Part 2: Brad Williams Coronavirus Scammers, Celebrity Videos and The News (ACS Mar 24)


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Eight eight six three four one seven. Four four yes. Somebody tweeted me The idea of their dog howling sunny. Everybody is come through. Ran Down and handed me the freshly printed page Yeah so Damage Shack is here. Brad Williams GonNa jump on when we do the News coming up. Ooh I got a got some movies where they came up the titles. I so I had this bizarre moment where I have my list of movies. That always sort of thought of well. They must have come up with the title before they came up with the movie at the top of my list is. I'm looking at Reindeer Games. Somebody must've just went. Okay we got it. That's perfect now. What but so for some reason I never thought about it but the title hop out can aim to mine. I was like Oh yes. Somebody must've said cop out and went. Oh this is a cop. Buddy Pied ever movie. And it was Tracy Morgan I think. Getting in Bruce Willis and Blah Blah Blah and Kevin Smith directed. And so I I didn't like Tag Kevin Smith or anything. I didn't even mention his name. Just wrote cop out. There's a movie Cop Buddy movie. There's a movie where they came up with a title. I and Kevin Immediately tweeted back Here's what happened and and by the way it's perfect because you know you know like you know when people are lying you know when people are kids are lying trump's lying whoever's lying it doesn't doesn't hold together like doesn't make sense. This is one of those perfect man accents so Kevin writes back moments later alot. I think he did it again. Low Charles Nelson Reilly lodging the title. When we shot it was a couple of dicks which kind of all right make sense. Couple of detectives couple of Dick. But Warner Brothers. Made US change it when they learned networks wouldn't air our TV spots before nine pm like okay. That's all super specific information. That one thousand percent make sense Warner Brothers title suggestion. This is also perfect city cop which means nothing. It sounds like South Koreans named your video game city cops. I lobbied for cop-out which is a better title than city cops and that's what a couple of dicks turned into cop out. So that was my first offering and I was one hundred percent wrong Cop Out answer game at the end but I'm very satisfied in my answer so we got we got reindeer games. What else do you guys have? I have a couple One that is Beloved by my fiance probably not anymore since all the allegations and the and the arrest but ghost dad feel offering the dad who becomes a ghost older. I never saw this one but when I thought of the Title I thought Hundred Percent Operation Dumbo. Drop and this leary Ray. Liotta Danny Glover are trying to win the favor of this Vietnam village by getting this elephant back or something. Yes that was a big movie. I I have like the ROM com friends with benefits. Oh somebody had to just spit out that title. It built Built movie around it and then I like ones like this silent night deadly night right. And then there's there's a good one there's the Nick Cage One season of the witch which is a Donovan Song of a cop out when you do a lyric. Oh sorry go ahead Brian. No you're right. I I've got a few categories here because Gina you mentioned. It's a cop hat. Redo the lyric. I mentioned this once before Damasec. You'll love this. There was a five year stretch from ninety seven zero two where studios could not make enough rom coms that were named after popular songs. That had nothing to do with the movie. Leanna movie called addicted to love with Meg. Ryan Matthew Broderick nothing to do with the song a fools rush in with Matthew. Drive me crazy simpler system to Robert Palmer. Song movies ever heal someone like you the sweetest thing. These are all movies that had nothing to do with the song. Title this sweetest thing. If you watch that movie it is. It is a huge barrel of nothing. They kept playing that song. There is this stupid It was a Christina applegate and What's your at the height of her power and Selma Blair? If like Cameron Diaz you dance in your underpants. An Act like the coolest friend and the coolest girlfriend anyone anyone could ever could ever have and that movie was walking retarded half treading water. They really are the every one of those pictures you just listed off. Their ball is pretty bad. And I I was flipping the other day another one that fits that category inexplicable. Like what is the point of this picture? Exactly along came polly biggest stars Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston. Why do they who put that together like? Yeah it's like you know he's up tie and she's kind of like a hippie. She's a free spirit. Well but what happens like well? You know like that. He's going to be the movie. That's not a movie. Here's what I would argue is what I would argue with movies like that. When it's the thing where she is the footloose fancy free spirit. He's in up tight. Insurance claim danger assessor adjuster like his job is to assess the danger in any any building. Any endeavour anything so he's button-down Insurance claim guy who's going to talk about how dangerous it is to brush your teeth while walking. You should always be stationary in front of the sync with your feet. Spread out shoulder-length he's that guy she's miss. Hey Man Virginia slims commercial check. Like Hey I'm on the back memo pad. We're in Antigua and this is awesome. And he's like where's your helmet? You know all I want is at the end of the day she comes over to his he becomes valuable lesson. Get SUPER UPTIGHT. But it's always the other way around. He rolls his pants up and walks in the ocean barefooted. Fuck that she should go along with him. I mean the weirdest core sorta like inversion of south payoffs in movie. History is Greece that the whole movie is like the Travolta is this tough and and he won't soften up to woo. Olivia Newton John. And Yeah he puts on Letterman sweater. But that's not meeting. Olivia Newton. John Halfway she goes from you know little conservative like she switched just parts it up. Like she's a late seventies hooker. She comes Allah wows. Go and stuff. Like what message is that for our girls out there. That is one of the craziest most reckless pictures. I've ever seen that. If you stay believe make enough. You'll have the best Halloween costume. Ever listen girls if the foul if the Kool Aid India just tramp it up a little. That'll grease skids. That'll be it. I'm going who has made the journey to post a tude faster. Is it from the FONZ to Henry? Winkler today or revolt this character in Greece Stu who he is today as go. Danny Zuko. Is it Danny. Zuko to who he is today whose journey winter pussy. She's talking about. He might be a sweetheart now. It is rate integrate when they cast them that that Again that Hollywood in the mid Seventy S. It was like we need the personification of throwback tough guy. Hey get the five foot three. Ju also to be fair to Travolta in the interim he did a little movie called face off which is also on my list tied up with verse and He was Castor Troy I'm trying to think of who he was in that shekel. Now as he was he was sean he was. He was sort of civilian. And Castor Troy was. I'll tell you you're