The Greatest Country Love Songs Draft + Bobby Checks In With His Stepdad Arkansas Keith for his Birthday + The Show Plays Riddle Me This


I'm Dana Schwartz and I'm the host of noble blood a new history podcast from iheartradio in Aaron Minke that focuses on the stories of some of history's most fascinating royals the murdered the murderers and everyone in between the world is is full of ill-fated Love Affairs bad decisions and family drama when you're wearing the crown mistakes tend to mean blood listening subscribe and Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts so bobby bones post show pre show right Tuesday show is over and what we do we just turn on the mice. Keep talking sometimes about what we talked about. During the show sometimes things we didn't get to and sometimes just just Kinda goes where he wanted to go <hes> or don't want to <hes> let me say this. They put a story yesterday that this is the more of a thank you segment that we have the biggest podcast on iheartradio of all the shows every podcast radio show everything with the number one when and more podcast wow we've finally beat we'll Farrell which really we were at number two or number three for a while. We finally beat out will Farrell. It's Ron Burgundy one right. That's awesome so yeah. We have the biggest podcasts that'd be. It said so. Thank you guys I if you're listening to this right now you're either on on the podcast or you're watching a facebook live so really thank you because we come in. We just do our deal and you guys are the ones spreading it and listening to the show even the radio we're so grateful and it got a message back from our boss and I don't we're in so many cities normally look at ratings because it's just like over one hundred city. They can't look at our ratings. The last three or four months men were so we've been so Lucky Oklahoma City Baton Rouge Louisville Number One <hes> Richmond just on and on Nashville Austin like all writings have been so good the last three four five months bigger than they really ever been and so things Iraq in and we owe it to you guys so thank you for. You're listening and sharing with your friends say amy man just thank you. That's awesome here. I didn't know all that so that's exciting has got the email. Today is like me whatever you guys are doing. Keep doing it. Oh we're gonNA try doing now. It's like what are we doing. We haven't come in with a new plan like all right. Here's what we're GONNA do right but you know come on and try to be as authentic as possible so thank you appreciate everything you guys are doing here. Does the Bible shows top the Char while Will Ferrell's comedic the Ron Burgundy podcasts at number two the Joe Rogan shows third the breakfast club and Ben Shapiro broke a complete the top five and one would argue that although shows better than ours so we're very very lucky that that we have the top podcast and we're also what people call in a niche format to be able to be number one while in what they call a niece format because we're not mainstream because we're country yeah. Everyone's like country yeah as a wiseman once said kiss my country a yeah yeah who said that the song long toby country or something we should do more draft so like we did the <hes> the country music love song draft today. There's love Song yes like we should have. You might sorry I had a clear my throat and then I the yield while you're getting used to this whole thing. We should do like drinking songs okay or we should do sad song. Yes we have those song. Ones are good love songs. It was Kinda easy because there's a lot of love song. There's so many but I I love when these draft game to seventy one good one now. Oh Okay I love to choose. I know it'd probably be a good draft guys. That can be any song and you want people to steal all the songs. That's the fun part of it like. There's a strategy to picking songs win. Yes but you'll hear coming up. We did our love song draft songs make you cry. Songs is a good one. How about best fast food restaurants yeah non music? Yes yes yes. There are a lot of those ideas but we should are those. Mike D Specials nose up with those topics. Obviously not me me all right. I'm like I'd. I had to look at my work on so much together. I those I think is me wasn't oddly feel weird claiming that it's me because I don't. I don't like claiming because it's all such a group effort but since you asked Yeah I think me so far so good. Keep up the good work but I'm not sure my my desens- notes tonight ninety five percent of it gets on the air shot of Mike the Thank you Raymond Yeah mighty a page of ideas and notes and and also I think ideas learn to know me to in his stuff gets on the air. It's good he writes all the games that we play just about so shot up my D- over there in the corner doesn't have a microphone oddly even if he did wouldn't say anything hitting crank it up all the way they turn it all the way up <hes> so now we have all super like inside stuff out the way wanted to mention. A woman was busted for petting zoo animal. Did you know that's a charge. Yuccas broke went through the barrier what else she jumped over the enclosure at a zoo and touch the monkey. Even though it's like super emptying can't do it. The entire incident has said it'd been caught on snapchat which was later shown to police lease the city. Attorney is reviewing the case she may face trespassing charges and here's what would happen if that monkey would protect our they put the monkey down the monkey shouldn't even begin zoo anyway right and they had to set a presidents like don't do this like you might get a cool snapchat video. Oh but like you're going to get penalized. Don't touch the monkey in public. That's my role knife. Only yeah yeah not public. There's a monkey in public. Don't touch it monkeys male acute and all but some of them can be pretty vicious. My great aunt had a monkey and it was and why why did she have let me think because it wasn't a chimpanzee. It was a like a spider monkey yeah that's my alchol had one two and it used to poop in his hand and throw it sometimes and it used to spit. I was so young my grandmother's sister. What was what was the monkeys name? I don't remember that was so young I can barely remember and Alvie was my aunt and she had at a frigging monkey and it wasn't crazy because I was so young. I just thought everybody old had monkeys yeah but it would bite yeah and then all of a sudden went back to house and the Monkey. Wasn't there then talk about it anymore. It's probably at the zoo that's what I stopped petting the Monkey <hes> in public once that yeah probably all time they'll do all right. <hes> Scarlett Johansson has debuted her eleven cared engagement ring from Colin. Joe's big scarlet joins finally unveiled or engagement bring in it's one huge rock Saturday night live co-head Rider Colin Joe's proposed the actress back in May but she waited to reveal the enormous colored diamond until Saturday's comic on panel eleven carrots talk to me about an eleven rink. I don't know anything about rings. Okay like one carat. You would think it's big to carrots. Here is a nice size. Yes then one carat to care. You'd be like wow that's a really nice. That's really nice three cared. She'd be like wow will so eleven full bugs bunny though you hit that point where it's like so many character like that's just a lot who's funding. I don't know isn't it bugs bunny oh I well. How big is it? Amy's marble size eleven or it depends on. Is there carrots around it like I haven't seen scarlet so much. Eleven carrying is millions no four hundred thousand I mean you you totally ruin the story here she ten million. It's only four hundred thousand dollars. Well in my mind seems so big that it would be millions. I don't know the color cut clarity and I don't know the color yeah. You said it was colored. scarlets eleven care at Light Brown diamond looks to be a spin onto shapes mixing Owen appear to create an elegant egg shape. It's worth four hundred thousand dollars. He's list Badboy Brown. It looks like dirty Topaz. It's like the size of chicken nugget. I would think like because it's like long nuggets. I would think that I would want my ring to be maybe taller yeah as anyone like your traditional comes to hear it'd be like a brass knuckle instead of that's how my diamond instead of like because it's like full finger like mid knuckled down to you like that or no no. I don't love it either I I. It looks like it's Golic. A little worm looks like it was in Poopie water and they hold it out in the band is like a not a ring that we could afford. We're not even if you're listening to a big fan of the podcast. We know that's the size of a big grape type but but the band looks like a earthworm. Maybe not the band in my picture up here but yeah I saw this. She got that ring Thanksgiving. You're welcome how many carrots is your. Do you want to say I would need to ask my husband might be one and a half years 'cause near four hundred thousand dollars now. I'm just doing yard time. I mean I still I can't wait. My husband's spent what he did but to me. I won't say it promise promise off mouth to them. Promise no one can here. I mean my reaction right down now. There's cameras remember their cameras everywhere watching us. I'm GonNa give you guys just reaction. Just write a number that game. He's not showing me the amount our engagement still writing. She still right us. All right wasn't crazy thought I it's it's her business and I would not share that but I didn't buy it yeah but it's not as crazy as I thought it's only three hundred thousand. It's no no no it actually wasn't as crazy as <hes>. We make it out to give her about that. Yeah Mighty show me the Pictures College Henson's ring. It's a huge diamond. Don't get me wrong. We're haters because we never will now. I don't get it. Maybe I don't get diamond art that this is definitely diamond art so there's that Eh what else I was looking on twitter and the bachelor mental all was last night lunchbox you watch this. We watch the BACHELORETTE <hes> bachelorette mental. What did you get? What was your takeaway? I mean really they made it all about Luke P.. I mean they they continued last week's episode. It was the first time ever usually it's just mental all but they had to show what happened with Lupi because she sent him home he shows up at the rose ceremony and wants clarity and then so the basically last night it was just all about Luke P.. The guys hate him and he was just like look guys. I'm sorry but I I loved her and I my emotions like it was hard for me when you're Ostra shy. What are the ostracized in the house? When you're like the one cast off yeah? No one likes you. It was a really heart situation for me he goes. I had a hard time dealing with her dating other dudes why I'm sitting there looking at that's going to be my wife and I don't want her kissing other dudes. Is he a villain to you. I don't think he's that bad. I mean all he told her was. Hey like I don't want you sleeping with other dudes and if you do I might remove myself from the situation and she was like how dare you judge me and he was just giving his beliefs and now all of America thinks he's a terrible person and you don't think he's he's just the born again Christian that says hey man. I don't want my wife to be sleeping with other dudes and I'm not GonNa you know we're going to abstain from doing that until we're married so that was his opinion. He wasn't very good expressing it because it sounded like he was like you will not do certain things like all the guys like you're trying to control your wife and so it gets a bad rap. He's just misunderstood. Lupi looking him up and left is Jed Jed from Tennessee. who had the girlfriend Yep who else Peter the pilot who had a girlfriend L. friend what Peter the power girlfriend thinks so right yeah it came out and story that he had a girlfriend too broad? I read the story now that you're my he had a girlfriend. I think she was a flight attendant. He met her when they were doing some flight training or something they dated for a long time and then he just pieced out right yeah it wasn't as bad as the jed situation like they weren't dating when he went on the show but he basically broke up with her to go beyond the show. Yes he had a girlfriend who was like up. Got Me on the show trying to break it off which by the way is a better way to do it than what the do did which was all right. You'RE GONNA stay my girlfriend. I'M GONNA be on the show. See on the other side down. I got away if she still. I think the girl that Jed left should have been like no either you don't go or you do go. If you do go. We break up when you talk about on the other side. I don't think I and I still Haley. She came in on the show Haley does on her to. I told her that you can't let a dude. Go on the Bachelorette and be like I you do your deal then we'll see you get you tickle tickle and we'll talk about it was up tickle tickle. But what do you feel though about this this <hes> who looked p like he's not like they're not married. They're not even dating really because serve dating but she's dating on a show though she's also dating someone else so he can't really control her. It can't but he can say how he fills. I didn't watch shows I'm going. I'm reading if Luke P goes hey I don't accountable you sleep with other dudes and if you are doing that okay that's on you and you can do what you do but I don't like. It and I can't be a part of that then good for him. He should say that I get. I don't watch the show I could feel different about if I did and she said that that's the most the closest she's ever felt to love at first sight when Sheila saw Luke P. and so all the other guys trying to tell her he's such a bad dude. She's like no no kept along for so long so last night. She's on they're going. I just wanted to apologize to America that I kept Lupi around so long. I'm sorry that you guys end a witness Lupi T._v.. It was all about she said Lupi show is cancelled. How do you feel about her now that the shows about Oh she's great are they? She's a lot of fun I I love that she is just her and I I love the she goes for the May cows like she does not i. She goes into the tongue every time she wraps her legs around. Every new she makes out wins like she's Great Lakes. He's awesome. That's what I'm saying. He wraps her legs around. She doesn't care like she is just her. She's like she is funny. She's got a good personality personality and she she's real. She's not very well if you're trying to be she's not boring is what I'm saying like. It's been entertaining season and that's getting Peter's ex-girlfriends that he betrayed her to go on the Bachelorette. Oh no heater the pilots bachelorette contest at Peter Weber's ex-girlfriend Kaley lutes said he betrayed her to go on the show. She said he applied for the show while they were still dating Kaley said they met on a dating APP at two thousand eighteen and data for about five months flying to see each other almost every week. Despite living on office decided the country. She's from Atlanta. I don't know what he's from. I think he's from Cali. I think then