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Mad Max: Fury Road


In the post apocalyptic desert wasteland one man is looking to survive at all cost his desire for gasoline. Water gets him caught up in the middle of a chase while he helps a group of six women. Flee from. Joanne is war boys. The film we were talking about this week is none other than the fantastic. Mad Max fury road. It's considered to be one of the greatest action films of all time. Stay tuned to hear our guest. Uncovering exciting facts about the movie along with some crazy conversation about everything you could possibly imagine. Welcome to adult beverage. Podcast where we will be talking films. New and old looking at you may just become best friends as low as anything else in the entertainment world wide enjoying an adult beverage in hand so everybody loves. Mad Max fury road. I loved it. Oh yeah it loved it. Yeah Yeah this is the. This is such a great film. I mean there's so many ways that you can make a movie and this is like watching a comic book to me. It's like it's unbelievable. It's just nonstop action from the very beginning all the way through best action of mad. Max movie definitely vivid colors the colors just pop. Is Slapping really do well? Let's introduce our guest today. We've got Vlad the compel compel not Heller. Impaler pallor compelled. We're we're we are so happy to have lad here with us today and I think he brings a little interesting twists to what we bring in here Every show and We'll see we'll see what he's made out of. Can we start talking about mad? Max Fury Road Right. I you know I'm a big old time school mad Max fan so I watched Mad Max. The first one in the theater way back in the day and I was yeah. I was hammered. You know and I was like this guy is awesome and you know this film is developed into a lot of different things you know. It's never been one. That's known for having unbelievable dialogue true But especially this one. The dialogue is very very slow. And there's very moment suck no very limited moments with it. It's sparse for sure Julia. But this story is maybe my favorite of all the Mad Max. Matter of fact I put this in the top. I definitely put it in the top fifty action films of ever been made. Wait a minute. Fifty top fifty. I'm putting that's A. That's a long list. Yeah I mean I could almost put it in the top ten top fifty mad max films where comic but her a little cartoons. They made so Originally that's how this was going to be played That was the thought he was going to turn this into comic comic book but a cartoon really really. Yeah as much. Yeah I don't either I I would. I mean his vision if you I mean if you see it. It's it lends to the cartoon to the cartoon genre but damn he captures it all live. Yeah that's that's what's amazing. Yeah you know I that whole scene. Where he's where he's got Mad Max. And he's got him in the front of the car he's there he's got the mouthpiece and he's going through. Oh My god Jesus like in the and then the fires whipping. Outta the the back of the car. It's pretty amazing visuals. Are Insane Insane. Angry Hood ornament took second one on steroids very revenge. You know well you know I mean. I'm not saying he wasn't justified. You weren't like cool people with Mohawks masks and stuff like that or tars and then the second one you hit the Vernon Wells. Who is in a movie with the summer? Though are motorcycle the Guy Looked Oh. He was charming day. Non Bodybuilder right back from the second one and then the third one just went crazy Disney still. Don't yeah it was. It was a fun movie on its own speaking of cuckoo crazy listener do the rest of the cast here We've got Patrick Heenan over here and he's got a new haircut so that's can't see that it was going corporate on US payment money. 'cause I don't think John. You know what to do with the money right now and we have large Truman here and my name is Ken. Smith and so we re this is a fun action adventure. I mean we Oscar which is even more impressive for something like this to happen with an action film to Win Oscars because I don't know that there's that many of them that have done that Now you know we took them six six seven. Maybe didn't get any Oscar parties when he drinks his PISS. When you're in the theater watching this Just telling it like it. Is We watch Max movie. If somebody said you know one of the sequence this is going to win the Oscar. I would have said no way you'd like now. There was such a low budget way. Like you see was a Casey Kasem. Did his voice. In a way they're somebody had to double the Australian voices were so our accents were so strong. There's a version at Casey Kasem. Did I really did match? His Voice Sky. Remember hearing could be able to look at Mel can do a a American accent. I mean He. He's yeah he's from New York. Yeah reason if