The Flight 1682 Encounter


Exc gentleman being island is going starboard. So he's in a voidance mode vs in juny jimmy in lane to no way. Roman all things unexplained hosted by dr mounts. Let's face it. We were always read roll without in any way. Cj derringer perfect rights and smitty nieves. I've never planned out. Hardly anything my whole love free featuring cajun man. I'm old nobody. Somebody's looking for somebody. Hello all you unexplained ones out there. It's cj darren here with my co host to mounts. We are very fortunate to have special guests on the show today. Who have just a plethora of exciting unexplained things to share with us. We have cheryl and murphy from board camp crystal mine. Hague ice high. We are doing great. And we're so happy to have you and we can't wait to learn a little bit more about your business in what you guys do but that is not what originally connected us so last week tim and i did a podcast about the american airlines flight. That the pilot on february twenty first was recorded saying that he had seen something fly over the cabinet. Picks plane had asked if there were any targets got there and said he needed to say it but that it looked like a missile and doing some research on the website deep blue horizon from the gentlemen recorded that i found a comment from cheryl and cheryl you had shared that you had also had a similar experience and had pictures so i reached out in hopes that we could see those pictures and here a little bit about what you saw that day. So i'm going to let you take it from here and tell us a little bit about where you were were you were flying to and what you saw in captured out your window okay. Well i'm a pretty experienced fliers flying pretty much my life so planes are not needed me. I always love to look out the window I was actually Home i was in i. I took off on american airlines Light number sixteen eighty two on january eighth of this year from sacramento to dallas and Anyway I usually read on the flight and glance out the window. A lotta times. there's clouds he can't see but when the clouds part. I'm always looking down. I love it and This plight of course was because of covid. it was sparsely populated in the cabin. So actually pretty much. Everybody on the flight was sitting in their own seek. I was right the window seat with nobody beside be although there were two fifty seats and i kind of was looking and everybody else is kind of in the same mode you know. Kind of sitting by themselves Normally when i see something out the window and actually it's only happened to me. One other time kinda weird i'll tell you about that later but anyway If there's somebody's sitting next to me even if it's the total stranger. I kind of nudge. Them and go. Hey look about it right. There was no one. And when i saw what i saw and unfortunately captured on the camera. you know. I was like nobody to tell nobody. Show people ahead of me. You know i mean you can't just reach over and tap someone on the head go. They look that most people have window shades down. You know like half of an airplane. And i wasn't about i wasn't about to ring for the stewardess trying to figure it out. Okay so anyway. I don't i don't know when you're gonna start showing the pictures here or not but The first thing. I was reading in the first thing that got attention because i glanced up and i can see the ground. The first thing that got my attention was looked like a black contrails kind of in front of the plant pain on my side I was on the left side. Whatever you know. There's a particular name out in. Cj both lewd pictures. Yes okay and for our listeners. We're going to post all of these different social media pages in will post them in order so that people can see exactly what you saw so within three about a three minute period i captured about eight pictures and the first picture was taken at one seventeen. Pm on january eighth now honestly At that point. When i look at the gps later on. I found out it recorded us. Make powell utah which is south eastern in So anyway I had no idea where we were. At the time but I was also it was also kind of interesting to see the time stamp and i actually don't know if that meant it was like central time. I live in arkansas so flying texas. I don't know how my gps might have recorded the time. I don't know. I know that you know utah is in mountain but anyway so i don't know if my my phone was reporting a central inner time or not but So the first thing that caught my eye was black. Contrails kind of ahead of me and i'm just kind of like what's that you know. I mean i wasn't thinking anything weird particularly and the next picture then. I went back to reading. I glanced up. Because i could see the mountains and i noticed this is when i really noticed and i got on my camera. The lack miss like object. Which have this black smoky plume or contrel after it. And i mean you know i was in shock really like what the heck you know. You just always have the phone on my lap when i'm traveling or nearby and I got a picture of it and then it looks like and that's the second picture It looks like the third picture. Was i think that one was a A zoom zoomed in on it and that same snowing out and range underneath it but it seems like a little bit of a different angle that i'm pretty sure that was the saying