there's some other do that. All they make out. WHO's the three people left yeah? I don't Africa his name but she just all they do is make out when they went to the honeymoon suite. Oh she didn't hook up with them. She was like listen man like we actually have to talk because all we do is make out and so we need to just like talk and not hook up because we don't know each other so that tells me that I don't. I don't remember his name so they've I'm doing it the whole show but now she doesn't want to do it now the end of the show right they're not going to be together. That's what I thought because all they did. We're just ru. I wish some grow will be. It'd be like all I wanted. It'd be physical with you can have that. That's called a booty call. It's not that hard. I don't I have a booty call. Someone always gets hurt after that list like could have one. I don't think so no you could if you would if you would do you just you won't do that like you. Don't step up to the plate like trust me. There would be girls that would come at two in the morning when you wake up and they are and then before you go to work you can have that trust him restaurants to my gosh I googled some random article to read about Peter. The pilots girlfriend and it's called cheat sheet dot com dominance curling the article and then boom Likud's picture of bobby. Oh Yeah right there. <hes> no comment bobby the nick lobby the bones bobby bonds yeah. He's just on this random article so crazy about what that thing about Peter the pilot nothing. We're moving on. Wait a minute nothing. I don't know people just write stuff. I'll go into cheap seat now moving on she she <hes> mark off the scarlet. I have a list of things we Scarlett Johansson thing just trying to make sure I get to everything here. Morgan number two has told me in an email that she is now an endorser for Jason Aldean's bar which is legit which is interesting because that's her spot yeah. It's a club on top yeah. That's when I've been on Morgan where we go everytime that's her spot but it gets a little bit Harry is that Raymundo used to be Jason Aldean's endorser. Now raimondo get kicked out of Jason. ALDEAN's is that while you're not the endorser anymore. That was a separate incident. Yes I did kicked out but I still deal with sales and I deal with maybe their corporate. I got balanced by the bouncer. He's probably the lowest on the totem pole and he didn't even probably tell anybody so you go to J._C.. Nowadays and your way drunk. This is a month or two ago when I met up with them to Morgan number two with you when he got kicked out. Oh Yeah I saw heaven well what happened. We I think D- done some drinks before I ran into those chicks and then they may be had me do another drink next thing you had you do another drink. Yes yes. I know my limits whenever it's just meet Chilin but when people start pushing you during take shots we I got hammered and then if you're start swaying way in it's not like a through a chair. It's not an old bar brawl. He probably just saw me not walk in straight and they're like get out of here. It's nothing big like again a fight Morgan number two. What's your take on the story yeah? He didn't do anything bad but he definitely needed to go home like I was just is kind of one of those yeah like we just gotTa get this guy out of here like he needs to go home so it wasn't bad. He didn't do anything to anybody he just he was swaying a little bit. Did they know that it was Raymundo from the show. I have no idea they didn't say anything to anybody. They just this kind of came in swooped him and took them out. So what are you doing for Jason. ALDEAN's bar no well. I like taking pictures I gotta go over there and eat a bunch of their food and where they're like merchandise from the store and they took a bunch of like influencers type pictures is for me to post on social media and stuff and then I'm doing spots and liners and all the things and they're paying you. Yeah I mean that's what you wanted. That's that's organic. She loves doing it and now they're paying her to do what she was already doing anyway yep now for the food if we ever need to go. What are you going to eat the food I went once already and I'll go back so it's like it's Jason Aldean's Luke Bryan and F jailhouse? They're all together but right now. They're emphasized on Jason Audience which other the three bars I too so that's true she said okay we're gonNA. We're going to go up. Take a write. It looks bar. We're GONNA do but he's got Scott overdubbed. She'll house and I know a secret tunnel. You know take his right up to the top and all of a sudden boom we're in the middle of the club Aldean's like she knows her way around. Did you ever go like not late at night. No it was really weird went to eat food I was like I don't think I've ever seen this time because I think sometimes Broadway like I've gone to Broadway like four or five P._M.. And it's like so fun but I've done Dirks Finley's whiskey row which is like they have an awesome rooftop and you dance like it's fun but I so that's more in my time that I would want stuff you ever go. Maybe we could all go at that time. Have No desire to be there at two A._M.. Yeah I've been a few times. It's pretty fun. It gets really drunk after about twelve thirty like everyone sloppy and they're stepping on shoes and everything's wet any bar after twelve thirty so but they're always they're always nice to us. If it starts to get sloppy they'll go. Hey you WANNA go over here. Where it's I'm not so sloppy and so we'll go over there raimondo and his girl got into a big fight yeah we did? You'll know about it. I like your tone just shifts yeah. It's a fight tone what happened so I go to the gas station meeting. Her like to play cards replay Gin Rummy blackjack ally Jack all sorts of things high low. It's just fun drinking games. It's usually just me and her. We invite some people maybe so we didn't have cards so I go to the gas station and guess the only deck of cards they have is girls that are not fully naked but they're pretty close to. Its semi nude okay so I get this plan deck. The girls are in Bikinis thongs everything so I go back to the crib and I didn't think anything of it and we actually were able to play a little bit but of course the comments are going to flow these. These girls are wearing around the mets from her. Yeah we'll know from me so I'm saying stuff like hey blonde haired. Chicanos your cousin doesn't she and she's like half naked stuff and then I'd say men that Thong Bikini like not even being gross. Would you ever consider wearing something like that and she's like okay is the whole conversation now with the game going to be perverted because the carts and I'm the cards are naked girls that kind of generates that conversation so led to a huge fight. I should've never got the naked play but that's all they had the gas station K. so that was the dumb fight but the better thing is how we resolve our fights. You WanNa hear that story Oy so regardless of how dumb it is or how serious we always hold hands and it always ends up people's tones better we solve it faster. We care about each other more so we always start to fight holding hands and then we're able to explain ourselves and it doesn't get very aggressive and very hateful so angry though that you don't want to hold Angie like when I didn't hold hands it's five so mad. That's the thing we made it a rule. You have to hold hands with sometimes it's been pretty bad and we'll still just go for the handhold and it works. Yes I wanted to pass it. Along sounds like tip yeah. I like that but yeah also another don't get naked playing to the station. Yeah thanks to get the card game that night. Yeah out of probably just fade <hes> check over something. Just keep quiet about the car. is nothing like Dang. Can you get you one of these thongs yeah. That's that looks like your cousin a lot of good on Raymond tip for US yeah all right. Go ahead Raimondo. I'm looking for my sound effect. I wanted to use this hero cash right all right so this is going to be free money you guys so I heart the company we worked for. They just apparently now public. We're on Nasdaq baby. I just look it up Iheart and so all these major companies Netflix like starbucks apple. All these stocks are over one hundred dollars right now. I heart is right around hovering sixteen dollars so I'm saying by now. We're a major podcast major radio hour by now. This is a year guarantee. It's the exact acts of the apples. Netflix starbucks the world it'll be at one hundred dollars. You'll make ten fold your money and what leads you to believe that this is the stock that you WanNa push along the the company will work for. I've seen the INS and outs so I'm saying and bobby. They just started out. I can't believe it's that low. I really do think the New York Wall Street made a mistake. It should not be that little mistake. What are you not oh? He's just funny first of all. I'm saying he should say you'd be like why do you think the stock is going to go out when he should say we'll because if you bobby oh well that's not true but I guess we could affect it man listen. Somebody's listening to the show. Guess what if you turn us on in the morning you're helping your own stock very true. It's interesting maybe I'll buy. Do you ever do any any stock so I don't really got sick. Once I got sick download an APP where you can like buy stocks on the APP really like you don't even need a broker broker. You just do it yourself. Broker yeah like you know when you watch golf all the commercials those people no. I have a few hundred bucks on because I have some twitter really have yet at seventy five cents. Each of eighteen shares like that's what we're talking about here. Okay with my star fun. I have what is F word. I have an idea to shares of F. L.. No wait hold all I'm wrong on that. Twitter's twenty four bucks this year. We had a little money on that. One Ford have to shares at Twelve Bucks Ford's only twelve bucks a share average cost twelve thousand nine cents so that we are. That's the kind of stock that I have when I say stocks is definitely not someone who knows what they're doing. I get bored and buy stuff like twenty bucks. What oh I have one share of Steve Madden at forty seven dollars for years right <hes> different? Whatever about when I was sick like ten years ago I sold yeah why would you looking at? I'm like an Iheart that I'm are you guys using that stock up on your iphone. No Mine's called Robin Robinhood Green App. I don't even know got sick once so boarded starts. Is that more like stock for dummies because what I'm reading right now I can't understand. What do you mean what I don't know regular start as I h R._T.? Q.. Oh what is it right. Now what's in it. What do I don't know what you're saying? Well my IHEART. I'm seeing there's three sixteen dollars. Yeah you're right I h R._T.. On the Nasdaq open it so can I just I don't even know by some with apple pay right now. Maybe double tap open at sixteen thirty six well. We should do a financial show good <music> because they're interesting share. Don't have enough buying power to buy. I tried to buy two shares and they're like you're broke. Sorry you don't have enough to share of stocks remedy. Thank you for your tip Yup. Use that and enjoy guys in a year probably tenfold. Thank you and sell it. Do you guys do stock tips on your podcast not sore loser loser. We don't know anything about it yeah but we have remained no no. That's always the thing when they're like the stock market is so high America's like I wrote a thing we're like only eleven th the eleven percent of people have socks like most one bit like I guess I can cash his in. Some of my two shows twitter all the stuff that you bought when you're asleep ord sick now sleeveless difference. Yes amy the YOU WANNA say wrap it up. I have a new Cuna episode that loaded today and it's the what we call the fifth things you just search out four things with Amy Brown. Wherever you listen to podcasts listen I talk about this thing that I bought me answering your question? I go into something that I'm testing out for people in all hopefully reveal. I like kind of embarrassed that I bought it all right. I ended up talking about that. I'm like Oh. I hope other people have used this and they'll be able to tell me about it. Look someone's always used in the exact once so definitely listen to this Q._N._a.. Episodes are joking but what is twenty minutes joking about. Have you ever heard of fashion blaster Kalash vodkas things amy round spell it bashing. Oh boy cucumber look at this Eddie. What is that what is that oh seriously bones google? It's fine good part of your body to use it on that question never say it's the one I'm looking at is a long stick and it has three like balls on it and you do that on your name. You talk about that comes up. It just came it came up with and I was like I wasn't planning talking about this. Okay interesting. I have a podcast. It goes up today by the time you hear. This may be up. <hes> Thomas came over the house. We did an hour and we talked about for example. I'm curious about people go on Saturday night live breath and what that day is like what that week leading up to the show. Here's here's Thomas Rhett. I can't hit it. Can you cut three and so you're in there and you're watching John. Mullany rehearses stuff and I got to me like Ben Stiller. I got Paul Rudd. <hes> you know the whole cast finish walking in their managers could feel the whole feral more cowbell skit like it's crazy how much history you could feel just walking in that building and so because even doing Fallon Kimmel and all that even though it is how was not lobue filming at like four o'clock in the afternoon S._N._l.. You're doing your your your mess. Up is forever on national television on Youtube Marta this show yeah yeah exactly so that we talk about a lot. It's a good one. It's crazy to clarify that you know we grew up with. It being called Saturday night live but now it's S._N._l.. Yeah the ones probably the L was called S._N._l.. No yeah that's it I think K._F._C.'s K._F._C. Right yeah exactly weight watchers W._w.. Amy That's a good example too yeah. I don't think that's called W W Duncan Duncan change to something because they don't wait. They don't use saying wait but only it's W._W.. Not wait plot. They may have changed their name. Change the brand name. Hey Mike Gibson the weird on my screen. It's like a way what you weight. Watchers changes name to W._W.. And that's what you have to call it now well the I I found what marketers can learn from W._w._e.'s rebrand troubles. Oh yeah because it's terrible still absolutely if they did do that then. I thought it was dumb and I'm wrong because they did do that but you're also right because as you thought it was done I was wrong. I'm wrong because I was like there's no way they named it that you're normally so right that I was like yeah I clued. I messed this up. It's probably called W but now we assume that bobby no no no. No don't do ooh call a W._W.. And nor would I think that could go through the boardroom going all right. We're all GONNA vote. It's been up eight