you want there's and I've seen the version where you look at. What's up with nels? I I just think she usually. It's the pilot guy who has the most dialogue. Oh Yeah what is his name in real life? I'm sorry Jamieson. I don't remember his name. Some states not in real life. Oh Yeah we'll come early bird guy. Memory they wanted to have in this one You know that was the original thing that old lady units. And then when he had had no blow up with His ex wife and yeah the little controversy surrounding Gibson. Kind of push that away when he's calling it took badmouthing Jews in Hollywood. Probably not good. Yeah yeah outside of Hollywood to do. He called for a younger version. So this kind of gap brought back and made out but when they started talking about. There's everyone's like oh that's not actually Max. That's the feral boy. There people were saying that I'm like now it's like why can't you just accept that somebody else's playing match mouth is old and Because a culture that can't accept lady. Ghostbusters can't accept a new Max. Heath Ledger was another one. That was Of Legis in two thousand eight before his death difficult would have been really difficult after the death of God. That's what I'm saying. Reactivating another version. Wherever he's at playing and the other the other quantum would have been good. That's right this has been floating around for years right. And that's what Did you mentioned Mel now trying to play this. But Hey wait a second. That crazy beard scattered about Morton. Joe Could've it could've been great. You know who joe is. He's the toe cutter. Yeah from initial Mac. So I think that's a lot cooler than going East Mel Gibson. And he's a bad guy. I I don't know but we're not supposed to say but you. I'm sorry little people people. Yeah this this film has been mood was moved around too and there was a lot of problems they had nine eleven calls problem. They're the ones that Well there was some little things about filming in different countries of that time going different places and being. They couldn't go to Australia. Yeah he's just production got delayed until like way long after that right and then they Then they had a place where they were filming and Broken Hill where they actually had unexpected rains. That caused the desert to have wildflowers. What so can you imagine this with? Wildflowers wouldn't quite say and I've seen the pictures from its. Yeah it's like crazy literally started like this garden in the desert you know. Because that's much rain. He had the same let. Let's talk about this you know. There's a Lotta complications of filming a movie like this. You've got all kinds of things you're ninety percent of this movie or maybe ninety. Five percent of this movie is on the move always being moving. This not stopped lock scenes on top of that. You throw in the fact that you've got which is always difficult you know and we can talk about like all the different things I think. One of the first things. This might be with the Russian arm which is used for the first time. It wasn't a Russian arm. I think they call it. Something else. what's the Russian Army Yeah I can make it dirty vehicle. It's a vehicle probably a Porsche Cayenne with attached on the roof of it and An arm of a mechanical arm with a camera at the end of it. And and what you do. Is You like when you see? They are used often in car commercials. Right like those cooler angles it starts up and then it comes down suites under that sweeps down to the quarter panel and out to the front of the car. Well there you go. That's that that's the Russian armed doing mystery solved on and they were calling this that edge arm at that tower which was interesting so and and you know you could put it on any car. Whatever it's a different mechanical arm that goes out and you're able to get different shots and it's like it's pretty interesting because you can go and zoom in on the guy. That's in the on the camera. You know I mean on car driving it. And then you can zoom out and you can get in front of you just able to do a lot of things and you notice a lot of the shots or like that computerized No no not with operators and assistants. Who were punk focus and another operate? Who's doing the arm? And then the then the driver of the car so all. Those people are working in unison. To make sure that they execute the the shop yummies amazing now. Then let's do the twist in there. Let's shoot in the desert where there's dust everywhere everywhere. Can you imagine and the technical problems that were involved with people your cameras clean your lenses? Clean? I mean just you know massive massive issues of like nonstop just just a lens change alone. Guess Okay we're going to go. We're going from the twenty four to the East fifty change it. Okay guys I need you to get an gather round. Let's let's let's