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My listeners can go to ziprecruiter dot com slash horn that's ziprecruiter dot com slash. H. O. R. N. ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM Slash Horn ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire Anthony Davis. What are you doing to speed these watch? Sesame STREET LISTENS GUYS ON SESAME STREET. Children's show what two three six days that gets up off who do. Have you believe Oscar the GROUT IN DENVER? Okay to me in. This show's history. There are Maddie many cruel to need moments. So if you thought they needed to prove to you. They can beat the books in clippers who they were only three against going into this weekend here. Is Your laker proof. Lebron scoring or assisting on nineteen points in the fourth quarter including the final thirteen. Patrick Beverley unguarded Lebron. He described the challenge. The NO CHALLENGE. No challenge or challenge. You were there all weekend. Both games the Lakers just proved to you. They're the favorites. I think most importantly they prove to themselves that this is something they can do with the current constituents they have on that Roster Lebron to a d is one thing but when you get a night where McGee steps up Aku's misteps up at the same time and they managed to get the bucks and then last night you have a situation where Rondo and Avery. Bradley comes out of nowhere in order to contribute. Then you've got the pieces together the stick okay. They could really do this. This isn't just Lebron and a bunch of the Non Lebron's if you take out of that they've really got some pieces and they beat the best teams in the League on the way to doing. It's a confidence builder for them. As much as it is for the rest of the League showing knowing that they can do it as well. What are you when someone says they need to prove to you? You've heard that one before on this. Show the Lakers proved to you there. Contender enjoy listening to. I'm listening to Clinton and Javale McGee and McGee's who I've always gone to. He played here for analytical information. Yes I think they did I. I think clips absolute right and he was there. Courtside that that because of Lebron because of Anthony Davis we talk about the pairs that are in the League in Dallas. And of course in Milwaukee and you go around the league with the clippers. This is the best pair and pro basketball when you add. Anthony Davis Lebron James. And what they were able to do when you. Nobody's done this in like twenty years where they beat the top two teams in the League of the top three on the same weekend. I know. That's an analytical explanation that we don't really need to serve analytics. I think that's just the that they be but like where you're going there especially with that sesame street's I can blackstock don't show Archie Miller. That's what he will although. Mcgee also played here in Washington DC. I consider him to find out how good this Lakers team is. Would they surprise us right off the bat this year we did not think that these two would gel as quickly as they did. We were amazed by how good they were earlier this year. And Guess What? Now's getting to be crunch time now. It's getting to be real basketball season. Now it's getting to be playoffs. And they are in fact looking like the best team in basketball and why is because of what Clinton said they have something the bucks they don't have. They have a lot of depth. They have a lot of veteran experience. And that's something that you need. When the Real Games get played frank guys? Sola well they also have the biggest winner active winner in the NBA. Lebron James and Frank Bogel said it right. This is the best weekend. Lebron has had on a Lakers uniform. Go back to a year ago. The Anthony Davis traded fallen through Lebron was dealing with a groin injury which limited him to fifty games and also he had alienated his teammates. Think about where he is right now. He's playing as well as any player. In the League. The Lakers right for my money are the best team in the League and he proved that this weekend Friday against the bucks Sunday against the clippers. So you're focusing on the Clinton and Kevin we're focusing more on the non Lebron's as Clinton said that's interesting to me because everybody was just Lebron. Mvp like this weekend shifted the races. That the way you see Frank I sola you know what I really do I. I'm going to go back to Sunday's west Sunday's game against when he had the triple double but look at the way that he played. He's smart not WanNa win all the time but he knows what he's going up against the last two games and then Leonard better than both in those games and his team won the game and I think a big thing Tony which a lot of people focusing on is the fact that he's thirty five and we know in the media gets down to vote. Sometimes they like voting for the better story and Lebron's winning believe it or not is a story than the so you think that's okay if if if MVP becomes about who's got the better story. No I don't think it is even though we forget the age because Karl Malone was a thirty five year old. He's doing this in his seventeenth season. That's what's impressive but remember it's early March. The season ends April fifteenth. That's all of voter Clinton. Yates you wanted to focus on the non Lebron's but do you believe the MVP shifted this weekend. I don't think it's shifted but I do think Lebron caught up in a way that the voters is frank trusted dance around that word. We'RE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY. Take very seriously because look. That is a very important part is what he's done with this team considering what they've been up against. And if you don't take