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Apologies to, to wives and whomever has their legs wrapped around Jin's face. Welcome to pot dirty to me where we give you more than just a tip we go balls. Jason Mike and thanks for coming. I don't know why whenever we talk about that. I it just reminds me of alien. He tried to take me off. Right. I mean you probably really shouldn't remove anything until the job's done is true. Yeah, I wouldn't complain being suffocated in that manner at all. Really? Statue of you going to in a in a park where like. Where like on the ground with a leg wrapped around with your face in a crutch, especially as we call it the dream being what those legs are attached to as well. 'cause damn. Yeah. Well, hopefully we'll get more into that a future episode details. Maybe maybe another Roddick till. Yes. Yes. Those have been quite the hit. Let me tell you. They're, they're they've been great for us to hear. Yeah. I've taken up smoking. No judgement here. I just like to smoke. All right. So what's our topic? Our topic today indecent proposal. Great flick, great flick, great soundtrack. What would it take soundtrack? Music now. But I don't think we can afford that smallpox. So please continue to follow us and download this, we need all the help, we can get there. Yes. Know what? What amount of money or offer what it takes to have someone sleep with yourself or your significant other or what would it take with yourself? I think that's just prostitution. I'll let you sleep with me for dollars, just a really expensive prostitute. I can't see them worth it. But I don't know. You don't you know, we'll talk about that. Okay. All right. All right. So we'll begin as we always do with the word of the day or phrase more than one word today. The word of the day is called hot dog in a hallway. Oh boy. Oh boy. Yeah. Good. Not. I don't think I want to be. He's cracking up. All right. When laying the pipe you realize your dick isn't even touching the walls and for China kind of like tossing a hot dog in a hallway. Most frequently happens when the banging the neighborhood trick. Or if you're sling a small Dake micro penis, though. I think that's I think that's like a hot dog. And but that's the thing right? Is that a thing, but micro penis? Yeah. Let me show you. No. Exactly. Actually I dated real well. It looks like a clitoris, but it was larger. No, she said she dated a doctor. They dated in, they ended up having sex. And she said he had like a, a penises. She described it as like, you know, the, the pans that have off tip that covers the right. With said it was about the size of that. That thing you take off the pen cap, the pen cap. Yeah. She was like it's like maybe maybe pinky size. Yeah. Maybe smaller or. Yeah. And she was like thinking to herself, she was a very sexual person. And she was like I don't she's like, well, he's a doctor like could I get past this second? She couldn't was good. You know, I felt really good about myself to that. Good in other areas, at least to make up for the size of his penis, or like was he really good at oral sex, or whatever member, she, she. She kind of said that he didn't even think of himself as having a small, dick. She said he had this self confidence like he was awesome. Wow. Well, I mean, which is ironic because I have a huge penis, and I don't think I do stated I did. It's a cost conflict. I think it all. Thank you. Sweetest host? I've had on this bucket o not gonna hog at all. I definitely heard that before. I think you'd run probably before, not with me, not personally, I have heard stories even lesbian world. I've heard stories of cavernous vaginas Kevin is so yeah. You get. So you see, it's either a small package or a, you know, just a cavernous cavernous giant. I think that's probably something you'd probably run into more cavernous just a like a whore. I mean there's a storm coming into one for protection. You know, some chicken just gets around a lot. She's real real loose, as they say or used to say. That. A porn star or something, because I know like every day slut is gonna have just this. Yeah. That's a special slip. That is. That's a good question. Because when, when you've had sex in Jay, and I, we're going to have to ever extinct back for this. But when we've had sex, multiple times, like say a day after the neck, you know, everything seems to go back to normal. You know, so for somebody to have a cavernous vagina, something's going on there, is that, you know, if I've had sex, a second or third day in a row or whatever, you know, those days. Yeah, I try to days needs to get fixed. Three days in a row. Everything seemed to work normal each of the days. So I, I don't I