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Yeah. Where did the day his heart? Aardvark aardvark. That a sentence. Please do. I'm in ours, working is when two men touch their penises tip to tip and one man rolls the foreskin of his penis over the penis of the other man in this scenario, it is necessary that one man be on the circumcised are. Yes. Have you really weird if they weren't would tugging? So basically one man is modern. The other man is stuck in the middle ages. Extra going on there. You need to make this work interesting. It is interesting. I agree with you. Hard working. I just like kind of picture two guys doing this being like all right. We're gonna put it in book. Boop. All right. It's like I don't know. I, I don't know how. Maybe romantic or like actual. I don't. New. You're the what for me when you art Virk me. I don't see where the Aardvark me it just sends me over the unless the sheltered by Pena's from the storm. The modern man is grabbing the medieval man's skin. Realize there are uncircumcised men in today's society. Right. Very attractive. No. I don't see the pleasure in that unless the modern man is growing the middleman foreskin and using it to one out. Yes. That evening pleasurable, but otherwise, what do you get worse? Pleasure. For the stone-age gentlemen, you're still getting the same. You're getting the skin jerked over yours. I mean with how that works, so. I'm just I'm sure what you're done. Here's fourth just hanging there like flap, just it'll go limb Vic. That you just pulled too much. It's kind of hanging there for a few days till it kinda comes back up. It's like one of those things you pull it. Stories that little skin sweater could tell. It probably never thought was gonna be wrapped around into the penis, it dreamed. Probably. Interesting art market now. Now I picture like Jon snow doing it saying medieval. Don't ruin my game of thrones for me. Please. No, no, no, no. So that was it word of the day, I would like please comment because I like to know how how common that is in that world the world in the medieval. Obviously we're talking about England. There's four skins all over the place. We would love to hear. If anyone has had any experience with Aardvark egg. What us know how this goes? Now, if there were two. Too many women would one just kind of hold it back while the other would turn they call that suction coming. Oh. Good stuff. We are laughing. The picture. Is it? It's interesting. All right. Well. Oh. This was called a hole in one. Okay. All in one or one one Poland one another topic, but not right now a hole in one is the active sticking your dick in your own ass. Just try not to get huge Boehner. Once it's in how you'll get a nice Snape Rupe? Oh, god. Okay. I do quick one. Yeah. Wow. Well, I don't have a dick. So I definitely can't play around with my own assholes far as dick is concerned. I can play with my asshole in other ways. But. Around. Just imagine stretching your Dixie, please don't get hard. Please don't get hurt. I mean. House. Never you know you kind of need it hard to get it in your right? I mean if it's not hard when you're trying to get it where it's going then what's the point really stick? I've never done it. A hole in one stuck in another but never by own. Yeah. I feel like that would be difficult. I mean, again, I don't have a dick, but if I had one, I can imagine that I would have hard time trying to forcefully, bend at around and inserted my own asshole. So. Yeah. Thinking about this fully erect penis trying to been that around. You can't can't do camping really bend that his magic magic. You can't do that. The little penis that could. There's a Wilders away. Straight back. Go lily who would want to try that. I mean who would want, even if they want to fuck themselves in the ass I can I can see how people would try it? At the end of the day, you gotta be hard. Right. I mean so much more stretchy when it's none or well, no, that's true. Or you get where you're going. Somewhat hard. Yeah, I imagine that, that would be easy to do to accomplish tune in next week. We'll let you know how it goes over or if you have experiences. Please. Dick and stick it in your own. We would love to know how I will. Did you finish? That would be something that would be something, you know, it's would be Ripley's believe it or. That's a good question. If you could do that. Would you go and finish up because I know own right? I mean. I mean shit if I eat myself out and get myself off Lino like twenty four seven I would be doing it for sure. Some sure like if you had kind of like the question of addict or. Would we just through the whole thing? Yeah. I mean, I would think if you could do that. Yeah, it's another form of masturbation. If you're thinking of his, it's self pleasure. So I think it's Speziale you know, I. I. We're going to go with feasible. The word of the day. Can I blew myself? It's feasible. Peaceable. Feel so good. This one's called the more the more the more than