It Doesnt Cost Anything To Show Some Kindness


Welcome back to american billiard radio. Today is friday november thirteenth s friday the thirteenth. Hopefully everyone will have good luck today and we know it's friday tournaments sometimes kick off on friday. We do have a lot of tournaments coming up this week. And i'll get to those my interview. This week is with the twenty twenty jerry. Bryce south instructor of the year. Roy pastor We talked to roy a couple years ago about his break and run program and this week we touch on that again as well as a new program that he's put together he also talks about what got him into pool and that sort of thing i know last week i had teased that we were also going to have raw hannah on the show this week but honestly the interview with roy ran longer than i thought it was going to so we decided just to stick with the interview with roy in the news. This week Really there wasn't a whole lot. The viking cues q city nine ball tour. They were scheduled to have an event. I can't make this up at a room called still clucking in providence north carolina. You don't you wouldn't see a pool. Room called still clocking in arizona but it's just a different region so anyway. They had their event scheduled. It's still clocking and the authorities contacted the room and said hey if you guys have a bunch of players in there we're gonna come in. Shut you down. So they cancelled the event but Tour director. Herman parker contacted randolph's billiards. Just three hours down the road in hickory north carolina and they had a sixteen player event. There that one was won by doug young. I guess doug had relocated to texas for a few years and this was kind of his welcome back tournament win and fans out there. Expect to see a lot more of him in the winner's circle now that he's back. The other event was the j. p. our northeast women's tour. They were at triple nine. In elkridge maryland caroline pow to tournaments in a row. This time she held off ashley boroughs in the finals. Like i say this was caroline's second straight tour stop win. And she's only played in tour stops. You know you don't see caroline's name in a regional tour stopped where she just had a decent finish. You don't see four tied for fifth something like that. When she comes out to play on an event like that she usually does really well. I had a chance to talk to caroline real briefly. And i asked her how she's able to keep her a game when she isn't out there playing in as many events and and with that opportunity to stay in stroke. I do get to practice Because i am lucky i have. I do have a table at home. So i'm able to practice on my own home But even through the whole coded Our our situation now Workwise it has been very steady so we are lucky that through online sales. And and with this. I guess support of the billiards community and the customers We're still doing very well and steadily. So we're very lucky in that aspect so yeah combination of work and practice and also you know the other stuff that you do. Endorse home cooking and exercising. It's it's it's definitely a different experience. But i think it's been a very I guess healthy and Learning more about yourself pipota experience and you know like a lot of us who have tables at home myself included just having a table at home doesn't mean that you're actually getting on. It's an and practicing that often. I asked caroline just how often she really gets a chance to be on that table and practicing during all of this. You know how it is when you have a table home. It doesn't mean that you would be practicing and spending all your time on it During the beginning. Part of the whole lockdown Definitely didn't really play a whole lot just because there wasn't really any events I do try to practice for the wpa. Most of the well actually all of the events this year except for the first one in january cancelled so there wasn't really a whole lot practice for and so and that's kind of a nice break. I guess and I took advantage of that and of but With some recent tournaments coming up and the situation i think covert has been a little bit better and people are more aware and they wear masks and they try to keep safe That's when i started practicing more but it's still isn't i mean you know i tried to put in. Maybe i don't know five hours a week. So it's you know yeah so it. Yeah definitely It's something though that's really. I guess you know just to keep you in shape like i mentioned. We have a ton going on this weekend. During the height of the pandemic. You would go weekends where there weren't any tournaments but that is certainly not the case this weekend. Let see sunshine state pro. Am tour bar box championship in sanford florida. At racks billiards oscar dominguez emeka imminent are getting together for a a little ten thousand dollar. One pocket challenge match. Neither oscar. Or mika are really known for their one pocket games so that should be an interesting challenge match to watch the action pool tours in virginia for the virginia state eight ball championship arizona. Women's tour is holding their first event back. From pandemic that is their scotch doubles. I think got thirty two teams. That's at main street. Billiards in mesa. We've also got a new england. Nine ball tour. Stop anna q city. Nine ball tour. Stop and don't forget next weekend. Racks billiards in sanford florida. Again i annual mucci classic. That's looking to be about one hundred fifty hundred and sixty players. And at the same time in florida tony chauhan and scott frost for a little one pocket challenge match between a couple of guys who are fairly well known for their one pocket game so again our interview. This week is roy. Pass store roy again. Won the twenty. Twenty jerry bryce ath- instructor of the year award. That's pretty sporty. When you can have an instructor of the year award named after you. I'll i'll date myself here and ask if that's kinda like the john larroquette best supporting actor in a comedy series award and yes. If you've got that you've also dated yourself. So i talked to roy about the brake run program that we had discussed two years ago and then he also has a