Episode 32: Isolation V - The Walkabout Effect


It's up to me no no no. Tv Our everybody. Welcome the bill and Frankie pop culture. I am frank in with me as always is bill and for the third time in a row. If I'm not losing track of numbers Johnny beaver Billon John. How you doing guys doing pretty well. You know the the exile or isolation starting to bother me a little bit but it doesn't look like you know it looks like we. Even the most optimistic forecast means saying we have another two months of this so And that's optimistic so we're GONNA have to learn to live with it. The good news is I get to talk to you guys more often which has been one of the things getting me through this. So I'm happy to be Happen to be talking to you again. Tonight they'll tell me what I can't do now. It's good it's good. It's good to be if you guys. I'm glad we're we're here. I'm glad we got to get together last night for Wrestlemainia. It's been great chatting with you fully with you. Bill and Alan yes. We had really good weather here over the weekend so Mary and I just put like to ten hour. Days of yard work in Just something to do didn't feel like sitting around the house you know you're outside talking to neighbors across the street so you still felt like you were back in normal times So that was really nice Being on my feet. I don't think I've been on my feet for that long in a in a while Just sitting around the house but Yeah it's continues to drone on. It's starting to it's starting to feel it's starting to feel normal. Which is a little scary. Yeah that's true. I'm see I like to this morning. I got up and I had my daughter with me this morning. So I got started on her schoolwork and checked into my work. Email started doing my work stuff and and you know it took a couple of minutes from me to realize like Oh. I'm not at the office. This is like my normal thing now. Which is alarming. And kind of good. I guess at the same time. Yeah so luckily though to To to give us something to do and look forward to be excited about this past weekend. We had WRESTLEMAINIA So WE'RE GONNA be talking about that today and then. Um We'll be talking about lost as well so without further ado guys. I think we should. We should start the show all right guys so this past weekend we had. Wwe's pop culture touchstone. Wrestlemainia is an annual pop culture extravaganza. Little different this year lot different this year for one thing it was presented over the course of unites which has been sort of polarizing for people. You know we'll get how we felt about it but again also also polarizing is the fact that ww decided to do it at all. There's a lot of people out there that shot thought it should have been postponed before the event before before watching the event this weekend. I was in the camp of thinking it should be postponed because not only is wrestlemainia. All about spectacle and the crowd and all that stuff just at a public health. I guess you know you can make a case that it should have been postponed. I think my feelings have kinda changed after the weekend because it really did. Entertain me Mike tap to be taken away from the news or social media or whatever and just do something else and i. I surprised myself I was able to sort of get lost in Miami and I think a lot of it had to do that. You know we were you John and I were on a zoom call for for the show so we were kind of back and forth as we were watching Talking about what? We like what we didn't like. But you know it really was kind of escape. And and I think you know after reading about the stringent sort of testing. They had for everybody that got to go into the building. It seems like they were a safe as they could be and I think even though. Wwe And the city of Tampa and everybody is probably going to take a financial bath on this thing. You know. It did what it did what I think they set out to do. We can get into specifics matches and stuff like that but on the whole I was Kinda glad it happened. And it really. You know some matches were boring and I think. Wwe could really done more to make it different which we'll get into but on the whole. I'm I think I'm kind of glad they did it. What do you? How do you feel free? Yeah so I'm with you go into this weekend. I was super super opinionated on the side of this thing should be. This thing should be postponed. Now I would say I still think it should have been postponed but I'm glad it wasn't if that makes sense because I found myself like I said at the beginning of the show. I spend all day out working working doing yard work and I found myself all day looking forward to sitting down at the end of the day and watching Wrestlemainia in having a couple of drinks and it's like I was thinking about it all day and how they're going to do this. And what's GonNa Happen Blah Blah Blah? And and then Sunday. Same thing can't wait one more night. Can't wait to sit down and you know take a shower. Sit Down and have a couple of drinks watch WRESTLEMAINIA SO DO overall super glad. It happened obviously super entertained. My Hat's off to them now. Listen I I. I'm very skeptical when it comes to big companies Saying they're doing things for the greater good but for whatever the reason the true reasons behind closed doors that will never know that they did make you know four John with the show this weekend this past weekend