absolutely right that that were right. That is a sudden death to is one where they came up with the title before they built a is it Jean. Claude van Damme in Hollywood's inexplicable ongoing war against the city of champions from having wait who who does he beat who does Badie and the rams who they beat in that over time of the Super Bowl some team healer. What stadium get what what game gets gets attack by terrorists a Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup final game. It goes on and on and black Sunday. The super bowl gets attacked by terrorists. And in the Natural Roy. Hobbs hits that home run in the one game playoff against the Pittsburgh pirates and the ball hits into into the lights up overhead. And while Roy. Hobbs and his teammates celebrate dangerous shards of glass. Fall down on the honor. Its outfield guy can do spirit. We may steal that helped defeat as he scourge back in in the mid twentieth century. And this is how we get paid back. I don't care for it yeah now. He's sound like Natalia. Hey let me tell you another one. I got one four eight and company here American History X. Let me play a clip for you. This is a little off. Shoot of what you're talking about. I like when the screenwriter jams. The title of the movie into the Actual Dialogue Donovan. If you would so. Here's the drill. I'm you history teacher from now on. We will discuss current events. We will call this class. American history x might as. Well look into the camera. Yeah like Pat. Summerall saying murder. She wrote America. Yeah that's sort of like when Wang Chung Sang everyone Wang Chung tonight that sort of like. It's exactly celebrate. That's a pretty good move though to be a band and make a song country hit the TRIFECTA because they're big country singing about big country and I think the album was named big country. Oh you don't do more big country than big country did all right I was listening to some Nancy grace over the weekend and I was thinking about her own. Gina Grace and it's been too long now. I told Kale and just go find clip of her and Jean has not been primed about. Well we'll play a little nancy. What was it from Kaelin? Was He on. Was He on fought. Was she on Fox John? Water water were waters world. Waterworld waters world. This was actually sent to me from Gabe. And I'm seeing. She's just enough Some Mike I'm not exactly consignment on working. She's on a Mike to might have been like doing an audio thing. But I okay all right well. Let's let's listen. Crimeline DOT COM investigator reporter. What is Jim Baker? Selling COLLOIDAL silver. What is that called sober solution and basically it's just been mineral Dover Nancy and he claims that it keeps her a certain strand of the corona virus as well as HIV and the sea that Federal Drug Administration has said that that is not true that those claims are off in fact this silver mineral in high doses can actually call egeria any our. Nancy speaks I do have one. Nancy grace this. Why sent you guys waterworld and told you it was on waters world. I can't we have stuff where we hear Nancy speaking. I also send another much longer clip. That's about five minutes like come through speak during I wasn't Halen logist playing sunny. That's all the rage with Donovan. All right well it'd be nice to have one where she did the talking because the name of the show she was on doing all the talking but We'll see if we can play that clip. All right. Well this is. This is difficult. Time found. That was there anything else he wanted to. Oh Nancy Yeah Kaelin fi stuff. Nancy talking. Not the person's calling into our show. That's Lavar yes. Sorry Nancy no problem. I know that you are a very busy man. You are in the middle of some sort a little comedy show but I have taken the time to be here and to talk to you and if you have any questions I'll be I'll make myself available to you for a minute or two. Well I do want to tell you that. I've not really changed my habits behavior. The prize is me not at all. Adam. I am Holding hands with my kids taking them out to society I was out and about. I'm living my life. Free freeze the win. The way you live at them is going to be the death of us all truly the death of us all. I don't know why you know what you do with your life. That's up to you but when you put them little kids in harm's way you know what you're really doing. I don't know if you've ever thought of it like this Adam but this is the real problem. This is the real saillant. Chiloe you tell those adorable little little gifts from God Natalia in sunshine whatever his name is to go run free in the park and guess what they're the only kids wanted. They are targets for child predators for widow lesbians on the straight at them. They're easy pick. Oh you're saying it's a numbers game and my kids are going to be abducted because they're the only ones that the park that's a good point. Yeah exactly what I'm saying. I'm not talking about the handwashing. Let let Neil diamond do that with his new sweet caroline song that he put on Instagram. Let everybody else tell you about washing your hands. Why don't you protect those kids for once in your cotton picking less? Well I don't pick cotton and I find that to be racist and derogatory but I will say heights taught. I will say this. I am hoarding toilet paper that I will admit to that that I I have a appetite. And there's a price to be paid for that appetite now. I do know that you do love a ask. Red Beet Salad do almost willing to give you a pay ass for toilet paper. Hord because of the tells me you've been doing that long before the panic buying started. Well I'm one of these guys that rarely even pulls a square off the role I'm apt to just wipe my ass with entire role I will take the entire role. Wipe my ass to fly mind and chuck it out the window for moving car. That's touch I can't afford it. What's the problem which you say into your neighbors is that your behind is more important than theirs? And guess what they're going to do. They're going to exact revenge at them. You Mark my words. They know where those kids live. They'RE GONNA they're gonNA make you see how it feels to heart to lose to feel loss. Ansi I I appreciate your passion on this but my thing is this. If you're gonNA teepee someone's House and I've had my house. Tea Peed. Sure you could do it with fresh toilet paper but doing it with us. Toilet paper sense so such a strong message to the occupants of the house know what I mean. That is do not tread on this neighbor. I'll hit you with some spent teepee. