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ODS Ep. 20b Moab, UT to Butte, MT, 651 Miles; Roadside Pooping, Fly Fishing the Big Hole River, Sparkys Garage.


Kiddies of going it is the twenty eighth of June June twenty eighth so we've been gone on. We've been on our trip for a little over forty eight hours. Now could hear my voice that I'm a little bit tired tired but I told you I was going to do this. I'm doing it. I know I didn't get to yesterday well. No Shit see we love Tuesday. No it's been three days. Yes it's been over three days. Forget we drove through the night the first night surreal surreal told you when you're driving avenue the night by herself and at that point with the we we did the same thing yesterday because I don't know if you'll you'll know this but Montana's along fucking away from Texas and pardon my French but it is and I'm telling you what you'll realize realized how far Montana is from Texas until you drive from Texas to Montana but I'll tell you. It's also amazing I think everybody should make a trip to hear. Pardon me to hear from Texas at some point as I'm owning your right. I'm not gonNA do that Hill. now we you realize when it's worth it when you finally get to do one or two or three of the things that you came up here to do you know today we spent six hours on the big hole lake outside of Butte Montana which is not far from a little place called subdivide. This is God's country. I mean it is I'm GonNa put pictures up on the installer. If you listen the other day I put the pictures up and some video Joe of of the road trip and the night and then arches in Moab put the same stuff up either tonight in the morning of what we saw on the way up here to Butte from the lab and then the river today it was ever was flown one thousand six hundred and ten cubic feet per second in the you know if you're from where I and you know about the the Guadalupe River which is a warm water. Remember you know that it runs when it's high fishermen at anything over three or four hundred cubic feet per second you know it's pretty high for the Guadalupi because it's mostly a narrow river will these rivers in Montana are wide. I mean they're they're wide there where we were fishing today. That river wasn't seventy near eighty yards across you know by name. Bobby Falkenberg in this ain't outdoor scoped. I never got deeper than my waist. Where we were fishing. I I managed to fish the entire width of the river in three fish. One of them I put on instant was my first brook trout and it was a big one. They get brook trout average six to thirteen inches and this one I call it. Today was they say there's. There's the exceptional size is anything over thirteen inches. I caught a fifteen inch brook trout and I was ecstatic interesting and I'll get to that amendment but you know it's a big ass river but I'll put that stuff up for much further alone. WanNa make sure you know that outdoor scoped and this is episode twenty be so twenty is brought to you by my friends over at Iron Antler. We're fitness in Bulverde Texas twenty seven eight North Highway Twenty one bulverde Texas seven eight one six three and that number there is eight one seven nine three nine eight hundred twenty one eight one seven nine three nine eighty one twenty one when I was fishing today. I was remembering things listening to a podcast last night. It was two guys is talking about what they did for access and how they had to scoot around on their stomachs and guineas uncomfortable positions and you know they're or bow hunting and then when I was fishing today you know there were things I was having to do. That was like you know. I'm not in the greatest of shape right now because I I haven't been working out as hard because I've been so busy but I'm still you know in better shape than somebody who doesn't do cross it. I'm able to do things in in and I'm not like out of breath and I'm not Mona Bend. A certain way doesn't hurt when I wade through waist deep water in a river. That's flowing pretty rapidly. I'm not getting thrown all over the place. I've got a good strength base to do that. Hunting and fishing hiking backpacking outdoors type stuff if you cross fit you're going to enjoy all that stuff so much more because when you go do cross it at irony fitness you're you're. You're working on your core strength. You're working working on muscles that if you just go to a regular weightlifting workout or you don't just go do cardio you don't work those muscles but those those are muscles that you used in everyday life but if you go to cross fit you're doing highly varied functional movements that work the muscles you use every day of your life. Why wouldn't you do that and you get faster and stronger so check it out fitness. Birdie Texas a one seven nine three nine eighty one twenty-one address there is twenty eight seventy eight north highway twenty one below Verdy Texas Sonja one six three and if you don't live anywhere around forty Texas find a cross but Jim in your area and if you're ever in or around already Texas come come visit the folks over at fitness drop in for a workout by t-shirt