Natalie Cole: Survivor Post Game Interview


The. Fairway. What's going on rob cicirino here very excited for what we are about to do today because I am already looking at schedule trying to figure out what we're going to do with a new season of survivor on the horizon, and I reached out to somebody who is very high on the list of my guests for the new season, and I reached out to Natalie call, and I said, hey, Natalie will you do me the honor to come on with me in survivor thirty eight and Attlee said, hey, we still have some unfinished business from survivor thirty seven. And so without further ado, I present to you. We're not we are not at survivor thirty eight yet. We are. We are back talking survivor thirty seven, and it is my pleasure to welcome in the great Natalie call Natalie, how are you? Great, rob. How are you? I'm very excited. This is very this is very fun to get to catch up with you. And you know, I've been looking forward to talking with you. And I felt like well let me roll out the red carpet in season thirty eight. But I understand that you want to still talk about season thirty seven, and I feel like that the reason that we have this podcast is so people can share their stories about what went on. And so I'm very happy to have that opportunity to talk to you today. Yes. And it's not only me who wants to talk about thirty seven David and Goliath. It is the fans because I still get a lot of questions. I get a lot of direct hits on just various questions about my experiences out there. And I actually haven't shared a whole lot. Most of what I've shared is just been little snippets of information. So I think this conversation is well overdue and honored to be your guest today. So you too. All right. Well, I really appreciate you taking the time to come on and talk with us because I think they you're in such a unique position where you went out there. And then you had people who loved you. But then you also got hate from people who who didn't like you. So I totally get that you feel misunderstood in terms of your time out there on survivor. Well, I actually see both sides of it. Rob. I see why. Some people love me. I mean, how could you not right? That's right. I also see why some people didn't like me. Because in fact, I was very shocked when I came off and had this huge fan base that loved me. And I thought how could they love me? I looked so ugly out there. So I get both sides of it. But I think for those who hate me, and for some of the reasons that I can see that they have come to that realization that they didn't care for me as a character. There's some stuff that they really didn't get to see. So. And of course, they can't show everything. The big thing. Rob is the edit might edit my narrative people have heard me make little innuendos or indirect statements about not being happy about my edit. And I wanna be clear today about my thinking on the edit. It's very difficult to give sound soundbites on this topic as there's not enough time to kind of you know, elaborate and give clarity. What I'm thinking? And and to the point Alabama to do is get zone bites. Someone said money questions was they understood that I was hurt at the reunion. No, I wasn't hurt. I was disappointed because I love the game of survivor. I always knew from season one that I would be on survivor, even though I never tried until recently. I always knew and so to finally get their surreal to be out there. And the being that space in doing exactly what I wanted to do. I was disappointed that I couldn't that. My character was developed around a person who I'll call j. In. I think it kinda snowballed into a character. That was not as pleasant because I was always in the defensive position what most people don't understand as I was dealing with a daily barrage of insults in bullying from him. And I really felt disrespected and I'm not a person to beat disrespected not how I carry myself. That's not how I treat other people. So I was like shocked so it ended up by felt battered and abused. And what you saw there was attempting to defend myself against this evil person. Yeah. Can we start with the reunion where Jeff asked you about that? He had said that he felt like that. He was offended that you didn't feel like that the show got you. Right. And then was asked everybody does anybody else feel this way? And you seem disappointed that. Nobody else stood up and said, you know, what that Natalie is. Right. That you know, you guys didn't get me right either. Well, there were a few people who had the conversation. So trust me, they were just too chicken shit to stand up to deduct sorry. After I talk to you know, hundreds of people that play the show. Nobody feels like that. They they got it. Right. Like, hey, that's not. That's not what happened to me. This is a different version of the events. Well, some people are just afraid to come out with it and people are so my kind of fear, Jeff, and he's got the power to make the decision whether you play again or not most of the people they wanna play again. So they're frayed to really speak up. And I don't want to impact the show negatively myself. But I also have a priority to be true to me. I would shoot a meeting entire time on the island. That was one of the things that people said they loved about me because I was just doing me. It was a natural thing for me to speak up and say wasn't happy about it. Now. Here's the thing. What they showed most of the stuff happen. Obviously, some of the stuff happen and was placed out of order. So when it's out of context it can have. Have an entirely different. Meaning, and so I found that that's that happened on several fronts, for instance, everything about me speaks power. I was explaining how I know that I have a certain presence. I've had it since I was a child I walk in a room. And I give off this air. I don't do it deliberately. But it is my height if my size. It's my tone of voice. It's my look people have described me as take no prisoners and don't play. She don't play all of these different things based on just the outer image. And then when I speak my voice kind of speaks to a very strong direct. You know, not only my. Vocal variety. But also my words election. So it's something that's developed over decades. Okay. Then I don't really I've never really tried to change it. But I've tried to soften it a, you know, from sitting down when I'm speaking with my staff, or, you know, making sure people, but I also speak in bullet point sometimes net kind of works against me. And it's because I'm always so