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Welcome to still untitled. Trust I'm well I've Adam and I'm norm. Hey, everybody. Hey! Will you're treating you? You're in a black void. Today I was looking forward to seeing what fancy background you WANNA buy. Okay along. Let's see we got. You know what it's. It's in this time. It's really the little things that little little kind of things that are that. Take me away from the day to day like. Background you're going to bring into our zoom call that I look forward to, and I'm being serious that what was that? Was that called? Neil degrasse Tyson's pajamas. The Star Scape. His Pajamas or I'm sure he wears one of those really long sleeping caps. This is one of the God. Really. This is one of the twenty fifth anniversary. Hubble images. Which one but I think it's the it's a Nebula of some kind. It's nebulous what the picture is actually. I have never. Lewis Well Duncan just well well as your figuring, you're scrolling through back on the people listening to audio, who can't see it? I. WanNa I WANNA, talk about well last week. You, of course. If you listen to the PODCAST, we We had a conversation here and on this is only a test about what's going on the world. And it was as if you've listened to what it was Kinda. Hard conversation for even us to talk through and verbalize and and I want to thank people for listening because the feedback was really encouraging. Feedback was like so encouraging I was really I really moved by Yeah. Our conversation built accepted and processed, and that's what we were doing. We were. We were situation for what it is and tempting to process it with each other, and of course we're all doing that with ourselves. But it, it is incumbent on us as all of us as citizens going through just really difficult time in the world. To process this stuff and talk honestly about it and I. Very I was very chuffed to use a British. Wonderful British word I was just to see the response to our conversation last week and there was. Always do all in agreement with us which I thought was not only expected, but also really welcome because even those of you out there who don't fully agree with US agree with you know certain things. Their responses. We're thoughtful. Paragraphs in paragraphs sharing hell, they think about it and how it may have changed, and you could see that you know. The the the range of opinions is too wide spectrum, and we're hopefully all at least engaging in a dialogue I. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of lining, which is always nice in those kinds of conversations I also people sharing heartfelt. And challenging their preconceptions, which was all all you can ask for I think. In that kind of cut especially on Youtube I also got a ton of. A good book suggestions and then some resources we're talking to kids about what's going on. which is one of the things I had asked at the end of the show. Yeah, Pop Up more and more to will, it's funny. I ended up just. We record the Monday last week and I talked. Talk my daughter on Monday evening because the JOE is out because. You couldn't not talk about it based on what was going on. We're talking about school in your conference calls and stuff like that and We. Just I just explained what was. Hey, we link isolate. What was going on to the best like I didn't open? It didn't simplify things and she was like. Oh! I knew things were. Bad for people you know, but I didn't realize in, and we had a good conversation about so you know the other thing that happened after our podcast last week was last Wednesday. We hit you San Francisco had a massive, massive and super peaceful protest. That started here in the mission and moved through the streets and ended at the police station. And I spent about two hours in the middle of that protests. I don't know if you guys attended, but it was. Really moving and really amazing just as one note. I wanted to point out like everyone's been saying. What about Cova transmission, and I can only speak to the protests that I was in, but here in the bay area there was not a sick, the only face not covered with with a mask, was young, African American up on a horse in the middle of eighteenth and Dolores Street. Street but besides that every human I could see was wearing a mask in two hours is spent in this dense crowd. I brushed against maybe three people. That's how assiduously the crowd was maintaining a distance as the time as being super unified, it was it was a beautiful experience to be part of in just as covert as a pandemic health crisis. You know this very much. Reality and the institutional racism that we're talking about. Is Health crisis as well well to be honest? I it will go down in history in protests, history as one of the great self owns of all cell phones that to to battle protesters peacefully protesting police brutality. The police broke out a whole bunch of eighty. I mean yeah, every single one of those videos of people getting shot or pelted with pepper, spray or Whatever, whatever warner dispersal. Reporters getting whacked with shields. All of that illustrates the exact point that people are there for. It's engendering this like we were talking about with the podcast, a set of really really important conversations where I think. Culturally, the overton window is shifting in the in in a way that I am hopeful about. Jeff. It also brings to light that the type of dialogue. We send social media and we talked about last week. How social media as much as it's a tool to propagate the sugar radiation? And facilitate conversation to some extent, the the vary. By nature the the short form. format of it. doesn't allow for a lot of context to be shared allows a lot of things be taken. In ways that they weren't meant to be taken. which way that conflict? It's fueled. It's the ultimate. Take Right. And you couple that