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Ezekiel Elliot, Dak Prescott and Aaron Rodgers


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One find your local station for the hurt at Fox sports radio DOT COM or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching heard. You're listening to Fox sports radio. Oh here we go into Monday. I can smell football. This is the heard wherever you may be an however. You may be listening. We are live in Los Angeles on Iheartradio Fox sports radio and F s one joy Taylor has emerged from the desert in Arizona she and Scorpions. He's the only ones that survived this weekend. One hundred twenty degrees it was one hundred fifteen yes but it was was beautiful where we stayed in earl was in air conditioning Jim for the College Basketball Academy the N._C._A._A.. So it was a good weekend but yes I was right now. I was up in the Lake Quarterlane Idaho which was seventy nine degrees in beautiful for cancer charities so we we had kind of disparate weekends but we land back here. It is a Monday we are. We have a ton of stuff today great video out good stories so so I want to talk about the Dallas Cowboys. I've been leading with them for a week because as I told you I would trade Ezekiel Elliott for lots of draft picks Amari Cooper said yesterday one year left and his contract I want to be here. I'm not holding out out. I don't even want to talk about it. That's a media topic. Dak Prescott said I'll get to it when I get to it. Even Norma Fourth Round pick by the way Jason Garrett only has one year this year on his contract. He said it's not a topic. Zeke two years left is holding out not to mention he's was just out of the principal's office with Roger Goodell a month ago and he still acting up so let me just start with this I do not I'll. I'll let you inside the way I see life a little bit. I don't like to be trapped economically. I hate it. This is why I eat before I go to airports. I get a sandwich before we go to an airport so if my flights delayed I'm paying eighteen bucks for a chicken sandwich. This is why eat before I go to games so I don't pay twenty seven bucks for average nachos. I don't like being trapped economically some stuff I have to pay for. I gotta pay for gas and it's expensive in California. I gotta pay for groceries. Groceries can be expensive in California but I don't like being trapped apt economically so I eat before I go to airport tonight before I go to games and I'll do that. The rest of my life doesn't matter what I make. I don't like being trapped. The Dallas cowboys now N._F._l.. Owners an N._B._A.. Owners are different N._B._A.. Owners usually cave N._F._l.. Owners owners. It's a fifty fifty split. What are they pay somebody in a hold out? I think Dallas is going to cave and I think Jerry's GonNa cave because he loves Zeke Jerry's in his own personal life was imperfect and sometimes you need to be monitored and I think Jerry can relate to players. That's why Jerry's OAS seen himself as a young oil maverick. He's a risk taker. He's fine. He's a social drinker is out there telling stories flirting with a world. That's Jerry Jones's so I think he supports players. Who Make mistakes can be a little young the little childish and see Jerry Guy? He's has a history but this is where I wouldn't want to be Dallas. They're trapped. The reason Pittsburgh was not trapped with Flavian. Bellas Pittsburgh drafts running back every year. I mean they draft. James Name's connor this year. They got a Kid Kentucky. Benny Snell New England never trapped. They didn't need running backs. They had the deepest running back court in the league last year outside of Cleveland New England draft another running back Philadelphia's got like five guys. They drafted another running being back Philadelphia New England Pittsburgh the reason they don't get trapped on running backs. They just keep drafting. Meanwhile the cowboys went out and drafted finally another running back Tony Pollard. Who is the second best running back at his college? He's more of a receiver than he is. A running back so dallas now is economically trapped there trap they gotta pay them and they will pay him and they'll work it out but this is one of the things I just don't like being. I think if you watched the better run teams in the N._F._l.. Well I think the colts now multiple backs eagles multiple backs. I think New England multiple bags Pittsburgh's got multiple capable backs Cleveland give John Dorsey Credit. Cleveland's got multiple backs. That's the way in my opinion to do it. You don't get trapped trapped economically because when a position running back now and inevitably unavoidably violent position football it just is by the way the chargers with Melvin Gordon. They're not trapped. They prefer him but the chargers chargers are not trapped the rams a little bit now. They just drafted a running back at the end the last year the rams felt trapped with Todd Gurley paying him a Tani's hurt. So what do they do their second pick this year. The Rams went out and got another running back so I think Dallas is going to pay him. I don't like like Pan People two years early I would not if I was Jerry Jones but if you look at his history you look at the running back situation right now for Dallas. I don't think they have a choice. They backed themselves economically into a corner. They now have to pay. They gotta pay seventeen dollars for chicken sandwich airport. They're going to have to pay nineteen dollars for a Heineken at a baseball stadium. That's where the cowboys are. They gotta have him back themselves into a corner linebackers. They got a couple. You know <hes> wide receivers day got a couple. I like running back. They gotta do one. They're going to have to pay him all right so let me shift to this so the N._F._l.. Network does this every year they list there hundred best players and they release like ten at a time ten at a time and they always throw a curb all in their something just to get guys like me to talk about it. I'm a sucker for less and so they get me every year and this year. It's not agree GIS but we now have a new player in the N._F._l.. That is is completely disrespected in his name is Shawn Watson. He's the quarterback for Houston so the N._F._l.. Network put Baker Mayfield ahead of Deshaun Watson and this list by the way is always based on last year. It's voted on by players so one of my big problems I have with the American sports media and I I would say this is my biggest problem with the American sports media. We never consider what you're surrounded by if you're good it's because you're great in if you're bad added 'cause you're terrible well. That's not the way I'm doing the best show I've ever done in my life. That's because I'm surrounded by the best management the best group CO workers. We never in sports consider well. What does this guy's offensive line like? What did he inherit? WHO's coach coach so Baker Mayfield into Shawn Watson now never forget this Baker Mayfield comes into the league? He inherits Jarvis Landry a ninety catch pro bowl receiver he inherits David David enjoyed coup first or second tight end he inherits three good running backs. He inherits an offensive Guy Hugh Jackson and Todd Haley veteran offensive guys to Shawn John Watson comes into the League. He inherits the worst offensive line in the N._F._l.. Marginal diplo average tight ends they don't have any running backs of note and he has one great receiver. Which of course is always hard to throw to when you're on your arse running for your life so the N._F._l.? Network today bakers better than to Sean. Let me give you a few numbers last year Shawn Watson one eleven games Baker one six well bakers very accurate precision passer really because behind the worst offensive line in the League to Shawn Watson completed sixty eight percent of his throws Baker sixty four well well well baker yards to Shawn Watson check interceptions <music> Baker Fourteen to Sean nine in Oh by the way I'm not even mentioning the fact that one of them one the high-jump championship in the ninth grade in Georgia one of them. Maybe it's the best athletes in the League quarterback Deshaun Watson five rushing touchdowns and five hundred and fifty yards rushing behind an atrocious offensive line with no tight ends and no running game N._F._l.. Network are you just trying to get under my skin. Are you watching the Games now over the next ten years who knows what happens but in terms of leadership qualities let me remind you of something to Shawn Watson did last year with a punctured F. and loan. They couldn't fly into a game. They had the bus into a game. They went Owen three to start the season Houston and to Sean. This is what leaders it looks like to Shawn. Watson put the team on his back in one nine straight games history of the N._F._l.. It never happened in the history of the N._F._l.. Would never happened that. A guy opens a season Owen three and wins nine straight Brady didn't do it. Montana didn't do it. peyton manning didn't do it. Brett farve didn't do it. Why piddle probably didn't do it to Shawn Watson with a punctured lung behind the worst offensive line in the League did it you gotta be kidding me? We have a new guy in the league. That's the most disrespected by the way Nick Sabin twice had six weeks to prepare for the Shawn Watson and couldn't stop him. Johnny Manziel beat Nick Sabin once after Bamut Emmett played back to back tough games then third straight week. Johnny Manziel had a great first half and basically Sabin figured him out at halftime he had six weeks twice to prepare for Shawn Watson and couldn't figure him out Baker inherited a great situation veteran off into coaches pro bowl receiver fledgling superstar tight end tremendous running back group to Shawn John Watson's been dealing with an Albatross vigneault line no separators at tight end one great receiver but he's doubled and it's hard to consistently get the ball to people when you're on your back I mean this is the classic example sample of can we at least acknowledge what people are working with even Kobe Bryant one was shacking one with Powell Ghazal. How Kobe do in between that not much what it Bill Cower Tower do as a steeler coach? What did the steelers do between Brad Sean Big Ben? That's with great owners good G._M.'s Great Hall of Fame Coaches Cower and Tom. What did they do between Brad Sean Big Ben? They were the lions do anything a winning championships Lord. Can we just acknowledge that some people in life grope with rich parents. Some people grow it with poor parents. It's kind of an advantage Sam Darnold I know no you think darnold darnold inherited a horrible. Oh Line no receivers a good tight end who now is suspended for the first four games and Novak's you think he's GonNa struggle a little with a defensive coach. I mean come on folks. We we got consider what people in life inherit. Where do they come from? Do they have to the over the chaotic family a chaotic offensive line coat. I mean N._F._l.. Network at this point is just trying to make me mad. I'm convinced that that's the whole game now. And what can we do that. We'll talk about. I have tired of it. Then got a great seafood in Idaho all weekend or I would be in a terrible mood great seafood in Idaho Trout. I went to a party North West has good food lakes everywhere everywhere Trout Salmon Okay Oh lord and you're looking at Scorpion scurry across his thank God actually even think about Scorpion all weekend which is probably because if I had I probably would have panic freaked out because they climb in your shoe they last ah I love Arizona. Last time I was at a resort. There was a Scorpion on campus. Yeah the the guy when you check ins like Scorpions back there. That's like one time I went in. I was in Orlando and a friend of mine. Traits Gallagher is good water skier. We used to be a professional water skier now. He works for Fox News and we went. We went on a lake jet skiing and I said he's a great water skier. I'm lousy and I said is there any alligator. Alligators Lake Fisher now the answer I was looking there was no that's not that'd be. He goes yeah but they hate. The noise of boat motor makes that's not the Antrim looking for I mean there's definitely an alligator and they're they're all over here but they don't like the noise of the boat motor so uh-huh so so for the next three hours I was trying to figure out how to sound like a boat motor when off skis there's definitely alligators. They're coming up next. Oh my Lord somebody else was critical goal of Aaron Rodgers. I am not a hater. I am not alone and that is coming up next be short a catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine A._M.. Pacific on Fox sports radio F S One and the iheartradio APP. This episode is brought to you you by Cox With Contour T._v.. From Cox. You can find all your favorites all in one place it does it have the youtube you Bet El what about that net flicker thing Netflix to and although Superhero Movies Contour has the latest titles on demand. My grandkids love that big green guy. I prefer the one with the hammer myself okay. I think we're done here now. Get all your favorite apps shows and movies right on Contour T._v.. From Cox through the years I talked a lot about football and a lot about quarterbacks within football and just sort of the way it works is there are certain quarterbacks and this is the way the the critics media when it comes to politics football sports quarterbacks they have their favorites and they tend to gloss over any of their mistakes and I see this in my business all the time it's that the media picks their favorites and that's who they like and it doesn't matter if you outperform Aaron Rodgers the media favourite now errands very very talented I said last week I think after Andrew Luck he's the most valuable quarterback in the league in the last decade luck Rogers and then Russell Wilson they win with inferior defenses oh lines and rosters so for the record I do not discount