REShow: Scott Van Pelt and David Cross. Hour 3 (11-11-20)


Thank you for listening to this. Podcast wine production now available on apple podcasts. On one spotify and anywhere else you get your podcasts. Is the rich eisen show. I'm sure you heard it earlier. This year drew. And i'll place it in front of his always keen to know what you thought about the fact that you can't throw down the field the anymore. Apparently from the rich eisen show studio in los angeles warned making those statements. And do they know anything about football on the show. Baltimore ravens quarterback lamar jackson co host of good morning football. Kyle branch coming up. Espn sportscenter host. Scott van pelt plus actor david cross. And now you're rich is our number. Three of the rich eisen show is on the air. We've got scott. Van pelt Joining us from augusta national in just a few moments time here on the show. Great shot with. Kyle brandt nate. Boyer just last hour Lamar jackson joined us in our first hour of the program and and He was he was dynamite. Just so likable likable guy. I mean someone root for and just to see how he can. Just keep shining out and sunday night. Football is going to be his latest stage. And last year the sunday night football stage against new england went so well for baltimore propelled them for the rest of the regular season into the one seed. They were the clear class of the afc north and then at the time looked like the clear class of the afc. If your call that's when mahomes had as kneecap turned to the side of his leg. And they were matt mooring their way through that portion of the schedule wondering when they could get mahomes back and wondering what mahomes would look like so on and so forth and then as we know mahomes and the chiefs wound up getting the by week because the patriots in that night of that sunday night game started to have a one flaw after another show up and then that was the beginning of the end because this was november four th two thousand nineteen when they had that game as pete as peter king always mentioned when he's on the show talking about how the dolphins have turned things around. The dolphins had a better record after hollowing than the patriots did. Last year chiefs wound up getting a buy week along with the ravens and the to never met in the playoffs because the titans took care of the patriots. And the ravens. Lamar said against something interesting in that he said the The defense the defense. He's hearing is calling out plays that the ravens are about to run. Run pass or something like that. It's no good so that was an interesting chat with lamar. Who's one of my favorites. I i love the guy. They had a chat with drew brees yesterday. There's a great deal. I mean you got you got Stars of the game young and old colleagues nfl. I mean i'm just pointing out again that we're just try to have as many people and plus i i don't know if van pelt on hold i want them to understand he's not the only guy who gets the stars of the is he on hold for real world. Scott van pelt you there. I mean i just got done hosting a show for two hours or sorry that i wasn't there the second you needed. Oh my gosh word no i. I wasn't doing that. i'm i hope you're okay. Is everything all right. Are we good rahm. Just kidding i'm shoving. She's graduating my face. I was trying to pick up and for some reason. My polish growing up here. I am not to be here. I am doing great. How is everything at augusta. How's everything their brother was. It looked weird odd. Yes odd but still familiar if that makes any sense like it's like if you sell up if you said hey we're going to do christmas and we're going to do it in july. You go okay and then you sit out the tree and the decorations and your presence and he came down and it was ninety outside and you were opening presents in july. You'd think well okay. The trees familiar the presence that wonderful. I'm happy to celebrate this just odd because it's not when we typically do this so it's strange not having Not having the patrons as they're referred to hear the guests national is really jarring. They are such a huge part of the soul of the place and the players have all commented. It's just so strange and it will be stranger once the once. The event begins but just everything else is incredibly familiar. It's immaculate like it always is. it's a huge events. You guys are. Obviously they're going to do everything they can to win it. What does look like with turning leaves. What does that look like scott. Incredible it's not as there are as as They haven't changed as much as they. You know new england which i know it was a long time ago but you remember fall into england where i am now in dc whereas the colors of clearly kind of come and gone. It's not quite like that. There's some trees that have changed. But i mean it's still awfully green and I mean as i stand here looking at the practice range. It's more green than it is anything else. That's i'm i'm just excited and i guess what did they choose. Middle of november did they. Did they wanna make sure that. The course was closed for a while or what. What what was it. What is it heart of it. Think i think that the time in the spring the hope was that we'd be out of where we were in in terms of covert and and actually now i mean. Obviously we're testing more in this snap. But i mean it's it's not it's not any better But i think would. It gave the golf course. A chance to do is go through the summer and And the fall to get it prepared to compete. It'll be different in terms of How it plays. It'll play longer and then it's gonna rain a ton on thursday so that's gonna make it an issue But this was this gave them the best chance to have the golf course as they would have wished it to be to present the that scott van pelt here on the rich eisen show fresh off of the set of coverage