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REShow: Guest Host Kirk Morrison and Manish Mehta. Hour 1 (01-16-19)


Orig- is on demand. Your show your schedule. Fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. I can't believe it. That Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes a one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead. Hello, everybody. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Geico. Projected increase in organic u-3 revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Yes. It's a hump day Wednesday. Yes. And as you can tell riches not in correct? It is me Kirk Morrison. Rich. So you got to work with me today because I was the guy in the bullpen, and I got the call. Hey, rich is going to be out Wednesday Thursday, and I'm like, okay. And I haven't had a chance to host the show in a while. So I had to go like break out, my old manuals and make sure I'm doing everything. Right but everybody Kirk Morrison former NFL linebacker played eight years in the National Football League. And yeah, that's kind of my story right now is PM college football analysts NFL series radio analysts. So anybody who has an analyst job open just understand that. I'm your guy. So this this is kind of my pitch to everyone. But still the gang is still here. Brockman is still here tufo, so still here. What's up? What's happening? It's good to see you guys again, by the way, first of all because it's like a family reunion. Like, we're like distant cousins that haven't seen each other and are very very long time. But it's like once we see each other we pick right back up. So just to see say Hello to you guys. That's amazing. Lot to get to today. Seriously, a lot to get to the thing is we've got some news coming out of New York as what they've got going on Adam gates, the New York Jets new head coach who are hired even of coordinator, we're going to get the whole rundown. What's going on there? Some news about Antonio Brown. But not from Pittsburgh that news is coming from Bruce Arians, former coach in Pittsburgh. That's something. I can't wait to dive into as well little basketball. I'll jump into a little bit Lakers one last night and everybody know ahead of time. I am a warriors fan in last night. My warriors did something that the NBA had never seen before definitely get into that. But I I'll start with this. So finally, we've kind of settled in of what happened last week the conference champion or the divisional round games of the NFL. And we got a chance to see the home team's pretty much dominate where there was. Yeah. Patriots chiefs. The Rams the saints. I won't say the saints dominated. But they still won the game. And last couple of days, I've had a chance to watch the film and kind of see what happened. You know? Why did this team do this? And why didn't this team do this out of half? And now that you get to like Monday and Tuesday, it really is you turn the page on Wednesday. So like Wednesday for me as a former player like Wednesday will we call install date. So on install days is where your game planning is starting to take place for the opponent for Sunday. And that's why you start to see a lot of the press conferences, a lot of the teams are talking about what they're gonna face. And what this team does well in that. But it got me to thinking. Okay. What do I want to happen this weekend as a fan? As an analyst. What do we want to see? I mean, this is the final four. This isn't college basketball does the NFL. This is one game one game only, and you've got so many different storylines, and I'm looking to myself what what do I want as a fan? What one is an analysts because as the fan. I'm looking at obviously the four quarterbacks that are left in this. Final four. You've got the legacy the greatness of Tom Brady in adding another ring possibly adding another Super Bowl MVP possibly the dynasty of the patriots that just won't die. And then you've got drew Brees in the NFC one of the who just turned forty by the way yesterday. So happy birthday drew Brees, by the way, still doing shot out. The jury shut out the drew, but one of the most feel good stories I've ever been a part of in terms of. Competing against your breeze. When he was a San Diego charger and seeing the injury that he went through and becoming a New Orleans sT, and what kind of happened and for him to possibly go to another Super Bowl and possibly win. That's some of the storylines, but then that's that's kind of the older guys. But what about the millennial Super Bowl? That's what I'm calling the millennial super these about. The millennial Super Bowl. Jared goff. The Rams the new hot team in Los Angeles the new hot team because on Saturday. I was there at the Coliseum, and it was a who's who you had to draw tickets. I don't even know if there was enough tickets when you got LeBron James in you seeing the who else was there. I like. Paid manning was there. I mean, I'm just talking about stars where there was Drake or Fritsch Montana performed at halftime, Danny trae was always there. It's like the star service. You've got the new