Missile like object whatever And then just a minute later. I think i glanced down and Glanced up again and saw yet. A second i. It was a second one. Oh wow i believe back upon. I could be wrong but judging from the pictures Conner looks like this thing. We're over the same mountain range But you know it thinking that this thing was probably going faster than the plane. But i i have no idea but anyway i believe it was the second one and i got and i was doubling zuma's so i got i got a picture of it the second one because you can see the first one. The on the mountain range the snowy mountain cap and then the second missile picture by still in zumo took that and then i backed out looking took it You know without on and this is only like a minute or two from the first one. So i take. Yeah it was like right. Maybe one nineteen. I took that one And the first one. I took was at one seventeen pm then. I glanced up again. And i see these two contrails. This is like a minute later and I think what i'm doing. When i'm looking down and i'm looking at my pictures just to make sure they came out and everything and i glanced up again and i see what appears to be to contrails ones kind of wavy And and you know. I can't see a vessel or object but i see these two contril that are ahead of the plane travelling away from our plane and then finally the last picture i took to that one twenty pm. It appears to be the same to contrails but their plane. Maybe kind of traveling a little bit away from them those just angle but anyway i mean. I didn't know what to do or say you know started college stewardess. Pretty quiet. I looked around. I didn't really notice anybody looking out the window on my side. Although you know you kinda stand up over the feet if you're going to look farther forward nobody said anything you would think if somebody might have exclaimed something if they saw it so i don't know what to say that probably just it was a head scratcher. I had the pictures. And i didn't really talk to anybody about till i got home and showed hall of course and i said. Hey what's this. What do you think this is. What did you think it was our vote. Well you know. I'm a homemade scientist. So you don't want i look at the pictures if you look at the horizon and then the angle of the wing when you see the object now right after that the next shot the wings tip at the point the pilot is going starboard. So he's in a voidance mode. Vc's it too. And he's chipping the plane to go away from here a right angle lens and then if it is. Let's say ballistic we've mastered ballistic missiles back in the sixties. We don't have to test anything. And if they were testing you would not cats an object anywhere near a commercial flight to that means they had no choice but the launch whatever they launched intentionally at that time wherever it was going. It was intentional. Because you don't you don't just you to missile or whatever into the air to see if it works when there's commercial airlines around. I would have to agree with that. Look it up online. The The avoidance area is fifty miles in. That is well within the fifty mile right no sale. Did you happen to notice any sort of reactions own lawn. Nobody soon to say anything but did you notice anything from the pilot any directions or maybe bogere seatbelt or anything like that. Nothing that i noticed. And we experienced no turbulence as you can see from the pictures. The weather's great out there There was nothing Said anything. I kind of tried to look around. You know with my feet built on. And i didn't see any reaction from anybody So it was just something i just like. Okay well this happened. And i don't know what it is but maybe i'll find out later and When i got home We're very busy. And of course you know we're getting ready to open our business and and i'm getting home and i share this with oracle and a couple of local friends and They thought it was strange to especially also being military veterans and having that background like like oracle you know they kind of know a little bit more about these things and you know. My first reaction was was a missile. Not really you cross my mind did because of an we'll share that experience as to why but But my you know being trained to be always a realist. You know. i'm i'm like okay. That really does look like a missile. But why would they. Anybody fire a missile. You know so close to a passenger airline. That was close. That was really and they have to tell you you send us the the one picture i in when i saw my reaction was what in the world that year and then you said just the other pictures and then my heart kind of sake. A little back like okay. Why is that so close to a passenger airline number one number two. Why do we have your experience. And now this other experience in february from another american airlines flight with something that also sounds like a missile. I have lost some sleep to be totally honest. Because i live far from my family for my family to come and visit. They've got to hop on airplanes. But i've gotta hop on airplanes. And i was a bit terrified. Seeing your pictures of what is going on and we are not hearing about in. I think that if it were for a foreign country we would have heard about it. There would have been all kinds of investigations. Whatever it was kept hush hush for reason