all right then so as I told you a couple of days ago we're GonNa. I'm doing as many episodes as I can each week since I didn't have one I the computer crash. Ask if you didn't hear all that go back to listen to episode twenty. A computer crash literally like literally my wife dropped. My computer crashed but I had to send it in to get repairs eight hundred dollars. Oh my God just go by computer well. It's a MAC book I I. I used windows based. PC FOR DAMN NEAR thirty years of my life and then because I do so much with media video photos audio audio and video editing and I I do a lot of stuff with music. You can't beat a Mac. I don't give a shit what anybody says about anything else. You can't beat a MAC so if you're into filming or do an audio for you're outdoorsy stuff. You're hunting and fishing by MAC book. Pro It breaks. It's going to be expensive to fix but I used windows based stuff for years and every day. I'm not kidding you every single day. I had a problem a delay. Maybe it was just a delay but that's a problem that shuts down on productivity. Something wouldn't work right. I had to update a driver or install install new software Yada Yada Yada bought a macbook pro almost three years ago now have have not had to do that one day since not once not one damn time and I got all the bells and whistles so I can be editing audio on one screen watching Netflix on the other screen popping over and checking my email throwing together a word doc have applications running in the background five or six or seven windows windows open on safari and that machine doesn't miss a beat so it was worth every penny to get it fixed so if you haven't gone back you know once you go Mac. You'd never go back. I think it's true but here I am recording on a live Mike into my phone on his trusty little APP. I got called backpack and then there's another trustee little APP. I got that I'M GONNA edit. The audio Dell with it's called twisted wave phone APPs pretty a bad ass. I just I've never really tried it. I've always used you know the studio with the MICS and the audio interface and stuff like that so doing it. This way is pretty cool so we left MOAB bomb. I WanNa do this podcast with me because some funny stuff happened but she was just exhausted. We just we literally just got done. It's eleven o'clock full day of fishing on the river with all five kids and faith in me and and you kind of have to drive far I mean it's not like you can just walk out you know out on the street and walk down to the Creek. You know you you gotTA drive about thirty forty five five minutes away to get to a good spot to fish so that's what we had to do but she didn't. She was too tired so I'm doing it by myself. Which is fine we woke up yesterday morning and left. Moab and if you go to instagram the gramm our INSTAGRAM is outdoor scoped. It's Oh ut D. O. R. S. S. COPD TO AS outdoors scoped. Go follow me on instagram. Do it and you can see all the stuff I'm talking about. Because everything talk about the podcast I put up pictures or video of go along with it. I don't do the whole youtube thing with my podcast. I tried that I ain't got time for that and they also have a facebook page do instagram but you do facebook. It's the same content on the facebook page and that's outdoor scoped as well just search for outdoor scoped on facebook outdoor scoped like it and then it'll show open your dog. You'll get it We also have a website it's. WWW DOT outdoor scope dot com put all of the podcast cast up there and hotline for anybody who wants to call in eight three zero four eight four eight three nine again that's eight three zero four four eight eight three nine but if you're gonNA instagram you'll see this we will be left. Moab and we had had this crazy shit heaven so faith has suburban suburban you know she she bought it. She pays for it with our business. She sells road. NFL skin-care and she this is her baby and all I do is ride in it and pay for the insurance. She pays for everything else. Iraq right after we left. Moab a rock hit the windshield and cracked it. L. Put a picture up owning scream. I haven't yet I will if the wind chill hadn't been there that Rockwood hit me right between the eyes and kill me because because that's that was the trajectory it was on well. That was yesterday morning skipping ahead to yesterday evening right when we got into Idaho. I guess we were halfway through Idaho because we we went through. Idaho like a rocket sled on rails halfway through Idaho. Another truck throws up Iraq an I shit you not that a second rock impact you can see is about an inch and a half straight below the first one what are the odds of that. Let's be really. Let's think about the odds of that. I mean we were. We were thinking manifest. NFL another rock hits right there. It's coming through the windshield but you know I I was their second time. Faith was sitting there. We I mean we were just we were flabbergasted. I mean we were all just like Oh my God. I mean like you know you get that travel stupor. We were all awake after that and I and it's unbelievable. I can't even I can't even fathom what the odds