that into consideration you're not being real about the history of this award so I think that he had a lot to catch up to because you honestly number so outrageous and people now can realize maybe this actually is something that deserves based on this. I don't put words in your mouth but I believe you said it was over her two weeks ago last week. Lebron was locked in the second. It was already honest award. Sure and I told you last week that those people that are on the fence with look these two games over the weekend and that might sway them and so when you've got one hundred one voters twenty. Two of them are from this network. They're going to have an impact on what happens. And if you're honest is hurt for a while longer you know that would give them abroad and even better to have to realize it over the weekend gets ally and against Jaanus. He had more than they had combined in points rebounds assists black shots in steals. I mean when you better than the other two guys by yourself you have to realize that people are shifting. That weight in the final twenty games are going to move okay is what he paid shifting that way after. Us crying the race over. What if as leaning well? I like I like older people. You know all right okay. All Right Ed Kevin Black to the MVP RACE. Shift this weekend. Sure did if you go to the videotape from what I said last week it did shift now Lebron James even further in front of John as far as on and you saw this weekend look this. Forget about his age. I don't care if he's twenty five. What did this weekend against? Kawai who's an MVP AGAINST JANAS SUSAN MVP MVP candidate against teams? That some people have picked going to the finals. That says enough. He can do this on any given night. And let's not forget. He's stepped up also to try and Jaanus I mean that's that's what that's what a great player does. So he is great in his what he wants to make the argument of. Y- honest his value were seeing right. Now he's out of the lineup score. Let up one forty two phoenix that not prove value to you for it absolutely does and let's remember with all due respect to Khris Middleton. That's the book. Second Best Player the Lakers best player is Anthony Davis. That's a whole different ballgame until lebrons credit. He he's made them better. But having Anthony Davis as your sidekick helps you guys are trying to play both sides of the table here. You're telling me that Lebron the other Lebron's on the Lakers Anthony Davis everyone else is really raising their level of play. And we're talking about the box and you're telling me. Yana says nobody around him. And doesn't that prove that you honest is the most valuable player? Ed Clinton Yates. I've told you from the beginning. The goal for Lebron is to be the MVP of the Lakers so he can be the MVP of the finals. That doesn't mean that what John is does is it of more value to the box. This woody just because you're talking about Anthony Davis. He's going to take some of those. Mvp votes away from abroad. That's why with Janas in regard to Janas with this injury. You gotta be very careful with him going forward though they're not GonNa Win Seventy Games. They they better be concerned about getting your focus shift. That happened feet away from where you work eight so when you saw him go down. What do you think it was? It was scary. It was a jump out of your seat moment. Because the way he sort of buckled on his knee and he popped up really quickly and I thought to myself. If this wasn't this game he'd probably sit out the rest of this game and if I see anything in him I would definitely have him on the bench. If I were maybe Patrick Beverley should be the final. Mvp vote and it could tip it either because you know. It's not a challenge at all to to cover Lebron James. Not at all not at all I love beverly. I love that. He would say that we all know does either. That's not the case and I wonder what Lebron big theory that we're gonNA move on now DB N. T PARIBAS. Open the bills itself as the biggest tennis tournament the world outside the Grand Slam and hours before I serve. It became the first major. North American sports event cancelled for Corona virus. Meanwhile public health officials in Santa Clara County last week. They recommend the San Jose sharks cancel their own games. The sharks politely declined that option. The NHL taking measures to remove media bell building dressing rooms now only podium access. And you heard maybe Lebron James after Friday nights win over Milwaukee talking about the NBA's at least thought that they could games and empty arenas Lebron's politely declining that. So how does it all sit with you? Well he's going to have to play. I mean he's talking about. I played for the fans. There's eighteen thousand into building. There's several million around the country. They will be watching the game. I think it's quite a possibility that this will happen. And you've got to be prepared for it so they are they're talking today the NBA is about exactly what they're going to do but he needs to stop back stop and think about what he said that he's got he's got he's playing for the NBA's playing for the Lakers. He played for the fans with their fans throughout the country for him. So that was a mistake. I think to go out and make a statement like that AIDS. I don't WanNa go overboard on this. But I've said it before people listen to Lebron James. This was flip at best irresponsible at worse. The bottom line is that if this is what it takes in order to stop what is obviously a global pins. Emmett from spreading this is what the NBA and Lebron James should do so for him to be sort of so casual about it to me was a little disappointing because it signals to people. This