if seen flag it for sure I didn't hear anything more about it. You know i mean you kinda go on with your life. You know when you're traveling you get home and and you've got stuff to do and i kind of didn't think too much more about it. I think i showed my pictures to a few friends or Then my daughter on february twenty fourth. She's the one that sent me the article that she found on deep black horizon. And i'm like what the heck and what interesting to me was that it was not exactly the same location but in the area. So you know. I was over southeast utah according to my gps Like twenty two ninety two was over. northeast In mexico where where the white fans. Missile long very get yours to and birch thursday The old cold war missile launch. That hasn't been used. Apparently about forty fifty years. It's called the green river. Missile launch base near utah. And that was the only thing you know that we can think of Like i wonder if there was maybe private. Enterprise is testing. Something i mean. Now we have private enterprise. They've developed rockets. What the heck. You don't need a permit for that or do you. I don't know because being and you know. I don't know any of that stuff but it would seem reasonable to assume then you know Our government makes us do smog checks on our car you know they they get to a simple citizens that you know the people as many that are developing these space programs. These privately conducted space programs. Fight well you know i mean. Are they understand kind of permit system or you know something like that. I would assume But i'm i mean my first thought after i found out about the green river. Missile launch base near moab utah. I'm like when somebody down there missiles in that area you know and and whether or not they had a permanent or the government knew about it i mean i have no idea i would assume you know would would it be private industry testing something Or was it a ufo. You know. I don't know. But i looked up. The green river miss a launch based online and. I found out that it actually a tourist destination on tripadvisor people wandering in the desert out that way. I guess you know the prairie whatever it is you know i guess the you know it might be a tourist attraction out there that'll missile base in so if that was the case then you wouldn't think that private industry might be out there launching missiles. I don't know for sure. I'm glad you mentioned the private industry. Because i was talking to one of our consultants for the show military expert mr j and you know we have so many private industries right now testing various things and some of these things they tell us about it makes you wonder just how many of these things do. They not tell the public about a lot a lot. Exactly out and cheryl shall the american airlines flight. Twenty two ninety two that you brought up case or listeners. Don't remember when we did so twenty two ninety two just a couple of weeks ago. This happened only a few weeks ago. And is there so many parallels a pilot was actually the pol that flight was recorded calling in to the base to the tower. Hey something is coming right at us and it looks like a missile and that is frightening. It just happened to be recorded on the ground by the blog deep blue horizon otherwise we might have never known about it and buy you know this happens. This actually is a hotbed of unknown activity in this same area. We've got area fifty one. We've got areas sixty two. We've got the infamous groom lake facility. Which is a dry lake in nevada and is used for runways. The nellis arming rains test site airport. Yeah art the area. Fifty one complex at so. This is a hotbed for potential testing of mysterious things. And i can't believe it's just a lot of coincidences. That's for sure with all here in the same timeframe. And i noticed on some of these pictures you took and i don't know if you've tried this but if you zoom in really close you can't you can actually see a bright silvery or reflective object at the head of the contrel end of our did that and notice that mentioned that to absolutely is hard to see you know. It's hard to make out how big it might be. But i wanted to ask you cheryl. Did you get the idea that this thing was moving upward or downward or just parallel with the craft. What what was your impression of. Its trajectory upward You know from the pictures You know at the moment. I was snapping pictures. I don't know if and what i was thinking like. Oh my god what the heck is that. You know but It seems like based on the pictures. It seems like i actually got to missiles because you don't you can locate them You know by the mountain range. The snowcap range there and so i believe it was two different missiles or ufo's and then we've got the two contrails ahead of the plane. And i'm not sure if those are you know the same contrails or not but You know from those too. But because like i said i did detect. The plane turned a little bit. You know But very slightly of course but Anyway at the most we could be seeing at least four different or possibly live. According to that first picture. I took maybe five missile-like object orville as something about good. It'd be possibly seville yet but if you look at the facts in the rest of them. They're using hydrogen and oxygen based buell's the launch