Morgan Mindy made famous by Robin Williams on Morgan d I asked that Jin 'cause, you know, Morgan commit, you know, Morgan Mindy. That's the question. Mark in the end of that. Yes. Okay. The work. It's not just missed out fire Mork in Mindy. I'm sorry. Jake gweat. Get it out of your. I would assume she only knows Robin Williams from his style fired up working Mindy. No, I, I know him from working. Okay. All right. Well, please day proceed without further ado. I give you the Mork give it to me made famous by Robin Williams on Mork and Mindy. Stick your pinky and your ring fingers up a girl's ass than jam your finger your middle and your index fingers, a pervert, Jonah Mugla say the seaward 'cause it's on here. Please note this is not complete until you finish it off with nanny anew. Called that that is fucking amazing. I think I may have done the more a few done. It's almost like the shocker but a little a little tweak to track these women down to finish it off. I think this is a normal, a normal move Jin. I think it's kind of normal. Yeah. I think I've done that before moving fingers. But the move is pretty Nanu Nanu, though. So you guys are not done with this maneuver to go back, you got these women. I mean we can we can try and. If you've been with Mike, Jen. They didn't say. She doesn't Email we'll finish off that. Oh, wow. I just feel like two fingers in the. The Bank door fingers in the back. Well, I feel like most other stretchy but I mean, I feel like that might be. Yeah. Two fingers, you know is pushing it sometimes I feel like depends on, you know, depends on the person, and if they're like really just amped up ready to go. Got to be very relaxed. And go flow willing to accommodate go. Yes. Yes, low exact. Yes. All right. I do. Oh there. The word of the day today. It's a phrase cold the. Davy crockett. The David Crockett is a sexual maneuver in what you slip muscle relaxants into your girls, snus pod. Okay. Let me just get through the settings. Okay. So Davy Crockett is a sexual maneuver in lich in in which you slip muscle. Relaxants into your girl, snus pod and slide you're headed. That's the wearing your partners ex snatch for your actual head. Thank you, Mike penile. It. In which he slight. Slide your head in just wearing your partners. Now. Relax nets for as a Coon skin cat. We missed a few other words of the day, along long this one can come in handy on those cold winter nights. Okay. Davy. Crockett. Thing about that. Jin have you ever had worn as a first of all, who the fuck calls it a snooze pod would kind of can fucker is this Smith pod? I've never even heard of that. But. Oh, god. Smith pod anywhere. It is a little hat skin. Cap your you don't remember. You'll never taking a muscle relaxer recently. I jelly. Vaginal. No. Yeah. And I definitely don't remember anyone wearing my vagina hat. You'd remember that I. I would I've had many face down there, but no one necessarily wanting to wear my pussy of fucking hat ever million. Sucker things. Rep there. To pull away. Squeezes tighter. No note mine is not a hungry alien my aid. Dell thing the way all pretty pink little flower. So, yeah, there's no angry sucking alien action there. Sorry. Dot is. That's very interesting. Davy Crockett in like a little coons. I like outside Coon skin cap. I think you can still say that, that think I don't know. Interesting to me. I never heard that was crazy. Is. An email. Very Email drywall. Kood skin. Yeah. But you got those plaguing, I wanna I do wanna know who came up with his pod, because that is a very interesting word Irish. I've never heard ish. His bold. It's right next to the pot lucky charm. At the end me rainbow don't you know? All right. Well. Attention, but it's certainly lighten the mood. Bats, and walk down the street on hot days. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Just leave the imagination. Seen many different snus pods. So I could I could imagine that they would make very different Coon skin. Have one of the I've always seen one. Rearranged by nuns. Coon skin. I don't think it's big enough to be honest with you. Well, you would know maybe if you were out with the one like for booking Sesame Street. That. Gap. Yes. Yes. Oh man. Oh. Oh fuck. Yeah. The word of the day is intercourse its verb Corp score. It is a the definition of intercourse is sex with a woman who doesn't respond. That's actually really funny. That makes total sense because the corpse doesn't respond because it's fucking dead. Yeah. I mean I have had sex with a lot of courses. I have ever like. I just feel continue if that's the case. Going to be wrong. I'm sure there's some guys that just plug away until they get there. But if there's no. Reaction anything. Yeah. Reaction. How do you know that you're like doing anything? Right. I mean you kind of need value going down on the curl and just putting your about, like just going to town Clint, and she just I'll be like all of this. I'd be like I'd be like. Hello. In fact, if that were to happen that