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You're listening to the briefing first broadcast on the twenty seventh of September Two Thousand Nineteen on monocle twenty four the briefing is brought to you in partnership with Rolex hello and welcome to the briefing coming to you live from studio one here Midori House in London. I'm Andrew Miller coming up. I think the whistle blow it did the right thing I think he followed the law every step of the way it isn't looking good for. US President Donald Trump then very often doesn't is the Ukraine scandal really going to be the one that finishes him and also ahead. We'll examine the pivotal role that Australia's main tabloid could be playing in this weekend's national election. All Stream parties need the support of the corner insight. I took they want to succeed. It's still the main source of news for staggering number of Australians news panel will look at the United States torment of of Cuba's first family brexit as seen from abroad and the prospect of a week on the beach in Saudi Arabia and we'll look forward to tomorrow's Australian rules football grand final in Melbourne with a celebration of the Australian Football Leagues quaint tradition of clubs songs. That's all coming up right here. On the briefing on monocle twenty four welcome to today's edition of the briefing with Andrew Miller. Donald Trump has now been president of the United States just shy Roy over one thousand days and it feels like there has been at least that many variations asked of the question is visit is this at lost the point point at which the wheels have come unquestionably and irrecoverably off the clown car so far the answer has been no inexplicably but the gathering scandal over the President Trump's we'd interactions with Ukraine does appear to have legs a complaint by a credible whistle blow appears damning calling trump's conduct serious this or flagrant problem abuse or violation of the law impeachment is underway will join me now to assess the depth and the wolf of the soup in which the President finds himself is Scott Lucas Professor of American studies at the University of Birmingham Scott especially in the last twenty four hours in particular. What have we learned. Where are we with this well. The trump clown car rattles on but the evidence is pretty damning. We have the combination of the transcript of the phone call between Mr Trump and president of the landscape in late July and we now have the complaint of the US intelligence official which is based not only on that call but on months of behavior by trump is attorney Rudy Giuliani and the complaint which is based not just on this one. US intelligence official but on what he has been told by multiple White House officials. What does that say look. Donald trump up in late. July told the president of Ukraine repeatedly to investigate Joe Biden who is the former vice president and who is standing for President who thousand twenty twenty now that alone is a possible crime which is interference in the US election but beyond that trump implicitly linked that to pressure which was I've suspended military aid to Ukraine. Trump personally ordered the holdup of four hundred million dollars in aid only a few days earlier if you would like that aid you need to do this investigation. And what is significant about the document from the intelligence officials. This was not a one-off incident instead since late two thousand eighteen trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani had been pressing Ukraine officials to dig up dirt on Joe Biden had been dealing with disgraced Ukraine officials who had been fired for corruption who he thought could support that case and this entire effort against by his son hunter is not based on any evidence which Ukrainian officials have confirmed but is based on a conspiracy theory and unfounded conspiracy theory that bind intervened arraigned to get a prosecutor fired two thousand sixteen to protect his son so the combination of working conspiracy theory trump has done that before approaching a foreign government to have him help and his election effort just think about Russia but the habit so crystallized in these two documents which is directly approach approach a president or a foreign country and say investigate my political rival that is certainly I think sufficient for Nancy Pelosi to come off the fence and say there should be impeachment inquiry on the basis of what we know about this is there how far we stretch our imaginations and the bounds of credulity not is there any potential known dull g explanation for all of this well. The the president's explanation which has shifted has been that off off first of all. Oh what from call did it was. I didn't mention Biden on the phone call that it was oh. I didn't ask for any investigation of Biden in the the phone. Call now that this is out. I don't think there's any explanation on the basis of the facts that can justify what has occurred the most that trump supporters can say is is that the both the compliant and the transcript or not explicit about linking the threat of suspending foreign aid over to the investigation of Joe Biden but I remember the trump folks don't work on the basis of facts their counterattack will be this is all hoax. This is fake news media. This is presidential harassment. This is just like trump Russia wrong ignoring the fact that trump Russia culminated in finding of evidence of trump's obstruction of justice they in other words will try to shoot the Messenger and hope that we don't actually consider the evidence in the message. I mean it's another question I feel like I've asked at least two thousand times uh-huh as well possibly a thousand times to you alone but on this particular occasion do you detect any signs of nervousness now among Congressional Republicans and yes. There is nervousness. Now I want to preface this by saying that unless I say -nificant amount of Republicans cut themselves loose from Donald trump he he will not be convicted of impeachment in the Senate where you have to have a two thirds vote and where the Republicans have the majority but we have had three Republican senators the most prominent being the two thousand thousand twelve presidential nominee Mitt Romney who said they are disturbed by what has come out and what is more striking as a larger number. Republicans who just would not comment on Thursday who were reserving judgment some of these included normally people you would expect to support trump so at the very least I think they're rattled by what we are actually finding out in the end. Does that mean that politically. They'll make the jump