Eli's 'Sendoff' Goes According To Plan


Live from the Investors Bank studio boomer assize in Greg G. and Ati boomer and Geo on the fan simulcast across the country on CBS sports network. Mark Good Monday morning. It happened yesterday at Metlife Stadium. Something we have not seen in months and months and months a New York giants victory and as Eli Manning said it was a special day was a special victory for the giants it was is indeed the Eli sendoff game not only did. They beat the dolphins and beat them. Comfortably Eli Manning. Had his moment Pat Shurmur are brings Alex Tanny while Eli Manning is still on the field and Eli gets sees sendoff. He gets his standing ovation. He gets the moment he deserved. There'll be other ones every retires. I know that you know when he comes back to metlife stadium years from now and they retire the number and they bring back all the championship. ob-gyn teams I have those moments too but when you're in the uniform and you get to come off the field and still get appreciate it and to get that win to get back. Act Two five hundred. It was great and I know that there's videos out there the big standing ovation and everybody cheering for him. And it looks like the stadium is about a quarter full big deal and I'm not gonNA blame any giant fan that wanted to leave early in a horrible weather and a bad add game too bad teams but the ones that stayed got that treat the ones that were there got to send off Eli Manning and the way that he deserved to be sendoff there are plenty of videos and pictures and everything of him and his kids. It was great. This is why eighty percent of the listening audience. I wanted the giant fans. At least the Eli sendoff game for that moment right there and no I do not believe for for those who are going to call up and scream that yesterday. Yesterday screwed up their draft choice next two weeks could depending on how they play but yesterday did not they still would strengths of strength of schedule as the number two overall pick good morning boomer. How are you Ali and morning? Joe SARS little late. I was looking for my earpiece and then amy gave me something she made this morning. Amy Lawrence Yeah. Yeah so I got all caught up out there in the in the newsroom via yes there was a great day. This exactly what the giants they wanted it and I got a great send off and very few players in this league of ever been able to do that or have that happened. Sure right so good for him now. The reality is what. What's next what what is going to happen with the giants in the off season an energy just talking about the strength of schedule and the Tanka thon and all that other stuff? You're right next weakest chase young bowl with the redskins and the giants. Yeah sure now. There's no doubt that that head to head will matter between the two because obviously the worst I record out of all of these teams. That's going to be the first thing that breaks ties but then after that it strength of schedule now the dolphins also you know. They've got the bengals next week. The dolphins so if they went another gain they're sort of sort of going to be out of it but yeah. I think that most likely whoever ends up losing next last week between the giants and the Redskins the number two overall pick and we believe that at least at this stage in mid December that it's going to be chased young but those things change of course by the day once we get closer to address if somebody gets injured one of their bowl games or something like that you just you just never know right but the thing that the thing also is that. Ah It's The Washington redskins so it's in your division and like the last thing you want is a team like the Washington redskins to end up with Chase Sean on their team and I do think he is head and shoulders above everybody else. But you know that means I would think you'd want to draft the tackle and offensive tackle offensive line. Yeah and yeah. There's a there's a couple of good players there too as well so I don't know the Bengals have like they have a lock on the number one. That's going to be Joe Borough and then after that you know. Andrew Thomas is the the best offense of line. Everybody suspects him to be at a top five pick. He's the tackle out of Georgia so I think if if one team takes chase young the other teams taking the tackle. That's that's the way it would you know seems to be logical to me but the NFL anything but logical these days so Who knows but it was? It was a good moment. Great Fan true hardcore died a wall number ten wearing giant fan. Dan yesterday had their moment. They saw their guy go out with a burst and he looked like he had a lot of energy yesterday. He got a standing ovation he got the pats on the helmets helmets. Got The pats on the back so you got the allied chance walking off the field. which was the complete opposite