levels now. Do we call our company W._W.. A terrible name companies that have like wait and fit like you know those think think thin bars now if you're at the gas station only by the quest bars they're yummy Brownie crunchers but like Yeah Eddie now they're just called think think bars because they want to remove thin because the controversy over the Golden Wait J.. Moore's I know because think I mean the PA- I like the new packaging it says think and so it makes you think before you eat maybe but yeah companies are just watching out for that all right. We're done with today's <hes> <unk> after show B. B. S. A. S. S. B.. BOBBIE JO after show post show pre show all right S. P. S. Morgan number two how the comments over there in the twitter page this the post show pre show zoom pretty positive over here so that's that's bonus. That's better than we've been. I've had the block anyone today not yet guess she's watching though one of my friends said they went over there and it was dark. It's a dark place. It's like I haven't been bad to pick back to go into your neighborhood and hang out our facebook page. Pick your neighborhood. Wow I know it's risky. It's risky who could Alec Factually die in my neighborhood visit thing for a quick sorry about the the blocking comments is it doesn't it doesn't really do Blah it just kind of like darkens it like ooh this comments been hidden and then I'm always like well wonder what they said. Well you know that's the <hes> that could just be me it. Get it makes you go and more curious and then I start clicking that profile who's Harry. Let's see what Harry's all about the weird thing is. Sometimes I missed some really just mean vulgar hateful and you click on it and it's like their picture them leading their youth group yeah. I like their Bible verse then like okay. It's like judge not. Not Yes you'd be judged and they're over on our DOUCHEBAG. Ever what a loser. You're like wait. That's not the same person who said Miss Page yeah someone because of my family feud appearance like my how I came off on family feud was questioning my parenting. I saw that we'll tell you whether tomorrow fine but I didn't WanNa give her attention. I wanted to more draw attention than stupid comments we get but I scratched her name because I mean I wasn't trying to like. Give her attention if that's what she wanted but I did want to give her calm and attention because it did made me laugh because you know what I like that was a growth point for me. Comment use to probably would have made me cry not anymore Thomas Right and I talked about that too he was he was like posted a picture like me and my kids and I person was like shave your a beard in the second was like why you're bent so funny loser and he's like he's like what just the nature if you're this person if you're listening to me right now and you do this stop stop. Obviously you don't love us. You don't even love yourself got him. That's true I said that someone who's done loves to what if I have my burner Kelly Kevin Durant and it's slamming people and building me <hes> his biggest fan like that's how they caught him. I think you forgot to turn his burner Henrik off. I thought that was a big Joe. No he's a real busted. Go people it's funny as funny <unk> message people on Instagram that wasn't he going to press conferences too and like taking pictures as press photographer but he's UH. I don't know that that version of that story but it listen good for him. I don't really go people on instagram. My direct messages are all just I didn't know I turn my account from a business to a personal account and now I can put d._M._Z.. Different categories. There's general there's primary. There's I had no idea maybe this why wasn't gonNA deemed at all because I would just see there is no. I wouldn't know who was sending. Why would you like Oh okay? I need to look into what is your set has. I don't know what you were a business and now your personal bones is always yeah. Did you know about that Morgan number two yeah you you get more things like what the personal side but you're probably gonNA after ten back to business soon because just some of your like endorsements that you have they'll want those analytics like your your general or your who will want it the general I can't get analytics on a personal <hes> that's why most like influence elements are or public figure accounts are business. How do you know what you are? <hes> you are what you want to be. Oh No. I WanNa know what I am tells you you be you okay all right here. Are we go. This is today show <hes>. This is Tuesday June twenty third here. Is the actual show that happened today. It wasn't just rambling the whole time like we've been doing here in joy Tuesday show by everybody. You probably know that Marie Antoinette never said let them eat okay but here's something she did say that she was led to the Guillotine. marie-antoinette accidentally stepped on her executioners her final words work. I'm sorry I didn't mean to do it. I'm Danish words and I'm the host of Noble Noble blood a new podcast from iheartradio Aaron Minke each episode focus is on a single story from the life of one of history's most fascinating royds for marie-antoinette during a final days to the Baronet lost at sea might might have reappeared as an Australian farm. The world is full of ill-fated Love Affairs bad decisions and family drama but for Monir the personal determines the fate of nations and when you wearing crown mistakes tend to be deadly listening subscribe at Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts your buddy miss the Bob the right walk over Tuesday's show more studio morning funny story. Here's the thing you never know in love is GonNa Strike. Never you never know who you're GONNA see boom. Love it has happened. He can just crawl up on you and all of a sudden. You're like Woo. Caterpillar son loves on your arm but there are boundaries. This guy has committed to making a fake bomb threat in hopes of getting a date with the flight attendant. Oh yeah he made a telephone call. They caused a flight to be to be evacuated before it's takeoff now. The reason is because he wanted to have some alone time with the flight attendant. It was on the flight so if somebody else fly you could see you're in the airport tooth Mar- oh my gosh we're one hundred thirty passengers and five crew member that had to leave the aircraft while it was searched by special police squad and sniffer dogs. The man who has not been named had met met to flight attendants and advice dinner but they refused he confessed confessed to the hoax on Saturday saying he'd especially like one of the women after he failed to track down at the hotel for this guy's going all out too much. The police traced is call well. He was charged with causing panic disorder. He should also be to be able to have to pay back some of the flight time to just not the move to have guys like if you WanNa get no girl what does hot no like. That's no like what was your flight attendant move. I didn't really have a move. She got kind of flirted with me. I felt her is two fingers to my right and then you put your number on a Napkin no number L I said hey you she said give me a review on the speaker and I gave a review. I was like hey my favorite ever there. Were my instagram name. Okay Yeah. That's that's so have hung out or here's a funny story though I haven't talked to her at all no no she looked too far away but I was on a flag she was she was working on your fight again no different so I'm on the flight from Seattle down to Atlanta oh I was on one of the flights this past weekend and I I don't know the flooding was sort of the again. I was like what what is in the air. Am I just sat. I know maybe like fifteen thousand feet. I started to get cute when there's only like fifty people that maybe so but it was I was I didn't even know she's flirting with me because I'm clueless people flirting and we're talking and I go to the bathroom and she's like talking to me right before I walk into the little little hole the whatever that is a tiny room right and so she's okay and I notice she's talking a little longer and she's really bored and walking off the plane and she goes. Hey can I had you up on instagram like what it maybe. She heard she heard that's. That's how you roll run yeah okay and then well. I was getting we were walking off the plane. I was kind of getting pushed and I was like okay and I was surprised because I didn't think she was starting with me and I just said Okay and I didn't know I haven't heard former yet but <hes> I give her. You're nothing oh she can find out because she can look at the manifest in probably your name yes and Morgan number two. I hit number two. I was like hey see if you can find his flight attendant and then how she found her I said here's a hair-color and Avowal and then mortgage number two founder and you're seeing yeah so and then she was in when she found her she was following me already. She has a message me but now she's not following me anymore. No okay let make sense but I don't think she was falling. She didn't know who I was like. Oh I found me and then she followed in an followed. I don't know what that moves about. What do you think about Morgan number two? I'll tell you I've done it before when you're trying trying to. Somebody's attention if they don't follow back they didn't see it so you're like Oh. I'll try it again. Maybe or like ooh. That was my shot. I gave up oh well that was that was that's the thing <hes> bobby bone show podcast highlight segment of the day it much like fantasy football. We're GONNA draft of the greatest country love songs one ever all time today you get to begin one and we'll see you as the best team at the end of it now at the first overall pick of the country love songs draft draft. This'll be a snake draft. Amy You get the first overall pick so would you first pick over on the draft. What does the country love song? You're going with forever and ever Amen it's on my list river. The Gray love song and you wanted to gold. Yes Oh man talk about the weather as long as talk about Oh man okay so you can't win a draft with the first round pick but you can lose one with bad ones. You did good oh all right lunchbox first round pick of the country song draft appreciate your not taking the best long out there and it's called issue or love by Tim McGraw something to get and there are three rounds by the Eddie with a third pick in the first round of the country love songs draft. What are you go with guys? Just left this on the table. Go a strawberry wind Deana Carter. Come on thank you. It's borderline first round only like oh goodness. That's a good song. It's hard to hate on any of these songs also good Morgan number two pick. I won that came to my mind amazed by Lonestar. Ask jeeves now on my list. I did have forever and ever Amen from any travis if amy if you didn't take it that was going to be up there yeah so I gotTa pull that one off my list but my first pick is still there that I had chosen. It was an and I'm sitting here is still get my first pick which is garth brooks. If tomorrow never never knew darn right now it and that's the end of the first round hey great first round Ami with forever Amen lunchbox that your love Eddie strawberry wine mortgage number two amazed and I have if tomorrow never comes garth brooks now to the second second round. We go backwards since I was last in the first round to get to go first snake part of it with the first pick of the second round in the country loves song draft. I'm going to go with Dolly Parton. I will always love you goodwin gold. How can you hate the song first rounder to the second country love songs? Can't I believe in long Aaron Rodgers all right more you never to your second pick the second round such a solid one. I swear by John Eh remember to any gramling you're out of change a couple of things I want to go with garth brooks unanswered prayers answered our man of stare singer naming and just because he doesn't care everybody guys grade. Hey Pick Eddy izard all right lunchbox. Pick a second round. Go ahead guys. I don't know how I'm doing this. I'm going back to back with Tim McGraw. You left his other and I'm take it. Don't take the girl my take Tommy. Tom Best Frien- to McGraw pits the love. I guess taming the last pick of the second round yeah. What is your song here George Strait carrying your West Virginia? I'll be carrying with me now down to the last last round here around three big one so I wonder why are you gonNA texture them with detector was on the new. You're gonNA stay all amy so far on your team. You have drafted forever and ever Amen Yeah. That's a quarterback and carrying your love with me George Strait what is your final pick and snake draft you to go the first time to join last last round. Yeah I pick in the country love song round three go ahead Dirksen Bentley Komodo closer newer alright. She loves all right. That's kick right there there. We go belly. Come a little the backup quarterback wide receiver. It's like your your quarterback running back. Any White Zebo Star players saying oh no no to tim is out of low songs songs that I that I know of that. I that I relate to amy stole my next pick so I man this is a tough one but I'll go with net is less right now back to go and I'm go is George Strait and this one is called. Check yes or no the last pick I happened to classic and I was thinking of all the classic songs Great Love Songs. I'm GonNa go Willy Nelson always on my mind. Ah We're excited number two eighty. I gotta go with my girl Sinaia Twain. You're still the one I see everyone's kind of picking now in this third around something like wonder artists now like Amy's got a George Strait mortgage has shown. I got Willie's Texas Texas. This guy got a lot of McGraw's. I got the final drafts. Big Bonds. Don't crumble. Let's I'm Gonna I was going to take a flyer on someone like someone. The hadn't made it yet. Maybe you think they're going to develop into something. Would you like to trade. I would like to trade for I would. I Have Eric Church like Jesus. Does I'm not going to pick it but that was close made my list. It's such a jam. It did raise imagine trying to get both people that were on his radar talk into that. He doesn't make it. He's not GonNa be posted on the page where people can vote for the best team so that was one and I have two options have a really classic one in a really newish one and so far on my team I have garth Brooks. Tomorrow never comes because my guy solid and I have Dali. I will always love you you know in the N._B._A.. On upside like they draft young talent because because a upside so I mean the the newer one maybe upside potential bad deal here I feel I don't know what it is. I'm intrigued on what the new one is. I've got two choices here that to them deciding between and I think I'm not GonNa go with the older one. I'M NOT GONNA go with patsy declined crazy. I was so close it's so good Dolly would be. I felt like the memo's would be Rockin me but you need a switch it up so I'm GONNA put new guy in. I'm calling him in. I'm calling in the Reidy Heidi. He was a soccer