Full Show (Embiid's illness, Rockets/Warriors, Dak vs. Wentz, Kyrie and LeBron)


Welcome to the disputed podcast. I'm your host, Jenny Taft. This podcast is the full show. From today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Welcomed undisputed. We are live from Los Angeles. I'm Johnny Taft here was skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe. Good worn Geneal. You. I almost didn't come in today. Because I had the Embiid flu something's going around. I got it. I got it. There's no cure version. I don't know. Should I be hospitalized or all loaded shirt? Yeah. Your fashion obsessed. Our time about his shoe is that Brown loops Brown and blue clash. Yeah. It's fun indifferent. How are you going to be a hater at some point time? You gotta stop this camera so close because. Shirt a lot to get to today's show. We'll James harden, and the rockets pull the upset tonight, and we'll hiree and the Braun reunite this summer. I can't believe I'm actually saying that let's start in Toronto Raptors hosted the Sixers in a crucial game five last night. But this one wasn't even close. Toronto won by thirty six behind another solid performance from quite Leonard who had twenty one points, thirteen rebounds. Joel Embiid has been battling a respiratory infection. And he struggled again finishing with just thirteen points to go along with eight turnovers. Let's take a listen to him beat on what went wrong for the Sixers. You know? I know I got to about a job force to win. Gotta do little things when a knitted this call the ball. How gotta show up. You know, you know, settings cranes. I gotta do about a job rebounding the ball. So that's all be you know, you can't go until my physical condition, but I can also control I'm much push myself. And I try to do that. But I just gotta do MO all right, Shannon. What happened the Sixers? Well, the Sixers didn't bring skip I think the raptors realize the magnitude of this game normally when the series of tattoo to the win game five goes on to win eighty two percent of the time. The raptors did not want to lose this game. Go back on the road to Philly with a chance of being eliminated. So they came out and play for the full forty eight will until the Sixers gave up, and that's what they did. They beat them into submission skipping. Enjoy beat deserves some criticism here. He deserves a lot of criticism because he's not performing it. What's the old adage skip? All I know the only thing, I know, this is what I know. Number twenty one for the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers is Joel Embiid. I see him on the court. That's all I know. So he getting twelve points he getting fourteen points. And he's playing like that. I don't know why in unimportant to why the fact of the matter is he's their best player. He's probably going to be first team. All be as the b he or joker. That's what we know. He's an all star. And he's not play like if I'm not mistaken. What just two games ago we were talking about enjoy and beat is not Mitchell with one of the with the pantheon. Great Biggs is a crime. That's true. Just do games. Go. And now we're supposed to have sympathy. Oh, he said he got to do a better job now, bro. No. It's the Joel beat. And we'll talk about this a little later skipped he thinks it's all about just playing the game. He doesn't realize that the game was actually played before you actually play the game. But here's a guy that's going unscathed. He's been SIMS this trophies what he's doing. He's averaging nine points a game. He every seventeen in the regular season. He ever is nine rebounds. He's averaged seven here average, eight assists. He's averaging four skip. He had more turnovers than assist last night. And the thing is they know the raptors no he can't shoot the ball. But now, he's even afraid he's afraid to shoes. Five field goal attempt. In a game of this magnitude for the second best player. You all start. This is an acceptable. Joel Embiid the best player, they they go. If you members get it was just also two days ago, you remember the airplane? He was kissing everybody in not he double on the side. Who all my talk to? I don't know if I could make it. I don't know. I will get to the other end. No, that's not how it works. Joel embiid. You don't get to you. I got a virus? So I got this. I got that. No that's unacceptable. This is the police are the playoffs in this is how you make your name. This is how you could you wanna legacy? Play will right now when you go through something might join with a done what he did. And what would that game sick with game five the flu game with game five we put so much more emphasis because it was the flu game, and he fought through something if he if he didn't have the flu, and he got did what he did. But it was how he performed under under duress through adversity. Joel Embiid understand that my turn. Yes. I have said all season long that once LeBron James went from the east to the west the new beast of the east is Joe L in the Sixers go as Joel and be goes this series goes as Joel Embiid goes because he is far more valuable than number two is for Toronto. And back to your point. It was just six nights ago that Mark Jackson said on ESPN. It would be a. Crime. If down the road, we didn't put joylin beads name in the all time discussion a best big men ever. And then last night was nothing. I'll crime period to have to watch that this has become the most mysterious development can ever remember in the NBA playoffs, and I've been doing this for a long time. Because last night I have never seen a superstar. And he is a superstar ready. I've never seen a superstar. So out of it from tip off he looked drugged as in heavily sedated. I don't know. I can't explain any of it. But all I know is that he was so out of it. That three times he threw cross court passes to nobody three times. Joel Embiid looked across the court in look like he went blind and threw it into the far fourth row. What what are you doing? It's incomprehensible. How bad that was? And then three other times he began to dribble the ball into the defender as if he was asking the defender, would you please steal this ball from me. So I don't have to figure out what to do with this basketball. Those are six of the turnovers he had eight total turnovers last night. And it looked like at one point. He was on course to break James Harden's all time playoff turnover record of twelve that he suffered in the close out game five against Golden State at Golden State in twenty fifteen remember that do ignominious night. So TNT showed before the game joylin bead, quote, unquote. I'm gonna put quotes around walking into the arena, but he looked like. He was the Walking Dead in Brett Brown said he basically got up off his quote, unquote, deathbed that he had a significant significant temperature that that caused him to miss not only the shoot around, but the film session yesterday afternoon at the hotel and that leads to question number one. How bad is he does he have West Nile virus? Does he have the bird flu? Does he have some some undiagnosed malady that should require hospitalization? I'm serious. This has been going on for two weeks or don't play at all. Well, I'm to that point. And if you remember at the end of the show yesterday, I said, you know, what if he's still suffering? And again, I think it could be the knee flu. Also, I think he's got the chronically arthritic knees that just come and go, but whatever his condition is why not just shut him down at least for game five at Toronto. Because you do have the fallback game six back at your place. So why don't you give? Him the night off if he has to get up off his quote, unquote deathbed, and he can't attend any of the film session or the shoot around. Why why wouldn't you ask your team to pull together the way they did for game three at Brooklyn? There was no Joel that night and to your point about bin Simmons. What what happened that night? Did he not rise and shine at Brooklyn? He had been called out there wanted posters for him outside missing in action posters, and he went for thirty one points, and he had eleven of thirteen shots that night in Philly. Look like a different team. Look like Boston last year and the ploughs with no Kyrie when they pulled together they United in the wake of Kyrie or in this case in the wake of joylin beedon said watch this. I still say it's a talented basketball team to your point without Joel and bead and yet last night not only did he play he kept on playing. And what drove me the craziest was this game was out of hand in the second quarter. Yeah, it was thirty seven. To seventeen in the second quarter. It got so bad early in the second quarter that I tweeted at one point Sixers lose this game by twenty five and then I washed one more clock minute of the game. And I'm media amended that tweeden I said, no, they're going to lose by forty and guess what? With two twenty four left in the game. They were down by forty or you believing that is do you realize that that they haven't lost a playoff game in Philadelphia this badly in thirty seven years thirty seven years you have to go back to game one of the Eastern Conference finals that was the Sixers of remember, Dr J doctor Jay, and Tony and remember that group, and it was against Larry Bird, Celtics. They got blown out by forty and game one. And then they came back to win the series and go to the fine, right and loosen Lakers. But the point is it's been thirty seven years since they got that embarrassed. And this didn't exactly look like it could be this wasn't Larry bird's Celtics that you're up against. So my other question was. What what is Brett Brown doing? Okay after it was clear by half-time. You are done. You are wiped out in this game. Do you realize he continued to play Joel and be through the third quarter? And until the nine minute Mark of what are you doing or at least give normally especially game this okay there down down twenty one at the half. At least give them the first by minute. Okay. If we can cut it down to twelve we can get it down to tens. No. Then we good. Okay. Take him out. Okay. What are you doing? Are you trying to sweat the flew out of the third and fourth quarter or even tweeted, this is some weird way that you're trying to punish him for looking. Like he's quitting on his team. No, I'm serious. What are you doing? We just saw we just saw the clippers comeback from thirty one down. So twenty one is not. But when your best player like that night was Lou Williams. Did he have the bird flu or whatever? Yeah. I agree with him play in five minutes in. They don't put a dent into the lead. Okay. Now. I sit him, but I'm not gonna come out of the halftime and not play. Joel Embiid or not play my starters that was to to me very close for Brown to being a fireable offense in if I'm Joshua Harris, the principal owner, and I'm sitting while I don't know if he's at the game or just at home watching on TV he also the devils is, you know, and I would sit back and say what is my coach. I think they've been asking that question at junctures all year long. I think Browns on the hottest seat in the playoffs. Why Bram hottest Joel Embiid sick? Okay. Boy doing what are you doing? I don't know. And to your point it's so mysterious what's going on with him. Because he then he goes over on the bench, and this is such a bad. Look look like he was looking at a stat. And I don't know what stat sheet it could be because obviously it was nine minutes left in the game. It could be through three quarters dads because they hand those out along press row. So what do you do in reading the stats sheet saying, well, at least, I put up decent knows? I was five out of ten. I scored. Point. You don't need to know you play like crap. So what he thinks also on here like thirty and fifteen is that what he thought that she was saying maybe thinking to himself. I don't know. We'll I made five ten shots that doesn't look so bad. I don't if we didn't watch. There's that big glaring eight over there far column, which is the turnover call, you know, what you keep harping that. He's the best player in the east while these other players, you see a wide UC Jaanus. You see what they do on a nightly basis and when they have a bad game bounced back with a tremendous game. Now we've seen back to back game from Ben Simmons and see what happened with you. And you fell into the trap in game two. They won would Joel Embiid going twelve twelve points and everybody to fix the Sixers. They're not winning. Joel Embiid not being dominant. K what happened in game three? He was dominant Florida three and TNT and five blocks, and then turns around and all of a sudden the flu jump Nonni the flu jumped on him. But it had been jumping on him all along because we were told two weeks ago he had to viruses at once never heard of that one before and. Again, when these teams say these things with now, well, West Nile and bird-flu all together. I guess I don't know influence. I don't know it doesn't into thing is when you get out there when you're this level of talent. And you're on the flow floor and your meddling around is not a good look for you or your team one or two things you're going to have to play all out or you have to sit down. Yeah. There's no between this juncture. Yeah. To your point about Ben Simmons and the rest the shock to me was that again, they go as joy l- goes. And he was going so south the body language that he had was mirrored