let's let's encase camera. Okay let's make sure okay. Get my hands in there somehow. Let me take the lands off. Okay boom here's the Lens I'm GonNa Pass that Lens over you. Give me the fifty. Okay thank you pop it in like a baby incubator. Oh my God wait now. Quick question I don't remember. But was this Shannon fill knows HD. Oh it was shot film. I ever shot with the aries. The this was the the the DP. This is his first film. Ever shooting on digital digital area. Lexus. But they were shot with Alexis. Another use a five d cannon five home and that crash cams and stuff we actually have notes on that part of it just Kinda Artists. Kinda got digitals. Come Oh my God so so i I mean you know the area Lexus. Greg Amer but obviously you know yes. You're shot this on film. You would have had a shit. Fuck ton of problems. Dust the dust. Yeah this was shot with six airy Alexa pluses were Alexa. Ms Okay so You know along with cannon five D S and one GOPRO and Sony can. They had a little bit more of a budget for this one. Then they did the first. Yeah a little bit more. I think we have enough I Philippines pockets. I also have nothing but there's probably still make. I have to tell you my favorite person in this movie. I know Everyone's supposed to say What's your name Troy Sarah. I would say Barry Coast. That's one of the older ladies that's east but knocks whereas yes right there right there. We're not that I'm he is my favorite character to follow through this movie. Because he's like in a lot of the Mad Max Movies. You have somebody who you're supposed to not like who by the end of it. You're like he won armed. Judd Nelson arm in the Air Judd. Nelson is every time I put one arm in the air. I think really really awkward do that. You can think of that. You throw your arms. You like Nelson Nelson. He psychiatrist I know may not be able to think of a lot of movies now. He's in but really nabbed that he did. Nab It need it but anyway Do Morgan Love Nicholas Halt. It's rare that I don't like Nicholas. Holt no movie but this one. It's sunny frikkie difference having so much fun. Tell he's having a lot. You know who my favorite ones are in this. One hundred fifty stunt men. Oh yeah how I mean. I was so nice. You'd never will fascinated by all the jumps in all the you know the guys that were on the little the pendulum's that kind of back folkets. Okay they were called the polls polls polls and they're not called dancers because they're on poles but that's the difference that's coming out later this. Jalen hitting all sorts. Yeah well you never know you got to give it a shot right not your plan. A human being someone push us back. See Gods Take Them? They go along way from you. Star IS DUCKS. Shirley's nuts is what's her. What's her character day period? So she's definitely the she's definitely the start. Yeah I think she takes the cake with for sure cake and ice cream and Shit I. She's definitely the bad ass of the bill. Yeah you know She does all the leg heavy lifting as a character. I think Max is pretty much just Kinda like surviving. Yeah he's surviving for a while and then. He makes the conscious choice to help right. Which is what makes but doesn't always do. That's the first the first movie we'll just called straight up. Revenge movie sure. You know the next three movies about him like on. Funchal GonNa Survive and then somewhere all right so I help. Children GOTTA help. I'll help these furioso people's Morton Joe's people call. I'm assuming this is just one of people. The folks guys that the the Thursday background green screen. I don't know that they green screen a lot in over eighty percent. Look like that in Australia. Never Been Georgia and find. You would never film in a storm like that now. I don't exist in my choose to shoot. We just sort of yeah. That was our day this year. What Mike The Lord decided to Piss on your production Terry. It's like any Terry Gilliam product. God He's got the worst luck. If Terry Gilliam had directed this movie. The desert would've been buried in water. Sorry well was there for a while. They actually filming filming. That's the difference between moved onto. Other problems will come back. George would have been like we're gonNA find someone else will definitely get you. Just get the job done yes. I'm glad you came back. Takes them a while? He does with this one I think so. I think he is Rangers. Beyond Thunderdome missed. This is just crazy action and just crazy Everything was toned down Thunderdome. And you have children which runs everything right. Yeah so I mean you know this is. The first movie was made for three hundred fifty Australian dollars in two thousand little bit different than than one hundred six thousand American right right. Roadwork wasn't exactly the big budget. Extravaganza wasn't the compared adverse line. No no definitely wasn't compared to the first one. Though it was like a Broadway show. Compared was a huge budget back. Patrick so who's your favorite character in this though? If you have to pick one person that you want to watch and another one who is to say she definitely has. It's not fair for me. 