isn't that important. It's a pretty big deal across the globe thinking about Kinsley Olympics folks. It's a big and he was hit with that right after the game. Remember Lebron James was a load management guy in the past not playing in games so the fans I think Lebron's this is all about rebuilding his image after what happened last season and putting it out there. Hey I'm all for the fans but come on the Lakers. Pay His salary and two woodies point. If you're playing games you're going to be playing games for people on TV not just. The eighteen thousand in the building gave a blackstone and. I'm sure you all saw Rinaldo. Did this weekend right when he got off the bus and he started shaking imaginary people's hands and he goes out is one of the biggest stars and sports on on the planet. If not the biggest and played before empty empty stands. So if all those doing that Lebron will wind up doing that. Blackstone I asked her professor Kevin Blackstone the clock in here professor of journalism at Maryland. When you hear a league saying you know what the Media Bell Building. We need to change that as the initials doing. How does that strike you? Well I mean I think. It's an overreaction. But you know you hear people talk about the dangers of this and how freaked out. People aren't so I think you have to err on the side of caution and I can understand that there's other ways we can get news rather than a press availability I say again. Anthony Davis went to the mouth and then he went to the high fives. Cdc watching that and then they're also watching the deer snakes at the football game. They got to be in their hands. God Bless Audi. And yes the Commissioner of the XFL was. They're doing it too but we don't need to be passing saliva. That what. This kid went to camp twice a year. Something extraordinary happens. You get access to exclusive. Dell employees savings does my annual sale is here and uncompromising designs are now yours for less save an extra seventeen percent on Dell and alienware computers with Intel core processors. It's time for you to upgrade to new modern devices with windows. Ten saving a wide selection of top brand electronics and accessories plus free shipping on everything. Call eight hundred buy. Dell or visit Dell Dot com slash annual sale. That's eight hundred. Buy Dell welcome back to around the horn brought to you by chase coming to you from the seaport district here. Seventeen maybe psychology. Maybe IT'S REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY. Maybe DOUBLE SECRET REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY REPORT ABOUT THIS NFL CBA proposal that some owners want Ainhoa from players so they can go in harder negotiations. Next time break the players get what they really want. An eighteen game season clean gates has strikes his grimy but certainly unsurprising from an NFL otas group. That's known to do whatever they can because they know their labor force is so replaceable. They dangled out some extra money for extra games and everybody bid on it and said Hey I take that kind of cash and so now by negotiating and saying well how about more money for two more games doesn't surprise me at all even though that's not exactly the page that's not a tactic it's threat. I mean they're greedy. They're not greedy enough. They won't now eighteen games instead of seventeen. Talk about these are few owners. That didn't vote for to begin with thinking they didn't get enough and the player's GonNa vote and they're going to pass this and those owners are going to be stuck. We'll be here though that it's a scare tactic. Is that a possible Kevin Blackstone. Isn't it happening? Negotiations a scare tactic like this to kind of tacky. Sure I'd like to see them. Try it because you want to see no. Nfl next year. That's the way to do it. Try and force an eighteen game scheduled down these guys throwing Clinton's absolutely right they dangle money in front of the most vulnerable guys the guys who who have shortest window and would reap the most benefit but this is about the league going forward as far as the players association concerned and they need more rank. When you hear that some owners want to know that means it's the deal players should take no I. I think they're going to take it and I do think it's a scare tactic for me. You can't be an owner and sit there and talk about players health and wellbeing and want them to play. Eighteen Games. Come on eighteen games. Three four playoff games. And that's ridiculous. At this point we move on my favorite story in the show I believe we teased this earlier. Archie Miller on the bubble with Indiana. And when you're in the bubble you do silly things watch sesame street and you listen to the guys on sesame street children's show every bracket collagen children show but when you start to go through the bracket technology and you listen to Sesame Street cartoon guys on TV you need people to Click and do all this stuff. The bottom line is strength of record when I was in Atlantic ten. Joe Already was my best friend. Who used to help me all the time. When I went Indiana he needed a crap on Indiana the other day. Just so people would watch discussing history. All right what he pays. I love your time already. Is it fair for TC from a bubble coach no not at all speaking cartoon or Comic Strip characters? This archie is a joke at you. Don't go after Sesame Street and institution for fifteen years in this country to all the kids what he should be concentrated on. His is promoting his own program. He should've had his media. People bring the reasons why they should be included in the NCWA. Turn but not picking on big bird and Kooky of course but he did bring out their resume. All the