new program that he just kicked off this year that he wanted to talk about. It's kind of a long interview and you know if your the type of listener whose jonesing for oh man you know. I played down and i got the guy to finally raise the two thousand iraq and then i beat him. That's not this kind of interview. If you're interv- interested in the future of pool for juniors and for instruction then this is your kind of interview so again without further ado. I give you roy. Pastor very proud to be joined by the twenty twenty jerry bryce south billiard instructor of year roy. Pass store roy. How are things very well mike. Thanks appreciate having me on your shirt. So what was the call like when you found out that you are the instructor of the year while i was i was a little bit surprised when because in the past it's been a Voting process so these structures would be nominated. I was nominated last year as well. And then there would be a Ah ballot in effect sent out to the membership and people would vote. This year was election by committee. So Bob jewett led. the led the committee this year. And i'm not sure how many people were on the committee or even who was on it but I had not been aware that they had made the transition from the ballot to to the committee selection. Sorry it took me off guard even with the timing. But i was very happy to receive it well from looking over your bio and and we talked a couple years ago about one of the programs that you are putting together but you're involved in so much more than just that Junior program we had talked about Looking over the list of things that you've done. I mean you've been doing this for twenty plus years. It's been a lot of fun. It's been really a labor of a passion for me. I love doing it. I love working with the kids. I started playing. When i was very young about nine years old. But i had no one. My parents parents didn't know how to play my. I had no friends with teach me. And i didn't really have an opportunity to receive instruction And i thought that would be a good thing to give back to the industry. I have a funny story with the involving. Willie mosconi eleven years old. I had already gotten the buck and lost. Coney was my was my hero. And i'm sitting here by my office looking at. I have a framed picture of willie us. Coney on the wall was assigned eight ball. And i'll tell you why. I keep that but my dad when i was about eleven years old. We didn't grow up in new york and we didn't have much money so my dad but mosconi was doing an exhibition match the golden cue billiards hall and queens boulevard and in queens so we took the bus and You know it was fifty cents. Whatever it was for the bus and we went down. And i was. I want my best outfit. that's closed. I was so happy to see lilly and we got to see the match. After the match was over will he was selling a book which i have a desperate little red book that he was selling time and my dad asked him if he could take a picture with me standing next to him and really asked if we would his book and And my dad didn't have the money sees. He died camp the book. So we'll he said well i'll tell you what i'll do said i'll let you take picks tim standing next to me but i won't look at him not buying my book and i still have that picture today. I stood next to him while he was giving an interview. And my dad took the picture but he wouldn't look at me for the picture because we didn't have to buy the book from so i keep a picture. Willie my office To remind me to jerk to people because because the fifty one is over fifty years. I've been covering that story And you know. I was devastated at the time i was telling that story and it could have been a much different story that i could've told for the last fifty could have been telling much different story so i guess in my mind what i'd like to do with fifty years from now i'd like to be when when they're telling stories about me. I liked it to be not to be a story that i was jerk. So so so They've been part of my motivation. All these last twenty years was soon as you started talking about an instructional book from william on my thoughts. Were that little red book. How many of us have that little red book. Well i have it now. I was at an auction. And i purchased the several hundred dollars. I purchased Autograph ball and an a framed picture. I keep it and people think that. I keep it because at of admiration and i really keep it just to remind myself a little humbling to remind myself every day that it doesn't cost anything To to to to show some kindness and some empathy once in a while so so for me it was worth the the price in purchasing the picture. Now when i when. I was looking over the information about what you would accomplished in some of the things that you go buy something that really jumped out at me was a statement that you made and i'll read it for the listeners. Who aren't familiar with it. And it goes as there is one goal held by all successful instructors and coaches and that is to create a learning environment that provides maximum opportunity for each of our students to reach their full potential. This should not be measured in terms of trophies or accolades but rather the acquisition of discipline work ethic teamwork confidence and integrity. Accolades and success will follow each student. Accordingly that's That's pretty deep. I appreciate i think in my mind. It's pretty straightforward. And it's pretty simple. I i mean. I didn't teaching i. I teach adults to. But i. But i really. I focused instruction and coaching with the kids. And i've never charged I charge adults. But i've never charged junior play for instruction in the twenty years i've been doing this and i've i've instructed anybody that walks through the door so i have my my style. I'm doing a lot of online instruction now but primarily past twenty years. I show up at a local hall the same time every week I opened it up. The the owner gave me the keys many years ago and whoever walks through the door train that's it. I have an hour of instruction followed by Some league play or supervised Supervised play or tournament. But mostly mostly i put the kids in the league