star in high school. He played a little football as well. Who who yes and you had no all this? If you listen to the newest bobby cats with Thomas Rhett it comes out at noon today o Dia Happy Man and see the northern did see jab you could about that big playoff. The play Offs Amy Reach Your team allowed. Go ahead forever. Never Amen Randy Travis George Strait great carrying your love with me and Dirks Bentley come a little closer. That's amy's three team drug. Who Your quarterback? It's your love Tim McGraw then we don't take the girl to McGraw and check yes or no by George Strait Eddie. <hes> I have strawberry one is my quarterback. Deana Carter unanswered prayers as my running back Garth Brooks and always on my mind as my wide receiver Morgan number two team. I've got amazed by Lonestar at quarterback. I've got ice wear by John Michael Montgomery at running back and then you're still the one by tonight edge. Wayne is my third round. Pick Pixar <hes> based on my picture of the draft here if tomorrow never come garth brooks also have Dolly Parton I will always love you and Dia Happy Man. Thomas Rhett saw team. That's not my own. You can't pick your own I would I would pick these teams. I think that's I do. I like your team a lot but well. Let's listeners decide. They pick your love triangle. They're kind of missing a player. You've got well no positions. Oh Yeah Hill lineup. I mean she's the Song Chant Bailey's playing both sides okay deal. I pick lunch break you. Can we make that a poll a bobby DOT COM. We can put all of our one hundred percent the vote. It's not of yet is it literally just picked him. Okay all right all right so thank you all. Hey great draft. Good luck to everyone this year. <hes> no good like to meet only tomorrow. We'll we'll. We'll see who one show Raimondo what you got. Apple released is twelve point four. It's GonNa fix for that walkie talkie APP bug that allow people to eavesdrop on your conversations. They're also GONNA have a wireless data transfer option for IPHONES ipads target. They've recalled egg salad sandwiches and salads. They can make sick if purchased one recently take you back for a full refund and finally in New York. Some people still remain without power because also been flash flooding so visions are warning if you see street with standing water on it always turn around auto show the scroll name. Amanda is in love and she wants the whole world to know it. She's in love with a chandelier interesting. She identifies as object them sexual. She's attracted to objects. She found these chandelier into lear on Ebay. Chandeliers name is looming near and she said it's true love so you're GonNa have a commitment ceremony. Since you know you can't legally Mary Chandelier Yeah and our closest friends will be there like <hes> the toaster like okay. What if you're close to her and she's like hey coach? Come to the wedding I would you go your friend Yes. I'll go support her but I think that maybe I she needs help. Is that wrong. What if it makes totally happy? She totally normal in every other way. There's no way and then you're saying. She can't be totally normal every other way of that. I've never had experienced with somebody falling in love with an object so I don't know but I would think that there's something off and not that not that that's bad. We all had things that are all about them. Be I'm tiptoeing around because I want to be sensitive to anybody. Listening that might be in love with an object sexual but it's like okay something a little often. Sometimes when things are off we get help. Usually I just need more carbs in my diet right. It could be that thanks yeah clip from T._v.. Show all you have to do his name the T._v.. Show I got five of them. Let's see I'm and you can get ready writing number one. Can you name this T._v.. Show by the clip cut it out. Both full house is that it uncle Uncle Joey. Uncle Joe is correct one name this one the one who knocks wchs what's the one who knocks. I have no idea the one who knock not I don't know I I hear this could totally wrong but Bryan Cranston from breaking bad is that your answer sounds like his voice yeah. Wow what I don't okay. I don't know what that's from no but that means mighty what's I'm the one who I've watched the whole show that quote though his wife is like I think she finds out and then he's explaining no. He's the bad guy. I'm the one that knocks on the bad guy. How about this one this? Could I be wearing anymore all right. Go ahead definitely joey from friends that scene Yes. He's got on all of Chandler's plus all of them and he's like and I'm not wearing a new where there's anything wrong with that many gay friend my father's Gay Seinfeld threat not there's anything wrong with that. I started watching the new season of Comedians and cars going coffee and Eddie. Murphy is the first episode in his forty minutes long and usually these sorts of fifteen minutes but they do have forty minute episode Eddie Murphy. It's pretty good I love that show but they just offered Eddie Murphy seventy million dollars to stand up on net flicks a few specials seventy million dollars and he's a little bit before us but he was humongous in the eighties. Let's I do another one. You won't get this one three words for you. Treat yourself treat yourself in two thousand eleven. Maybe you can get context clues k Big Bang Theory Azizan. Sorry that's a parks and REC that now I was watching him a Brooklyn nine nine on the flight. That's a pretty funny show to watch that all right. Here's this one. I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them. <hes> the wonder years. It's one of the final episodes of the office if not the final one where Ed Helms here yet oh yeah man. It's it's Super Sad music creeds playing guitar and maybe the final episode so what does I wish. I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before. You've actually left them. Yeah I know. I don't think he'd be very good. Oh I did to three kidding me that breaking bad one was clutch. You got full House. Okay breaking three to five yeah so I miss to which are the sixty percent though okay I miss the two I've never seen parks and REC. Don't watch and I'm not there yet on the office. Calm down on the office like got season five six. Maybe you're getting there. I'm at the Steve Croes Gone Okay Yeah. I don't know just rolls keeps her role in this going to have a kind of a downturn a little bit but then it comes back. I want you to every night before I go to sleep. The best thing about Netflix to me. Is it goes. I used to watching insurance itself down because my old T._v. doesn't have a sleep timer so net flicks time reform me then I get asleep at the T._v.. Off Shutdown. I'm on a friend's cake right now so offices take away because I'm just love in. The friends knew that shows an getting into in this podcast began with a simple premise but things don't always go as planned and something happened during production something no one expected. I'm going to let you in a dark secret something have I've tried to hide from almost every one of the past few years I can't sleep at night and when I am able to sleep I have nightmares not the kind of nightmares that child might have but the kind that can only come from the mind of grown grown adult who's seen and read a little too much. I'm hoping that if I can give this off my chest maybe just maybe I'll be able to shake these killers out of my head long enough to get some mush needed rest <music> from iheartradio and tender foot TV muster presents INSOMNIAC listen two months to present insomniac on Apple podcasts or whatever else you get. Your podcasts costs bobby bound for National Hollywood Morgan number two thirty six GIDDY. Neil towns has released a new version of her single. Somebody's daughter she re recorded the track with the girl scouts of middle all Tennessee troops six thousand these these get more announced a six date bud light dive bar tour and he also announced another lake of his acoustic room despaired toward this fall he has Devon Dawson Tucker third in Kylie Morgan as special guests on select dates congrats to Adam Hamburg and his wife life on the birth of their second daughter. Her name is Heidi and she was born last Friday. He just shared the news on social media. I'm Morgan number two. That's your skin. It's time for the good news. When Wayne Wilson passed away in May with no surviving family members his friends initially planned for a small service of ten people but when drew mickle an intern at Brown funeral home in Niles Michigan put out a call to the public saying hey come to the funeral a small service turn into a massive gathering as more than three thousand people showed up across the country to honor the deceased veteran and it wasn't just a local community to came to pay the respect others drove to Michigan from Iowa Tennessee and Florida because they knew his a veteran who didn't have a lot of living family so around yeah? It's awesome quote even if you think you're alone the Greater American family is here to support you said the message to veterans was that you are loved and your supported in we in the community or all here for you. Isn't that awesome love that me to shadow he just an intern funeral home well what a weird internship to offering but wants to go into it as a tough businessman thankful that some WanNa do it and shout out to Wayne Wilson <hes> no longer with us but for serving in again to the kid drew mickle the intern at Brown funeral homes cremation services and Nihil Michigan again and that is what it's all about that was telling me something good show. This story comes from Clayton County Georgia eight thirty two year old woman was in court facing minor charges when it was taken forever to get to her case she was like man I got I got somewhere to be goes out to her. Car takes a pack of firecrackers pose. A video and social media says if this judge doesn't hurry up and call my case. I'm going to blow up the courtroom multiple levels. This is a bone at <hes> one. You don't do that. You just don't threaten blowing up anything to the courthouse three. She's in firecrackers. It's not going to do it well. They didn't know his firecrackers until they searched her car but yes. It's a bad all the way around so she's facing numerous felonies now but did the judge get her out. In time he got around and head causing put her in the slammer there you go all right. That's your bonehead much box at your bonehead story today it over to Catherine in Virginia Catherine welcome to the Bobby show. It's going on hey barry. How are you good? What's happening with you <hes> I? My daughter just got her permit. So we're driving around listening to you and we love you. We are obsessed with Stanley and we just wanted to take morning. Thanks so your daughter is how old she fifteen and a half so fifteen and a half yeah well in Virginia Yeah back the door now listen. I'm thirty nine years old but back in the day in Arkansas. You were fourteen. When you got your permanent? We got it and listen. They weren't enforcing new rules anyway but you were fourteen and you just drove fifteen but now too yeah. I guess they learn that that's probably a bad idea. How do you feel about her driving for the first time to scare you are no no I love it? I have four kids and she can help with driving so I'm still ready to have somebody else. She's the oldest kid yeah yeah. No it's great well thank you. I'll tell Stanley my dog that you said hello please do. Thanks for calling told me good luck way. You're not with her right now and she's driving in your on the phone with us or are you know I pulled over holdover but now she's listening to all of the all right. Well thank you for calling yeah all right have a great day she later until you last night was <hes> nutty for me. You know sometimes you're a smoke alarm and you're like great. It's like yeah I guess the batteries did and like okay well and it was just starting to go dead so it only takes semi timer on the phone to figure how often it was going off every forty five seconds so that's a long time to go okay. I think that a smoke alarm going off and then you go to one room and you wait forty seconds. It's not in that room. See like okay okay. Let me go to another room not in that room. I went like five different rooms from the kitchen to laundry room trying to find the stupid smoke alarm couldn't find it. I'm standing there in a here. It's somewhere near me going I am. I'm looking for old smoke alarms. Maybe that are on the ground somewhere nothing finally after about an hour and a half I realized maybe there's a smoke alarm in the basement what yes and there was in that. I was hearing it through my floor into me an hour and have to get so I went and I didn't have a battery for it so I took it off the wall and just do it outside in the backyard because it was. I don't know how keeps beeping if there's no power source to it right because I took it off unplugged it. There's no battery in it because battery was dead and and it kept beeping and so you can't keep it in the house so it's in the backyard somewhere it said of Bush because they didn't want to hear a beep all night. What are you going to do because like if it rains is going to be ruined usually get a new one? Tell you the last few times I've done this. I just never got miles. Okay yeah the one I moved. They're like well. You got to replace these fire. These smoke alarms here but that was my night last night or if you ever want to adopt adopt what I don't know kid all they did that to you. Through your adoption they can look to your house yeah. We'd have all the safety safety precautions fire extinguishers. I'm not getting and they come and look through the House and go. Hey It's Muslim getting dirtier home study and I'm like do people do this for everybody. That wants get pregnant. nope there are a lot of rules by getting a break know anybody. Anybody can deliver a baby baby but if you don't have a fire extinguisher under your kitchen sink Lewis show over and talk to alley in North Carolina who's calling us right now. Hey Alley Hi. How are you go? What's happening not much? I'm driving dot com from a girls weekend in Charleston for my long ride home extended weekend a all right well. Tell me what would you like to ask <hes>. I was curious what he'll do normally like when you get home from the show on a day-to-day basis. That's that's a good question. <hes> amy go ahead say everyday's very different from me but a lot of times will for sure include kid time a workout. I duNno prepping whatever we're GONNA make for dinner and then depending on time of the week like podcast stuff. The shell prep other things. We work on like amy. Everyday's a bit different for me. I had interview that I did yesterday after the show that I hopped on a podcast yesterday and then Thomas Rhett came to my house. What did a podcast I worked out <hes> I went over some jokes? <hes> mostly I keep myself busy with other little creative tasks and then I tried to go to bed go to bed. Oh man we try to put the kids down a little after eight and then my husband and I tried to be in bed by nine yeah and then went to bed