you know hats off to them for giving people something that they weren't able to get anywhere else in this super weird isolated time. I mean it. It's so strange to be in a situation where there are no sports on TV. And my my stepbrother. Who hasn't watched? Wwe In probably fifteen years. Text me this weekend. He's a huge sports fan and he said I just signed up for the WW network. Because there's no other semi competitive sporting events on television so I need to watch something and he watched it he loved it you know he got the CF lick and athletic show And I mean in that regard. Yeah it was. I mean under the circumstances I I. I'm glad it happened. I'm glad I'm glad it happened. I still think it would have been better if they postponed it. But like I said it's I'm in a weird place. I still think it should have been postponed but I'm glad it wasn't John. I certainly enjoyed having the escape. So you know again. I the morality whether it should have happened or not aside. I think the it was a pleasant surprise. The the quality of the product given the restraint and it seems like kind of you know. Run into some of the dirt. Chief is everyone else called pleasantly surprised to think there was a lot of anger is a very kind of low expectations equal quality wrestling going experience with the whole thing that everybody was just. Kinda like this is going to be a disaster. This is not a great idea. They'd seen the the sort of Empty Empty Empty Stadium matches and and how they work in the past and over the past couple of weeks. We're very concerned but I think overall it worked. Well I I I think the experimental stuff ended up being by far the most fascinating and I wish they may be doubled or tripled down on some of that but maybe they didn't have the time to really do that. You know for more than a couple of matches but it was still there. I thought we had some really great matches A few wet farts but and then some really really interesting stuff that we will probably never see. Wwe again so that alone is worth watch. Yeah before early Bill Bill. Have you read like have you read meltzer's or Alvarez's reactions ten show? Yeah they're they're to fucking ignorant trolls. They should all over it right well. And they didn't shit all over everything but I I saw meltzer take a dump on the edge Orton match Which is absurd. I mean I understand the criticism that you know maybe it could have been ten minutes shorter and it would have been a little better fine if you know if you think it went too long. That's that's fine. To say was the most boring wrestlemainia match in history is ridiculous considering the undertaker once fought giant Gonzales. I mean that's just absurd And then Alvarez crapped on the on the funhouse thing which I hate Alvarez so I called him a troll on twitter but that's GonNa pull I understand like even when we were why the three of us were watching that last night we were like some people are just absolutely hate this even when we were watching it. I was like I don't understand this like I don't understand how there's a winner and a loser here. I don't understand what this is so even I had like mixed over it was really well and it. It was really cool. I love seeing scenic go through all the different stages of his career but some of it. I didn't understand at all like. Nwea was really cool. But I didn't necessarily get it Maybe I'm missing something but I can understand how people were you know. Some people were if you WANNA be turned off by that. That's fine. Yeah I think they to me like that was. That was very ambitious of them. I think they tried to and I think they tried to. Do something really really really really ambitious. I mean he kind of like laid a little bit of the groundwork before the match where he said you know. There's there's parallel worlds or whatever that exists that were monsters. Live and demons and Blah Blah Blah. So I guess that's I guess what that was is you know they a firefly funhouse match or the the firefly funhouse exists in one of these worlds or is or is a doorway to one of these worlds which is where the fiend is from and and they they were. GonNa pull John Cena he he. He pulled John Cena into one of these parallel worlds. In Kinda deconstructed. His deconstructed his whole career. And I mean what? What was the voice over at the end? It was like John. Cena saying he was GONNA put down one of the most over privileged wrestlers of all timer hyped and I mean I guess it was all about. He's kind of like a burpee but more like metaphysical like I I. I don't know outlined putting down the over hyped most over hyped. That was from a Promo CD. Cut like two weeks ago on smackdown. Yeah Yeah I mean I think it you know we could definitely break down the the INS and outs of the funhouse match itself as far as you know like. Oh it's the equivocating seen at Hogan with the N. W. O. And the Saturday night main event. And you know I think there's something to be said about kind of going through that but on a more Meta level I was just fascinated by. Wwe's is so weird about how they treat their history and sometimes it's like we don't want you to remember anything that happened more than six months ago and other times. It's you know we're there so reverential toward their history. It really depends on kind of Vincent Man Mood that day and it was very fascinating