in every other six or last night. Nobody played defense last night. I've never seen such poor shoddy half-hearted defense. There are a couple of times when Seok got the ball at the three point line. And he looked around like, you mean, nobody's going to guard me, I think I'm gonna make this one. Okay. I'll drive to the basket. I'll get a layup. Oh in Quadra Duncan on everybody. Okay. Can we see that one is two point six seconds left in the first half? Could we see this one? Right. He they roll out the red carpet right down Broadway. Oh, they kind of look like they have hardly what nobody contested at the rim. Blame them. Do. I blame you want to be on the. Usually want to be on somebody's wall in iron eagle on TNT. Just went crazy. And I'm like he just dunked on nobody everybody. Nobody living. Everybody gino's Philly cheese, everybody. Yeah. Well, this in Toronto Toronto references, you know, I was looking at the silver lining Toronto. At least they didn't have to worry about having a close highly contested fourth quarter in which number two, Mike disappeared. If you he might miss four free throws he might have to crucial late turnovers. And you got you dodge that last night. You didn't have to worry our to got thirty five. So I don't really do need to do any more damning really yet is game was over thirty five. No he had. No, he Twenty-one nice twenty one and thirteen that interest in this. Who's the leading score? You know, see what you do you. See what you're right. This skull CIs. He's coming right. Is he not he just might be their best player? I don't know. Who knows you know? You covered his game. I like Viagra, by the way, he's playing hurt because he injured himself when he kicked right for that. Calf injury. Yeah. Look, you know, you know, the importance of game fine, especially if you could still this thing on the road, you go home with a chance to close it out. No. But but he steps on the floor. And he is he does not want to be on the floor. You have to stop that you have to pull him immediately. And just say your shut down for the rest of the night. Well, we're clearly didn't the walk into the building walking into the on. You're not playing tonight. I just cannot because sometimes you gotta save a player from himself. Yeah. In the go out there, we feel we can help the team. No matter the situation because this will fifteen twenty percent Joel Embiid is better than a Bo. Bo Bobo by Bob on actually. Come on. He played the last six minutes of the game three out of four shots. I was thinking well at least somebody did something tonight excuse play him with as you just mentioned they were down forty. So what was he not? No, not at forty point shot. Yeah. So so the outlier here is game three. The aberration is game three. The Mark Jackson game the game in which Mark Jackson decrees that he should be considered in the conversation with the all time best big men ever. And I told you the next day. Well, I got no problem with that. Except the problem is he's always hurt or now, it's not just injuries. It's whatever this thing is in March said, basically in here's the caveat. If he's healthy hilt is gonna play of this. But he meant knee healthy. Yes, right body, healthy blue healthy. And my thing is I don't know if he's going to put the working, training wise, nutritional wise to be of the pantheon greens. That's the question. I have. Yeah. Yeah. The skill anytime. You have a discussion about especially young player earning his career, and you try to project out and he's having a type of career early on and. Joel Embiid Gigiri always a factor. No matter what the sport if he can stay healthy. Oh, he's going to be all time. Great said that my about Mike trout early on. They said he the next Mickey Mantle if he can stay healthy so far so good knock on wood. Yeah. But Joel Embiid skip. I'm not so sure that he does the things outside of the arena. Probably that leaves to having great success long-term in the arena that bears to be what it does. So would also bears watching is there two days before what's left of the Sixers get over. I don't think over. I just you won't talk about the biggest X factor. Seven foot tall x factor in the history of pro basketball. It's this guy because I don't know from night tonight. What if game three Embiid shows up? Got a case of do last night. 'cause I told you twenty and you know, what don't come crying to me because you just chicken out. I don't come crying. Don't don't bring it up in hindsight could have Twitter. Joel Embiid could've been healthy last night. But he was where we time. Being healthy. Well, just six nights ago. I guess I don't know. Maybe he played through misery that night. I have no idea. So he played third. Maybe that was his Jordan flew game. And we just didn't know it. Maybe maybe he needs to be hospitalized in review. Maybe he's got some mysterious illness that we've never heard of before your best player in the east needs to Razan shine. They when they play Thursday game. Yeah. Okay. He needs to show. He's the best player 'cause I'll I know without seen. I seen Janas Yana says I'm the best player. I've seen Coack Watson's. I'm the best player and I've seen them over the last three or four ballgame lay. Like the best players in east John infla- like he's the best player in the NBA. That's what he's trying to same. So what you're going to? Well in was the best guy only six nights ago. And once again Toronto is a point and a half favourite at Philadelphia. Yes. It's just like it was for the other two games in Philadelphia. So here we go. It's all about number twenty one them do do. What what do I do? I get Joel Embiid or not. I don't know. He. To wait until tomorrow. And see if anybody reports on on the West Nile virus with now mind worried about the guy though, I mean, this is ridiculous. How bad he's. I just mean if you're going to play his teammates be upset with him. Like, why are they not calling about? But I don't put tease she should be better than this. He's their guy. Everyone's feeding off of his energy. Okay. What energy? Yeah. JJ ready for three points. They won't even let JJ shoot it anymore. He's completely out of the offense. The offense now is Jimmy Butler goes one onto until he finally forces up a shot at the clock way to go. Oh, so old. So you know, what it seems to me that somebody picked the Sixers to win and somebody else picked Ronald a win the person that picked the Sixers little upset. You know? What's funny about that all year long somebody at this desk? Love the Sixers and somebody is not wearing a cool shirt Brown. You have these Piff unease the realization, oh, the moment the moment. Nia Piff knee was you realize number too late of the San Antonio Spurs. Now plays for the Toronto. Raptors he missed you miss twenty two games. That means he's going to be healthy. Forty made us a great ball. I got to go with hill. Okay. I wanna hear what you guys have to say about this one is tonight. A must win for the warriors will discuss that next over get you can check us out every day. Don't forget to thank the real pros this mother's day. Where would you be without your mom? My mom is a pro at making me feel so loved and taking care of always she will laugh at me for saying this. But she's also a pro at shopping, she really is my personal shopper. And it's something we love to do together. Then there's my grandma. She simply the best always making me smile, and I have so many friends who are incredible mothers. I wanna make sure to tell them just how special they are on mother's day. My personal favorite Bocquet is the mother's day spectacular. 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So don't wait order like a pro and get this amazing rose deal to thank all the moms in your life. I'm honestly been go make my. So the warriors are a six point favorite at oracle in a huge game five tonight against the rockets. The home team has won all four games. So far James harden has been battling problems, but he still averaging about thirty six points per game in the series for Golden State. Kevin Durant is also averaging thirty six per game. But Steph has been struggling shooting just twenty six percent from three so, Shannon. Who you got who wins tonight, the warriors skip I believe they get Klay going because what we saw the other night is that staff and Katie had sixty four they combined for sixty four in Iraq is still able to win they need that missing piece. What says this team apart is that they got a third option that can go nuclear go. Get your sixty. You can get your fifty get your forty. We've seen him he'd up thirty seven points on the quarter. So we know what he's capable of. But he's struggling I believe part of the reasons he's struggling Erik Gordon. James harden, not a not easy covers. And he's exerting a lot of energy trying to stay in front of them. Trying to fight off green trying to fight through picks to try to cover. Those guys is taking some of his legs away from him. But he's going to have to get going in order for them to win. But the biggest thing is guilt. Andre angled Donna in Klay Thompson should not be averaging more rebounds per game than Kevin Durant. Getting crushed on the boards. He needs to be he's better than a five rebound the night gas gap. He's better than that. The rockets go into the glass, the beating them the last game. They beat him up on the glass. Second chance points is bending as been in the rockets favor. Kevin Iran's gotta get in there. They can't just relax great of average attendant half a game. But Draymond can't be their only rebounder JD's going to have to pick that up. He needs to be around eight nine rebounds a game to key the rocket from getting so many second chance opportunities. And look I expect him to go off again because they have no answer for him. PJ took doing all he can. But he's done decide. PJ had that had that mentality and was six nine not relaxing that. But he's like six five skill and Katie six eleven he don't want to be call seven put. So we'll save six eleven make good shoot the ball over anybody. So I still expend another close ballgame I expect James Horner dance and do what he does. But I believe the warriors will win this game. Go back to Houston of three two. Interesting. So I said before the playoffs started that somebody somebody would take down Golden State. I didn't know who that body would be I give Denver a shot at being that somebody I give Houston obviously, a better shot at being that somebody. And if they're going to be that somebody tonight is the best way to become that somebody because I believe they have a better chance of winning game five than they would have winning game seven. That's just me at oracle the nerve to be too much in game seven for the visiting team. You can argue they would mount the pressure. I I'm not sure about that. But remember quarter? Remember in the backs of the warriors minds as they arrived tonight at oracle is that growing possibility that tonight could be the last game ever at oracle. And I could be if they lose it and go to Houston and lose that's the end of that deal. Right. So that has to be starting to percolate in the back of the psyche. Like, oh, and that could make you a little jittery because the biggest shock in this series. So far to me. Remember the point differential is the same. It's Golden State's four forty eight to Houston four forty seven point different through four games. Check this out. Houston has made sixty six three point shots. The Golden State Warriors known for living and dying by the three with the two best three point shooters in the history of this league on their side. They've made only forty so at sixty six to forty three point shooting. That's a plus seventy eight points for Houston that is actually one point worse than the overall point differential. But wait a second plus seventy eight from the three point line by the rockets, and they live and die by three also. Well, that's that's staggering to me because Steph is making twenty six percent of his threes in the first four games Claes making thirty one percent of his threes through the first four as a team they're shooting thirty two percent during the year they made thirty nine percent. So think about that they are not dropping three bombs the way they usually do and especially at home if the three start falling the roof falls in on the visitor. Yes. The crowd goes berserk. And as rebuke are brought up and he lives in the bay area and goes to most of these big playoff games. There win all year long. The oracle crowd hasn't been quite as combustible as it used to be. Because after a while you get a little numb to winning. You get a little spoiled and the ticket prices keep going up in your pricing. The common fans out pay a four thousand dollar four seat. Ain't put no faith pain on it. Thank you. Thank you. Exactly. Right. So it takes more to detonate the crowd, but there's no detonator better than three three point shots from forty feet, especially by Steph curry, so if that starts happening tonight all bets are off. I'll believe into your point. I believe has Klay mcclinton if hit that shot that deep three that he hit an all concluded in the Rockies were an oracle. I believe a go to come back and win that game. Can you imagine? He hit a shot down five and many hit that three did from forty. Yeah. Erupted won the game. So what just happened in Houston? Obviously Houston barely won back to back games barely survived back to back. But