busy doing so much. So I try to do a snapshot at everything about me speaks power. So therefore, I wanna cut down play that on the island. I wanna soften the edges. I wanna I use it as and I said, this is follow me forever. So I've been working on it for years. And guess what? That's the thing. That was show. Everything about me speaks power, which sounds very egotistical. You know, I am in that was not in the context in which I spoke at so things like that happened a few times, and it is what it is. So yeah, did the things. Happen out there. Yes. But what in what context, and what did I mean, by whatever it was. I said in who was it really too. Because you had some voice over stuff that was happening. That was you know, it was put where it fit the narrative in not necessarily at the moment in which I spoke it, I actually I pull the clip of you that are introduction to you on the show. And I think that that's actually the same quote that you're talking about if you don't mind let me play this. This is how we were introduced to you on the show. Abasing emphasis, everything I touch turns the goal I am a publisher and CEO of the largest blackness. Paypal west has proven leader. I've had people literally would take a bullet for me. It's not the same exact quote, but it's similar Ryan. It is. And let me say this everything I touch turns the goal I like that one because I said that about David and Goliath, and it turned to go. And I said that to just before I left the island of the season. Yeah. This is a kick ass even. Yeah. Everything I turn the goal with something else. But I'm saying it's applicable to David and Goliath because I think I think we we really had a great great season. I'm so proud of the season. So let's be clear about that. Even though I wasn't like just you know, curling my tolls waiting for my next move as the season. Aired. I did appreciate the season in what we brought to the game of survivor in somebody did take a bullet for me. Yeah. That's why I wanted to ask you in that court. You said that people would would literally would take a bullet for you. That is true story. This is somebody said said, I would take for you. Somebody got shot. No. What I'm saying is that I was so good to people down through the years taking care of my staff because when you work in a big corporate environment. I come from the LA times, I had, you know, four hundred or so people lose count. I think four hundred staff level people who work for me tenor. So managers six or sell supervisor's five or six different offices that reported up through me that what I did was. I did a really great job of taking care of people before they even knew they needed help. Like, you know, whether it be raises promotions reassignments, you can work at this office versus that office because I can do that. I mean, I just really looked out for people from afar and people respected appreciated that so much in. So it's just a figure of speech that will take a bullet for me because I actually just cut up a lot of the red tape that you find so often corporate America as it related to the five or six hundred people in my organization, I have their back. And so there was never this anti management thing about me because they knew all my God. I'm on Natalie's team. You wanna be on my team? Yeah. So that's meant by that statement. And it was kind of cocky statement, I missed that one hundred percent. Yeah. That's what I said. A lot of the players on your tribe seem to not really embrace the idea of that. We're the Goliath did it bother you at all to be. She put on the tribe in labeled as a Goliath. Well, you know, what is so interesting that as the tribe was being known to us. I said oh my God. This is like a David and Goliath. They can't put together like this really before it released for he. But down the fight to show us. It was David Goliath. I had said to you know, whispering. I can't believe this look at us. And look at them. You know, I came up as a David. Oh, I actually relate to both sides. And in some cases, I still feel like David today because I'm always in the grind. Yeah. I tell my kids, you know, you work really hard on the front end. So you can lay back a little bit on the back end. You're one of my kids pointed out, maybe seven or eight ten years ago. My mom, you're still in the grind. And you still working hard on the back end because I choose to. So I do think that it's interesting that I am considered a Goliath today. And I do have a Goliath attitude in terms of big bold. Fearless. You know, take don't take much shit. Just keep found when you know Jay was approaching me. I just I do what I wanna do. Because guess what? That's what we all should be doing living our lives to the maximum whatever that means. I mean, some of my bits and socio think I lost my damn mind to be out there on the survivor island. Couple. Call me. I read one friend. She laughed for five minutes before she can say anything. Because she couldn't believe that. I had you know, I'm out there on survivor, but see that's all about whatever your dreams. Are. Everybody's not supposed to understand your dream or might dream as long as I get it. And that's really where I wanna be. That's where I'm headed. So yeah, I was Goliath out there. And I do feel that there were a couple of people who weren't Goliath in mentality is that was my attitude to you could beat me. But then you really have to beat me mentally. I was a strong as anybody out there, if not stronger, in fact, they were few that were a lot less strong less a lot less stronger than myself. But that's the beauty of the game. It seemed like the the person that I that. I know that you were tight out there that you'd good relationship with John. Right. And he was another person who also sort of embraced that role of being Goliath. You feel that there's something. That that people that were ready to act like a Goliath where people that you were on the same page with well, John. Okay. So what they show was that John tried to help me what happened was on day on the first day. I went to John and said, look, I need you to help me get through the first half. And I'm a happy. Oh back without fail on the second half because you're likely going to be targeted for your athleticism. You can trust me, John. I made a commitment the first day, and I think his first relationship about today and do the same thing, Dan. And I had a commitment the first day, and it was unwise referring in my thinking, I think both of them stay true to their were. And I was prepared to stay true to mine