away from trump. I doubt it but we're in early days. the the next step will probably be that the intelligence official who lodged the complaint who was the CIA liaison with the White House over Ukraine matters will probably appear before congressional committees and we'll see what more he can add to the story. I wonder what finally about how this is going to play in terms of domestic politics takes in the United States and I'm not talking so much about trump's base. I think we understand by now that there's about thirty percent voters who aren't going to budge even if Donald Trump announces insist that he's real name is Sergei Baryshnikov that he holds the rank of colonel in the Gi you but is there any possibility at all that any of this actually works works for trump that he can get the idea out there. There is something vaguely weird about why Ukrainian Gas Company would want to hire the vice president of the United States Sun and and maybe he's flinging up enough cough that some of it might stick indeed chopsticks. I'm not entirely sure that metaphor hundred together but you know what I'm saying. Let's go with throwing dust in our eyes remember. That's better that this has been the trump tactic ever since he ran for president since you had stories during the campaign of his sexual harassment of women and that is you respond by being aggressive by putting out disinformation by denying that anything on tortoise occurred by saying it's is all your enemies and you try yourself as the victim now remember there are multiple investigations against Donald Trump we also have to consider the investigations into its tax affairs his financial affairs where he has been accused of fraud the accusation that he and his trump organization person profited from the presidency and that the trumper invest Russia is not closed but I think ultimately because I doubt there'll be a conviction on impeachment you put the core question and that is will enough Americans and forget about those who will stick with trump. Come hell or high water will enough. Americans think that there needs to be accountability and they did a needs to be a judgment based on evidence rather other than on disinformation diversion that they hold them accountable at the polls in November twenty twenty. I think the ultimate test Donald Trump is whether he can get away with us to get a second term-in-office if he does realize what that means that means the dot attempt to disinform to divert triumphs the trump's over the US system system trump's over US values and where America goes next beyond Donald Trump as a system well. It'll be very uncertain and I think well dark times times ahead. If that happens but we're ahead of ourselves let's go back to the fact that we at least have evidence which does point to abuses of power does point to a crime and if people keep focused on that at least there may be some level of accountability in the weeks and months ahead. Scott Lucas. Thanks as always for joining us. You're listening to the briefing now with a look at the day's headlines here is Monaco's NOCCO tackles hippie. Thank you Andrew the president of the European Commission. Jean Claude Garcia is doing all he can to get brexit deal and if talks fail it would be the U. K. 's Response Ability Young also told the German newspaper the Abu Allgemeiner that it would be a disaster if the UK leaves the EU without without a deal Saudi Arabia is opening its doors to international tourists for the first time the move is sparse off abroad a push to cut its economic dependence dependence on oil the kingdom is also expected to relax it struck only and dress codes for female visitors will have more on this story of today's business is headlines and today's monocle minute reports that delivery drivers in New York should probably get used to working night shifts. The city council has recently gently approved a bill that will require all deliveries to buildings owned to buy the seat to be made overnight for more on this heads to Monaco dot com forward slash rush minutes. Those are the day's headlines now back to enter. Thanks Marcus now for a look at the business news we are joined by Bloomberg's you and pots Ewan on a number number of fronts Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelinski is having quite a week of it yeah. It's been a pretty Ross in week for him had been carrying all so well for presidents for the president of Ukraine dazzled invested with a flurry of reforms brought by prisoners from Russian captivity. I'm enjoying an approval rating which would make even Vladimir Putin Blush Josh over seventy percent in many polls the former TV comic who of course shots apparent that landslide election has been caught up rather. I'm on winning the Abbot Imagine in this transcript of the fungal visitation with President trump which has been all over the world's media today a lot of bits of that pretty tricky for the Ukrainian any president not least his criticism of the European Union and also of course the business of being off repeatedly to dig up on on Joe Biden but today another economic blow to Ukraine as an International Monetary Fund mission left Kiev today without the preliminary deal for five billion dollars of funding that the Ukrainian government was seeking now. It's discussions on a new program. We're going to continue but the IMF really didn't pull any punches in statement. It says that growth in growth in Ukraine is held back by a week business environment it also cited shortcomings in the legal framework pervasive corruption large parts of the economy dominated by inefficient state-owned enterprises so a bit of a blow for the cranium presidents so far the currency is the best performer against the delays really being a bit of a darling of investors this year but this this is not a welcome news in Kiev and also you into seems to becoming a recurring theme of this spot another large share offer receiving slightly less the teacup that might have been anticipated twenty nineteen was supposed to be Wall Street's obvious J. finally bringing long-awaited public debut share offerings of many of the hottest startups and of course the healthy fees and the deal prestige that come with them for the banks on Wall Street a really hasn't gone as planned a tool now fitness startup. What's up Peleton interactive become the latest major sheriff ring to full flat on its face it drops eleven percent on its first day of trading being the roll? Call of companies are not doing so well in their share off as getting pretty long now we've had uber and lift of course the ridesharing. APPS and Smile Direct Club which sells is a dental products over