Aaron Rodgers greatness but I don't believe over the last four years he's been the Aaron Rodgers that the media built up now he's not the same quarterback and it just continues to be fan them so bucky brooks played in the N._F._l.. Scout and certainly his name gets mentioned for general manager jobs said Aaron's overrated. He wrote an article this week. The first thing he said is last week Mike Sando the athletic did an article talk to fifty five executives and Bucky said. How do you make Aaron Rodgers number one? He goes if you look at his first one hundred nine games in his career and his last fifty. He's a five hundred quarterback in his last fifty that doesn't win Big Road Games completes only sixty two percent of his throws does his passer ratings in the mid nineties in it's all almost a yard and a half less than the first one hundred nine games in his career and then bucky goes on to say everybody wants to say well errands not as healthy that donkey brooks looked at film for a living says yes. The static nature of the offense has been frequently cited as one of the reasons McCarthy's boring offense without motion but he says the all twenty two coaches film which by the way is accessible to all players. He says it also reveals a quarterback quarterback with a preference over three point shot overlap Aaron would rather launch the ball downfield often impromptu scramble than take the cheap yards available on a check down to the running back. This is precisely what Greg Cosell told thus multiple times starting with three years ago on this show the reality is when you watch Aaron Rodgers and it takes nothing away from his performances over the years but he's not truly a rhythm player Colin. He's kind of an offbeat offbeat player and off rhythm player more like a jazz beat. He's a second reaction player and very often there are throws that are there within the rhythm of the play and the timing of the play and he doesn't make those throws now he might move around and then make another throw but there are times against really good defenses where that doesn't work. It's tough to be consistent that way against higher level defenses thank you and that's the point. This is why I say Aaron. Rodgers has become big. Ben Stop comparing comparing Rogers to Brady Brady drew brees precision accuracy get rid of the ball. Don't get hit. Rogers has become big Ben where they're becoming quote spectacular play quarterback. You don't win super bowls does that were you in super bowls by one thousand cuts. That's how drew on his. That's how Tom wins his. That's how Matt Ryan got to Super Bowl that is by the way how Jared Goff last year if I said you greatest play last year by Jared Goth none stick out death by one thousand cuts cuts in Sean mcvay system Robert Woods Cooper Cup and the ball off Aaron Rodgers and Big Ben to me are we don't look at them physically the same. They're very comparable. They've age. They're a little stubborn their willingness to hold around the balls gotten him dinged up a little we question both of their leadership skills fairly in my opinion often and and this is what Greg Cosell said they become spectacular play quarterback. I can remember Ben against the Jaguars Guar up the left sideline to Antonio Brown but you need a seven yard curl for a first down Ben whizzes over the guy's head and you do not get to super bowls as spectacular play quarterback why because good teams don't give it up how how many times this New England ever give up a big touchdown pass in the playoff game they just don't David tyree superglue on his helmet thing about all the super bowls with New England how many big plays if they given up just don't don't and spectacular play quarterback the pom Pom Waivers and the fans love them in the regular season but then you face a Pete Carroll defense or a Bella check defense and you just don't get them. You just don't get them so I- Bucky Brooks it's just nice and all that me and bucky now or fighting off I have I have a cohort fighting off twelve hundred pom pom waving Aaron Rodgers fans. Maybe got Lebed. I'll give him a chance to be real. Keep it real joy joy Taylor fresh of vacation in Yemen necks but they hot. Yes her line news on the news. This is the third line news we we know that is in the final year of his rookie contract. He's scheduled to make a little over two million base salary. He'll be the thirty eight highest paid quarterback in the League. This season got walk while going thirty two in sixteen as star the three seasons cowboy's quarterback. He said though I'm not here to talk about my contract and that stuff talks I'm sure at this point are continuously happening for me. It's to come out here and focus on this not be distracted by any of that stuff any of that conversation just focus on being veterans being the best player I can be making sure everyone around me is as well it'll happen when it happens and I know I'll be better by the time the regular season starts as I said that's my focus so that's what he's interested in doing which is playing football which is always doc is a visit now and this is once again why they should just pay him. It doesn't make any sense to me. I know everyone is very resistant to him getting the amount of money that he's getting but as we do with every quarterback who becomes the highest paid quarterback eventually they won't be the highest paid quarterback because that's how it works. It's the next guy up gets more money and have they done this. A few months ago. They wouldn't have been going up against Carson. wentz contract because it's kind of like him and Carson Wentz are married in that in that sense and they would have been able to Obama reasonable amount but he has all the leverage and this situation with Zeke as we talked about earlier is just getting more intensified because they're in a situation where they really need these. I WANNA pay my quarterback before Patrick. Mahomes gets paid because when Patrick mahomes get his contract he's GonNa move the bar up like twelve percent higher than anybody's comfortable paying their and and rightly deserved but that that's the market and that's the business and everyone gets really in their emotions and it's really crazy about what the quarterbacks are paid. Go and take a look. Could it seems that hasn't had a quarterback for two decades and ask them what they would be willing to pay for. A Dak Prescott executive told me years ago he just he said you just don't WanNa be in chaos because I was talking about Andy Dalton once and he goes listen with Andy. You're not in chaos you. You may not win playoff games but there was one year when Romo got hurt P- redecked it was chaos for the cowboys it was I mean Jonglei. I can remember that year. John didn't sleep <hes> John which not show up for work. It ruined John's lie Sunday became the worst day of those seasons are awful and and you never forget them now. Imagine having multiple seasons like that so a team that doesn't experience a whole lot of that at least not recently is the steelers Tomlin received a one year extension through twenty twenty one last week with the team option for twenty twenty two well. Apparently some of the minority owners did not once the Rooney family to extend Mike Tomlin talking ten twelve percent of the very little amount and didn't and certainly don't have power over the franchise and apparently back in two thousand eighteen those some other minority owners wanted art rooney to fire Mike Tomlin. He is entering his thirteen season as the steelers head coach. He's never had a losing season and <hes> one of only five coaches ever to not have a losing season in their first twelve seasons as head coach one hundred twenty five sixty six and one is his record as head coach obviously want to Super Bowl. I saw a story the other day many people believe he he he linked up his contract with big band. The Rooney's did a lot of people think yeah they'll leave together. which would be the idea that I have to find a coach and a quarterback? You better have that it's hard enough just fine. One of those I do think there is a an interesting balance in sports where you may we have an all time talents like peyton manning like Ben Rothlisberger like Mike Tomlin and you you want the consistency and the winning that comes with it but you're comes a point where you realize you're never going going to get over whatever hump that is interesting situation with the the Panthers Ron Rivera right like you you have a great coach but when is the situation gone on for just a little bit too long see this is in Green Bay all defend and Carolina and Pittsburgh on this is that but when I think of Carolina and Pittsburgh I think of well run right okay. I don't have a bunch of super bowls what you don't WanNa be as the jets when I think of the jets. I'm like man overboard when I think of Detroit and Cleveland Oakland like my thing is Carolina and Pittsburgh may not be winning super bowls but I'll tell you what if I was a scout or coordinator and there was a job board and Carolina in Pittsburgh posted a job. I'm applying for those jobs because they'll they won't fire army and I have to take my daughters in move in and out of cities like I think there's value and say assistance. I think it's huge to get top coaches and Scouting Carolina Pittsburgh are stable right and particularly Pittsburgh that organization nation is known for not firing coaches so the next few years with with the steelers are going to be interesting as far as how they handle that moving forward so we're all very excited about Zayn Williamson and raw very enamored with his physicality and his size and he turned nineteen earlier this month. Anthony is six seven. He's listed at two hundred eighty. Five pounds is the second heaviest player in the N._B._A.. Well he is David Griffin. That's an interesting thought he said. Zion is still getting taller. We're not exactly sure what he'll look like. Playing way is not what you look for you look for is to be in top condition to how the kind of core strength and stability you need to control all the incredible torque that his athleticism can generate now. I do agree with him on the core strength but he's right he could actually grow this is not unheard of girls stopped. Growing about fourteen boys have weird gashing growing about twelve but yet guys go very very good for a very long time. My brother grew two inches in college. Wow he was six four and now he's six six Paul. George said he grew two inches when he was twenty one. She boys are different. Girls Art Mutt Mall by the way this is why I heard this before why girls get offered scholarships that like thirteen eighteen years old. It's not strange because you look thirteen-year-old athletic girl. You're like that's kind of the body. You're going to get in college boy. I grew seven inches. My junior senior yeah they yes guys grow much later. Zion could grow to more inches and that wait could distribute more evenly out his body but I mean he's he's going to lose some weight as we know and once the season start just way more games way more travel and they're going to have him on a specific diet and everyone's very concerned about his way but he grows to as you said he was the second heaviest player always be the heaviest know who au Bon Bovine Hoban okay seven five guys yeah they get lost Pacers space needle well. I don't think I don't doubt science going to be seven five. That would be quite a story joy with news well. That's the news thanks for stopping by heard lie. Let's bring in Doug dot lead the Duggar Fox sports radio after my show to perfect time we both love football now it's moving into August and all these camps or opening up so I started my show with like sometimes it's funny with athlete. Sometimes we gas him up and then all of a sudden. We're like we price you to put on the brakes. Then there's other guys the deshaun Watson Baker Mayfield like I I. I don't think Tom Brady is good as I think Tom is. I think if you put him behind Houston's offensive line with Houston staff and running backs. I think Tom Brady is a five hundred quarterback dis- Shawn Watson if you look at what he inherited what Baker inherited. I think it's fairly remarkable as well. Let's be fair to Baker Mayfield. They'd won one game in two years in terms of what they inherited and I was driving in. I heard you say joke. WHO's one of the top you don't like him? I I like him. I like him when he's going to be like he's just really learning the position at the N._F._l.. Level I agree if you told me that Cleveland had a lot better talent than their production would tell you and they found a way even before he was installed as a starting quarterback. Remember tyrod Taylor was starting. Starting quarterback I to start the season last year. They just found a way to lose games like remarkably so and he stabilize things but if your question is Shawn Watson or Baker Mayfield I. I don't know front office guy who probably wouldn't take to Shawn on watching. I think this is Shawn Watson B.. Because of an this is the best point you made the attributes which we talk about with Baker Mayfield Right Leadership Shawn Watson is an amazing leader right athleticism ability to to move the pocket doc ID to Shawn Watson is better and he has better arm strength and he's taller where Baker Mayfield one of the adjustments that the quality teams made against him was making him just you know blocking away attacking him in a way in which he had to throw over walls calls chargers chargers did couldn't seek Kency over the middle of the field and he struggled some with it. Remember Baker Mayfield struggling against the good teams that they played it was the bad teams it was the bengals historically bad defense that they lit up in terms of when he was able to to garner some of those six wins the teams they needed to beat. They did not beat and he through ten touchdowns eleven interceptions against the top defenses he saw and there's going to be some growth there whereas Shawn Watson was coming