four. Espn app augusta. National right here on the rich eisen show spoke to our buddy to rico on monday. And he said it's it's it's it's price into shambles week to be talked about and that by the end of the week. That's all we're going to be talking about would you Would you agree with that assessment. No okay no beat. Because i here's here's he'll he's gonna hit it a mile. We know that. And i might look foolish saying that now. But i'll say it because this place you hit as far as you want. Great you're gonna have you're gonna have shorter clubs into these greens again. Great he's got to put the ball better here or he will not win and the last three years. Statistically is strokes gained putting. He's dead. Last and andy made the deport pulling on the show that i found really interesting. That he's a guy who leans on his his putting books and the and the which kind of the they're basically the template each week on the pga tour of what the greens are. They don't have those here. And he's a guy that is really really has a fascinating mind and uses all of this all the intel and feedback much the way front offices use analytics and here is going to have to be more feel unless information and so i think maybe that's part of why he hasn't played particularly well. But also you're allowed to get better you. There's nothing to say that he won't put better this week. My my only counter to mike would be unless he putts better. He won't win if he does pop well then he he might win in a walk the way he did it at winged foot. But i mean he's gonna hit the ball places out here if it if it dries out any the people will just won't believe 'cause it's i mean it's absurd some of the things that we're talking about like driving over the trees on thirteen and hitting a wedge it like that's just play the par-five yeah i asked my if there's anyone that he any holes that he could table par for you mentioned the third and that's about it but i mean we're we're going to just see watch him. Jack nicklaus rich. Jack nicklaus said that on the in the right wind conditions that he could drive one. I mean i stood on one t yesterday. I contemplated that. And then i walked away. I mean make no sense man I it's i can't even fathom that that's possible but if i mean jack i defer to jack when it comes to national yes yes to that. It won't happen this week. Because it'll be too wet. But i mean just the fact that we're talking about that and i don't wanna get to golfie here but i mean the the chairman. Fred ridley said today that we're getting close to a call to arms about about how far the golf balls going. My guess is that very soon. Here you'll see the ruling bodies do something to limit how far golf ball goes because if they don't then you're going to run out of real estate for these courses took to be played on. Yeah i mean that's that's the question and just just to go down the checklist of what i talked about with with With mike Do we come up with a new phrase right now about if shambo does hit a ton and tear it up. Is it a bryson in the course or or. What's the one that three into shamba is augusta national. You can't you there. There's only so listen. Augusta national has the they don't they don't like the term money so indifference. They have resources rich and the resources they have are unlimited land around the golf course. But there's only so big you can make this place and there's nothing you can do short unless unless the greens are your defense. And they have been the defense against him thus far but in terms of making it long enough for nine thousand yards. And those you can't scott van pelt here on the rich eisen show who are not talking about. Who should we talking about this week. What do you think Zander's awfully Zander's shaw flee the guy that andy just picked him on the show. I picked him before. I got here. I mean he's finished in the top ten more than half of the last major in the last three years and he's he's finished second last year. you know. He's he's going to win majors plural. I i'm convinced of that And so at some point it begins. I it just. Now's as good a time as any but y- the thing about this course rich as you know. Is that there are. There are so many players who show up and think. Oh yeah like dustin johnson. I play well there jon. Rahm hasn't played here lot. He plays well here. Justin rose lost in a playoff there. And then they're all the guys that have won. It did show up and think i can compete so and justin. Thomas hasn't won it yet. He's getting better every year. There's there's so many people rich to come here and you and if they won you'd go sure of course and there are so many guys that you think will eventually win and then some of them like ernie els and greg norman and tom weiskopf and david divall never do so. Like it's it's it's a place everyone loves. And who's the guy lucky enough to be the guy that plays the best i mean. That's the. That's the thing i if i knew on wednesday i'd meet in vegas and we'd never worked again. Yes indeed. So you like zander sharply out of the top ten players coming in you. Do you like zander. Okay let's just say let's just say that if you take a second tier of players from ranking in the world between eleven and twenty a list in front of you because i might have texted you about that earlier who would you take in that and i might have done that homework and i might have put that list together. Already prepared to answer all right and this is just for me to utilize Let's say ama- okay because if you're because if you're picking against other people they won't make him they they should. He plays well here. He played well the last event he played. I like yama from those eleven through twenty okay and let's just say My buddy chris. Brockman decided to put something together where there's a third tier of players well between twenty one and