everything. And if you look at that contrel it's black. It's not white right that that is not a hydrogen based fuel so let me have a couple walk. Oh you're actually. Mr j brought up to the color of the controversial and the fuels that are used and c. j. d. Wanna tell about what mr hale are other consultants i do. I do want to but real quickly. How fast would you say that they were moving. In comparison to how quickly you were moving in the airplane. And i know that's a tough question. I don't know that i would be able to answer it. Just in general are. I'm sure they were moving faster because you know like like i looked up and saw him into the picture that i look down to check my camera and he makes sure i got the picture or whatever and then i glanced up. They were gone. You know so i believe they were moving faster and then like i said when when the plane i did feel the plane. Kind of turn Like orval suggested. And then. I saw the i caught the two black contrails in in that almost last pictures. Two pictures there and I i don't know for sure if those are the contrails from those two old titan objects that i took but i kind of assumed so i figured they zipped ahead of us how you know so gosh now know that there was more than one because this entire time i thought it was just one in that passively changed trajectory so i was kind of going down a certain path like that now that i know that there was definitely to potentially even five sort of changes. What i'm about to talk about. But i did. Send the pictures to somebody that worked in aerospace for a long time and didn't get anything other than somebody saw this out their window. What's your initial thought. It the instant reaction was it could be a hypersonic missile which can change trajectory. They are supposedly being tested in the united states. Do i think that they would test. Five of them probably not. I think they're very expensive. And then this person him. Mr alice said was whoever took. That picture was a place that they were not supposed to be. And i said no. That was an american airlines flight going from sacramento to dallas fort worth and they could not believe that it could not believe that passenger airplane would be that close to what looks like a missile. And then they asked. Where was the plane. And i said well based on the screen shots and if we're going to trust the google maps they were they were above. Lake powell utah and the reaction was. That's where they shoot off all of the people that they don't want the world to know about that was couple lost so much sleep. I'm going oh my goodness i we hypersonic missiles near passenger airplanes and Again i think these are really expensive that they would test several of them so that makes me think there was a direct target. There was a purpose if that's what they are or something else Could it have been. I mean you. You have a knowledge of airplanes and military have could have been a fast fast moving fighter jets that the contrails in at such off from if you look at the controversial okay Fighter jets going to be running against and you're not gonna have that color smoke but that thing would have detail from the concert at west to personify at the time that you took the picture okay extensively so scary and something i noticed about it that it at least in the pictures it does not appear to be so far away that if it were an aircraft traditional aircraft that were familiar with that we will not build it detected outline in some way. I really feel like looking at these pictures. You saw another plane out the window between you and those mountains you would say that's a plane out there right and as powerfully as we consume me and we just say some sort of silvery obscene or reflecting object that is it but it appears to be between the plane and the mountain range. I honestly feel like you would know if this was some sort of winged aircraft that we were looking at. It's peril now. And i've seen other planes out my plane window. You know how you know. You don't seem very often once in a while. You see one paralleling you you know in though and i think even got pictures of those I don't know about your sources. You know that you just sent the pictures to in their opinions. But i wonder if it's possible to interview that flight crew from american airline about that too. We think that they would even give up any information if they had it. I mean right at the moment but certainly worth reaching out your you'd never now Also i did a little. Yeah i know nothing about very little about missiles in the military. But i did do a little googling and found out that there's a missile defense agency which used to be under the jurisdiction of the army now is under Department of defense. And so maybe somebody there might share something but it is government so definitely a concern for civilian safety. Obviously that's the number one thing and with the secrets that are being kept from the public about. Ufo's and all that kind of stuff it just seems like there's this general disregard for the public and their knowledge and You know that storm area fifty one. It's like well. I think that was definitely a reaction to the government. You know secretiveness about some of these things and As time goes by you know the public discontent really wants more answers and after all we've