to see this unbelievably produced unbelievably ambitious for. Wwe We project actually put out to the masses and something that I thought it was pretty ballsy and I thought it was something honestly with the exception of maybe the pipe bomb and it was probably the least likely thing I would think. Vince McMahon would ever produce in his entire life so I would just kind of flabbergasted by that reading the dirt day. It's Vince loved it. Like they presented it to him fully thinking he was GonNa kill a lot of it and he loved it even even the you know the the big line that everybody loved was the Vince. Mcmahon Papa doing though. That's good shit. Which is which is sort of Vince. Willing to make not only make fun of himself. But that's that was. The line was famous from the win Dean Ambrose Slash Jon Moxley left. Wwe And did the Jericho. Podcast the big thing that came out of that. Was You know? Moxley making fun events for you know thinking dumb things are funny and always saying that's good shit I liked. I liked that. Vince was willing to make fun of himself. I liked it. They're willing to go into their history. I thought some of the editing was fantastic especially when when it first started and Bray Wyatt was cutting the same. Promo Kurt Angle cut for John. Cena's debut and they did paralyzing with. I thought it was unbelievably produced and I went and watched it again today. Because I wanted to give you know give it a fair shake like not watch it not being flabbergasted by what I was seeing and like I agree I mean it was. I'm not sure all of it landed. But it was sup- Ram. It was much better than having John's a rusty John. Cena come out and have a Shitty to star match with Bray Wyatt. I'll say that much if if Meltzer or somebody's going to rate it like a match it wasn't a Matt Right. It was shitty match. Well then you're fucking retarded because it it's not you're not even we're not even about a match it was a it was a produce segment it. Would they were they? Were we keep saying the word ambitious? In the reason I say that is because I think they were there is a. I think there was a lot more that was probably talked about in the writing writer's room behind the behind the the the the meaning of what it was in. They didn't do a very good job of getting it. All of it across. Yeah all of it land. There was yeah now. I said that you guys last night I was like. I can't imagine your son. Understanding three quarters of what was going on there you really had to be somewhat Stephen. Wwe WCW history to really understand. What the Hell is very inside baseball for sure? Yeah and I mean a Kudos for seen it come out and fucking make fun of himself and and yeah you. You're absolutely right. It's like what would you rather see something new and different like that on a wrestlemainia that's GonNa be in front of an empty house anyway or something. That's weird in different in place. Perfect to the Gimmick of the fiend and Bray Wyatt and the reality is seen probably wasn't allowed to wrestle and apparently reading. I did I did. The appropriate amount of scouring the Internet today for reaction and apparently Steiner was heavily involved in the in the writing and scripting like wasn't just like he showed up and did what they told him to he was he was into he was involved. Why was involved So I mean I think they took a big swing you know. Maybe I don't know if I'm willing to say it was a home run but it was like a ground rule double like. I think you know it was a good job if he if he disappears for a couple years now or whatever for an extended period of time. I think it'll make even more sense if he's back in in three months than it's going to be a little weird but I don't think yeah I think I think he was only even involved in this because of the situation like you didn't get into ring shape and work off ring rust and trained for three months. I think the only reason he was in this at all is because a he could do it without training and be like it was a situation where like. Hey we could really. This is really gonNA be Weird. We could use your name to help sell this. I mean I would also say to that. It was not a match but at the same time. It certainly put Bray Wyatt over and you know that that's what somebody who has you know. We used to Kinda blasting a lot but frankly over last half decade. He has done a good job putting other guys over and this segment basically. Wwe buried him with the Goldberg Stop. And they've now reinvigorated interest in bright white again and again so props them for that too And props to John. Cena for being willing to kind of put a guy over. Maybe he's got other stuff going on. It's okay with him but either way I'm happy they did it and that leads. You know that leads perfectly what we were talking about. You know what we were just saying. Would you rather see this or would you rather see a shady Bray Wyatt John Cena match and that leads us into a free before we lead? I I mean I have so sorry. You'RE GONNA be mad at me. I messed up your your your Your segue which sadly was going to be an amazing segue but I think the one point that needs to be made as but there are wrestling fan boys out there that they would rather see a two star yet marks shitty wrestling match than something that makes you fucking think in something that's different and that's the people who are panning. It