thirty two. Would you choose from that guy. No one will have from that list because there are a lot of people that you could pick the co crack at twin or who one in vegas and hit the ball a mile again. I'm trying to give you some people. I don't think others would select because they're not as smart as me. Jason co crack by the way if Kilborn will act appreciate that. If kilborn was still doing sportscenter it'd be jason krakatoa right. That's that's you think All right tier four. Let's just say let's just keep going on all the tears Between thirty four and forty five. Who do you think's the next three without stopping on your next here. I want you to take a dog. Kevin kisner you've got to putt it around here. Kisner puts it well and and obviously like everyone else loves it. He's played here like sixty times Kisner and your forty here jason day. I can't believe is available. Still this is like when you drafting your fantasy draft. Someone still there gays in the fifties a major champion way too good to be ranked pace and still get them and then again. No one's going to have my main man landho- it's mandalorian landau griffin. That's my guy. He competed well at the peach again. I'm just. I'm trying to get you because if we're doing like drafts and everyone's going to have some version of the same thing but if you if you have mazzi yarmulke crack kisner atlanta you'll be standing by yourself and it might be worthless like by thursday night at my absolutely worthless but that's who i scribbled down that so i scribbled down richard landau cow aristion griffin go watch. Espn plus in booker day. Man how is life in dc. I know you wanted to move there to be closer to family scott and it was remarkable. Espn said go it when we built you beautiful set and your show is just as great as ever. How's that working for you. Thank you welcome. It's it's good. It's you as having kids and and dealing with moving and trying to get them adjusted in the world of that were in and sings aren't as easy to meet people it's i it's it's challenging more so than i thought it might be but i'm home on close to the family. Mom you know is able to come by anytime she wants. Which you know is is what it's about and We're in the same studio. Is tony and mike dunn. Pti for years and We're ted koppel used to host nightline. Don't carry that. I thought i mean they should not let me walk in the same place that that man worked. And and so. It's all surreal Driving down familiar streets in dc. And and that's where i am. It's it's it's all hard to fathom. But i'm just grateful you know i'm grateful we get to do what we do and in grateful to be able to be home to do it and then you got the i don't want to say the other tongue vilo but The second one crushing amata right now. Scott that's got to be He let me look. I mean i. They were twenty point dogs to minnesota really beat him. They were twenty some point dogs penn. They beat them. I mean i don't think that maryland's beating ohio state But nevertheless it's a couple of wins for to his brother who's pretty good sales tapping last year. Scott just happy look. Any music is played right. Now i'm celebrating. And i'm hoping the nfl can hang on here. I keep trudging along. Because they've done a great a job as they can try and handle well scott. I know again that you've been working like crazy. I appreciate you just popping on the phone and enjoy augusta. Enjoy that enjoy going on your family and Let's let's chat around the holidays. I'd love if you don't mind. I look forward to that be well. I hope this list isn't totally useless. But i i actually put thought into it even though it might appear i did know. Trust me when it's the first we're thrilled that we've been here six years and now that we've got a new home in peacock. I think it's the first time we've ever heard the name landau griffin let alone streamed it I'm okay so trashy history when you hear. Join the pool if you want. It's no no no no no no no no. He's not going to do something like that. This manza this man this man. He doesn't wanna take a bad beat in this one either. Okay so true. Hey look at michael's reference to side so good work. Hey baby worldwide. Take care of yourself scott. Enjoy the week. Enjoy it brother you well. You got family reginald seeming. That's one of my favorites on lonzo griffin. I've never heard of that guy to be honest. But i will be adding it. Entry landau griffin. Oh my goodness gracious from mount shasta california. Wow just where. He's thirty two years old. Which means when i was doing the sports casts and mount shasta and redding california which is right there right south of beautiful mount shasta. I might have been doing. So that's like thousand ninety. Four he was born in he was a six year old watching. Watch me do. The sports was young. Landau was out there. Watching me do Do sports guests that count towards the is and bump they'll see clearly i mean there you go griffin and the barranca man. Well rich you can get up at five. Oh six local time. I really that when he's teeing five or six pacific he's playing with. Vj singh and tyler. Duncan wow i'll text you guys from mount shasta california. It's a beautiful part of this country. The north state of california. All right. i'm all in atlanta. Let's go into no idea that i was talking to land. Does a six seven eight year old kid. Oh my god. Linda if he was watching a local sports guests. Eight six thousand eight. Turn it on channel. Seven are in redding california. Was that guy was we need a reunion or ask landau calorie and griffin. And since you brought up landau cower. See and i just wanted to point out that he's sitting right here. Billy dee williams one of the coolest of all time Eight four four zero four rich number. Dial david cross will join us. Chris brockman is news update. That's our rolling the rest of this edition of the rich