the Internet shares are all down some thirty percent from their offer prices and of course we importing on monocle about we work the flexible office provider which had me. I mean for the second biggest listing of the year and that's what we put off now and in fact the CO founder Adam Newman has quit as chief executive active over the failure to get the share offer out of the door. the overall the dishes have been lagging behind the market. They've been they climbed just just six and a half percent from their offer prices on average this year the WTA market the S. and P. Five hundred has gained about nineteen percent you in with Bloomberg. Thank you conjoining us. You're listening to the briefing coming soon Monaco Rolex. Bring you the pioneers. The pioneers is a brand new series that tells the stories of people improving the planet. You'll hear how Rolex supports these innovators with whom they share a passion to safeguard the F for future generations gain precious insights into the fresh thinking that his disrupting corrupting received wisdom for the better and learn how Phyllis action continues to be the crucial driver of change the pioneers coming soon to one twenty four You're listening to the briefing with me Andrew Miller. It's time I'm now to take a longer look at the day's news without news panel which today consists of Oscar for your Rivera professor in international law and International Affairs at Birkbeck College and you'll see Mickelberg professor of international relations at Regent's University also a columnist for Arab News now first of all listeners whose memories have not been obliterated by the various political nonsense of recent years may still recall the time at which looked fleetingly like the United States was going to adopt a policy towards Cuba rooted in something other than the fallacy of sunk costs in two thousand fourteen. US President Barrack Obama began a winding down of the half century embargo which had accomplished little little but the isolation of Cuba and the entrenching of the Castros the US has now re sanctioned Ralph Castro for Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party and his children children. This is by way of retribution for Cuba's support for President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela Oscar. Am I missing anything here or is this just about as petulant and silly as it looks Ralph Castro's support for Nicholas Maduro really make any difference to anything. You're not missing anything anything. Andrew Washington seems to be missing that will Castro is no longer the president of Cuba to be he's still project to to joke elite unless he still has weight of course but it's a falsehood to anyone who knows anything about the internal the politics of Venezuela to argue as Mike Pompeo deed that Issa Cuba who UNICEF propping up my Lulu. Oh Lewis is still there is because of the absolute failure of the opposition led by one why though he is quite surprising thing that these new wave of sanctions takes no account of the fact that two weeks ago every single newspaper in Latin America beginning with Columbia Columbia no sympathisers of the government published pictures in which way door is seen with drug dealers and leaders of the far right wing Win Colombian paramilitary which of course means that he's you know he's acceptance potential acceptance within Venezuela. It's a closer to zero and in fact the government need sign an agreement with sectors of the opposition two weeks ago so no surprises he's here just a new wave of sanctions of course this is more part of the reaction of the trump administration against anything on everything that the Obama Administration did but he has no betting on the situation in Venice when we will come back to that theme short just wanted to follow up this quickly though Oscar you mention the new secretary of State Mike pompeo he has been muttering darkly that Cuba's security forces such as they may be making some sort of contribution to the president medeiros apparatus of repression. Do we know anything about that for sure and does end or does it sound likely well. It is being said are we have evidence of human rights violations within Bene- sweater but what matters in terms of international law human rights is whether these violations relations are being carried out by the government who should be protecting its own people there is there have been reports reports on that we we have no clear evidence of Cuba's engagement with that particular issue what we do a half evidence for is for the fact that this sanctions were will continue to hit the people of Cuba and Venezuela the hardest not the leadership. You'll see also has already raised the the psychodrama that might be underpinning this. We've seen it time and again with President Trump's administration. If if Obama did it we must undo it or override it or I'm Pickett'll destroy. It is that what's going on here. Is it as simple impulse that because this was this was one of Obama's great showpiece foreign policy moments. I I will end this nonsensical blockade of Cuba. I will normalize relations. He went to Cuba in two thousand sixteen. I think off the top of my head the first US president to do that since coolidge is it basically that is just trump trying to to undo Obama. There is element of this because it's the health policies. It's any points system that we know but I think why the moving the model I don't think anyone is a is against it but what happens right now under the trump administration that identify a problem and the prescribe all wrong and and you can go while the world and you see exactly so did restrict the movement of an eighty six years old Lee. They're not a teaser Guinean the Oscars as very much in the bag out. There is the new generation the reason you constitution in in Cuba changes are the changes Saturday at at the rate. It's many of us would like to see maybe not but they'll doing that. In the Cuban way in moving forward allowing private porperty allying investment in Cuba it it opens up in the way they should find the right way for Cuba for the United States to keep on after the pain inflicted on Cuba since one thousand nine hundred sixty them boggled it and they beat the way Paul along a lot of what's happening in Cuba has down to the United States because in the end of the day there is no American foreign policy to with Q. But there is an obsession grows also follow probably goes all the way to the splendid little off eighteen ninety eight and be we are entering the citizen of of of elections in the United States and these plays well in Florida and he's not only compel the speech by John Bolton few