and team and the kids the the instruction portions always been But if they show up for it. I have the i have them work. But opening it up to everybody no tryouts for what i do with the kids Everybody that walks through the door gets trained. So i've had kids with with physical challenges. Are that kids with with autism. Come in and the family brings some in. I've had kids with All kinds of emotional physical challenges. And then i have kids who are athletic. Who who who are are successful in other sports when they come inside this wide gap now have to measure success differently I've had i had one junior player that had a number of challenges. And i took him to the junior nationals Two years before he age that in my program and i still keep in touch with him. He's doing great but at the last two years. I took him to the two years. I took him to the junior nationals. I think he won one rack. He didn't win a match. He want iraq and when he won that rack everybody stood up and applauded including his opponent understand ovation and for me that was just as satisfying just as much success as when my other kids have won national championship titles so when i talk about having the kids fulfill their potential that varies for each individual but everybody i have not that one student that was not able to to achieve something To improve in some way Using using pool and billiards as a as a vehicle. Because that's really what it is it's vehicle To learn these skills for personal growth. The the winning championship isn't isn't the end game. What really jumps out of me. There is it's so easy to major success based on what you've won and and you have certainly lead your your students to a lot of success that way too. I mean you. You have have trained kids who have gone on in one junior national events a whole bunch of yes but ice train those kids every week right alongside the kids. He show up for the first day or the kids who will never win a championship But just trying to improve their their their developing friendships. They're developing disciplined developing. Work ethic developing. Lots of lots of things and there. They are successful as well. And and i take about fifteen kids a year on average to the junior nationals. And most and i have a bunch of the successful but i know some of my know are not going to be in the final four but it is a big deal for them to come to the junior nationals. Big deal for them to wear a shirt and be on the national stage It is It is an accomplishment. And you know it's it's easy to miss that if all you're focusing in the trophies too trophies are actually pretty easy. They show up if you just if you're just working on the process if you just working on the development of the the skills what the kids need to be successful trophy so come and on the quote that you read You about the accolades coming to the students. Accordingly variables in that. You know we have Some kids have a lot of natural talent. Some kids are put in the time. They've they've You know they have different skill sets. It doesn't and they will get the trophies but to have the other kids even be part of the team that we take down there is. is very satisfying to everybody. It's i can't tell you. Sometimes i feel like i get parents all the time me the passes grape. You charge any money for this. I said you cannot imagine how how much i do. Get out of this As the person i get. I get so much out of this i i feel i feel grateful all the time that i have an opportunity to teach these kids and and it can't always be about money. Every year i try to raise. I tried to weighs about five to seven thousand dollars a year in fundraisers to help travel to some of these kids don't have the resources to make the trip and i don't wanna make Be about money. So i've kids joined my program. I tried to make it realistic. That if they were caught they show up. They work hard. They they focus They make the effort that i'll be able to give them an avenue to travel to either run playing the states state championships local tournaments and also to have a means of path to go to the junior nationals. And how long have you been taking students to the junior nationals prophet. Probably longer than anybody. Probably about about fifteen years. Maybe i started that. Probably an i and i'm losing track with baby somewhere. Two thousand three two thousand four and it's been it's been a process so i mean i've learned a lot about how to teach and how to instruct and in the last in the last six years or the last not this year but because of covert but for the last six years that Went to the. We went to the national's i've had at least two and up to three or four of my students chosen from junior nationals. To be on the american team to represent The united states in the world's so. I've had an opportunity to travel to china into saying hi Russia into moscow. A couple of times with the kids last year we went cyprus. It's a it's an incredible experience for the kids and it's been pretty pretty cool for me to add a lot a lot of fun. I've gone a couple of years is a assistant coach to the american team. I've got to see some of these kids grow up You know. And because i've been doing it so long i've had a lot of my junior age of the program and many of them still keep in touch and the you know it's it's really terrific to see when you talk about the junior world program it makes me think of atlantic challenge cup Which dudakovic's was canceled for this year. It it sounds li- iq that event may be cancelled for good And america did not have the most success. You know it probably not the success that was hoped for in that event How do you compare the junior talent. If for in america to the junior talent. Let's say in europe. I think. I think we have lots of talent in the united states and was certainly in the last few years there. There are more on more opportunities all the time for junior players that difference between european countries and the united states is that most of the european team come from states where there are state. Funded junior programs The was talking to one of the coaches i. I set up a couple of facebook pages. The kids to keep in