of what happened? Oakland Oh my goodness I know just just absolutely terrible. We were talking about that being a sentimental game. This game ended up being more of a sentimental game than than anything else in the NFL. And I know that you said that you believe Eddie Lie. Wouldn't want something like this because he's not a guy who's going to seek out extra attention and you could see it a little bit yesterday in the interviews interviews and in the locker room talk about to win and these things are hard to come by to win. And it's a team win all the things that he says he never changes over changed since he got here. But I'm sorry that at least hit him inside. Outwardly wasn't showing US but inside. I mean with his with his kids there as you walk off the field. The fans waiting for them. I mean there is the I mean as you mentioned how many people in sports especially when you've been unceremoniously replaced earlier in the season get get them over to me unceremoniously to me. It's a reality reality of the sport when your skills both window and you're not the player that you once wore are it happens the the interesting here. It's for guy who's played his entire career for one team. You know we all had the discussion yesterday. We'll Eli manning play next year. I don't think so I do not see him playing in another United States. It and he can't be here any longer. Yesterday was the day then the other thing I was thinking about uh-huh yeah thanks for the for the star so nicer to go down there and get that I on the other thing I was thinking about Daniel Jones. Better play in that last game at Holmen Philadelphia because we can't have another Eli send-off game. After that Dan Jones better get healthy because another one of these I mean he's walking off the field perfectly. Gli Five hundred record. You don't have to worry about him. Being under five hundred they win the game. It's at home. He has his moment game ball in the locker room. He can't play again. There's a very good chance that last game against Philadelphia. It's not gonNA mean anything for the Eagles because the eagles will play the cowboys next week for all the marbles for the NFC east and and the cowboys out of the blue played their best game in five weeks and they had a hell of a game against the rams. I gotTa give them that and you know when you listen to them talking about after the you know after the the game talking about how they played they all to a man where like we finally got our Mojo back and you know they played a good Ramstein team. That had been playing well up to this point the last three weeks so now all of a sudden cowboy seem like they're back on the rails that got the momentum and the eagles aren't a great team Carson Wentz doing pretty much all of this himself alf running all over the place making plays. It doesn't have legitimate. Wide Receivers got no running game with speak of for him so to me. It looks like the cowboys blow out the eagles next week but it is division game. Everything's online it's Infotel so I think that's worth at least a touchdown for the eagles but the cowboys are a better team. They're they're healthier. They have better players they have a legitimate running game they have legitimate wide receivers. Jason witten made a great catch. Oh Yeah start game. Yeah right so nothing so I just feel like that game that last game between the giants and eagles is not gonNA mean anything except for draft position right now. If Daniel Jones is unhealthy at that point I would I not healthy. He's GonNa play told me he was going to play this. We hit he later this week and I think maybe maybe the giants did the you know they did the right thing by. Eli By disguising the fact that that thing John's they didn't want them to interact. That's fine and then good because has Danny Jones to play these last couple of games. Get them back out there on the field have a couple. Nice game is John. Mero was crying in the locker room. Why not but? That's what I'm saying. I mean he was crying. Am Lock Great. You know. Let me because that's an era. What that's a little bit too much for a guy I mean? He's the owner of this team. He authored Eli the show with the most magical moments franchise I understand. There'll be crying when Tom Brady leaves. Tom Brady has been the nine super bowls. Yeah okay I mean you know that. Yeah I mean. That's the voice. I I know I know listed. I've come in from a guy who's never seen his team get to a super bowl. Yeah I mean. I've got guys that I love. That never even got past. NFC Championship game. That I haven't cried but you know when they retired. I said and the owner. The team can't cry. After Eli Manning places last game ever seen that but from John Mara Outta they ever seen from any owner regarding any player are okay and we are. We Cry Shaving. John Maher or I don't know but I'm eighty