'cause noxious my favorite. What's left of him? I mean you know. You don't really see him die and you end up my come back right well. It's immoral territory I don't know because my second favorite character was the knitting old woman and she bites it to ask great right she every few real sir. I liked the why I want to talk about your heroes being in the next one but if the wives come wouldn't find that in my research the wives comeback every single one of them's got like some something bad ass bitches like healthy as tip people out was learning about guns and she was getting into your buddy miss it then. Why is this significant significance? A word mother's milk of the others I mean they made such a big issue out of but they really ever. Yeah I mean. We'll I had read that. The breeders that didn't produce good stock were then retired to be the mothers who then just lactated forever and produce the mother's milk Which is I guess. What his what his drinking. Yeah I I'm I'm sorry same Belgian. It's the alcohol speaking. No having it's got me got me thinking wants Mike now now. I've seen this movie that he's coming up. It's definitely GonNa be Mike and I'm doing a little dead guy l. over here with the rogue which fits the movie curry looks like blood. Very much in the world would get urinary tract infection. You drink cranberry juice. That's right the came out of women's breasts mother's milk. Oh my get called it. I tried I don't know I have a friend who got so grossed out by the The milking milk really. She has issues with Six it's on Natura. She not. Whoa WHOA wait a minute. Does she drink milk from cal? Honestly she just drinks alcohol. Okay you like it. One similar problems then. Mother's mother's milk come on Ramses and put it in my coffee caveat here it tastes like. I remember when when my wife said to me. You sound taste this. I want you. I had some of this. I said what I just looked at. I'm like what are you in my mind. Of course I'm saying this because I would verbally say this flag back but in my mind. Fucking crazy fucking insane. I'm GONNA fucking taste that. Shit what do you? What would you drink from your utter tenure Throne Still Drinking Bomb? God translation translation was like No. Thanks appreciate that was a good cover. It was a real. That's really what she's slip. You know you know what Max might want some. Save it all PAT. All FLASH FORWARD TO VLAD. Gets home tonight and I'm thirsty okay. Let's get back to ask. Yeah back when she hears this shot. Anyway let's get back to before we bring out the next thing. Drink OFF thirty. They made they had thirty five hundred panels sketches before this movie and there's thirty different storyboards thirty five hundred different cuts in this bound. Imagine so you like literally it was. He went straight by. The shots are all by the. You know the things and some one of the things I heard him say was that they weren't a if you noticed. A lot of this stuff is center oriented so when you look at the image in the in the film everything's Dead Center. Everything I mean and that was because they knew the editing was going to be a quick turnaround so they wanted to try to have that aspect and be able to push they didn't have to do is much. I could show you know if you're in the center. It's a lot easier than if it's all center trying to shift to something so that was the reason but if you watch this film every non probably nine out of ten shots dead center. It's dead senators. I mean like the Actions Dead Center in which is really interesting. Because I don't think it works for the film I gotTa tell you is surely worth camera operator. Oh I'll tell you because you're like center punch the Guy. Yeah like really you want. It's underbrush yeah just all the time. Okay I'll be honest just as a viewer. I don't care what they say. Well I didn't say anything in the story there you go there you go okay so then that if you take then if you take creating a frame I mean because I've worked with people so serious about this and it's like well if you look at this film right you saying well fuck. It won't Kademi Award Threat Right. I'd look he's you know counterpunch enter punched. He's right there in the Middle Punch directs. You at what to see and how to see it. And it doesn't it doesn't equivocate. This is what you need to see this here. This goes right here when you look at the Senate Shikaki the shots and go like ooh. There's no Shit's going. Non Stop Non on both force and it probably works because everything is nonstop more. Because there's very little