because that's one thing. I did. I played an honest game. Then I said, well, let me bring in Jeremy. Mhm said, dammit. Anyway. I I go to him. And the I I'm not doing that. You're the oldest. No, he said you, and I are the oldest and we're both black. They're going to take you out or meet out. And it ain't gonna be me. So he very early in the game that either here I and it's not gonna be him. And guess what he played to that to a T his whole game became his obsession with Natalie Cole. To the point that in his exit interview. He only spoke about me in his final tribal council. I wanted so badly to tell him dude is actually your funeral today. And you're right. We're all here because even. For these. And let me talk about that for moment because I want to tell you the real story behind how Jay was voted out. Everybody says oh Angelina tried to help Natalie, blah, blah, blah. Well, just in the game of survivor, you have to go and position things to people to let them know that it really is their benefit. And incidentally is going to happen to help me as well. And that's what I did would both Angelina in John to get them to switch the vote for me to Jay. And it was really about J viciously running his mouth about what he thought was going on with Angelina in John, which even if it was it's none of his business in if it wasn't why make up a vicious line. This is a lose lose situation is just not something you do you plan with people's lives. And so I said to John John what are you gonna do? What can we do? John. We need to vote him out. And he's to be unanimous. And we need to get everybody together because you're about to get married. You don't want this out there? That's horrible that he would say that Johnson. Okay. I think I could get and I thought Hm John it's not gonna move this fast. Like I needed to move. So I went over to Angelina your husband is a marine. He's fighting for our country. How can you let the stand you cannot let the stand? We would send a clear message by unanimously voting him out, and we have to do this. Because if not is just such a ugly thing, she dropped a tear at that moment. I knew they were going to support that position yet it benefited me. But I really kinda yanked the chain and said, you gotta do something. And I put the fire under both of them. And then I watched over the next two two and a half to three hours that plan unfold, and I saw when a hit up Mike, and I saw when they hit up in the talian Talia, what was live it. I watch things the rest of that day. I knew I have the numbers because just before we went to trifle to people approach me said they wanna work with me. And they wanted to blindsides somebody else that night and what I go along with them. And I was not having it because I want J out. But I just played it off and said, you don't wanna blindside so and so tonight because we're about to go we're gonna merge in. You're not gonna have a chance to do damage control. And do you want that kind of thing out there in a bow said, you're right. You're right. You're right. And they turned around and walked off. Now, these to join at the hip, I told people day one they were joined nobody could ever see it or believed in it doesn't come out until later in the game that they are in fact allies. So that's the story behind Jay being voted out. I win in the tribal even though I packed my stuff, and he was sneaking around in my bag to see if I packed everything he even came over and asked for my jagged did took everything for me. Not to just. Jump up and drop. Kick him right there. Right. He really got the whole Jack things started, right? Yeah. Angelina was on one for most of the game. But yeah, he got us started because he asked for the jacket. I didn't know at the time. But he went over until Alison and somebody else. Yeah. Can ask for her jacket and the way he did it? It was so transparent. I'm not saying you're going to be the one that night. But if you are he was so cute in nice to you know, you just have been absolute asshole for most of this game. And now, you're being nice get the so anyway, Mike said I wanted to jump up and drop kick him, but all the cameras were rolling. So I did. And I said you're gonna get yours tonight. Funny, and it happened. Okay. Did the relationship ever improve outside of the game? Or was there? Always this tension between you and Jay that you guys were both on the trip together. I I would imagine that you saw him at the finale did anything ever improve. No, I never want to see him again in my life. And that's what he didn't go. He he he did something special and start up to me to say, but he was not at reunite. And no, this is a. A part of the game is the game. I get that. It's just a game. But you cross the line in you got evil, and even for instance, for the night of tribal council, if you really really thought I was going home. Why would you be so ugly? It just was outrageous to me, and it was above the pale beyond the pale. And so guess what? No. I never have to see him again ever in life, and I'm fine. If I happen to see him, that's cool too. 'cause I'm not harboring any hatred or anything because that's not inmate a really hate people. But he's just not my Cup of tea, and he's not somebody. I would really jive with in. So good. Bye. Okay. So you accomplished your mission? A you got rid of J. And then we get to the swap was was there damage that was already done at that point that affected you moving forward. Yes. Absolutely. That's the whole point my game kind of. Took a nosedive based on his activity in my reaction to his activity. On strategic thinker like to think I am. So even with Natalia, I went to talion twice. And I said look nobody's going to put you on ICTY gather less wash this less and less beach allies, rather than each other's enemies. Because I'm telling you already know I've seen you from a distance talk crap about me. And I know for fact, you, and I get together she she couldn't embrace it. He just didn't trust back that I would be able to put it away. I said girl, I watched your thoughts on good with this. Let's move on. So I worked to her twice, and she couldn't couldn't see it. So it didn't happen. I think the relationship. Everybody loves the town. She's really funny cute energetic, adorable person. She really is she could be a little bit of a main girl, and that's what you saw out there on the island. So everybody kinda gyrates around on the talian is still to this day. They they. Adored mccallion. So do I she's really a co person. And so because Metallica started I don't like