touch during covert and One of them is international. And i've i've was speaking for one of the coaches in slovenia last week. And he mentioned to me that they have fifteen hundred selena's lot smaller united states in that country alone the fifteen hundred school programs where they have pool tables in the schools and and trained coaches And they have all the resources. The same thing is true in poland and and in russia. Russia has a phenomenal program Few years back about four years ago we were in the world in shanghai and the world tournament was held in in a chinese middle school. It was a middle school in this middle. School had a large room with sixteen nine foot. Tables eight twelve foot regulation snooker tables full-time coach q lockers around and this is a big part of the the school program in the country and never mind the program that they have in beijing where they have a sports school where the kids go live there and it's pretty intense but we don't have state we don't have those kinds of resources apply so what we have to do as a country is figure out a way to develop a national standard We don't we don't we haven't really had that. I think there's too. Many there are a lot of regional programs. There's a lot of individual pockets of people. Coaching here and there There are a bunch of people who don't really know how to teach coach that start programs and you know nothing really comes of it because they don't have the training they don't have the know how or the resources to do it properly so well we need to do is we need to have a a more broad program that we did have something like that in the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties. The boys clubs of american out. And i know that now the boys and girls clubs but if you look at some of the old bbc books From that time period late fifties early sixties. You'll see that. An and i know the program extended beyond that. But if you look at the. Bca rule books on the back of the rubik's have they'll have all of the Have all of the lists of the championships for that year. They'll have you know luther lassiter. They'll have us going. Though the all of the great players and all the championships they want they will also have the national championships at boys clubs because they were holding local regional statewide and national championships through the boys clubs. Today if you go into almost any boys and girls club you'll find an old pool table. There's still there the generally beat up You know they're in terrible condition clauses ripped but there's still there people have just forgotten why they're so You know i've always. I've always be putting putting programs in the schools like europe like they do in europe where they have statewide programs. It's not really feasible. United states because every little town every city every all the school boards. And and everybody's got different budgetary concerns. They have. There's not really the infrastructure. But i've always maintained that if we could get one of our national organizations to take the lead It would be doable to go in to the boys and girls clubs and start a national program and now even more so. Because i've gone gone into a bunch of them in new england and i know that there are other people out in Tarmacking out in in Chicago area has done a lot with the boys and girls clubs so that they every boys and girls club now also has a computer room so you could take what i'm doing for instance on online instruction i'm teaching programs. I'm supporting programs now. Just not just students and you could access this infrastructure We might have. We might have a chance to To have our own version of a national program for now. I think what we're doing with. The bbc is doing with the break and run program is. That's how best for the moment of creating some sort of national standard where we're able to to provide curriculum training Support not just the kids but to junior programs online on an online basis. But i think we have the potential But it's very hard to get that kind of of Leadership to go. After what i think we really need. And can you elaborate a little bit on the on the break and run program. How exactly it works. Okay the break and run program is a program that the bbc now you have to. I have to take a moment and And i and i have to mention by name. Chain tyree and rob johnson from the bbc because the break and run program came about a little over two years ago. So because they reached out to the Pba the professionally instructors association and they said look. We want to do something for the industry we want. What what programs can we. What programs can we develop. That will will help. The sport will help the industry. Not just what you can get out of it. We what can we do for the industry and And i thought that that in of itself in a time when a lot of players and a lot of lot of industry players are are looking for some sort of weight some sort of edge. I thought that was a very That was a good starting point for the kind of things we need to do. So the we started to break and run program and I had i had come up with the initial template for it so they put me in charge. Because i i said something and It's really it's an online training program focused on On teaching and coaching separate those two things teaching and coaching junior players and the our initial mandate was to offer free instruction and coaching the junior players. Who did not have the resources or access to To instruction throughout the united states and kim about the idea was because i had gone so many times to the junior nationals and they've gone to the world and i cannot tell you how many times family somebody would come up to me and say you know. I'm the pastor we We wished we live near you. Because we don't have anybody like you. We don't have you know. We're going to joe down at the local pub and he's showing my son a few things but we don't have a real instructor access to real instructor or they just don't have the money to pay for it. So that was that was the impetus really to get this thing started. So it's kind of it's kind of grown since our initial mandate my initial problem