don't know what would what would cause a cavernous, unless they're just with someone, so huge just destroys them. And then you're with them an hour later. I mean I don't know. I, I would just like to take a second to apologize all the ladies that I've just for huge created the cavernous. Well luckily, I haven't followed you up any of those, I would have I guess I would have been the hot dog. I mean she tried to head. Did hit she would have just sucked hit. I think we've had a word of a day like that. Davy crockett. So. Coon skin cap. Coups and face masks. Alien. Head swelled our. Yes. So I don't even know if that's possible. I, I don't know. Ever yelled at of a giant Ed Ed go back. No. I think that's not a real thing. It's real. Oh, really? You got that happen to, you know. Okay, your stories. Things. So I should leave it at that. Well. Propulsion special. John is. The fact that it can take pretty good beating and Papa child and have all that stuff. And it just springs, right bang. Here's do you ladies. Oh, yeah. Props all the giant is out there. Tisza gift. Great danes. Accepts it. We're on the same page with giants room. Yeah. We literally. Yep. I definitely love mine. Love it every day at least one and we love your at least two to three times. Three times a day. I mean at least to be young. To be young again. Yeah. It's hard enough for us to do two or three times two or three things a month. Right. J self love. Yeah. It's not easy drink. Hey, you got to have hobbies when you get older Jin. So think about those older you guys are not that much older. I gotta show you this thing. I did. Yeah. I'm stuck on some pretty hard working on this not easy. Knitting is not easy. All right. Indecent proposal. Yeah. Why don't you start? Right. Good talk. Go there. So if you remember the movie. You know, they're, they're in Vegas. They're playing and, and they get basically propositioned proposition a million dollars and the movie at least that's how it went for for one night, you know, with, with Redford, Debbie Moore. Yes. And they, they actually went through with it in the movie. Yes. And after that, it kind of went to shit but I think I think mainly from that it wasn't necessarily on her end. It was from him realizing that shit, she did it, you know, and we, we went through with this. And now I think he started having on a doubt on, does she want to be with him. You know, he's, he's got all this money and this, and that, although you know, they did make their money out, but. But, you know, indecent proposal, what if what if someone were to come up with come up to you and say, hey, you know, in this scenario Jay, and I obviously have a spouse to really think on that question. You know, Jen you could you could say you know, if you've seen some, you know what would it take? Or, you know, say this, what if somebody proposition, you, you know, obviously Jay and I are probably like let's do this. You know, you stop at the money we're not worried about that. Appreciate the slander as where you're talking about. In general, most probably most lady, and they're like, we chance of sex, take it. You wanna. You want to do what and your, you know, I don't need that just let's do this at the pay me. Yes. Yeah. So what, what, what would it take for someone you know, someone we're off your hey, you wanna I wanna sleep with your, you know, in our case you're getting your wife for, you know, what would it take and has that amount changed since you've been married over time? They've been together for. Oh, god. Just kidding. I don't or would have been would it be something you would consider, you know, never mind the the amount. But what would it be something you would even consider or discuss obviously, I know your wife, you know, my wife, both of them would immediately say, no? Although although I did propose the question to your wife earlier today. No-balled me to very she was offering. You think he was offering her? No. The woman she said, for ten thousand dollars. So we get sleep with my wife or with my husband and I was like at least act like. Worth more than. Tai-bo it back down. For ten grand for some. Yeah. Right. So what do you need ten grand for so, yeah, does anybody out there, ten thousand dollars that isn't attractive woman? I fairly can sleep with you. It sounds like you, you get a hall pass for that. What would you want from a man to sleep with Katie? What money would you want for that? That brings up another question. I'll let you answer that. But I have another scenario that you and I might not might have had the opportunity in the past saying, we wouldn't now but you answer that one that I have another question, and then I'll answer these two. Of