Natalie, and I don't care, blah, blah, blah, that was all J needed to take the charge and everybody liked him. Because he was very he kept the laughter going. He was very funny guy. And I give him that. So he kept a lot at a humor going. And so you have these two teaming up against me in already, you know, standing out. So it became a bit of a snowball. That's why my act at a Mike didn't care for me because he a doored J, and he was pissed that they took Jay out rather than me. He never recovered from that we had one little we one little bump in all of a sudden he wants me out. But that's the thing to Angelina had the control. And I knew that. So when I got voted out that night, I know damn, well, they might because it's not gonna move without Angelina assistance. Mike has no way to bring a coup on me with Nick in Lear saw. So even though I didn't articulated that night. That's very clear my mind Angelina had something to do with it as she had to support it because my my head no backbone, please. Not in my opinion. But that's just me. I'm not going to touch that one that. I. But. Somebody asked. The traits. They said named the number of trade set worked against me pre-game are those same traits that work against me a real life. And I'm like, let me get a question. Let me give you that question of that. Yeah. Andrea Andrea asks I thought in I one out with Josh it was very meta of Natalie the point out that she had had a lot of factors working against her in the game and working towards her to being the first boot, including the fact, she's a woman older than many in the cast and person of color after playing do you have a different view of those traits and how they work against somebody in the game of survivor. I'd really love to hear you speak more about this issue. And it's something that we see play a role in a lot of the seasons. Well, you know, what the traits that worked against me? Pre-game are the same traits that sometimes work against me in real life. Now, I said something similar to that pre-game. Someone said I pulled the race card. Well, I don't see it that way. I have always did whatever I wanted to do without fear of people who are so ignorant that they lump entire groups of people together because they have some similarity rather that rather that be grouping All Blacks or Latinas members of the LGBT community older, people whatever they hate him on the basis of the group. They've looped them into rather than who they are their character their contributions. So look at the history of blacks in America back across the world in couple that with the political climate we're dealing with today in our country, the biases the bigotry to institutional racism racism is an absolute loss. So I don't know my role for anybody. Who comes to the table with that kind of mentality. I might roll over you ass. So I don't slow down because people have the silly ignorant hatred in their heart, and that's ounce, real deep in real serious. I'm saying as it relates to the game of survivor. It's the same folks that are here in the community. We just happened to be stranded on island together with Dell sleep and food. So it makes it worse. Exasperates the situation. So yeah. On the age thing. Funny thing happened out there on age Mike was expressing concern. Because he kept saying what they think on the oldest on the oldest here not feeling the pressure in. I'm scared because they're gonna target me. Because on the oldest Mike kept going on and on. So I was planning on not sharing my age somebody asked a while ago. Why did she go against strategy? Well, accurate with my because Mike was so nervous about his age. And I said my look between you, and I you're not the oldest out here. Yeah. The oldest. No, mike. You're not. Yeah. I'm forty eight Natalie. And I said, yeah, my I was too. He said you're older than forty. We went through all of that. I told him like years older than you. That's me trying to build a bond with Mike. Right. Let's just keep that between ourselves. Let's work together. Blah, blah. What might do? Than twenty four hours. Alison sable. That's all lineup by age, the oldest gophers, so Mike you go first and everybody said, yeah. Mike you go. I I'm not gonna go first and everybody is nothing to be ashamed of you're the oldest gophers he said, well, why does everybody think on the oldest INMARSAT? There said well Natalie is actually older than me. She's like ten years older than me. I'm like what the? So he yeah. So the fact is at least four of the goliaths parents are my age. Exactly my age or year, so younger older. Well, hello. Sometimes our parents can be lower some right sometimes he's like mom, dad, come on. Now can kinda get well that is somewhat how I became they're not deliberately because I think I kind of try to keep up for the most part. But yet sometimes I felt like I was being discarded as the old older parent once they found out my age because before they were thinking again, Mike was the oldest. So I helped out a couple of times he had no since of regard for that. And you know, I got being lazy. Let me tell you. I'm pissed about that. Because I work my butt off every day around camp every single day. I cleared the campgrounds on most day to keep it clean. And tidy. I went digging for food, you know, and all that, you know, all across campus trying to find roots and tubers I was busy every single day. So it annoyed. The heck outta me. When people were saying that I was lazy didn't do nothing in boss people around in even with that last fire, they plead how to fire when genie was on the island alone. Not one of them knew how to start a fire. I should've never showed them because I show how to start the fire, and I got voted out the next damn night. Yeah. For these. You know this. How do I sort of fire? Because I practice on it and I've been camping before. So it's hard for me. I started a fire even doing my audition video I find I put a fire together like in it was under minute as I don't even know what the big deal is about starting the fire. I'm like what's wrong with these people? Yeah. So I was able to start a buyer like really quickly even out there. Sometimes I would go up twenty thirty seconds. I had fire. So somebody asked a question about what was some of the things that was shown that's one of the things it wasn't shown. There was a point. There were so many moments out there that were really good moments where it was funny. It was fun. We, you know, had good relationship. A good report. None of that was really was really shown not there whose name I