months ago when you went to talk about the brigade invaded in the Bay of Pigs and talking about how unfair will the Cubans that the dead mall to ops there then then then then the exile because as it is a football game that you need you too every eleven against eleven so I think look at this as an obsession in the domestic politics has nothing to do with changes either mentally ill or in Cuba well. Let's life seamlessly along on the subject of countries pursuing counterproductive policies for no clear reason and take a look that is to say at the UK and try to see it for the next few minutes as the Non British will season and listeners who've picked up the accents around this table will understand that this panel has obvious abuse advantages on this front a long standing stereotype of Britain's politics is that they are properly British sensible series decorous to coin a phrase strong long and stable. The last few years have been if we might attempt. Here's some British understatement something of a test of these assumptions. So what effect is this having having own brand Britain abroad an Oscar first of all we we should reflect slightly on the events of this week even by the Standards Aww Brexit. How mad has this been as mad as the mad hatter or even worse. I mean let me let me you speak to the reaction in my part of the world in Latin America the widespread reaction in news outlets in in the Americas welcome welcome to the Third World. We've been missing you this. This is Britain's the banana monarchy totally fact among ready to quote a couple a couple of pieces one published by Francisco Theaters in Columbia newspaper espectador another that can be so Moslem former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff who says interview with L. as in both cases what is happening in the UK is being seen in the Americas against the backdrop of the emergence of the far writing the Americas and they see exactly the same elements rightly or wrongly they see exactly the same elements appearing at this point of the Brexit madness crisis these these point of the use of language is not a matter of politeness is not a matter of political correctness. If you take Brazil for instance you can see that hey language has been being used by the bolts on administration to isolate indigenous communities in the Amazon thereby affecting just Brazilians interest but but the entire world we saw it again when we also now does poking the United Nations so for ask that in Americans you know we we've been dealing with this search for quite a few decades in we can identify it a name it for what it is. These are the real life of form of for beginning to look behind deep divisions within the people itself. Probably it also means. We need to talk about the people Iasi is is there much talk in the Middle East as it beholds. What's occurring here assembling some sort of peacekeeping force well. I I was relieved to sit in the release. No one called it's just a British Hamburg really don't want to talk about this anymore but in all seriousness it's buffers and indifference. I think from from Latin in America the the connection with the UK and the colonialists colonist heritage or legacy if you like in in the Middle East because some people think goes as long as the Middle East they say oh we depletes then we sort everything out and now with everyone is watching these in Kobe so this this really belongs to a different era in the UK and look a trade relations between between the UK and the Middle East the strategic relations relations military relations all of this sharing intelligence and all of his own if he call it's an animal or or anything. I guess you know we might have some homeless. Monarchy's you know at the end of the day. This is a serious matter. When you have such a large economies oh no me such a important member of NATO descending into a false and the inability to take decision and the as the parliaments until the middle. I love the night or the early hours of the morning. We followed the ability to take decisions. This is for instance at the time that there are tensions going in the Gulf and part of it. You would like to see Britain. Involvement is this is this is the prime minister. We are going to rely on to to defend some for interest. Maybe not on that subject Oscar if we can narrow this down to the figure of Boris Johnson who has spent his entire life playing the part of the specifically English in fact not even British but specifically typically English caricature of the sort of artfully dishevelled upper-class eccentric it. It's a it's a a reliable trope of of British fiction British literature of British movies. It is a it's a figure with which the whole world is somehow familiar but does the will take it seriously as the leader of what is as Yossi remind still in theory at least and extremely serious country well. I'm sure Andrew as many of us did you witnessed bodies. varies a speech in in New York when in after after he was told of the decision by the Supreme Court he sounded very jetlagged not only that at some point look at the audience this reaction at some point you know the viewer begins to wonder I are they laughing at his jokes or are they laughing at him. at some point it becomes the latter. I'm afraid that East clearly the case. I mean it takes a lot of cars for letting Americans to you know to joke and say you know welcome to the world. Now you see now you you you. You see how how it is like but again the more serious part of these is a we heard that we are beginning to see the how are you most beloved principal separation of powers and so on and so forth are just not nearly enough. They're not you know ready an APP to the task of taking a decision when the people itself divided so we we need to begin to rethink all of these concepts including the concept of popular sovereignty and so on and and so forth or to put it in a battle brats famous temps. We might need to elect ourselves another people well. Let's move along finally on on the news panel to Saudi Arabia literally if we found it the hitherto inhospitable kingdom is to liberalize its visa regime in a bid to open up a tourist. I industry not exclusively reliant on religious pilgrims visas will be offered to the citizens of forty nine countries yet to be named and some concessions to visitors his will also be available. Female tourists will not be confined to the full abaya and will even be permitted to travel by themselves golly. Imagine the ban on alcohol will be upheld however Yossi you are you tempted by the prospect of a big side holiday in Jeddah. I would like to Google for holiday resorts on the let's see I know I