up and coming team with obviously a quarterback in Jared Goff whose only in his third year. So you've got that part of the millennia. And I think you've got the other part in Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes to me is basically not necessarily the the new age quarterback. But he's the quarterback that I think everybody's talking about under the age of thirty in terms of or I would say in high school pop Warner like did you see Mahomes did I mean, it's to a point where people don't even know the guy's name. I had a guy the other day. We'll talk about that that that homes kid like not. Patrick Mahomes that homes kid or the kid in Kansas City. And so I'm looking at all the different possibilities of what this Super Bowl really could be coming up. Because no matter what it is going to be something that obviously we haven't seen before it's could be the old versus the new old versus old new versus new and all of them fit all of them fit to a point where I don't know what I want. I'm I'm literally torn and I've never been this torn last year. I thought it was pretty easy. It was on the NFC side. It was want case keenum or do you want? Nick foles think I'll go with the Nick foles. I like the Philadelphia underdog story in the AFC a little bit different. Obviously you had the Blake Bortles versus Tom Brady. Hey, I'm a former Jaguar office to my people down in Jacksonville. But I don't think people. I want to see a Super Bowl with Blake Bortles as what it was Tom Brady. So last year, it was kind of easy. It was simple. It was made simple force. Eagles patriots. Tom that the going for back to back. The eagles. Haven't won a Super Bowl and wanna get a ring. So that was easy force this year. Not so much this year, fellows, I am. We got star power. I'm torn I've never been this torn over a Super Bowl because I live here in Los Angeles. What I would like to see the Rams win. Yeah. I would love to have my kids. See a parade. Like you want the Rams go to both. But you look at Kansas City, and you look at Patrick Mahomes what they've had to do with in losses at home and things like, but you kinda cheer for Andy re to as a head coach one of the great head coaches in National Football League that has not won a Super Bowl. So you cheer for that? Or I know Brooklyn to ask you about this one. But do you cheer on for the patriots and the ever lasting legacy of what they do of what they continue to do? Do. You wanna see the career of Tom Brady continue to keep going and going and then last you look at New Orleans. What does this do for drew Brees said it before? And I should get hot take. Right. Later. But to be honest, if we start to rank quarterbacks all time, and this is just my opinion. This is my opinion. This is what I take. I think I'll put Tom Brady as one. But if drew Brees goes out and wins another Super Bowl. He's the number two quarterback overpaid many. They got to civils each yet drew will be two for two in many would be to four, and we know how it is with Super Bowls. So record counts record counts. We talk about it. I mean Joe Montana still four for four yet. You know, what those things were Thomas still above him? Because of how many times he's went. But I still put Joe Montana and high regard. So that's the part of me where I'm so torn because I don't know what I wanna do. I don't know how one Elaine to this. Yeah. Well, let's start there like Kirk Morrison the football fan football fan. What's the match of do? You wanna do? You wanna see the the rematch of that? Unbelievable scoring best here in Los Angeles Kansas City in Los Angeles because I think taking away my patriots fan. I'm if I'm just a football fan. Right. That's the game. I wanna see I wanna see a Super Bowl. That's got one hundred point scored because that was incredible to be at. I can't imagine what it was like to watch on TV. I know being there. It was the great. Baseball game ever seen. That's the one part in me. Where do I wanna see that rematch because that was the one game? And I've been every Rams game by the way because I cover the Rams to but I had never been so exhausted from game. Like I walked out of the Coliseum that day. And I was spit first of all the money night game. It was those late games. And all of a sudden, Mike, my lasting image was the fireworks going off para style entrance of the Coliseum and I walked away. And I said, wow. If I'm a fan, I'm walking away. Like, this is what I wanna see every single week. Like, this is this is football. I loved every bit. I loved every part of it. But do I wanna see it again Super Bowl? You want to see that? But at the same time, it's are we ready for that. Do we still want those guys to two I won't call it suffering because you know, hot is let's let's put on our get off my lawn hat for a minute. Let's put on our old guy. Get off our lawn. You know, you wanna see these quarterbacks young guys golfing his third year Patrick Mahomes in his second year. As an analysts. You wanna see those guys go through some of the heartache in the heartbreak ride face adversity adversity of what we saw maybe paid go