in the fourth game, we saw the Houston Rockets impose their physical will on Golden State. And we heard Steve Kerr say after the game, they're middle linebackers. We're volleyball players, and he was very open about it. That's the way to beat us by beating us up. Houston is capable of doing that. And Houston smelled a little bit of blood. It got chippy got downright dirty. A couple of times there was the one play where it looked like K D because CPA three got. You know, there's a little both. I don't know. Flipped him down. No. On may. You've called Krystal a'dirty player because he can't do things and deserve that. But he's always poking and prodding and he's getting on your skin and Katie was losing a little bit thin skin. I've ever seen superstars Kevin Durant that usually off the court, but on the court starting to get to him. So again, will they go, right? Adam physically again and try to rough him up and get out of this flow and out of everybody. We'll okay sure they will. And as you point out they've been beating on the backboards. So again, they're going to take that mentality. And it's just watch. There may be some early texts called in this game. Because it's going to get nasty out. There dre he he's said we've have to match their intensity and for the entirety of the ballgame. Give you said something earlier that they have the two best report to history of the game. I'm gonna take exception. I believe they have one of those. I believe Ray Allen. And Reggie Miller our little head of. But when clay gets off like we don't heat up like he can't nobody history game can get. I looked up the statue. What was it? He's had he made nine threes and a quarter. What one just saying, maybe they're the two nobody nobody in the history. Just get hotter from three than those two guys. Do win for sixty and twenty nine minutes scored thirty seven and twelve minutes. Okay. That's what I'm talking. I got you over time. Give me my sure anybody's had the nuclear capabilities of Klay Thompson. I've never nobody can later. Yeah. I mean, sixty points and twenty nine minutes, that's even beyond Steph. Yes. But that's the biggest thing you mentioned that there. Plus, what would you say plus seventy two in the three points at seventy eight. Let's say seventy eight we'll guess what they're doing to chasing Katya cre- making himself for two. So just imagine here is still pretty good. Yes. Yes. But a magin if it was plus only fifty eight. Yeah. Now, you might have sweep into series, Golden State. I believe the waste. You can have a sleep either way. 'cause Huston easily could have won the first two games. And go to stay one. The last call we could have had a Houston tweet, go to states. We we thought this what we were hoping we got this matchup in the Western Conference finals. And we thought we were going to get it. Because what three or four games to go Hughes was in the two. Yeah. And then all of a sudden James harden, Mr. free throws, Paul George hit the shot. Okay. Take him down. They slide from to all the way down to poor here. We are here. We are Golden State will come out on. The mission tonight. I believe Klay Thompson will get it going. He must they need. They need. They need a twenty point game. From clay K D going be K D. He's going to go get it thirty five and he's getting it so efficiently, you don't even really, you know, I'm looking and I'm like you got thirty nine. He got how win and it's not because he saw fishing. You follow me? Get into the free throw line is making the shot. The question is. Those players can can talk. Dp three in gourd. Can they offset any production stepping Clayton gonna give Cain real by the way tuck is making forty three percent of his threes as auxiliary player at six of fourteen not high volume, but my man Austin rivers he's made eight of fifteen threes in the series. That's fifty four percent. Could he be crucial tonight? Absolu- these moments are not too big for that young, man. But but took also Avidan double figures in rebound. He's killing the glare off audience. Yes. So I still believe the rockets got robbed in game one. They got six non calls on James harden landing spot landing zone that cost them game. One. I still say that at oracle this year. Golden State has uncharacteristically struggle. They lost six games by twenty plus points. They lost two games by thirty plus points. So if you're going to get them, they're they're more gettable at home than they are away to me and again game five I would circle as the potential gettable game because Houston goes in with dare I say a little momentum. I know they were close games a little bit of psychological edge. And again, if if you're back to the free throw controversy, remember the free does the same. So not neither team is getting a big bring on reveries after since game one because right now Golden State's made eighty free throws to seventy nine for Houston. Gold states attempted one hundred. Three uses attempted one hundred four so they're just dead. Even Ryan the free so three about that. But in the end, it's about three point shooting because Stephan clay have combined for only five game through four games. I've made that's what five made. That's that's outrageously low. So if you're right about don't combine for ten tonight. Then it's all Mets are off tonight. It'll just be Golden State in a walk. But I'm just not sure that will happen. I think they're going to get up into. I think the pressure will mount tonight even more than it would in a game seven, and I just again if they're going to win this series. They need to win this game in my gut is they can win this game. Every game in the series decided by six point. Ways. Core pool is not a bus ways. Core pool is not a taxi ways. Core pool is not the metro in DC writers ways. Car pool is not a slug line. What is ways carpool and new app lets neighbors co workers and fellow commuters ride together to work and home fast. Drivers say Hello to that express lane and get reimbursed for gas riders gin, affordable commute and help. Save the planet and carpoolers get to know their neighbors and co workers a little bit better and ways carpool is smart. Not only does it match you with people who are going your way it connects you with people who you'd actually want to ride with so you can commute smarter with no headaches people if you use ways already, you know, it's built by a community to give you the best traffic pitcher in real time. All the time ways corporate functions with the same high quality standards and efficiency down though, the ways corP app today to catch a ride or give a ride to work her home ride together with. Ways. Carpool onto the Cowboys. Because skip they might need to get a bigger wallet. Dak Prescott at Amari Cooper contracts are up at the end of next season and talks of extensions have started. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. The Cowboys have made progress in their negotiations with deck, and they're expected to give him at least thirty million dollars a year. Currently there are just four quarterbacks making that much Jerry Jones that earlier this week, quote, I'm confident we'll get this done. We're sold on deck as for Amari, the contract talks have reportedly gone off to a slow start. His demands have been called quote shockingly high by the Cowboys Cooper is apparently looking for more than sixteen million per year, which would put him in the del Beckham junior neighborhood. That's a lot of money shooting much. Trouble is Jerry in with these Petrogal. He I don't know if you know how. How much heat Bill, but would have a lot of trouble. They're in trouble. And you know, what they deserve to be in trouble. They should be happy. You scouting department did an unbelievable job of dinovite and players will McClay did a unbelievable job of selecting these players. The downside of this is that if they're what you think they're going to be going to play. Well, then guess what that means? I don't know if you noticed, but I got older, you know, when I was young man my grandma fried chicken. My grandfather got the big piece of chicken, but I got older I wanted to big piece of chicken. So guess what? And these guys started playing better they want the big piece of chicken. You did not get it over your grand. Don't care. So you wanted if you didn't get it. That's the bottom line. That's the takeaway of a way am I right? He passed away. It did I started getting to be pizza chicken. But that said hold on has it passed away on the no he wanted to be. I gotta go right now. It doesn't matter. It does what he's not Aaron Rodgers. He hadn't done what. So what because we saw guys we saw Matthew Stafford we other guys get to Andrew luck. Get twenty seven twenty eight million dollars a year that was two years ago. If I am placing I do things with the same money today. Could you can buy a house in Los Angeles, showcasing a little boy? I was gonna get to spare bedrooms. I want to your house. Well, I don't I don't live in Bel Air. You do that. Already whether in trouble the already have three offensive linemen making top dollar their position. They have defended lamb it that's making top dollar their position. They still have shayla Smith going on his money by Jones gonna want his money Zeke waiting. I didn't get there. He trouble in Amari Cooper said. Hold on wait a minute. My value shouldn't be based on your salary cap. People. Ask me all the time. I want you to do this. But I can only pay you this as brought my talent based on your budget, my television what ails you compensate me appropriately. So Amari Cooper. I know what y'all think, but you know, y'all are preach L coming in rescue me out about Oakland meal. But I need sixty I need sixteen. I need that old Dale I need that. Mike Evans, I needed Antonio Brown cake. A little little little ten million to me, and they're trying to I don't do that. I won't he probably going want something around. Eighty five ninety million over five years won't fit at sixty. So guess what? You're in trouble. You're in lots of lots of trouble, skim males. And I love I love it. Love it. You know, what to tell you got me. I'm going to recommend that Jerry Jones this afternoon, he should cut Amari and cut Zeke. God, it's just caught. Here you do because there's no way you can pay him. So just let them go. Let them go do with are going to do. Let them go. Find their pot of gold at the. Yeah. Yeah. There's an end of the rainbow outside of Dallas, Texas, right? Yes wrong. Obviously, I'm going to say this again for those out there who are little naive to what's happening here. But this man wants team wrecking dissension in the locker room he needs fair launcher Versi. He needs issues in Dallas. He needs contractual problems. And in ain't happening. I tried to enlighten you there are two areas in which you do not against Jerry Jones, you can bet against him in a lot of other areas. But none in these two negotiations and player relations. He is he leads the league in both and are in negotiations factor into cap wizardry. Jerry Jones is a businessman as he says. And he knows how to manage his cap. Trust me, he will get all of the above done. Will they'll be a little bloodshed along the way? Maybe but he is developed such deep. Bonds with all these kids, and they're all still kids that it serves him well through what can become a little bit of painful negotiations that they get a little protracted occasionally. But he always wins because they love Jerry. So let's let's take a Mario Cooper. We want shocking money. Am I shocked by no sure he thinks he's the best. So he and the cat mercy revenue cat birthdates. There's only one catbird seat in Dallas, Texas, and it belongs to Jerry Jones. But look at look at how that perform once he got Koop Koop knows that you know, that, hey, what is coupe really know that he died in Oakland. And he went to football heaven in now semi Ryan chance and he loved playing for America's team because he loves his quarterback. He loves that offense. And he loves this coaching staff that leaves him be unlike what Jon Gruden was doing. We're John was. Poking and prodding him and trying to start his motoring get it to run a little hotter. And faster. I longer appreciate all that. I'm Rita to risk. You me out of out outta hail. Not appreciate you bringing me to to the heaven, which of the cowboy did the check clear that even know. That's what Shannon Sharpe would do. Amari Cooper, got a big Goodhart about him. He he's a quiet kid, and again his agents cannot pay for with heart championships, though. Not eat knows. Yeah. Yeah. They do come back. You can't eat those champions UK after awhile. Pay big dividends feel the mortgage to call me. I was like five days late as a three times Boateng, I'm in the hall of fame willing. Congratulations. None can you. Sit us a check as I get that right out. This way, you know, what you really lucky play with John Elway. And Ray Lewis. I gotta say khaki with an attitude. I thought you were team leader daily the money wasn't like it is now. But here's the thing. This is what has happened. Skip you've done unbelievable job of a dentist and drafting players. Now, this is like that housing getting before you could get a half skipper know, exactly what I'm talking about. You remember the housing market? Would they let you get a twenty thousand square foot home for forty two dollars a month? But a big balloon payment was going to become and do and then when you couldn't make that