off his second A._C._l.. Got That better and better and better as learning to be N._F._l.. quarterback the one part that Baker does as well as anybody his age and maybe a little bit old in the N._F._l.. As he's unbelievable at processing information scrimmage she is a football savant yeah but I would. I'd say to Shawn Watson is not far behind and his leadership is athleticism assizes arm strength and frankly his experience is better than Baker Mayfield's and I would agree with you I. I don't take a ton into account in terms of this N._F._l.. Rankings list I would take Sean ahead of Baker Acre Yeah so the whole cowboy thing is obviously one when selecting a quarterback there are things that matter beyond good arm obviously leadership. There was a great story this there was a great story over the weekend. I read where Jerry Jones said. One of our sponsors wanted me and Dak to do a commercial the first year and Dak needed the money Dak asked his agent to call me and say you know Mr Jones I. I don't know that I deserve to look like I'm GonNA commercial with the owner on behalf of the team. If you don't mind I'd like to not be in that commercial and Jerry said no you need the money I'm going to step out of the commercial and I read that store and I'm like that's why I'm willing to pay deck like cowboy quarterback Doug. I could make an argument. It used to be Yankee shortstop or Lakers best player. Cowboy quarterback is America's most pressurized position. That's a grownup move for twenty one year old kid who by the way drafted fourth fourth round probably needed the money for House yes. That's an it's not me it's not you. It's me type of thing. It's it's a vet moves. That's a power move right. They're all step out. No no no that this is the the when you go to the wallet when I go what dinner with you for example I always go to the wall. Put the car in the table and then you come in. I'm kidding you never but here's the problem is Dak.. Prescott topped N. quarterback in the N._F._l.. No no no no no no okay so like yeah. I understand you WANNA pay him slightly the more because he has no off the field plus you know since the D._U._i.. After college whatever which caused in the fall I mean doesn't have off the field flaws. I understand that because he was underpaid. Is I three years. You WanNA slightly overpay them but we really GONNA pay. Dak Prescott got thirty million dollars when he's not any good in comparison to the best quarterbacks. We doesn't have tyron Smith. He can't set his feet. He's not accurate you know when he has to has to reload through progressions but he doesn't have Ezekiel Elliott. They don't win when they didn't have when they data Mario Cooper. The offense wasn't wasn't staying on time on on target so I think he's really good. I think he's he's stable. He's fine but you gotta pay not just zeke Elliott eventually. I don't think you pay in this year. The you gotTa Pay Amari Cooper Yellow. GotTa Pay Jalen Smith Than The ball. All of these things have to work together and we're saying something without saying something whether it's mahomes whether it's what's happened with Goff what's happened with the cowboys. The genius to this is you draft quarterback and while they're on that rookie contract you're able to put a really good team around him while they can grow they can mature and potentially become a top ten top fifty guy. That was the Andy Dalton thing people forget this in Annie's first contract. He was surrounded by great players players as they peeled off and he became Andy. Which is the third best quarterback using his division that the knock-on Dak I would make is Andy Dalton I four years in this league he had to of every it was Noah's Ark to backs tight ends receivers? Eventually they paid Anne had to peel them off off. Now now Russell Wilson same thing listen right defense they had offensive line all sudden they pay Russell and they got it pick which one which one of the defensive player Russell my is telling me Russell's intuitively a great player where my eyes don't tell me Andy. Dalton and Dak are great players. They tell me they're solid players. You win with it said listen. This is why the salary caps are topped the Yankees would just by them right like it's hard even even the even the Yankees because of the because the luxury tax have had to make some tough decisions visions over the years and the dodgers kind of the same look I think that Prescott should be and we'll be the quarterback of the Dallas cowboys but when you're managing Zeke who just got out of the principal's office and wants to get paid a year early and then you have <unk> a wide receiver you've got to pay and you've got to manage what's going on with the cowboys is the poll of Jerry and how he used to run it and Stephen now he wants to run. It knows it should be run right and Stevens GonNa win this. I'm telling you he's GonNa win this thing. They're not gonNA overpay Dak.. They're not GONNA pay Zeke this year. I believe I believe the old man is we hear you. We hear you but we're running things now. The reason they've been so much better the pass three years because people haven't looked historically since since troy retired it's been in a mass yeah and the reason it's been so much more solid is stephen in his crew have been running things and managing salaries and for the most part doing a better job of it in every once in a while Jerry steps out and says something crazy and and gets himself into trouble and he wants to pay those guys but he's dealing with the reality of running a football franchise in two thousand Nineteen Doug Gottlieb stick around back for more to Monday Colin Right Colin wrong twenty minutes from now. It's the her be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine A._M.. Pacific Trek. Hey it's R._J.. Bell host of the straight OUTTA VEGAS PODCAST joining along with the Vegas pros who know as we give you the Vegas Perspective on the biggest sports stories of the day sports batters listen for the money sports fans listen to know more within their bodies. We deliver the Vegas Truth to you and we do it every single day. That's my personal promise. iheartradio is number one for podcast and it's easy to see why fine straight out of Vegas with R._J.. Bell on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get of your podcast by the hour an event this weekend with a lot of N._F._l.. People and Kyle Murray's fascinating so an N._F._l.. Guy told me Doug Gottlieb's joining me. The reason Arizona took him is they looked in their division and they're like Russell. Wilson Spectacular Sean mcvay spectacular Kyle Shanahan spectacular. We're going to have to score twenty eight points to win the division. We like Josh Rosen. We need spectacular and that's why they took tighter Murray if you heard anything yet on him I only thing I've heard at Arizona. Campbell is Robert came. She came in looking like fat Albert and they got rid of him and that's the first round pick that by the by Steve. I'm the same general manager so yeah I mean that's that they're drafting has been a disaster. Here's what I had Mike Leach on my show and I had my gundy on my show last week and the best defensive coaches in college football and I asked Mike I asked him I said how important for the air raid offense is cliff Kingsbury success in with the Arizona cardinals and he said look look the Patriots were the first team to start taking air-raid schemes and putting it into their offense. He said the Pittsburgh steelers last year ran a bunch of air raid schemes but this is a combination of two things you have an air raid guy a college coach implementing his offense and a diminutive quarterback who for the the life of the N._F._l.. We have seen the undersized quarterback mostly fail Joseph Fail you were just talking about Russell Wilson and you'll right he he has become an electric top ten quarterback Nashville Bollock. It's important to point out the during his first season with the Seattle seahawks he had nine games of less than two hundred yards passing the defense and the running game truly carried him for his first two years next football league before he could develop pudding into good find an offense and a scheme that were worked with with his size his his style of playing quarterback. They don't have that benefit years on a car. They had eight terrible offensive line last year. The defense has its own issues and now it's going to be calorie running for his life with two good wide receivers and a talented talented skill position players but I don't know how they block form. I think this is a great test for is is there morphing of the college game the pro game like we think there is and we've seen other era quarterbacks. Pat Mahomes be successful obviously we we've talked a lot ton about Baker Mayfield and their success but this is a true test for how close to college game the pro game had become or it's simply with limited instances because he is tiny. I don't think he's even as big as he measured out at the combine I agree and that that has all the makings of a disaster in that hey we're going to give it to a young quarterback and hope he wins Games in that division yeah and that division by the way is good. Yes I mean the niners our team that everyone knows eventually. We'll hit yeah. It's just a question of when when not if so this weekend Buckey Brookshire wrote an article saying listen. There's two Aaron in Rogers. There's the first one hundred nine games. There's the next forty nine in if you watch the catch all twenty two film he has become very reliant on the spectacular play over the easy place so which which I say that's my knock on Big Ben Big Ben and Erin little rigid budget is age world-class towns first Bout Hall of Famers Con. I want to do things their way and don't take the easy Brady's the master at taken the easy so you know air and you have a relationship. Where would you put Aaron all things in thirty five year old Aaron Increasingly Brittle today? If you had to choose a quarterback next five years the guy who's done the best job of quarterbacking is obviously Tom Brady right like in terms of leading his team in finding a way but like we are are kind of forgetting the fact that Tomba was bad in the A._F._C.. Championship game wasn't great suppo in the A._F._C. Championship game that third interception against one of the worst defenses the Nash Football Right De Force that offsides. We're having a completely different discussion Ariza's. Don't take my word for it. Take the guys who who put together teams in the N._F._l.. Didn't you have the report that G._M.'s across the league said he's the best quarterback in the N._F._l.. Well some of those guys probably to be fired. Okay I mean that's like asking me and you take our radio. Shows is out of any of you asked us. Who has the best radio shows we could got? We know a little bit more about our industry. In other people right now did Rogers have a great year last year by his own standards no but in a bad year where he wasn't in line with his head coach they had no running in game they had a young group new wide receivers. He had twenty five touchdowns two interceptions by the way if Bucky Brooks is saying is he only goes for the spectacular play win. There be more interceptions went. There be more mistakes. Don't get me wrong. I don't think easier to manage I think he's he's he's incredibly bright and he's incredibly talented and he's been told he's incredibly bright and incredibly talented and now he's got a ton of money and he has a ton of power but he also is bright talented accurate and if you want to go through all the boxes you need to be quarterback two thousand nineteen the N._F._l.. He has them right. He moves the pocket with his feet. He can run. E can run for a first down. He can make off time off balance throws. He can throw the deep ball. He's deadly accurate. He's tough. He's confident he has experienced what what doesn't he do other than he didn't get along with. Mike McCarthy and it might McCarthy is such a great head coach. Why didn't you get a coaching job right? The League has spoken. It's not my word for it is not your workforce that our analysis analysis the League says they think he's the best and the League says that Mike McCarthy had has to read think things has to retool things because he didn't get a job when there are plenty available and they were calling for a guy who could relate to a head coach. All these other jobs came open and even get one by the way Baker Mayfield just screaming and yelling at players this weekend. What Jamaica that that's I mean he's the most powerful dude there? He's this is like Crimson tide. I remember Crimson tide movie. Yes Gene Hackman yes and so Washington has the con- Baker Mayfield has the con- I don't kid yourself. That's the most powerful guy in Cleveland right now next to him is the general manager is put together. All this town makes you feel bad for the head coach who has experience but that's that's what it looks like and by the way it's interesting. The video that comes out of New England is the head coach screaming at the at the six time superbowl champion quarterback right the video that comes out of Cleveland is Baker Mayfield yelling as guys but I I honestly I think that's football. I think that's what it's supposed to be like yeah and he is a tremendous leader and though he sometimes says things like you said about do Johnson that he should keep his mouth shut for the most part guys that play with him WanNa play for Yeah I mean I I've always thought like whenever whenever we show the video of Brady Barking Josh McMahon Josh mcdaniels I kinda always give players a pass in games in practices you bark. That's what guys do your point guard. You GotTa Bark at the forward when he doesn't fill the lane in the break like that's that's what sport now I have a problem duke thing the police video the grab junk thing pregame on balls at people but I I'm for barking at practice in Games. I'm totally my coaches players quarterbacks Bark