through his first couple years or what drew Brees had to go through in the beginning of his career to get to this point. It shouldn't be this easy. And they're making it seem this ego. You wanna see the grit? You wanna see almost like the damn rano story. You know what? I mean, a guy who maybe gets close. Played in once didn't go back or John Elway. John Elway to lose three times four guys. Like, John Elway a great point. John Elway who had to wait so many years to get to this point and finally got to the Super Bowl and he ended up winning back to bed, but we saw the struggle. And it was the story line at pushed us and with these young quarterbacks in Patrick Mahomes, and Jerry golf both of these guys are basically almost getting the rewards way too early. So is that the matchup you want Kurt Morrison the football fan the fan? We'll get to the analyst and former player later in the show Kirk Morrison the fan, that's why we got a whole show the pondered. I can't give you the answer. I'm going to debate. I'm going to think about this. Because it's honestly I'm not gonna I woke up this morning thinking about what do I want as an analyst? What do I want as a fan? And what do I want for the future of the NFL because I think the NFL you possibly can go. Sides. You can say we want the older guys for this. Or both. One last run. And then hen impasse, the torch to the new younger generation, you can do that. You could do a lot of that. Or you can as I try to do my best part of segue. This will be call a segue, by the way to our next guest coming up in a little bit money. Schmidt in terms of the coaching carousel of the National Football League. How teams are hiring coaches to get to a point where we see these top four teams that are left the final four top four and scoring in the National Football League. Will the New York Jets hired Adam gates this week to hopefully boost the scoring of the jets but also to get into a championship game? Possibly like. These teams are so many Schmidt will join us, and I'll have a little more time to dive in. And just think just think what are we want and present that question everybody out there to what are you want? What do we want of the Super Bowl? So that's kind of what's on my my. Rich Eisen out. 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I don't want to mess up the seat when he gets back, and all of a sudden you destroy my show while I was gone, so rich man, appreciate it. Thanks for the time. But a lot of stories still to get to in this championship weekend of the national football the but outside of the teams that are playing this weekend. We gotta talk about the teams that aren't playing who also have some storylines some news coming out, especially with the New York Jets. That's right JT s jets and they've got some cap space. They've got a lot going on and got a new head coach. I think anew I guess defensive coordinator, I'll find out, but the guy who I can ask this question. Probably would be Menashe meta of the new York Daily News, the NFL reporter and. Meniscus. I I I'll start here. How has the higher of Adam geese gone over in New York? Depends on who you. I think a lot of people obviously looked at the pool of candidates during this coaching cycle. And so Mike McCarthy as a person who was clearly more accomplished than some of the other guys who ultimately got hired. So I think there was a faction of the fan base that that wanted Mike McCarthy to be the next head coach. And then of course, there's another group of people, and I think the group that I line with which is that there were some really good candidates. Maybe guys that aren't necessarily sexy names. Maybe even some guys who haven't even been NFL head coaches, but would have been ultimately the right choice or the Smart Choice for the jets. And I think that Adam gates one of those few guys who I believed would be really the right guy to not only bring the jets along but help, cultivate, Sam darnold talents. Clear something up for me. Because this is something mom my own personal question that you would be the Baylor head coach Matt rule. He was considered one of the candidates for the New York Jets. And the reports that were coming out of New York was that the jets would not allow him to hire. His own staff, which ultimately heard, you know, he's I'm staying at Baylor in New York hires. Adam gates, how did that part all go down in terms of met rule? Not getting the New York Jets job. That was interesting because I know for fact that the jets were extremely high on that will he was one of those guys I mentioned earlier who I believe it would be a smart hire for them. They they believe that as well. Just to get into details. A little bit about the staffing issues of my understanding is that the guy that Matt will want it to be the offense coordinator with not acceptable for the jets of. And so look you can kind of look at this on both sides and understand both sides. Because if you're Matt rule, and you're getting your first, and perhaps only crack and a head coaching job. You certainly want to bring the guys that you feel most