with the fact that everyone can scupper social media to be the bubble that they want so it feeds them I mean, and these machines have been weaponized. To use a specific word, but purposefully have been weaponized deliver us, precisely what we want to see what what fulfills our world, no matter what it may in the platforms that give everyone of a platform of voice to post on as an account also makes these. Mixed everything feel more personal to you. Where if someone if we took a stand against racism, you know people feel like. If even if they don't want to take a, they're being called racists in in it makes the ability to criticism. brings that to light like the inability for people to to take criticism and take things very personally which happens in you know. It's amplifies basically all the kind of conflict avoidance. The ways that conflict rise up in day to day interactions in workplace. All of that just gets. multiplied. Yep Well. I mean and also find me the person who can take criticism easily under all circumstances I mean. We all, it's something that we all have to have to come to terms with over the course of our lives, and especially eight tenths and especially intense. There's there's hey. You could have done a better job on this report at work. And then there's hey, maybe you're a racist. This whole time when you thought you were doing good things and those are two wildly different types of criticism, and it's really really hard to take serious criticism and and listen when somebody challenges deeply-held beliefs. Yep, so props to people who have a yes or are working for it as probably we all are. It's also a lot. Like we had a a conference car weekly meeting amongst. Them and. There's we have this every week. Have tested. The whole team gets together on zoom to chatted off into chat about the week. The catch up on our lives and talking about the business of the week. And what's going on, and it's Cetera this week. Man was so hilarious because it was like it was like the Brady bunch with the depression filter. Oh No. It was all like this was like? Those like you all look like I feel like yeah pretty much. And, that's because. Those little, there's so much and we're all internalizing it, and as active as we can be I, it's. It's very draining right Which is why we know that a lot of people tune in and watch what we make of as a way to kind of balance, what's going on in the world and their own lives and well right right right I, mean I very much appreciate that people feel like the videos that were put now are a safe space to kind of. Down regulate, and that that's a that feels important, right? That's I use. This does that. I watch for the same exact reason kind of get my head straighted. You know every day carries with it so every day carries with it so many weird hidden. Strange feelings and it was fascinating to see the whole tested team kind of feel downtrodden because. We're three months into this. We're. About the Twelfth Week. Am I right? That's right. Yeah, and you know. Despite the fact that I'm lucky enough to have this up the monotony of not doing anything, but coming here five days a week spending the weekends driving around the bay area with the dog. The monotony's to me and it's getting to everybody. Yeah Yeah. I think I hit one hundred. Ninety five days right now. Wow and It's. I mean it's funny. Because the things I really look forward to talking to you guys and talking to Brad on the other podcast, so I do regularly, and and and the moments it's it's funny. My grandmother used to tell stories about the blitz when I was a kid who she was seventeen when the Germans started bombing London on the rag, and I completely misunderstood those stories looking at them now because she she would tell a story about one of her neighbors on her block. You know scout everybody in the block working together to scrounge enough eggs and enough flour and sugar to make a wedding cake for somebody WHO's getting married. During during rationing. And I would, and then they'd all come together and come to the wedding, and they all have you know a literal bite sized piece of cake so that everybody can have as many people as possible to have a little bit of the cake. And you know when you're ten and you're hearing this story thinking Oh shit, that's terrible. Nobody got the cake and like this cake. Was this huge sacrifice but now? You think about the things that break up the monotony of the regular, and and make make things in, and not just to be clear the thing we're going through it. It's it's awful. It's tragic. TON OF PEOPLE WHO've died. I don't think it's the same as being bombed every every night by I. You know the fastest I. Yeah yeah, but but I. Don't think it's any anything close to a couple of, but I can understand that the value. And I thought this was I thought these stories. The point is I thought these stories of how horrible it was during the about. Privation and what they are stories of banding together and. They're wonderful stories about humanity finding ways to make the best of an awful situation so yet like Gina and my daughter decorated the hallway in our house. They do this thing at school every every year called Oceans Week where they study a different part of the ocean, and they usually decorate the entire school, and and they were like. Let's just decorate the hallway. I'll put some pictures on twitter later, but they may jellyfish out of Lake, paper lanterns, and papered the whole wall, and there's coral reefs, and there's died goals and the whole thing. Like every time I walk down the hallway. It makes me smile, so so do something ridiculous in your house is. On that front We hung a bunch of pictures in our basement and garage recently because we freed up a wall and one of the things that we did not move from. That is the seal that my son thing one. Painted and