eisen show. We've got a great celebrity true or false for david cross when he joins us coming up support for this. Podcast comes from pluto. Tv ready to get away from it. All free yourself with pluto tv stream hundreds of channels and thousands of movies and shows all for free. yeah free no contracts. No subscriptions no fees imagine twenty four seven channels of narcos. Csi star trek subscriber and everything else from hit movies to binge worthy tv shows. The latest news live sports comedy. More what are you waiting for. Download the free pluto tv app for android or iphone start watching now pluto. Tv drop in watch free back here on our friends at p. concrete chat with scott van pelt right there you guys trying to get them to give you fear when he doesn't every year about a guy in the thirty you youtube he's writing down. What is i already have one. I might do a second. One though is scott l. Oh that was smooth. Oh i'll give you that much. That was. I'm just wondering if we split up the world. Golf ranking ten by ten by ten by ten and figure that out strong with that. What's wrong with taking a look at which guys in which tier of the world golf rankings. As the best chance to win win this it's better way than just saying. Hey who outside of the top ten. Maybe i should just go ten by ten and take those picks and go to chris brockman link the second groups always the hardest. Well done well done rich. Thanks chris i appreciate thing. Isn't that second group. You have tiger patrick reed. There's all good guys who've won bright. Yeah it's tough back here on the rich eisen show with our radio audience. Now we're one big happy streaming slash radio family Here on nbc sports on peacock right here also on sirius. Xm channel to eleven and the rich eisen show Radio network highlighted by the mighty. Ten ninety right here in southern california. I am a big fan of this man's work I don't know if he's ever been on this show before in our six years Loved him In mister show at davis way back in the day that was before arrested development and also in goliath where he played a far different character than the one he did a other shows that included. Also the ben stiller show and his new movie the dark divide available now on vod digital and blu ray and dvd platforms were ever. You can get that the highly talented david cross back. You're on the rich eisen over here. The richest how are you david. I'm good and You know it's interesting as you. Were doing that intro right before you were saying. I don't know if he's been on the show. I was actually sitting there thinking. Have i been on the show before. I don't think so. They usually do. Have a a good recollection of that sort of thing. But i've wanted you on for quite some time because everything that i just read i. You are hilarious man And you are excellent at what you do. So i'm glad that you're you are most welcome. you're from atlanta. Is that where you're from originally. Yeah you okay so is that is that the part of the country that you associate yourself with or or what i mean. Did you spend much time there when you were in atlanta Well i i'm all my family. Almost my family still down there So on there quite a bit. But now that i have a a daughter were down there i mean you know outside of covert stuff for about four or five times a year much saw reason why ask just basically also do. Do you have any sports teams from there. David did you grow up. And he atlantis sports fan in any way shape unfortunately yes Yeah I was i they was. I am a brave stand Went to tons of braves games because they when they thought it was very cheap. I remember there was a You know one of those quarter car. Wash chains called national pride car washing. They would have coupons that would allow you to get to into the game for like a couple of bucks so my friends and i would go to those games would cost much and then also be atlanta flames sucked for a long time as well and So we get into those games fairly cheaply and and then Unfortunately a falcons fan too. So while i was at the world series win that game. I have been a lot of race games over the years. But i was actually at the you know the last game and the old stadium fulton county stadium. The old fulton county stadium back in the day. So if i had a guest then Was like dale murphy. Your guy growing up is that is. That was i loved. I loved bill murphy. But i was also a red sox. Fan i just. I really liked the red sox and then i moved to boston from atlanta and you know went to tons of games at fenway which is just a completely different and better experience And i was a big dwight evans. Fan but you know i i was. Yeah def definitely dale murphy was was my guy but all you know. A lot of those Those earlier teams. That have named characters have done movies and tv shows and they usually have some ol- braves characters in there. I to i did. Movie called hits. And i two cops were Lemke and the cops got those sprinkled throughout my work over the gate. I mean did you ever hear from sid bream and say what gives i mean. Did you ever i remember. I remember exactly where i was when the when the slide happened. I was at a bar in new york city. And and i yeah i just remember the hanging onto the watching the game in a in a bar and and banging my foot pretty bad on the stool a little. You know the rail of the stool So it was like jumping up and down and Got caught and they're like. Yeah well i also remember one of the biggest moments i guess in atlanta flames. History was when jim craig. If i'm not mistaken after winning the gold medal. He went between the pilot. the atlanta flames. I haven't heard that yeah and it was a big. It was about as big of promotional push remember. Coca cola was behind their local and that was a big deal and then i think they were gone within two years. I wanna say They moved to calgary this with