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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm child Snyder. Police in Tehran Iran Guard today for more protests authorities have beefed up police presence after protesters took to the streets this weekend demanding. That top official step down after the Iranian military admitted that it had mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airliner police use tear gas to disperse some. NPR's Peter Kenyon says wrong claims. The plane was mistaken for a cruise. Missile hundreds gathered at universities in Tehran. In the wake of the government's admission after three days of denials that it did shoot down the Ukrainian jet the head of the Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force said an officer mistook the passenger jet for an incoming cruise missile the head of Ukraine International Airlines criticized Iran for leaving the airspace open at a time of hostilities with the US. Canadian Prime Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to be in the western city of Edmonton this afternoon. To attend a memorial service for victims of the disaster fifty seven of the one one hundred seventy six people killed were Canadians of mainly Iranian descent and other firefighters died fighting Australia's devastating bushfires. NPR's Jason Building in in Sydney says a fatality brings a human death toll in the current fire season in Australia. To twenty-eight Bill Slade is the latest firefighter loses life in the devastating getting blazes. The sixty year old was killed while battling a fire in the southeastern state of Victoria when a tree fell in this vehicle another fiery as volunteers were called was killed in the state on January January. Third Australia's being hit with its worst bushfire season in decades millions of acres have been torched thousands of homes lost in dozens of blazes continue to rage aged out of control in three states. The Prime Minister Scott Morrison is considering establishing a Royal Commission to investigate why the fires have been so bad this year and to look at the role of climate change and the exacerbating the crisis. Two Thousand Nineteen was the hottest driest year on record in Australia. Jason Bobi on. NPR News Sydney China's China's urging the international community to respect its one China principle after voters in Taiwan reelected their pro democracy president in a landslide. The BBC's Sylvia Hatton reports president saying when rejects Beijing's demand that Taiwan should be reunited with the mainland advocates continued autonomy wannabe for the island just ten days ago. The Chinese President Xi Jinping urged Taiwan to accept that it must and will be reunited with China cautioning saying that Beijing reserve the right to use force to make reunification a reality type as future relationship with Beijing. Became these central issue of Taiwan's election Shen and voters overwhelmingly rejected. See Jinping's warning handing the Taiwanese President Cy in a second term one of mid size I Acts following her. Victory was to meet the top American official in Taipei Brent Christianson thanking him for his support. You're listening to NPR news. Authorities in the Philippines temporarily suspended. Flights from the airport to Middle Nila after nearby volcano started acting up today. The new volcano Canedo near the capital popular with tourists at Senate giant ash plume into the sky today prompting an evacuation of thousands of nearby residents international dignitaries in the Omani capital today to pay respects to Amman's late ruler. So tongue caboose. Who died on Friday? The sultan hailed for his mediating role in the region again playing that role role in death as regional and international leaders come together in the Omani capital as NPR's Deborah Amos reports Beirut Oman's unique role as a regional mediator radiator played out as international dignitaries arrived including the UK's Prince Charles Europeans Foreign Minister and Gulf leaders the government declared three days of mourning morning after a burial on Saturday caboose successor of former culture minister pledged to continue his predecessor's policies. The domestic challenge will be economic omic rising youth unemployment because of falling oil prices. The larger challenge is continuing the role caboose. The Arab world's longest serving ruler. Played in the region. Condolences came from leaders around the world including Israel's Prime Minister and former US President George W Bush Deborah Amos. NPR News Beirut it to Colorado now where police are looking for a suspect in last night's shooting in Aurora that left five people wounded including three juvenile's they have released a description of the suspect. But say there may be others. Shooting happened at an apartment complex where a party was being held. I'm Joe Snyder N._p._R. News.

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