that'd be for me. I wouldn't even continue beyond that because I'm like, no, I, I need your reaction to get me going. Exactly that is that is the worst when you're with someone that doesn't have any kind of response because you're like, okay, give me something I need to know that, that what I'm doing is pleasurable. I wanna make you feel good. And otherwise, you know, I'm not gonna feel that if you're not feeling good got it makes you wonder what those people are going through to not have a response. How can you just not have a response to that? I mean. Well, when I was in high school, I knew a guy that had a girl that didn't wanna have sex with their dating and she's like do it. If you want to, but I'm not going to do. She just laid there. He just did what he did got Kenny. Got done. Got dressed, whatever I got mine. I don't even know if I could get my, it's hard enough to get my now but a situation like that. I just I don't even know. Oh, adecco. You should do. For over a cigarette. That's true. Very true. Yeah. You know Jones in that case, if there's a reaction, okay? I'm gonna go to finish. I'm not advocating that you aily attacks. Kind of sounded like rape the asshole jury actually she says, do you to do about helping? To stop. Or if you proceed, so I just take it all your friends and say, we're gonna turn this into a. No, no. God. Wow. And with that we bid, you good day. Dance episode. Yeah. Run wasn't it? Banned for by. Officially van tunes after that is. Look for us on Russian. Endorsed by President Trump. Yes dot com. Build the wall, there is never. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Keep going the word of the days tours together to form one phrase. It's called push wrote. Push rope rope. It's a verb. Is it like jumper rope? But you're none Dirk dealers on this as a male to attempt to have sex with a less than wrecked penis. I was used in a sentence. I was so drunk, I was pushing wrote the whole time and she didn't like it. I can't imagine you would. I would like that have I attempted that. Absolutely. But I didn't even like it. So it's not. Well, pushing now that's sad. Kind of that is that in on the mill into that it really makes you feel sad. 'cause you're like, okay, this is happening. But maybe we can try to make this happen. And it just doesn't happen is where you can push rope. But it ain't gonna get roped. Something like that. All right. No, don't, don't. I mean, if you got to you got to maybe it'll get there. But if really it'd be honest, they happen. If you can't go full rope, then they have a push rope this lumber. Yeah. Yeah. You gotta lay the pipe, right? Yeah. Harder harder. This one is called the Hindenburg. Oh, it already. Sounds painful not painful. Well, it is painful. So this the definition of the Hindenburg as we know it is when some slit, who is so bad at all sex. You're forced to cry. Oh, the humanity as her teeth scrape your man tool. Counts. I mean, I don't even have a man tool and that, just sounds paid. I feel like teeth can be fun with other parts of the body. But when those are really really sensitive teeth, Mike on your, your Berg, I do and Hindenburg calling it a Hindenburg is being very generous. Anyway, in, I think, on a previous show, we may have mentioned blowjobs and how there's really not a bad one. But that would certainly make a bad blow job. When teeth are involved. I think there's bad blow jobs. I mean. I mean I mean when teeth yes, other than that they're all pretty well. I wish I had input on this. I've cheated we're on the dick for confession time. I think you do have input on this for topic for what's good. Okay. All right. Coming next episode. All right. There we go. Fucking with their keep going. Today's phrase of the day is get some Stacey on the hang down. From britain. They do have fun phrase getting it. No, it's. It is a verb to have six literally get some stinky sex mill on the hang down penis. Wow. My goodness, Heiki some, stinky, on the Hanky state. Hang time thing math. Day him. I hang down kissed the lead. It. Okay, great. I mean, if you wouldn't have voice, but I don't wanna get called. I don't want to upset any people. Any anybody really upset people? So. Stay like this stay on the day. That's a good one. I like that very, very down in some stadium. Just keep saying over and over and over. So let's go to say randomly throughout this. So interject with freemen my friend gets stinky, oh my head. Oh, good. This is called the moped the moped the moped. Okay. It's a chick. That's a fun ride until your friends. See you on it. Actually that one. I liked. I liked that one. Sweet you've ever been on a moped might man. The. Two people are listening in one of the might be a boat pit for you. Wouldn't really good to the confessions last time. So I have probably at least been on one moped jed. Yes. Yes. Oh. The word of the day is ball. Cousy ball can be to achieve bulk Uzi you place. You're nuts in a bowl of warm water than have a girl. Put a astride the bowl and