any with with a year or two years of his signing. Remember but i did catch a Slapshot that went up and hit the Because we used to buy tickets there was nobody there so you buy tickets. Just move down and the the third row behind the goal and And there was Eric vale remember it was air. Vail hit the slapshot. It went off the glass and just went spinning And i just instinctively you know just jumped up and put my hand up and it hurt like a month. I don't know swear. A family show a mother. Mother friendly a mother. Mother hurt like a motherfucker back Like you know. And i was probably like. I don't know what that have been like. Twelve for something like that. Thirteen and Yeah just damage. My we'll hand. It was pretty cool. David cross here on the rich eisen. Show let's Before we get into a i i go down memory lane a little bit with With with some of my celebrity guests and ask them in celebrity. True or false stuff that i've seen in articles quotes if they're true or not before we get to that. Let's talk about the dark. Divide you play The doctor robert pile In this film which is a real guy. Walked me through this and why you did this and how you got involved in this this this fair sir. What do you got for me So it's a it's a true true story. It's a really takes a bunch of his books. But it's A guy who kind of mild mannered Lepidopterists kind of bookish chronic. I very introverted Who through the x. Extenuating circumstances involving his deceased wife ends up going on this journey through The dark divide. Which is the nickname of the gipper. Gifford pinchot national forest on the pacific northwest. It's like the largest uncharted. Wild did a land in the lower. Forty eight states left hand. is back in nineteen ninety five and he's just in way over his head he doesn't know what he's doing he's Very naive about what he's about to undertake and you know it's one of those kinda stories and movies where you know he goes and he starts his journey he starts one way through all the this arduous journey he goes on you know near death experiences and all kinds of things have happened in the people. You need needs Ends up a completely different person at the end you know. And he went in there thinking he was going to be gone for a little under a month and he was lost all track of time and he was actually almost six weeks in there and and just it was And i rarely get offered that kind of opportunity and I really liked the story. And i like the i like the idea of being in my underwear a lot. You know on screen and And you're welcome to walk for that And and so and then once i've met with the writer and director to Which is the same person. Tom putting a wrote and directed at when i messed with him. Because if you can do something because it was very low budget really brutal tough. I mean we shot in a lot of the real locations and you know. There's no electricity. there's no you can't there's no Roads at a certain point. You just part to drive as far as you can. Then you get out and walk all this gear with a skeleton crew and do you know the interior of these crazy woods and You know there's no internet no electric no cell phone service. Nothing like that and you know it was really difficult. Shoot so i wanna make sure i you know jibe with him and i did and then it was like yeah. Let's do it and And it's again a available now on vod digital and blu-ray slash dvd platforms plus. Let's be honest. Odin kirk cab all the serious roles where the he's going through great physical harm and actually doing this right. You gotta you gotta stay. Keep up with him right now. You know exactly. We're we're we're we're doing. I'm racing up the charts. Yes you are going to catching butterflies so in the dark divide. It's a it's a great movie. everyone should go. Check it out. If you don't mind endeavouring a celebrity. True or false here and the rich eisen show greatly appreciated. David cross. Okay would you. Here we go. We even have a drop fort go forward. Please boy very good. It's very dramatic setting up a celebrity true or false with david crossing and these are items that we have captured from articles that have been written about you or are on the internet. You got to tell us if it's true or false first item of guessing or am i know you're confirming your confirming saying this is true or false okay. This is not you're confirming a according to one article you have quote no qualms whatsoever unquote about taking your clothes off for any reason. Is that true or false. David cross truly Everything should be good but it. It really depends on how much i've been drinking. Okay so it really depends on the actual alcohol intake but professionally. This is something that you're you're open to is what you're saying. Oh yeah. I mean mister show. There's you know if we got rid of that video digital scramblers thing. I'm sure to be seeing it quite nihilo lot of from the two of you back in the day. That was so much fun. That was ever something that you did that. On mr show with bob and david that you were told you could not do and that had to be hit on the cutting floor literally one literally and four years is one thing and that and h. There's a remember the thing but it's like a flashback. It's in the opening. There's a flashback. Where i'm playing my dad or and in maryland. Rice cub is the mom. And there's a baby which is supposed to be. Which is a plastic dog clearly. Plastic goal and i say something about the baby and the mom very win through slams the baby down the grand goes f f this baby and that was the one thing that yeah. We really don't want you do that for like okay okay. Isn't that other than that. It was all all good ready to go on mr show. Yeah okay very good next one for you. You're originally approach to play buster booth interested development. But you chose tobias instead. Is that true Yeah that was. They