quality wins. They have this year. They also have quality losses Kevin Blackstone and many losses and. That's the whole point. I mean bracket Talapity is the early you basis off of strength of scheduling in all these other things. These aren't just comedic things that they come up with all the money. I spent a sesame place over the years. I know that much I a fair critique from a bubble coach Woody Bertha Work Promotion. That's what Joel Nardi. And people like him are doing. They're hoping to promote the sport fans like this stuff. And if you're Archie Miller worrying about the fact that you lost twice to purdue as opposed to picking a fight with Joel and Arctic. That's you own apology. Sesame Street you want politics Joel. Embiid exactly let me tell you. Exactly how not to get the tournament street by insulting. The very people might actually be watching your game and giving you a chance in the situation. You want to start somewhere. How about finishing in the top three hundred and I don't know field. Goal percentage or three point percentage. Because that's never happened when you were coaching Clinton. Yates coming in Rohr. Fire Sell Three. What went wrong between the nets and Kenny Atkinson? Everybody has the idea it's Some certain players but it also should be said. This is a team right now. The seven seed. They're going to the playoffs. I saw this is your cat. Only ON PRE AND POST GAME. What happened here was Atkinson given a raw deal? And who is this team looking at the coach? He absolutely got a raw deal. Kyrie Irving played in twenty games or eight and twelve in. Those Games are actually better without him and Kevin Durant get to play. I do not agree with making season. Coaching change for a team. That's going to be a playoff team. Asked for who may be the guy. If it's not job on I got a name for you. How about Tim Duncan? Remember the Pacers hired Larry Bird in Doug Carter recall around? Why not showing mark knows. Tim Duncan played with them. We're all these personalities right now. Let's get you believe this was ordered by Iran's or irving well if it wasn't Tony here's what I would say. Did they stay in there and say no no? No WE WANT KENNY. Atkinson to be our coach and it takes said that you think you'd be coaching today. I think as you read on this. I'm really supposed to believe that act said no I do not WanNa to coach Kevin Durant no. I do not want to coach. Kyrie Irving why would you say that? This is a mutual parting of ways. When everybody knows that's not the case. I like Thai. Lue In this Position Foot. I'm not believing coming from the nets. Ken Page you got a guy that got him in the playoffs last year. He's going to get him in again this year. He's GonNa have no chance whatsoever. They'd better go find somebody better not be. Tim. Duncan has Coached by the season. But they both our free and Kevin Durant really like Devon blackstock. What it's all about. Well I'll just say this based on what can you I consider gun in Brooklyn seems extremely unfair but this is a players league and if Kevin Durant went in there and flashed his MVP and his championship rings in the owners face and said I have somebody else in mind. You Might WanNa have too busy summer to see. Who's going to be coaching irving again and what he paid slumped. It's I love. The time drove Kevin Black ticket seats. Another Cy Sola showdown a frank. I saw covering the she believes come this weekend. Us Hey over. Spain and Red Bull Rita so that was good. The competition's getting better back next up port is TV. Loved hardens quadruple. Double Saturday rockets. Another double digit loss on Sunday to the magic. Tony says they've hit rock. Bottom Clinton has small ball hit rock bottom absolutely getting banged out by the by the Hornets and then by the magic on your home court. You can't have that. It's not just a small ball. They're playing too many guys. This looks like yet another Dantonio team. Tired at the end of the Rock bottom would come tomorrow if they lose to Minnesota but when you woke up this morning Tony. Oklahoma City traded for Chris. Ball has forty wins. Houston thirty nine not bad for okay. See Okay we're talking about Houston There's always another rock bottom. We'll move odds except fell to five weeks. They have refereeing controversy. They finally arrived. Heather refereeing controversy. Frank what did you think of this game? Cookout look at these three seconds two seconds remaining and never played them out. Well they they made a huge mistake. Just like you're making a mistake with the scoring the different. Let's give a little bit of credit here not bad for a newly okay. Clearly there's always another rock bottom as frank just indicated. But what do all these my older referees? If you're not even going to get the calls. Right at the end of the game come on skype. Three Point Boys Frank. This was a one possession. Game that nine point. You're making a mistake. Just like make mistakes. But Clint Gates gets thirty seconds of face like to call some attention to the case of a man named Jonathan Irons. He's in prison in Jefferson City Missouri. And He is the person who Maya Moore Minnesota Lynx player and Basketball God has been working the last two years to get a sentence overturned. It is actually happened. Why this is important. Because Maya didn't just jump out as liberty and say get this guy out of prison. She educated herself on what? This system is in this country in order to educate you. Myanmar has made incredible sacrifice for one. Man It just might vote incredible. Absolutely it really is being the change you want to see in the world that the justice thank you my more. We'll see you tomorrow.

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