know the Red Sea from the other side so I wouldn't mind to see from Saudi Arabia but you know it. I think we have to take the reforms in Saudi Arabia seriously. I know sometimes we take very Weston's attitude and say oh. Why can't they be will we are but the same time if you look at the reforms in the West they took very long time between the American constitution until that's you know African American didn't even have to give a seat in Alabama true enough and so sometimes we we need to look at the direction is the right direction but not always to push on on the pace even if you like to see a much faster pace of of a foam but this is another move forward in Saudi Arabia again it might look for us really small steps women but having a allowed to travel getting their own passport but all of these are moves that shows that under the counts monarchy the accounts monarch and all of MBA's there is a way folding. Why not I think the motorist coming there. The more engagement it more it opens up and the the changes that you know would like to see I I did want to broaden this idea out a little bit to talk about countries which are difficult to get into with the exception of a few countries like Saudi Arabia Travel and the acquisition of visas has become much more easy generally than it used to be but I can remember when it was quite frequently a terrific past Oscar. What's been the hardest country you found to get into all remember. I'm Colombian so it was pretty much every it until very recently now hilariously it seems to see if my Colombian passport my become more handy than it might British one. If brexit keeps going this way because we can now travel without visa through the Schengen Treaty countries so the walls time still zeal is the case that traveling to the United States very very complicated for Columbia see still very difficult. It is still it is difficult for letting American students who want to come to the United Kingdom to get their visas very very complicated unnecessarily certainly complicated and he's affecting that sector of the economy if you want to put it that way so yeah I remember very very well you know after nine eleven when I was very nervously passing my Colombian passport all of a sudden. I'm told Okay you go. You know Paul McKenna. I mean you'll see as a journalist. I've attempted to get visas to a few places which clearly won't K. North Korea is I found the the two impossible Belarus I tried with and they did that thing of just never quite saying no but never saying yes obviously in the hope that you would would get bored and go away eventually and in fairness I did so it worked Israel. I have found on a couple of occasions very hard country to get out of having been I love guests exactly they just wanted to be to stay at the airport that little bit longer and have you found yourself facing any particular difficulties getting in anywhere anywhere. We've easily passport still many countries. This is one way ticket indeed supposed to be at the expense of the government wherever they will walk me so there's a lot of countries that still for example why did admit anybody with. Israeli stamp in their policy yes but you know if I want for my research which would be fascinating fascinating. Dakota Iran probably not a good idea Lebanon and you know there is a of of of countries that on these can do it on the British passport but not on Monday they said on the other end unlike Columbia. The lot of of of of countries that welcome Israel is even without visas. I think they still you know I cherish my British possibles. Come to traveling because it's way easier then at least to some parts of the world we've we've they really want we physically to security and sometimes over over offers doing that in. Israeli airport in wants you to spend money and we eventually let you go yeah we. Columbia's are popular now. It seems yeah philly Matza upbeat note Oscar Rivera and you'll see Michael. Thank you both very much for joining. You're listening to the briefing on monocle twenty four You are listening to the briefing monocle twenty four tomorrow. Afghans will vote in the country's fourth presidential election as is always the case with after an election. Visiting a polling station will be depressingly far from a risk free exercise. The country has recently been plagued by a series of deadly attacks by the Taliban and they are not noted enthusiasts of Democracy President Ashraf. Johnny is seeking a second five-year term a field of fifteen other candidates hope to thwart him while I'm joined now by Lynn O'Donnell who was AP's bureau chief in Afghanistan Afghanistan for a number of years Lynn first of all to that point about Election Day security how dangerous election day in Afghanistan going to be well as you said it's quite dangerous simply because the Taliban have made it very clear that they going to launch attacks against people devoted. They don't support democracy. They don't recognize the government they see. President Ghani as an American pop ish and any participation in in democratic activity as betrayal of Islamic values now when people go to vote they line up and often they line up for hours and hours so they become standing targets August and the Talibans history of attacking Election Day Abu Tinsel is is a ATTRAC- history so and yes. It's dangerous to vote in Afghanistan. Those those extraordinary indeed mortal risks that many many Afghans willing to run in order to cast their vote are of course both heartening and humbling but when you were working there what was your sense from speaking to people of why they thought it was worth taking this risk a lot of people have signed up to the democratic projects that was introduced after the Taliban routed in two thousand one the I I am election was in two thousand four and there was a phenomenal turn out there was a more than eighty percent of people who were eligible to vote and since then the Afghan people just become weary of the corruption and the difficulty in the lies and the g body associated with the with the count don't end ballot stuffing and the fraud. That's been involved in so over the years since then. You said you know this is a fool's. There's also parliamentary elections and district. Council elections and participation has just fallen away to listen forty percent. I think that in two thousand fourteen which was the last presidential election there was like thirty five percents people getting sick of being had and they're expecting the same thing now so yea I mean we've seen it in in Iraq and other troubled countries people do want to get out and have their voices heard but if they think that the voice is