Because i i started using curriculum. The curriculum that we're using basically is what i've developed over. The last twenty is for my two new programs in new england. I have three brick and mortar training programs to in massachusetts and one in new hampshire. So it's really the curriculum. Because that's what i had and Initially i thought that There would be a an outpouring of support. From lots of instructs. I i i had trouble with that. Initially some of the older instructors some had difficulty with The technology. Because i'm using. I'm using the internet. I'm using facebook. I'm using 'cause the kids will have facebook. I'm using zoom amusing. You know google meetings some using anything that we could reach the kids And some of them are uncomfortable with that. Some of them were uncomfortable with the fact that i insisted and the pca embraced The fact that it would be free that this would be a service to our industry The ppi instructors in my opinion are the professional there. The professional instructors and coaches for our country many of many of our past tournaments and events. We relied on celebrity now celebrities. Not a bit thing. We have some celebrity players that are also accredited instructors and taliban instructs but they don't always match up the and some of our instructors are former pros as well but really that part of it we have to understand that the professional instruction and professional coaching. That's what the pba is is about so to be in this program. You have to volunteer and you have to be an credited credited instruct somebody in this problem the very roundabout way of saying it and this problem was i didn't have enough instructors so i didn't we weren't able to promote the program as much as I would have wanted to because it would. Just be me until we got the program. Instructors built up slowly in the last two years we've been able to be able to access a lot of the younger instructors so we have a lot of Energetic instruct. A lot of instructors who and some who've been not all been around for a while that have come around to the idea and we have a lot of younger instructors who are very familiar with the technology you know an online school in online teaching program. It's not a big deal to these because this is something that they're familiar with. It's certainly something very familiar to our kids especially especially nowadays and what we do is we have Sorry created a databank and And i have a lot of demonstrations shots that are that are filmed using other kids now. Fortunately i had access from my three junior programs so And then what we do. Is we use a combination of of assume of interaction with the student and their family. We use combination of exchanging of of videos There's a lot of coaching involved. So the students will actually livestream some of their some of their matches. If they're playing the tournament. We use a lot of facebook pages. So for instance. If you were to send your child to bring your child over to the program. I would ask for three to four minute. Video of the child's normal practice routine and i use that to assess skill level and assigned instructor. Could be myself could be one of the other instructors. If i assigned instructor i'll try to also assign to maybe one or two or three newer instructors shadow The lead instructor on that case so those instructors are learning the curriculum and learning the methodology abs- as with teaching the students. Then what we'll do is we take that student step by. Step everything from how to stand how to hold the bridge. Had where to your fingers where to put your everything to To just did a class on Nine wall breaking had to read the rack and had a consistently get in the win ball and a lot of these things that you can use it find on the internet. But it's really geared towards the kids and it's geared towards each kid so we act as not just instructive but coach. So they'll i'll get you know. I'll be home watching tv and i'll get a message to email saying roy. My son or my daughter is having problems with this. What do you think and You know then they'll work with the parent and try to analyze. What's going on and find the solution. So it's it's extraordinarily. It's i have to tell you that. It's more effective than i. Than i thought it could have been the youngest student. We have in the program. Right now is six years old was doing great. And then we have Eight nine ten year olds You know thirteen fifteen up to i think seventeen or eighteen is the oldest. We have right now in the group besides that it's actually developed even a little bit further than that so now I was contacted originally so now. We have you know we have a lot of good foundation of instructors We have a. We have a growing student population We have an and now. We've branched out to assist the development and the growth of other junior programs. So i've been contacted by june other junior programs in the united states. I'd also working with the junior program in poland That an instructor middle school instructor had contacted me and You know asked me for some assistance. And so i've been providing them curriculum and assistance support With his school program. i just started working now with with i'm actually in the process of training and accrediting an instructor in cape town. South africa does a gentleman in africa. Right now who started a school program with one hundred and forty schools and twenty five hundred students and they came to me. And i'm going to be helping them put. We'll put together a curriculum for those kids and the methodologies the right now he's he's taking my online course For my online school and he will be able to credit him an accredited instructor and he'll be teaching the same and in that population. They'll be using the same materials to same curriculum. Same teaching methods that i'm using here that my other the other instructors using in poland that that I have my three physical problems grams. In new england they're using and then the other locations and in the united states using so right now. This is what i said previously about right now at this i in my mind our best bet to establish