comfortable with surrounding you. Right. That makes perfect sense. But if you're the jets and again, one of your primary. Reasons for making sure that this higher is the right hire. Is that you want to make sure that Sam darnold is properly surrounded by people who can bring out the best in him. And if they did not believe that the guy that Matt will want it could accomplish that then you can certainly understand them bulking on that as well. So I don't think there's a necessarily right side or wrong side to that. But I certainly, you know, I certainly believe and actually side with the jets on this one because I know who the the candidate was I'm not gonna share that. But I knew the candidate was that Matt rule wanted to be the offense coordinator. I don't believe that that guy who is currently NFL assistant coach would be the right guy to to bring along Sam darnold, new York Daily News NFL reporter management. Join the richeisenshow Kirk Morrison and for rich, and my next question would definitely be the the I guess the hiring is finalize the defensive coordinator position. Greg williams. We saw what he did in Cleveland. That defense was amazing this year. Definitely. A step above what we've seen in Cleveland and years pass. He was a candidate for the Cleveland Browns job. He doesn't get that one. He's kind of sitting out there on the market. And now seems like the jets may have swooped him up. How did that become kind of an option for them in house, Adam gays in Greg Williams? How will they coexist? Well, those are all great questions. Greg waves is not technically I believe tend to paper, but he will be the next offensive coordinator for the jets not previously worked with Adam gay. So I think that does speak volumes about gay security because as you know, an NFL fans know Williams has a really outside personality. He's very confident and order line cocky in his belief to you know, to to bring along not only defense, but perhaps the team that you need to secure head coach who who doesn't think that he'll be a threat to you. And I don't believe that Adam gates. Obviously he signed off on this. So I don't believe that engage thinks that wave is gonna step on his it'll be an interesting dynamic because if you know anything about gays his time in Miami that first year two thousand six when Vance Joseph was is defensive coordinator, he by and large lead Joseph run the show on that side of the ball. You would see oftentimes gays with the offense and the coordinators on the sideline when the defense was on the field. That's not atypical. I know people wanna say well, you need to be fully engaged with your defense. If you watch Sean McVeigh he was spending a lot of time on the sideline with Jared Goff. When when Phillips was running that defense and that defense in LA with on the field, even if you look back at last week you could see Andy Reid on the sideline with Patrick Mahomes when the chiefs defense was on the field. So that I don't think that out of the norm. And when you have a coach Gregg Williams who's been at defensive coordinator for seventeen years of former head coach for three seasons. Clearly, he's got the experience that you can trust that he'll be able to handle that side of the ball. So I think it can work. Clearly, these two fiery personalities and would give to fiery personalities haven't ever worked together. There's always a possibility of things going wrong. But again, if gays allow Williams to handle that side of the ball, which I believe he will. I think this could be a very productive marriage. So this wasn't a handpick hiring. Or was this something that the organization felt that was next in line for great Williams to come in and handle the defense or this was a sign off from Adam gates? Now, look I mean, Adam gates wanted Greg Williams. Clearly Vance Joseph was also available before he got scuba up. He was another guy that Adam gave obviously what would be interested in working together with because the two of those took the dolphins to the playoffs in two thousand sixteen. This wasn't any kind of mandate from the team. I will say this though, Todd machen who was one of the finalists. If you will for this job. What have brought Greg Williams along as his defensive coordinator? So you know, one way or the other I think that Greg Greg ways was destined to become the jets defensive coordinator. But no, this was not a circumstance where management ownerships that Adam gates, it you you have to bring along the way. It's not absolutely not new York Daily News fell reporter management, join us. And I I don't know how much money or salary cap space. Do the jets have because that's number one. Because number two is there's gonna be some options for them this off season for agency. They need playmakers. We know that there's. Obviously lady on Bill out there. What's the scenario that you see in which the jets go after I with their cap space, but they've got about one hundred million dollars cap. You know, perfect privately and publicly that they're going to be aggressive and free agency. I don't know if they're gonna spend