balloon payment guess what they're stuck assigned to San close. This is what's happened those balloon payments have come do what you can do J K J got a lot of properties. So let's look at the not I don't mean negative context. But Jerry got a lot of properties that he has to pay Amari Zeke DAT. Jalen Smith, Byron Jones. Now, some of these foreclosures give somebody. Will be able to come and get me getting these properties from under Jerry for real good price. Jay, you'll be able to autumn all they're not going. Jalen smith. He won't be money. You said Jalen Smith of the head on head knocker baron. Jones went to the Pro Bowl last year. Yeah. Ooh. He going to get big money. He'll get paid. He'll get paid. Outta hand. Seek you'll Elliott we'll get paid the cab just keeps ballooning up every year. It gets bigger and bigger will your operating like it's nine thousand nine hundred million. Okay. How about this here? They would the guy they got on the contract right now. There are one hundred twenty one million dollars already spent with no debt nosy. No, Jalen, nor Mark Cooper, November Jones. That's how you gonna pay him. And I lend money, by the way, speaking of Zeke Elliott, there is a deep bond that has developed between Zeke, and Jerry happened throughs Zeke suspension year, all the turmoil all the chair Hanta Versi, the cloud that hung over the stream Jerry fought for him for him against the league off foreign publicly as he paid legal fees. He did everything he could to get him not suspended and then in the end Roger Goodell just brought down Thors hammer. Six games. And yet the day Zeke was eligible to come back. If you watched that documentary on Amazon, all or nothing they had a camera in the Jerry's office and incomes Zeke for eight tearful hugging reunion. And it looked very real to me in that that will pay dividends through a protracted negotiation. Will it Jimmy? Owns the moment. Can I get paid? Def what I need. At the all the crying at the all the emotion, I'm gonna take the emotion out of its I'm gonna take the emotions out of this. I need them people. I need to get get Apor. They'll all get what they deserve. It's gonna pay them. What you think they deserve? What they know inside that locker what they are on the verge of something very special like I say first Super Bowl since nineteen ninety five. What do you is tell me what was the last Super Bowl is after the nineteen ninety-five season and early ninety six that's a long time ago on the verge of accomplishing just that Janice. I'm on the verge of big payday hoops as who dang like, man. I'm about to have more money foundation that I could do so much with with my mom's name Zeke like only got like four or five. I'm in my prime. I need to get paid soon. And you know, what everybody in that locker room realizes that this. There's something special going on inside this franchise because it used to be known for making dumb moves with Jerry presiding now. It's known for outsmarting the rest of the league even through the draft. There is a great story today in USA today. I highly recommended. Calbos fans because it's about how the Cowboys keep scoring in the draft with prospects late first second round that nobody even has on their radar because they'll have big red flags and Dallas keeps saying wait a second late in Vander ash. I know was right without the lead vanish played. He's started one year at Boise state because he was a walk on who played eight man football. Okay. How do you explain that? Did you think he was pretty good last year believe Jalen Smith second round pick suffered a career threat injury to today? Took took took a shot. Right. Rewarded DeMarcus Lawrence, Boise state was suspended not once or twice but three separate times for various issues, but he just got his money. And he was a second round pick. You think he's any good? Randy Gregory's had all kinds of issues, but they think he's going to play again this year. Even though he's still got his drug issue. Tell that's Jerry keeps saying we feel real good about his chances of playing second round pick. Did that pay off for you? I think how about Sean Lee I'm going back in the draft. But but he suffered at Penn State a career threatening injury, ACL tear and has he been pretty great for them. Yeah. Okay. So they keep a dentist going all the way up to the kid. They just took in Tristan hill from UCF and he fell completely favor. He wasn't a starter last year they left three potential starting safeties on the board in the second round. Because they said this kid is going to be a star Rodman Ellie bonded with him because they had dinner find him before the draft. Rodney Nellie became like his father figure in the pre draft. Well, they have become friends with him. That's how close they are to Tristan hill. So so they're saying he's going to be a star that nobody would have picked probably until the fourth. I don't know when he would have gone. Okay. They're smarter. They're they're drafting so smart these kids are going to be under contract that you can live. With for a while. I'm good you Super Bowl. What you want to have happen? I am good. You won't see you try to determine their value the market of the vet. He Amari Cooper. No doubt him. You knew what he was before marring their skept bay. And you know, what in the end my biggest takeaway is this is the greatest problem you could ever have because you're acknowledging their all stars. You have that four cases or cases against me. They won't even make the playoffs. So you are arguing against yourself. How can you pay? All these guys what they're worth on the market, which is through the roof. They're all tops at their position. How can you then say this group won't even make the playoffs? Jerry Jason Garrett to get into way. Okay. I mean, sometimes you could have the dish going and then somebody else like, hey, my grandma was able I watched that pot. And then I method up and burned chicken burn. Because I know what I was doing. You watched it. I'll watch pot never boils. Boy, watch it stirred just a little bit. You don't be started out typing. So I'm counting on Jerry. I'm counting Jason Garrett counting on jeered to get in the way this time because this is what he does best watch him figure this out here. You're gonna sit back how you feel about saying how did he do this? How you feel great reserve. You'll said he will get like twenty five. I feel great. Okay. Thirty. He deserves it. You'll be worth every any of the team will be good. He'll fixing the cap keeps exploding. We got this go. Again, we got stars starpower America's team back think. I think. Second round win around with him star. Yeah. Good. Guys. We just wanna play off young. And we almost win a second. The height works. I thought that you had to start all over you. So so you wanna play off game. And then so now you went to follow where you would go to win it right now. I think they got a real good shot at least making it to the Super Bowl. Could they be ready probably going? I from this side of the table. Let's talk about the criticism that Joel Embiid has been subject to is it fair is it unfair will his coach thinks it's unfair. Fixers are on the brink of elimination after getting blown out by the raptors last night. A lot of the blame is falling on dwelling bead after another bad night and bead as only scored over twenty points once in the series, but he's also been battling various illnesses Brown came to be defense after last night's loss. Let's take a listen to what he had to say. He was trying to do whatever he could to represent his organization in play basketball for the Philadelphia. Seventy six is I'm kind of disappointed like he gets Shukan around to me too much like he's trying to play for us. He's trying to get out of bed with a significant temperature income represent the organization. I think it's grossly unfair some of the criticism that he gets. I don't understand that. And so it's not ideal. It's you wished he were. Shoot around you worse wished he were in film sessions, but he's had a temperature for the last few days. It's kept him in bed. And so, you know, take whatever you want out of that answer and ended with it's not ideal. I wish he was at practice. And I wish he wasn't some film sessions. But he's sick. Okay. Rob Parker is with us this morning. I'm very I'm well rally feeling okay? Really? What are you gonna wait till my answer? Then you'll know. I want to start with you on this show, and do you agree with Brett Brown? No. What Joel Embiid? He's trying to say Joel Embiid is representing the Sixers in the arena skill is. He representing the Sixers is diet is he representing the sixes in his training, easy, representing the Sixers away. Because once you get to the Rena the work is supposed to be done away from the arena, and then all your hard work that you've done that. You put in is spoke supposed to be displayed in the arena give you remember? Now, he missed his first two years me back for whatever reason played thirty one games your three now in a second year. If I'm not mistaken, he had knee surgery. But he don't stay dance with meat meal. I love meat meal. But has that representing the Sixers organization highs that in the best interest and see? I don't think he has the best diet skip. Because this big man, I just got thirty three and fifteen and I had two cheese, burgers and fries. That sounds well and good. But a guy that's dealing with knee injuries dealing with back injuries and dealing with put injuries. You don't need if you did have a proper diet a part of this. Skip is also doing the things that prevent injuries and prevent you from getting sick. Now understand there's going to be situations. But I do not believe that. Joel Embiid does everything he possibly can away from the arena that gives him the best opportunity for success. India Rena, we know he can be dominant. And we've seen stretch of it. We we've seen more than stretches. We've we've seen a year of it. But we haven't seen enough of it misses. I two years now thirty one games sixty three games, sixty four games. They play eighty two why the average thirty games a season over his first five years. I need to see more bread. I get it. But you know, what I notice give don't no one says man, y'all giving him too much phrase. I just don't get it. We even praise on them when that thirty three and tier bread Ryan and come up on podium, if they give too much credit or say, Mark Jackson. What what are you talking about? He should eventually be considered one of the don't guess, I just don't get it. Yeah. He's trying to represent his organization. Yeah. But the criticism come what happens when you superstar. Yep. Too much of given much required. So the better you are you going to get more credit? But when you play bad you catch this criticism. So I disagree wholeheartedly with what Brett Brown on. I agree with you, Shannon. And here's the problem. When people are sick, right? We're not I'm not we're not going to sit here and play the role of Dr or know, what kind of threshold people have everybody's different amount of what? So we can't sit here and say that. But if you're sick, you shouldn't play I mean because that's what's going to come out and people say, oh, well, but he gave it for the team. I get it, Shannon. Sometimes you go out there and say let me go out there and try to see if I can go skip in Jordan, flew game. He didn't misses I ten shots with the flu. He would knock them down. So didn't that became a legendary game because he was able to play through it? How do you missed the first ten shots? He might have said I can't play. I don't feel it. He'll give a hit. And he lost the game when they poop. Right. He would gone could aside. So here this is why. And then you go thirteen points eighteen eight turnovers that I'm sick. So I. On the ball over on sloppy with the handle or I'm just tossing the ball around. And a lot of things there that bothered the bother me. But I think that sometimes a player has to own up to whether or not he can go. And I think if you're only going to hurt to team it's not a good thing for you to go out there just for the to be able to put on as a badge. Well, I tried to play. No, you're not playing to where the team needs. You. You're hurting the team and the other part to be honest is Ben Simmons is getting past. He had seven points. Shine for that beating up in the fourth. Meyer numbers between the two of us. So Ben Simmons gets a pass. Okay. How could you be especially when you're big is not feeling well that you could come out and beat passive? But the reason that you always gonna get Joel Embiid is going to get it during the regular season. He's allowed mouth and in the postseason. He's been a playoff mouse. So that's why when you talk all that during the regular season. And then you don't put up those numbers. Whether you're sick or not people are going to attack. But there's one exception to your new rule game three. He was not a mouse. It was dominating. When in the playoffs guy. Shannon brought up over twenty points. Just once and I'm just that's not Joel Embiid. Okay. You can do better skin. I have a whole lot to say about this. Because I love Joel Embiid, and I loved him before his draft and a member of the Sixers called me before that draft and said, what do you think about Joel Embiid, and I told him, and I can't prove this, but he would vouch for this. I said Joel Embiid will be by far the best player in this draft. It he can