stapled together as a kind of paper pillow for exactly that project at Mira Loma at this point like. Twelve years ago. That's awesome. Yeah, I. Mean I hope that years down the line. We look at this time. It's going to be worn as seach changes actually happen of course, but we're also going to see the quarantine in lockdown period, which we don't know how long you know, we could be at the very beginning of this could be other year another year and a half two years until a vaccine, but a time the that fosters creativity, an introspection right on the and people being home and having more time themselves. Is One to make people more thoughtful. And to maybe want to see a lot of really cool creative output from it from now literature to different types of storytelling You know we've gone through the people improving their home video production phase. That was the first month we've gone through those the bread making phase. The I'm in the REDO. The house phase where like okay I'm like I'm so looking at the same walls, the same setup and literally this past weekend we spent two days literally cleaning reverse in the living room, just putting everything on the opposite side. Nothing is better I've listened. We did this over the past couple of years. We've done a major reorganized our house and frankly. What it's led. Do US always parts of Your House that you use, and then there's parts of your house to get relegated for storage, or maybe that project never finished one weekend. And the long, and the short of the reward that we did just meant that we're using every part of our house for using every corner of it, and it's really efficient, and we got a bunch of stuff out for donation, and that just felt really Cathartic. We did that early in the lockdown. It's taking stock. Taking stock of all the things you see accumulated, and you know just as. It's being introspective in a way that you relate to the place you live your. Home and to to be able to have space. Yeah, indeed it. It's It's funny. The paper towel paper towels become kind of a metaphor for for the way we've changed in our house. Because you know, we just use paper towels completely thoughtlessly, and and you need you need some. Wipe up three dots of water on the county. You're gotTA. Pay, swiping. And I'm like. Wow, what a Christ! What an Asshole! Katie Coleman at Org camp a few years ago, did it talk and she was telling us how like she, in Shell Shell Unger and we're talking about how they bathe, and how they use consumable stuff on the station and Katie said she would get a paper towel when she was on orbit and she would use it. She used one little tiny corner one day, and then she'd folded up and put it someplace, and this is blocking us at the next viper mouth when she was eating lunch, or whatever and then you know, then she would use every single piece of the. Amazing, an enduring the first. Two months of this when paper goods were in tight supply. I think we use tools, paper towels, and most of them were for things like you really don't WanNa use we got. We got a bunch of rags, and you know got some districts out and started using that stuff for more things than we were before. Really no change, no I mean. It meant that when we watched the towels every other day, there was a few more things in the washing machine using paper towel paper. Now Claw towels, cloth, Napkins and stuff like that. It's like it's little. Doesn't have an impact on anything. No, but it means I probably we both. My wife and I grew up in households in the seventy S. where paper towels were the napkins, not the smell. Like, and so we joked down the paper. Towels are fencing Napkins, we say. Is No. You got the select a size. Ones out there. They're perfect. They're exactly the right size face. Yep, exactly exactly life. That's that's. Good rag is. A precious thing? I mean it's. Like I feel in a weird mood great 'cause last week we were dressing very intense stuff that was going on, and this result is still going on still going every night. And With the video proof majority of the City Council of Minneapolis voting to call the police department, it feels like a glimmer of real hope. It feels like the possibility of genuine change and the number of people carefully explaining what fund the police means on twitter. that does not mean we are going to have any policemen. There are certainly some libertarians arguing for that, but I don't think anybody is seriously educating that as a real world solution to our problems, and that's not what the police means. It makes me again the discussion ill substantively. Slightly different and that feels hopeful it. On one hand I agree on the other hand I watched for four years half of the people on my feet, saying that when Colin Kaepernick, took a knee and Yaps, athletes took knees. They were being rude to the police or the flag, or whatever nonsense Republicans think and you know on the other hand it. It could not have been made more clear by everyone involved I know was about. Extrajudicial killings police violence, so you know. Totally totally true by the way. Have you guys seen John Oliver show this week. It's very good. I've never seen him this angry. Not even close and it's. It's rhetorically beautiful, and also Seth Meyers and his team who just got back? They all Colbert Seth Meyers took a week long break last week. They're back this week. And all of them are on fire. They are. They have dispensed with the idea of comedy. Not It's not that they're not funny. It's that they are speaking truth to power We've been watching tons of bear and seth this week, and it's just been amazing. William Own Chinchilla. Astronauts and we talked about last week. Was the SPACEX launch as Dragon. Their historical. Yes, and there was a whole delay two weeks ago. You're getting ready Adam to how to do A. livestream with discovery watching