Episode 87: Creating a Peaceful Home in Turbulent Times


This is five minute funk, hsi-wei episode eighty-seven, creating a peaceful home in turbulent times. Welcome to the five minute functionally podcast each week I talk about how to move in G and make money you'll learn how to create a prosperous home in an abundant life using classical Chinese funkaway. I'm your host. Katie Weber publisher of the Red Lotus. Letter funkaway easy for wealth each week. All cover functionally topics that can help you improve your life, sure inspiring stories and always end with three easy to implement funkaway tips that you can put to work right away and usually in about five minutes now. Let's get started on the five minutes. That could change your life. Hello, there and welcome to five minute functions. Way Today it's Gosh. It's were at the top of June and just getting started on the summer months and already things if heated up I, know you know lots of stuff is going on in the world right now. With the pandemic, we also have a lot of of protesting in looting in writing in the United States, which is creating? Even more of a powder cake kind of feeling. Yes, there was an injustice, and there is no no doubt about that whatsoever but we got to make sure that you know. We try to maintain some type of even Keel in our own homes, and in our own hearts believer that piece begins with you and so whatever you can do to create calm and peace and and tranquility in your life. will extend outwards so This is a really important episode to me. Personally because it's one that I'm a big believer that if we can fix what's in our heart, and what's in our home? We're GONNA fix. What's out in the world big believer in that, so let's talk about how to create a peaceful home in turbulent times. So you know we've. Had so much tragedy one thing after another now there's a pandemic. The news filled with death and senseless violence and destruction and more arrives every day. Really the question turns to. How do you keep your home and life peaceful when the world outside your door feels? I gets turned upside down. As I, said no matter what's happening piece really does begin with you where you live live and how you choose to respond, and one of those ways you respond is with funkaway function. Your home is a very powerful way to create a respite from the difficulties outside before walls, and it can help you create a peaceful home environment that no matter what's happening in the outside world. Your safe place is in your functionally home. We look to our homes to provide a sensory reprieve, and you want to unplug from the stresses of the outside in the often stimulating in now violent and troubled world, and also viral world with all the virus these are these are all things that way impress on our hearts and minds at spirit, but if you can build up a home funkaway. That becomes that safe place. It will nurture and refresh you, but this is really important to remember though your house should not be so then that it calms you out to point the ready to fall asleep. Instead provides elements that help you to regroup so that you can take on. And function effectively in the outside world or in or in your home in your job. If maybe your home worker, you're you telecommute we want to be able to still be productive. Still be active and not withdraw from the world, but but create a safe in enhancing space for us in creating that calm relaxing home, though isn't always as easy as it seems because the elements of a serene space. Aren't always obvious. Let's talk about some of those things that will help create a calm, peaceful, refreshing environment out of your home, too, so that you can have a truly functional home. That's a peaceful yet energizing sanctuary. The first is to make your home mentally restful. Really your home has to be a line in the sand between you troubling world events or work in this really important electronic demands to It's so important that we reign in or electron IX light the television. If your home is like a lot of people's, the television may be centrally. Centrally located or and turned on whether you're watching it or not now this may not be true view a lot of punctuate. People are very good about keeping their their television rain den, but if you're if you're television on all the time, maybe you've got US sports watcher I, I have a couple of guys. Hey, I'm not trying to be gender biased here, but you know if they're around. The TV's on an so I have to really work at it and my house, so it may not be that way in your house, but if if. If I'm home with Mike is there's a golf game match on, or there's something going on on the TV at the time, so we WANNA. Make sure though that TV doesn't have that superior status over the occupants so. One of the ways that I manage it is by moving the TV into. We have our own room so that way. The whole house isn't some you know. News report or a sports event or something like that? It's really important that when the that you only turn the TV on when you're sitting in front of it. So. Let's talk about some other things for restful homes, and that's organizations I cannot say enough about building systems of organization. When your home is organized, it is mentally and visually restful. If you've ever cleaned out the Pantry, you'll know how you want to go and look at the pantry because it's all