I get I'm okay being yelled at yes well most. That's why I think a lot of good analysts make our our good because they can take feedback because they've been yelled at you know during their time as players right like a lot of the guys are on T._v.. Were athletes and athletes when their coach their coach hard and their yelled at the big thing is ten relationships when the talking stops. That's one relationship ends. It's it's good that Cleveland is yelling and talking to good stuff Doug Gottlieb Duggar after our show calling right Colin wrong on next could see anybody heard one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like Oh here we go our to live and Elana Monday? This is not heard wherever you may be in however you may be listening. We're on Iheartradio Fox Sports Radio F. One Chris Collins Worth N._B._C. Sunday night. Football joins US IN THIRTY MINUTES. Don't get Chris on much every a couple of years. He may stop by the Shell of course he's one of those guys at <hes>. He was one of the first guys going on pro football focus. He's one of the big investors that's his company right. Profile law pro football focus. It's built Bernard's giant nerd joy Taylor's voice here on Radio Own Watch on T._v.. Joy How are you so on Mondays. You know I have a lot of opinions and I think it's only fair that if I'm wrong on my opinions I come in on Monday and say whiffed on that good on that. We call it Colin Right Colin wrong so let's not waste any time here we go where Colin was right to set from day. One Dak Prescott doesn't have an arm that I love the size Iowa but there's something about that square jaw also says the right thing. He just reeks of leadership. This weekend story came out from Jerry Jones he said quote one of our sponsors wanted me and back to a commercial. The first year and Dak was a fourth rounded or a needed the money Dak said Mr Jones. I don't know what this team that I deserve to being a commercial where the owner on behalf of the team if you don't mind I like not to be in that commercial -mercial Jerry Jones said kid urine it all pull myself out. That's why pay him again. I'd rather pay him twenty-eight than thirty two. This is why you pay him. Professional Sports is overwhelmingly twenty two to thirty one year old old young men now the rich young men. You gotTa have a grownup in the room and I think Dak always enters the bell when it comes to savvy and self-awareness. This is a kid I'd pay again all we can and we can barter over the pay thing and I do think being a cowboy quarterback is worth more than that is just on the paper but this is classic Dak Prescott. Mike Opens says the smart thing and this is a great story because none of us knew about it until this weekend and I think it's why you have to pay deck a franchise quarterback. That's the kind of self awareness as a rookie. That's not yesterday that was as a rookie when he was making four hundred grand a year. Where Colin was wrong all believe it when I see it but oh Russell Westbrook sounded like he was gonNA sit over in the corner and watch hardened play at a press conference Friday in Houston? He sounded like the good neighbor state farm is there. He was supportive here. He Goes James. We've been friends for for many many years. I was teaching actually we play with each other from years in Oklahoma City and so to be able to win something you've got a better sacrifice some parts of your game and we both understand that we both understand that we yeah one common goal championships. We understand what we have to do this. I'm not worried about I know James now worried about it a complete off the ball. I had to touch on impact the game and that's the best way for me to come AMAC impact is team. I can do the things on the floor to be able to make sure we have a better chance to win it well. It should be noted. You'd better be able to hit threes because that's what they do and that's not Russell Wilson strength but I will say this tip of the CAP for self awareness tip at the cap for understanding understanding it. The reality is all believe it when I see it they were one and two and usage rate last year. Russell's never been a great shooter. He does a lot of things well. That's not what he does but I'll give him this he is he. He's he was very easy. Breezy wasn't uptight seems to understand what he is and as I've said before this is hardens team hardens town and so if Russell is able to play off the ball. It'll work in by the way the the first job of making something work is to acknowledge. I have to change for for it to work so you gotTa Give Russell Westbrook that where Colin was right Detroit Lion Oh my bed August six hard knocks debuts with the raiders now I've said this before but Jon Gruden. He was a great coach then he was T._v.. Star I don't think he's a great coach yet and I'm not sure if will ever be he was out a league ten years and I think breeders WANNA sell tickets and grund sells tickets so they they released a clip of hard knocks which hasn't even aired yet all Lord. He is still a T._v.. Star everybody right now has dreams. Don't take guys. I said it to the rookies all right everybody N._F._l.. Dream of making any N._F._l.. I get a dream of winning a super bowl. I got a dream of being in a pro bowl. I'm really not into dreams anymore. Okay nightmares you guys whipping on you got to end. Somebody's drink. You gotTa take their job. You gotTA take their heart. Are you guys you guys clear about this N._F._l.. Now we're not trying to go to the peach bowl. We're not trying to go to the gator bowl or the bluebonnets bowl. We're trying to go to the Super Bowl Okay and to do that. You gotTa really try to end. Somebody's drink the clarinet feral okay. I mean at now get into that by the way the bluebonnets bowl last existed in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven this is here yeah. That's what I worry about that John some of this stuff it just it played ten twelve years ago much better than a place. Now I do do think they have a chance to be a wildly entertaining mass as a fourth place team their talents fun but I'll say it again when you watch that clip. Is that a football coach or a star pretending to be a football coach. I'm not into dreams. I'm into nightmare nightmare wonderful slogan for a shirt. That's Great Okay where Colin was raw lion's head coach Matt Patricia is a genius. I'd never knew that but Mike Daniels Got Cup of the packers thirteen teams teams called his agent he said I chose Matt Patricia because flat out. He's a genius. Listen Guy Wears a pencil in his ear with a laminated play sheet. I I don't understand that he looks like an unmade. Bed couldn't figure out which way to have his hat in week one but apparently it's a genius New England by the way their defense was better when he left last year. It was the best England event in years but you know I'll say this some of this sport you gotta occasionally land a free agent. Mike Daniels a very good player pro bowler two years ago and if a player thinks the guys brilliant he not the only player that thinks that and so. I've been going to rough on Matt Patricia because I think when you're in N._F._l.. Head coach Nafta Kinda even looked like a you kind of kind of look like a head coach. You GotTa Get Your Act together a little bit and he's not been that so far but if players are saying he's genius Mike Daniels is not the only guy that thinks that so I'm wrong where Colin was right well Cam Newton. I've been critical for years. Yes he's talented. Yes he's handsome. Yes he's an icon yest- he's wildly inconsistent and not an a quarterback is what I've been saying and last week N._F._l.. Dot Com eighty seventh rated player out of one hundred. That's the N._F._l.. Network voted on by players by the way also two weeks ago called a tier three quarterback by N._F._l.. Executives tier three meaning can't win big without tons of help also up. You've watched the show all or nothing. It's more about fashion music and cam an iconic stuff than been actually football. Finally everybody's admitting it yes he's at talent but you can't be an all-time great and not ever have backed back winning seasons. His inconsistency is part of his personalities Harder Depend on where Colin Ellen was wrong. Don't even I don't even know how it's possible but Tom Brady led the N._F._l.. Merchandise sales list this off-season. He's not let he wears Kale Pajamas. He's more conservative than a twitter fiend <hes> he goes to bed early. He's fairly private considering. He's the greatest quarterback of all time how he leads the N._F._l.. In merchandise sales how many of you don't have Tom Brady Jersey. I mean New England hasn't changed their scheme on the uniforms. It's the same Tom Brady. Boston's not as big as New Yorker L. A. or Chicago or you think there's other cities and other teams listening Brady's the greatest quarterback of all time and I and I'm not even sure if it's close anymore but it it's it's a stunner to me that he continues to lead Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson Baker Mayfield Odell Beckham. I thought young people by Jerseys Brady's the oldest player in the League can't figure it out where Colin was right. Sam darnold and Adam gays over the weekend have become a mutual admiration society. I said when the jet sign gays he and Darnold wordperfect one guy's a hard ask the other guy likes to be coached sure enough. Adam Gates ace over the weekend. Quote darnold controlled a blank Outta the football. I love him darnold quote here. It is well first of all sorts of my parents. They're always hard to me as a kid and think they harm me because they found out that's how I like to be coach coach and that's how I like to be treated and I think that's how I learned you know and and for me I think gas kind of found that out quickly quicker than a lot of coaches do so it was good that he found that out on the field. He's able to you know when <hes> when he needs to be critical of me he can't N._B._A.. It's good though it's good all round because I respond well to and honestly I think it's good for the whole team to to see me. You know being into a little bit. Sometimes I think that's good for everyone to see and you know I think that's how I learned best so they're already to mutual admiration society by the way thirtieth thirty. Two teams had darnold above Baker on their N._F._l.. Board SAM inherited an absolute offensive mess now at least he's got an offensive coach. He's got a superstar running back with crowder Jamison crowder coming from Washington and elite slot receiver they upgraded the offensive line. They are glue and that's what we will predicted. They would be where Colin was raw a sixteen year old one three million dollars playing fortnight this weekend at the first ever a fortnight World Cup sixteen year old apparently watching people play video games is fascinating thirty million dollars was at stake overall after ten weeks of open qualifiers attracting more than forty a million competitor's the Fortnight World Cup finals congratulations to a sixteen year old from Pennsylvania Kyle Bouba Gears Dorf. That's a lot of lettuce for a sixteen year old boy. I can barely parent my son now. I can't imagine if he came up with the three million dollar. Check a while where Colin was writing U._S._A.. Basketball is building. It's roster and most of the good great players of Said will pass. It's a J._V. team now and and Carmelo Anthony is still not getting invited why because players love mellow unless they have to play with him doesn't play defense. He lacked self-awareness. He's never been in great shape. He's a nice guy but he's not a good basketball team. Mate and all you mellow fan boys for years and years at how Meenai was he cannot get an invite as a bench role player for team U._S._A.. Basketball in a year ear when all the good players are turning it down where Colin was right said before never be another tiger woods golf pros. Everybody with a four handicap has been telling me for a decade rory is going to be tiger and Brooks Cap Gun. Justin rose and Jordan speed this weekend Brooks Capco won the W._G._N.. Invitational in the same year is winning a major. He's the six guy ever to do that. Tiger Woods that it eight times that's that's the gap between Tiger and Brooks Kapka kept is terrific seems like a good kid totally focused long off the tee handles pressure well but in the last fifteen years you've been telling me maybe last twenty. Here's the next tiger so this now I'm told is the next tiger and for the six time ever he won the W._g._c. and a major and tigers done at eight times. That is the gap where Colin was raw. A massive asteroid destroyed got within forty five thousand miles of destroying earth over the weekend for years and years. I thought astronomers were smarter than sportscasters. My bad it least sportscasters could spot with a telescope. A flying cruise liner headed for the massive asteroid now named twenty nine thousand nine okay as in okay. We're all going to die okay. We're screwed here. Okay here comes flying luxury liner. Why didn't anybody spot it through their telescope? I was wrong. I always thought astronomers were ray smarter than sportscasters. If we mess up a name you crushed us. They missed a carnival cruise line on fire heading for Baltimore. The more I kinda grateful that they didn't tell us this is GonNa Happen. I mean you've seen the movies when they tell everyone at the world's about end right by the way I shouldn't even mention Baltimore. We know what that city was involved with this weekend so Cincinnati. That's better place yeah forty five thousand miles. That asteroid came from ruining America America the world yeah. I'm pretty sure that world was entirely going. London wouldn't have been affected <hes> yes. That's a little too close for for my comfort. The missed US though in our time. How do you earn astronomer? There's eight thousand astronomers. They have telescopes. You didn't see this fuzzy kind of feel like that was a call Paul from higher