launch of course as well no now. Because! It was pushed the Saturday, and then it went off without a hitch launch work. Yeah, my Gosh! What's landed? Totally historic. Private. Prided Company got. Cooperation with NASA got to human beings into space. Completely amazing. It's. It's funny, we. I mean obviously that happened was nineteen eighty-one I. Remember sitting around at age six watching that my daughters about the same age we sat down and watched it. She was really really bored with the whole thing right up until the moment the rocket launch, and then it is the most cool thing in. Just, wait, you're about to see some really cool business. The videos much better now than it was when we were kid when I was a kid. I I've never seen a I. Mean I've never seen daytime. Rocket Launch I think the one I went for insight. Couple of years ago was through Hayes, and so we could hear it, but not see it, but I hear that. The brightness of it is something that you cannot really communicate. Even with video, just how bright that rocket is, even like the little ones that I've seen from far away because you know when you're in Florida at Disney, and they launched something from Canaveral. You can see it the minute after launch or whatever you still see them and it was it was. A tiny tiny point of dark and a lot of light as my remember now and. It was it was inspiring as a lesson in what human beings can do when they or collaboratively I, you know I I really I. I believe in that message. I believe I believe in exploration, and I believe in in in that Michigan just really exciting to see it to see at work super gratifying. You guys watching anything so anytime. We just spent the last couple of days burning through two of my favorite David admendment films. Heist. With Gene Hackman Sam Rockwell Rebecca pidgeon. Ricky Jay Delroy Lindo and Danny Devito as the villain wow heist. The great, it is a quadruple cross movie man, this it is. You gotTa pay close attention. It's a delightful and amazing. And then the next night we watched last night. We watched spartan with VAL kilmer Derek Luke. And Kristen Bell and a just both stunning intense wonderful action movies. I I remember absolutely loving Spartan, when I saw it and I don't think I sadly I. Don't remember a lot about it right now. Spartan is really worth your time. I have watched it probably half a dozen times as it came out in two thousand and four. smarten done in Ronin are a good Combo right. I can't give. The amendment. Ronin does Rosen commits this cardinal said which is. The. The I I've a friend who can't abide movies that have the title of the movie in the movie. Oh right where. Says, the title of were the usual suspects, your or and the biggest biggest of the most egregious example of this jagged edge, in which someone says jagged edge like six times in the course of the movie jagged edge. There must be super cut right we're. Ronin not only has an opening credit that says Ronin in feudal Japan, the Ronin masterless sambo point, and then twice in the movie you have someone say that exact phrase to someone else will in Japan. A Ronin was a masterless Samurai twice I'm sorry I know I'm getting a pitch, but roden drives me crazy for that. They're they're. Definitely already super cuts on youtube where. The movie! Ah, in the span of like two minutes. You're eighty one hundred movies new. The quote right starting. Nice. At least screened years ago, yeah. I feel like this is a screen segment. Maybe but I don't know what happens in the movie I. Always Turn Danny. Upon the. Name of the movie. So I, watched death race two thousand this weekend, because it's leaving criteria at the end of the month. Before. It was the luckiest thing I've seen in a really long time. But you know not good kind of interesting. It was originally thought to remain. The original. Yeah, the one just to be convinced David Carradine on or is it a kerosene? David Carey And but Sylvester stallone plays the baby face, so David carrying plays the anti hero and and semesters. Stallone plays the the baby face. Good guy inside the world. Who's rally, so the setup is? People have to there's there's a race every year and the people make the raise. They have to get points by killing pedestrians. People walking right. There's a budget icky horrible stuff goes with that. So carrying plays like the heavy use been maimed and injured, but has managed to win three times or something and sly stallone plays the always second-place face, good guy to David Carradine's bad guy, and it is it is it is exploitative and Schlocky and horrifying, but I'm glad I watched it so corman. It's Gorman. It is I. Think maybe the most Corman. I don't know for sure. Begin carrying of course famously took the role income. Fu that bruce leak created as a series and ESPN put out a two hour Bruce Lee documentary called me water over the weekend, which is really worth watching what in Crow? Being very young, it's one of those like Bruce. Louis forget how short of a career he actually had an America because it's so many in Hong Kong, and you pass away before enter. The dragon actually came out So that was part of the you know the legend but there's so much we we've seen all. All the footage you see, the screen tests the famous Green Hornet screen. Tests all. He had done but they even so they found some really old archival footage of his first few movies in Hong Kong solace. That's definitely while recommended criterion speaking of that. They just put out a pack of Jackie Chan movies. Going from like his old like late seventies stuff the hyena movies to ends with police story. Police Story to has also been releasing films by African. American directors for four free. Yes, yes. As part of the contributing to the National Discussion and You know everybody doing their part in those little little gestures a lot. Yeah, and then the