every last nickel. But clearly, they're not gonna leave a lot of money on the table. So there are a number of areas of need you mentioned playmaker. Clearly levian bell is leaps and bounds better than any offensive playmaker. Available in free agency that offseason I've been a proponent of signing levian bail. It would be interesting though, how he would fit into an Adam gates offense because gay typically has a game plan specific type of mentality. Guys are shuffled in and out a lot of different people touch the ball, not necessarily one guy gets the bulk of carries or touches. Of course, you can obviously make a case that he hasn't had a player like Levy. I'm bell on his roster. And you you would you would think that he'd be able to to? Adapt and accentuate someone of bells talent to you know, the best suit the jets. Yeah, I think they should go after Bill. I don't think it's a linear type of situation free agency. You've got to be able to multitask, juggle a lot of balls at once. So I I don't think it's fair to say the jets need to get an offense to play maker one a pass rusher to offensive line helped three. I mean, these are all things that are going to be happening simultaneously during free agency. But those are clearly the three areas that need to be addressed. If this team wants to take a significant step forward are ruining eluded to that. You know, possibly Tonio Brown could be on the move from the Steelers could that be a scenario or do you see a scenario where the jets may try to acquire a Antonio Brown? That'd be the first question. But my second question, I think more importantly, MRs Ken, New York handle and Odal Beckham Antonio Brown in the same city disaster. Do they have enough of both those guys egos? Well, you know, the answer the first part of the question, I think it would be very difficult to bring Antonio Brown in for a number of reasons one they have the number three pick in the two thousand and nineteen draft. They are not parting with that pick for wide receiver even wide receiver as great as Tonio Brown. They do not have a second round pick. They traded that away as part of the deal to move up last year with Indianapolis alternately land Sam darnold. I don't believe the field would take a third route pick. So I think from a trade perspective in the draft pick respective the jets aren't necessarily a good fit. There's also this question that you need to ask Antonio Brown wants the ball. He's made that abundantly clear that people will tell you that privately he wants to run the ball. He wants to to to get the ball as many times as possible. You do have to be careful you have a young quarterback that you're cultivating that you're developing. You don't want somebody in there who might sidetrack him. And I'm not saying that darnold necessarily would be sidetracked. But you do have to keep that in mind. You don't want destruction in your locker room. In that sense. The guy Levy on bail, for example, for all of the headlines that he is drawn over the past year that has been about his contract situation. Not about what kind of teammate he is not about what he can do for your offense and not about any kind of potential disruption. I don't think that's even a part of the equation with Levy on bell, clearly that might be a part of the equation with air Tonio Brown. So I I don't know if he's a good fit for the New York Jets would he be great New York in the market after. But again, you gotta be. Yeah. Well, I think we lost my niece. Yeah. See what happens when you talk about guys big egos back. Yeah. I don't think that the Senate can handle two guys like that. So appreciate at Schmidt at new York Daily News reported call. Yeah. I was probably twenty Brennan spies listening tap of the phones. Right. This must be booming. Right van Tonio Brown, but good stuff from him. Because that's you know, that's you know, it's the New York Jets. And to me, I've always said this to they've got like two or three year window because you're not gonna win the AFC east until Tom Brady retire. So they've got time to work, but I wanna see Hobbes's work when you have that kind of cap space. You got a young quarterback. And we've seen that in the NFL over the last couple of years. It's about maturing in helping mentor. You're young quarterback. So Adam gates has got his hands full. But there's another story kind of floating around in the NFL. I woke up this morning. I'm reading some quotes coming out of the Carolina panther. Thor's organization one in which I'm kind of scratching my head about because there's a possibility a possibility that the Carolina Panthers could possibly be the quarterback market for two thousand nineteen and I'm trying to figure it out still dissecting it. But that's something that is a strong possibility. I don't wanna waste it. All right now. You know, what I'm gonna say I want to ask you about about Adam gates. Sure, go. We're you surprised that he was such a hot name in this coaching care cell. And that he ended up getting a head coaching position right away. Especially to to a team that need that needs something