up like they knew it was coming but it was like let's not send the entire world into a panic. I'm busy every week and there's twenty game tonight. Astronomer sit around picking food out of their beards and watching asteroids. How do they miss it? I'm Oh you I'm sure they knew it was our way and they made an executive decision not to tell anyone which I appreciate. They tell us after it almost yes. You shouldn't hold us. There's an asteroid twenty minutes from hitting earth. They're going to send someone up in a spaceship spaceship and chime drill down and blow it up armageddon style. Nobody has time for that so I read the store. They said they say by the way that the astronomer spotted this but it was too late to do anything so apparently there is a timeline that if we see a cruise liner headed toward us there is a time line where we can throw rocks editor or something. I don't know what I don't know what the what is. What is the contingency plan for that I couldn't you bomb it and just moved at four inches? It would fly off and hit another planet now. We're not worried about the other this is this is very eerily similar to the plot of Armageddon Matt Damon and Ben Affleck up there and we're fine look at that thing. I don't even like the images of it. I don't think that was in that cast. Who is Ben Affleck and Cage Bruce Willis us now Nicholas Cage Joel Smith he saved the world in a different actually in several movies? Yes all right was Jeremy Irons in any of those soundly Jeremy Irons Movies Armageddon's great movie Cry Every time you cry I every time I earth is going to get hit. It's worth grinding dramatic all right. We got a bunch of stuff today. Bucky Brooks Marcellus wildly everybody around the corner by the way as much Dak Prescott this needs to be said coming up next be sure to catch live edition of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine A._M.. Pacific on Fox sports radio at this one and the iheartradio APP what's up both is Chris Bruce Art and I am here with my partner Robert Parker and together. We the odd couple that's right. Join Kristen me every day as we give you. The hottest spiciest sports takes that you won't hear anywhere else and for the Record Rob Parker is the one I'm the more reasonable what so listen to the Macabre with Chris Bruce Art and Rafah an apple podcasts bore when the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts I like Dak Prescott but there is I will say this on the I always think when <music> athletes understand like I said Dwayne Wade he gets drafted by Pat Riley and he lives in a state with no income tax and he lives in the flashiest coolest East Coast city which is Miami international so Dwayne way if it ever came down to it and I was delayed or is agent I'd say listen pat rise getting better players know state tax aqua water and it's an international city. You could have a chance globally will make a little more money in Miami Than Indiana Pacer. I do think they're opportunities. Sometimes not not very much. We're a player in a certain market should be aware of the opportunities. Dak Prescott has to remember the value of being a cowboy quarterback is the greatest of any position in American sports right now at Fox Troy Aikman. C._B._S.'s lead analyst Tony Romo. I mean if you look at the N._F._l.. Network Michael Irvin Dion Sanders Fox has Jimmy Johnson if those guys coach or play quarterback cornerback receiver for the Jaguars they're not on those networks works. Jason Witten got the Monday night football gig without a huge personality. He was a tight end and it lasted an hour and I like Jason but he doesn't get that if he plays for anybody didn't get that as a seahawk. He doesn't get that as a charger he he doesn't get anybody. He doesn't get that as a dolphin he gets it because he's a cowboy. This is why actors great actors are willing to do those marvel movies. It's not art. It's not visually it's not intellectually stimulating. Don cheadle is not looking at those marvel scripts and having to dig deep for it but you stay relevant you stay in the conversation in Hollywood. Has the movie business goes through some tumult you make residual the money for the next ten years you do marvel movies. Okay Don Cheetos done big stuff martin or follow downing these are these are great actors but you get yourself in all marvel's story 'cause you're. You're in the conversation. Dak Prescott plays as for the cowboys. He's getting Campbell. Soup commercials no state tax. He got those yogurt commercials. He got those when he was like a kid is a fourth round. Pick Fourth Round pick for whoever the chargers getting that no oh so that's where I would say with Jack you know if I could take a million or to less a year over time you're going to get it back then some in the marvel movies and cowboy quarterback by the way I would say after the cowboy quarterback you could say what about the Yankees the Yankees don't even let you put the name in the back of the Jersey. They're not great for endorsements. What about the Lakers? Kareem abdul-jabbar Could Never Get a coaching job. There's not Lakers broadcasting all over the country. I mean the cowboys every network that has the N._F._l.. As a cowboy in the lead job last year now Jason Whitten's left but it was whitten Romo Jimmy Aikman every single N._F._l.. A._B._C. C._B._S.. Fox so that that's where Dak as a fourth round pick especially the fourth round pick. He wasn't a first first round like we didn't know who am I said when I watched them in college. I'm like he's a better version at Tibo and I never thought Tibo was a franchise quarterback joy news on the new. This is the heard line news so Jalen Ramsey showed up last week to Jacksonville training camp in brinks truck with a big introduction and he's known for being a showman and magazine covers fashion and trash talk and he sees no issue at this. He said I'm serious about my craft. I'm serious about football of course but at the same time I'm going to have fun. I'm going to be an entertainer as well as a football player visited the game. I Love I want to bring as much attention attention to it as I can. Now players like Jalen Ramsey and Antonio Brown down in Lebanon Bell and Odell get a lot of pushback right now. There's this idea traditional way that you're supposed to play Sports Hall Line Not Bring Shelters team game but the reality is is we live in a different time and fans. We compare the N._B._A.. In the N._F._l.. Time and sometimes it's really not fair when it comes to start them because there's way less players on the field. It's very strict salary cap. There's a lot of different elements to the N._F._l.. Don't apply to the N._B._A.. and Vice Versa but I will say we live in a different era now. Social media has changed everything the Internet's has changed everything how people consume even the Games has changed with the red zone channel and the package where you can watch a team team from anywhere in the world and you don't have to sit there in front of Your T._v.. And turn it on and watch your team in your city like you have the availability to be a fan of any team in any city so these guys like Jalen Ramsey Antonio Brown they get all this negative feedback for being for showing up at Camden air balloon or showing up to bring shot. You're missing the bigger point of it. He's absolutely right. It's an entertainment business at the end of the day and that's kind of where we get into a little bit of a struggle with a loyalty idea and all that like ratings are very important well. It's very important. If you're a great player I don't really care about as long as you're not disruptive to on field product. I don't really give a rip and if you're you know Antonio Brown. At the end of the year I felt hurt the football team but Juju Smith Schuster by the way is always doing something with social media foot he shows up and make seven catches and and the Ramsay thing won't play well to some staffs but he's a great corner now. I don't think I'd pay him in Jacksonville because I can't pay two corners but he's GonNa get picked up. I mean there's a lot of teams in this league. I'll give you there's two or three like I'll give you a team the jets I like him but they don't have good enough corners to win a playoff game. If there would not pay lady and Bell I'd be like Goget Jalen Ramsey. He's got Oh spot in the league right. You don't like the idea that you just can't pay. Anybody and you have to do everything the way the Patriots do it. You're not the Patriots the only people who do things the way the Patriots are the Patriots. You have to have a lot of moving parts that fits. It'd be the Patriots so there's a a lot of buzz around there was a lot of buzz around Kylie being the number one overall pick but it's kind of die down a little bit. We're not watching as closely and he actually happens to be the twentieth quarterback that Larry Fitzgerald has played within his sixteen year career right and he is leading the high chain for Kyle Amaury. Listen to this Larry Fitzgerald. I've never seen a quarterback coming in so quickly and be able to command an offense from day one. He's out there. Check in different plays slide in line different protections getting us in screens where blitzes coming on me so his understanding of the offense is crazy. How many from day one and I think that's GonNa give us a great advantage play fashion for preseason game all the way to start a regular season giving him the keys city car and let them go is great for us so I praise he's he's a lot of quarterbacks? I have to watch imply really have no strong opinion. I have concerns about size but I don't you know fans want us to have an opinion before you watch anything. It's like fight the the Manny Pacquiao Keith Olbermann fight Thurman but you could tell by the second round. You're like Oh God man. He's a nightmare speedwise. Thurman who's a plotter and Thurman went into that fight not even worry about his feet and I'm like the feet are going to decide the fight so you'd sometimes you have to watch stuff happening. You're like Oh that matchup yeah and his new head coach to so many unknowns with this situation and I think that's kind of why there isn't I mean he's a number one overall pick that doesn't have the crazy buzz and attention that normally a number number one overall pick a quarterback position what have because we just don't know we have no idea what to expect from this and we didn't see that much from him in college either as a starter yet and started that many games so everyone's kind of an unknown space with him so Westbrook was introduced reduced in Houston on Friday and he was very calm and collected Iran's he also made a claim that some people are pushing back on James been friends for many many years I was telling actually we play with each other familiar C._B._S.. And Oklahoma City and so to be able to win something. You've got a better sacrifice some parts of your game and we both understand that we both understand that we have one common goal in the way championships. We understand what we have to do. As I'm not worried about James He's now word about it. <hes> I complete the ball touch on impact game and that's the best way for me to come back and impact is seen as I can do other things affordable but make sure we have a better chance to win. It hit hit threes. That's all I wanna see but that's not his game though so that's actually not what I WANNA see. I don't WanNA see Westbrook. Take a bunch of threes and that's what's interesting about Houston because that's kind of their mantra right. That's their system and sometimes you've gotTA break that to fit certain players into what you do you have a all-time great in Russell Westbrook all-time Great and James Harden. We obviously no they both have high usage rates. James Harden is a much better shooter than Westbrook and a much better catch and shoot shooter than Westbrook. It's about ten percent higher than him in a free field goals and three point shooting but that's not his game westbrook is an aggressive player and he does have glaciers around him so he is going to be able to drive and kick it out and he is a great passer. You don't average triple double without being able able to get assists and of course rebounds opportunity that he's a really good rebound okay so we were told Westbrook was going to be something for years and he wasn't and then he got Paul. George and everybody told me this go work and it didn't because Paul George one and out of it so I'm saying as I've I've seen it not work twice now may work in the third installation it may but I'm going to be a cynic of this until the all-star break again we're just talking about you need to see things. I'm on the more positive side of this now. I could be a little bit sway because I do really really wants to see Westbrook win a championship but I feel really good about this. I feel like the N._B._A.. Is Very even obviously the clippers to me. Have the edge at this point right now. How come Westbrook's Oh so happy if you ever noticed that out happy is an August? He's an intense guy. He's a competitor competing with anybody so happy. Everybody always like balloon. TRAIN SEASON GETS UP. I also think this is kind of this is a new start for him. You Know Times. That's just what you need. I was is old and Grumpy Fox. Colin is fun and they weren't sneakers. Today I know and not only sneakers but my wife says are cool. Air Close did a good job all right there. You go joy with the news well. That's the news and thanks for stopping by. Oh by the way interesting training camp buzzed Bella check. This year story came out yesterday. There's going to be more involved with the Patriots defense which isn't a terrible thing. He Lost Matt Patricia. The Lions Brian Floor is now coaches. The Dolphins Chat O'Shea day flora's took him down to Miami. This is an interesting thing and I and I'm you know listen. The Patriots are fine but I've been saying this for years is the thing that killed Pete Carols U._S._C. Dynasty Urban