not being being hood that they just shouting into the wind then they get tired of it and then they don't go on the other hand. You got a lot of them. Media reports over the last few Diet coaching people saying I'm not going to be bothered. I'M NOT GONNA go out vote but as I found when I was living there an Afghan can tell you one thing and do another thing thing when he's changed his mind a couple of minutes later and that's not an indictment John Character. It's just the way it is so people might say they won't go and vote and then they will the backdrop or backdrop to this election is of course the peace talks between the United States and the Taliban recently abrogated at the United States insistence assistance but it's clear I think to everybody that the United States has long since lost interest in Afghanistan and doesn't really want all that much to do with it anymore is there fear among Afghans and especially among the Afghan government and the people who've worked for it and the people who have signed up for the idea in the structures they might be on the verge bring sold out by America a very much the the prices the so-called peace process that was initiated by President Trump and carried out by his envoy. Zalmay Khalilzad worried an awful lot of people in Afghanistan women's groups civil rights workers people who signed up to the you know the constitutional rights that they've been given journalists freedom of speech advocates people were very worried that they were being sold out by Khalilzad. WHO's a very very ambitious socal diplomats who doesn't really have a track record of success behind him but really wanted to come out of it with a peace deal so you know what he didn't do was included the Afghan people and the government in that process that was sidelined Ashraf Ghani's government was utterly de legitimized as these were going on and if a win they start up again there is a fear that this will also be the case people are under any illusions about what the Alabama no matter what they say on a matter what Zamel Zalmay Khalilzad state what about them they misogynistic violent Islamist extremists who reached the country in the five years that they were in power and there's a lot of date memory in Afghanistan honest about that so just finally how confident will President Ashraf Ghani be about winning the Presidency Again Dude yes. I think he can be confident. He's going up again against Abdullah. Abdulah who has paid his chief executive which basically means Prime Minister without the title title for the last five years Ghani as the incumbent has the running and I think he probably has the support of the international community as well I think it may be a close run thing. We might see re page of twenty fourteen where they were very close but I doubt very much. We're going to have a second run-off this time. I think they'll be one the weather. It's fraught with fraud which is more likely than nausea. I think Johnny will probably prevail and he will be feeling vindicated by the collapse. The trump pays if it's with the Taliban and he will want to be the man who brings pace to the country Leno Donald. Thank you as always for joining us. You're listening to the briefing on monocle twenty twenty four this is the briefing and proceeding seamlessly on the theme of countries trees beginning with a which are having elections this weekend to Austria specifically to the Kronen Zeitung Australia's most widely read newspaper with an extraordinary daily circulation accusation of around seven hundred thousand copies Kronen Zeitung is aimed at a broad section of society and Serves Pretty Traditional tabloid fair but because of its reach it also has the power to on horse politicians and change public opinion this power might yet prove deadly for Australia's far right Freedom Party which lost the the newspapers support following the visa gate scandal Monaco's Alexi Korolyov reports from Vienna. Ooh This is the infamous it'd be a gate video brought down the Australian government in May named after this Spanish island where it was recorded footage shows former vice chancellor Hans Christian talk talking turn turn alleged Russian investor. The investor turned out to be an actress office to buy a large stake in the corner site on tabloid and changes Detoro Oreo position to openly support his far-right Freedom Party in exchange taller promises her lucrative construction contracts. That's corruption eruption pure and simple but why the corn settled. It's just the basic numbers. There are still about more than two million people who read on content on every day and on the weekends it's even more. It's two point six million. We have above eight million inhabitants in Australia. So according to Tatton just reaches a big part of the population Gal Gekas bad guy is deputy editor in Chief of dossier vienna-based Investigative magazine that devoted a special issue to the corn inside hunk earlier. This year for longtime has been. I'm just saying that as party. You can't really survive in Austria. If you have to Conan's against you but Conan's Adam has always done very cleverly or very well they have identified the mood kind of the general mood in the public and have reported accordingly. What special corn inside is that if they identify topic if they started campaign the whole newspaper rights for this cold so you have the reports with also the opinion pieces the all aim with the same direction. That's why it's so powerful commonly known as the corner the coinciding first came out in the nineteen hundred in nineteen fifty nine it was acquired by journalists. Hans Deante who led it till his death in twenty ten when it was taken over by his son Christoph the newspapers political sympathies detoro policies policies have fluctuated over the years but the freedom policy has always been. It's friend Gayle gekas beggar for three decades. Now the CONAN's atom has been in sort orphan alliance with the Freedom Party Australia the goals of the newspaper and the Party. I think just matched both anti immigration. They're both can't blade blade with antisemitic symbols and codes then it. Beatha Gate happened and the Cornyn site and was ambiguous in its response. I think Um stuff and even the chief editor in chief of cornerstone I think they felt personally betrayed by style and by the Freedom Party in general because there has been sort of loop trust that has been built up that kids that I think is really harmful. This shouldn't be such a close relationship between the Party and the newspaper but now they really felt betrayed it and I think they kind of reacted like a friend who who feels betrayed by his best