Sam Stone on the Phoenix George Floyd protests plus the Trump tweet concerning Phoenix Light Rail funding.


You are listening to the conservative circus I and your ringmaster James. T Harrison into ring. We have SAM stone. He's the chief of staff for city councilman Saudi, Cisco, and Sal, we had these sorry Sam. We had these protests. Break out all across the united. States of course right here in Phoenix as well, but I think overall our police handle it very well. What's the latest? You can give us on that? You know we just got done talking to the police commander. Here's liaison for the city and I gotTA. Tell you I think our police did a fantastic job last night. In some incredibly tough circumstances I mean they really tried to respect. The anger of these protesters at what was without question and and unconscionable act at least is what we've seen on video but that didn't happen here. Right I, mean the CENEX police department had nothing to do with that incident There has been obviously a lot of scrutiny on them I think they do a magnificent job. We are one hundred percent supportive of what they've done and last night. You know they were under siege I mean. Mean these folks are trying to break in and essentially burn down the police station here just the way they did, and they hear it would have been police headquarters just the way they didn't Minnesota and that kind of rioting and looting, and the behavior that we've seen across the country. The got out of control. It didn't get out of Control and Phoenix because the Phoenix Department is as good as any police department in this country. To agree with you one hundred percent you know I got my. You know my issues sometimes with the leadership when it comes to protecting the city in this fashion they have a stellar track record and when I saw what was going down last night I'm like you know I. Don't know why you try that. Because in Phoenix, we don't play that with the police. Police and that became obvious last night. So thank you for that. Update. I gotta ask you though Samson gotta ask the Phoenix Light Rail project is getting another one hundred million dollars from the federal government. We're talking A. we're talking to president. Trump is administration. It was tweeted out there. I gotTa ask you what the Hell is up with the light rail and president trump. Well what's up is is president. Trump's continual hyperbole. I look I James I. Like the Guy I think he's done a great job. But he's a little bit off base sometimes on twitter. And this is another case of that that the local media ran with without actually doing their jobs, not shocking to all of us who? So this hundred million dollars. They released as part of a pre existing five hundred million dollars. That's already been programmed for the South Central. Light Rail expansion so basically? They're just giving us the money that they've already told us there that we were going to get. And, so this would. Articles saying that one hundred. Hundred dollars more and then as a total of five hundred million dollars, this is just president trump, being president, trump and the in the media running with it. Yeah and running with it without knowing what they're talking about. I did have one station who contacted us yesterday and asked and I clarified it for them, and but you have you know the Arizona Republic and all these other TV stations running around saying Oh look trump gave us another hundred million dollars for Light Rail. He loves Light Rail, even though sal to see and sandstone these guys. They oppose it. But so. Come on what's so funny. So funny to me as even even when I see headlines like that, I've been so wrong in the past in doubting that I, just like Oh okay well. We'll see how this pans out. In the meantime, the man still has my support. Mine Too I. Don't agree with him on this I. Don't have to agree with any politician under percent and James Actually I think this is one of the most important points anyone can make if you're hearing from politician and they're telling you everything one hundred percent. What you? WanNa. Hear. You're talking to Aligarh.

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