won't mention he cried on my shoulder more than the law allowed. Ever saw me in any kind of mom role. Right. Right. Because that's not the moment that they're trying to show. So there was some nurturing moments. There was some fearlessness that I showed out there that didn't get aired during the cyclone during both cyclones, and I won't go into any details on that. But I was the solid one standing during the cyclones for both counts, and because the Goliath campground had such a meltdown. That was Joan and I get that because they can't possibly show everything nor do they want to Natalie that I have to ask you about this Jew. Benny tribe because it ended up being such a big factor in the game. Ultimately, where the final three ends up being all these people that you're on this swap tribe with those three people that go onto the merge that they end up getting back together or staying together. However, you wanna look at it. And they end up being the final three. So I really am fascinated to know. And these are three people that you've had a interesting relationship with if you were on that jury Aaron Paulsen Esa who would you voted for to win the game out of that final three? I would have definitely voted for Nick because this act put that out there because I knew that Angelina had crossed me people think Angelina tried to help me they think I'm evil for not leaving the jacket. Angelina couldn't get my jacket today. Okay. I've had plenty of time to think about it. There's no way she's getting my jacket because again, I feel like she's got the power behind that vote because Mike didn't have the power. Okay. Angelina has the power end. You know, what I'm not totally going to trash Angelina because I do think she played a very strategic game. But yeah, she couldn't get my vote because this is this is where it comes down to a significant reason a significant weight of why was voted out was jacket year. You could say you already helped me with not being voted out the first time, no babe you helped yourself because I position. That where you knew it was the right move for you to take out J because it was going to help things in terms of the vicious rumor he put out there. So you helped yourself in the meantime, because he Angelina doesn't do anything to doesn't help Angelina be real clear about that. So in the meantime on the periphery benefited as well Cole. So when she she tried to wrap up all the jacket saying we had all agreed to leave our jackets at the campgrounds. She told you that. No, you agree that you were gonna go wrap up my jacking Larisa and leave it at the campground. I never agreed to that. Because guess what? I'm nobody's Mark. You know, coming up south central L A trust me. I see you come in before you get here. So when she had my jacket wrapped up, I was giggling to myself. About the fact that she thought I was leaving my jacket and camp and that told me too. So there were little size that I'm the hit tonight because what she's trying to wrap up my jacket. Yeah. So when two votes came down, I know she had the cross me. So people think Angelina have my back, you should never apply for survivor because you don't get the strategy behind that girls mine, she definitely thinks strategically and they didn't see what I could see I could feel it. See I have this discernment. I could feel what was going on when she got up to hug me. It was the worst thing that she could do because I feel it what have more tests. She said look issued tonight. I'm fight my ass off to get it turned around. It's Mike, but blah, blah, blah. But if you do if it doesn't work can I get that jacket. I could have respected that. Yeah. That's not word. So yeah. Nick kentucky. Nick, even though. Here's my mistake in the game. This was one of my biggest glares, but a time Nick in Lear, sir entered. I should have reached out and made it a more of a deliberate point to develop relationship with them. I have to ice I missed that. Mark big time eight so had I done that. I maybe could've survived. But guess what you had Angeline and Mike on the sideline saying L? She's it's such a problem, blah, blah, blah. Well, you know, it is what it is. But yeah, that's Mike could have never got my vote. I was shocked. He got any bills because my did nothing the entire time. We were out there the first half. Mike was lazy sneaky sneaking off looking for idols. He never I never saw him work. Yes. I never work you toll to you sold them. Hey, they're talking about you. Yeah. I did I helped Mike at least three times. And so he was sneaky and untrustworthy. And you know, what am I saying? Yeah. So. Yeah, that's that's my thinking about that. Nick. We'll let me so Mike Mike says that he intentionally wanted to put out the vibe that he didn't know what he was doing. So he could be under the radar right? That was that was something that he said in the tribal council like he would leave his water on purpose. And then make it seem like that. He was somebody that they didn't have to worry about. Well it worked. Did work. Somebody asked me about napalm. If I use that outside of survivor napalm was born out in the city. I had never even thought about it. Until the moment it rolled off of my lips. No. I don't use it every now. And then somebody something funny. I'll sign off napalm. But yeah, I'm not really using it outside of the game of survivor. So you never said that before you went on. That's something that occurred to you. And you said. Nev never use it. In fact, when I even what I said in the final tribal council somebody asked about that. Did I have something developer each person? I didn't really know what I was going to say tribal council until Jay act is so ugly that as I was walking up the stairs. I was developing what I would say in the whole the whole comment about his skin I own a skincare line. And so a part of my thing is always about skin, you know, get your shit together, you look younger Imbaba. So I had complimented him. The first thing I said to him when he and I ever spoke was that you have beautiful skin. So that your skin is gorgeous dollar was dick because. Yeah, I got you in what it shine work to say a bet on black. Well, you got black on black. But I got you. Yeah. Yeah. And then I wanna talk about I thought about Rudy Rudy had this gruff cantankerous. I won't describe fully what I thought is attitude was but people love Rudy me to economy of Archie bunker type in some regards. I like I like Rudy as well. But when a woman comes forward, it might be a little bit more Croff in direct in, you know, don't