rest period for ten years look anywhere. There's a quote from Miller. He wanted the film to be almost a continuous chase with relatively little dialogue. And have the visuals come? First Paraphrasing Alfred Hitchcock Miller said he wanted the film to be understood in Japan without the use of subtitles. So you know that's kind of interesting but you know when you look at this thing if you notice. They're such quick. You don't have time to think about their quick cuts. They're very fast editing. You know and you put so many shots together now. Then you never get caught in your diet. You're not like board. You're not there's brill. And there's a it's when they get past what used to be. The green place goes through the swamp with the crows and then like they stopped with the Bolini. And they're like figuring stuff out and that's the only place you get arrest yet. You need a film like this right without a doubt because it's been going on stops right up until that point. Yeah Rather Max. Movies usually wait for the last half hour for the NONCE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Out of the way. And what we're passing as a story. Here's where we saw it on top of giant. That's all all the first act of this film is a chase all the way through and the second act is wall-to-wall action. Yep You know you're just full out getting bombarded with it and then the third act is the change of leadership kind of aspect. You know where you've got this thing and it just plays so well when you put all those things together and I I tell you. This movie is one that I think gets better the more you watch it and Laurie pointed out. What is your little bracelets? We are not saying that and she goes. It's what's written on the wall in the morning show comes in to find the bride's missing and I'm like that's not what it says and there was something what are babies or not were will be left in the world right dams bastards. You did Patrick. You did. My question She's she's got like this black paint that her face when Greece. When did she have done but then we saw it on when she put it on? Yeah she reaches down below the steering wheel. And there's a big greasy blob rank you keep. That's impressive yeah. You've got like every shot there in your head. I love this movie so James. Oh sorry we do. How many times you see this. We saw it three times in the theater. And then we've probably two or three times at home and I watched it earlier today. Okay I'll tell asleep during today's watching. The I watched the movie theaters what it was going to see in the theater. No it's not like you're hanging out you send the inch monitors of now. I don't know it's pretty good. Seventy and smarter best year. Nothing beats the version. You can watch at home right. You're not gonna read and you'll have to now because No one showing it in a theater right now. We'll come back. You'll see you'll see and it'll come back. It'll be a double feature with Rama. Oh the first one this happened that one movie ripple reach your with the revenue. Oh yeah their revenue revelant. It's got everything. I love. Leonardo Support Your love of bears. Okay filmmaking spine. Right there unbelievable. It's one that I could watch as often as fury wait. I'm sorry other way around. I watched it. I know even with all the fair stuff I have. I have two kids serve Beer Bambi. I've seen a lot of bambi cocoa melon and like fuck cocoa Melania. Yeah well there you go no no Hey Cook. Or how about how about baby? Shark Baby Shark Bay. That's what it that's my life. No Baby Sharks in this movie if I get on the break. That's why inside. It's piker in spite keep up. Reading Foia stalled rate. We'll tell you. How is this your favorites mad? Max Movie Yes I'M GONNA say yes. I mean I love Mel Gibson though I mean I I would go with the original. Should take it outside now. The first one is my least favorite. Yeah yeah no the second one I love. Because it's this before this existed and beyond Thunderdome is just it's fun it's like we really need a version of Nasdaq's don't we with children like the loss and Tina Turner? Yeah Tina Turner Dancer Chicken Song. So I think we'll be really need to discuss is George Miller's infatuation with midgets in power maybe he feels shorter. How tall is George Miller? Squeaker six foot square tonight. I don't know our listeners really creepy this is the got seemed. How did the? What's that pig movie? Hey Babe pig in the city talking in the city you didn't even do babe but no no no no. The first one is the second babe expert is protect babe major hit right. Belabor all of a sudden who get per to direct Second one come on. What are we get guys? You know that guy did bad. Yeah he's the guy he's available. He's done some other things besides happy. Happy happy so he's got his happy happy while they jumped out of this and before