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa hit you with three little words that that that. I don't think you've ever really taken into your heart before because I can tell by the by the miserable disgusting way you're speaking. You've never heard the term love that neighbor. Have you not unless she's hot? Rod Neighbor's wife neighbors pig. I'd run a bang. The oxygen you got to love your neighbor Ales. They're going to come get your kids. I've told you this before. Not everyone's kids get abducted. Oh that's exactly. What the pair and other kid who's about to get duck and says they say every time not my neighborhood not my kid and then all of a sudden you're calling for that sweet little girl so you tell ya where are you and guess what nowhere to be found and you look out your window and you look over at the playground and there's just a swing and swing with no going right ball bouncing down the street town. Usa what if what if the scenario where the daughter gets abducted from the swing set? The swinging is just going back and forth. Swing just goes back and forth. But I'm for a nap so by the time I look out the window. It's now stationary and the message is instead. How does that work? Do you have someone freshen up the swing every five minutes. Or How's that work couldn't happen couldn't happen. I have to see the ball going down the street. You will see alone all bouncing down the street with no child running after gleefully laugh and play you will see a swing that's just been sorta or last name in seconds and then I'll see the Dutch shot of the on the ground. That's right where the camera duchess and we just lying on. Its back on the grass. It has never happened any other way and the time spent explain these things to you. Adam finally Secure that you're starting to hear message because you knew about the Dalai. I didn't know about the Dutch Dolly. Hey It's also game move if you guys WanNa look it up Max pattern. We find any nancy. Grace Kaelin hurts. Oh here we got some well there it is. She's on John Waters Water waters world. I think about it most of the people you're celebrity can't get a testing kit. Say do you really think door-to-door sales was like vacuum cleaners or have a corona virus. Has No. It's an attempt to get in your home and either kill. You definitely rob you. That's what that is now. A lot of people are working remotely. And this is just a bonanza for phishing scams scam artists identity thieves of all time. Because you don't really know who you're talking to. Maybe Jim Rogers from HR is sending you an email. You don't see in face to face a you assume him. People need to be really careful about the emails. Her answer is that's probably all right. Very very vigilant and for those. That are familiar with them. We fishing is P. H. I. S. H. I. N. G. which is a tried and true technique. You think you're getting a legitimate email from a CO worker and some cases. It looks like it could be from the government right. American Express it looks real and you hand over sensitive critical information like your social security your Dav your checking account your credit card and suddenly you're out thousands of dollars and it's happening all over the country especially as relates to corona virus and the only way I think regarding your coworkers do video conferencing exactly that would eliminate confusion. Wait start at the top. She's talking about The fuller brush man breaking into your Avon Lady. Yes that was. What was the topic? Just think about it. Most of the people lost your celebrity. Can't get a testing kit. So do you really think door? Sales was like vacuum cleaners. Or it's like medias have a corona virus has no it's an attempt to get in your home and either kill you bait. You definitely rob you that you guys salesmen coming to your door Nancy. What the timely vacuum salesman selling Mary. Kay is going to be out in this climate glow. I'm the chimney sweep. This is barely have happening all over society. According to the ice man is here. I have a huge block on my back. Your spouse called it in you probably aware of it. I'm going to put it in your freezer. Which dog-catching reason glad bottles of Milk Miss Awesome? I like that. She's gone back to the forties so the Fuller Brush. Guy's GonNa get your house and he's going to kill you. Operate kill murder. It's all it's all there and by the way as a celebrity not an alien but as a celebrity when they do all this shit where they're like. Oh you know what? If you're a celebrity will sure you're GONNA get first in line for the high tech medical equipment in cutting edge procedures and cheer? You'RE GONNA jump the line for getting the corona virus tasks and vaccination all that all I get is the celebrities more fucking taxes and half the country. Amadou's I don't get any visual fucking the line or kick a soda virus. You think that's how it works. They're giving out. The Corona has kits based on your age. I don't think so. I think everyone just says that. Then you get all the baggage of the celebrity really all you get is a celebrity as you. Don't get to jump any lines but when you do jump or when you do finally get served in you tip twenty percent. The person's disappointing. That's about all you get. That's that's what being a celebrity status shekel little. Let me hit Simply safe that's what I wanted to hit home security. Well that's what we're talking about. Let's be safe. There's two ways to protect your home that traditional way. You can wait a few weeks for technician to show up into a messy install cost you a small or Chin and then there's simply safe simply safe everything you need and home security at award-winning protection. Two time winner. The C net editor's choice award blankets. Your home and safety. You barely notice. It's there set it up all by yourself doing under thirty minutes and maybe an hour tops very easy. Peel and stick batteries. Last up to ten years an army of highly trained security experts ready to dispatch police to your home at a moment's notice. Twenty four seven. It's a topsy turvy world out there people. Let's get ourselves some simply safe simply say with an eye to is. I should say and you're not GonNa have the Guy Wandering around your house. Spread disease it simply safe Right Dawson. See why the verge called simplisafe the Best Home Security System. Check it out today. Simplisafe DOT com slash Adam get free shipping and a sixty day risk-free trial simplisafe dot com slash atom simplisafe dot com slash. Adam Shaan Archer in castor. Troy are the two names from face off that we just about Pollack's troy is cast or younger brother. Who's so skeptical that even though he needs his brother face to face in the in the maximum security jail after literally six seconds of conversation becomes doubtful. That that's actually his brother. So you don't get to do that in a movie. You don't get the you. Don't get the have conspiracy theorists when the entire movie is built around the fact that one guy can take his face off and put another person's face. You can't have castor pollock's Roy casting casting doubt on that anyway. Thank you for allowing me that I pointed that out that movie many times we all have siblings Shock you gotTa Sister Bryan. You've got a brother do you have? You don't have a sister do a younger brother named Adam Right. But we all well have siblings gene. Is there ever scenario when you're at Thanksgiving and You said Pasa cranberry sauce and they started. Pass it to you and then you got suspicious. That wasn't actually stabling. Almost never ashby GONNA thanksgiving. What was grandma's recipe for Mash Potato? You're in the movie the movie you're in the movie where suspicious because we're in a theater you're in the movie and that look exactly like your brother or your sister. Why would you ever question that? Or maybe we should start. Maybe I may I see Lauren. I should go if that is in fact your real name and then I reach for Scalp but I start tugging on it. Give it up all right back by the way