organized, I know my mom just did that recently, and it and she kept saying I just WanNa. WanNa open up the doors and just look at it because if feel so good, we are instantly attracted to things that are organized and Organiz spaces. They make us feel like there's order in the world, and we need order in our inner world when there's disorder in our outer world I can't stress that enough, so US organizers bought. You Know I. Give Myself Carte Blanche to buy whatever. Closet or Pantry, organizers or anything around the House that helps keep us organized and neat. That makes all the difference for me. in in my home and how I feel about it. The other thing is being meet. After all the disturbing images, we see online and immediate in the media. We need visual Com so being tidy like putting away the dishes on the scene goes. into the dishwasher making your bed daily, it really helps us to relieve worry and stress, and if we are neat and tidy, and I can't say enough good things about making your bed every single day and keeping the kitchen tidy as well key. Put the dishes away. The other thing is adding plenty of light, especially natural light. It's the best punctuate, but so are lamps chandeliers, so keep your home nice and Lit Im- bright. Bright to keep your energy up. The other thing is used that off button. I know when I finished working for the day I never let my computer go to sleep. I. Turn it off. That is my signal to me that this is now my time to be at home and not be at work, and so every day I power down my computer every day. Because that means now it worked. Time is over and. And now relaxing time is on, you know when you have a phone, a tablet computer that's always turn on that constant beeping in buzzing means you're always on demand so silence that phone or tablet or computer when you're home, laptop and check it occasionally. Check your emails occasionally. Don't be Pavlovian where everything dings and you immediately pick it up. You know of course users discretion here. I'M NOT SAYING THAT IF If somebody's in the hospital and you. You're to hear on a phone call from someone that you should turn your phone off. Please your you know what I'm saying that, but I sometimes I get emails from people say we're. You said to turn it off and I have someone in the hospital. You know it's like used percents you know what to do, but especially if you're with your family or your your eating together a. A put the phone two way you look at each other talk to each other. That really makes a difference in how we feel in our home now. Let's talk about making your home visually relaxing I love to create views out window at my window, so then that could be through garden or or having some kind of distance that you can see front whenever we can see out and beyond our house gives our eyes. Eyes and our spirit arrest. This is why people love to go to beaches mountains for vacation, because we crave that kind of rest that only long opened distances, provide us, but in your home you can do that by opening the shades and curtains every day, or you can remove them altogether and but have some kind of you. It really helps if you can you know maybe an apartment complex. You can't do that, but. But maybe you can put a mirror opposite a window, so had some brightness, and maybe you have a a tree that it can reflect that tree, so it brings that tree more indoors really liked that plants and garden statuary make for wonderful views from indoors so if you can do that, get out in the garden and create some beautiful views from your windows. The only thing is calming colors you know. Know One of the reasons that people like to go to Scott a spa so much is because they provide sensory rest like massage and facials, but they also provide visual rest. They usually have muted colors and their decor, so if feel like doing a painting project, you know a monochromatic Palette. Where the ceiling? The walls and the woodwork is all the same color is one way to create a really calm and serene. You can do that or just use if you WANNA do trim. That's just a shade or two different That's one way to use the calming colors, obviously colors that are neutrals such as Beige. Or White neutral or even graze our soothing to us very calming. Things make your house. Pretty. You know some decorating magazines and pick up some ideas and use them as your inspiration. Make a little little decorating board of how you would like your bedroom to look or ways you can rearrange your your living room. the more attractive in the more you put into your house and make it beautiful and appealing to you. The more it will lift your energy and beauty is great funkaway whenever it lifts our heart, you know our eyes are directly connected to our hearts. When we see something beautiful, our heart lifts just like my mom. Her heart lifted when she would open her pantry and see a hall beautifully organized in ranged. It's the same thing but do it for organization, but also for beautification for your home and decorating the other thing is to make your home audibly. So you know that TV, it's always on you know. Turn it off or if you're TV's in a central location, one of the things that when I was selling House that we. We invested in was we had a TV room and we had big giant. TV and I downloaded a excuse me I bought. A DVD oven ocean seen should turtles and fish swimming bind? Had this