes for anonymous anonymous. Sometimes the bad news really gets down so I stand in my kitchen and scream at the very top of my lungs release is great. I feel that Do you live in an apartment. Acidity wrote outs. So I'd probably think something horribly wrong happens every night at six PM. That's funny Screaming yes screaming is amazing. There's also these rooms. I know you can't do it now but I've heard that there are rooms that have furniture that's meant to be distracted and then easily put back together so you can go into a room and just like Rockstar thrashed the shit out of it like break the chairs and the tables like all of this stuff. Yeah yeah or they'll give you like dish. Wear to break glasses to throw against the wall. Yeah you just walk out and some like puppet strings lift up and everything goes back in. Its place or something. Yeah I remember when I was remodeling a house and men. When we did the demolition I probably took a good twenty years of angst out on the totally on those walls. It's it's I totally feel baton Cathartic Okay next up from anonymous. Thank you everyone at here at slash daily beans slash stubborn. Saadia for keeping me informed and entertained while I try to balance the competing demands of motherhood and career during Cova confinement. My Confession is that the balancing act is actually often unsuccessful. I needed fifteen to twenty uninterrupted minutes for a video call so I put the two three to five year olds in the bath and three and a half year olds that might make more sense And hold it they would entertain themselves long enough. They had a great time squealing with delight. When I finished the call and went to the bathroom I discovered the head unrolled to entire rolls of toilet paper and the top they were frolicking and dissolve slur dissolve slurry of toilet paper laughing merrily on the outside. I could have cried all that precious toilet paper Ghana. Waste Oh my God had not even think about that. That's so true a few days later. Another call undeterred. By my previous experience I decided to deploy the bath again. I thought ahead and removed all the toilet paper from the bathroom again. Much delighted squealing. Imagine my happiness when I found a trail of kitty litter the litterbox and the past up and two boys playing in water with three pounds of clumping kitty litter extent. I'm finding my quest to combine parenting and work quite draining. Oh my God. I can't think of too worse household objects to put in a bath. Tough maybe got her other other than a pre filled cat litter box. It doesn't get much worse. It's like did you say glitter. Yea Oh my God yeah. I was just thinking of Of that viral video of a lady who had a bath bomb with glitter in it? And it just left like a coat of Shimmery glitter on her tub. Her cat went and around in it and then her countless Shimmery for local and so funny. Oh this is a funny story. First off that's hilarious and you're killing it as a working parent that's Very very funny for us as listeners that genetically ended up at least But my my older sister. She has a hairless cat and they just like they super get into mischief. They have these insane personalities and apparently my sister. She has like a few different animals. And it's a situation where like when one tries to eat the other tricyclic eat their food. She has a tiny dog and then she also has doberman and then she has his hairless cat so whenever whenever starry the Chihuahua. She closes the door and puts the food in the bathroom. So Saint can't come in saints. Doberman eat food but then that also locked Sebastian out which is where the cat litter boxes. Normally it's in the bathroom so she said she found out. That fashions been improvising using the Washer. Like worst the worst thing ever. Oh my Gosh Tiffany Okay next up from anonymous. My husband and I are both avid podcast listeners. But we listened to very different types of podcasts. His are pretty useless a so. We are often in the house doing our worker chores. Each wearing our own air pods listening to our own podcasts. Who said Romances debt but honestly sometimes I use it as an excuse. Because I just can't be at I can't because I just can't be arced talking so I'll wear my air pods just to avoid talking. No podcast playing totally get that occasionally going to the links to talk loudly. Can't hear you. I'm just in the interesting bit. I'll come to find you to avoid talking reminds me of. I can't remember what comic it was but it was a local San Diego comic who remember when everybody was wearing that fucking blue to yes in their ear and he said it might have been mateen and he's on brand that is so he wears it when he's having sex with his girlfriend's suicide if he asks for something grow like too much that she doesn't want to do and she's like no. I don't WanNa do that. He'll point to the Bluetooth and be like I wasn't that so funny and I think I still see him walking around with the Bluetooth I know. Oh Gosh that's so funny Anonymous FINISHES MESSAGE SAYING I know. Worst wife ever. You're not the worst wife ever sometimes. We just need some freaking airspace. You Know Hey. It's air podge today. It's hearing aids tomorrow tomorrow. It'll be like I can't. The hearing AIDS turned down. I can't hear you can't hear you. It's broken it's on the Fritz. Exactly okay. We got a couple more from Melissa. I live alone and I've always thought of myself as a strong