you can hit them up on facebook dot com slash damage shack and Shoot tweet at damage shack. We'll take a quick break coming up three times this week with the looking forward to by the way last thing waters world definitely a show that had a name out security. Good callback and good weight and I will do that. We'll do the genie brand Brad Williams right after this break. All those crazy trump tweets G. Nothing is legit news with gene. A Grad Ran Williams is joining us from your home or his home. Hey is so nice to be here. It's nice to see that all up Jimmy Kimmel with me so Light so like everything everything is plummeting. How how you faring? Is your wife able the work during this no No one is able to work and we have. We have the newborn so were faring. Good thankfully. I saved up enough money but is you know. No money's coming in until at least may so wants to help me how go to a CAMEO DOT COM slash Bradley comic. You can pay a small fee and then I can shout out to your friends. I can tell people something nice. I can even break up with the girlfriend if you want to. I have that capability so for you. You know I'm I'm a little bit of a different boat I go out and do stand up periodically. Make a little money doing stand up. It's not really my livelihood for you more than the livelihood department. How many dates have you missed since this thing went down approximately I've missed at least three weeks of work and I'm going to miss about By right now if we get back to work in May this Kinda blows over and we could travel and it kind of goes back to normal. I'll miss about nine weeks of work toll so I mean you worked. Every weekend you would go out. Yeah and that's on top of a took three months off for paternity leave because my daughter was just born so basically I haven't worked since Since since December so yeah. I'm not panicking yet but I mean this is something real that I'm I'm not saying that I have it bad. I know a lot of people out. There have way worse in terms of trying to find money and trying to figure out how that's GonNa work out for them so I'm not saying throw pity party for me by by any means but I'm just saying this is something that's that's affecting everybody that had Whether you go to an office or you go on stage if you're not allowed I o pipe who work in the hotel industry That got laid off that just because they don't have that many people in the hotel so they don't need to pay full staff so they're laying off and so it's hard for a lot of people right now and I'll say things like a lot of people get through it but thanks and thanks for being on ours and I do a message. I've been wanting to get across what we have to do. Because we always do this thing where it's like. The federal government needs to step up and local government needs to step up I don't have a ton of faith and federal government or local government and I do have a lot of faith in you and me and parents and communities and listen everybody Wherever you're at on a socioeconomic scale you have to have something set aside. Shit happens it does. Sometimes it happens on a global Natshev global nature like. It's happening now but most of the time it's individual you injure yourself on the job you roll your ankle like I mean I used. I was poor for most of my life and I knew that I needed a way to float myself. If this shit went down like the and I you know listen I was guilty to. I didn't have a big savings account. Put aside or anything but like a version of this is when the ninety. Four earthquake hit in everything. Shut Down my girlfriend at the Times job. Shut Down My job shutdown. Her car blew a head gasket in front of my rented house and Locker Santa California. And it's like with your fucking manage for a few weeks without anything and I certainly wasn't waiting for Fema to come and set up a ten tomorrow so I'm just saying everybody in in the Pantheon of what can the government do. What should they have done? And who's dropped the ball ultimately the buck stops at you whether it's water that you put aside or two months salary and I know people go. Oh well some people are poor there. I understand but those people still go out to eat X. amount of times amonte they still go out and knotsberry farm or do things that you'd fault would fall under not necessity but pleasure and all I'm saying is from this point going forward. Knock that down ten percent. Put that in an account in have it in case shit goes down the all right Gina. Well little are renowned up. There are some things that are breaking at least as we are recording this a veteran International Olympic Committee member. His name is Dick Pound Heat Little USA Today That Sports Monday that the twenty twenty Tokyo Olympic Games are going to postpone likely to twenty twenty one with the details to be worked out in the next month. I mean it might not be one hundred percent but it sounds like ninety nine percent at this point when a guy named Dick Pound says something. Listen that's right German. Chancellor Angela Merkel is in quarantine They don't know if she has coronavirus but she was exposed by her doctor. Who tested positive. So she's quarantining Minnesota Governor Amy Klobuchar husband. John Bessler is in Virginia Hospital with complications from Corona Virus Maryland Governor. Larry Hogan said Monday. He signed an executive order. He Maryland's closing all their non-essential stuff as well joining the the big cities This is interesting. I wasn't familiar with this name. Something tells you guys are really. Are you familiar with the name? Dan Gilbert team he owns owns the Cleveland Cavaliers after Brad. Real ESTATE MOGUL BIG BIG DETROIT. Real Estate Mogul also owns the Cleveland. Cavaliers he apparently is downtown. Detroit's biggest landlord. He announced Monday. He's waiting all rent building. Expenses and parking fees during the months of April and May and for some instances into June for restaurants and retail tenants. That are small businesses. That kind of makes sense. I mean if he's the landlord in everybody ends up shutting down. What's in it for him? You know you've a little and get something back eventually. Look goodwill good publicity. There's a currency she'll ask you Dr Subaru which is made with love with good in a you know firsthand that this is important thing right into the puppy kissing booth when I need a tire road win. This thing is over because we have to. Because we're wired this way we're going to be looking for people to praise and people to crucify right. You WanNa be on the happy end of this of history when this shit goes down you want to be known as the guy who paid all your employees all the way through this calamity who gave your low-rent tenants a break on their ran and Blah Blah Blah. You want to be that person. Because you don't want to be the senator that was caught trying to do insider trading and dumping stock. These people will be crucified soon. As we get a few extra minutes to crucify people really have quite enough attention or bandwidth to crucify people yet. But it's coming. Yeah that'll be. Our next move is as everyone realized. Assume as soon as someone goes all right. Is it safe to go outside? Yes okay. Let's start crucifying. Yeah let's get back to canceling people. We were right you you. You