the barlow traded. What's his name? Joe Montana for God's sake listen. We knew could wait. Heisinger cry when Dan Marino. I don't know maybe maybe not on camera Bolan may have cried for John elway. Yeah Yeah may have cried. This one's for John that now crying foot. I don't know we. We always knew John. Maher is attachment theline manning. Maybe a little Baotou strong. And that's why they got started on rebuilding year late bought or maybe more than a year late. I'm reading your facial expressions but I mean I. I can't blame a guy who's this. He was perfect for them for so long. He never got hurt everything. That's the thing I mean he was i. Ah I'm just talking about representing organization autism down years and towards the end. I mean we were screaming about it for the longest time out of there. Get some new blood into and I you know I'm glad to see the side of you though but I'm GonNa. I'm really glad to see the side of you. I can separate the two things. It doesn't have to be like ally hate across the WHO. ooh separate the two things where he needed to go a couple years ago yes like yesterday was a great day for him. It was and and I'm happy for him and I'm happy for his family and I'm happy that he can go out the way that he went out. You know the interesting thing yesterday on the NFL today after this whole game was over over and we showed all that stuff. Because one of our Games Phil. I started crying. I saw this report shed some tears. I don't think that there is a guy that I've had had to talk about more since I took this job in two thousand seven than Eli Manning. Yeah I can't think of a guy that I that I have mentioned more it my responsibility. Yes it's got to be a radio. Sports talk show host gotta be him because think about it. How many other guys At that level are still playing. They're not like you go back to two thousand and seven like the guy like the entire jet team has changed. Yeah right there's no. He's the only once densely yankers have turned over. Mellow garnered a lot of discussion. Give it. He's only here here for several years. I know I know but I'm just thinking about the amount of times. We were talking about mellow but Beckham junior short amount of time got a lot of attention. But you're right now I I don't even think hey I was. I go back to two thousand seven. I was defending. Eli Manning in two thousand seven as a young player trying to figure it out and give them some in time and obviously Craig head across the Brooklyn Bridge in a Speedo Rate Rise Super Bowl. Then you had a Then he had a hemorrhoids ectomy right after after that it was a whole mess and then of course five years later did it again. Yeah I know and people are going to talk about his hall of fame candidacy this morning. That's going to be a topic in a lot of places I mean. I don't know if I'm ready to go in start that I mean this has been something that's people have talked about since I guess he got benched or she's a bench since Daniel Jones replaced them because they needed to get younger. I mean I personally think that's benching believe me I know I but it's like one of those words that like you know. This one is a benching for sure But you know this. I believe the guy's hall of fame. I believe you go to Pete in Scotch plains. Insp what's happening. Hey what's Boehner. How you doing man? I'm good. I'm good listening. I listen to you every day. Thank you and I have all the up. Most respect back to you in the world's appreciate it. I I just want to ask you a question. Yes are you a little jealous of Eli Manning. Now there's there's no reason to be. I wonder why thinks that though. I don't know I do get that. A lot actually is jealous. Yeah just winter. Just because he like I dunno tells the truth about them. Sometimes I don't know what's he supposed to. What are you supposed to do? I mean I think you've been fair. Oh I think I've been more than fair. Yeah I I think I've been honest credible. I think I've been good when I need to be good and I need harsh one. I need to be harsh. Yeah people hear what they want. Want to here. Yeah well I mean I think this is this morning yet understand. He's run the gamut okay so when he first got here he only got here because he told another team in the NFL that he didn't WanNa play for them. All one of the player has ever done that in the history of the League and that John Elway. Everybody tends to forget that he picked where he he wanted to play for that right so giants fan for every other player to League. That has never been able to do that. I could you imagine Joe Borough now coming Out and saying you know what I'm not playing for the bengals draft me. Yeah I would consider that if I were him you know why not maybe will so I was hoping Zion would do that with the Pelicans right exactly. I was extremely jealous. I mean they always have been today. They