blow bubbles under your balls. Rubber Ducky is optional. The sentence. Hot tub was broken. So Lee Jordan took turns in the ball Cousy. Oh, wow. Must I feel like you must love balls to, to maybe I don't really. Yeah. I wouldn't mind having a ball Cousy though. I don't know that I never. That would feel pretty good. Yeah, I probably would have that's tugged or anything. But I think like I don't warm water and bubbles. I'm going to give it to me the word of the day is the rodeo, the rodeo, the rodeo away, I guess I should wait. What that is actually love it. Ciller to the Bronco you start once again, banging chick from behind at a prearranged time. You grab her hair with one hand just as several buddies bust into the room. See hang on for eight seconds cab. Oi. Ye how oh boy. That's just rude. I mean you don't you don't invite guests prior like acknowledgement and consent. Something you've arranged with your buddies time fucking. From behind gotten. Yeah. That's it's any rate that gives you know, she's going to you're getting booked off there, buddy. That's just that's wrong for someone who's ever had any kind of sexual trauma in the past. Like you really you better know this girl's history before you try and pull some shit like that. Or you might get stabbed. It's very possible thing about it is pretty awesome. You getting this chick from behind you got her hair pulled back, you buddies bussed in and she's just like what the filing you're like, oh. Oh. Cowboy at we've got the timer? Okay. Wow. One would go. Glad you enjoy yourselves. Your buddy. Start calendar. Seriously busted Dohrn chicks, like what's a fuck you, count or much each. They come off. Oh my God. Just remember that this chick knows where you sleep. So I would I would be careful with that kind of thing. Breakdown. You like me to lose a testicle in your for something to co. For not being sure about that to really racing. It. He's looking cowboy boots on his phone. Who've actually want to be invited to one of those. I want to be one of the eight guys, I don't wanna be the asshole is doing it to the poor chick. One of the guys that come in, you know what if she's like fuck it just keep doing it. And then she's like, come on, guys, you're next, then you rich. Trying to buck off a you. I got you locked in that she locked down all the other guys like section. Now that would alien alien vagina. Fricking. Clamps pita. Happiness. This. What is called the slump BUSTER, the wet slope BUSTER? Buster. Okay. When a professional athlete FIS the dirtiest. Nastiest fattest, most disease ridden. Skank. Puts the would tour with the intent that will break up a slump. What the? I feel like there are so many things. This has to be this might be a common thing with, with that leads or or with. But I, I don't know. I hope jeeter did it. I mean the one that you heard about what jeeter certainly didn't fit that description. And what I know is that even put the wood to her, like come the fuck on come on. I feel like they're playing that it's mostly baseball players. Yes, I got my thought. Oh, sorry. Offend you. America's favorite pastime apparently isn't baseball. It's beating the slum. Getting back into the past God needed this love really open a can of worms with tear, the whole time you're describing it, I thought major league. So, yeah. The guy that was president and twenty four. With his voodoo kit. Today. The word of the day is called hot dog in a hallway boy. Oh boy. Yeah. Good. Not. I want to be. Maybe he's cracked up. All right. When laying the pipe you realize your dick isn't even touching the walls from Jonah. Kyw like tossing a hot dog in a hallway. Most frequently happens when the banging the neighborhood trick. Or if you're sling a small Dake. Micro penis, though. I don't even think that's like a hot dog. But that's the thing right? Is that a thing, but micro penis? Yeah. Let me show you. No. Exactly. The word of the day. Did your? Order of. In honor of the episode nine whatever flick number were trailing from. Star Wars day here the word of the day. Today is the Jedi mind trick when banging your partner you repeatedly shout. I am not fucking. Looking. Not real. Right. I don't know about a genitive. When you said, did I mind trick it, I, I was thinking of something that I may have tried in the past where maybe you're in the middle of doing something, something's not quite responding like you wanted. So in your mind, you're going, you will you will work he will get up and I obviously find out at that point, I am not agenda and it does not work. The force is strong definitely not strong at that moment. The force will come back strong at the most inopportune moment. True. But not when you need it when you're on a bus. Somewhere where you can't really like next to eighty year old woman cabbage. So precise. Right. So you're banging someone you're, you're basically telling him here, not fucking. Like what the hell you do it. I feel you. No.

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