had your time for way too long so now. So now we're going to get caught up and that's why I'M GONNA post a photo berry soon of my wife who is actually downstairs as I speak Making a D. Y. Masks for awesome nurses. That's that's great. Yes we get that up immediately. Yes you're right. The cancel cultures going to have a bat a backlog of thousands of people they needed have removed from their job in society. And they're going to have to make up for it fast. This'll this'll be the way to do it. Right New York City now considered an epicenter of the krona virus with roughly five percent of the world's cases in New York Los Angeles and and we May Have mentioned this earlier in the show. According as as we speak today Closing parks after way too many people showing up on hiking trails even though we were urged to get out and hike and walk around Mount the mountains recreation and can conservation authority which operates around seventy parks and overlooks announced. That it would be shuttering all of its parks and trails effective immediately until further notice as for the beach crowds. La Mayor. Garcetti has closed parking lots at the Venice speech sort of enclosure which is wildly popular. If you're not from California so to many people doing the Florida spring break thing and going to the beach and too close together. So they're going to stop that the relatively few people that are hiking you know what I mean like. Someone's heading up Runyon Canyon first off the healthiest people on the plan and all of them just had a fucking coffee enema there on a full clans. None of them have touched or byproducts or eating fast food these twenty nine year old beautiful people are in spectacular shape and have a great immune system. We really need to get them off the trail. Like is that GonNa make a dent in this shit. It's the only thing keeping half this city saying it's like going outside and walking and when you go walk around your neighborhood you just ask people in the streets and I'm like I do a fucking shoulder roll dive behind a hedge. When my neighbors walking walking their dog I say leave the trails open. That's not going to make a difference. Seventy trails and parks closed. So we'll see how long that lasts. meanwhile Donald Trump has activated the national guard in California also in New York and Washington. We have sixty thousand homeless people that are adhering to any of these regulations all like cordwood on top of each other on the fucking street right now you know encourage Adams to stay in their tents and not Grad is right. That is exactly what I was. GonNa say when they're talking about you know these You know hostels or whatever that they're trying to get you know a lot of housed to go and they're like actually now do we think about it. They're probably better off self isolating in their tent and that is a real conversation being had. I was making a joke. Scoping me if this disease was as the media is portraying it. Why aren't the home? Why isn't the homeless population? Devastated by this right now like there are thousands of them. They're all compromised and they're all on top of each otherwise. It's not sweeping like a wildfire through this wire. They're not homeless people. Well homeless. I guess three die day anyway so I don't I don't know what they die. Weeping maybe are getting remember they are dying. They're not going to ers. Obviously you know what I mean like talking diagnosed protest. Our guys a pardon me for sounding suspicious but lots of crackdowns on hiking through Runyon Canyon. No discussion of homeless that. I've heard like to me. My first thought was homeless. We have tons of people on the street or sleeping on top of each other all immune. Compromise are junkies and everything. What about that? We have a lot of school stuff shopping. Stuff trail hiking your parks. Where isn't there any homeless? I've not heard homeless conversations coming from the powers that be and are they not bringing it up. Because that's that's this happened on their watch and it's it's a failure and there's no answer by the way back. Yeah they might. They may also be aware of the day of cancellation. That is that is coming. One Minute is all oils over in and we go back and we find out which politician said round up the homeless people. Maybe they're being cautious that well. I'm I'm just googling it because we've made mention on on the news station. 'cause GARCETTI always throws it in at some point in the you know the update the first thing that comes up on the La Times L. A. To add six thousand shelter beds for homeless Angelenos amid the Krona virus. But again that's the other conversation is. Why are you putting these people in the same room? Help yeah I mean everyone's scrambling moving on we Intentioned that the national guards role in town don't let that freak out at least not right now because trump said the federal government has deployed hundreds of tons of supplies from our national stockpile two locations with the greatest need. That's that's gloves. That's hospital beds. That's mass gallons You know at this point. It's it's it's should look pretty normal interesting article I found about Staples Center and the alleged although I don't they're not saying it's alleged The La Times is saying the alleged damage done just by events at the staple center alone. Call the hotbed for Corona virus infection. as half the positive cases among NBA NHL players are linked to staples center Since the first confirmed cove in nineteen case in La County Staples hosted twelve Warhol Hockey Games nineteen NBA Games. They had the Grammy Awards. They had that full you know. No seats unfilled service for Kobe. Bryant Brian Staples Center seats about twenty thousand people per game for NHL Kings to NBA Franchises Clippers Lakers. The RENA hosted three games in the same week that Tom Hanks revealed. He tested positive. Eight players from those games are now undergoing treatment for corona virus and referring to athletes as super spreaders. Because they're hugging. They're high fiving their Schmidt saying and it's you know it's easy to transmit that way well with all with all the sports With all the sports that are not happening. This'll be some content for Scott Van. Help on sportscenter tonight saying top five super spreader of the corona virus. Just going down the list. It'd be like Anthony Davis with his wingspan niece. Spread the virus. That hundreds of people. It is a first round all star or spreaker sprayed corona virus. I can't I can't wait for that. Might be right a wonder. There's going to be an epidemic of baby going on now that every person who's an athlete is down for the count. I wonder if there's going to be less or more because you can make an argument that there would be last because They're not traveling from town to town sharing floozy. He's on the on the road. The real matters the spreaders they're not banging any of them on the other hand there Athletes in their prime they They have desires. That need to be the say. She aided and often times. One woman isn't going to do so. I don't know we'll see where this we'll find out. What Chrome Mardi up to? This is GONNA be. This is going to be a prime time right now. For side chicks. Who thought they were the number one? Once once