stay healthy heat had all kinds of issues Kansas. The back is the scariest of all four big, man. Just just scary. So long term, I couldn't vouch there. But I said he is going to be so dominating because he can block shots and he can score at will. So we've seen stretches that now back to this issue the hardest part of this job. And I think you're starting to see how hard this can be is trying to to process trying to decipher just how hurt or sick a player is. Because you can't you can't know, and you can't know, and none of us can know for sure. What is going on with him? And I've said this is just pine in the sky. But I've always said I wish somebody would invent a machine whereby we could all just stick our hand in the machine for maybe two minutes and feel exactly what that player is feeling on an injury or his illness or the this get. They got a machine that can let a man feel like what it's like to have child have a child. Okay. Well, I don't know you'd be able to plug it up. Well, and beedon say house how sick is pass. That. But how how sick is. And if you can put your hand in for two minutes and say that's not that bad to me a little flew a little sluggish last night was horrendous to me it was horrifying because he looked like he did not want to be on the floor from tip off. He looked like he had been heavily sedated somehow because he was completely out of it. He threw three cross court passes to nobody will. You're just you're you're gone. Mentally and appeared physically he's the Walking Dead. He used to be able to move and groove. He had such side to side agility for a seven footer he stuck in mud now. He's the Walking Dead. So you say, well what what is it because it's become the most mysterious circumstance I've ever tried to figure out because we had the one aberration game. But they've been saying for two weeks. He's got a virus? And then two weeks ago. They said it was too viruses. And I'm saying just sort of exaggerating for a fact. Checked but West Nile virus or is it the bird flu. Or is. It some is that something that's so hard to diagnose that he should be in the hospital right now because Brett Brown went all the way to significant temperature. This has been going on for days, if you have significant temperature for many days in a row, don't you belong in the house, and he's come on skip do you blame Brett Brown because after watching him looked away? Did he looked could just as a coach in? You're saying that's enough. Thank you. Thanks, try. What you're not good not healthy enough to play played into the nine minute. What are what are you doing? So it's like we get back to injuries. Remember the big Emmett Smith game in the NFC championship game against the giants at New York and they're covering. Okay. Okay. I I know I know but after the game in the locker room 'cause I'm covered the team and the trainer and are very prominent assistant coach told me what is everybody overreacting for the trainer. Told me a half the guys. In here play with that same injury every Sunday. The slight slight separation of the shoulder in the system. Coach told me we tried to give him a shot at halftime. But he's afraid of needles. He wouldn't take the injection. So he was really laying it on thick with used to call him EMMY Smith because. I did he would drag your shoulder back to the huddle. And John Madden came all the way down from the press box after the game for the first time in his TV career to congratulate Emmett Smith on the most courageous performance. I have ever said, John, Matt. Okay. Was it that was it. Really? I don't know because in the locker room, they're all just rolling their eyes. Like, we all do that come on. Whether the thing is like the greater you are the more your teammates expected. You to be great, even even when you're sick. But you know, what at some point in time coaches and training staff have to save the player from themselves. You'll L A. Joe? Hey, I agree with you thing is okay in game two when he had twelve points with you. Then then he bounces anyway bounceback with thirty three and ten okay. And Mark Jackson says if he's not into discussion for pantheon, great, ruffle chamberlain's, the Jabbar that Shaquille O'Neal alive one. Whoa. The crime. And then last night was a crime. See I would feel more comfortable if it was just bad all the way without that big game. And then you could say I Greek right easy. Obviously sick. You know what? I mean, if something's not right because we had the flu in game two it meant game three and bounce back and four and five or you can't like what happened in between those games if you were healthy enough to put up thirty three. I got a problem with it. I don't know. I don't even know what to think about it because it makes no sense to me game six tomorrow who believe dual time into diet Christian his body. Lebron James never had to. I don't think LeBron did at this age because he hadn't figured it out fifth year to league. Oh, yeah. Would you gotta realize when this age LeBron was seven years. So. Yeah. Oh, bro and doing the thankful amid angry. Make it to the diet. If we don't see a significantly. He's not like fat fat. He doesn't look like yoki unsure. Yourself for reason for the show. There's not a lot of sick days around that, unfortunately, Katie skip, you remember skip that were taken everything say that I know. I'm about since two thousand six I don't remember you because you take care of yourself for a reason. I. Okay. That you're not sick. But what about me? I see. Okay. I don't wanna Jason either. Sorry. But it's true it matters. And he's going to have to really take a hard looking to make some changes or use this is he should be impeached by unless got some weird malady that's undiagnosed and they're going to say, wait a second. He's got right influenza. I don't know what it is. Let's talk about a different game. This is not a thirty work on. All right. I got it. We don't want that. I will James harden any rockets. Pull off the upset in night. Back to the NBA better huge game five at oracle tonight between the warriors and rockets the home team has worn all four game. So far James harden has been battling I- problems. But he still averaging about thirty six points per game in the series for gold state. Kevin Durant is also averaging thirty six per game. But Steph curry has been struggling shooting just twenty six percent from three so we're joined once again, my rob Parker. Rob who you got for this one who wins, I'm going with Golden State. And I just said this before the playoffs started with Golden State. I said this was going to be the raggedy. Andy addition of this team that they're not going to run over. Everybody is going to be a little bit of a struggle. 'cause it's such a long run with these guys trying to play all these playoff games and all that because you quickly explain raggedy Andy viewers debts to the millennial sev- used to. Dog called raggedy what was her name ragging? Yeah. Andy was the boy. Okay. It's like a little straw doll. Right with overall raggedy Ann raggedy, Andy raggedy, Ann and Andy kind of toss them around. Right. Okay. So that's why say that. You're right skip. But but that's what I'm saying is like I'm not surprised and yes. They went to Houston. You would hope that they could have won one game. And then they wanna dominated this series comeback and finish it out. But that Houston went and one to close games at home and stuff has been struggling from three point as he now both of them Katie and Steph had over thirty point right in game four they came back in the fourth quarter. And then they lost at the end. So it's not like they got blown out a blown off the off the court. They were in danger of what they came back. They were down seventeen mid third rockets, then gotten blown out in oracle is right. So, but I still feel comfortable that ultimately you can't beat them for times in a seven game series. So last year, we know what went seven games. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes seven games could be six if they if they can really handle this and go back to Houston and win. So I'm not dead disappointed. And the other one is clay and stuff both need the breakout. Those two guys just haven't been knocking down three. Threes. And if clay gets hot, which we've seen him get hot and put on shows and stuff can just be more like stuff and not the guy that we've seen not just a missing Deng. But just as shots on going down need him to just be stuck right about that? This'll be easy for Golden State tonight. The warriors also because I believe Klay we're trying to break out of his shooting slump. But I think a lot of distributed to he has to chase trace around James harden, and Eric Gordon and that takes his legs out of him. But I think one of the biggest thing the warriors going to have to do a better job on the boards because the rockets are crushing them on the board. Kevin durant? Can't have you rebound for game than Iggy in Klay Thompson Draymond giving them. Everything Draymond has been unbelievable in this series. He looks way better. He looks lost some weight and all of a sudden bothered him. He looked like the Draymond green that one defensive player of the year a couple years ago. And it's been the Jack of all trade really the polls the heartbeat of this basketball team, but they're gonna. To keep the rocket thought the glass, they gotta because the rockets beating up on second chance points via the rebound. And James James harden gonna be James harden the questions, I have when you go on the road can see p three PJ Tucker, and Eric Gordon can they offset any production? Stephan clay, they're coming back home you normally shoot better in your building can those three offset the production that they're going to get from clay and Steph and then turning until a real auxiliary game. Will you until you being because I like Austin rivers. I like JIRA green I like lay better than Livingston. And what they're going to bring the bench of the warriors. I do too. I said before the playoffs started somebody was going to get Golden State before the playoffs. But before the final and somebody could be Houston in in the game to do it. As tonight game five. I'm just not sure Houston could win a game seven. It might come down to game seven as you suggest. And if it gets that far, I'm going to have. Doubts about Houston. Chances tonight is the night because they just want to close games, but they did have a seventeen point lead in game four, and they did impose their physical and psychological will on Golden State in Steve Kerr said after the game it's middle linebackers versus volleyball players because Houston's got some middle linebackers and Golden State's Hampton five starting five is playing extremely high minutes as you keep pointing out in there getting worn down just from the wear and tear of the minutes. But also the physicality of play in the mid linebackers there two teams that are troubled right now in the playoffs, and they're both going to be on display tonight. And the reason they're troubled is because the star on each team. We all assume is going to link up with the star on the other team, and they're going to go probably to the New York Knicks, and I'm talking about K D And Kyrie the teams are troubled because both teams believe that the star has one or maybe both eat out. The door and it's hard to win big playoff crucial basketball games. When you're not sure if you're all together or not, and obviously the Celtics have just quit on Kyrie. And I think we're gonna see the end of that mess tonight in Milwaukee. But skip I'll say this. I think the tables have turned in Golden State from this damn point. I think people looked at when K D I went there that he needed them to be able to win the championship one night. But now, I think is different because clay and because staff they need K D. Okay. I know what to to win to your point. They have changed the way they play offense a basketball. It doesn't look the same. Kevin went there because he loved how they shared the ball. Absolutely. It doesn't move the way it used to move the way it house for most of this dynastic run with K D. I don't see the flow. I don't see the rhythm. I don't see the offense of chemistry because too much time. It's like, Katie. Are you going to go or not and you don't see? Stephan clay, get into that shooters flow where the balls just move on moving and they're completely unselfish. And there's no your turn my turn whoever's turn it is just who gets the opener. Look right open, look, and they just they shoot it with such conviction now. Stephan clay, or like shit, should I what what what separates K D, Katya, the very unique individual more. So than clay and Steph because they're not really getting shots off the dribble now. Kevin Rankin, go get any shot. He won't and a lot of times what they just do go. He doesn't need a pick. He doesn't need a screen in the pin. He'll need anything because he can rise up. To. Yes. Clay now, we've seen Steph hit still backing all that. Yeah. But that's really, you know, he sitting there sitting pigs for him. And so the thing that the dynamic for them is that when Katie gets going early like he's gotten it going skill. How do we do we interrupt that and run the flow because Kevin Iran's going five for five in the first quarter? Now, he's having twenty points twenty points at the half. So do we get in the way of that? Just so we keep the continuity of what we do ball movement or do we let him do any does. Because it all those game three in which he hit those shots. They said, okay, go. Hey bre hell that he's bringing the ball up the court, and they got no problems because we've seen it before in the clipper series. What they do. They thought the ball. They're going Katie do what you're gonna do. We don't worry about don't worry about the ball movement. We don't care to think about Bob movie. Go do what you do. He'll save them twice on the road at Staples. He absolutely yes. Well, low, but what about Steph? And where he is now. I mean, I people talk about his impact on the game and people trying to copy, but as as time has gone on since K D has been there to me. He's taken steps back. Okay. I look at him. I don't look at him as the same threat. Those shots that used to go down for mid court. He just pull up those going down. I don't rob. I'm gonna disagree on back on that. I don't think he's taking a step back. Kevin Durant and taken to step forward. To feel the same way about how dependable Steph is. 