beautiful relaxing music? Put something like that on. I think that would be a terrific way to add some beautiful sound to your home and see some beautiful images that are moving which is also important for keeping the energy activate in. In Your House, you can also use like a tabletop top fountain, or have some kind of a water feature that creates a soft sound. Just shut them off at night. Put them on a timer. So that so that you don't hear them at night, but hearing that water so relaxing enjoyable, then you can also hang beautiful wind chime those those big. A wind chimes have those low soothing tones or so relaxing, and it's. It's a great way to create a peaceful atmosphere while clearing some stale energies, Gaza listen to some nice music in the House and put it on your system in your in your home and put beautiful music throughout. It's a really nice way to lift energy and make it feel comfortable that we also want to make our home really restful because a restful home to prepare for our day ahead in the world outside your door. So when you're home, review regenerates your mind and spirit. You're gonNA feel more centered and more relaxed so really key in this is creating clear space that means anywhere you see congestion of stuff. We want to clear that. Whereas appointive congestion usually that's bathroom counter tops kitchen countertops the dressers or table tops next to the SOFA. Whatever you can do to remove and clear off. Those items will create a restful feel for you. It makes the space feel more serene, and it gets visual clutter out of the way. The, other thing is adding some quiet space I love having a comfortable chair near a window with a little table where I can read have a glass of wine and look out the window or him. Sit and. Or reflect I love having a quiet space so if he can find a little little nook where you can carve out a little quiet space, roussel, the it'd be a wonderful way to add rest to your home and relaxation. The other thing is to place emphasis on your bedroom that are so important in creating a restful home to many bedrooms or little over functional and stimulated to have computers. COMPUTERS EXERCISE EQUIPMENT MAY BE DASS or stacks of book anything that divert your attention from the two things of the most important in the bedroom rest and romance needs to be removed so you definitely want to have a room that's designated for rest relaxation in Romance, because it refreshes in rejuvenates you the best, and although many people like to think of their home as a cocoon from the. The whole world, your bedroom Chevelle that your bedroom should be the cocoon, so create a tranquil space is an in that. cocooning space is really an important key to be able to fully rest, and what's more, these spaces are more romantically sparring, too. So make your bedroom comfortable and enjoyable cocoon to be an select earthy restful colors. Take the mirrors off the wall if they reflect the bed. Bed they can be to stimulating in disrupt your sleep. take the TV out of the bedroom. If you have a tendency to watch news, programs or programs with violence before going to bed, that can be kind of upsetting I'm not I'm I I. Don't have a problem with a t. v. in the bedroom. Myself personally but I, have you know we have control over it. I do not watch anything that's upsetting to me. before bad. It's always something I have some shows I like to watch before going to bed that a really calming a soothing to me, so that's If you WANNA TV in your bedroom judging against that you know you can do it, but if if you're watching really violent shows I just don't think that's a good idea. For creating restful sleep, the other thing is to add textures in your bedroom like Chenille or satin or silk, because it gives your your body, some tactile comfort, and in pleasure to your skin, so I really liked that it's important to do that. Also. We want to think about creating home. That has natural elements in it. Use Natural elements liberally because they create harmonious atmosphere kind of like bringing outside in this could be a vase of fresh flowers, an orchid plant, a pretty cluster, gems, or crystals or Geo to add a natural touch I love to have I mentioned earlier having a mirror opposite a window, so it repeats that outdoor view another overlooked area for creating commies your garden. It doesn't matter if you live in a studio, apartment or grand. Grand Estate Focus on adding window boxes to hold cheerful flowers, or adding to your landscaping and gardening such as improving your curb appeal or adding new flowers or herb or vegetable garden. This is a great way to bring more nature into your life, and into your home that and in the outdoors it surrounds it I, think an outdoor living space is a wonderful way to add relaxation to your home and be able to entertain or or enjoy a fire of wine. Maybe a barbecue, just watching fireflies. Lastly and this is very very important is to make your home feel clean and comfortable. Cleanliness is really important in funkaway in. It's not often talked about or not talked about enough. There's we hear a lot about clutter and I I've been into many homes that are visually neat. When you look closer, Oh boy, do they need? They can go in there with gloves. Let's just put it that way. what they really need is a good scrubbing and you know nothing feels as good as a freshly cleaned home. You