friend wrote pieces to promote critical. I think today's after the pizza's scandal they you had the headline on the first page that said this is this is the end of the year so what does all that mean for the freedom policy and for the Sunday elections. I think this election election we'd show if the corner still as powerful as it used to be if I would have to guess I would say it will not harm the free party matronly and the main reason for that is that we don't have to say media landscape is ten or twenty years ago their social media and the Freedom Party's especially strong on social media. They have their own TV station. They have really huge facebook pages and so they don't rely as much on the traditional media as they usurped except whatever the power of social media all Austrian parties need the support of the CONAN's Sytem if they want to succeed it still the main source of news used for staggering number of Austrians so has the Freedom Party shot itself in the foot there. We'll find out on Sunday for Monaco in Vienna. I'm Alexey Korolyov. Thanks Alexi. You're listening to the briefing coming soon. Monaco Rolex bring you the pioneers for the founder founder of Rolex Hands Villes dove. The world was like a living laboratory he began to use it as a testing ground for his watches from the nineteen thirties sending them to the most extreme locations supporting explorers ventured into the unknown but the world has changed as the twentieth century unfolds exploration for pure discovery has given way to it creation nation as a means to preserve the natural world to make the planet perpetual lend more with the pine is coming soon to wonderful twenty four Tom now on the briefing to take a look at the day's newspapers joined once again by monocle twenty four page Reynolds. I can't believe the whole front page. News is just now occurred to me we need. We need a jingle and a theme lacking on inside defense. Okay well until we have your jingle. In place we all just kind of have to correct on and review what he's actually in the newspapers Where are we starting. We're GONNA START WITH A store. That's GONNA. Most of the newspapers are following every lead on today as well. That's of course the trump impeachment story most papers a- leading on information that White House officials potentially attempt to cover up this phone call that trump had with Ukrainian landscape but I found to slightly more interesting takes one the first one in the F. T. trump's gondola leaves. Ukraine president caught in a trap so this Oth- coup is is essentially saying this is a delicate going to be a delicate balancing act for new presidents. Alinsky overcooked strikes me as quite the understatement indeed he's he's sort of came to his presence presidency promising to bring peace in eastern Ukraine so he can't afford alienate trump a US leader whose softer on Russia's Putin not at this time also documents how Ukrainian officials McCain to build a chemistry between Kiev and Washington and the article says this has now been poisoned poisoned at a critical juncture. It's a weird bind. I think trump puts all other foreign leaders in because everyone now I think understands the way to get him on board which is just to grovel and flatter but obviously when that the reality of that is presented an transcribed or annotated you do they just end up looking like well like a grobler and a flatter exactly and I think they all schools points this out quite passionately one analyst noting the while it's it's important to keep good relations with the current president. It's also really crucial to maintain a bipartisan support something there's Alinsky might struggle with and it's not just these hopes for a coordinated Western pressure on Moscow. That's at stake but his reputation is a liberal reformer if he looks like he's got a acquiescing to trump's demands in any way to the Ukrainian. AM people that says hey it will look like he's not serious about judicial reform and fighting corruption. You know the very promises. He came to presidency on. What else do we have in commercially indeed so I think if you're looking to understand sort of trump's fixation on Ukraine I would suggest having a look at the front page of the New York Times the headline fixation on Ukraine led to crisis for trump. This ought to links all back to a pool manager for the Clinton emails and two thousand sixteen election in interference on trucks trump's personal were redid. Giuliani's efforts in the pasta to collect information and tried to push the Ukrainian government issue corruption interface. investigations are politically beneficial to one cannot at the moment possibly read enough about Rudolph Giuliani I I am. I'm so looking forward to the bio. Pic can't imagine who they go to get to play him. Does it cost any particular light on why Giuliani is doing and saying being the things that Giuliani is doing because it is it is remarkable. He's the PR the personal attorney of the president of the United States and he has basically gone full loyal normal hops off the simpsons. Yeah 'cause that's pretty crazy. Actually has so Giuliani basically started this. I guess sort of information collecting effort in Ukraine kind of response to the star of the Mueller investigation and he's saying I decided to do this because I couldn't couldn't get law. Enforcement agencies interested in doing their job. Arba just put out publicly and I would see if anyone was interested in it so I mean I surely within that. We kind of see the the things he's investigating. Perhaps aren't particularly above board. I do want to mention my favorite Giuliani quote from the last twenty four hours and this was cited by Elena plot whose the White House correspondent in the United States. She spoke to him by phone yesterday. Giuliani's quote to her and I quote precisely was it is impossible that the whistle blow oh is a hero and I'm not and I will be the hero exclamation mark these morons when this is over. I will be the hero that all sounds normal. Doesn't it you you couldn't screw up to it's pretty crazy but and a couple of other sort of interesting insights with the New York Times article that's cool not only did sort of trump and Giuliani sh the freezing of AIDS in Ukraine but also documents trump's outraged outrage that removal of the country's top prosecutor Yuri let Sankoh widely. I is believed in Ukraine to be corrupt who was Kinda wanted Giuliani's Powell's so I suggest having a having a diving into that later story that I was very keen to talk about is in Japan today which which we must now get to this is a I have to say the angle on the you know the life and times of the late