'cause I've seen games where I don't think he's as dependable or as dangerous as danger. They don't put him in that situation more times than not if last second shot, we know who getting it is thirty five or you know, who took the first last second shot. Tonight is going to be thirty five. So where he was out for the most part he was going to be one or one eight between he and Klay. Now, he's one eight one beat because Kevin rents they can I shot and you won't the ball in his hand. Because like I said you don't have to run someone to pick someone for him. He's seven put tall he could rise up in about an apex that didn't into Rob's point to the first four games of this series. Steph curry has made twenty six percent of his threes. That's that's pathetic, by his standards that with. It. It's worse than. That's what I'm saying. When I look at him. He just I don't look at him as the same threat. Well, he he's he's a rhythm shooter. Skip me like I said look out Katie has gotten a going early when you go when a guy goes five for five he has twelve points. You don't get in the way of that. What do you say the always here? I mean, he had to go in. So we just kept feeding him kept him. Well, candy getting a going. So you keep keeping the more you feed him. You lose your rhythm bless he's gotten in Trump remembers give back to back games in which you had five files. So not only can you not get a rhythm when he's on the court. He can't get a rhythm because he's off the court because he's in trouble. Yeah. And Katie just keep going so far Houston's made sixty six three point shots in the first four games. Golden State forty sixty six to forty. That's that's plus seventy eight points for Houston's three point shooting. That's why it's still very close. Right. Because really Golden State is shooting itself in the foot for the most part were there are more will take that. There are more. We built. Team but shoot fifty plus three the gale. We don't believe the war is can beat us making us quite well, that's what's been happening in volume up, Golden State. No. Oh, you pick an got Houston. I think this is the best shot for them to break through. So I'll remember it. Remember, we beg game three and you had Houston, and I go. Yeah. Yeah. I'm paying out. You wanna bet from rob Parker? Tell me wings wing fifty wings right there. He wanted finally. Apple you don't have to ask me. Why he didn't have to ask me for the bet lemon pepper going to wings? God, you might what time we have in love me that we know this of the me he's going on here fifty wings. Maybe twenty five at twenty five you're gonna go. Joel embiid. Pay off my back. We have to get that. We know we get back because I wanted to three hundred. We go pull telling fifty costs. I don't know fifty dollars fifty dollars for fifty wings. How much you want? I pay like seven hundred dollars three hundred three hundred wings are gonna win. And enjoy it earlier in the debate skiff, you mentioned the possibility of hiring and K D one. If hiree ends up reuniting with LeBron here. Summer rounding idol gotta talk. This happened. Stressful games are exhausting with the expert help from our friends at mattress firm. You'll find a new bed you can slip into after being on the edge of your seat. Plus right now, you can get a king bed for a Queen price or a Queen for a twin price for savings up to seven hundred dollars during mattress firm's Memorial Day sale. It's easy to sleep like one of the pros. Shop now at mattress firm dot com slash sale. For one of the best deals around upgrading your mattress. We'll have you sleeping like one of the pros. Get a king bed for a Queen price or a Queen for twin price for savings of up to seven hundred dollars. Shop the Memorial Day sale online now at mattress firm dot com slash sale. It's one of the best deals around Irving's time in Boston could be over tonight. If the Celtics are eliminated by the bucks, then the focus will be on his future mega super books. Give the nets the best odds to sign kyri. But that's followed. By the Knicks, Celtics and Lakers. Speaking of the Lakers Bleacher reports, Eric Pinkus writes that LA should push to sign kyri to not only pair him up with LeBron again. But also with Tyler who is expected to be the next head coach. So Shannon team is the best fit because we know we saw we've seen it work. We've seen it work for three years free finals finals win. We don't know how it's gonna work with him in K D, LeBron has been very they're like young do your thing. I know you can Dan go stand in the corner. Tarry every twenty five points night took more shots than LeBron. James LeBron Django very cool with that. And then it on numerous occasions. I'm just here because I'm gonna turn this thing over to this kid right here, and he going to be in charge of the kingdom. So if I'm the Lakers, first of all if I'm the Lakers, keep I make I make a pitch to talk everybody. Katie why carry close my don't get fed? All they can do is tell you. No living have a meeting. They're gonna hear a lot or no don't worry about it. Now who you call you boy 'cause I can oh you're the new magic. Yeah. Okay. Great about that. My car. We might be better situated to be a one eight cut. If he goes, what do you think he's going to be? Katie going to be one. He's going to be one eight golden abroad, the Brian gonna be one you'd be one eight you're going to be able to do your thing. Lebron take them. I don't know. Can you imagine D And carry in New York, and they lose with that meeting? Millerbrook Hal thank carry come on. Komo home home does not from here. We miss you. There is no way. Kyrie Irving is going to reunite with LeBron James in Los Angeles. And if he does I will be so disappointed as little world such a bad you disappointed. The can't get a Katy join the war. You know, you differ pointed I didn't really care about that. Because I knew how unhappy he was with Russell unhappy. Kevin Durant said I'm entering my tenth in BA season. I just want to maximize my my opportunities to win rings. And he's one two and he could win another one this year reason. Happy in Boston. Yeah. Well, I think it's not that he's unhappy. I think they're unhappy unhappy with they get burned the bridge right to the ground the way, he tried lead. Didn't they call the broad and say the wrong idea use him as a prime you use them as a prop? And it was it was shameful. When it was embarrassing for both of them. And yeah, LeBron will forgive and forget with anybody. He'll he'll even bring Draymond into the fold after Draymond b word. Let's become business partners. Thank you for calling me. The Bronx Brian a lot of like these ways. Yeah. Because you never let a person whole your feelings hostage because you're in bondage to a person that does not know they have captive, LeBron James refuses skip Bayless. Hey, if somebody called you the b word to your face or openly like in public where whole lot of people could hear it. Yeah. Yeah. The gone. You're going to become business partners with that person. No not ever not on. You're not over your dead body. We like, I say LeBron is very understanding very humble, man. Give nece skip everybody does not possess that ability. Yep. And I need you to find it in your heart. I need you to forgive Kawai. Come. Why wrong you skip? He lurch. Your team. He let you down. Can't you Johar? I'm out never sorry over and done with him. He can go do whatever he wants to do. He the north either. He the Staples. He can Staples. You go to church. Yeah. The bible teaches. This is different. Different different than the bible. So there is no way that kyri is going to forgive and forget because it ended so badly he wanted out so badly that his threat was taken such to heart by Dan Gilbert that he said, I can't do this. Lebron? I can't save this situation. I gotta take the best offer on the table. And it happened to come from the Boston Celtics so much of. Nycacc right. Thomas who can't get off the bench and the ever. But whatever. So the point was that it didn't work the first time it will not work the second time, and again, LeBron would take anybody right now because he just needs somebody come and help him a little bit. And I'm afraid they're not going. They're gonna wind up. Empty-handed you skill. I'm sure there have been things your parents told you at the time you like they don't know what they talking about. And then you get out on your own. And you realize that you know, what they did know there are some some things some something you've done and you look back. So you know, I wish I would have done it different that happens. Okay. What's the obvious option on the table? Right lakers. No. It's the Knicks because our Kadian kyri besties now, they should look like, they're they have bonded, right? They are hated cow K D thing going on in Boston. The call. Big raw, raw limited. Right quick. You got a few moments. Brought would you mind if I used you? Time apologise that you the way they should apologize designed their leader. And you were my leader. Okay. God called me. Okay. So I can't even understand these odds how the nets be favored over the Knicks. Well, I got I was reading it wrong. What I don't get it. Maybe they know something I don't know to to me if Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving went to the mecca basketball Madison Square Garden, and they won the first championship since nineteen Seventy-three would that not live in history as an all time achievement. And Furthermore, you realize next Tuesday night is the NBA draft lottery. Live right. You can watch it. And what's going on? You have three teams that each has a fourteen percent chance of hitting the lottery. Cleveland phoenix. And the Knicks. What if the Knicks hit the lottery what if they have Zion? And then Katie and Cairo could say let's go team up with that kid because he's eighty. But guess what the leg is go get that ball Wego trading. No. This. It's been rigged before. It's so don't don't do this. See why would you say that led? You got people thinking we got a chance hold on. Is there an opportunity? So let me get this. Great. I play I play the lottery Jaas, let's say gets to be a billion dollars and the the two hundred eighty million to one if I win is Rick about take it. I gotta get some good a chance to see anybody else. Yeah. But you're you're not the Lakers. You don't need to win. I don't I don't need not to win. What what are you playing? I wanna win thing. The IRS me the lottery to become the Lakers again. No need a lot of report we need a bargaining chip. We need a chip. I think the Knicks needs I on way more than than Lakers. Do we don't dictate we need that he won't play one day in a Laker uniform. We trained him, okay? Right up for for. AD holiday both. Yes. Yes. Well, you got grand delusions here. Trying to both of them. Oh, wow. The New Orleans can start from scratch. They got Zion down. There will be looking good in the smoothie king. What's going to happen is Katie and Kyrie or going to the Knicks? I think the Knicks will hit the lottery they'll get Zion. And all the sudden the Knicks will be back. Not they'll be like the Browns where they become the center of the NFL universe. All of a sudden, the Knicks will come to new center the NBA universe. Well, LeBron's LeBron. He go recruit in liberal, bra dot recruiting. Remember the last time he didn't get what he wanted love the borough. But I can't do he relaxed abroad really had to recruit with probably about fifteen sixty years ago. He recruited one savannah Miranda last time he had to recruit, and they been booed up everything. Yes. Okay. How do you sell Linda Rambus to any of those top seriously? How do you sell that that we do LeBron? Okay. We'll do limb. Yeah. But Katie and Cairo site, but Baronne, she's she's running your franchise. Check clear deal with us. But all the big decisions come from Linda's death. We get Katie. No more decisions. All the decisions will be made. Lend on the show. I need to get out. I do too. I agree. Who is I won't genie. Katie sent. But Veron your GM is rob Pelinka. Nobody likes Ropley. Nobody trusts him. Now, I'm not coming. We don't keep them in the dark. Keep it in the darn. Oh. To sell the Rich Paul is now running bras that we work behind the scenes. Yeah. But he doesn't wanna work behind the scenes we've heard that so many times he doesn't wanna be but this desperate times call for dinner measures. Yeah. I think you're real