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434: I want to feel like myself again


Today's anxiety slayer podcast is brought to you by the exiled slayer first responders series Frings -iety attacks. Learn how to stop an anxiety attack anywhere anytime with a special tapping sequence you can use it work social events or doctor's visits. We will show. You exactly how to use this powerful technique to feel calm again in just a couple of minutes. You'll also get extra support for calming Zayed's. When it wakes you at night how to feel safe again if you've had anxiety attack away from home stopping the fear of anxiety attack in a guided self compassionate calming session. You can use to help you rest on challenging days. Make twenty nineteen the year you slay your anxiety attacks with our step-by-step course for stopping Zion and reclaiming your life in rural today and save twenty dollars. For a limited time, adding Zayed's slayer dot com. Welcome back to inside he slayer. I'm Shannon Vander leak here with my wonderful friend co host Nanga severe alone. Onga Haitian today were answering a question from listener who feels she's lost herself to executive in just wants to feel like her old self again. I'm glad we're talking about this. This comes up quite a bit within our groups, and we've received many many emails over the years saying, I just wanna be me again. Yeah. Anxiety can very easily feel like something that's taken a lot of from us, and we missing out with social events relationship. So sometimes career it really candidates eat into all areas of life. And when exiled he takes over I mind who's our attention to what we feel. We lack will we've lost one healing practice. This really helpful. When we feel this way is to write in a journal all of the sweetness. The remains in the good parts of anxiety has an eclipse agree to practice where we can take inventory of courage, Huma, compassion. All the good stuff that really is still there. Even my feel like it is the things we can still do. And the ways we still do show up pro loved ones, I love the the idea of taking an inventory and writing it down because then it's proof. We can prove to ourselves. There's so much more to us than our anxiety. The other thing is to get really curious about your feelings by asking open ended supportive questions. So that you can learn more about how to calm your mind and feel a lot more like yourself questions can help you uncover so much for instance. What specifically are you not feeling that you miss? Or what does it mean to feel more like you? And then how can you help yourself build that feeling again? This allows us to really dig deep and take a look and come to some conclusions that we might not have conto before because we can get stuck in that victim mentality. It's very easy to do. Yeah. Anxiety ray. It's like a blanket of snow. It just goes over everything of whites everything out, and we can fill really loss to it. And what tends to happen was suffering in that way, with I mind is that we become very general Listrik will use. What's like, I come do anything anymore? I just don't feel let myself anymore, but it's really helpful to ask specific questions. Do we not feel like all of our self when we sat don't feel that myself anymore? It's a very entire statement. So it's good to go looking for the bits that still do feel like us. And especially the bits that we appreciate in us. And then from there, we can look at the bits we wanna grow. I'm we want to nurture appreciate undeveloped further anxiety really becomes very general Listrik in our minds. If we let it will swamp everything so good to just have an unearthing practice appreciation practice. Maybe trying see yourself through the eyes of a close friend. Also, really appreciate you an ask yourself. What is it? They find in my in my company. What do I bring to the relationship is very helpful just to invest some time and care in our selves and appreciate in the good qualities that are still there for one with anxiety is courage anxiety. Requires a lot of courage. It takes a lot of courage bravery to keep going when you're suffering that much with your minds of nothing else to really give yourself a Pat on the back for that. Without question. People who suffer with things -iety are so much stronger than what they realize because keep showing up and doing all they can. Yeah. In all trauma, anxiety and suffering lies the opportunity for growth, if executive is pulling our mind to go over what we feel. We are missing. We can absolutely lose that opportunity. So ask yourself what you can do. Now in this moment to take a step forward toward how you want to feel. Perhaps a walk outside or listening to some of your favorite music, or you might want to reach out to an old friend to share some laughs about old times. Anxiety will tell us otherwise. But we really do get to choose how we feel and we might need some support or to gather some inspiration. But it's important to remember that we all have the ability to choose. Yeah. Choices something to always hold close treasure unexplored. I've been sharing with you Shanna. I've been reading a wonderful book about choice these last couple of weeks by Dr Edith aga-, who's a survivor of Auschwitz and very highly commended psychiatrist is still practicing in the United States ninety two years of age, and there's so many wonderful inspirations in Hoboken, one statement that she repeats law. When you hear a speaking, you can listen to speaking on TED talks and YouTube, and she says repeatedly don't ask why me ask what now and one of the tricks of anxieties to lock into a victim mindset, where we feel stuck in that awful experience, and we tend to fixate on everything we don't want we might resent or Hightower. Anxiety. Something we hear often anxiety sufferers height during site. We might fear that we missing out in life and feel unhappy about that. But all the energy of resentment and resistance it lives inside us. It gets stuck inside us, and it's harmful to us an adds to us offering. So instead of going to the question of objection about what's happening. I don't like what's happening to me taking the advice from Dr IGA of asking what? Now, it's understood. We don't like him. We don't like how it feels. But to move to. What can I do about him? What's next? So instead we can ask how do I want to feel and stop taking steps to find? And Phil what we want to experience an Oscar selves. How do I want to feel today? And how can I help myself? Fill more Phillies me, and how can I take steps towards that? Always look. At the present moment and a step towards the future rather than letting hold us down an hold us back while said, thank you so much Nanga. And thank you to all of our listeners for listening to the anxiety slayer podcast in being a part of our community. Make twenty nineteen year you slay hearings idea tax with our step by step. First responder course for stopping Zayed's and reclaiming your life enroll today and save twenty bucks. For a limited time at anxiety slayer dot com. Make twenty nineteen the year you slayer anxiety attacks with our step-by-step course for stopping Zion and reclaiming your life. Learn how to stop an anxiety attack anywhere and anytime with a special tapping sequence you can use it work social events or doctor's visits. We will show. You exactly how to use this powerful technique to feel calm again. In just a couple of minutes in role in the first responder series for anxiety attacks today and save twenty dollars for a limited time at anxiety slayer dot com.

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