other recommendation I wanNA give is finding the Amazon. Prime has just a wealth of documentaries that are like these kind of some are high quality summer, the more kickstarter like documentaries. One last night. Yes, this one's called waves. It is super high quality. It's directed by. A woman who's the professor of sound at USC I wanNA say but it basically is a history of sound films starting with the jazz singer time you heard. Talkie all the way to the creation of Dolby with you know apocalypse now and really profiles. Walter Merch and Ben Burtt. From how exciting! How? Rights from of traffic park and Pixar fame their careers, and basically they all came from that same school of like Walter Merch with Lucas, and for Coppola and an Ben Burtt was hired for Star Wars because Alzheimer's wasn't available, and Gary is from was hired for for Pixar because Ben Burtt wasn't available how they're all. Sound designers and sound editors yeah, but the whole spectrum of no fully to special effects audio dialogues eighty are. All that stuff? I've been watching a ton of videos online of this old Tony. WHO's a youtube maker very entertaining, very unassuming with some lots of really great. Great. Great Shop. Advice and actual execution of said shop advice been all the machine tools for me. That's I can't stop watching videos of machine tool operation. and I know that speaking of Youtube. Shoe shop work. We're doing Ortiz a collaboration. That's coming up in the coming months. with Andrew Kline whose who reached out to you after a livestream at their acuity a? Working with you on a workbench. Yes, someone was asking me about my bench, and I did a I talked about the bench, and I talked about making one and talked about various options that I understood I needed. Something and Andrew reached out and said I make these benches. Familiar with his vices, which are use a very have plex front with visible gears and two speeds for operating the so that you can operate fast for opening quickly and slow and there's. Some really cool linkages in there and Azru is in the middle of. Making me a workbench, and the the would for this workbench is monolithic. Actually it it it. It looks like it's GonNa be to giant slabs of Monolithic would boards. The whole thing is documenting. Include some links because he's doing like he does a lot of digital work just plans and stuff, and so we're watching it. Come together through Youtube and eventually get to the cave this you're thinking. Adam is going to be take the place of that primarily pencil. You have your lights attached to it is yes, it will live there. It will not roll. Because I have learned the limits of making things roll. I understand that current bench is cobbled beautiful. It's so beautiful, but like the amount of kind of things have been bootstrap to it from pastors to slam sin and lights. Off Big huge that. Enough it also turns out that my grandfather, who was a maker of my grandfather, was a surgeon who had home shop and did a lot of his own repair, and actually my grandfather, my grandfather had. A. Remote control for the volume on his television in the seventies that he built. And I am going to purchase a television and replicate this as one day build, so you guys could see the cleverness of my wonderful straight designed to, or was it like a puddle in mechanics, kid or something like that? This was not electric. It was entirely mechanical, okay and It was his invention entirely. Laugh your ass off when you see it anyway? my grandfather's workbench. were benchtop with two vices attached to it still exists and. It is now in a storage space in New York. Where at some point I will. I will get it out here. I like the fact that I will still have gripe others, expense but Edrich. Clients will be the central one in the in the in the space Hossam. That I think I'M GONNA have to get rid of one of these benches I don't know whether to live at tested or we will. I think we'll take it. Over, we'll figure it out. Yeah, whenever we get a chance to get back in there. But. Yeah, that's that's a lot I. mean there's so much going on. It's good to see you guys it. Wasn't. The world is waking up a little bit bit by bit. I mean we're not ready to start having tested everyone back in the space, but we're starting to talk about what the Best Practices the film industry is using It's fascinating. Shoot coming up in the next few months, and as it's approaching. It's a moving target of safety and we're. We're adjusting to that, but. Slowly, which is the right pace? Bigs are starting to vote. Yeah and Like I, said I the thing I. Hope that we come out of this. Whenever we come out of this is that people will be will have used that time wisely to be active. Either in activism, or to be more introspective or no really flex that creativity and learn a skill. Make something you know. Whatever do something make fight entropy. It's lovely to see you guys again. As you on the SEO next week. North on the site this week, getting excited one day bill that's going up probably tomorrow. That's actually something. We film back in February. Oh. Wait! With another Youtuber Has With numbers Oh. That's. Will I, think you guys are really enjoy that, and then of the last ones we did before is. We have three that we have not published yet from that and I think timing wise want get this Mike because you're. You're making so much stuff. And then I will also say I just uploaded three new where they built from last week. Insane the the thing devise that you showed us the podcast a month ago. Now that whole process that's going to be shown so and that's actually. Joey sent me the rough of that to do. Some very should for yes, I can't wait to see that one. It's a good yeah. It's a good project. Guys behind each other in the world. We'll see you later. Guys,

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