desperate. Well, oh, well, no kyri for you. You don't want me to be happy. You don't let me that yours happen. Do you know how bad a look that would be for this? It would look like he crawled back abroad. It would be the ultimate break up and get back together. All the time. That is true. Yeah. But he broke up captain into they got back together. Sometimes absence makes. Nder sometimes you don't even realize to go, and you like, you know, what their opportunity presents itself the other party hadn't officially moved on. And you can get back day. You know, what you think how about giving us changes on wishful thinking over there? It's not a rom com, but love will try together. Nobody gets that. Except you exactly the capital today. The love between these guys when we talk about Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott it gets a little ugly. But they're about to get paid. So who is worth the money? We'll discuss those with Greg. Jack prescott. And Carson Wentz are about to get a lot of money. It's just a matter of when dex deal is up at the end of next season. And the Fort Worth star telegram reports the Cowboys have made progress in their negotiations with him and are expected to give him at least thirty million dollars a year. Currently there just four quarterbacks making that much while in Philly wants a signed through twenty twenty but eagles VP Howie Roseman said the team is planning on signing him to an extension and would not hesitate to do it right now. But once also as last season's cut short by injuries and is still recovering from a stress fracture in his back. We're joined by FOX NFL analyst, Greg Jennings. Good to have you Greg. Who is a better long term bet. Is it Dak or is it? What's long-term? Okay. I'm going to have someone very disappointed with me. And my response to this question at this table who could have a long term don't do it. It is Dak press. Thank you. The obvious explain yourself. It is it is Prescott long-term in for me. You look at a couple of things there's a lot of things you can look at this. But for me health if I wasn't concerned about health whatsoever. I would go with Carson Wentz short term, but long term talking about durability in also who has the most the greatest ceiling to climb to. I believe that. That's Dak Prescott in what I mean. By that is he has the opportunity to continue to improve in areas, where we all feel like we he has weakness. Accuracy, his ability to win the big games. He has one he continues to win. He's won his first playoff game. He continues to build that commodity with the guys around him at the he'll have another year a complete year with Amari Cooper. This team was built let's not forget for Tony. Romo a championship. Team was Bill for Tony Romo. He stepped in. And he took it over. And he said, you know, what this is going to be my team. He did Carson Wentz issue is his team was built for him. And now he has the Nick foles looming over his the cloud looming over his head where now he has to overcome that. And regain the fact that guys I'm the leader on this team. We understand how how talented how gifted he is the skill sets that he possessed the accuracy, all these things are great. But he hasn't been able to get it done and Nick foles has. So the weight that is on his shoulders is a lot heavier than what is in on that Prescott shoulders this team again built around team not Dak Prescott solely. I like. The future of the Dallas Cowboys with Dak Prescott at the him versus Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz better long-term. Walk into a walk into because Carson Wentz. And the quarterback position is based on what the ability to throw the football. I don't have to worry about that. We know accuracy. And all this other stuff. Let me last season Carson rent Taddei better QB off you look you favorites. Dan. I imagine it measures two hundred he loved that. You know, get low keeping hundred cars with had a better QBR bene- completion percentage better yard for a temp better. Test down interception ratio. Carson Wentz had one touchdown game. One touchdown despite playing five games. Do you know Khartoum with in his career has thrown for more touchdowns despite playing eight your games than that Prescott? If you look at UB are in two or three years walk into Carson Wentz has a better QBR. The Dak Prescott do quarterback rating tour two three years is walk into him. So I don't even know we talk about who has the best over his three years. Well, let's just is on the table. Are we doing averages? Like, DR Congo weakest made it to. While they decade pecan, spin it. Oh, dad, gotta catch your name. He called the they call him deacon and Dak what he got, Dan. I love that pass walk to me walk it right into the wolf hunters hand Laden Vandross. On what we know Carson wins ceiling MVP because that's where he was edited. A second year was Dak Prescott ceiling but SuperBowl MVP. See that's where my concern is. Because we we've seen pretty much the peak of where Carson Winston get to we've seen that. What if that's what if we don't know Kenny get back to that? Don't know we thought he could give back to last winter. You've seen the best of that Prescott half to offer. Now that he has a Mark Cooper. We see him. The we call the one thing that I love about that Prescott is to the timing and his playmaking ability. We we can harp on everything that he's not on done it. His accuracy is inability to put the ball in places on the dime in tight windows. But you gave the Dallas Cowboys went out and got a Mark Cooper. And they their thought was our quarterback is going to be better. Because of it did that happen. No doubt about it happened. And now he gets a fool off season. The full year with Amari Cooper, Zeki away, Elliott and all these other weapons added Jason Witten as a security guy. I like what they're doing around him to make him even better to ensure that what we have moving forward is going to be. Thank you, Shannon. Sharpe. What you are writing the wrong horse. You need to jump off. While you have a chance because you're gonna be riding my horse sooner than later. You jump on the hottest bandwagon mice going to get hotter and hotter. Pretty soon. I'm going to be arguing against myself on this show because you can be saying I love Dak Prescott eggo happen. What's the low digging Dunkin throw and five yard routes? Look this is a silly question. Because obviously Dak Prescott already proven to be the better long term bet. Then Carson Wentz number one. As my man here pointed out right off the top. He has proven to be far more durable because Dak Prescott has missed zero games. And how about your guy? We got one engine issue after. Okay. So you get a bet on him long-term not. I'm sorry. It's like, he's Joel Embiid. Who says giant? Number two that Prescott has proven to be far better leader locker room leader, the voice in the locker room in Dallas is Dak Prescott s-. I just read recently in the Philly voice, article and expose I should call. It about the lack of leadership the issues with leadership for one wins. He'll get better. I don't know about that. And by the way, the Nick foles cloud as you call. It is going to hang over poor Carson Wentz until he wins a Super Bowl the way. Nick foles won a Super Bowl A was the and outgun Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in that to live up to that twenty Romo of hanging over his head because he's not Dag not bounce off his own your own will never did. But he that box office. Yes. Yes. Jerry said Tony Romo was boxoffice. So Dak Prescott has played extremely well. Not one or two, but three playoff games. Three. Carson Wentz has yet to take a playoff snap better. Long term bet. It's Dak if I look at the three playoff games he had a seventy nine against Aaron Rodgers that's zero to one hundred that's extrordinary seventy four against Russell Wilson out. QBR him crushed Jared Goff and QBR eighty four to fifty seven last year in the playoffs of the twelve quarterbacks who played in the ploughs who had the best QBR. My guy. Did that Prescott over Brady over Mahomes? I'm sorry. It was Dak over the three years that he's played. If you combine all the QBR's Dak Prescott is sixty nine to Carson winces sixty four who beat Carson Wentz. Head to head last year twice. My guy outplayed him. Oh. Do you wanna go? He spent over three body word that we do in body go back over and again, accuracy. I don't know. My guy just set the all-time record for a quarterback in his first three seasons of completion percentage at sixty six check in the ball down. His that does that define accuracy. If you hit people in the hand. Three if you throw in jail break free swing pants running back to Greg's point about play making the most game winning drives fourth quarter overtime over the last three seasons belong to number one Prescott. Most games one second only to the guy in Foxborough over the last three years Dak Prescott while he just keeps proving improving improving. He's the alpha of the Cowboys. He's the playmaker. He's the leader. He's worth thirty million a year. It's just worth thirty million twenty five whatever I hope he takes America's team discount, though, continue to talk about the check downs. I harped on this as well early in this career and primarily because we talked about Dez Bryant not being able to create separation and get open and really harming the growth of a young quarterback deck Prescott. Now, you have guys Gallup you have Cooper a win young Titus. Yes. Going to get these check downs. But now you have threats that can get down the field that he that. He's growing with that. He's going to now trust to give him that chance of separation where now I can throw the ball and trust that you're going to get open and go get it. He didn't have he didn't have these things early. All I know is my average of twenty six more yards passing the your. Supposed to do. You're not rushing your ear in the headlights to me half. A. Yeah. Don't worry about the bo- quarterbacks mountain. Ginger ale. January you go about to go to go with my wing. Yeah. Yeah. Taste better wings. Ginger ale. Them pepperidge really wings. Ginger ale and wing, rob. I hope the Rago hustle skip. Do you hustled? Rob our go get you tonight to wouldn't games. I don't think. So I got you long-term I bet on the correct horse here. I'm winning the derby. I'm winning the Preakness. I'm winning the Belmont winning the triple crown. I'm winning good. You know, what this? Okay. 'cause I look at you just like all the girls that didn't want to be with me when I was growing up you made the Roman vestment. You mad. Jetta Alpo blue chip stock all do in terms of your five year old hot shot guy. Fifteen one year model twenty five five percents sich o'clock by not my blue chip stocks. That's all I am. You made him an investment in their own company with okay, you cooperated. Only if only they knew told them. Hellum you get what a hero or you could be with zero. Wait a second. Now, you're unaccompanied, right? Yeah. You don't have anybody. So I dunno all miss in the World War. Saying boom, everybody's saying. Part of that say why you. Out there. Four talking about. Now, I thought we were talking truth here. Dr Mitchell, I get you anything. Team. I love failed miss the boat. People keep missing vote. I don't know. What have I got some audits? Okay. I'm sure you've got a bunch do tell booth up here. A couple of week. Found your savannah, you all. I don't really want this to end. Cannon would like is up about dish. Disney. You know, some people don't feel paperwork got it. Back to them. Some people are just solo acts. Oh, you know. I'm not exactly I oh. Oh, yeah. Well, some people are just better that way. I don't know I'm better with or without with or without the tough on. I'm I'm to get along with but I'm loving. Bad undestanding out tough to get along with very loving. All right. I mean, we've given you Greg. Thank you for joining us are the nuggets looking like a real contender. We'll discuss with their ups. Nuggets dominated at home last night's take a three two series lead on the blazers. Call Yokich was great again twenty five points, nineteen rebounds, Paul Millsap at at twenty four Denver is now a win away from spot in the conference finals for the first time in a decade, so Shannon. How big of a threat are the nuggets twin the west. I don't believe they're big threat the Western Conference final is their ceiling. Skip. I don't believe they can beat the warriors. Or the rockets they went wanting three of against both of those teams this year. Joke. Moore I believe they can get a game. But I don't believe they could be either one of those teams to advance to the final. So I believe the the Western Conference finals is their ceiling. I gotta say, and maybe this is because I love the Spurs to a fault. But this team won me over against my team by beating my team in it took all of every drop of seven games to do it and they split in the regular season. So you can say, well, they're just barely better than the Spurs. But I thought the Spurs good advance of the Western Conference finals. But I told you the toughest series is going to be these guys because Yokich is real. He is getting better by the dribble in. I remind everybody even though he's only twenty four years of age. He played two years of pro basketball in Europe. Right. He looks like a man to me he plays like a man to me. He is not afraid he is playing on a level that very few