last night about nine o'clock or so twenty do after the show <hes> take a nap pretty much every day. <hes> eat some launch. Watch a little bit of T._v.. And then I tried to get a workout in and I pick up the kid from daycare hopefully around three thirty second a little dad and kid time Eddie <hes> we do the podcast vast right after the show and then I get home and eat I'm starving usually by the end of the day and then I nap for like a good hour and a half and then it's family time go go go go until dinner's ready and then but the kids bed and it's back to grind thirty how Eddie Phillies satisfied with an answer alley sorry. Are You satisfied with those answers yes. I was just wondering if you'll all kind of went all day or flood. Watch Fox picks up but once a week I'll take a nap to pater but I mean all all day of we've I wake up a three kind of pry wrap up here around eleven thirty or so so I mean that's like eight and a half hour like I part of the day of work right. We just put them in a different times. You know yeah well I couldn't do that though you can drive <hes> variable. You could do it any money into it. Hey thanks for the call appreciate that thanks Allie in North Carolina hop on the show eight seven seven seventy seven bobby especially if a little personal questions like that would jeff breakfast today. I watch a Lotta today. It's all you have breakfast as I have. I put Collagen vital proteins in there so there's protein. I put a little brain octane so there's some fat milk what you eat off team. It's like an M._C._A._T.. Language okay. I thought maybe heard of it but I mean that's what I had would you have. I had like a yogurt. That's what you had breakfast. Put some blueberries in it. What are blueberry and I didn't have any octane gains or now right? Octane breakfast is very they used to always be the same glowing green smoothie every time but now I mix it up I mean I might have oatmeal might have all have a quest bar sometimes sometimes to those good lunch Jeff Breakfast. I had a Tortilla with peanut butter and a banana on it. Wrap it up like a TACO. It's easy you can eat it on the go love that no it sounds that one of your favorite snacks you were making bobby. What were you you shared some Tortilla snack? You've been a Tortilla with almond butter and banana yeah pretty much the same thing it's easy so don't be hating brain enzymes brain octane. They did you get chance to watch the Mister Rogers movie trailer now. Tom Hanks's Mister Rogers and I posted on my twitter. Yesterday I mean the whole Internet was going nutty about it. Here's a club of that. It's beautiful beautiful day for would you be mind you please. My neighbor <music> Eddie Love Tom Hanks Tom Hanks did not see it though I did see the Internet Raven about it it's it looks really good. They're going to few just like money trailers. The top gun trailer came out which Morgan who's excited about. Are you into Tom. Tom Cruise. You like older men. Tom Cruise Yeah especially. I mean as maverick you. You can't beat that yeah but you like Sylvester Stallone think he's hot and he's like one hundred. Yes I do and you like Tom Cruise. He's mid-fifties yeah yeah who else you like open that older man category. Tom Hanks idea like Tom Hanks. I don't find him as attractive. I guess as Sylvester Stallone our founders you're telling me if you've got to go any day with one older man amazing you would picks investor stallone over. Tom Hanks Yeah. Oh Wow weird protects me. You know I'm ready okay. Tom Hanks is sixty three years old. Wow look at that. It's almost seventy right the truth. Nobody knows let's go melody and Michigan. Hey Melody. You're on the Bobby Brown show. How are you high valley good? How are you a real good? What do you want to say? I just want to say that I love listening to the show and you guys inspire me daily and it's <hes> and something that me and my four year old son loves listening to Every Day oh well thanks a lot. We appreciate glad that you and your son can listen to something together. That's pretty cool yeah. He always say mom. Are we going to listen to bobby before we go to <hes> his daycare provider. That's right. It's what I say all right well thank you melody. Have a great day thinks he to over the coal in Virginia Coal. You're on the bobby bone show. How are you going good for you but just wondering or non? Have you ever moved anywhere like away for work or something and if you'll have to move away from family and friends I've moved a lot. I mean for me. I moved to schools that was growing up because we kept getting moved around but then it was when I was twenty two I finished college a move from Arkansas Austin and I'd never been to Austin before and they were like I got a bunch of trouble and Laurent Radio because I broke into another radio station and <hes> we took over the airwaves way of and is a whole deal and got a lot of trouble and so with that came stations offering me a job so the station in Austin in a program director named Jason and said Hey. I think you're good. You should come two nights here in Austin. I was like all right I'm in and so I moved move never been there dro- snowstorm and got to Austin didn't know single soul and it was fantastic. It was the greatest thing that I ever did because it caused a lot of growth in me because I had to get out of my comfort zone now Austin's home to me so and I was there until you know my early Thirties mid thirties and from their move to Nashville did know anybody here but the thing about that was I got to bring on my friends with me so they'll move with me but I would say that moving to a place you don't know forces you to have to do things you've never done before which forces you to grow as a human. I loved it on the short. Term wasn't good because you like nothing's comfortable but you only really achieve growth growth. If you put yourself in uncomfortable situation like things don't change unless you put yourself in situations doesn't fill familiar and so I would say I've moved bunch times and every time it felt awkward and odd and it didn't feel like it was going to be the long-term solution solution for me but every time it's been awesome so that would be my answer there. Why are you considering that? Oh Yeah I'm twenty two now right out of college then traveling a little bit thin you in a senior statue at Nashville Hall of fame or whatever and I'll just lost traveling and was on edge about moving somewhere but having a new job now they're offering made him. The places like maybe Georgia Vice Sinkhole. Move Your twenty two. You get back move because if you don't like it you know I'd move back and don't get two months like moving back but you gotta give it a good nine months. It's like going to a new school and Boyd move in schools. I got shipped all over schools. Yeah I think one of the things that work best for me which again I didn't like was being moved schools because we get kicked out of a place or a victory we couldn't pay rent and we'd have to move you know from this apartment to this trailer and there would always be a new school. I'd have to go to and you talk about a kid having a walk into a classroom. It's not know anybody I did it first grade. Did it in Jacksonville school that I did it in Lake Hamilton it at Mount Pine I had to Moscow all the time is awful but again you then learn you know how to cannon navigate those waters when people have no idea who you are. They're not looking like you initially <hes> again. Best thing that ever happened to me was at some struggles early in my life. I think you should move but move right now. Pakistan up and go right now. I'm thinking about our. I hope that helps you a little bit. Oh Yeah thank you thanks for checking out my Country Music Hall of Fame Exhibit. That's nice of you. I love the ladder. There's call in Virginia twenty. Six million calls connected on the battlefields in Europe doesn't mean anything if you do not have an operator number four minutes and thirty three seconds that change the course music history best understood fees and his lease understood the twenty eight thousand seconds for ten episodes of the podcast ephemeral are all available now listen to the full first season of ephemeral and subscribe on Apple Podcasts Iheartradio or wherever you listen to podcasts and learn more at ephemeral Thermo Amy's pile of stories animal shelter in Oklahoma City took advantage of all the storm area fifty one craziness by holding their own event called storm the shelter. They posted photos of dogs in ten foil hats. That's funny. I had seen the story but I didn't know they did the alien dogs yes so all the dogs immediately got adopted. Isn't that crazy. Plus People Online have donated over twenty four hundred dollars simply by coming up with the creative campaign. Listen bow ties on dogs Malian hats on dogs anything on dogs as good. That's good. I like that one gas so maybe some people here this or see the story and be inspired okay. Let's get creative and figure out a way to get adopted so you know the original moon tapes of Neil Armstrong on the moon look at me and the eyeballs the three people on the spaceship spaceship on the Moon Neil Armstrong buzz buzz what can't ever remember how you can do fate Aldrin boom. Yes practiced who's the one that doesn't really I know my husband talks active out of them and we watch that movie together known as in it but Michael Collins yeah he gets glossed over a little DAB poor guy and I was listening to Buzz Aldrin talk about the eagles you know why Neil Armstrong was the first one out because he was the closest assisted hatch in Obama's. I would have been the guy but yeah I'd like to recognize all three of them right now because they risk their lives and now the moon tapes which are what okay so their their original footage of the only one. That's slept like original footage of what happened when they stepped on the moon and stuff that was reported historic forceps Blah Blah Blah well in nineteen seventy six a NASA intern bought them at some government surplus auction for two hundred seventeen dollars tape. You know much they sold for this week. Oh they sold again this week and he he decided to let go of them for one point eight two million dollars wow <hes> pretty smart by back in the day good for him. Yeah Yeah could've taken GONNA loan out against those over the years. The tapes are the only remaining first generation recordings of the historic mission so obviously pretty awesome people got their hands on him but that's something you bought for Turner Seventeen dollars but back then it does like what ten million yeah if I I had a astronaut introduced me on Saturday and Seattle Really Because it was the fiftieth anniversary of the moon yeah ending on Saturday and I was doing <hes> some comedy and it was at the Aeronautics Center Center and national came. This is the craziest party ever been to like if we clown that was crazy. You guys got an astronaut. There was a real life astronaut. It's pretty cool what else we'll space space like three asteroids or headed towards Earth tomorrow. It's been good no one you guys new studio before it all went down travelling at forty two thousand miles per hour four hundred feet wide thing. This is what I hope it big brothers listening and let me tell you they're always lessening if an asteroids coming to earth breath in it's GonNa Smash us. Don't let us know just let it smashes will not the difference anyway. It'll just be blink is and it's over and I'd rather not go through the mass hysteria of everyone looting punching and biding this all it's going to happen inviting each other yeah or is that just looking for an opportunity probably what time tomorrow I don't have an exact time under calendar or amy what else okay the governor of Oregon just signed a new bill that will allow kids to take mental health days off from school so now in addition to actual sickness student absences will be allowed for kids to take care of their mental or behavioral health and the hope is that it'll change the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. Here's here's what upset about that. I think it's a fantastic idea. I think that we have been listen. I was brought up very poor and uneducated. Area and mental health was not a thing there wasn't a therapist. There wasn't anything other than you're just acting crazy. I I think with my mom that was a big part of you know why. She wasn't so healthy at times. She wasn't diagnosed that we had no money. I think my mom's bipolar as she was an addict we had no money and so it really wasn't a thing I think introducing the idea of you. You need to be healthy physically physically and mentally is such a wonderful thing to everyone early in life but as it was you you felt dumb. I felt down because I didn't know the difference and now as an adult. I've only finally started to go. Oh I should really be tried to get right up here as opposed to like out here my body. They're both super important and yes there will be people. Take advantage of it but there's people take advantage of everything so I'm into it. I love the fact that it's just they're introducing introducing an idea and people take advantage of it but also it'll help people to in the stigma will hopefully be be shed a bit Oregon is one of the first states to now treat physical and mental health equally and Utah is doing the same so hopefully other states will follow. I'm a big Fan Oregon. I've only been there like twice yeah but I'm GonNa tell you they're working on the environment like they're passing laws up there. That are super environment like do this or it's against and now they're you know they're very progressive like that. All right there you go up on that was amy's pile of stores over and talk to Christine Texas we loser yes. She dropped off and as soon as I go to these calls drop rav think they hear their name and they they hang up like holy moly. I'm getting on the radio. If you WANNA call us you can eight seven seven seventy seven bobby loud take your calls. The United States makes more of these food items than anywhere awesome the world. So what food items do you think we make the that we lead in hotdogs. That's one of them nice work being go ahead French fries hamburgers. Yeah let me give you do pizza now. You're kind of in the right lane for a lot of the food doughnuts Oh yeah which by the way I've been eating these sprinkled donut quest bars I it really is a fantastic flavor. It is yeah I've seen that one. I have not been intrigued but now you have interested it tastes just like sprinkled chocolate. Donut chocolate bars are relatively good for you as far as protein eighteen bars like nothing's good for you as just real right but if you're on the go that's that in the Laura bars are as good are all real food like three ingredients and you can pronounce everything plus aspires. Sometimes I'm like what that chemical but I'm like please give me more good <hes> so donuts clam chowder pie hamburgers hot dogs and rounding it out his Fried Chicken Gotcha which I do love me some Fried Chicken <hes> boy. My Grandma always make the best fried chicken. I haven't had good fried chicken in a long