really hold their tongue. We get a whole different reception or let era of. Yeah. Yeah. That's interesting. Because I feel that there have been there have been some women. But I wonder if it's like an age thing of that if you are like a full on grandma, then it's a little more acceptable younger woman than they get labeled as being more of a she's bossy or she's a bitch on the show. But maybe there's a point where when you become a full-on grandma on the show that people think that's a little more funny. Yeah. Well, you know, I'm not grandma is don't have babies, and I don't have a grandma mentality. And I don't have the energy of grandma's. So I don't really characterize myself in any form of fashion as a grandma. Yeah. So I don't know why people would expect me to take on that kind of persona. This just not me. But I do know that women who are very direct upfront clearly directed. Yeah. Decisive? You know, we move really quickly. We can we think we can multitask in some regards. We can you know, it's not the best thing to do obviously. But we do that too. We do it better than most men. Anyway, we get we get run over we run the hell over just by doing great by being forceful by being direct by being clearly directed and being capable of telling people. That's not quite right. So it is what it is a Guinness. A societal thing. That women, you know, historically, took a second seed or backseat and a lot of people's minds. They think that that's where it should be today. Natalie you mentioned, Sean rector and Rudy. And I know you been watching the show the whole the whole way through and you said earlier that it was your dream to be on the show. What is it about survivor? That was such a dream for you to go out there and pursue this. I love the show. And again, I love doing whatever it is. I want to do whether you understand it or not whatever goal that I set for myself. I'm really about establishing goals speak stuff out into the universe. So the universe will help me light it up, and that's kind of what I did was -vivor. So I wanted to be out there because saviour remind me so very much of my climb from south central Los Angeles of my crime through corporate America in many of the characters that you see out there in the game play in the behavior of the mentality is exactly what you see as you're climbing to whatever, you know, mountaintop, you're climbing to and so I thought wouldn't it be interesting to be able to do that in that kind of environment? Beautiful backdrop coupled with the ability of not or the lack of ability to eat, I really couldn't sleep for five days. I got really no sleep. They can tell you. They'd. Wake be sitting straight up. It was just horrible for me. But it also gave me a moment to disconnect from all the stuff we have all these daily distractions, and I call them Norys. And it's just staying focused on stuff is so difficult today in being digitally this connected in have that ability to have that quiet time. I went parasailing once in a couple of times, Dan. But the very first time, I went parasailing one thing that was very shocking have you ever gone parasailing. No. Yeah. One thing that was very shocking is as I was being lifted into the air is a boat, you know, in the water, and they were speeding off in lifted me up in the air. And as I got to a certain height. I was enveloped in silence complete silence. That was so shocked into me when it happened. Just of course, it would. But I just didn't expect it to be floating in the air with at absolute silence. Was absolutely magnificent to me. And I thought Dan at birth. Have gotta going on. Be. Seriously, rob is so beautiful. And so I found that thing kinda moment on the island particularly at night when I was sleep on the beach, and I pretty much on the beach alone. Mike was over on one end. I was on another end. But I all I could hear what's the weights in these birds at night, and that was absolutely glorious looking up at the stars and Bill in that sense of isolation in peace and quiet. So I have some real spiritual moments out there as well that are very memorable. Yeah. That part sounds really good. I have to be honest. I played survivor a million years ago before there were like a text messages, and like a push alerts and all this stuff, and that part of it sounds fun of not having that being you know, I'm off the grid. Yeah. Off the grid off the grid. And I love the fact to see discipline is important. And that's what that represents for me as well to be have that mental fortitude to laser beam focus into another region, almost and just be really focused on that on the will also to speak, and all that noise distraction and everything else that always matters each day kinda goes away. I love that moment of having that kind of space because my life is let's face it, very they're very noisy. And I'm not complaining about it. Because guess what is is about what I've created. And sometimes I I really have nothing to do on some days. But I don't let that because I always develop new project new goal. Someone asked about how became Goliath, and I mentioned goals before is really about for me developing a personal mission statement, which I did decades ago, I had all kinds of goals and plans and projects, and then I developed that focusing a lot of us failed to focus. We try to do everything at once is really about picking out your top five or six things, narrowing it down to the one that you're going to focus on giving your undivided attention ignoring everything else other than that task at hand. And it's taken me a while to get that down to a science because I really am a recovering multitasker, and you know, most of us can multitask. But we cannot really focus and concentrate on any more than one complex thing at a time. In so all the switching back and forth that we do is an opportunity loss is a is a switching cost when that happens, and we open ourselves up to more errors than we produce stuff this less than quality. So there's a number of things that we can do to be successful. But I think that is a big piece to my secret sauce. Yes. To Howard came alive, Natalie. This is such great stuff. And I didn't expect to get into this today with you. But yeah, I totally agree. And yeah, there is that cost that people think that they can do a lot of different things at once. And it's a fallacy that we the people actually can't you're actually getting worse at all the things trying to do one. But it, but it's, but it's tempting because you feel like you're being more productive. But when me personally