in needs to get Sam darnold going. No. I think in a league in which you got to score points in a league in which you need someone to mentor your quarterback. I'm not surprised at all especially when you look at his resume. And obviously everybody's gonna talk about what he did with paid manning his paid Manning's Bish years of his career, right? Going to talk about the. Tibo? But I think when you saw him immediately get to Miami. They went to the playoffs. The dolphins were in a playoffs. His first year Miami with Ryan tannehill. Now, remember he got injured and met more started the playoff game versus the Steelers. But to me when you see that kind of production that quick and to be able to keep that team viable and competitive, especially in year, two without ten Hugh that to me was even more of a situation of this do can coach he can quarterbacks and he knows the division. Right. So he knows about gang planning against the patriots. He knows about game planning against the jets even against his own team the Buffalo Bills. So he he's well aware of what's around him in the AFC. I think that was a good higher by them because he comes in with a proven quarterback. Well, I would say a proven quarterback. But I guess a guy that he can. Not only mentor, but really teach him the game. A guy a lot of people thought was the best player in the draft last year, maybe could've gone number one. But you surprised at? I'm not adamant gazing annum gay scout a job right away and someone like Mike McCarthy who has a track record Super Bowl winning coach right went without he's on the sideline this year. But I think it's two one thing about Mike McCarthy. Jim call will I call those those are, geez. You know? What I mean like know guys at been in a game for a while that if I'm coming here, I'm going to do things this way, I'm gonna do things this way. And this is how I'm going to set things up. I mean he's coming from Green Bay where he's one of Super Bowl. It's a little bit different. When you've got that kind of clouds. Same thing with Jim call will he's a Super Bowl winning coordinator and a head coach at has had success in the league. So both of those guys to me they are kind of sitting there because when the job is available. They're going to hire things the way they want to do. I think it's more of a New York Jets organization that still has has their hands in things, you know, they still kinda middle a little bit. Let's bring in case let him handle a quarterback, and we'll still be able to control some other things. I'm not surprised just because what did with Ryan tannehill. But I think what when you look at it. He's a little bit different than the other hires because everybody else's all young, you know, he's still young. He's fairly young as a head coach. But it's can he be innovative? Can he be can he do things that make us go? Wow. For Sam darnold who needs it. I mean that was the question. I want to get in Manila's that where Sam darnold it. You know, we don't we can't even evaluate them because it's TNT was so bad last year which coaching higher. Did you like the most while that I liked the most? Wow. Who you can't ask a defensive guy that offense coaches, offense coaches. But for some reason, I really like Bruce Arians, I've met Bruce many times and talk with them I like his swagger like his confidence. And he's actually got some comments that we need to talk about about. We're gonna get clear. Before we take a break. I still wanna get into what's going on Carolina and the possibility of them going to draft in a quarterback or signing a quarterback and free agency. Why would the Carolina Panthers do that? I'll tell you more about that next here on the rich Eisen show Kirk Morrison in for rich college football, NFL football, the greatest time of year. No more waiting. The time has arrived for you to get in all the action. 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You literally have a podcast about nothing. Check out the collider network, and rob has a podcast every week on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight news headlines right after this podcast. Back to the rich Eisen show. Perk. Morrison is in for rich. Former NFL linebacker spent eight years in National Football League with five years in Oakland a year in Jacksonville. My last two what the Buffalo Bills, by the way. So just giving you my credentials as now I serve as an ESPN analyst for college football. So I've got some some some takes on what I saw this year in college football good quarterbacks and great places I travel. So I always gotta throw that out there. And then this week I'll be traveling to Kansas City for the AFC championship game. So I'm gonna need people's help. You got your hand warmers parkas? Mid gear Brockman to I need. I need your help on this one number one is I don't know what to wear because last year I was at covered the NFC championship game. And it was cold down via and I over dressed, and it was not as cold, you know. But I think this time if I overdressed I'm might still be classed my coke. So number one for California kid, the number one thing I feel like I need to wear is long Johns. Right. Yes. To pair socks. Now. I'm debating because I will be any working press box. Also be down the field. So do I wear snow-boots like coal boots or do? I wear like just regular Harto shoes. I think I think you gotta go boots. 