course, of course. I. I don't I mean I feel like I want to say ten thousand dollars just. He's probably like five. I mean it's just like six is just such a non big deal to me. Yeah. It's like you're like man Hewlett. Just give me ten bucks. Dinner. Can I get a high five? I just really need a friend. He wanna. You want to talk to cuddle with her, and then cut it with me. We'll talk about these. But in the unlikely event that my wife listens to this. I don't know the. Hard like someone really came to you and said, here, twenty grand, it would be interesting to see what her number is compared to your numb, you know, obviously, your number is going to be way, low compared to what her number. Yeah. Probably would be. I'm trying to think about how much I owed my house. To twenty. Two eighty I'm gonna say to eight hundred eighty six thousand nine hundred seventy three dollars. Forty five cents a little bit. That's what I would. That's what it would take nice. Mike was your question. We'll have another question. But I'll answer that, for, you know, you mmediately as, as a as a guy want to say, oh, no. It won't cost. You anything, you know, go ahead because it gives you the, the freedom to think in your head. Oh, have I have something in my pocket to use in the future? If I wanna bang. It's a hot dog don't worry. It's not nothing crazy. But. We're talking ballpark or anything. We're just regular you know. Yeah, not even bundling how fucked up. Is that right? There's not great at all. I don't know for. It's not a little smoking. Not a little smoke. But it's it's crossed between a little smoky, in a regular hot dog, which is not even bundling. So I you know what? Let's get back to. We're not bragging. We're not. Absolutely not Brian, I can still feel a bun, just as long as it's not a big bun. I cannot lie. I can't deny okay. So. My please. Mike name your price. I'd say it'd have to be around the hundred grand. Mark Davis being well, he's talking to one hundred eight hundred grand over there. No. I it had to be in that hundred grand ballpark. Yeah. Probably more realistic. Yeah. Yeah. And I think that's a number that she would actually let's listen to as well. I mean I don't know that for certain I- mmediately wanna say she wouldn't listen to any number. But I think. Are you wanted to say? I know she'll say she won't even give this an option. But, but, you know, when you think of, of, of a certain amount of money, and what it can do for your family or what it can help, you know, again, just like the movie, you know, million dollars, right? I wouldn't tonight. So he said a million. Before they dollars. One minute yet, I slap around the essay go get that money money for. Mallet. The question I had J what if what if it was turned around in, you made mentioned earlier one if that was it? We were propositioned, what would it take for us to sleep with a you know what it is? Rich dude. Run around dude. Yeah. No, not a chick, this dude, you know, that, that little more interesting. What would I have to do? I, I would say the guy's just gonna be like, you know, he's going to have his way with you. You know, whatever he wants whatever he back around. What would it take? Ooh, what would it take for us to go gay just -pletely? Give in could I get shit faced I get drunk out of my mind. I would hope we would hope we could I would need to relax, obviously. It'd be a lot of Clinton. Let's hope. Calmed, down show me the chick, okay? Go ahead. I don't know. Well, that makes it a little more interesting. And how your ass would feel like how much money would it costs, reconstructive surgery? Hey, this may be a very sensual. Guy he may he may care about, you know, hey, he's going to take time, he's going to care about how we feel. You're gonna you're back for. Okay. My back hurt. You know, maybe a sweet loving, man. Who would you go gave a million dollars for billion bucks? Yeah. A million dollars a million dollars. Anybody do anything I know I would. A million fucking money. Okay. Cupcake. Far from a million, but realistically, though, I mean. Pam ten thousand for the are we talking about the gay where we're still talking about the game? Ten thousand cash right? New hands. I don't think so. Not that much money. No, it's, it's really not anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong. It would be nice to have to be more than one hundred thousand dollars because I, I mean, I don't you know, I don't know if I'd go all the way to one hundred K I think I got I probably be willing to do it for fifty. All right, man that dick, it's in your ass. I should have got more money. I like your thought just gets smashed rate and hopefully hopefully God. I really what if what if I