were that that could happen twice in one day but so we let bad happened talked about traveling with kids on episode Twenty Eight and what a nightmare that can be what a blessing it can be at the same time. Let me let me tell you about the blessing part now. This is actually the nightmare part but I'm kind of making a joke. We leave Moab. We get about an hour. you know headed north towards PROVO and babies like Mommy. I have to go poop. I have to go poop. I have to go poop more like we can't stop anywhere. There's like the next town is like forty five minutes away. Let's go poop right now. Go poop right now. I gotta go poop right now was was she gets going. It's like you can't stop her like she will shit her pants and she'll ruin her clothes and the seat and we'll have to deal with that for the rest of the frigging vacation so we pull over and we say okay baby. If you say if you gotta go pooh-pooh then you go on the side of the road she said Okay discharged has no fear squats on the side of the road right next to the suburban and freaking dumps it off right there right there on the side of the interstate state so that was the second highlight. That's one of the blessings of traveling with children but we went to we went up through Provo. Don't ever move to Provo. Let me just tell you that right now. Don't move to Provo Utah not only is there a mind like right outside of the town or Corey quarrier. Something the wind was crazy blowing dust all over the town but there is a lake there. I think it's called Provo Lake. It's a shallow lake. It was like lime green is what it looked like from the interstate. It is the deepest part of it is fourteen feet. I mean it's a big surface. Area wise is a big ask sleek fourteen feet deep in the deepest point forcing fee. That's it so obviously that lake stays warm well. I drive by and I looked at it. I said there's nobody on that lake so that is a big lake and there's not one boat on jet skis or boats or anything and then faith in slade look it up real quick and it turns out they had a Algebra boom warning and they were telling people don't get on the lake because the dangerous algae is in bloom right now and it'll make you and your dog and everybody else and their grandmother six so state of buck off the lake so that's why there was nobody on the lake. I was like Oh that gives me the creeps. You know I mean a lake. That's like four or five hundred feet. Deep creeps me out less than a huge you judge talking surface area a huge lake all the surf. I surface area. That's only fourteen deep at the deepest point and stay so warm yeah. I got open. This Cup real quick stays so warm that it's full of fucking algae bloom and making people sick reminds me of when when I was a kid and the river would get so low and all those kids would dumb ass kids go swimming in the stagnant river and then you'd see on the news on San Antonio that some other person died because because they swam in the stagnant water and it was full of bacteria swim in that and you don't you don't get in that the water circulating stay the fuck out of it but anyway so I'm talking about a lot of potty right now for plotting to my talk but hey travel dog so you get Provo and then there's this quarry outside of Provo in the wind blowing so hard it's just like dust everywhere and then you not long after that you making Salt Lake City. I never been to Salt Lake City before and never seen the great salt lake still haven't seen the great Salt Lake. I saw like obey that comes off the lake north of Salt Lake City. I'm married a Mormon. I told you this last time I married a girl who was Mormon. Not Mormon anymore but I married a Mormon girl and so of course she wanted her whole life. She wanted to see Salt Lake City in the temple because if you don't know your history the Mormons in the early eighteen hundreds eight hundred eighteen thirties eighteen forties came through end settled old old big party Utah and took up residence outside of Salt Lake City Brigham Young came through and in some ways very forcefully took over Utah really and you know Salt Lake City has the the the temple the temple for the Mormon religion. They have you know. Zion's banks you know headquartered there I think and Byu Brigham Young University was over Mormons like you know Salt Lake City she is that she's nationally. That's where they go. Let's let's like their pilgrimage and so even though not Mormon anymore faith has always wanted to see the temple and and I gotTa admit I mean it's beautiful. The grounds the landscaping the architecture the size. You know everybody that's there. That's Mormons addressed I. They're all dressed up and well-groomed. You know I got real uncomfortable there. I mean I can be pretty sharp-dressed when it comes to court Gordon jury trials but for the most part you know I'm Kinda Harry. and don't like to wear a suit unless I have to go to work to sell for me being there with Eh pushed it a little bit but it is pretty cool. It's pretty impressive. so we saw the temple gall put some pictures on instagram is a big ask temple. I mean you don't even understand how big this thing is. It