'cause I don't want to snowboard feet going. You're going to get cold from the bottom up. Right. And so I think if you can Mike's going to have a weather report coming up on Friday. So make sure you I'll be for. We're seeing all these reports. Right. Arctic blast go through the middle of the country. It's going to be anywhere from ten degrees to minus ten degrees at game time on Sunday. I mean kudos to you. I want no part of that. That's the straw that. I picked so I got that straw only. Because we, you know, so. Basically on the NFL radioside. There's two games that are set up this year and with me working for NFL radioside on serious. There's two games. There's the New Orleans Saints championship game which I mean the game. That's located in New Orleans. There's Kansas City. Well, half of our staff will be in the world because they want to drive two hours on Monday to the senior bowl, which is the biggest mall in mobile so mobile Alabama. So logistically, it's a lot easier for guys to get from New Orleans to mobile, which I think the entire league may go from New Orleans to mobile because it's going to be a ton of people who are probably at the game. And they're going to go see some of the top seniors in guys coming out in a draft in mobile Monday, which is a huge week which was a week that I was in by the way late in the senior bowl. So I know how big a week that is. But I got the straw of going to Kansas City. So what is the breakdown going to be of time spent in? In the press box. And then down the field. You think that's where the text one of my guys because Ross Tucker, you guys know Ross, oh, he's the best. So he's he's been I'll take him to kind of get the lay of land in terms of how much I'll spend on the sideline how much spin in the box. And you know, the one of the things that you have to understand to realize is that if the home team wins if Kansas City wins, then you usually have a trophy presentation on the field, right? When the visiting team in the championship game wins the presentation is in the locker room. So it's almost to a point. Are you rooting for the patriots? Because. I'll be covered indoors. But then you have kids see we outside. So I'm trying to figure all that out that me you can always take close off when you're in the press. So I think you want to put as many layers possible, okay? On down goose down. I think is good. Oh wool. Yeah. Yeah. You want to go. Oh, I'm I'm just go all in and what is the coldest place. You had to play when you were a player in the week, remember leave and for all my fact checkers out there because you know, at Kansas City. No, no, no, not at Kansas City for all. My fact checkers out there who can look it up as well. I believe it was two thousand and seven Oakland Raiders we played against Green Bay with Brett farve at quarterback. And I remember at the time of kickoff. It may have been seven degrees, but it felt like one or two. So that's where everybody on December nine December ninth. And the weather was thousand you guys actually got blasted in two thousand nine hundred seven early because it was breath for that was two thousand seven. Yes. Oh, seven and the weather at that time was if I can get the weather you got you got smoke thirty seven. There's no no weather report on this. And fortunately, we'll wait. Hold on a second. Let's see now. We'll find it. It's all good eighteen degrees wind chill zero there. It is. So the wind chill zero when Joe zero but it was eighteen degrees. At kickoff about a time. Ended the game. I think it said on the sideline I saw like single digits while also to me single still pretty freaking code referee. He was not wearing a under. He wasn't wearing. Say, you know, one of the things too is I was like I said there's a story coming out of Carolina, and this has sort of a kind of a cold story behind it. I guess because David Tepper the owner of the Carolina Panthers. You know, come out and has possibly opened the door to them being in the market for a quarterback. Maybe just for two thousand nineteen not ongoing. Cam newton. We saw this year had a shoulder issues. Soder to a point that just the Carolina Panthers rearranged their practice. It was a regular practice in. It was Cam practice. So Cam practice was reduce reps. Not a lot of throws. And then there was that point a game. I forget which game it actually was this year. But you remember it was right before the half. And they needed to throw sort of a hell Mary ticket shot at the end zone. They pull Cam Newton out of the game. Enter Tyler Hanneke, and he threw the pass the hell Mary pass. And so as I'm reading here the owner, David Tepper say the only thing that's safe for me to say from our people on the inside of organization is that there's a lot of people looking to figure out. What's the best course of