had to get drunk off your ass, and then I would recommend and I have never done it. But here it's amazing. Our take ecstasy. I hear it. Like, makes you just like have you ever done X? I've yes is it true. Like everything just feels like amazing. And like you're not even really that sexual when you're on stuff, just you feel totally blissful. So if you took some ex and drink a lot. Yeah. Well, I would assume if somebody is like s feel so velvety, right? Fifty grand around bang some random dude need probably has access to some stuff. Yeah. Some good shit. Yes. LSD. What if for yourself? What if what if he said, no nothing? Okay. But you have to be conscious Jason have loop while you're going to have that. But, you know, no, no, Iran. Drywall, right? No nothing nothing nothing. Not even like there's no romance in that we're the cocktail by me dinner. I mean you give me a million dollars, you can do in this offer down in the lobbies, right? He wants them soft Kenny in the background. Gee can rose pedals on the sheets. So it's rose pedals on the sheets in had sex. Is that really go together? Got it. Fucking rose penalized. Thank your tears. Iro's penalties. But aren't you. There could be tiers of each site me because all the money you're counting. I mean, after the moment, yeah, you probably be like, okay. That would just take all that. Thank god. The dudes quick. Last do quick and falls asleep afterwards, just I'm gonna get my money and get the fuck outta here. Jay Roenick fifty. No. It wouldn't be fitting that. No. It'd be more than that. Just take like one hundred grand for my wife that at least double it for going to give up my ass. This acid worth two hundred thousand. It may not be worshipped. You know, he'd have to take. Have you seen his ass? I'm sure it's fine. But it is. I will not the true value of our asses. Fifty okay. Listeners we're gonna put some pictures of bikes. We're going to do a comparison of really know what they're capable of. We've never done this. So we don't know what. We don't know. I don't know. I don't really wanna know. But, you know, for fifty thousand I might I might find out. Yeah. I don't know fifty. That's a lot of money how long would it really last? You wanted to or it could also buy something really nice and. Hear any about this book club. Can you put it in my butt? So nothing falls because the guy was. The thing is, though. I think I think from the law of averages we'd probably be pretty safe. I mean, are there gigantic guys out there Jin? Yeah. Okay, well, let's hope we're on the gigantic, and that makes me feel like I wouldn't either I don't think anyone would in, in God bless all of you who don't. Yes, god. You don't like this. Yeah, they're, they're painful. Well, let's hope anybody trying to pay fifty K to, to bang some random straight dude is not packing. Inside the contract. You got the money. He takes this data just like twelve inches. Kiwi. Renegotiating? No turnaround too late. We made a blood pact. Oh, no. Oh my God. Fifty thousand enough Mike. Then you're like, you know, can you imagine being that scenario, then you're trying to you're trying to negotiate other things like what can we do this instead, maybe, for like thirty K? You don't do that. Maybe I'll just do this. You just do this. Instead. Afterwards. Probably be crying. If they wanted a again, back to if they are propositioning to sleep with your wives, one of your wives, would you want to be present and want to watch this take place. Or would you rather be removed from the situation and have them do their own thing? I mean, I have any interest in watching my wife, get bang. Another man. If it was a chick. I fucking wanna be there hundred percent you'd wanna be all up in that. I don't need to be. I would be five watching. Yeah. I, I would give it. Yeah. I'd probably just go get a drink. So we go ahead and decide what we're going to spend all of our new money. Life comes downstairs. She's all okay. Check. About how she feels check. I got a car. No. Now, Geno, ask you this. What if you were propositioned, or, or so by a, let's just say a guy or a girl that you're not in any way attracted to, but they offered. Right now. General fuck any? Owning. Anybody don't write is because he's not gonna sleep with you. Just because I'm horny doesn't mean I will anyone. Okay. Person in this room has standard would it, would it be different per gender? So you have to, you know, you have a guy that you're not really attracted to really wanting to be with you. And if you heard some of our shows in the past and wants to hear some of the end result for that. And yes, I'm sure he's willing to pay good money for that or a chick at wants to do that. You know what's, what's the amount for those people? I mean, if they've got money to, to proposition, I would say at least five hundred thousand if I'm not attracted to any if like if I'm not attracted to them in any way, shape or form like it's gotta be worth my while, you know. Louis anderson. I wanna have. Fucking earplugs, or just gouge out my eardrums, because him five hundred thousand. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. We got we low boaters my friend because I. Well, especially with the dude would. I mean unless it was like. Picky. So, yeah, I would say if I'm not in any way, shape, or form attracted to that person, like they make it worth my. While I mean, I guess I didn't have that question. You didn't say that. The person was repugnant. When you. Thought about it when I'm like, how can I mention this to Jin? The price of probably go for the elephant, man. Yeah. I don't think I could likely I don't know what is Cochlear gonna look like. But if it's like anything else, I hope elephants, I, I don't want any of that fifty K is going to become one hundred K easy. He's still little right? I know I don't know if it's. Shirt into seventy K better fifty thousand. Suffering. Well, why you're you still haven't got but sex and you don't have any money I would have had. But section am my, my hundred K anybody. I'm not gonna tell you about it. The no sense would tell me if you got paid a hundred hours, you know, I would tell you, I would tell you curious like, we'll, how did it feel? And I would be honest with you. Did he kiss you neely's holds me nothing's near the best bid? That would be fluttering. But I, I would assume. Straight ass probably better than what they're used. Yeah. Like in our past day when we used to go out, and we, we would, we would maybe go to a gay bar to have some drinks before the night really got going. They always loved the straight guys, you know, the and we're always a big hit at the game. So I would assume that a, you know, if we were proposition, and it was a straight asks and probably be great for them. And yeah. I don't know where I'm going with that. Let's get back to the wife's being proposition, because I think we've really gotten off of off on our tangent. Get off on the tangent didn't get off yet yet, but I would for maybe ten fifteen bucks right now. Fifty take credit cards, so five hundred thousand two hundred eighty six thousand Jin must be g got some gold down, there, some five hundred thousand that's high Jin. I mean that's getting, we're gonna million bucks. We'll yeah but that's you know that was rubber Redford, you know, she should have done it for free. Tam five hundred K if I'm not. But I get it though. You're if you're not a trait that would be very hard to do if you're not attracted to someone in, especially if they're like repulsive. It'd be very hard to to be with that person sexually genie in any capacity. We're not talking serial killer. Yeah. I would not let me see the cash, it would be very hard to be with that person. Yeah. I get that, but okay, five hundred thousand for Jin feeling that she's got like one of those vaginas where it's like the Pulp Fiction briefcase when you take off the end where like gold. Wow. But I could be wrong. Anyway. All right. So was at the end of it. We will it sounds like I'm I'm out looking for a dude to pay me. Dollar to the lowest bidder over here. Hers up my give. Wants to give some chump change to Mike over here. Gladly take. Virgin virgin virgin. So. Nice and tight. Hope I hope. There. One of us. I hope I hope he's got a micro pain. That's for sure. If not in, in, and I see things are not working out of my favorite. We're gonna renegotiate right on the spot. Okay. Well, if you let me that's true. I did agree. Shit. Did low ball myself. Now can't take back, it goes paying back. Our axes hope teabags. Good stuff. So I do have a stat of the day on that we haven't had a stat. Well setting a while. So Jen, this is this is for you to see what your what you think on as far as on the percentage. Okay. Our topic because forty three percent of women have taken some form of payment or gift in exchange for sex. Pretty three percents. I mean, that's a pretty high, that's close to half of women across does it have to be money or does it have to be in the form of gay could be in the form of gifts. Ios, well, the gift gift or money. I don't know what the, the monetary value of those gifts were. But and it doesn't specifically say if that was decided on before the act or if it was just something that was given after the going say that waiting. Yeah. Marriage is going. The money can, I believe. Dinner. Yeah. Forty percent. Okay. I mean, we're gonna soom it was offered. Let's soom it was offered. Yeah. As as a want to do this. Let's you know. Ooh, that those Sadie I know. Thirty I've definitely never I've never had any kind of reward for sex, so that I've definitely never taken a gift or money. Would you take in, even if it wasn't like offered as O'Hare? This was great. Here you go. Maybe just as like, oh, hey, you know what a little little something extra. Well I mean we just talked about the proposal saying, and I, I and maybe. You're not repulsed by maybe you've decided. Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna bang this person regardless. Let me get some money out of it. I, I mean, if I just was like, hanging out with them in genuinely enjoying their company, then it wouldn't matter. It wouldn't it wouldn't really matter. If I was going to sleep with them anyway, then I would just can, you know, do what I had planned undoing but I would feel really weird taking a gift after the fact because I would know you feel like a prostitute, and I would feel dirty. So I, I would kind of be weirded out by it. So I'm assuming the number seems kind of high. It it seems a little high. It's. Yeah. Women if you started off like that. Oh, hey, you know, we'll help you know, I'll pay your mortgage this month. That'd be pretty nice. Really, I'll pay your you know, your carpet, you know, something, I would think most women will want more than that, you know, to, you know, like we talked about the indecent proposal. But I don't know you know, some some people might be in a desperate situation. They need they need something. I don't know. I don't know so but, but yeah. I think it's probably a little little high that number. Hi, I concur with hike. We think so women, stop accepting these things, come on with stuff sleep for buddy, being other men. Stuff wars. Hey, now, hey. We wanna be heard. But we can choose when. We could use when we wanna be worse. Yeah. It's the decision. Waving of one hundred dollar Bill in front of her face. And I mean, if it was a Lexus or like you know, I might be like a little tempted to be like. Listen, five hundred K. Fifty so now she's talking, my number remember this were saying that this is someone that I already was enjoying spending time with anyway. So Bush would necessarily have to offer that, I mean, what if there was somebody on the fence? And you're like, I don't know. But you, you dangle, you know, Alexis, then I may be persuaded to. You know be swayed towards doing it possibly. Good day. The whiskeys got me feeling frisky, whatever the MS RPM is whatever model you're looking at. And actually, I want to test to live a Range Rover Jackson. So let's look, let's say one hundred K for Jin. Yeah, I'd go there, too. I very much like a room. All right. And if one let's hope to do quick to. You know, if it's a quick, thirty forty minutes that I actually want to sleep with, then, you know, I would like to actually enjoy the sex, and they have to be quick question. I'm going to just throw out there. What is a good average amount of time to be with someone? To be having sex. What do you consider like? Oh, this is a good this, this. I mean, I would say, like at least half an hour. Like with the just the intercourse of the whole like everything. Probably just the intercourse. I mean four play because I like I like to make out for a while because making out really turns me on, so I like to really have a good make out session. I like I mean you got to go down on me for at least ten minutes. I mean, come on, now can't be skimpy. So, yeah, I would say it should be at least a good hour for everything. I would say, I hope you didn't alienate most of our audience. Obviously, there are quickies. There's like there's yet if you're in a public situation, you know, I it depends on your surroundings, obviously, if you have the time to take, I would say that an hour is amount of time. And they're you're right. There are a lot of things you five minutes long. Depends on what type sportscenter starts. Oh man men, there sports playoffs. Very true. All right. Well anybody else? So if any of our listeners have any stories of indecent proposal, or anything, similar that they would like to share, what amount would it take, right? What's your price? We would like to hear give it a four. What would you sell your wife for? Still your wife. Put so delicately Mino. It is what it is. So eloquent person pain is gonna put it delicately. They shouldn't have paying money fire. I'm just saying. All right. As always check us out on Instagram pod dirty to me Facebook, we have a Twitter account. Get on that. And. Nobody has any deals. Jason Mike and thanks for coming.

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