time. I like chicken fried steak. I just like people always go if you're dying what you last meal. It's always southern fried food because this is where I grew up but I haven't had any while some today after the show Eddie she'll get a massage after the show today I am. That's yeah. It's like a couples massage but we're not doing it together so it's basically just to massages pretty much couples besides writes and my wife looked at that way. It wasn't my call. It was weird and so did you get to pick if you wanted to dude a woman massaging you while she had already booked me with a guy and I was like no. No no I can't can't do that. You don't WanNa guy rubbing you. That's not that any neither you don't know I only want a girl. I am sexist. We'll for me. It's like it's like a guys too strong. I I don't have a lot of muscles and so at feel like it would hurt if ado did it. You know what I mean like. A woman can be a little more like more of a strong as a guy could be. I just feel like <hes> the book deal with the Guy The guy and changed it. Does she know I. I'll say this when I get injured and I have to get massages when I get a guy every time shoulders knees dies otherwise I'm just Kinda don't care but I do get a guy on injuries. I guess I do like a girl though rubbing me. It's a whole different field. I think the guy it's like I'm telling you if you just call your is. There's no difference. Oh really what a blindfold on that just go with anything difference when they talk to you don't talk go into one of those masks on those parties masquerades and then don't look and just let them run away and at the end play a game where you just kind of walk out and be like you have to pick which one it was so good. There's three people standing there and you had to pick was was funny today and you're not getting a guy. I'm doing that today and I'm going to have a woman. Let us know how they go. It's time for the good news. So this guy was driving his Ford Ranger down the road when he got a blow out on his tire and he spun out rolled onto his roof and that's when like a dozen just people the saw good Samaritans rushed over to to help save him. They were all able to collectively like push the truck on its side so then and then like a firefighter happened to be driving by not on duty or whatever but he was like oh I'm GonNa go help and he's one of the ones that helped get him out of the car the driver and he's totally safe like no serious injuries and <hes> A._B._c. a Chicago station. There had a helicopter above the so they have aerial footage of happening and so it's just really cool to see everybody see the accident accident and then rally together to save him and the fact that they're able to push over a truck yeah. Do you think if like a car fell on one of your kids that I would be able to know like superhuman strength. They say that Adrenalin kicks in probably not knee alone but if I had eleven apparently maybe I could. That's what it's all about right there. That was telling me something good from Nashville tally would morgan number two thirty seven skinny. Neil towns released a new version of her songs. Somebody's daughter she redid this with the girl scouts of Middleton see troop six thousand which is made up of girls who are either homeless or or have been wow earning. Their musician badge wits Neil. I didn't know that trump was about. I saw the story I thought it was called the shooting sing with some girl scouts I did not know and we have a clip of this Ramona all right here we go aw that's really cool shoutout to towns for that. What else congrats you Adam Hamburg? He and his wife had their second daughter. He just shared the news on social media a happened on Friday and her name. Is Heidi really good a buddy of mine and I I was like he texted me like the night before as I do. We're trying everything out of the baby and I was like you know what you should do said you know what brings a baby and he goes well. I said you should like do make love and he was like so. You said it well. No I service. I said you know what how to get a baby and he said how I said well. They say sex brings the baby and he was like all right. I said so. I'm here if you need me and then he's ha ha then. I said I'm talking about you. The joke just kept turning. It got thank you what else Morgan number two and then also some baby news. Jason aldean posted a video of his son Memphis. He captured in the video. Can Somebody police translate this for me because he couldn't figure out what he was saying. No more one only say take me down Dole town road. Yeah got it all right there you go. Maybe is like model baby. It might be the prettiest baby ever. He wants a beer beer or is that it I'm Morgan number two the getting your buddy miss the bombing transmitting over to amy now with the joke morning corny how to Buffalo's settle arguments do buffalo's settle arguments. Let by San's be a by psalms. This guy is pretty good. That's pretty good morning. Gorny only go and talk to Arkansas key too much like a prison sentence served as my Stepdad for about eight years and he's on the phone on right now. Arkansas key theory is good morning good morning today. I believe if I'm correct is Arkansas keats birthday. Is that true it is this. What are you doing to celebrate birthday today? Cutting some grass on like wash your working today I am working today so describe to our listeners what your job is and what you do at your job right now well we lawnmowers and we right around the lake for an around the lake on a trailer and we unloaded Moore's Mo the grass move to another hysteria and is the same thing lies to work maintenance ongoing thing just around the circle constantly. I mean we we would try these mowers around so we will take them off and we are we we'd eat the side of these golf courses these hold and it was just that same thing all the time and all you did. It was look. There were two things you look forward to lunch inch getting off work. Thousands more works on nine one yeah so since it's what today's July twenty third. It's Arkansas keeps birthday you not since it's so hot. I imagine what not a lot of fishing right now especially interest cool off today but it's been terrible here lately fishing been bad from the heat and how old are you three sixty strong vibrant sixty three years old and so you're not doing doing anything for like dinner or anything well Kim and came home from Missouri over the weekend. So we all got together over the weekend went out to the Casino the Casino around the Casino. Oh and hot springs yeah you know where the Racetrack Casino there now yeah well academy some time with my daughters and fennel and today the actual day though the text me during celebrity family feud they used to be birthdays family kick AH sixty three at all very young sixty three sometimes. I don't feel sixty sometimes Morgan number two things you're hot. She likes older guys good I was I was San here that <hes> Arkansas texted me during our celebrity family feud match. What did you think about that? I wouldn't tell you plan man me too. I was I kind of sick and myself and we didn't win. We had a chance on the last question we didn't do it. lunchbox are trying to get <hes> when he did a ball Keppel Bremen's Bray Mavis Vini. I think it was none of them. We we went through all those. I think we just didn't come up with blouse because it seemed like a term that right I don't use anymore but of course now after blazer thanking you know it's not going to be up aware but it was anything to say. I'm GonNa give you this platform here on your birthday. What would you like to say the millions of people listening to you right now Arkansas Keith Elizabeth hundred all right areas but that is your health healthy you good living airplanes picking rent loan minimal continued works you more us and you say goes so far so good? I have my we often October for the hunting fishing and oh man so I can't wait. Are you going to Wyoming this year doing hunting we are not we tried to draw tags but we were not fortunate to draw tags so so what happens is the lottery we used to get in the lottery yeah and they draw in you get tags to actually go up and hunt. You just can't open heart. You gotTa have basically permission and so you have to be drawn to get a tag which is hey. This is how many have and and you guys did not get drawn this year. Now we tried for an antelope both and then get either one so we're not going to do. Maybe I already got new peasant hunting or something. I don't know you know they'll kind of big here for that. Hundred his we Arkansas Keith and I would we would go out and again. I would do a decent amount of hunting but I didn't like cold. I don't like cold and the water's cold and if you get in your waiters you're done and I will fall down. I'd have my waiters on it. You fall down the once in a while. It goes in your waiters. You're done because everything inside. The waiters is so I would get sent back to the truck basically have to get naked and let the heat dry me out while he stayed out in duck on it. I I wasn't the mostly to foot in the water. Would you agree with that. You were younger then probably better now than you were. I don't know well listen happy birthday birthday from all of us the show and good to talk to you in we'll talk to you soon talking to you today man. Thanks for calling areas that says hey who is the Malampaya Mayor Right now Robert Palmer Marymount Pan. You met him at Mount by he said to you by the he works with me. Oh there you go. Maybe that's my next before I'm governor of Arkansas. Mayor Mayor Mound binds to unseat Robert DOC Keith. He's listening to debate. We're GONNA he's the ex-mayor now all right to the former politician ask him and if he thinks bobby can be the governor of Arkansas Governor of Arkansas hasten probably yeah. I haven't endorsement right there in the door Robert Palmer. Hey how much does the mayor amount how much they get paid by mayor two hundred dollars a month two hundred dollars. A month sounds good to me. It's not bad or zero for all right. We gotta go all right. Yeah man happy birthday hanging out working hard to every X.. Men text me anytime it anytime on T._v.. Because he like he appreciates that you know I didn't come from anything and so he's I can't believe royal family feud like Ev. It's so cold that he kinda reaches out to me because it's always a reminder of hey don't forget where you came from. <hes> and I don't forget but he's always like. I can't believe you're on T._V.. Again like what world is this. What are your on family feud and I'm like I know no and so they all sit around and watched and then he was disappointed? We lost as was I but <hes> yeah anytime anything he sees not like. I cannot believe you're on T._V.. Again I'm like I know I can't either so good talk to him and happy birthday to my former Stepdad. Are we spent a good seven eight years. He was his punished by good seventy years of hard labor. I haven't me all right time for a riddle me this. These are kids riddles. Get get a point the first riddle riddle me this what is always in front of you can't be seen this is the first kids read all of the day what is always in front of you cannot be seen their writing the lunch boxes in got producer Eddie is in amy. We're coming over to you what is always in front of. You can't be seen the future correct wow lunchbox. What do you have the future them to Eddie Windshield right through it riddle me this question number two? I can be found in water but I'm never wet. What what am I I can be found in water but never wet? What am I is what I can be found in autre louder so we need water but never everything in the waters or is it? I can be found say one more time I can be found in water but never wet. What am I come in for the win the frustrated for the win from lunch box? I'm in is visit Windshield Eddie on all these anything cloud cloud interesting <hes>. Would you talk me through that now. I wonder how you got there. I don't know that is incorrect. Aw I can be found in water but I'm never wet. What am I I? I had cloud how did you I don't know thank you. I went with reflection reflection. Oh that's really good guys. That's it reflection is correct eddy. Oh my gosh here we go. I put oxygen. Oh the two oh solid guests yeah I mean Bill Nye the Science Guy Argue on your behalf that is not the answer we have here. lunchbox takes the lead with one question ago. Are you ready final riddle. In riddle me this when things go wrong. What can you always count on when things go wrong? What can you always count count on riddle me this? When things go wrong liking always count on guys I think I have it eliminated right right so I'm I'm GonNa go out on a limb here? Go Big Iron No. I'm just like going out all right. Let you go. I thank you whatever you cannot win but let's if you get calculator when things go wrong. What can you always count on a calculator? That's incorrect you count on <music>. Amy You can tie. If you get this. Go ahead. You can always count on your fingers. Oh that's a solid guest fingers. Your fingers is correct over the lunchbox if he gets that's it. He wins if he doesn't it the Thai we'll go sudden death lunchbox for the win when things go wrong. What can you always count on count on your hands boys and girls my hands counters? That'd be fingers my ideas that what excuse me it has to be fingers it has to be what's another piece of paper argue but we have a tie. We're going to sudden deaths the actual the role as it has to be written on the pages the answer so this is what we do every time uh at even limited thank you thanks here. We go if you know it is buzzing. You're the first one to get it wins. I'm tall when I'm young. I'm sure when I'm old what Obama I'm tall when I'm young. I'm short when I'm old. What am I think about that route over this tall tall and I'm young and short tall when I'm young? I'm short when I'm old riddle me this. Do you WanNa hit and yes long tall when I'm sure the first hand is I own these things. I'm tall when I'm young. I'm sure when I'm old hit number two. They're considered feminine not by all considered Feminine. I get made fun of for having these things I don't you're talking about yourself self for all these things that are feminine that are tall and short when they're all short young and old. What's Tallin short besides people? Are you ready awesome. I'll say flowers because they shrivel up and die so they get short incorrect. One final one final clue fires involved. I'm tall when I'm young. I'm sure when I'm old you don't get in the next ten seconds. It's a tie and everybody that just everybody went even me even U._N.. Exhausting your time. Maybe I'm tall when I'm young. I'm short when I'm old Bobby House on their feminine and there's fire involved by seconds my originally answer Benjamin Button and not GonNa fit this. I'm sorry it's a candle tall when I'm young. I'm sure when I'm old I have them. They're feminine considered Yes. That's so true. Well everybody wins today. When you go we've got data breaches and identity theft dominating the news these days so just how safe is it to spit into a tube and send it to a company for