just feel. You know it's relaxing, but. A lot of times. That cleaning is done in a large chunk time. Maybe on the weekend. It can take you a few hours. instead try to keep cleaning items in a bucket or basket. Close to where you're. You need them like an a bathroom. Just take a quick minute to wipe off. COUNTERS DOODOO small quick cleaning jobs and do picking up frequently this will help. Keep your home need and tidy, and on an in do regular cleaning I just had my housekeeper. Calm and I. Tell You I. I've done housekeeping, but it's an. It's actually something that I joy. The problem is is I. I just run out of time and I don't I don't have I, have between work and family and and my business. It's just too hard to get it all done, so I tried to save that that that's one of those things were tried to save time by hiring help and I love love love my housekeeper. She's just beautiful job and everything sparkles and feels good. So you know look at at hiring somebody? If it's just not something you can that you enjoy or you hate but I, know even you. It's like one of those things I hate doing laundry, but I love clean clothes. And grudgingly do my laundry I know some people have nothing better than that dryer running all the time and folding towels and that kind of thing That's just not what I I enjoy doing but even so I wish I could hire that out. But you know, do those small quick things around the House that keep it clean. Think about hiring somebody. If you just don't have the time like me, or you just hate it. and you just despise housekeeping whatever your reason is just keep a clean home clean sparkling home. The feels good and smells good lifts your mood and makes you feel centered and grounded. and. Try adding some natural or some clean smelling sense. You know there's since Myers has has those beautiful cleaners that smell very natural Forego though the ones that are too flowery, overly sweet or smell artificial, those natural cleaners that use essential oils will create a really relaxing natural fragrance. While you clean, and we'll make your whole. It will just fresh in your whole space all right well. We have talked about how to create a calm and peaceful home in turbulent times I hope that you will give some thought to working on your home and your space so that it can support you and make you feel. Good and come back to yourself a little bit after we have all these energies that are going on around us all right? Let's talk about the three tips on the first is clear and clean off countertops and tabletops. This creates visual and mental rest. If you have a blender in the kitchen that you only use once every other week, put it away. I know I I make toast. Times a month. My blend my toaster is put away. my coffee maker. I make a pot every single day. It stays on the counter, but everything else goes into the cabinets, and it makes me feel fresh and clean and this is how you can instantly create a sense of calm in your own home is by clearing off the tops of cabinets, countertops, dressers, and so forth. Tip Number to add some music and create. An energy with motion and music or sound in your home like beautiful calming music, it could be getting a DVD like I was talking about that. Has Ocean waves or a crackling fire for the winter, or maybe it's like what I have with. It was an ocean. We've had these beautiful flowers of flowers. They are flowers. Flowers of the ocean beautiful fish that would swim around what they say is one of the most relaxing things that actually have shown proves to bring your blood. Pressure down is watching fish so might be a good investment during the. Coronavirus pandemic is to have something that if you can't keep up with the fish, a fish tank you get at least keep up with fish on your TV screen and bring beautiful calming images to your home, lastly is clean regularly and agonizers. Keep your space as organized as you can. This is a great time to be doing all these household chores and projects which. which are just I feel like our lot of fun and that regular cleaning schedule it schedule it putting on your schedule. Get it schedule with that house cleaner or cleaning services. If you need to, but do it regularly on, and in fact, maybe do it a little bit more often if you can. Because right now this the extra clean is an important health aspect to. All right today has been a wonderful podcast for me. I really enjoy talking about how to create home. That is supportive for you, and that will help you create a sense of of calm and peacefulness for you, and for your family, and to help you kind of unplug from some of the the noise and distraction and worry the outside world listen. If you care to a review on Itunes I'd love to have. Have and I would also love to hear from you. This was helpful for you. You enjoyed hearing this this episode or any episode. Please send me a note I'd love to hear from you. Katie. At Red Lotus letter DOT COM and I'll be sure an answer back all right have a great day. Take care of yourself. Be Safe and I'll talk to you in the next episode of five minute funkaway bye-bye. Thanks for listening to five minute functions. Way Today you're. The rat is coming in I. Want to share with you where you can find money. Love an opportunity in twenty twenty, and it's all in my annual funk's wave forecast the success back. 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