gone through with covid it just seems like back and forth. We haven't really gotten true answers you know. There's so many opinions out there. Yeah and And all we wanted the answer so we know what to do. We want to do the right thing. And i'm glad you said that about kobe. Because one of the things i've been saying all through covert is. There's a lot of stuff that we're not paying attention to out there happening that we probably should be paid attention to you. Just say it on the regular news. You know what really important. It's hard to come on the news. Less your id politics pretty much. So yeah or aural said. It's almost like the news is reporting things. That are like a distraction frogs. You know the stuff that we really need to know email. Listen you're on an airplane where you said. Everybody had a road to themselves. Do we think. American airlines wants to get out that opel. Also there were five missiles that went right by our airplane like just in case. You didn't have enough reason to travel already. We're just going to tell you about this little incident that we know that is not going to get out ever right right and then you know. The the world's weapons race has moved into space and it was a little bit of a of a joke when it first started but space force has actually some scary directives. And you know what if you think about the last time. You heard anything about space force. It's been awhile. I can't remember the last news article. I saw about or the news story. I saw about space force but one of the directives of space force is to be able to launch a missile and strike anywhere on the planet in less than an hour it is not only spout n- of space forces directives. That is also the goal of several other countries right now as well china russia india to name a few. And if you think about it you know that's no joke. Space for was a little bit of a joke and it makes you wonder if that wasn't a little bit on purpose. You know no ha. We've got this new agency space force and We're going to do whatever but this is pretty serious stuff we're talking about and it makes you wonder okay. Why why do we need to build. Strike anywhere else on earth and listen to our wide. All these other countries need to build a do that. That's pretty scary. Stuff it really is. It really have and You know. I know there's security issues. I respect that you know national security. You can't dump all your secrets but you know at least give us a general idea. What's going on and what to expect. And how to protect ourself even with covid you know Where does that protect. How many arguments that we hear about that. You know incessant confusing we wanna know through so that we can do. We need to do and get out of this quickly like we all want to be done. Tell us what we need to be. I would say if you're could possibly interview that flight crew of baseball. I can't believe they wouldn't have seen it because at least you know the picture of the contrails you know ahead of the plane leaving moving away from the plane you know if they didn't see the actual pictures of the supposed missiles that i took out my window you know. Maybe they went over the plane. They didn't get it but also you know doesn't the plane have some kind of sensory devices. You know rocking dealer. Pardon me alert up. The knows all schools night comes up me. He is avoiding obstacles. Yes there's a single media's big big we'll get into more of that later to all my but anyway Yeah it's just a mystery and again you know true would like to find out if that commercial airlines was was threatened than that needs to be dealt with yet if we're if we are leaning into its a missile of some sort. I didn't track your plight in where you went. And where you flew over and what time you were in certain places and at that you would not have been that far from area. Fifty one given how quickly things travel. Yeah about two. Obviously we're all just making sort of gases about what this could be but either way anyway you look at it. It certainly feels like a threat to people that are on that plane and one thing that kept run through my mind with this case in the american airlines. Twenty two who case is why or these things being tested in the daytime. I just had to keep wondering that and our military consultant mr j. He told me that. You know what tim they. Test these things during the day because if they if they launch at night it's going to be seen by a lot of people go to see this thing moving across scar right day. It's practically invisible to everyone on the ground. What are the odds. That you have cheryl inner seat looking out the window. It just the right time to captured on film right and so there are reasons why these things are being tested in the day. Not only that. But if you look into these high hypersonic this'll theory just a little bit. We're talking about higher level physics here so everything comes into play and is a factor on these devices from the time of day. The barometric pressure the angle of the sun. And if you think about striking the target on the other side of the earth you know this is a complex all to to'real physics problem. And i think that there's just a lot at play here and so walter these things during the day. We know they have to be tested. There's no way we have all these season development