independent woman. I have been talking with my friends and family a lot during quarantine but this week has been really really hard. It's been two months since I've spoken with a loved one person. It's hard for me to be vulnerable but I've reached out and told my family how I'm struggling this week last night. My brother surprised me with delivery for my favorite restaurant and we had dinner together over facetime. It really helped me feel less alone and now I'm not as afraid to ask for more emotional support when I need it well Let's so sweet. Good brother Nice family. That's cool good for you for reaching out. It is funny. How surprising I'm jealous. My therapist told me Once like you have to like give people the chance to react. Well basically till like what? You're saying like what you're asking like so many times we just assume it's you know may not gonna be fruitful or something and and if you give people that chance yeah then it's cool. Oh Yeah we always expect the worst right and it's never the case it's never the case and we never learn totally and so many things that we don't do just like being afraid it's going to be pointless and I'm really glad you did it and you saw that. It wasn't Okay next up from anonymous. My husband doesn't know how much money spent to buy. Nintendo switch on Ebay. My Co workers don't know how often I'm playing animal crossing during Teluk offers. I don't care. How much are those on Ebay right now? Let me see. I'm curious? They're like new. They're like three or yeah. I've seen on Ebay. Four hundred forty bucks hopefully. Hopefully your husband doesn't listen to this. Podcast yeah but seriously. How much are most people therapy sessions though and I mean really right exactly? Very True. Pays for itself like solar panels very quickly. I finally from Chris Today. My High School age son shaved off his eyebrows. Experiencing nearly idiot regret at no point. Did I discourage this behavior better than TV? So this was on purpose. Yeah it sounds like it was going for the Whoopi Goldberg and immediately regretted his decision. Yeah I feel like part of the decision to do. It is like almost seeking after they regret. That's how inevitable it is like. How how could you expect any different of an outcome? Then so funny. Maybe he's like maybe he's like going blue man group or something that's I'm trying to think of Maybe just curiosity just to see what it would look like. And then you're like. Oh Yeah I look like Voldemort Well they grow back is madness all right. Let's warranty confessions. Everybody just like our good news. You can tweet. Us those daily beans pod or email them to us and them coming everybody absolutely so great. I love the segment. It's the air pods of. I can't hear you. This is the good part. It's just getting into. It's the good part and my pause. Button is broken part and I have no fingers. Oh man well thank you thank you. Thank you and keep sending those in Like Jordan said. We love getting them. And I don't mean final thoughts Jordan before we before we let let you go. No not for me. Make some talk to you all. I'll be broadcasting from my own little one bedroom apartment So exciting yes but There's probably going to be a change in audio quality by the way Suzanne his fate that I don't know how skinny sound but It'll probably just sound different. Just a change. Yeah just different. Acoustics and whatnot is it. Did you get a one bedroom two bedroom? It's a one bedroom. Yeah rat on. It's like a one bedroom. Little standalone house thing. I love standalone houses. 'cause I don't know I feel I feel more like how I feel safer or yeah like you can't hear other people as easily so that's very cool. I've come check it out. Well when when we're allowed I'll have to come do a ten feet away hanging out with masks Housewarming yes absolutely used to be an AIRBNB too. So there's all these like label maker instructions all over the house. Everything's labeled does the toilet say toilet? It's more so instructions on how to use the toilet like there's like a label that will say over the flusher gentle hold down until everything's flushed feminine hygiene products. Please yes totally. It's beautiful though. I'm super stoked. I can't wait to see it. I'm so happy. Thank you all right. Well thank you and I'm glad you had a good birthday weekend and I'm glad you're getting a new environment. I know that's always exciting and I love setting everything up so I'm looking forward to you having those good feelings and Appreciate you thank you I appreciate you. Thanks everybody else. I appreciate you as well. Thanks to our patriots thanks to our listeners. Who can't be patrons right now. We just appreciate everyone for exactly what you're doing and who you are so please take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Take care of the planet and take your mental health. I've been AG. Asthma Jordan Coburn and the beans the daily beans executive produced and directed by AG and Jordan Coburn and engineered edited by Mackenzie Mozelle and starbucks industries are marketing manager executive assistant production and social media. Directions Amanda Reader Fact Checking Research by AG Jordan Coburn and Amanda Reader or music is written and performed by they might be giants are web design and branding or by Joel reader with moxy design studios and our website is daily beans pod dot com.

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