they had all the complications in did happy and then they came back after. Nobody's paycheck movies. Oh the author of happy feet. I thought it was very happy. When Steve Miller Steve Martin would get happy for you. Steve Miller Miller to fabricate labral. Yeah I liked the joker so I guess the children's movies his paycheck movies which is the opposite of like a Friday Thirteenth Sean Cunningham. And whoever else worked on that they wanted to make children's programming and it was easier to make money off of ours they Friday thirteenth. Kinda stuck with you. Set your come on in the residuals. Oh yeah catch those. We're GonNa Mike watched and you're going to be shooting their pants over them right. I Shit my pants over babe pig in the city did I never saw. I never saw the first. Babe are the baby. I was walking bacon most although George Clooney row. The judge judge cloning because he had a pig pig. Oh my God you guys. Don't ask. Yeah he had a pig as a pet pet pig pet peak. That's sweet. I love Japan. Can you not like that little curly curly tail acquired as far more on different ways maybe into Russian inspired by letter will be speaking Swedish? Michelle where babe pig in the city part three will be now. I think combined happy feet and there should have been some dancing fucking tankards in this movie desert because they hear there's water because Joe Water really. How creepy is a Morton Joe in this movie? When they're setting up at the beginning is like you are ill but yet they put that breastplate on them metal part about that is that is transparent so like this is me. This is totally really me. What you're looking at but it also has like airbrush. Most that are not really the contradiction. There you yeah. That was classic. Look pretty major contradiction his achey even the war. Boys all got medical issues you thank. You got healthcare as bad as mine. Yeah this place even exists. I was born there. I didn't I was taken as a child. Stella d'oro done this before many times now that Dr Lori this is the best shot I'll ever and then they're looking for help. What about you do you think about all the voices in Max's head I mean yeah? Who is the Glory Child? Is that the spirit of his child. That died in the first one. I think it's not his kid. 'cause his kid died in the first one but I think it's another child that he couldn't say what about the Black Man. I don't not one of his children. 'CAUSE. I just saw that today and I went. I I could see that maybe a strong right after this black dude who Maybe I don't know I don't remember any black people in any mad max movies besides Australia go. Please stop it already. Because she's choose a book and big big fucking hit at the time right. She's a big major fucking draw a great and then yeah. Oh yeah get ashes and seats right. That's what it's about. Please starts to black people and to get my New York up drinking johnny all right so I didn't know what that was a reference to. I still don't go for the. He's the feral boy. Grown up at these are the ghosts of Max racket ball a and then he eats that Lizard List at the little box thing. That again keep doesn't why this movie one. That's sound sound. That's why they won an academy award for Film Editing Sound Editing Sound Mixing Makeup and hair and styling and also production design costume. Think about how much does make here. People were making. Yes Oh my God day a day now checking this one hundred. Twenty days of filming filming. Okay hold on. Plus hours people start going they start messing around with the while the whigs and everything they go. And then they go back and they sit down bullshitting amongst each other. They don't even look at the bucket monitors in front of them. I've seen them start there it's just bullshitting talking about. They're talking about the people in front of the camera drinking the coffee. That's right camera operator. Envy UH OF HAIRSTYLE DALLAS. That's that's what this is really talking about right man. I am coming back as it hair and makeup. Maybe House cat probably a house cat you. Because they're the best they they you know they gotta take him to the vet. Yeah cough up a hairball. Someone comes and cleans. Mother has two cats. Okay mine this is. This is fucking therapy to kids. You spend twelve hundred fourteen hundred dollars fucking Gatz. I'm sorry they gotta go. It's the new kittens in both. They grow up boom. They start they start you know wriggling or like hanging shaking. When they're when they're walking out sounds like first wife replacement. Is this what you WANNA do with? Pex shown ever get started with hair and makeup. That's right there is you. Don't you think the wind and the sand does the rest. I think plays an important part. Victor I looked like Jerry Rolling Mike just because of the humidity. So could you imagine Nice Perm Perm my