had sent me actually wanted me to look at job and buster in joe biden. No reading on at all. I didn't understand it and seem really fun but to bias was in there and i just immediately gravitated to that character and i also knew immediately how i want plan So i i love for that. And they was like fine is based on anybody that you have met before. Who's tobias where you know. He's he's he. The way i pitched was Like a half a mashup. Malformation of a like east coast. Dick van What's the guy's name decapitate. East coast turtleneck wearing cabinet Intellectual or pseudo intellectual in his case Me a kind of marin county touchy feely cable sweater Kind of like you know A therapist who makes up a his own brand of therapy and just call himself up there. You know like a mix of those two types of people. What's your favorite scene from arrested development. David cross. which is your favorite. Oh come on. Come on how to do it. Richard richard david come on. I don't i don't i don't i mean you know i could say something now. It'll change ten minutes. If i remember another one but i remember having a member rarely laughing as hard as i ever have. There's a thing with a. It's like a flashback to a party or something and bus Buster tony hills playing the piano. Were in the run. The the Lucille's living room depend house. And then i think job is on laying on the table dining room table. And i can't remember what michael's doing and i'm dancing in my. I'm laughing thinking about it now. In my you know Never knew shorts and that was the end of a long day was like our thirteen. We were all loopy and just doing that and And i know for a fact that when you see well or net laughing when jason laughing in the background that's them laughing for real stop black to say who's the one that was the easiest to break up on the set like would just crack. That's a good question Wow maybe maybe me. I don't know jason's appro. I mean he's he's pretty great be i'd say will or me. You know one of the two of us so it's funny. You said they really were all solid. He's staying that way because it's funny so we'll better read of the job character than you did. And so everyone wound up in the right spots and that. Oh yeah. I mean what. I what i saw willing it. I i was like. Of course i'd never occurred to me. And i just can't imagine It's one of those rare cats. We're just can't imagine anybody else playing those roles you know right like i and Yeah once it. Because i'd never met will before Or or even knew of them. But when i was watching it all happen when we were the pilot i was like oh god of course great. Perfect it's certainly. Is david cross the dark. Divide where you can check it out on vod digital and blu ray slash dvd platforms right. Now thanks for the call. David appreciate. I meant what i said. I'm a big fan and i hope We get to chat a little bit more. Go down more your atlanta sports memory lane next time to thank you. Well thank them. And i wanna thank you for all your helping me with all my fantasy baseball Decisions over the last decades. I had no idea the pressure was on so yeah. Have you wanna championship on my on my knowledge okay. Yeah they have fantastic I didn't see my playoff share. David i didn't get that but i'll just no. It should be check your check your pay pal. Good thing i will do that in the commercial break. Thanks for the call. I appreciate it. You take care all right absolutely. Thank you david. Cross at david cross on twitter at david cross official on instagram. Have the heart to ask him one extra thing that apparently alvin and the chipmunks shipwrecked which he was in was one of the worst experiences ever had a job and my kids love of shipwreck there. As a matter of fact they'll be dead points. Guess who i spoke to today from shipwrecked chipmunks growing. Oh my gosh. All right Your news update will take all the way to brother from another. Let's come back there. Some big news out of college football that We will hit on. I do not know what it is. I am keenly interested in it and will stay off of my social media feed. Thank you for the next two minutes to give you my first blush reaction coming up. Do you own a wrench. Your home sure you do and i bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along their auto policy and it's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geico dot com. Welcome back to picot know that. Is that our guy. That's landau griffin. He looks nothing. Like lando cowers. Follow for stared at it at them. Stare down in shop man. He stared down. My man from mount shasta california beautiful spot loved the lake lake. Shasta amazing playing with vj. I f pan for gold in that area for a bit for the news. I didn't i did that in my spare time. There's a lot of gold up here. Why i still have your highlight tape from those days and home somewhere and i remember all the weird dumb busies do weird dumb. Excuse me sir. Years of weird dumb bits has gotten you that share in me this one. He's gonna say point. I remember your next to a bowl leather jacket. Once i did i cover to rodeo covered a rodeo There was a rodeo in redding california. back in the day and i'm back here on the rich eisen show. Radio network was red bluff california. We're back here on the rich eisen show. Did you ever have signed down that an no and so it was like i had to cover the rodeo at a preview. The rodeo in town and i i i spoke to. The guy was training the bowl. I said if you stand right next to the camera. And i stand to the bull. Will you be able to keep the ball in place. He said yes so. I interviewed the bull to preview the The rodeo is good bit. It's a bit got me a job on sportscenter all mad as part of my resume. Absolutely that some of my best material and i remember i. I then covered the rodeo. And i was supposed to interview Time murray who is as big a rodeo stars there was at