takes standing next to it and like I told you I got those wide-angle Lenses. I told you on episode twenty I got those wide-angle Lenses and his Alia Lia Wide Angle Lens did a kick ass job getting pictures of all of those buildings like the whole thing and and there's a disappearing pool in front of the Temple Disappearing Ledge you know and if you take a picture picture of that pool in front of the Temple and Winding Lens you can get the whole thing well just so happen when I was taking a shot. people get married there all day every day. it's every single day but I mean there were like four or five weddings going on just during the thirty minutes that we were there and they're out in front taking pictures pictures. You know it's Kinda cool that was neat to see but we're taking pictures in front of the disappearing edge pool. It's in front of the temple and I notice they're having a hard time getting angle and I was like hair. Put this on your phone clipped clipped it from my phone and put it on their phone and it was Kinda cool 'cause they wound up getting a bad ass picture of the bride and groom with the Whole Temple in the background that they would not have gotten had. I not been standing right there. So you know I it kind of amy. Feel good. You know I help somebody for the day that was my warm and Fuzzy and they were very appreciative so we we left there and aided chick-fil-a fillet then we sat in traffic for an hour and a half trying to get out of UTAH. If you WANNA see the Great Salt Lake which I heard smells really bad you have to drive to it from Salt Lake City. You know you can't see it from salt. Lake City you gotTA drive to it and we had to get to Butte Montana. What's what's been so he had to go through the rest of Utah and we had to go through Idaho and then we had to go up into Montana to get there to get here if you will and I was like there's no way we can you know we we gotta we gotTa move. I got a book it so have time to go drive to the lake especially we didn't because we wound up sitting in traffic but when we were sitting in Chick-fil-a we we we hadn't decided that we're GonNa come to you yet. We were kind of playing it by ear by the seat of our pants and it was like six thirty and I said Y'all got five hours in you and they were like yeah. I looked faith as you got five hours in you and she said Yeah I said let's go to Butte. It's five hours away and we can fish all day on Friday and then we can hope it to Swan Lake in glacier park a a by Canada the next day so that's what we did and trove all day yesterday after Salt Lake and into the night it again and this time faith and I were both awake and will we crossed the Border Idaho is. I know it was pretty bad ass. I mean it's beautiful awful. It's so much forming and ranching. I mean there are cows everywhere. These huge valleys like Montana and Idaho Idaho had these huge vistas like great big vistas. Big Sky's the the mountains. Don't don't like the mountains that are you seeing. Idaho really don't have forests on them the ones that I saw on fifteen one fifteen north. They're huge but you know it's not like they're. They're not like in Colorado where there's forests covering everything or up here and view you. You know a little further up you know there's forest covering the mountains that you see when you drive back into the canyons where where we were fishing today but but Idaho's beautiful you know I mean obviously they got potatoes and stuff like that but just bury green very lush it was a cool deal. It was neat to see Idaho. We stopped at a rest stop. That's all we didn't. We didn't do anything else nicest fucking rest stop I've ever been in my life. I'm not getting that rest was nicer than you know my house had literature everywhere that you could take for free very clean very well constructed very ECO friendly and the way it was set up was his very very I don't know it was a smart and into Montana. Roy Stop when we first got into Montana that rest area was really really Nice Nice. That's what it was better than the one in Idaho because you had private bathrooms. was there like the bathrooms at this rest area. Were private like you could go in and shut and lock the door in you had a whole bathroom to big yourself. It was full of literature to that you get and you know I grabbed a bunch of stuff is about hunting and fishing and hiking and all that but we kind of sailed through Idaho we stopped at that restaurant when we crossed the border in Montana faithfuls like. Are you going to falsely where you're GONNA fall asleep. I'm like no. I'm good. I'm good I got this. Shit is all me you know. I'm on it. I'm on it. we crossed the border into Montana. Tanna and I am jamming the book out to Creedence clearwater revival long as I can see the light around the bend run through the jungle looking out my back door just jamming jamming jamming and then all of a sudden faith is like okay. I WANNA put some music on. I would withdraw she goes. I just you know I want to hear something different so she puts on billy the Irish. I heard Billy I was like what is this shit. Who is this girl but I love it