like Dave Meltzer in Bryan Alvarez if the wrestling it if those kind of segments become more and more those guys are out of job so of course they fucking hate it right because you can't critique the fucking wrestling in the psychology in the bullshit. It's like it was fun. It was fun it was entertaining. It was weird as shit period. Go AHEAD BILL. Segue my allowed to do that. Now segue segue. It's perfectly into like before we suck off. Wwe Too much. They took a nice big swing with Sina and why they took a a a great swing with taker in Asia and I think hit a grand slam but the before we get into that one. The criticism I have is is what John. Sort of alluded to at the beginning of this. They didn't take enough swings like there were too many just matches and like I kind of think. The event was so pleasurable for the three of us because we were talking to each other as it was happening. Otherwise some of those matches. You're like okay like they're not doing they're not doing enough here to make this different and I mean also just having three of your four major singles titles matches be wet. Far matches was really disappointing to yeah I mean I just think before even taking away like getting into specific matches and who they over and how long they worked. I just think like we were talking about on our last show. It would have been nice if they maybe it. Maybe it's instead of shooting unlike Lucia underground. Maybe if they had had more gimmicky stuff that they could have done on location or done something different with the camera work like but you know aside from the two really weird things. They did an edge Orton which went all over the place. Everything else was kind of the same. It was shot like like every other matches shot on Ron smackdown I really think you know with this format. They should have done. They should've spruced it up. A little bit yeah. They relied very heavily on the charisma. The wrestlers themselves rather than doing anything with the production outside of the two really major major off the wall matches. I agree yet so and I kept saying this all weekend. You know it's like wrestling is only good when the psychology is good and it's very dependent on that psychology to be good. You take a crowd away from wrestling in. The psychology is pretty much gone. So you're is you need to have in lieu of that. You need to have something else in. They didn't they didn't add anything else. In lieu of that. It's not the workers fault the work great for the most part. I mean there were some matches that the work rate was really really awesome. But it they didn't. They didn't do the boys any favors in lieu of that psychology in that crowd reaction. There needed to be something else and they just it's like they just they mailed it in. Well I mean I would add to that like I think it's you know wrestling. The success of wrestling is psychology. Yes half of psychology and then the other half is good booking and I think like the booking was you know there are a couple of things that maybe I would have done differently. I mean but the booking was pretty good but psychology is all. It's one hundred million percent based on crowd reaction. Everything you're doing in there is to get a reaction whether it be a popper you want heat or you want you know you're trying to turn the crowd whatever you're trying to do. It's all based on reaction so when you take the crowd reaction out of the equation like there's all unless they do something production wise. There's nothing the guys the boys can do like. They're they just have to go out and try their best you know and some of them. I think really did like you know some of the matches the ones the ones that Spring to mind immediately you know in terms of matches that stayed primarily in the ring area. I thought Oh rollins was still pretty good without the crowd they were they were certainly they built up spots and stuff just like they would if there was a crowd and I thought you know it was good enough that I was sort of in the match. I wasn't like board. I wasn't looking somewhere else and I would say the same thing about the Morrison Kingston and whichever USA was in the ring. I thought that was pretty good too but a lot of them and I noticed that a lot of the ones that were really kind of fell off for me. Were you know the younger younger people? You know the the veterans sort of realized what was going to happen added something to it. Lino like owns around talk to each other. The whole match Edge Norton did the same thing and even To a degree Morrison in Kingston and So did the same thing Thought the veterans the veteran matches ended up being better on the whole than the than the younger guys yeah. I'm not sure if it's because you know. They're because they're veterans. They don't have to call the matches in the ring is much in the you know. Throw Brian Sammy's into that. Mix Too you know they they they. They use the silence of their advantage to trash talking to build a story that way The smart people you know. I don't know that how much that happened in the ladder match three great wrestlers putting on a great show but particular lot of similarities between the Brian Z match and then Later on with the rollins match because they they knew this they had an opportunity a unique opportunity to do something a little different and they took