the time. I didn't know what he looked like and i walked up to whoever was running the rodeo and reading and i said can you tell me where time arias and i gotta look from this person similar to the look you would have gotten from whoever was at at the time united center. And you said where's can you point out michael jordan. So then you know. That's my rodeo career. Do you remember what was the order of the year segments on your resume. Real always finish. I also probably i also Went up to Lake shasta home nearby of the great lantos griffin who are choosing bangka. Are ralph barranca That i once we got a call once saying that. Tonya harding was on a houseboat and lake. Shasta got a call. We got that tip desert and the news director at the time who i think enjoyed tormenting me in a little bit of a way. He says you're you're you're you're sports guy you go check it out and i'm like what am i checking out tonya. Harding's up there go interviewer. And i'm like okay. I hopped in the car. And i got up there and it's a huge ask slake monster lake like. You couldn't find anybody on that. We could take hours to find anybody and like what am i supposed to do. Drive up next the houseboat and board it with my camera like you know like mounts mount some sort of you know journalistic assault on on on the the house are supposed to do on the cactus. I showed up in the guys working at the front desk. I mean literally was like an episode of shit's creek. And i walked up to the person who is running a desk and mike is. Tonya harding here will. I can't confirm that you know we have to. We have privacy laws. And i'm like well what she here like you know. Just just tell me if she here. I can't tell you blink twice. So i decided i can't go back empty-handed i said. Would you mind if i just used one of the houseboats. That's not out on the lake to shoot a piece about her. Maybe being or go be my so. I shot a a piece that we heard that tonya harding was on a houseboat here. We can't confirm it but if we did it would be something similar to this. And like i would go on the tour and open up the drawers in the houseboat and find like a big huge stick in there and again. That dumb bit helped me sit in this chair. A rich is just a century later and landau griffin at age seven with sitting at home laughing enjoying my sportscaster comic stylings mixed with sports and information and now look where he is. Hey playing with. Vj singing masters rich the bulls name was. Sammy just confirmed now. My god is that really his. That's is that he's been he's been trying to get in for the last minute. A couple of minutes but cultivating that. The lasagna highs. The last minute towards your microphone on my token ring bowl. I got here all week. Try their bill. Got sorry favorite. Let me do the jokes. I'm flying react all right. A bad joke is terrible. I talked to the point where i got to get your news. I just can't let that be the button for the segment. I just can't let that be the sorry rich. I understand that. I can't let it be the button but i'm so we are technically taking landau griffin under our wing. I think i think he's responsibility. He's now the official golfer of the rich eisen show for the master hugo. Look at him. Okay that's the button. Hit the drop. Please let's get to the news with a report of the day's news from the world of sports entertainment. Someone who is not a journalist or newsman. By any definition of the word whatsoever which chris brockman. What do you have over there. Chris so this is just breaking scott. Last segment talked about segments ago. Talked about excited to watch his maryland. Turps against ohio state this weekend. That's canceled bruce. Feldman said Game maryland ohio state is getting cancelled it because of covid reasons we know which program has been Not yet it. Not not that. I believe this is just breaking in the last couple of minutes. The sec already has four games postponed this weekend. Lsu alabama texas tennessee georgia missouri and auburn. Mississippi state are all postponed for covid reasons. Commissioner greg sankey spoke today was asked about his level of confidence and completing the sec. Regular season says he's troubled by what's happened but he's shaken not deterred push forward. Okay that's what he said. Shaken not deterred shakin which is a sounds like the way that adds the search shaking like martinez. I you know. i don't know. I don't know what else to say. Other than the fact that just scary and frightening. And i hope everyone's okay here we go. I just updated from bruce. The maryland has eight players tested positive. This week okay. Okay some nfl stuff We mentioned christian. Mccaffrey receiving a second opinion on his right shoulder. Injury is not expected to play this week. I also just received matt from the la nfl media group news desk some Some quotes of from matt rule. Okay where he says. It looks like christian. Probably won't play. I wouldn't say that it's one hundred percent but it looks like he'll be out next week and we'll see for next week and it's being called an ac joint issue in his shoulder. Those are very pain. five had them there. I've had one. That's what i suffered at the pro bowl back in two thousand five as Go to my off. Mike hand for the rest of the week and we did have carolina's panthers trainer actually look at my shoulder. I'm making it about myself. Yes it's week-to-week you got. Mike davis well. I picked him back up. It's the it's a festivus miracle. After hannukah came to an end with all of his six weeks of fantasy value burning bright. He was the shama the running backs. Look it up. What else she got kenyan. Drake back at practice for the cardinals and that's good news. Okay Joe mixing got in a limited session today for cincinnati. John brown not at practice today for buffalo. The browns active baker mayfield from the covid nineteen