that my wife. WHO's inner forties still so hip like you know? She takes care of herself. She's very hip. You know she. She hasn't given she's still. She's still relevant. You know my wife is still very relevant and I like that about her. I like that she fucking knows who billy Gal issues and that she knows the songs. She sings along with him. I think it's cool. I gotTa have a dose of a water but so we're listening to that and I'm like okay I got. I got hit the head so pull into this we we we take the exit and it's dark. I mean okay we are in we are in the middle of mountains in southern Montana with forest in our kind of instant forest and it's it's black. There are no lights out there. I mean it's lack dark dark dark no moon. Nothing and I'm like I got to pull over. I got to use the restroom. Whatever so we pull over faith goes I I go second but before we found the rest stop there signs for the rest area and somebody Jack with signs and so we wind up going down this road and we were like this doesn't seem right now. This is the right and the kids are like Dad. Turn around this is this is right skies freaking out. She's all scared I turn around and we go back and it's creepy like these little houses back there. This one room was like the living room. Person's house was all lit up and red light it was it's kind of like look in there. See it's going to be some guy there knowing on a human leg and just stupid shit like that and it was just kinda creepy you know and we have been talking about when we were in parts of Utah. It really looked like the hills have eyes kind of setting and so so we were like. Oh God what if this is where you know they they get people they get motorists and they tell him the rest area's back here. Somebody really had messed with the signs. Excuse me well we turn around. We realize okay. There's the rest stereo over. Their head screwed up the signs. We go to the rest area and faith. Those are thing I do. Mine nicely has come back out and the road we were going down it said such such cemetery point five miles so we had almost pulled into you a cemetery at the end of this creepy dark road that was but after we leave they're driving a little bit longer. I'm driving and then I finally alley start like I said the other day I noticed my eyes are getting heavy. I noticed on my reaction. Times are slowing down. It's time for me to pull over so a faith been bugging me that whole time. Are you retired or are you tired. You know you'll need to pull over. You're acting weird and I'm like no. I'm good you know I've got some snacks. I've got credence took forever this way. Well I finally realize okay. I'm cashed. I'm done. I need to pull over and go sleep driving through the night tonight. It's not it's not gonNA. It's not in the cards so the other night and I'm still recovering from it. She gets in the driver's seat. I get in the the passenger seat and that was it. I don't remember anything after that until like almost two hours later when we're pulling into. I'm like how long was I out. She goes oh my gosh she goes. I'm so mad at you. Why you mad at me because you kept saying you weren't tired in the second. You sat down in the passenger seat like literally I hadn't even pulled out yet you saw logs. She goes don't ever wait that long again again. So apparently I was more tired than I realized but hey you know some of us just know how to hang on. We still had to hang on but anyways we did. Ah We got up this morning and went fishing beautiful beautiful little town have a really cool historic district. There's a lot of mining history here in fact back in the early nineteen hundreds there was a horrible tragedy was either one hundred thirteen or one hundred twenty. Six miners died in a fire. There's a mind that's a a two thousand feet underground at that point time. I think it was like nineteen. Thirteen or something like that may was honored so maybe it was nineteen thirteen. It was one hundred twenty six people that died. They burned alive. It was weird. There are people below them in the mind that we're able to get up past the fires and survived but on top of one of these mountains here there's ninety foot statue they light up at night and then there's a stork mining district which is really cool. we ate at a place tonight in the historic mining district distort part of Butte like we're staying down in the modern part on the Strip but the historic part. You know there's old hotels. It's like an old downtown and stuff like that amount in town but they've got all kinds of stuff. We ate at this place got it. What was the name of that place called. I don't remember what it was called. like I'm going to see if I can put up a picture zero quick. It was like an old auto garage kind of deal that they had turned into this restaurant and it's called sparky garage sparky's garage sparky's garage is bad ass great food great great ambiance up. They'll be pictures on instagram and facebook sparky's garage and it'll be in the little video. I put up. I do a one minute video of every day of our vacation. I did it last year doing it. This year. sparky's Garages Hella