Meyers Florida Dynasty Bobby Bowden Florida State Dynasty and Matt Brown's dynasty at Texas wasn't at the coaches got bad. They lost great assistance in the College Football World last year Alabama for the first year had a bad staff. Nick Sabin had so many good assistance leave. He's not perfect. He'd he'd be got a a couple of systems that were very very average and they got out coach against Clemson. They weren't even competitive so it'll be very interesting now. New England still has Dante's Karnak yet. Tom Brady one seventy one once forty one but it is interesting when you look. This is the untold story the football what ends college dynasties is you just keep losing great assistance in a coach after a while he whiffs on higher and yet it with a bad assistant bobby bounded Pete Carroll did Mak Brown did Urban Meyer did Nick Sabin did last year and in the N._F._l.. They don't have real dynasties and I don't. I don't proclaim to think this will this will end the dynasty but you can a staff winter games in the N._F._l.. It's inches not feet eleven wins. Get your home field by ten wins wins. Get your wildcard so it'll be interesting to see now that ballot check now has to go back to actually coordinating and coaching a lot because they've lost listen when you're the Best People Cherry pick your staff coming up next there are five or six topics as we head into the Collagen pro football season. I'm going to give you a heads up. I don't WanNa talk about him. I just I if they come. I'm just going to let him go and let the rest of the American sports media talk about him. That's coming up next be sure to catch live editions. The heard weekdays at noon eastern not an Pacific a lot of emails about coal case all the time and usually when I look at a store I can tell him the first five minutes probably happened but this one is really strain. I'm Katherine Townsend host of the true crime podcasts Helen gone in an hour's asking people what's wrong what's wrong and we got him sheriff's Office. He should James Dan. No Explanation Janey Ward was sixteen years old when she died under mysterious circumstances she was at a party at a cabin in the woods in small town of Marshall Arkansas story that she fell all my daughter would be today it. I'm heading back to Arkansas on a new case to find out what happened to Janey Ward on September Ninth Nineteen eighty-nine listen to hell and gone. That's H.. E. L. L. and gone on Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts here we go we gotta football season and so camps are open games I mean I don't think we have another weekend until February second without some level of football game aim college or Pro Labor Day. That's that's around the time college football ramps up following weekend like the tenth in that Neighborhood Tenth Eleventh. That's when the N._F._l.. Starts and so you get into these topics and I was saying this morning there's five or six these topics that have done with before the season starts like I'm not going to partake in them. They're hacky. I've heard a million times. You're literally running out of things to say so. I'm just going to give you a heads up on the half dozen topics. I don't WanNa talk about this cheer and when I see the headline staff included don't even show it to me. Here's number one. The Patriots Patriots Dynasty is over. Maybe but you don't know because you've been telling me that for four years. Do they have the best coach Yep. Will they be better than last year I think so they'll be younger and more athletic. Is Tom Brady. The best big game quarterback in the League certainly looks like it if not he's real close. Do they have the weakest division Yep do they have three second your quarterbacks and their division Yep will they probably get a by and when at least ten games yep that means they have to win a couple of home games in there in the Super Bowl in even if they don't win the Super Bowl and that's their standard now the dynasties not over if they get to the A._F._C. Championship even if they lost the chiefs or culture steelers browns or whoever if they get to the conference championship that's still the dynasty. I don't want to hear about if it's over. I don't know you don't know believe when I see it number. Two DAK isn't a franchise quarterback no years now. He's not as high end <hes> in my opinion as a Matt Ryan Russell Wilson. I don't think he's talented is Shawn Watson. I don't think he's as accurate as a Baker Mayfield. I don't think he SAM darnold even but he's a franchise quarterback. He's got the second most wins in the league since two thousand sixteen and that's what Jason Garrett who many of you consider kind of an average coach number one is by the way Tom Brady he's franchise quarterback. He's a grownup. He doesn't get hurt. He's terrific in crisis. Regularly doesn't get beat by the same defense or team twice. He tends to blame big and T._v.. Games he gets to the playoffs. He's won a playoff game. Listen not every three company is facebook and Apple. You can still be accompany. You can still go public. He's a franchise quarterback. The only question now is twenty eight million or thirty two probably somewhere in between two money question now. It's not whether or not he's a franchise quarterback quarterback. He's he's better than a ten guys off the top of my head. The number three topic Nick Foles is better than Carson Wentz. Stop talking. He's not nick. foles almost retired a couple years ago but nick foles in a Philadelphia operation that Carson Wentz drove into the playoffs. Nick foles took over in the N._F._C. With a bunch of home games. They want if you go the last two years at the Games Carson Wentz and Nick foles is played and this. I you know this is with everybody's saying that Nick Foles is amazing and Carson wentz is nick throws for one hundred yards Lhasa game one yard lesson attempt has a one fifth of the touchdowns and a much lower passer rating and you're telling me foles is better know Carson's just been hurt more and that is a concern but don't tell me who's better carson. WENTZ is bigger stronger more mobile faster now. Maybe has more ego you read story L. tougher to coach but nick foles is now going Jacksonville. Don't be shocked if they've finished fourth in their division. Here's another topic I'm done with blank. Player is an early heisman favorite who cares I mean we all know it's going to be quarterbacks at the top five schools in the country. This is not a legitimate. This is why don't talk about heisman. It's not a legitimate award. They don't pick a defensive player unless you're at a high profile program. You have ullman no shot. You have no shot unless you play for top ten program and you mostly have to play running back or quarterback. It's down to the twenty two starters. It's two positions and Heisman guys have never been great n._F._l.. Guys like you're running out of topics as a college football reporter. If you're into the early heisman stuff by early October Hilbert get another topic. Here's another college topic I'm done with it's time to expand the College Football playoff why you think somebody besides Clemson and Alabama are going to get there if we had a system that didn't Alabama and Clemson the final four. I would all be for changing it in my lifetime. There has never been one time in my lifetime that the seventh best team in college football by the end of the year was getting host that team usually has a loss and and often two losses by the end of the college football season. You got about three teams that you're thinking yeah three best and occasionally a team years ago Auburn before the playoff was undefeated didn't get a play for it. You tell me who the number eight team in the country was last year. who number seventeen in the country at the end of the year they've already lost two games minimum and would probably lose more if they played in the S._e._C.? Here's what I know Alabama Obama Clemson as long as our system currently includes those two. We don't need to expand it by the way the president's this is not even available to vote on until like twenty twenty five twenty twenty six so were over a half decade away from even Bolton on this thing and I said before. I'm not so sure the old B._C._S. thing. I didn't know a lot of complaints with that but don't turn college football into college basketball. It'll make the regular season irrelevant. It's it's still a great sport. Sometimes feels like it's clinging to it with all the bad schedules but stop with the College Football playoff. It's not happening and finally Colin. Coward hates the browns because they won't win the Division folks. They have the one that division since the eighties. You're not hating on the Cleveland Browns by suggesting that Pittsburgh. That's got a better ownership group a better G._M.. abetter coach a better quarterback a better offensive line the five things that win divisions divisions. You don't hate anybody. Cleveland is the youngest roster in the N._F._l.. Fact has a rookie head coach fact Baker Mayfield struggled against the playoff teams ev- as last year fact the Pittsburgh steelers are better upfront offensively better coach quarterback better G._M.. Better owner and also the Pittsburgh steelers have lived in the hype expectation tunnel since my childhood the browns now with the youngest this roster and a rookie head coach have massive hype and expectations they may handle it brilliantly or they may not hype could change the clippers. The Lakers live with high standards. The clippers don't let see how they react into it before we call everybody who suggests the steelers could win the division. NOBODY HATES ON CLEVELAND. They'll be fun to watch. They're gonNA score a bunch of points. I just don't think Bakers Hall of Famer yet. I don't think oh B._J.'s production in equals. Ws and I have no idea Freddie kitchens can coach I think he probably can. I wasn't that long ago. It feels like I walked in pay quarterback for Alabama. I think he can coach but you never been head coach until last year. He never been a coordinator so let's just wait and see so those are my half dozen. I'm done with him now. I'm just done who the other one in Basketball Zion Williamson can't shoot. Could we give him a year in the league. Could we give Zion Williamson dramatic. I know it's it's like it's it's our job is essentially to be like. I always think I'm a judge so I come in fans. Are The media the media's the jury where you you the jury in a courtroom is the media you hope hope their objective they they aren't always objected but you hope the jury's objective and you hope the media's objective and then like for political for a court case. You know you take the O._J.. Case the fans become the media. There's a Lotta histrionics theater. A lot of yelling screaming ought to nonsense. My job is to be the judge I look at a case I look at a team. I look at history I look at the resumes I look at the charges I look at the D._A.. I look at the defense attorney and I go all right. This is my decision based on the evidence I have. I'm GonNa give you an unemotional decision. Pittsburgh should be favored in that division older roster better coach better quarterback better all lined been there before and nobody's what he's paying attention to them but the browns are new and shiny toy is fun. It's Cray there the asteroid heading for the world like we're all we wow without a her reaction I mean it's just like everybody's freaking out. It's like Cleveland's Cleveland. They don't win and they're talented but they're young new coach bakers a kid. They got an offensive line. That's top bottom six in the league. They said to have high expectations base up the talent. They have more talented. They never had by the way I by the way a brown. The head coach Freddie Kitchens talking about Baker Mayfield crushing people this weekend at practice he said I expect my quarterback to get everybody on the same page. That's what I want for the record. I'm really okay with bakery on at people. This weekend yelled at some people. I'm police video pass throwing the ball over people people opponents pre-game pass jam flag into the Mid Field of Ohio State Pass grabbing your junk pass twitter wards sportscasters pass yelling at teammates. I'm all in on that. That's the part about Baker I like. I'm totally supportive of Baker Mayfield Nat stuff. This is the youngest roster in the N._F._l.. Guess what he's going to have to yell. That's okay. I'm the editor thing is when you have a losing history. It does take strong on personalities. This was like Curt Schilling Manny Ramirez with the Red Sox it takes a lot to break that coach Kurt Warner with Arizona Cardinals. When you're trying to break losing culture it takes a kick arse guy like curt schilling was like I don't want to hear about the Yankees we're better and Kurt Warner went to Arizona did at a different way that shillings like we're getting to the Super Bowl you kinda need a losing culture needs a but kick her to kind of breakthrough that wall that wall of losing and that culture that negatively Baker could very well be that guy he'll? He'll have to yell a lot this year this young roster with a bunch of twenty three year old kids our three Bucky Brooks Marcello Wiley coming up one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP. Search her to listen live or on demand whenever you like to sleep cooling comfortable this summer Casper Dot com code heard use the code special offer H. E. R. D. Bucky Brooks played in the N._F._l.. Scouts now he writes articles N._F._l.. Network analysts one of my favorite guests us so when you write the Arctic it's critical of Aaron Rodgers. I laugh about it because we both think errands great <hes> but there I always feel like I know Aaron doesn't like me Errand top-five quarterback Nelly I do think Patrick Mahomes is the next Aaron where the golden arm. Oh my God he's doing stuff nobody can and he has now the injuries of air and he that he doesn't have some of the wealth once you get wealthy kind