and they're just being hypothetically tested right they have to be being tested in real time in real life situations somewhere another and i think the so many people like you re paying attention that we're lucky enough that we're being able to catch a glimpse of these things every once in awhile. Yeah and i'd like to mention one other thing you know. Yesterday i was doing a little research on line to prepare myself for speaking with you. Today and I found an article on zero hedge dot com and it's supersonic combat drone. It's about that. And i was reading through there. And apparently this particular thing is being developed in singapore and it's known as the aero and the actual drug Looks like a plane got wings. You know but maybe if it's going fast but that maybe you can't see those wings because it is kind of all black But i thought it was interesting. They called it the arrow and said that testing would Began in early. Twenty twenty one. Maybe they're testing it here. I don't know you know it was a very interesting article very possible without but with the controversial you could only see it for certain part but you take another picture. You don't like the whole thing disappeared but it have like a launch engine and then a flight engine. That's how the tow missile used to launch. When i was in the military you had that big black smoke of launch engine but then it cleared out bleeding and over right and that is one thing about. Apparently some of these hypersonic missiles is that they actually are not launched from the crown but they are being transported by some other type of vehicle into the atmosphere and then the missile itself is launched from that vehicle and begins to move towards the tar. Its target and they're working on these hypersonic missiles that can actually change their target so in flight. And that's why when you you showed pointed out album some of these appear to be moving in different directions. These hypersonic missiles. They're working on are able to change targets in the middle of their flight and to multiple targets. So it made me wonder when i am looking at this picture. Could it be the vehicle that is that is used to transport the missile itself into the atmosphere. And there. it's ready for the loans. Another thing about these is apparently. They're having a lot of issues with vehicles burning up crashing exploding all sorts of things right. Because you're dealing with so many laws of physics and complicated issues there from plasma bubbles to you name it and you know it just makes you wonder i don't know much. I don't really know anything about any of this. Which does why. I'd have to consult with people that do but looking at the The second to last picture of contrails changes trajectory for my untrained. And you can see where it's going. It moves a little bit to the left and then it goes straight again based on that controversial. Yeah i see what you're saying. It goes a little bit. Yeah interesting window. Nobody did the wind. They don't For sonic you're you are the wind. I'm curious to get your guys this. That's because again last night. I was just i could not sleep. My mind was just rocked thinking about all of this and all of the possibilities and i went from is this space. Debris is this a. Ufo is the submissive. What have you in in researching the hypersonic missiles. I came across something about in two thousand. Nineteen that's called a wave writer glide vehicle and i can email you this later. What have you. There's an image of the waved writer glide vehicle which it says take stained from its ability to generate lift in on its own shock waves and the shape of it. The shape of it to me looks so much like what you captured that we are seeing and it's a hybrid still says that it can. It's supposed to be able to travel more than fifteen times the speed of sound with terrifying accuracy threatening olive warfare. Yeah i mean it's so scary. I just aired last night. What is that. we don't know abou- and i'm one of those people in the airplane. That i think i don't want to know you. I applaud you for looking out. And wanting to see and wanting to know and i would say most people do have their shades drawn and looking at their phones and especially now with and masks and people aren't even making eye contact each other anymore. Everybody's just sort of in their little bubble. And i would say there's probably more people like me then like you which is why we're only capturing so few of these things that are happening in the government is probably counting on that counting that we're all buried in our phones laptops than while everything happens around right as all things unexplained consultant mr l. Pointed out to us. We would be deeply disturbed if we knew of all the technologies out there being tested and have already been perfect and we just actually may not be able to handle the truth. Wow that's probably a good point. And i think that is the government's main concern. I've heard that from years. Actually you know. They didn't want to pause a major panic. Wave if the roswell big in the forties you know I could understand that that could possibly happen. I guess but you know I just wanted to say that. Thank god for free speech. And i know we've had some arguments about that lately. Where webuye down and things and it's like you