when I met my best, it's when I'm you know, being able to you know, to work and get my undivided attention to just one thing and really get into. And you get out of that flow state when you're working on all these different things at once. And it's so difficult to do. But you're absolutely right about that's the way that you accomplish anything. And my daughter reminded me that recently because there's a lot of science at Baxter's. But I sent her at text message about a month or two ago, and I have so much to do. And so little time to get it all accomplish. And she responded to me do your to do list. Prioritize it and get to it. And then she said reach on her second checked, she said like the research multitasking shows it as ineffective so just focus on that one item at a time. So she could hit the nail on the head anymore precisely and I know she was right. And I like to take a look credit that she understands the importance of one creating lists. But I had allowed myself to fall into the trap of summer Tena working on several things. And and some of the things I prefer to do over others. I would deliberately choose to work on some lower level something that was easier. More joy -able rather than the stuff that needed to have. My tension at that point. Right. So I did a little bit of this little bit of that working around bouncing around something I could finish quickly saw do that. I did that for several months, and I was content with just marking off delete night for my list. But it was a false sense of of meaningful productivity because the big complicated stuff. The should have been my focus was either sitting dormant or only had some preliminary steps applied. So that whole goal thing. And I say that because I know a lot of your listeners are are younger than myself. It's really about understanding what it is you want, and I notice complicated. Right. 'cause I mean, we are we want so much, and we can't focus in figure out what it is. So it's gonna take looking in the mirror and being really honest with yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses shoring up those weaknesses, and then figure out what do you need to bring it all together? If you have a goal of X Y Z, what is it gonna take to get there? And then focus on that. If your friends apartment hanging out and doing whatever let them. Do that you stay lays to being focused on whatever it is gonna take you to get to that. Next piece. You're goal Natalie. This is fantastic. Sorry. I'm lecturing is this is this is I mean. It's the survivor stuff is is fun. But that I mean, we're we're talking about big stuff here. Yeah. It is is important to me. And I actually do I write from time to time. I have a couple of e books, and this is the kind of stuff that I like to talk about can sleep the stuff I could just on love it. Because really when you think about it, rob. I went from zero network to just over a million in my twenties coming out of hailing I'll say from south central LA. Nothing happens by mistake. It was all very deliberate. And I put a plan together to make it happen. Because there was a lot of stuff rob that my family stuff that maybe many of your listeners get at home. I didn't get at home. I had great family. A learned a lot of the foundational in the basic stuff. But there was some deeper stuff that I realized that I was missing. And it took me a minute to figure out that there's certain. Things my family couldn't teach me. And so how do I get out there and get it? And so they're people whose rug with that all the time, and you rarely hear anybody talk about that. There are people that are struggling and clearly dysfunctional families that are just really quite horrific in terms of developing people, and these people don't know where to go or who to turn to and it's really about finding that inner strength in focusing in on what you want for your life. As you go forward. How did you know what to do? You know, rob? I got exposed believe it or not when I was in the sixth grade, I asked my mother for a typewriter for Christmas. And I've been dare to hear because we couldn't afford it. But she bought me that typewriter was a little mandatory crediting plug in for Christmas. And I learned how to type in. What was incredible and shocking was as I was typing the book that she bought which was a book to learn how to type it had so many things that I was so unaware of and unexposed to rob that I was shocked that people live that way. And that's when I realized there's a bigger world out there that I don't even know about six grade. So I decided when I got to junior high school, which started the seventh grade back then I was going to take riding, and I was going to continue. I started really enjoying the typing class for the lessons. They were always lessons within the lessons of exposure of things that I was unaware of. And that so the seventh grade sixth grade really started my. Inquisitive nature about what's outside of this bubble that I know as south central Los Angeles, and there was so much and that allowed me to also understand how to set goals, and how you know research different thing. I mean, it was incredible. And seventh grade I got deep because again, it was a rude awakening to me. It was a shot that there were things that I had never been exposed to that. I earned the typewriter book, save my life. It was the start of big my life. Really because you know, when you live around people see south central LA is it's been trouble. I grew up in the turbulent seventies. Lots of drugs gangs, drive-by shootings, which is jumping off in people. Are there's a the the environment loomed the community that is very dysfunctional. And there was a looming hopelessness because lack of jobs teen pregnancy. There were so many high school dropouts people not finishing school. So when you look around you see all of that. But you know, my parents said just because you live in a ghetto does not mean the ghetto have to live, and you rise above it that I took to heart, and I did rise above it. But it was a long battle. It was a lot of work. And there was a lot of you know, it was a lot of fighting on the way you and I'm from a family, there's seven of siblings. And so, yeah, my my siblings really taught me. That whole unity loyalty trustworthiness being transparent being authentic. My family has been incredible in that regard. If there was a fight them there showed up as a team. 