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Update: Meet the New Voice of Season Four!


Hey, cider listeners. I know you weren't expecting to hear from us for another week. But this is my chance to introduce you to someone who you'll hear a lot from very soon Lizzy Peabody high Halima, high side door listeners. Hey, louisi-. You have probably heard Liz's is name in the credits because she's already been a huge part of the side door team. She works really hard, along with the rest of our team to bring you fascinating stories from around the Smithsonian, but now side or listeners will get to hear Lizzy voice because drum roll, please. Lizzy Peabody will be the new host of cider season for. It's true. I will show up in your podcast feed in your headphones and your Email inbox every other week starting June twelfth. That's pretty soon. Well hosting side door was a blast. And I really love telling art and culture stories in particular, like when I spoke to Cheech muddying, about Shikano, art and donor comedy. And we got tacos. Yes, that was a fun episode. Those tacos were great what shall listeners know about you, what really lights you up? You know, I'm an omnivore when it comes to stories as long as they're true, I think stories about real people are the most interesting. There are, but I have a question for you before you leave. Holy ma. Do you have any tips or wise, words of advice for me before you leave me here in the studio to figure all the stuff album, myself? Ask a lot of questions. I mean, I know that sounds obvious. But sometimes people think you're questions are weird and they probably are, and that's okay. Thanks, Lima were really, really going to miss you. But the show will go. On. And I'll be listening. Oh, that's intimidating. Okay. We'll be back in one week on June twelfth with more unexpected stories of history, science art, culture and technology for season, four of side door. In the meantime, you can listen back to our podcast feed to see any stories. You may have missed in the past.

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