know what communication is the key. You know You were sharing back and forth. And all of us has a little bit of the puzzle knowledge. We keep sharing. Maybe we can interlinked these puzzles and at least get some more knowledge that the government or whoever else is not willing to share with us. But you know we're trying to put the pieces together. You know without threats from the top and so you know you guys do and your podcast. That's awesome is awesome and thank you for doing it. You know you're sharing very important information here with if you look back of one of these pictures year. Or what's the number on this one That's the day okay today. Anyway this the picture there were it. Looks like a launch plumed. There's two of them right over the tip of the wings. That's the second to the last picture that or caves and you know that right there it to me the key to the whole story at that. There's your point of oregon know. It really confirmed that it least two objects left the ground right. You see how the launch looms are pointing straight up pointing out then you look at the the contrails in their angular at means it did it went up and then change direction. I mean we need to get these out there for people to see and for people that have knowledge of the area in knowledge of what's going on to kind of offer up some of their insight to so do you want to reiterate for those that are listening in that might want to do their unresearched. This was flight one. Six eight to american airlines flight. One six eight two on january eighth twenty twenty one traveling from sacramento to dallas fort worth according to google maps. You're right over. Lake paolo utah in with at what time one seventeen. Pm if we're going to assume you're changing time zones. That would be mountain. Standard time in according to what i mapped out of thirty nine thousand feet so people can take that and run with let us know what there are two right and only a few weeks after sorry shero cohesion. No i would just clarify real quick. Screenshot dated on january ninth. But i took those the day after. I just shot so i could access the pictures quickly and But this did actually take place of the flight was on january eight. I wanted to point that out there. There's no confusion about what. I'm seeing the details. Do show january eighth so that you took some pictures of the details of the picture that it's showing january eight. Yeah go ahead. i'm finished thank you. Oh no problem. What one thing i wanted to say is that you know. Thanks to people like you paying attention taking phones like this. Thanks to folks like deep. Blue horizon deepak horizon. You know we account alley capture some of these situations and keep in mind. This happened just a few weeks. After the american airlines twenty two ninety two incident where the pilot was recorded believing. Hey this could be a missile hayden at the plane but these are one in a million chances here you know that these phones that someone on the ground captures the audio of pilot. It makes you wonder what all is happening that we never know about that. We don't this is like needle stack things that we're usually finding out about and it just it leads me to think that there is no tongue how much that is happening that we just never hear about because you you have to believe like with american airlines twenty two night and this store here certainly if you had not taken these pictures no one would've ever given us a second thought if that pilots audio had not been captured on the ground no one would have said anything about american airlines. Twenty two ninety two. No one would have known anything. And i don't think they ever would have. Unlisted pilot came forward in the news. And i don't think that that is likely matter of fact. The airline initially distance themselves from this said well. That's unconfirmed if that's our pilot or not and eventually thanks to the work of folks on the ground. They had to acknowledge it and had to say yes us by the way. We were all your future questions to the fbi. So right is an amount of things out there that we just don't know pu with all of that into mine sterling or was there anything else that you wanted to share speculate on amid soup for this flight and what you captured. No i just wanna thank you for the opportunity sharing Maybe one small thing I believe in god's providence leading in my life. But i just wanted to say i was originally scheduled to fly home on january twelfth and because of kovin i decided to back it up and they they fit me in on. This flight exceed eighty to on january. Eight won't do that. I like i'm not allowed on your i. I might think okay. God you allow me to take these pictures for some reason and hopefully it will be. They'll help you know to help others to help us. Situation the gain more knowledge i dunno. We all have things that have happened to us. And and i think if we share again communication is but e in my opinion we can learn from each other. You know to me this afternoon. And i am dying to give more pizza so i could see what the picture looks like. They're you gals Tilts to sweat next time on all things next where the native americans and he did a lot of communication. Where are all the people. All things unexplained absolutely.

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