was. He was never positive but he was a high risk contact. Glad that you never had it back normal week. Also nick chubb progressing expects to know more on his status. Friday said kevin stefanski anthony. Anthony winstead said. He's leaning toward resting justin jackson. So that you know modeled charger backfield now. Kellen balaj getting. I'm not sure what happened to justin jackson again. He there's conflicting reports that he aggravated his knee and warm ups. And then on the first play of the game flared up and they didn't play again but So he's got an issue. Okay taken on and miami man here. We go to versus herbert got anything else. Yeah the dodgers and major league. Baseball announced that vince gully is going to be the narrator for the dodgers world series dvd. That's coming out okay. So that's pretty awesome. Two disc blu ray coming out in december Oklahoma city announced mark. Diagnose it's going to be their head coach and some baseball news t. tj mark. Stroman accepted the mets one year. Eighteen point nine million-dollar qualifying offer. Some other players have until five pm today to accept but they're not expected to including jay lawmaker. Bauer George springer dj who red sox and jt real. Oh that's definitely met. you may here to. The socks is a real thing being rumored he would great in boston. Would love that guy. Yes he would. You'd look great anywhere. He would george springer two is getting a lot of that by the way you say eighteen point. Nine million dollar offer for the new york yankees. You know that's a little too low. There's been maybe in. The last two seasons has been amazing. I'm just and he was. He was kind of like a prior to the twenty nineteen season like a like an old by the way with yankees picked up after winning a batting title. I think in twenty eight on real man. He's been he's been terrific baseball player. He's very good. You're already putting him. In in the red sox and george springer get everybody got money to spend right. Wait a minute. you can't get everybody if we're getting everybody. Well that's a good point. You're going to get everybody every somebody i know. We touched upon it yesterday. But just it's a total wild card who this guy is and how. He's going to run his business. He says he's going to back off. You know also said he was going to back off george steinbrenner when he first took the reins the yankees back in the early seventies. He's like. I'm just a shipbuilder you know. I'm just the shipbuilder. I'm is that where his money came from. Yes okay and i just don't i i. I would love for him to just put his hands all over that organization. You would be money money. The money spigot is opening up for the new york mets. The mets greet the mets. Come on that's right there. You go as long as they keep. The shaped head of mister met always keep him going human baseball hat. Mrs aren't going anywhere. He has four fingers suspended for just hold a couple of plus noah syndergaard and mister met. They have a little volatile relationship. So i'm hoping that i think it's just in time for you guys to make sure syndergaard doesn't wind up and pinstripes never going to happen. Wow that's a true. The mets have pinstripe uniforms. So yeah we do have pinstripe. Your yes sort of the rockies into what you say. I'm saying there's only one organization in baseball that refers to themselves as the pinstripes. And we know we're talking about this is gonna be great. This is gonna be great one of my teams eventually is going to be good and then you have enough of them so by the nation giving if you've got the sports board baseball team one more team than most people have just one extra team one extra basketball every sport. That's my favorite sports. What you have you got yourself. Lanta griffin anto intel intel place. It's not cowardice in atlanta calgary. All the mandalorian right. Let's go hand. Sorry when i wake up tomorrow. First thing i do is check. See how lantos doing only five. Oh six pacific context next time. We're on the air. The masters those ball in the air in august the opening guys are teed off will be done around by the time we come on the air. How exciting can't play their music. Our final poll results over there and it wouldn't even really check on a pole much. It was it was fantasy related. Who's the big fantasy surprise. It's year james. Robinson and justin herbert tied. Thirty two justin. Herbert brother vulgar twenty. One percents ogm more fantasy yards than any receiver since week three. He's been amaze. Oh for our radio audience. I want to thank lamar jackson. Kyle brandt nate boyer. Scott van pelt and david cross when we come back. We'll take you to brother from another on picot. Don't go anywhere back with more pneumonia. Ida's chris myers for more than three decades have covered some of the biggest events in sports and talked with some of the most fascinating personalities. But now i want to invite you to join me for my new podcast c. m. i the chris buyers interview on podcast one covered a lot of events world series. Red sox white sox breaking through at their time the super bowl as recently as mahomes and the chiefs coming back against the forty niners was grabbed brady after that. Mendes comeback against the falcons in the super bowl and some tough times the eighty nine earthquake world series. That rocked the bay bridge. And i it's to oj. Simpson live after both of his trials and on the air through the nineteen ninety-six atlanta olympic bombings informing people as best. We could at the time. We'll go in depth on stories past president future to the effect of the world of sports and everybody in and around it from current athletes hall favors and some people you and i know. Hope you tune in to see a mind. Chris myers interview on apple. Podcast podcast one and spotify.

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