talk and my well? This is GONNA be You know kind of this kind of story that we keep jumping back to. But this is a movie that we're talking talking about. We're not watching. Certainly not watchmen. Now why why? This is a long action movie to use a long maximum. Yeah two hours. Yeah exactly solid and say go ahead say because I don't know I just looked at the movie The putting is. Don't you have the bulging eyes like everyone of George Miller's movies where all of a sudden it was like you know this is your home we go back back. I thought you went inside anymore. What are they saying? He wants to go back from where they came. Set it up. What's the defined it the pseudo green and water? This is a ridiculous amount of clearwater and a lot of crops. It's got everything you need as long as you're not afraid of high. We was awarded. Come from he pumps it up from deep in the calls it Agricola and Clinton himself and because he owns it. He owns all of us. I don't like him already. It'll take two weeks skirt. The Wall of Mountains gnome our suggest we go back the same way. We came through the Canyon. It's open we know that right. He brought all his party's through. So we take the WARRAGUL. We charge it right through the middle of them. We can decouple the tank with the poss. Shut it up behind his cattle. So what do you guys think about the Ending of this And how it ends. Do you feel that it sets up the tone for another? Yes yes yes. I think another furious. A movie is definitely implied. That's gone though. I think they were talking. Like they're going to continue with furious and then something happened where they said No. We're not gonNA really do Jackson Duly noted logging in the book? The pistorious yet but that you know things can change his movies take fucking decades to make take eight to ten years. Go put a wig on Nicholas. Halston just call him cheerios. Now he makes a pretty girl about he's got a nice is Purdie even looks up men movie. Who is he in the amendment beast? I'm sorry for those of us who haven't seen that. I'm telling you they're hot almighty. Watch a movie. Oh My Gosh. Not from the Seventies. I'll try I still love speed shit up at the movies. Yeah without that. I don't think this movie would have worked as well with four hours long. Yes there would be an intermission. Quentin Tarantino it. Start talking and no one would know why this movie sure accept it because they love him because the middle of other people can just move. Because there's not much you there's not a lot of words to crank up the Shots up and and not even have to worry about. Guitar player started playing. We don't need another hero and I did like that. He's he's really interesting. Cool is I wonder if I gotta say the Tina Turner. We don't need another era. Yeah Doug it I totally. I thought you were there. I was there in Bartow. Wait a minute I was there when she recorded it. Who who who runs bertone deal online? We know that we ask. Are you serious I should say it was Turner? Sing a song in a mad. Max Actually I guess she busted out who run hold on. I'm going to see us all. I mean it's not run down wrong. Do I WANNA see here? I do acting I WANNA see. I WANNA see her sing. Well I WANNA see her wearing that bad ass dress in those big Ole earrings. Great Japanese bodybuilder playing saxophone. Is that too much to ask for? No Lost Boys. Where are they now? Tina Turner was great man. She was awesome and that character was awesome because at the end she could have fought match right there and she just goes up. Hey Ali man walks away. You're like she could just let him gush our about Fox. I let's just call call the peace call it a day. Call a truce here. This one they had up Feiger rip people's Shit Up. Oh Yeah Morton Joe. It's like all right. Let's fuck him up ripped him to pieces his horse among the hood of our car off. I'm going to take this in a totally different direction. Do it watch it. Okay back when they did the Tina Turner movie. Yes thundered up right. Eighty-five yes yeah political Situation definitely there was actual both sides both sides. We're actually talking to each other right right. They did I actually right okay. Ka compromise you. Talking to ethnically place literally. Both parties actually spoke to each other and they actually compromise. Innate Hashed out bills together right right. Look at George Miller's version now and if you take if you look at just if you just look at the the the political standing as to where everything is now it's totally on the opposite end. Oh yeah okay. And so. They're they're just they're just at each others so yes so when you said they have to go ahead and rip the people in an desists like tear them to pieces. Why I guess this is this is where would I thought that's the Dome was rated? Pg and this is a hard ours are you gotta rip the Guy's jaw