Good. We had this porter faith in Split. I had a black and blue burger a burger with blue cheese on it. She had like a just a bacon cheeseburger some that the kids liked their food so have you ever make it to. Butte Montana go to sparky's garage because she's self seventy nine historic district and check out some of that history they have. They're we're having some kind of festival there tonight to they were does an outdoor festival and they were doing music and stuff but we were just tired for the river outside divide which is outside of beautiful beautiful Col- cold water coming out of the mountains and there was full fish man. I mean people were catching fish. stone caught one slade caught one but lost it. I caught three and and people were coming through catching fish. We were catching. I caught a brook on a If you look on instagram you'll see it on sure or noble and before that I was using a like an orange hopper you know these are these are floating flies that are kind of made out of foam. You know that kind of thing with the silly legs and some hair and stuff like that on them we were also fishing I got some strikes on black pants rubber legs we had stone caught a grilling. He got a baby greyling which is crazy. I can't wait to tell the guys at the fly shop and he caught it and show within the picture because there's like I think the guy said there's like for every Mile River. There's like hundred early. I think something like that. They're very rare very rare. So if you catch one it's a big deal and he caught a little one and we know it was a railing because we lifted the fan on the Dorsal Fin. They have a really weird odd shaped dorsal fin that sits flat. If you lifted lifted up as they would do when they're in the water it's really big but he caught that and then I to rainbows and didn't land one of landed the other one and then landed the brook trout and he caught on a Griffis net like a small griffis net. Maybe like twenty or eighteen or something like that we were fishing nine and a half half foot three x and using three x tippet because the Fisher Fisher bigger stuff and hitting harder stuff you know this time of year they're they're moving around more and they're eating bigger food but we fished those and then. I was fishing rig where I had the flotation of the foaming. Oh me fly and then I I had rigged up to that a Nymph that they showed me. I can't remember what they're called. Just a on your basic beated head Nymphs that weighs down your your rig a little bit ways down your fly a little bit but floats well and and time and I thought that rogue trial on the other side of the river and like a really obscure it was almost kind of like a Brooke. I'm not surprised at the brook. Trout was hanging out right there because he wasn't in the big current. You know he was over on the bank and on the other side or there was a pool ooh a little bit of a current run through there but you know if you if you sat a dry fly on the top water it didn't move much and that's what they were hidden and he came out with water and hit it hard and put up a kind of a little bit of a fight for a minute and then pulled a man but we had a good time and what we're GONNA do tomorrow. We're going to bed tonight tomorrow. We're going to hit the road up to Swan Lake. In the we'll be there for three nights and we're going to be fishing all around on lake do some hiking and stuff so we'll put up some more hoping to see some bears or something you know. I'm hoping to see some some wildlife on this trip so it's fish but that's the update. I told you I do one every day or every other. Day Is Episode Twenty about our scope. This is Bobby Falkenberg Offenburg. Don't forget follow us on instagram likes on facebook. Outdoor scoped on both of those call hotline. If you have anything you want to talk about three zero four eight four eight eight three nine and don't forget a couple of weeks here when I get my computer back and get my data back. Hopefully I'll put up. Kelly van meter's interview then you know on her fitness journey and her family in the hunting and fishing they do then Mike Wagner after that with first responding stories and out kind of how do we look look at first response in the outdoors you know what in like in situations where people put themselves in a very hazardous situation on purpose for recreation creation and then they need to be rescued. How do we look at that and you know. How do we deal with that? Mount Everest type situations and then after that Brennan writer I interviewed him a he's is a singer songwriter. You probably know him if you don't get on itunes and look at Brennan writer and you'll see he has nine studio albums two live albums and done a a lot of touring has been all over the place. Great songs had some really good success on the radio. He's a big hunter and Fisher and he's also an avid Cook of all things while game. Those episodes will be up love you guys. I'll talk to you either tomorrow or the day after and give you an update. Wait until then keep your dry and we'll catch you on the flip side.

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