Cattle Current PodcastAug. 12, 2020


Cattle futures extended gains on Tuesday. Inclusion of beef and daily meals has remained steady throughout the pandemic according to the new meet demand monitor coming up on your calendar market update with. How did all this is where Ishmael with your Kelkar market update for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning the twelfth of August although too few to trend. There were a few early negotiated cash fit cattle sales in Kansas on Tuesday at one hundred and three dollars one hundred weight on a live basis and a few in the western corn belt at one hundred. Five dollars the recent bump higher and fit cattle prices, and a promising outlook for more of the same this week along with higher wholesale beef values help cavil futures gained a little ground, Tuesday except for seven cents lower in the back contract live cattle. Futures closed an average of seventy three cents higher across a range of fifty cents to a dollar fifteen higher. Fear cattle futures closed an average of ninety three cents higher. Choice. Boxed beef cut out values eight cents tire Tuesday afternoon at two, hundred, eight dollars and eight cents. One hundred weight select was a dollar nine higher at one, ninety, five oh to. Grain Futures Mainly Hubbard on Tuesday as traders awaited Wednesday's monthly world agricultural supply and demand estimate. Corn futures closed fractionally higher to a penny higher through May of twenty one and then mostly fractionally lower. Soybean teachers closed unchanged to a penny higher through March twenty one and then fractionally lower to three cents lower. I had final results of press time from just a couple of weekly Tuesday auctioned. yearling cattle sold on mostly good demand. Mile City Livestock Commission Montana were thirteen, hundred, seventy, seven head. And fierce tears in her. So mostly steady at bluegrass dockyards in Lexington Kentucky where there ten hundred and thirty, six ED. Major. US financial emphasis closed lower on Tuesday apparently pressured mostly by confusion surrounding government attempts to develop another round of covert economic stimulus. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed one hundred and four points lower the S. and P. Five, hundred closed twenty, six points lower and the Nasdaq was down a hundred eighty, five points. For All of the chain spawned by the pandemic overall inclusion of beef and pork in daily meals remained steady from February through. June according to the first multi-month summary from the meet demand monitor. That project partly funded by the beef and pork. Chekhov's tracks, US, consumer preferences, views, and demand for meat with separate analysis for retail and food service channels launched in February the meet demand monitor summary includes data for more than ten thousand survey respondents. Among highlight grocery, meet demand peaked in April while food service meet demand was lowest that month. Taste freshness safety price persistently rank highest importance to protein purchasing decisions with price increasing important since the pandemic began. Away from home consumption of beef and pork for all three daily meals declined since February. Across restaurant groups the fast casual group gained share perhaps reflecting dry through or curbside capabilities while the local independent group. Washer. Finally across sources of protein for at home consumption, the grocery store group gained prevalence while the mass merchandiser group lost share. Agricultural economists at Kansas State University and Purdue University provide coordination and analysis for the meet demand monitor. That you're Kelkar market update for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning the twelfth of August. This is West's long. Thanks for listening.

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