a national standard. That's why because now we have the ability to reach trained instructors and reach a very broad populace that leads into the american online pool. School which is something you created this year right so this is something that i've wanted to do several years but i just didn't have the time so i was in vegas in march 'cause i i own a i own a very large. Usa pooley on the watch us usa pool league in the united states and I was in vegas with my poll players that the a usa pl national that when the country shut down all of my lead shutdown everything shut down to state. Where and i was in vegas and that night. I started working on the school because i knew i was going to have some time so i took i took advantage of it. Took me a little time and and that the school is still a working very much a work in progress. i'm. I've gotten some very good People to join me. Mike to shane will be joining me as an instructor. I have a Instructor in australia that i've that took this program and i was able to certifies as an american instructor And we're talking about trying to put together a class or costs on snooker in our school And i've been able to credit Lots of people but anyway the one of the first question that i developed in the American online poll school. It was the pba accreditation costs. And i had a couple of. I had a couple of Reasons to make that my first cost. I is that is a great way for me to recruit other instructors for my break for the run program so these instructors. He's a newer instructors. That i've act the to now. I'm able to train Familiar with the curriculum that that we're using They pass meet all the requirements of the pba for accreditation and then And then we could do it very reasonably at a very reasonable price. Because they don't have to fly out somewhere for three days and take class so they can for a fraction of the cost they could be trained become accredited as a pba instructor and then the majority of them are many of them. Have because you know in the last day. I say here's your certificate history paperwork and by the way how would you like to see further training and to break and run program Because what i'll do is. I'll put them in as shadow instructor with another lead instructor in the break and run program. So they're thrilled with because they get additional training over and beyond minimum requirements for accreditation They to learn a whole different teaching methodology. That's online And they get back to the industry right off the bat so it's a win win situation so that's one of the reasons that i have been A growing stable of of instructors for the brain run program many of them. I've been able to accredit train credit in this online pool school. So it's been it's it's and there's no geographic limitations. So for instance. We have one find new. Instructors is is the instructor from from australia. He's a terrific guy. he's experienced upper coach and and he's in the proper so we got to. We get a lot of a lot of exchange materials. Lot of ideas. The gentleman from South capetown. He's about halfway through the cost. Now that is working with the twenty five hundred students in south africa. He's an experienced player in south africa. But he is experienced player on the professional level south africa. But it didn't really have structure training restructure for teaching. So this is this is perfect for what he's going to be able to present his students and we have other Similar situations across the united states. So i think it's a it's developed originally my my notion my vision of of this for the bca. The bbc a asked you know what can we do for the so the industry and and the it was my idea to offer free instruction and coaching. But my i envisioned that all the instructors would want to do it and you know they would. They would set up online coaching or teaching relationship with some students. And that would be a good thing. But it's It didn't go exactly the way. I thought but i think it's developed into something much larger and they much better than i thought would be if a parent is looking for information on how to get their their kids involved in the breaking run program. Where can they go to get more information they go to. Dc a website. It's bca Dash pool dot com and when they go to the in the bar the blue bar on top of the page They can click on learn pool after. Click on learn pooled. And they'll find another tab that says junior instruction and that'll take them to the pba vca And the program for the break and run program that will tell them how to sign up and And how to get involved and if you're one of the got millions of people who are interested in helping as an adult and trying to further the the sport for the juniors how would you get involved or where would you find information on the american online pool school program. That's a Www american pool. School dot com roy. It sounds like you've accomplished quite a bit Again congratulations on the award. That also sounds very very well deserved and looking forward to talking again here in the future about what you've built next check in was being about six months we'll talk again. All right sounds good okay. That was roy. Roy strikes me as another one of those guys. There are so many of them in the pool world that they just are constantly doing things. they're constantly creating things and you know it's it's guys like that. That have helped to make this game. I'm going to say what it is. But i say that as a compliment. Not my usual. Oh the game is struggling in the game would be struggling a whole lot more if it weren't for the guys in the industry like roy and there's a number of others and and i don't need to name names of all of them. We all know who these guys are. Okay so again. That was our episode this week. Next week we will definitely have rhianna talking about his is big junior coming up and who knows what else will have with with everything. That's going down this weekend so again. Thanks for listening to the show. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day and dave. We are always thinking about you.

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