it. And you're right the young guys either weren't capable or able or not to do the same. I thought the same he's into. Brian match was super entertaining. Just for that reason because same museum was so fucking obnoxious. The whole match right right and it was. I mean he was he was repellent the entire match with no crowd reaction with no crowd work. Just being fucking obnoxious douchebag trinite it like it connected through the screen and I thought the same thing in a different way with rollins at Owens. They did a good job conveying emotion even without the crowd that you know it worked. It was an amazing but it worked. And then I thought Edgy Norton like which which ended up. Sort of crazily being most polarizing match on the card because it seems like half of the people really loved it and half the people thought it was long and boring. I happen to love it. I liked it. It wasn't overly gimmicky. I loved it. It was just like sort of a slugfest. Yes and I thought that Edge Norton did a good job conveying the appropriate emotion. I think it probably could have been a little shorter. I wouldn't have even we were saying we love both of those guys and I love edge. We all you do too but even we were saying while we were watching it like okay. This is approaching thirty minutes now. Like it's it's long but then you also gotta you gotta you gotTa remember. Wwe New brock listener. Andrew McIntyre is going to be three minutes. You know so they need to make up the time somewhere like so. These guys went long deal with anybody that did not enjoy that ordinary edge match. I mean that's like disassociating the fact that Ed was there in the first place and writing flabbergasted by his ability to that I I don't know what the fuck is relative. You're just looking for like let's pretend edge didn't have this massive neck surgeries been gone for ten years and just be in all that he was capable of doing that. Kind of go. Fuck yourself is my reaction. Does anybody that was not impressed by that. Yeah it's like this guy like the fact that I was sitting here in two thousand twenty watching an edge match was just awesome in itself. Okay now listen. I could care less about Randy Orton. But the reason I didn't mind the length of the match is because the problem to me I think last man standing matches are really really hard to do and in they usually end up relying on some sort of stupid gimmick as to why the guy can't get up at the end whether it just buried in a he gets handcuffed to a thing or or you know. The Rock puts a forklift down on top of mankind. So he can't get up or dump a road case on top of them or something like that. This was a this was a thirty plus minute. Just two older guys beating the shit out of each other with whatever they could get their hands on until one of them just couldn't get up anymore and like that's like that by definition. Is the last man standing match is and it was. It's been so long since we've seen one like that that to me. It was refreshing in am happy. They they they gave edge that kind of time in his first wrestlemainia back in nine years. Ten Years Yes. I think you know I agree to me that was one of the highlights of the of the two nights and I think the one thing that I was super happy to see is that online. Virtually everybody hundred percent of things that I read really enjoyed the bone yard match between taker and styles. And I'm glad to see that because we watched it I was like. This is fucking fabulous. It was awesome. It was produced so well edited so well I was like please. Don't let all these fucking wrestling fan. Boys kill this thing and it seems like everybody sort of bought in like yes. There's inherent cheesiness in it. It's clearly not a match in the in the traditional sense of the word but I thought I was so great so they told a great story. I was reading today. That originally there is no dialogue to be in the thing and all of it happened during the match. All the talking was improvised by taker. Aj which is fantastic. I read the Jeremy Brash. Had A huge role in it and he is the one that. Helps Broken Matt? Hardy do the final deletion stuff with TNA angle. Tell Yeah and I think that that helped. You could feel that influence on it but the difference to me is that you know w w just has better production value than ever had if w is willing to go back to this well again like they can do this really well. I mean undertaker. Really like his gimmick plays into this really well but this is something that I think. I don't think you're GonNa see this kind of thing from w. w. r. especially for undertake. Right I mean this is the best. He's looked in since he lost Goldberg. I restarted since he lost to brock. Leser THIS IS I. Don't you know you have a guy who's very valuable as far as bringing eyeballs the also which is very limited in what he can do? So I don't see why they don't go to this well frankly Every time they bring take back at this point I was re point. John I is Johnny. I agree with you a hundred percent this is. I think this is where the undertaker should exist moving forward. Yeah not bad but I mean this can still be. He can still look strong in in in in believable. As as a fee nom. Yeah he can cut promos in the ring and he can but when it comes to work I think this is where he needs to exist right and not only that but this is this is I think you