a global pandemic happens you thought Ono. That's my boo Maybe not because now with right. Yeah who who do you? Quarantine with that kind of lets. You know where you are in the rank you know if you saw the number one girl but your guy hasn't called you to bunk up with you. You were assigned chick. Yeah but I but there's more plausible deniability like I'm just speaking from personal experience of your wife. Go where did you get crabs? And you go from the guy to trader. Joe's what I mean needs to be. It's it's not that plausible. You know what I'm saying right try. I've tried the guy behind the counter. Soft World Place. That didn't it didn't work as far as I know. But Corona you could spread your wife and even if it was from your side piece. She wouldn't never really be able to trace true. Yeah I also was thinking about. Let's think about October November. The baby boom. That is absolutely going to happen with all these doing nothing else. I think we're going to see a big baby boom then We talked about this. In terms of China it is happening in terms of the United States. Which Hey man. I'll take a silver lining The Krona virus shutting down industrial activity taking cars off the road taking trucks off the road. We're seeing these satellite images from European aid space as agency that we've already seen Wuhan and cities in China with almost no pollution. And now we're seeing them here as well. La New York Seattle when they show. These were heads satellite image shots. It's beautiful air you know comparatively from you know years prior. Yeah we're all inside. It's not at Canyon. Hey Max Patta. There's a song I was thinking of this boom of corona babies. We're going to have would say not over. Novem there Diana Ross Supreme Song called Lovechild. That's right never meant to be never meant to be. And they talk about what it's like to be out of birth out of wedlock birth right and it's like you never quite as good and it was kind of looked down upon you and you listen to lyrics of it. It's about a kid and the kid has a mom and the kid has a dad but they're not married and so there's a stigma. Societies are never love. Child never meant to be not quite as good never what they should or whatever it is. We should have a corona baby song. Run a baby so on would be like the lovechild song but it's like your parents only Fox because they were born. They didn't really want you weren't trying to make a miracle formally travels and he has his pick of the litter and he's got a piece or whatever but you guys were cooped up in twelve hundred square feet for so fucking long that you gave up your vow and fuck in he plowed you and now you're here. You're here is a corona baby neither parent and really cares. They wish they didn't have you. They had you anyway. Maybe they're a little bit religious. Shoulda got an abortion is good birth control. That's right that don't get me wrong. The kid will probably get very defensive in. Say What are you talking about? No my parents loved me. And they'll say isn't your Middle Name Cheryl. It isn't okay. You're older brothers. Twenty six years older than you. That's how they planned it. I've done the math myself on. My Birthday is January thirteenth. That means my parents had a really good for twenty. Yeah what is what is love. Child is anyone dos. And can you find that you're GONNA hear it? Yeah I can. It's is it Diana Ross. And the supremes said her teams of the supreme. Well if the audios better coming from those guys there that can be all right. You do right now. But it'll be the podcast recording. Yeah just you know. Put Corona Baby. Every time they say love child will turn it up a little mix. Don't be the one and it moves or corona baby. Quiet is good. Corona Bay always understood misunderstood. Perron obey ever meant to be been slow. We didn't have a mask or Condo. Yeah all right you can pod down weird but I think there's a song there banks eighteen eighteen years Kovin nineteen. Hey Harrison will be top for for sure. Yeah Britney Spears wants to get in on doing good or give it our best shot She's told fans if they need anything from her anything at all they just reach right out to her and she will get it done. I think we have a clip so our world is going through some hard times right now and my sister just nominated me. It's you help people whether it's a with a food or I'm getting your child diapers or whatever it is dam. Me and I will help you out. Also I'm going to nominate three other people and I'm GonNa Nominate Will Smith. Some scary and Kate Hudson Britney Spears know who she is. I don't know I think that's a really good question. Why did you put the old time cinemascope APP on your filming of yourself there? That seemed weird. 'cause I checked with my father who has conservative ship over me and he said that. Sepia tone will really cut through all of the No. It's Sepia tone may be a good name for my corona baby tone Corolla. Hey Brittany fetter line. Are you in Kevin how are you guys in contact shared custody? You still paying alimony. We are trying to stay on good terms and I am trying to be a really good mother but I really really don't care for him. Who was that a at the end there? I said I really don't care for him But he's a backup dancer and the father to your children. I feel like if you're asking me if he is the father to my children. My answer is a Oh yeah yeah no I I liked that all right so listen tax anew that's Nice Hey Brittany. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah I just. I just got a note from my son. He loves quiz knows so. Put him down for Turkey Mel okay. I'm GONNA went to. I mean I was also I need copier. Toner printer ink. Actually I needed to put in. I need to put in printers ink. We need a quiz knows. Are you committed to memory writing down? You'RE GONNA farm it out the Will Smith. Yeah I mean I just thought it would be a good thing to tell people. And maybe you know Generate some goodwill. But you want me to go pick up. Your Quiz knows well. It's not for me. It's for my son. I need the reach around. That's my that's what's on Santa's list for me. That's what I got on the dry race board on the refrigerator. I wrote reach around. I don't have a eggs or quiz knows jay or any toilet paper when I I did this video. I thought it would just be a nice thing to do. Hoa Supposed to New York. We are you singing a song or are you giving really asking the bird. Oh Okay Yeah I didn't. Hey you heard about corona baby. The Song Adam Corolla trying to workout baby we can hash. This out around can wait. You wrote a baby. How was I supposed to know Corona Baby? We're GONNA hate to see go. I got it is the right that yeah. Yeah Corona Baby. How were we supposed to know? Corona baby will hate to see ago when time. That's good that's good. That's a good message. Good it feels real good. Is there something you can sing? I know people are doing too much hiking. There's some some some you could put that the song like too much. I Dunno Runyon Canyon is no longer funny in Canyon. I'm spitballing you. Know what I mean. Danger Canyon Data Canyon. That's a good name for maybe Oh good yeah. Because everyone's hands are so dry from the wall of the handwashing instead of womanizer. Moisturizer MOISTURIZER moisturizer. Baby your most