big men have ever played on used to say, Tim Duncan was the best passing. Big, man. I ever saw. He's not in. This guy's league. I'm sorry. I used to say Bill Walton, I know a lot of people don't go back are. But Bill Walton was just an artist with the basketball UCLA in Portland. Remember, he was an MVP. And then all he was and he could really wheel and deal with the basketball. But not like this young man is a man can can wheel and deal. I look up last night. He stormed full court football passes for touchdowns. He he's dishing. He's no looking they're playing the whole offense runs through this seven. He brings the ball up the court like a guard just unbelievably gifted with the softest hands for seven footer I've ever seen. He tips as sweetly around the basket, he can stand flat foot and just tip it in because he's got feel Ford. He's got anticipated. All that would have five inch vertical. I don't even know if I. Giving them any like, you might consi-. Maybe she the notebook paper. That's not you. But he's he's playing on another level of artistry. And then I keep hearing the nuggets of the youngest team in the playoffs. They're the eight young team ever to make the playoffs. And then I look at Paul Millsap. He's been lethal thirteenth year. And he's he's a man you talk about playing man signed Varley Cama play last night. Did he? Yeah. He's a bull in the low post, and he's got all the he knows all the slick moves he and he is so hard to up route from from lane. And then I look at Mason Plumlee comes in and plays twenty minutes at night. He's twenty nine years old and his sixth year is that a kid to you. And I don't like Jamal Murray because when he did to my Spurs, but I am grudgingly. Giving into him because you are talking about clutch shotmaking free throw making and he's in his third year. And he's playing like he's in his tenth year because he's a man he knows how he's not afraid. He has that supreme arrogance about and it's starting to translate into their whole team feels like they got a chance because they got Jamal and Yokich and when those to start playing pick and roll together because they can look at what Jamal he didn't have nine assists. Eighteen okay. All right now work, and then they just come in and waves of young athletes in as unathletic as you might say Yokich is every time I look up. There's another Tory Craig or will Barton or Monday Morris, or bleak Beasley they're just coming in waves. They defend at a high level. They're going to be a tough out. Again is a possible Portland comes back and get some. I don't think so. But it's possible Portland's loaded fire. Fire we'll Portland shoot about Dame. Didn't get off the great stars last night and the nuggets road that momentum. They better be careful now because the. The nuggets play with supreme confidence porn gonna have to be on their best behavior. They're gonna they're gonna need a also Dane and CJ is going to have to play. Well, because they have no answer for joker. I mean, amino cantor that just can't they can't battling down on the block. Because cantor always got blasted for his lack of defense and Oklahoma City. And now, he's your your last line of defense against joker kidding. And well, if you can't stop, and you're gonna have to offset some of the production point why that jokers giving his team you can't let him out score. You what twenty five nine? No. You can't do joke ahead. Twenty five in Canada has seven can't get outscored like that. Remember the one big game. I think it had to get. Okay. So he was twenty five and eighteen I know he needs those type of ball to offset the production because a joke is almost average triple double in this series. I gotcha. And might loan for whom. I haven't had the most respect he has become the best game. Inter. View in basketball, just opens up his heart in just pours it out on the table. You know, like, it's from the soul. What he the kings fired? I. I can't believe a lot of things the kings. They five yogurts. They just buy another coach. Y'all got him in the playoffs and what the kings might be one of the youngest teams. Well, they got Luke Walton. Okay. Way to go. Okay. Okay. So Mike Malone. I never had that much respect for me as a coach. But he is growing on me. Like this team is because they they feed off him off his his even keel nece because he doesn't get too high or too low, and he's making a lot of nice strategic moves a lot of nice rotational changes in all the sudden this team it is arriving in as you know, the NBA players playoffs are about star out the Lula yoga is a star. But yes, oh, he might be a food star. Yes, superstar let man the put as alien. They can't get no time this Gipp about forty points as he can't get no playing time. Sorry for him. Boy. Did he not miss his boat? Who that's why a why wouldn't go back out there that money demand playing through cluster died tragically? Yes. Hana million dollars. He had a career threatening hip injury that finally required surgery, but he played through it. The other guy had a fiber. It could've been career head. He played through a career-threatening. But for you to say that Denver's growing, I just can't help it again. Sometimes it happens where they beat my team. Okay. I want them to go. No. It's not like that. I just I watched them so carefully against my team where every big moment those two guys Jamal and joker. They just took the game. And in the end, I said they had the two best players on the court with my Oakland. The joker is one. Triple double away from time. Magic Johnson for the most triple doubles in his first playoff appearance, thinking Magic Johnson Nicola Yokich. You got it. Well, Denver might be growing on you Toronto not Surat in. Facially done after their loss last night. We'll discuss. The Sixers are one loss away from a limitation after being blown out by the raptors last night. There's a lot of blame to go around and Philly dwelling bead only scored thirteen points and had eight turnovers while Ben Simmons was just as bad seven points five turnovers game sixes tomorrow in Philly, so Shannon. What shot do you give the Sixers to win tomorrow and sale? I've. Joel Embiid steel c team. Okay. I'm gonna draw down the fine. Ben Simmons going develop a jumper between ninety. Okay. I'm like Toronto might be willing to get me some do out of this. 'cause I like you make those gutsy go out on the right there. I'm I'm just so disappointed in the six. Let's just for the sake of argument. Joel Embiid was sick. What I gotta do Jimmy Butler. What they gotta do. Ben Simmons with the other guy. They work sick. What he got contagious? Then he should have been stayed stayed at the hotel. So not the effect anyone else. So I give them a ten percent chance. They look like a demoralized team of team. They get we see something like this maybe game one because you remember the Memorial Day massacre. Yeah. That's game one. But not gain five get beat the b down about forty. Yeah. No. So with that being said, I I'm like I'm really starting to like the Toronto kuwa- only had twenty one points. But when you love forty you don't need what he normally get you. Would you thirty eight thirty thirty eight thirty eight points, nine rebounds, twenty thirteen not all bad let you know what he came love. They need that virtuoso which he gave Sunday he'll get to them again tumultuous. Wait the fourth quarter in which he missed four free throws too late crew. This. What about what I saw different game? I don't know. What about what thirty five points in the first three quarters? He had done that damage hurt on company. So I picked the Sixers to win this series. And I'm going to stick with it. I don't know how I don't know why. But I'm going to stick with it. Because I still say as a group the Sixers are mentally tougher than Toronto's group, especially stars versus stars. Because I still don't quite trust number two in the biggest moment. I do. Okay. Well, I don't know. Did you did you see them in the finals in the finals MVP didn't he show you something playing with Tim mono, and Tony, and I remember you told me in two thousand seventeen he had surpassed LeBron James player. Yeah. That was in the early rounds of the plow that was against Memphis in the first round. What about well? He some out didn't he couldn't play the close out game. Don't know why compla- Negga. The man Negga and by the way without him in the closeout game. They won by forty okay? With displaying that with him in game one against the war you up by twenty three. And then when he leaves with in two minutes, they had until fifteen points that lead. And then a tough guy would said pop I'm gonna play game. I'm just going to play. Now, we're gonna shut you know, you gotta look at your being we talk about. Well, he there when you try we we'll get effort here in kindergarten star coming to class over the next forty eight hours. Obviously that man number twenty one is gonna get shamed. Beyond shame in the city of unbrotherly love right because they're going to be all over him. What are you doing? What's the problem? If you step on the court, you're good enough to play your healthy enough to play your your unsticking up to play. Well, I don't know what happened last night because I couldn't even recognize that guy. So if that guy is in the same situation if he's on his quote unquote deathbed on Thursday. Can't make it to the shoot around or to the film session. And he's still running a fever as Brett Brown said he was yesterday, then he's out in. I would give this team. A better chance without him than with that guy. We saw last night notice when Brett Brown with giving a his dissertation about sick people over about say like I've been not say that either have. Either have had significant temple is that mean ninety eight point five. Yeah. At the end of the day comes down to did. You didn't you? That's what the playoffs are about. This is not no, you know. Well, you had one game. If somebody comes in football, the best team doesn't always win the team that normally plays the best will win that particular day. Yeah. But in four games to beat. So you can't get four buzzer. Beaters? You can't get four steals or anything that nature. So you get four chances Toronto's the better team. They're superstars played better overall Kawai super superstar. So and he's played the best through five game better than joy LeVine. I'll take Joel Embiid any day or night over that guy. You've been day when he is right. You've been nine wasn't right last night and his team mirrored, his lack. And my other guy onto. Okay. Fine. All I know is Jimmy Butler is a tough guy. All I know is I've seen been Simmons be tough guy when his button gets pushed when he gets back against the wall. And he gets challenged by Jared Dudley. I saw him respond to that. Maybe he's going to get shamed. Enough that he'll say okay watched it going to be doing. Why? He why didn't we see? We'll see you know, what I don't play that. Okay. We'll see JJ Radic at tough guy. I don't know he fell completely out of the offense last night. And I didn't get it because he's been shooting the heck out of it. So let's just see what happens to that tough guy. If there's let's let's just say Joel Embiid can't go. Let's see what happens at home with with pride on the line. We're going to make one last stand against these rap Toronto showed you why they were the number two seed with their depth had six guys in double figures and everybody play. Well, Denny green with Danny green went five or semi online. Give them another performance like that getting rid of the Eastern Conference. I love Danny green. But every once in a while he does one of his one for nine. Does he already had that? Okay. Okay. Nothing that game a huge game five at oracle. We're night. These guys will make pets. Time for our final topic of the day got a huge game tonight between the warriors and rockets Houston won the last two to even the series led by James harden. But right now, Golden State is a six point favorite, Shannon. What will be finals course, gore is going to be a push. I got one Twenty-one fourteen Golden State another close game warriors eat this went out. I believe Klay gets his shot going in that will be the difference in the ball game. One fourteen warriors come out of here. So you can't even pick a side on the spread. You're saying it's going to be a push that's gutsy luta score. That's right. You pick the push. I we knew it to spread. No, not notice all knew what it was. I did nice yesterday. I don't look at brand. So the average score of this series. So far has been Golden State one hundred twelve Houston won eleven point eight. That's the average score. I believe Houston will win this game tonight in alcohol it one twelve to one eleven I'm right on the average score. And I believe somebody's going to have to hit a big late three. And I'm just going to go way out on the end of the limb. Just because I root for him. I say Austin rivers is gonna hit the shot of jots tonight that will put Houston over the hump in this series. It's going to be extremely physical. I think Houston will try to play football basketball. They'll be early tax, and it will go all the way to the wire photo finish Djinjiria. Nope. Now judge around do on this one. Messy. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Johnny Taft. Join us again at the same time tomorrow morning, nine thirty eastern. See you then. Of of.

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