right. It's not as hard as I was trying to. I it was a stretch. You date backstroke for did you. Kind of go with it. But sometimes that's what happens when you write a script that you know. They're developing the script during the time so they've got things that aren't helium reflect courses done in Australia. It's a little different true but they do have a similar but they have a similar desert heat gets to you. Just find that out of his ash. Nobody throw this at the wall and if he sticks. Let's stay with it but here's the thing we have to think that if you're looking at at films and you're not thinking that there are not subtle political messages on underlying data without a doubt. Jeff would be night two and the thing about it and of course go back to this. What you're saying and talk about you know the value of water right now. I mean mortar. Now is expensive than anything. A bottle of water cost you more than you know. Alcohol sense companies are trying to privatize water. Right that's mass lately. You really beat that. What what can you get free? Two cents a gallon of purified water. But when they tell you what it is purified you believe. Yeah you believe that distilled and there's one that's like just means just it's it's still still came from moving from Winston right there in the store. It hasn't been moving around a lot of shaking around. We're GONNA Drake this material. We get something else. I'd I try to Paul from now and there's so many bigger remakes that they've made like a complete brain fart because usually I am DC. It's usually the sorry friends The hard right people hard-right hard-right Far Right Firefox just gave you know all right right but they will come out and go. Oh you know what I hate about. This movie was that liberal agenda. And that's why I think they're just telling a story but you can say whatever you want on a lot of people have a lot of you know whatever you believe when you're writing a script and they come along now. This was written differently than most because sure it was basically a cartoon artist and and Miller were writing this thing by doing the story boards how they came up with the and then of course they put dialogue to go with it. But and there's not a lot of that little but very little which works. Charlie's there on says that she went off the storyboards and not off of a script so writing us to believe that. It's all improvised. Hardy says that's when it came down to it. That's what this was all about. He was all about he was staying very hardcore form to to the storyboarding and when you got thirty five hundred shots and you have thirty. Five hundred edits. Obviously that's what he did. Take and play hard. Yep So sometimes maybe doesn't have a big political thing. It's just like let's it becomes necessary stuff right. I wanted to make a movie. I said they made a movie where you just. It's just a dude killing people from beginning to end do that and then John Wick came. Yeah that's it. Got Killed his dog. Those people you kill. A person's dog starts a copy. Much less buddy are they and you fuck up his car. Oh that was the first one to ask. Yeah but I can fix a car. I can't Biljana place a lot of money. Well I wanNA thank all of you guys for being here and this has been fun episode and hopefully are marched a got a little little charge out kicking us out the liquor speak. Do Door hit you in the end past. It's we want to thank all the listeners for listening and without you we wouldn't be doing this. Show actually list of their names. Yeah we got. We have four four four hundred of them. Thank you sir. Thank you so much thank you. We're point we'd love to get some people right in and ask questions and we'll be more than glad to not suggest. Taipa don't really doesn't help if that you'd like to see us do this is you. Don't care but still it wouldn't hurt to tell us when we're talking and only listening. Yeah well you know what I mean do do you know fuck you vlad politics. What's The fucking Guitar Guy Mean? He's he's obviously speaker of the House. He's obviously the liberal far left agenda. Thanks for listening. Thank you for listening to adult beverage. Podcast this podcast has been brought to you by our sponsors bricks wood-fired pizza where they bring people together. Be Sure to visit adult beverage dot org on the web to join the conversation access. The show notes. Discover our new fantastic bonus content. You've just listened to the adult Beverage podcast with your host Patrick Lauren. Kent Love this episode Adult Beverage. Podcasts had I tuned Stitcher spotify wherever you might listen to your podcast. Subscribe rate and leave a review. That's this week's episode of the adult beverage. Podcast don't forget to join US next week for another episode. Thank you for listening.

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