walk in here so that so you had to defend that right in the defense of that is he wanted to come here. He wanted to play here. You got in three years into his career. Everybody had forgotten that like. I'll wait a minute. Now wait a minute. He wanted to play here so we give them some time. God Damn it. Just give them a little bit of time to figure it out and hey it's like this whole thing about Sam darnold man. He just turned twenty two years old. So Joe Boroughs in studio yesterday. He's twenty three years old Golden Sandy. Yeah yeah right maybe face right. He's not baby he's baby face but he's not how did this. How did this exchange go yesterday? Who's WHO's great? He's a great kid. Who reminds us of Mo- most of us Body Style and look and all that stuff. I'm not saying he's a player like that although at L. Shoes had he's having an unbelievable year and I told you I was GonNa win by the largest margin of votes ever in the Heisman in the voting and he should've but He looks like Tom Brady. Oh Jeez does body style. It looks like Brady. Yeah body style a male as soon as he got in there. You know coach Phil Raleigh-durham over them. He's got hip. Suzy Beck on his shoulder Phil. Sniffing talks do Tower Hill. Says like going to the butcher shop looking at cut. Give give me this. Yeah fills plucking out hair on examine the DNA testing on them crazy. But no but the kids pressure Joe you reminded reminded of Tom. Brady kid is a good kid. He's a really solid kid very bright you know. He graduated from Ohio state in three years. Yeah and And interestingly wind up told him a story I believe that the reason that he left Ohio state to go to. LSU was because one Dwayne Haskins came to Ohio state But DWAYNE Haskins was committed to go to another school prior to going to all house state. Do you know the school that Dwayne Hassans Haskins committed to Maryland. He committed into Maryland. Yes and then they fired Randy Edsall in the middle of the season. He de committed from Maryland and then went to Ohio. State would ultimately forced I joe borough to leave Ohio state and go to Elche and look at that. How about? Maria's winning is never know where life takes you right that's absolutely unbelievable and he is maximized his opportunities. That's for sure all right just getting started. It's the Monday after the Eli Manning sendoff game on the fan and CBS sports network. Those other Games workout that we gave names to well waitress bound Graham. Yeah they did. The sentimental game did not work out. You know some of the other ones though were just sort of it could have gone either way and the game was the Pittsburgh Buffalo game was a grinded out. Game was a grinded out. Game Seventeen Ten grinded out game right spot. Spotlight game it's spot for both of those teams so one of them was going to do it anyway. But who today Jay pick J J J J. I don't know he didn't I he. He picked titans in that game but he did. Yeah he picked the titans in his spotlight. Spotlight game was he got his didn't work from right so once again as I drive I listened to the the overnight show I get I get a kick out of Harris Allen and Mike Fliegelman and Jay Jay Jay Jay Leno and five and his picks after consulting every degenerate up and down and Arizona's house with three one one five five three one. One harasses like twenty games over five. Ed Harris. Just look at these games that teams better than that team. So that's who I'm going to pick this week and they do it with points. Of course I mean that is It's great because Jay comes off as like this expert. Oh my God yeah. He's got the pipeline to Vegas and everything else because all these minions calling off. Aw Yeah this. eagle-eyed picks underground pigs and helicopter picks. And all these people now the big question for me the big question for me is I want you to go back back and I want you to look at the hammer weather report. Okay and I want to know what he said about Kansas City. I believe he had some snow in some stuff I will. We'll tell you this. I made bet based on the hammer report and I want my bats. He talked specifically about the snow in Kansas City. Yes and the cold in Green Bay yes and I thought for both of those take the under and take the home team and the home team. Wow You bet unders yesterday I did. Yeah I bet an under parlay that that is so your brand is that's the most boring bet in the world. You're rooting for nothing to happen. That's what you're rooting for. I saw the snow and nine degrees in Green Bay. Ah Take the on their on. Both of those. Wow Wow good good for you about you know our boy Patrick Mahomes put his ass off yesterday. Yeah doesn't matter see him sliding around before the game them like. Oh man just don't fall. kneecap what are you doing. WEATHERPROOF mahomes man. It doesn't matter not matter.

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