your resume. That's good. Let's let's let's focus more my corona baby corona baby one more time maybe even toxic because this era viruses right. I appreciate you Help a now okay. So that's how many quiz let's see if we can get Brian Caught UP IN TWITTER. Bryan do will Smith Gene ideas for lyrics. Terry you fuck yourself. No I was saying I good job. Gina and Brian. By the way to fatten we do. We have my Britney Spears or we'll have that for tomorrow I love it tomorrow all right all right. Go ahead John. Well there are. There are some Other singers that seem to be losing their minds. A little bit with the cabin fever As I mentioned earlier Neil diamond a little tweaking. His Sweet Caroline that? I think he thought would be helpful. Not as crazy as the next. GonNa play you but this is the Neil diamond. One go law region. Don't judge a along judge. Louis seemed soon. Yeah so that's his version but Madonna. I think people may be genuinely worried about her She did a little dance around her bathroom to vogue and changed it to fried a song about fried fish. I'm just GonNa let Madonna speak for herself. Here's the quote on go. Let's go eat some fish. Come on go. Let go eat some big fish because there's no pasta to eat some. She needs to be fifty one fifty two. He needs a wellness. Check two things about that one weird. Al Had the greatest response to that video. When we're now tweeted see guys. It's not so easy Ma. That's the number. Two if you watch the Madonna video. She's got a lighting up like it's not just saw that ten huge lighting rig. Yeah there's a guy but I in the bathroom mirror with a giant lighting rig trying to end all that happened with the Fried Fish Chic. You look saw the solve. The lighting guy heard the lyrics and win. Yup that's a winner Sen. Who CAN WE GET? Britney's dad to have a conservative ship over. Madonna's well like why limit to your family. I'd like to talk to Brittany's dad and I know she's a contemporary and you're about the same age and our chief share no blood but she's blonde. She's a singer and she's going insane. I would be willing to do. I don't even want to consider ship anymore. So I say Madonna could just have my dad. I Yeah Chances Yeah. They could transfer conservative ship. Like they slots fit at the be amazed at one minute out on stage surveyed. Very good point. Yeah I mean if you can hand off restraining orders I like when people make an example. That doesn't exist can hand off restraining orders to other. You're damned if you consider the deer boat. Yeah down generations of all right. Let's do one more. Gina Growl Right. Well let's talk about something else. Shall we We talked about a damaged mentioned Tom. Brady Brian was skeptical. So I just want to make sure that made it into the news that it seems. Pretty Damn official at this point that he's going to Tampa Bay Something we didn't get into We didn't have time. Was you mentioned earlier? The two Republican lawmakers that were a little bit of a tight spot after reports reveal the each sold off millions of dollars worth in stock after attending a senators. Only briefing about the coronavirus back in January Richard Burr of North Carolina. Who's the chairman of the Senate? Intelligence Committee reportedly dumped almost two million dollars of stock. Shortly after seen classified information about the threat of the virus. The stock market plummeted about a week after an Georgia Senator Kelly law floor who also attended. Cdc Briefing in January. She reportedly select by one hundred. Grand immediately Both senators now hearing calls from to resign and to unlikely bedfellows. Heo See how the problem with this and Tucker. Carlson had a big problem with this. He really did Really did To make this very clear that you know if if they have something that will That will Make this right by all means. Come on my show Earth's or say it out loud otherwise this does not look good for you. He actually ended was on ended up having Kelly. Louder for like ten minutes. I'm comfortable 'cause she's not fast. I have I have a little bit of a clip. But honestly it's unsatisfying. Because I picked so many there was no like great question. Great Answer Pairing. But if you wanted to see a little bit of how he tried to approach this with our we have it. Did it trip any bells for you? I mean you can read a balance sheet. Obviously it's what you did all of your life until recently. Did you think maybe this portends something ominous for the economy? Did that. Thought Cross your mind Tucker. This is kind of normal course for managing portfolios some some months you have visor and sells some months. You have buys sells. I trust the professionals at manage our portfolio. I don't get involved there. I don't have a say I don't want to have a say because on my work for Georgians we're talking about growing right now. We should be telling us now like let's talk about anything else. Look like Ann. Coulter's racist stepsister. It's not gonNA help that. I can tell you in the new world order not GONNA HELP. Hawker did a great job because no combative tone whatsoever but kept trying to bring her back to answering the question whether or not Gedid remains to be seen but he go no respectfully understood again. I'm GonNa ask you again and just it just chew. And yet they're well in the egging order the guy he looks the most guilty now. Obviously he was invited to come on the show as well so not showing it. All is your first. Admission of GEL showing up in dodging questions still looks a little shady. But at least you showed up at all that to me is the worst second and third places probably Dianne Feinstein. Because her her husband I think was the guy who was doing some of this stuff as well. Although Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese driver who was made is like an eight Egypt at some point and it just all kind of went away. Yeah Dianne Feinstein. A year ago. People were talking about her. Having a like a Chinese nationalist China's national her husband finds her husband's deep into China. Like has a lot of business going on over there. They had a driver and the driver ended up being made some sort of. We're not sure form of spy or something. They never really got to the bottom of it but it was Kind of a dicey story that Media was not not that interested in but there is a Dianne Feinstein Chinese chauffeur double agent situation out there. I don't know if they let the guy go or what it is. You're saying he was a secret Asian man he was a secret they gave him in the long run. Yes someone can find that but yeah the guy looks super guilty because he just went to the meeting so the guy went to the meeting heard that the corona virus was going to be a shit show the dumped all the stocked then to compound things took to twitter and addressing. Other people telling them it's not as bad as it's made well the fact that you dumped all your stock that lets me know that maybe an some of the people not only dumped all their stock and American Airlines but bought stock in communicating zoom. Like we're doing right now. That's right except for none of us own any stock right but I always do feel I look. I made the same argument with Martha Stewart. Like if somebody told me. Hey you know your own all the stock in Schwinn bicycles and