genetic testing? I'm Barrington Thurston and on this special episode of Spit. We tackled that very question and more with two experts computer scientists Gina Matthews and Data Privacy Insecurity Executive Arielle Silverstone icing the solution lushly come with the help of victims companies like twenty three in meet now Heaven Incentive to request an overarching privacy framework in the United States. I think a lot of people are uneasy with it but don't see <music> an effective way to be a citizen of the modern world without it because we haven't demanded a different playing field listen to spit and IHEART radio podcasts with twenty three and me on apple podcast or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts after the show today at noon Eastern. I think new Bobby Casco's up with Thomas Rhett. We've held until the today so Thomas Rhett came by the House he actually called post minutes while I was like are you hungry and he goes no but you need to get them gains because I was working out and it was like quit good nice so out he came by and we talked about a lot of stuff. He talked about why he doesn't work cowboy boots on stage after getting people calling them out saying you're not country. Here's that clip while I'm on country will you don't work boots on stage. Okay let me let me mentally go through that. The reason I don't work out we onstage because I jump up and down like a crazy person and on the outline tour two thousand thirteen his thrust was this metal grading material and I was wearing snipped owed cowboy boots and got stuck in them every night. That's the reason I don't work but it's onstage. Does that make me not country. I think no oh so we had a really good conversation about how him and I are similar. You know he's born. In Georgia lived in Nashville. I was born in Arkansas and we both get told that you're not country and we're like what's not country about us. Except for we grew up in an age where we had a lot of influences from everywhere because of the digital world world and so he talks about that he talked about what it was like growing up with the famous dad you know redskins and what it was like being around artists growing up and also some of the troll comments he gets about that mcgarth when I was like eight or nine years old <hes> we spent like a couple of Halloween's overt Ribas is house <hes> mostly people that had toward with an pretty well oh and that that's that's my that's my favorite comment. I've ever gotten your daddy must be so ashamed. Open say that Oh yeah for about a year there that that was that was the special comment your daddy's ashamed of you and I was like. I don't think I don't think he is. It's a really good conversation. Go over and subscribe to the Bobby cast if you can Thomas Rhett episode one eighty nine goes up today around noon. Subscribe on wherever you listen to your podcast or iheartradio so it's a fantastic episode and annual. There's some stuff on there that I've mentioned yet you'll love. It's an over an hour of Thomas Rhett night just talking about life. It's time for the good news. There's these three buddies up. In Massachusetts acid -Chusetts. They're headed the Red Sox game and their fourth twenty cancels at the last minute they have an extra ticket and who can we get to go. We want to treat someone nice so they go outside the stadium and they find a homeless man named John. They say John when's the last time you've been to a red sox game. He's like it's been years man and they gave him the ticket and he sat with them and they sang and channon enjoyed the red sox game together and Johnson that was awesome that is awesome good for them to not that pretty cool Morgan number two into Red Sox game recently yeah my first professional baseball game ever and I saw you on the filled at fenway. What is happening yeah? It was so cool. Did you know just like one of our stations in Boston Jessica. She hooked me up with a girl at fenway and yeah they they gave us. A full. Tour sat on the Green Monster went in the green monster. It was insane jealous right now and good for those dudes in Boston for the Nice for somebody else. That's a good story. That's what it's all about right there. That was tell me something good the Public School in Pennsylvania dozens of letters earlier this month telling parents who had unpaid lunged at that their children could be taken away from them and placed in foster care how ridiculous extreme aw I don't get the Wyoming Valley West School district. It's not about one thousand letters to students who at ten dollars or more in meal debt all told her some some might be ten dollars might be three hundred but hey district district officials said altogether the families Oh twenty thousand dollars in breakfast and lunch payments. Do you WanNa hear what the note said Yes. Your child has been school everyday without money without a breakfast and lunch. This is a failure to provide child proper nutrition and you can be sent to dependency see court for neglecting your child's food. If you are taken to dependency court the result. Maybe your child being removed from your home and place in foster. CARE boy escalated quickly <hes> like yours ten bucks from cheerios. Now we shall take your children in this. This'll get them. Also you know what this story is going to do. It's going to let people be aware there's an issue and they'll pay this off yeah. I have a great feeling that people in Pittsburgh or people in the Pittsburgh Metro area. We'll go oh. We didn't know Oh yeah. One of my things is if if you dislike people know you need something for this or anywhere else in life like and we feel at times and just not get any support and I get any help you letting people know that you need support and help and I think this is again. We'll just call it a metaphor for everything else happening thing of with us and in life like if you don't tell people you need something. You're not GonNa get something and I think because this news story was going to be fantastic is in mark my word this will get paid off because people were here it and go no one's going to go here twenty thousand dollars collectively a dollar from twenty. Two thousand people or fifty bucks so if you're listening because we're on a Pittsburgh. Maybe there's something you want to help out with being. Give them a call. This is the Wyoming Valley West School district in Pennsylvania. It may not even Pittsburgh may just be <hes> but regardless. That's the story right there for accounts showed families that owed more than four hundred fifty bucks each now. I'll say this to there's also a bit of empathy for me. I couldn't afford food. I couldn't afford launch. I was on the free lunch plan as a kid breakfast. I am lunch so I'd have to get to school extra early breakfast. I wouldn't have food for breakfast and so I know what that's like and I wonder if WANNA why is there not a free lunch. Free Breakfast plant anymore haven't been school in a few years graduated like three years ago. I don't. I'm sure every district is different. There's gotta be right. The weird thing for me. was I told you they'd put the free lunch kids and a whole different line which is so absurd. Hopefully they've grown from that you've to learn from that. That's that's a mistake. It'd be like a single kids out the other like there's the poor line line over there. Maybe just getting the poor line. That was a running joke. Hate that like you should go get in the poor line and all of us in the Portland would be like yeah coming out with us. I used you as an example enough it fit at all but my daughter. She didn't want to go into church on Sunday. She didn't want to go into the youth group like class she just in she was really nervous about it. I don't know why because she's gone before she went to church camp but like she did not want to go in and I don't know if something happened or someone something to her. She was like I'm scared and I mean her eyes. Were watering and I didn't want to be like a horrible parent at Church like making your kid go but I knew she'd be better for if she went in and I was like you know an came from 'cause. I don't fit but I'm like you know Bobby. He got picks on a lot at school because she couldn't tell me what it was. I didn't know if somebody made fun of or something. I said I mean he was at lunch one day and someone just came up to him import catch up on his head. I said but you know what he kept going back to school. True on that's true. He's still he could have liked been. I'm sure it was scary to go back the next day and go into the lunchroom. The next day knowing the kids might again dump more catch up on his head but he's still went and I was like in look at bobby now like it jumped all the way from that to like you know how you worked through it and it's great and I'll know on if it helped go. She eventually went in also. Tell the story about about how they stuck your head in the toilet. It was a right I guess what he's still went back right and and always WANNA go back and it's it's okay to not want to do something and I wanted her to. I wanted to acknowledge her emotions and that they were real. Oh and it was okay for her to feel them not just like blow them off like stop being that way getting the class. You're going to class but I mean we sat outside on the stairs and the little hallway for about fifteen minutes she walked into glass fifteen minutes late but right when I walked within I saw the youth group guy go over hinder a little bible and then he's like this is where we are and then they started reading sounds like don't thank you for those stories. I don't know I guess that helped me. How does she come out great? She was like it was good. I think it's cold though that you also acknowledged or feelings because feelings are never wrong like you can have any feeling you want but it's how you react and then further act on those feelings I mean I'm scared all the time and stuff still all all the time scared intimidated you know I and I think sometimes you go bobby's but no you kinda. Don't change who you are <hes> but you I have a lot of past experiences where it's just like all right. I've been scared right before and jumped into things and it worked out okay most of the time. It doesn't always work out wonderfully but I'm glad that you acknowledged that it's okay to be scared so can feel this way but it's always about what you do. Even though you're feeling away right circle back with out of that too is because as adults we should had no that are in charge of things like the free lunch for kids like we shouldn't put them in situations that are going to end up making them nervous or scared or not to want to go get in line or not to go back to school like thing you know create put them in the same line and figure out like <hes> discreet way for them to receive their free lunch talking about discreet and just kind of jumping on this because you say that back when I was a kid when we as a food stamp kid they gave us food stamps that we're literal colored paper. I was so embarrassed using them. Now they get they have cards credit card yeah in good for them and I'm glad that happens that way but man is passing out orange slips like a five orange trying to get some food people would look like Oh food stamp boy but now they eh fixed that and I enjoy that so now you can go and swipe regard. It looks like your credit card and hopefully there no eyeballs on you judging right. Why is it go down to the store called partners and I take the food stamps? We get some food stamps. I'd I'd get like fifteen bucks a month and I would go down and I'll buy hamburgers and I pass him out to my friends is a real real in my town. Sometimes you didn't know your poor because every else was poor so a lot of my early childhood Aalto we do. We didn't have because it didn't know what else was. You know a fluent there was no. They're rich people around us. It was only a little later on Rigo. Oh okay that was a struggle but managed to go down the food stamps. I thought I was just baller baller bobby all right. Let's you want a slap dance. Who wants to Burger Baby? Burgers was awesome is awesome all right. Let me say this C._F._S.. Sunday August fourth at eight seven central on A._B._C.. It is a three hour special again again. It starts at seven central. The show is hosted by Thomas Rhett Kelsey Ballerini. 'em Myself and special collaborations include low nausea billy ray Cyrus and Keith Urban Brantley Gilbert and Lindsey L. Merrin Morris and Brandi Carlile Carrie very under what and Joan Jett Holy Moly. It's going to be a great show at three hour special eight seven central C._F._S.. August fourth let's say the twenty third just a couple of weeks out of that little over two weeks or so the right <hes> okay for for more information C._N._A.. Fest Dot Com you watch it. My career depends on it <hes> and he ratings for that show out help yeah. I need good ratings for that. Show on food stamps yea or to Aaron in Chicago Aaron. Thank you for calling the bobby show what's happening orange video morning muscle memory yeah. Thanks for calling what's up. I just want to call and say that I've loved all the draft you guys have been doing and today lunchboxes team is my favorite on your team today first round. It's your love Tim McGraw Second Round. Don't take the girl Tim McGraw and the third round on check yes or no by George Strait. That's the best draft out there. We drafted songs three in the country love song draft and those were lunches Pixel while you can be Bobby Bonds Dot com and you can vote for the team that you think is the best in I guess we'll update at tomorrow and all the whole my trophy via now. We're GONNA do not here in Chicago you either Yeah Raging Idiots in next Friday not this Friday you know the big debate is amy what we have new song called old folks home. It's a parody of Altan road so guys doing wonderful. We put up at the video today. Do we play it at the opry on Friday night. We're Eddie and I are playing the Grand Ole opry yes. It's so funny. Is it guess because there's a lot the crowd goes from really young to really old at the aw all of America goes to the Grand Ole opry. It's the most cherished place and country music. I think it's my tenth time to play it. So I love playing. I go back much possible but I try to respect it because I know my grandma and I would listen to it all the time on the radio. That's why it's so important to me that being said Ed we're playing a parody and it's about going to all folks home. Do we play the lottery. Yes okay even after I gave you all that you know yes hundred percent Eddie. How do you feel about that? I mean she says it's relatable. I don't know if anyone looks forward to that like like an especially when you get near that age where you're like this could happen to me and it becomes reality. I mean vote. This is a great thing to consider like I. I love that song. I think it's funny but we may offend a bunch of people. You're not gonNA offend anybody. If they're offended ended because here's my thing I don't I don't know of a lot of people go to the opera for comedy but they don't like I'll go out and do stand up and