President Jack Cheer that I- fallen was not expecting and I feel terrible that I failed to mention this in my monocle twenty four obituary of him. I I really yeah. I didn't see coming. We'll it really was just in this today. Yeah please do introduce the premise right so so this great story in Japan today online fine the headline Chirac who Japan moans Chirac sumo ultra-fine for many in Japan French statesman will not not be remembered for his opposition or support for European unity but for his deep love and respect of the sport of sumo he was a sumo megaphone on here actually insisted that the from Suma he learned everything he needed to know in life on a party. He wondered whether he could have made the grade. He said maybe if I'd started young he Musa in one thousand nine hundred ninety. I was told enough as for the weight well you can put on with time. Let's say you started young started eating cakes. I don't I mean it season absolutely extraordinary story because as you point out this is not merely the head of a foreign government visiting country and taking some vague passing interest because you have to do that when you visit a foreign country that will you out in front of their incomprehensible national sport. You have to sit there and watch yes. This is this is marvelous. I find genuinely very interesting. I was massively into went went much further. His interest in sumo apparently started in the seventy S A couple of highlights from this piece the French embassy in Tokyo while he was in office how to send him dispatches of the results of each day. So as soon as the session was through he also arranged with French broke Costa's to obtain the tapes of the matches before they went on air while he was mayor of Paris organized the first soon sumo tournament in in the city and he even named his dog Suma. Finally we do have to note that. His passion was not shared by one of his success Nicolas Sarkozy who is quoted here. I can't do a Frenchaccent which you need for this quote please if he would do the honors you can do the accidental not do the accent but it's a great lawn. It's I'll do the line without the accident the line from Sakai's easiest. How can anyone be fascinated by these battles between fat guys with slid down. Tells sumo wrestling is really not a sport for the intellectuals. maybe ALBERICI. Fiona Wilson would disagree with that. I she's a big fan of sumo so perhaps we'll be following this story page Reynolds. Thank you as always for joining us. You're listening to the briefing This is the briefing with me Andrew Miller and finally today regular listeners. We'll be accustomed adhering at around this time on a Friday a selection of Julius music in the hallways of Financial Augusta Pacheco's global countdown however phenomenon is on holiday and so here is some dubious music. I've chosen myself. The Australian state of Victoria is certainly unusual probably unique in observing two public mccollough days for sporting events one. The first Tuesday of November is Melbourne Cup Day in fantasy. The rest of the country pretty much takes the afternoon off for oh the rice as well the other the last Friday in September is grand final eve the day before the climactic match of the Australian football league eggs season for which more than one hundred thousand people will fill the Melbourne cricket ground to watch the Premiership decided the football. They're watching hiring is of course Australian Rules Football Australia's peculiar passion the code correctly described by one trillion prime minister Sir Robert Menzies as the the greatest winter game devised by mortal man the club's contesting the grand final this year Richmond from the inner suburbs of Melbourne founded in eighteen eighty five and greater western Sydney from the outer suburbs of Sydney who only joined the AFL in two thousand and twelve a creation of the league. Get spectacular expense with generous assistance to further the cause of Australian rules in territory traditionally dominated by rugby league so there there are many subtexts to Saturday but one of the Wieder is that this clash between the Tigers and the giants is also a contest of the two best. AFL Are you fill club songs. He's Richmond's yeah and here is greater western. Sydney's from in the club songs are curious quirk of the AFL. All eighteen clubs have won and they are braid and bellowed by fans in the stands and players in the dressing rooms in the event of victory. The League's older establishment teams have mostly borrowed their's from familiar tunes. Jillang's is the toreador song from bees as common law. They calling woods started life as the music whole standard goodbye. Dolly Gray in Carlton's stately anthem is the minstrel Choon Lily of Laguna it and the saints of killed a a serenade. The historically infrequent wins with an obvious choice in the canonical versions were recorded in the early one thousand nine hundred seventy s by choir of Melbourne jazz players wrangled by a record record company called fable the expansion of what was once the Victorian Football League to become the Australian football league during the one thousand nine hundred thousand nine hundred ninety s sought what new teams added to the competition and therefore the necessity of new songs in several regrettable instances original works were commissioned these all absolutely sucked and indeed suck still non worse than the non more eighty s abomination which phone fares the West Coast Eagles onto the field old goes greater western Sydney's splendid swaggering stump. It is the work of Harry Anger Solve Melbourne rock band the Cat Empire the no great football fan and understood what was marvelous about the original club songs an album is that blend of Macho Braggadocio and arch high camp into something that sounds like it might have welcomed Soviet tank divisions back from the battle of Kursk Greater Western. Sydney are a new club with few fans and little history. Richmond are an old club but one of the best supported in the country with a glorious heritage the two thousand nine hundred nine grand final this Saturday shapes as quite a game innovation Vatian versus tradition money versus passion Sydney versus Melbourne but whoever wins will have an appropriately rousing song to sing when the final final Siren's gone ah and that is all for today Richmond to win. I think by probably six or seven goals today's edition of the briefing was produced juice by Reese James and Daniel Beach Research by Baluchi and we'll Higginbotham studio manager well Steph Chungu. I'm Andrew Miller. Thanks for listening have a terrific weekend

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