of changes you see the world. You don't want to coach often quite as much but your article so basically said about Aaron. I think it was very fair which is listened last fifty games. He hasn't been as good you can blame McCarthy but he has become a three point shooter more than the Gimme lap. Do you get pushed back. When you write articles like that man for sure I got a lot of it and I I got a lot of people necessarily rely? I can acknowledge the air. Rogers is one of the best quarterbacks that we've ever seen an N._F._l.. History agree and I can say four point. He was the gold standard for the position however when you're evaluating people when evaluating players even as a gentleman you have to take emotion out of it so take the emotion out of unless look at what he's really done. If you go back those last fifty games that you talked about the twenty four twenty four and one he's completing sixty two percent of his passes his passer rating is below one hundred and Dan he's coming off a season that was maybe one of the worst that he's had as a starter and so if all those things are going against you. How can you say he's the number one guy in the league win? This is a golden era of quarterback play. We saw Pat Mahomes. Go five thousand fifty. We've Seen Philip rivers continue to kill it. We've seen drew brees said another N._F._l.. Mark for completion percentage as some point you have to evaluate players for what they are at this moment and this moment he didn't play like tough. I've got this now. Here's where I've defended him. They have not given him a much defense to work with so I'm not holding him to a super bowl standard <hes> he hasn't had Tom Brady's defenses. He hasn't had Russell Wilson's defenses and I do consider that but I will say this offensive line's his are always above average they have drafted and developed receivers. Oh lineman tight end excellently so I'm not GONNA hold him to Tom. Super Bowl standards what I will l. and these are your top five quarterbacks right now in the league. GimMe your five look when it when when you think about is Penn Mahomes Philip rivers you have drew brees. Tom Brady any look through in Russell Wilson at five because Russell Wilson the last two years has played even though they're operating under a run first premise when you evaluating the position like everyone is subjective. I do you want to put passing yours. Do you want to do quarterback winds whatever it is. I think it is a feel thing do do I feel like this quarterback is elevating the cast of characters around him. Yeah and it's never perfect because the reason quarterbacks getting thirty million dollars. They're supposed to be the for breeze. They're supposed to erase all of the things that stink in the franchise. The franchise quarterback is supposed to race it. We've seen Tom Brady do that. We have seen drew brees elevate gas who weren't necessarily a playmakers and make them play at a high level. We've Seen Philip rivers do that. We saw Russell Wilson play behind a bad office of line lead the N._F._l.. touchdowns in play M._V._p.. Level so we're saying that is the standard then we should expect more from Air Raja's based on what he has been and what we're comp what he's compensated to be at a higher level now. Matt leflore comes in <hes>. He's younger little hip her little cooler low progressive. I would say generation really he and Erin her about the same age <hes>. What do you forecast for that? So the thing that Matt Leflore has to do early he has to establish a respect factor from Aaron Rodgers <hes> because he doesn't come in as a decorated coach like as office coordinator or whatever the thing that Aaron and any veteran player wants to look to his. Can you make me better player. How you going to make me a better player? How are you're going to elevate this unit so the floor early has to establish? Here's what you can do to be a better player. I got a plan that is going to elevate your game. Here's the plan for us to get everyone around you to play at a better level and if he's able to do that and if early in camp in preseason and the regular season those things work then there'd be bonded but if they don't if he doesn't have the ability to have answers that's when the rub could come so he Aaron Rodgers Eh the floor because if he's looking to maitland floor for answers and he can't deliver them. That's the issue. Tom Brady always knows I can go to bill belichick builds. You can give me an answer and it's GonNa be the right answer more time to not. That's what Matt Leflore has established with his quarterback. They say Aaron Rodgers reminds me a little a big band as they've age they got in a little stubborn little banged up not quite as precise as I think they can be and leadership depends on the Sunday and that's not bang on Big Ben. I mean people look all quarterbacks are not built the same. They have a different way. It doesn't mean the Air Rogers can't lead and can win that where he can he can win in that direction however there has to be a trust in a level of communication between him and the head coach he also so has to have a trust in a level communication with the rest of the team caney. Get on the same page with the young guys Kenny nudge encourage them and get them to play at a higher level Kenny pump some confidence as some belief into them so they can play the way to he needs eased into play so he can elevate game. It doesn't mean that he can't be critical. He can't demand or do those things to try and elevate their play but he has to have some dialogue. They have to have that consistent conversation. We've seen it. We've seen Tom Brady eighty. We've seen others and Aaron Rodgers done it because we've seen a number of former packers talked about that but it has to be consistent and now more than ever because Mike McCarthy has gone Ted Thompson who they talked about. Maybe they didn't put the best team around the gone. He's gone so now. It is is Aaron Rodgers. It is all on him because all the excuses and they're removed. We will get a chance to judge number twelve on what he does. If I'm Steven Jones son of Jerry Jones and your Dak Prescott agent is this affair conversation listen or the cowboys no state tax. I get you campbell soup commercials. This is the greatest position in American sports. You'll get T._v.. After this if you want Aikman Romo Michael Dion Jason Witten wasn't a big personality with the tight end. We got him on Monday night football. Is it a fair place for me to start as a general manager Zinc we love you but there is a value to being our quarterback over the bengals. quarterback is that fair or out of bounds is fair to appoint the issue that you have those points are valid in their great but when Dak Prescott looks out he sees Carson Wentz Carson wentz comes in at thirty one and a half and on paper resume you could say Dak Prescott has exceeded Carson Carson Winston has done when you talk about second most wins. <hes> says he entered the league behind Tom Brady we just quarterbacks on the ability to get the team to the winner circle. He's been able to do that now. Does he have to get everything no but to think dead he should take a discount. I think is unfair because what he is done. He's given the cowboys a lot of Bang for their book for three years. The average quarterback was making twenty twenty. Two Million Dad was making less than a million dollars so for a couple of years Tuesday had eighteen million thrush today could earmarked money other places they have to them. They have to pay top more at market value and I think they will. I think is just trying to sort out where the pieces of the puzzle fit because look when you there and I was there at cowboys camp this weekend. He is clearly the leader he is the right guy he checks off all the boxes cowboy camp from yes the cowboys game this weekend. He checks off all the boxes from an intangible standpoint. He is everything and so they need need to pay him but they also have a talented team and he should be able to look around and say if I win. Games I'M GONNA get elevated and so it's about finding the right price point where he satisfy monetarily while also have enough to pay everybody else years ago went to Home Depot in the winter and bought a grill for one hundred ninety dollars lasted fifteen years and if that grill could've negotiated with me fifteen years later it could've taken me because I got so similarly that almost never happens in retail when you buy something for nothing that lasts forever everything breaks right Dak is that you don't get Russell Wilson much third round hall of Famer Madonna Hall of Famer but when you get a fourth rounder and get in for free for four years you it's hard to asset young man humane less than D._J.'s in your city. I listen if that came to me and ask for the world it it would almost ethically and I know owners aren't known as they don't care about that but I mean just I would struggle to look another man in the face knowing I paid one hundred ninety for a grill at home depot US fifteen years attack has been the most he has been the cheapest great quality item in the world in in our world of Sports Dax the only star that's made nothing yes absolutely and is very similar to Seattle seahawks were able to benefit from Russell Wilson they get a gathered at the reality of it. When you draft someone into third round in the fourth round? Those guys viewed as developmental players. You don't have expectations that they're going to be high end. Starters play a high level Russell Wilson played to that level Dak Prescott has been a solid starter whether you want to put him at the top fifteen in the middle of pack fun but the number say that when he plays they win they win they go to the playoffs they win the overwhelming majority of their games. You have to compensate for that and when you look at other guys they Jimmy Garoppolo Kirk cousins he should get paid by the way I know. Dak is not a grill but it was interesting analogy. I I never forget the only time in retail I ever felt. I got a deal on something. I don't think so we were talking about the N._F._l.. Network comes out and they do these rankings on stuff into Shawn's under Baker in and we've always had this in my life. There was a quarterback years ago named Jim Hart who I always thought was wildly underrated but he played in the middle of the country three. He wasn't a packer. He wasn't a cowboy in Saint Louis. Nobody paid attention to them and Jim Hart then I think he was replaced later by Neil lomax. They're both great quarterbacks. I saw neil this weekend and it just didn't get a lot of love Kenny Anderson in Cincinnati. He just didn't get any love because played in Cincinnati wasn't a steeler wasn't a cowboy to Sean Watson's lower than Baker Mayfield on some N._F._l.. Network List Timeout. I don't think we understand the DESHAUN. Watson has played behind a an atrocious offensive line and if you start looking at his numbers he's really an impressive player very impressive player you talk about the office of how about we talked about the coach and if we use the same things that we've used in a pass for Aaron Rodgers we could throw it out. There does Bill O'Brien really elevate quarterbacks Bill Ryan do his best coaching job. The second season Shawn Watson was the quarterback the first season they did some things that Sean did at Clemson made them look success where he elevated plate at a high level last you did they do those same things thinks is bill O'Brien an elite play caller so when you're looking at the Shawn Watson are we judging him <hes> fairly when it comes to the Deshaun Watson Baker Mayfield comparison I can understand Baker Mayfield House to Cleveland browns at low expectations he comes in and they play at a higher level. They play seven to nine very competitive. They're fun to watch so it's easy to get swept up in it. The litmus test for both gusts Baker may feel second time around as a sophomore. How does he duplicate or build upon their success has a town to support cash? You would expect him to be able to do so does Shawn Watson. What is the next step? We saw him into playoffs. It looked a little fast form candy. Go to the next level the keys to me that is still very underrated. I think he's fantastic player. I think he's one of those guys that's going to be adopting quarterback very soon. Nelson Matter of Kim Bill Ryan put him into rice situation to allow us. All of the talents data shows good senior by thanks for having me read. His article Bucky Brooks Joy Taylor with the news in the news. This is the heard line news just discussing this. This doc is in the final year of his rookie contract. He scheduled to make a little more than two million dollars in base salary. He'll be the thirty thirty eighth highest paid quarterback in the league this despite young thirty two in sixteen as the starter in his three seasons as cowboy's quarterback and this is doc on his contract to talk about my contracts that stuff talks. I'm sure at this point or continuously happened <hes> but for me it's about to come out here and focus on this <hes> not be distracted by near that near that stuff into that conversation. I just focused on getting better. Be The best player that I can make sure everybody around me is as well. I'll have when that happens. <hes> I'll be better by the time the regular season starts so as I says my focus only thing. I don't like about him ahead on backwards everything else. I loved the gun at since good when you're talking to the media you wanted to see her face. You know I know you're very against the hat on backward stink. Look a couple of lyman have the hat on backwards there in the video dopey lineman well. Here's the thing about dock and I've always been on the side that you need to pay back and Tam what he's worth and really if you look at what you just said with the grill analogy that grill could've negotiated more money out of you right. We've got years and years initially you paid upfront fee for the grow purchase the girl