action? Hopefully Cam will be better. We'll see next year, but it's the new normal. We've gotta make sure that we have our options open in always possible just in case. And this is the part right here. This is the part that I definitely highlight it, we're all hoping everything will be great for Cam. It could be great. But we look at the coats and what they did with Andrew luck this year who knows? So that to me tells me they're looking at what in Apple's did necessarily last year, which is the two thousand seventeen season where remember that kept stringing us along. Hey, Andrew luck will be back this week, Andrew, you know, what he's. Throwing on the side in basically like pulling those law and pull us along. And it was really Jacoby perset season. And they ultimately put Andrew luck down for the entire year. And you look at the rewards in which the Indianapolis Colts got in two thousand eighteen they had not only a playoff berth. Andrew luck seems to be his old self now he had a little bit of rest and maybe at the Andy store to tell off a little bit. But if you're the Carolina Panthers, and you see what's going on with your quarterback. And you look at what another team did with their quarterback who looks to be stronger than when almost back to normal. If I'm the Carolina Panthers. Do I make that decision? Because do you go out and find a quarterback for one season? Or do you say, we'll just wait. We'll wait it out hopefully can get better. Or if I'm David Tepper. That's a tough decision to just sit Cam for an entire year. I mean, that's I'm looking around. And I'm saying if this guy can bear. Throw the football that to me you saw it at the end of the season Campbell's shell of himself that defense of Carolina they were doing everything on their own. They were trying to best but they weren't getting the offense of production. And if I'm defensive player going against Cam Newton. And I know he can't throw the ball over my head. That's that's an issue. That's something. The Carolina Panthers have to they gotta look it. Now, let me go into the draft. Are you possibly drafted a quarterback not necessarily maybe the first round sick around? But do you draft a quarterback that hopefully develop? I mean, Brockman, you're a patriots fan when the patriots drafted Jimmy G or Ryan Mallett or my guy Kevin O'Connell or all these quarterbacks the sentence. Yeah. Jacoby percent at first you like why? But could you grow them these type of quarterbacks, and if you have to plan you can, but they also become trade assets. When Cam is one hundred percent crazy that we're just even speculating on. On Cam Newton not being the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers. You know, only three seasons remove this from the owner, though the. This the owner, and this is coming from the very top of the flow chart. It was week thirteen against Tampa us when Cam to come out of the first at the end of the first half that helm right in the middle of their disastrous losing streak. I guess look. You can never have enough quarterbacks on the roster. Right. You could never have enough competition. You can never have enough guys who you wanna get ready just in case. So if I'm Carolina shore third fourth fifth round, maybe take one or two of these guys. And just to see what you got just in case shutting down Cam Newton though for the entire season. I can't imagine. It can't doesn't see my Cam would accept that. But as you said, we seem what's it's done for Andrew luck. It's obviously worked out. Well, they better figure it out. Better figure it out fast. We figured out, but I take my warriors did nex Kirk Morrison for riches to retirement show General Hospital. Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson have been playing buddies onscreen for years only to discover that they're real-life dynamic is perhaps even more fun with guests from daytime TV, the entertainment industry ambience, no joking around. None allowed Rivera serious show. Download that awesome. Every week. Podcast one forever. You at your favorite podcasts. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. San Francisco consulting company says the American killed in terror attack in Kenya was company co founder Jason Spindler at least fourteen people did in all experts say the partial government shutdown may way on the economy. They last much longer one communists is even if the shutdown is over by the end of the month, the hit to growth will be noticeable at least won't have to worry about your tax refunds forty six thousand IRS workers, roughly sixty percent of the agencies workforce are being recalled without paid handle tax returns and refunds there's been growing concern refunds would be delayed because the money for them would not be available from congress. Saga megani? Washington. New York Senator Kirsten gillibrand is tossing her hat into the ring. I'm going to run for president night states. The latest entry in what's expected to be of very crowded field of democratic presidential contenders. I'm Rita Foley. Lay?

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