they're like Oh. There's there's somebody doing. There's a comedian here so I gotTa always shift them. It takes a minute yeah but I'm okay with that. Eh No one ever expects me to come in and tell jokes but I'm thinking about it but Friday night we're playing the Grand Ole opry but I like that you say yes. I totally say yes because you're kind of sally safety. Yeah you know suzy's safe now. Watch out for other people's People's feelings there. I think he should plan all right. <hes> I do want to mention this. Researchers say that simply refraining from talking to someone going through stressful time is more helpful than attempting to be encouraging positive boy. I completely lately subscribe to this if I'm having a rough time. I don't need someone to put me on my shoulder. Be Like it's okay. You're going to be okay like I know how mobile because I've been it before but I don't need you Cressey my hair telling me it's GONNA be alright. Just just maybe even occasional. So have you need thing. I'm here for analytical at the right time. That's it. That's how ideal by talking to people they say you're adding stress and not giving them enough space to think out of the funk so even though you think it's important to offer advice. It's best to wait until they're in a more relaxed state to talk to them. I am your thoughts. Oh man I feel like I tried to console or make it better so that's helpful information to me to know that it's probably better just to say nothing but maybe like you said offers support. Good knowledge like Haiti. You're going through this right now. Now I can tell look it's stressful up yeah. Niimi let me know okay. That's how I roll. <HES> Ooh like I'll see you. I'd be like hey good but then I know I'm going to say if you need me. Let me know and like you might need me but you're not gonNa let me know but you've already told me okay like if you're struggling with an empty like an empty I genuinely Meena I know and trying to go. You good all right well if you're not. That's usually what is eight you. Are you good yeah if you're not let me know I'm I'm right here and then let's if if we need we're gonNA work but if you need to not work I'm right here yeah. There's been a lot of those moments over the and that's yeah. Do you want me to rub your shoulders or like no. I guess when I think of how I want to handle it to like. It's good to know that you have support but yeah you don't you have to think your way through it. You have to work your way through the stress and get over that Hump like nobody's words are really going to. It's nice to know you have the encouragement though but I'm definitely keep that in mind thank you probably less is more. I think in general would live just acknowledging. <hes> people are going through things is awesome. Even I mean you can offer support or not but I think sometimes we just don't any knowledge we feel like in. It's a bit unfair we and again this is US feeling like people aren't in it with us. We're not telling them they need to be because often say how people supposed to know that you need help if you don't reach out and say any help but it's also we judge other people's actions by what they do we judge ours by what we think and it's not fair toward other people like all they didn't do this but really there's a Lotta Times. We just thought about something that we do it either and we give ourselves the plus sign because well. I thought about it <hes> holiday supposed to no you thought about it right. Do you mean what was teasing here the Ed Sheeran no I was teasing the actor said don't look me in the is okay. was that on the air off you're on the talking to so many stories off the air but I'm like you go. Watch this show and we're just talking about stuff. It's like we're doing a show on the show's not even on sometimes Tom Cruise required topgun people to fly fighter. Jets you see that one. He said listen if you'RE GONNA fly act like you're flying a fighter jet and Topgun Maverick that you need to be a fighter jet via. Did he do that. He's actually he can fly fighter jet while the actors playing the pilots had to be tested tested they could withstand the incredible amount of G. Force that flying such high powered military aircraft entails known for his indomitable desire for putting everything he has into films Topgun Maverick appears to take that characteristic and literally raises the next level. It talks about that. If you're flying in the Louis you're flying in real life. Wow I wonder if any of them through up. What does your husband say about how hard core these jets are? His Dad was a fighter pilot and that's what he wanted to do. It's not easy and it's definitely only a lot of force on your body. I don't know when my father-in-law and my husband talked about that and they talk about the G.. Force and all the things that are happening to you and your body and how it's actually happening is kind of crazy. I mean it's intense like I don't know how they do it but I I mean I think it you know it's hard. That's where I have Harvard on my husband. That's what he wanted to do but he didn't make it. He didn't make it as a fight because he he's a pilot. Something happened with his tasks like and he didn't like and then he ended up going another other route which I think was amazing for his career and he was an awesome pilot in the air force and even doing special forces stuff which I you know. I don't know that he would have done if he had gone. The fighter pilot route met some amazing people and got to hold things but yeah it's intense he was telling me we're flying that part of the reason you're so exhausted when you get off an airplane is because what you don't feel as it shakes the whole time because it's so minor but if you're on a plan for one two three four I mean I'll flick from Seattle Atlanta this week. Five hours the whole time your body just shaking because you're exhausted did because your body's just going through for five hours yeah and then we were also a storm flying in a store and he's like no problem I know he does not give other by storms and navigate and I was like if the plane went down. Would you run up and take takeover and save us. I'm not going to have to do that. I guess he would try also also all right. Listen thank you <hes> you can we do the Po- show pre show live on facebook to if you want to follow the bobby show on facebook just hit us up facebook dot com slash bobby bone show you watch live on the air. You can also watch the post show pre show. We appreciate you being part of the show here. This is the outcast a weekly podcast about what it means to be clear today by out magazine and it's staffers. I'm your host Toronto the deputy editor at out magazine. This label gets thrown on her. She doesn't necessarily identify yourself that way. Everything you see on drag race you saw in Harrison's burning. I just WANNA be like soaking up brilliance. Dan Listen and subscribed the outcast on apple podcast be iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts. Are you going to a baby shower tonight. Yes it's a couples baby shower a couple so it's the dude and the girl but for two couples that are pregnant so two babies coming but I was only invited for one of the couples like I don't really know the other couple. Jason is the predicament predicament of do I get the other couple of gifts because I'm going what's interesting right. I mean I kinda know. The other couple is it. Can you say it is do. I know that we'll Caroline Hobby Carolina Michael so she's pregnant and that's that's how I got invited because she's my friend Caroline Hobby. Who Does the get real podcast Manhasset podcast and then Michael Hobby? Who is the lead singer for thousand horses? Okay look at you. Would you call baby so then I guess it's a joint shower with taylor-young who is bright young wife and now I know breath a little bit from but I don't know honestly if I've ever met Kayla I know that if it was just them having the shower like I wouldn't be invited right so but I mean I kinda know them and then in the day getting get a couple of our other friends that were invited like texting. They're like hey. What do we get votes? People a gift or because we want to be invited otherwise and so the consensus we get everybody again okay. Let's go around the room. That's an interesting thing by the way maybe the coolest baby shower ever. Variety means is dropping name man. No maybe heard of Brent young issue no okay. Oh did you have to get both old people gift lunchbox. No if you're not invited to both people shower I mean you're invited by one person you get that one person a gift that the other woman she is not expecting a gift mucus. She's going to open at me. Like who is this from yeah. She's probably not everything's everything's online. Though with the Levi it came with the links to their registry jobs like this is so easy this making the live so convenient let getting an invitation in the mail is so cute and all but like also having a on the computer and you click the links and then for Caroline's airlines registered and I thought this was genius for this particular baby shower the only thing if you WANNA get a gift they're saying if you just WANNA make a donation towards their night. Nurse Fund also like this so smart like they're going to bring it in and be able title to Fa- I was like why do you think of this and we had a shower. Where's you have a babysitting fund and you just go ahead and throwing money right here and then you had the stockpile of money so yeah so I made a donation to Caroline's and then I'm GonNa say yes to if you have to ever ask yourself? Should I yeah and then if you can you can check both those boxes you said Yeah Right. <hes> you're going to a party. You can <hes> and I should in you show you should I will so you. No I say yes. I'm a big if you're on the line on giving you should always give if you can afford it and you can always do Morgan number two. What do you think about this? I think she should even if it's just something small for the other person. I and maybe like your gift for your one friend is like maybe a bigger thing but me you get like a once a year something for the super small maybe off Amy Brown. Why just Balaji so there's awesome cute little onesies on her registry so that's probably what I'll I'll just get like a cute little outfit or something man? Can you imagine the star power. It's going to be this baby. Shower aldean's probably going to be there. How George Strait telling now you're not GonNa snap Paparazzi picks for absolutely only you can sell that the people magazine to sell their stuff to be magazine narrative got it? Give me the address that all sit in the bushes. Tomorrow high goes crazy. How many people are pregnant these days? Take you ever take bubble bats or hot baths. Yes how often I mean not as often as I used to be able to because the only bass up in our houses upstairs and it's the kids bathroom and that's just it's not the same as it used to be another guy kids installed everywhere but I would say I used to be able to do it a couple nights a week really at bedtime and it was so relaxing an awesome one of my favorite things to do and now I get up there once every three months. Oh Yeah Yeah I love a bubble bath and I have all my stuff bath beads depending on my legs. Oh is that funny bath bids. I got all kinds of stuff and really do do bath bombs. I have that my kids love that thumbs Yeah Eddie. I got like eight different things happening in the mood. I'm in in the smell like candles. Now that's cool. I got a whole thing I do about myself to. There's never any romance. I guess I'm romantic with myself. Okay sometimes if I'm sore I take a different kind of bath porn epson all right very important Horton. I'm all my skin's all soft but I'm reading the story about Bobo Bats and how an evening bath actually helps you sleep better. I don't find it. That's true because my heart rate. It gets an hot. Marae does this oh I still find a very relaxing. Even though my heart rate does go up. I know exactly what you're talking about. I still feel so relaxed and I get out and maybe it does but it says the hot bath triggers the body's internal clock and the thing and it's time for sleep <hes> so maybe I should do another one tonight combined all eight things just have the ultimate bath if I if we ever move which I don't even want to move but if we do like your house not safe okay thank you your neighborhoods not sit. There was shooting at cars in your neighborhood yesterday. I cannot move I too much going. I cannot move us like our garage and our garage apartment like everything we've invested in this house. I cannot move unless you can guarantee me. We're going to get our money back then some. We're not moving a longtime but I tell you what if we do move. I'm getting up in my bathroom. It's going to be big. I think good for you but I'm not moving guy shooting at cars in on the street real shooting at cars and embodies the intersection of where it was happening like interesting yeah right by our house like who who who knew that he's been arrested. He's been apprehended. He's in jail something new her house. We're safe. Absolutely they've got all the bad guys from your neighbor had all right. Let's see what's going on today. Thank you for hanging out. I gotTa Tell You about my day today. I was supposed to be in California today. I was going to do T._v.. Panel and panel ended up not happening so look to my calendar like every two months or so. I have a day without a dot because my travel was cancelled in my panel was cancelled cancel advocate without a diet and nothing calendar today I know so. I wonder what I'm going to do to the world. Is Your Oyster. No No it's pretty all you'll find work yeah. He's probably cintel emails. Anybody got any work for me to do today yeah. I don't even have to define what I'm looking forward to see beg me to do. I just need to say busy so yeah. My calendar have no dot today which is pretty exciting so I may actually go home and take a nap but you don't do very often. That's what's up you. I've got to pickups from volleyball camp cheese Lovin- which is so fun and then podcast stuff and then a baby shower tonight you were talking about your daughter and volleyball camp. I saw where she had finished yesterday and she went to Wendy's yeah well. We were going home home and so we drove past. It's not a lot that I get picked up from something and she's like so excited and she loved volleyball and so we're just having good bonding time and we drove right by Wendy's and she freaked out Jews like Windy Windy Windy. I I want to hamburgers so I don't think I've ever taken Arthur fast food. Drive through late yesterday was first. When you're at story? She was loving it. She thought I was like the coolest mom ever have a good day. Everybody will see you on Wednesday show Tomorrow Mirror and Morris in Studio at eight eastern seven central do the math wherever you are. I get lost in the time zones. Thank you so much by show. I'm Dana Schwartz and I'm the host of noble blood a new history podcast from iheartradio in Aaron Minke.

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