and eventually you realize how how much value this girl has. Maybe you've paid a whole lot more for it. Well Zack has been playing for a fourth round rookie contracts for you for multiple years so think about it that way think about the amount of money that he's actually worth and spread it out over the those years. Is that make you feel better about paying back if you if you look at it mentally that way you a bit calmed down. You have to pay Dak Prescott. I don't know I I really don't know what sports fans want. If a guy is talks too much and he talks trash and he's flashy we don't like that if he's like Dak doc and he's humble and he does right thing and says right thing but he's not in that level. We don't like that like what what do guys have to do to turn contract by the way for a radio audience in the other video or showing tack. He's wearing his hat on forward. Yes this is very very important one thing for me. It's very important I don't agree with you on the hat thing but I do think that you have to pay back and don't hit me with the he's not as talented thing either because that sounds nice and it sounds very smart and sports. Savvy doesn't have the same talent as the other guys. The way wins so yeah it's <hes> he wins a lot a lot about eleven games a year and he's available. He doesn't get in trouble great and by the way he is Jerry. Jones tells that story about him. I'm turning down a commercial the first year listen I know I say this Ad Nauseam self-awareness is like the most underrated part so valuable and he's got complete self awareness of wow. I'm twenty me to fourth-rounder. I probably shouldn't be doing a commercial with an owner when I'm not even proven yet that is so rare for I I wouldn't have unbelievable story. You know it is it's people being greedy is what it is when we're asking for too much appreciate as you have speaking of that steelers minority owners did not want Tomlin's get an extension a few of them do not want him to get an extension. He was given a one year extension through twenty twenty one last week with the team option for twenty twenty two and in two two thousand eighteen some minority owners of the steelers wanted Art Rooney to fire Mike Tomlin now look. I do think that it's in certain situations. It just becomes too much of the same thing. It's time to move on. You need a fresh our start looking at Russell westbrook mostly looked like a good situation from the outside but it obviously wasn't working. Andy Reid in Philadelphia. He'd won a bunch of games. It was just kind of time yes exactly sometimes. It's just time to move on. I don't feel like that's the case with Mike Tomlin. I think everyone is vastly overreacting to what the steelers are going to be this year. I do think it's going to be interesting to see how they are being. They lost Levian Belen Antonio Brown which are huge talents but also weren't necessarily fitting with what the steelers were trying to do. Obviously now let it was levy on choice obviously but at the end of the day Mike Tomlin is a great coach. He's a super bowl winning coach. He's never had a losing season die. I would you know what if you listed everybody in the N._F._l.. I can put on my couch. I Pink Tomlin is top. Three Brady would be one ballot. Check probably to know now. I'm Linda Better football football and if you gave me anybody in the couch Brady's one ballot check probably wouldn't be a great interview. No Tomlin is incredible television incredible. WHO's three Baker again? We've had Baker Okay Odell. He doesn't like me now but he would be good to fire back at me all right so finally the clippers have had their name since they moved from Buffalo in nineteen seventy eights they were all since the San Diego Clippers from seventy eight two eighty four and a plan to open a new arena in Inglewood in twenty twenty four th arena looks amazing raising but that venue change might not be the only thing that <hes> that they might be changing according to Steve Bomber he said what we have a once in a lifetime chance to really set up our identity identity up to another level. I don't anticipate making change but we have a once in a lifetime opportunity and that is the kind of thing you somehow do in consultation with your fan so he's thinking about changing the name of the Clippers Whoa whoa he what what he's saying okay now. He hasn't said he they're going to do it. I'm sure they're gonNA they're going to sell naming rights for the the venue because Marcellus Wiley do with that he'd have to root for a new team are not going to be called the clippers clippers. His name came from the clipper ships in in San Diego so it doesn't necessarily make sense but it is well. We talk about this a lot though there are some teams out there with names that don't really like the Utah Jazz Mike. Is that really fit but it's it's. It's brand now so I don't know how clippers fans would feel about that on. How Clipper Daryl Fares feels about this idea? What would you call? We Angels Dodgers Lakers. Trojans bruins galaxy and it's not so much about the name. It's just like I if it becomes part of the brands you know what I mean like. It's not about like if they were going to change the clippers too. I just thought of this to most Revolutionary Eddie ever had Steve Bomber is a visionary okay. They don't have a name. They are simply called the L._A.. Clipper they're like they're called Los Angeles. They're called Los Angeles Goulet. Why are you looking to me like that? Like prince the name symbol yeah they changed their name to assemble. What does that work for Prince because he's the greatest artists of all time they have the best day have never made a western conference final? Alex is laughing. You change the game that call them team team Los Angeles and they have a symbol in the symbols of big question mark. They change their logo to so they're they're having talks about changing which teams like all the time problem with that but I I am not on board with your idea. Okay okay <hes> but I don't know I don't know I feel what the clippers changing the name to be honest. I love that symbol idea. Just you have a symbol it. I mean it didn't really work because we we just referred to prince as artists formerly known as so we'd probably we just got the clippers the team formerly known as the Clippers with a weird Los Angeles the Los Angeles team formerly peppers. That was a terrible idea that was lavery talk that through those board to break at Ajoy with the news well. That's the news thanks for stopping heard lie. That could have been twenty three years of doing this my worst idea on the Air Marcellus Wyle he may stop by. He's laughing at us. That's coming up at the be sure to catch live editions heard weekdays at noon eastern nine A._M.. Pacific on Fox Sports Radio One and the iheartradio APP. This is the outcast a weekly podcast about what it means to be clear today by out magazine and it's staffers. I'm your host. France Rondo the deputy editor at out magazine. This label gets thrown on her. She doesn't necessarily identify yourself that way. Everything you see on drag race you saw in Harrison's burning. I just WanNa be like soaking picking up our brilliant listen and subscribed the outcast on apple podcast be iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts Marcellus while he's one of the cool people who like the clippers over the Lakers and chargers rogers over the rams and he's joining us has had to endure whitlock just just kidding Jason so by the way let's start with my horrible clippers idea. They're moving arenas and they're considering changing their name that bother you as a die. I hard day one Clipper Fan wouldn't bother me. It's unnecessary. I think that when they talk about uniform changes when they talk about name changes symbols. It's all defined by your success. I think the Lakers colors are ugly. Hideous purple and gold is just hideous to me. When you see Ellen Lakers Jersey you start thinking about the history and their success it works you know but you've never walk out the house saying you know what these purple jeans go with Gold Sweater it does it so I don't WanNa get lost in this world of Oh God we're going to redefine ourselves by what you call us knows based on our performances? Go get it. Yeah you know. The clippers are a funny story because living in the height bubble Pittsburgh's living forever Cleveland now will be in it. The clippers have never been in it now. There's expectations. Is there a chance it doesn't work Paul George Shoulder Surgery as off Colli wants twenty two games it blows up chemistry dot can't reengineer the what are they call it. The blacktop team plan the driveway. We're is there any fear for you that it made the expectations are out of line with reality. No no fear at all. I mean it can't be worse than it's been before this. Go before Lob city. I know a lot of people are new to the clippers love and and all this attention but does the sports arena days and then move into staple center when his team couldn't put a good product on a court. That was the low point for this franchise right. Now things going up. Will they finally get the championship. That's our aspiration what but if it doesn't happen. We don't blow this thing. We just keep rolling. You are an N._F._l.. Player you were very successful great story. He's got a book called. Never shut up Marcellus Wiley the life opinions there. It is right there on the screen. Why did you choose the clippers? Why did you you were Ivy League N._F._l.? Some would say overachiever and you could have chosen any team to love and you chose the losing. Why let me finally get this out there? Contrarian by spirit nature is served me well growing up to go against a crowd in a lot of different situations in my environment to gangs the stuff outside the house. I wanted to go the different path different way. My father is from Tyler Texas and he moved to San Diego. He's a San Diego Clippers Fan. I'm growing up in the house. Showtime is on their winning championships. I get it but I'm indifferent and my dad is clippers fans so I'm the clippers fan at that time but I'm certainly not a Lakers fan. I'm just in different. I'm playing Pop Warner. I'm in high school. I'm getting recruited. I'm doing thing I'm not worried about what these professional athletes are doing when I retired and then I finally got into this fan love and I finally got a chance to Tailgate at a football game and and finally get a beer at a basketball game. Let me pick a team and then I just went with my father's heart was and we've grown up our entire lives kind of rooting for silently for me but certainly made him happy and I just went to a clippers game then they get lob city and then wow it's great to be a liquor a clipper fan. Obviously we didn't live up to our expectations fully but I just kept rolling with him and I love their story. I'm from Los Angeles Compton where a lot of people tell you you're not gonNa make nothing you know. Oh you discard it. That's the clippers I really attach myself to their identity of people sleeping on you and not give you your proper respect and credit then one day. They'll smile all come aboard and that's where we are right now. Yeah anybody could be a Laker fan yeah. It's too easy and it's week. I hate their games like when I chance to choose I was looking at the Lakers because of their success they still were good team but go into the Games and hearing the opera music and is dark is just cell phones. And who are you next to me. I I just wanted to go somewhere where they're not certain hotdogs the crowd and owners acting up. Oh No have you enjoy clipper. Games are totally different yeah. It's like you know. It's a high school principal. It's sales guy you go to a Laker game. You're sitting next to <hes> Ray Liotta C._E._O.'s. I saw him there. One time I sat down. I looked like Ray Liotta sitting next to me. It's very different field and it's hard to feel the fan love experience. You know how big the brand is. You know how great they are but when you go to the Games you don't lose yourself in that atmosphere. The row fans are probably upstairs. You know to three hundred sixty respect to them but you go down is just about Oh so those here so a lot of selfish man I just want to go somewhere between between Whitlock who likes all these midwestern teams that can never win titles in the most down to earth the most down to Earth sport show in America needing. They're one of you like any traditional power no not at all. He hates all the powerful. All teams almost resent them. You're you don't resent them. It's just not your vibe. No just don't spoon feed me success. Oh they've been great okay. Are they great to me. Is it a great atmosphere. Do I like their culture. Do I like what they stand for. What do they define in terms of when I think I am so for me it's the clippers is simple and even if the doesn't work out we don't get a championship this year next year? Still reference representatives clip city chips the all they're going to go into a new arena on AIN'T GONNA lose some of their fans gain fan stick about this in twenty twenty four thirty seconds you go downtown and all there is a twenty year old arena in the Lakers and kings or you go to Inglewood Rams the chargers kid and the clippers are now. It's the new Mecca for L. as the new Mecca sports so sort of my house to uh-huh selfishly new L._A.. Stuff right around the corner from my house Youtube Ourselves Suadi put that book up again. Let's give them a plug if you haven't had it never shut up there Marcellus Wiley and <hes> tomorrow tomorrow's tomorrow worry about it. Then one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on demand whenever you like hey hey it's R._J.. Bell posts of these strata Vegas podcasts joining each and every day along with the Vegas pros who know as we give you the Vegas Perspective on the biggest sports stories of the day sports batters listen for the money sports fans listen to.

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