I'm like yeah you know. There's a new thing coming down the pipe. Or they're going to outlaw cyclists and get rid of the cycling lane Let me make a phone call. Like they're horrible people but what would all of us do we found out something idea now? You're going to get made Martha Stewart. I think God I know who I was talking to about it. But Martha Stewart didn't nearly do with these guys are accused of doing and if they just have an ethics committee decide on it. Nothing's going to have a slap on the hand. My feeling is is if the federal government can lock up Martha Stewart for her. Nothing Burger than we find out. These people really did this. They need to go somewhere. It's not enough. They'd have an internal ethics mean for everyone on the hand and move on I. Yeah I think more importantly we have to find a way for the rest of us to be able to invest in the industry of Cam girl. Because we can do that. We'd all be making bank right now because those girls are making a lot of fun right all right. Is there anything to that China Spy Feinstein story that anyone can find. That's a deep cut from about a year has probably been a year and a half or something Let's do Gina. Let's do one more. Let me hit Tommy John Tommy John. I'm worrying mind right now. it is It is it is a good time to get into some of those Tommy. John's love these guys spend a lot of time at home he wanted to be comfortable. Lounge wear is unbelievable. The the underwears great t shirts are great but I actually slept in their laundry. They have like I don't know John Lounge wear but it is so damn comfortable for a limited time customers get twenty percent off site-wide plus free shipping. So let's have some good co a matter of this softest most breathable proprietary fabrics performed like nothing. You've ever worn before the no roll waist bands. No wedgie guarantee no invisible panty lines for the women. Quick-draw live for the FELLAS If you don't love your first pair they will refund your money but I will call all your liar you do because this stuff is Tommy John. Right Dawson for a limited time. Go to John. Dot Com Slash Adam and get twenty percent off site-wide plus free shipping the Tommy John Dot com slash item for twenty percent off site-wide plus free shipping. Tommy John Dot com slash. Adam expand did you find any y Diane find a Lotta claims back in August the end of August twenty eighteen but the FBI panel concluded that the driver had anything of substance. So the entire thing is just a unproven. They're saying so what was it. There's a lot of speculation allegation that she had a Chinese national staffed at one of her staffers and California was a spy who reported sensitive information that Chinese context it was a staff member of served as Gopher under San Francisco office and as a liaison to the Asian American community even attending Chinese consulate functions. For the senator. Can we start on China allegation or that happened that that will happen but the allegation that it was actually a spy is unproven the FBI so they didn't have enough Anything of substance. It's I know everyone is so hell bent on divesting from Israel but we work on a little China divestment. I don't know I don't I you know I'm not. I've never been to Israel but I don't think they're potentially problem. Problematic has China is. I'm just saying if you're for Israel divestment should be China divestment let the answer is the same as the NBA China's number one number two economy in the world. Israel's thirtieth I'm guessing right we don't but but here's what I'm saying we don't get a whole lot from Israel are we don't need Israel is let's say as bad. We're not business dependent whether you're pharmaceutical company or the NBA. People could go well politically. Who's farther part? Who's WHO's a greater chasm between sort of cosmic leave in the NBA and Upjohn Murph is earned? The answer is their way apart but they do have one thing in common like fucking month. Gerald cyb agreed to leave China out. But there's a lot of Jack offs in this country. That went to from Israel. Lomb saying is be consistent that let's see if we can work the same thing with China it's GonNa take a while. But wouldn't it be nice if we manufactured our own pharmaceuticals and made our own equipment here and if the shit went down we didn't have to count on China home of the awesome wet market. That would be the absolute most polite way I could divorce. My Wife is saying I'm looking to divest from China and she's Chinese. Right she yes. She's Chinese a book. I I knew I knew Asian but I wasn't sure so it's one of the bad ones. I know that not know that I'll tell you who had it right. Though man you look at those old johnny quest cartoons they had their villains. Were right on because we didn't know who the villain was because it was passed World War. Two and sort of I guess it was sort of around Vietnam But you find me all the Johnny Quest Villains Are Shady Asians and Hashtag all right. Let's bring it home and you got it. I'm Grad and that's the news news with Gina Grad. Right Brad Williams the podcast about last night with Adam. Ray We love both those guys available and apple podcast and says flappers Burbank tomorrow. That's not. That's wail new meetings. He'll be drugging by waving. I'll I'll do my own provost. Go TO CAMEO DOT COM slash Brad. Williams comic and book needs Give a shoutout give a birthday. Wish or break up with somebody. What whatever you want for my complete updated dates when I'm going back on the road but Brad Williams comedy dot COM. So you're not going to be at the Rio Grande Bio that's awesome. Okay all right. That's that's Thursday. Does dates are a sorry about that. Did you see the word tomorrow next to a global pandemic? Well who knows? Some guy is performed smaller crowds and like more intimate group. Back Aren't some of the club's doing virtual shows that you can pay and log on dumber doing virtual shows. I know the aforementioned flappers in Burbank is doing virtual open mic nights. Aw Yeah So. Now joy the talent of an open mic or comedian but you can also enjoy them while they have no audience to gauge their reactions from right. It's not like the old days when I used to do. The open. Mic audience was comprised of angry comedians. Who are there? Arms folded weren't laughing at all Carol. This is totally different. To to be honest I would rather do my first time doing. Stand up to no reaction and just a virtual audience then. Yes a room full of comics where you'll like if they're if they laughed. You're then you're immediately going to get on a half hour caucus all right So until Next time oh look at the Johnny Quest Character. What did I tell you the whole class customer? They gave us garrone. That's for sure zero. There were way ahead of their time. Time Brad Williams and Dave damaged geographic ball. Brian Sam Mahala Volume Kuroshio on twitter at Adam. Corolla show far away on twitter and Adam. Corolla was a voice mail at eight eight eight six four one seven four four subscribe to take me for a weekly does of inspiration and motivation to split the Lincoln Dot Com also class by Chris. Locks and superfan. Giovanni it's all available plus a lot more at Adam Karol DOT com.

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