'cause seven of us. But it's all good. It's all good because guess what that bottom line is. I learned a lot about what to do. And a lot about what not to do for my family and many of the deeper lessons. I learned in my books, and because I was broke ahead to work. I generally always had a job aside job, two jobs. You know, side-hustle would still even have a side hustle today. Like, I said, my core businesses the media, but I have assigned so for my natural inorganic skincare line, which will is ecommerce business in I'm happy for it. You know? So anyway, I am totally totally totally on a tangent here. Ron rub. Yes. This is great. This is this is really great stuff. Eight I'm so happy that you shared all that stuff that I'm I I don't know if you can tell through the podcast, but I'm I'm smiling ear to ear hearing about your story. Yes. Because they don't think any of my story was on air. I mean, anything that I shared that was out. You know, I was out there. I don't think it made the air. So I'm happy to share. But there's certain things, obviously, I don't want to, you know, piss anybody off at CBS or Jeff or any of those producers, but there's still love the show. What can I say? And I'm looking forward to next week MS week, actually, I guess Wednesday and people have asked who I'm rooting for. I really can't say as far as the new people are concerned, but the returning players I have loved Aubrey from the day. She hit the screen. So and I like David to David was funny and had this major growth arc. So and Joe is cool to all. And I like Kelly it's going to be difficult. But I'm telling you are bring I just I really have really appreciated RBM say RBM Kelly. Okay. And it's not necessarily a girl thing is really about who they are as players watching them over the years their character. They've actually, you know, they're terrific. So I'm gonna put are being Kelly up first and the new people if they have any. Sense about the game. They should get rid of all the returning players immediately. Without question, you're in over your head. Yeah. The girl with the blue hid below hair. Andy. Wendy. I dunno. She's a lotta bunch of energy. But I don't know if it's directed. And then our? Gentleman had just on. Oh, I I'm not all tell you the person who of the newbies that has a shot in my thinking is Ron okay, Ron Clark. Yeah. Cool. Han, Luke run Clark. He has a shop. All right. Well, thank you for coming on and talking with us about all this. You know, I feel like we we talked about survivor, but we got into some, you know, some real important stuff. So I'm always thrilled. When we get a chance to do that. Thank you. Okay. Now, you talked about a lot of stuff. If people want to follow what you're doing check out your skin. How do people find all your stuff? Well, actually, I've been little M I A on that. I do know that my link to my skin care is at that Natalie Cole Instagram account. Okay. I'm just in my bio on my Instagram account, which is at that Natalie. Call and. Yeah. I actually just I'm going to start put a website out this at that Natalie Cole is will about to be launched over the next month. Or so it's really about my e books and just things that I've been interested in writing about for some time now. Okay. I don't know people know, they probably don't co author in about three different books. So I'll have my books on the website. And some of my e books and people book made a schedule also through the website. So that will be up probably by next month. Okay. All right. That only now next time I want I really wanna roll out the red carpet. I wanted. I wanna talk in person when we do the next one. I'll I'll come to you. We could go to podcast one studios that if God forbid you wanna go into the valley, you can come here. But the next time we talk about one of these things I wanna to do in person. Okay. I absolutely would love it. Okay. Okay. A person there. My wife can do not that you're not that you need it. Hey, Nicole knew about black hair. So I I can't speak to what she goes. No. Okay. But in person who worked fine for me RAV I'm cool with that right now. Thank you so much. Okay. Thank you talk to of. All right, everybody. There you have it Natalie call I was blown away. I thought Natalie was really incredible on the podcast. So really glad that we got a chance to do that at first I was like what another podcast this week? But yes, so glad that we ended up doing it really really strong into the RHA week this past week. Of course, we had everything with the celebrity big, brother. I really thought we had a great celebrity big brother finale podcast on Wednesday night. And then in addition to that, Nicole and I posted our survivor thirty eight preview which was about two and a half hours. Why also had the return of the love know, it alls this week news. Af I thought it was one of the best news AFC in a while as well. Sorry for being so hyperbolic, but really? I just feel like this was a great week of podcasting. And then we surprised the world when we dropped the Bryce is area. I look podcast which also has a YouTube version where you can see exactly what Bryce is is doing Bryce told us what he thinks about the just by looking at their pictures and gave a sense of how people are going to do and who's going to win. Just by the cast photo not reading anything from the bio but reading everybody as we go through the survivor thirty eight cast. We're also going to have rob Makita podcast on the weekend as well. Where kiva and I are going to be taking on challenger any game of jeopardy coming up this weekend. So just a jam packed week of Russia's podcast. Also be on Monday night going to talk to Angie conso. We're gonna have character types as well. As we get ready for the first week of survivor coming up on Wednesday. If you happen to have not even listened to I one out. Also, go ahead and check that out. That's available easy access on YouTube. Rob as whips at com slash EPO. You to think so much to the patrons podcast who makes all of this podcasting possible. There's no other way that we could possibly do it. So thank you so much to the support of the patrons five years strung. If you wanna find out more about the benefits of becoming a patron of rod as a podcast, you go to our patriot profile. That's rob has a website that com slash patron is a whole video explaining why even got involved with all of this podcasting about reality TV plus all the benefits of becoming a patron of being part of our ups podcast patriot community. That's rob as web sitcom flesh patriot. Thank you guys so much. We will be back with much more soon ticket everybody one.

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