know. I don't think we'll ever see anything like the fun house again. But this is the kind of realm that you could throw Bray Wyatt into on occasion because obviously brea still young in a good worker. So he'll have regular matches but I think you could certainly and not only that but it opens up like if wwe wants to create more of these characters with quote unquote mystical or dark. Or whatever kind of gimmicks like I could certainly see Alastair black being in something like this you know it opens a whole nother avenue for for the right Gimmick and the right character you know like Matt Hardy and Broken Matt is the right Gimmick. The right character taker is the right. Gimmick right character you know. I think it opens another pathway for for unique things and I think with with the way this was received. There's no way W doesn't go back to this at some point you Remind my brain shut off. Oh I didn't. I wasn't aware that your brain ever started tonight or any night for that matter. Quite quite possibly quite possibly true. I think the big question is based on what you said about the parallel universes. Can we assume that the funhouse exists near or in a Fini-? Oh right so yeah so I guess. That's where the university's crossover right exactly where the weakest is brave. Patrolling of the Phoenix. Bray Wyatt like a randall. Flagg disciple that's what I WANNA know. Where maybe maybe maybe the fiendish like what was the fucking at the end of the Dark Tau Dangelo into low last question. I had on Wrestlemainia for you guys and then we can move on. But how did you guys feel about the two nights you so we kind of talked about this last night so I love the idea of Wrestlemainia weekend right so I I know you disagree but for me like I love knowing? Wrestle mania weakens come in and working all week and no one I got wrestlemainia weakened in front of me. I got the whole fame on Friday night I got an x t takeover which is always a fucking six show on Saturday night and then I got wrestlemainia which takes up most of the day Sunday. So it's literally I'd entire weekend of nothing but wwe so naturally. I like the two nights I missed an x t takeover and I missed the whole of fame not because so much the hall of fame but just because it's it's what I it became like what I was used to for Wrestlemainia weekend. It was it was just a different wrestlemainia weekend. It was still a weekend event. It was just different so I mean I'm usually watching all three nights anyway. So yeah I I thought the two nights was fine. I'd be willing to. I wouldn't necessarily say disagree with that. I mean I think on an enormous year yes I'd prefer to away. It always is but I think there are a lot of people that were crapping on the tonight structure even in this current situation and in this current situation. I thought it was great because it gives us two nights. It gets the majority of the car of the company on the card. Which is I think. Great like if they had done it regular just made it wrestlemainia. Sunday from you know whatever. It is five o'clock to midnight it would have been fine but I liked having both of my nights booked for this tonight like if there can't be a takeover and there can't be a hall of fame. I think this was a great idea. The only bad idea was having stupid broadcast. He hosted. I was GONNA say as a casual fan. You know I I appreciate did. They need to give some of the younger guys. And some of the you know less season guys in the less famous people You know their their moment in the Sun as well but I do think there's an element where you know I think in this specific instance with what's everything is going on. Maybe a good thing that had two nights for the give you two nights of escapism. More broadly I think wrestling has become bloated and I would much rather see leaner card and under the assumption that you're big time superstars are bringing their game to this night so I would much rather see less matches and the matches be big time and the people that are in them actually give a shit and so essentially you'd like to see an xt takeover would this is about the same thing the reason takeovers. Like if you look at the ratings for the last ten takeovers they're all somewhere between eight and ten and they're mostly nine tents and that's because they don't triple h doesn't care that there are sixty people on the next day roster there are five matches in every takeover now. I don't think you can really get away at this point in time with shortening Wrestlemainia to five matches. It will get get rid of. I think you can shorten it to seven or eight I still think wrestlemainia has to be longer. It has to be if you're going to attract all these people from all over the globe and make the huge economic impact on the city and sell out the stadium. It has to be longer than a regular pay per view. I think but I do agree. That in a normal year. It's become too bloated last year when we watch wrestlemainia like we started at five o'clock by nine thirty ten o'clock. I was like Holy Shit and not only put the crowd by the time you get to. The main event is fucking exhausted dead. Yeah yeah so I think if you take it from the ten or eleven as they try to cram into it now down to seven or eight. I would agree with John. I don't think you could take it all the way to takeover length 'cause takeovers are like Holy Shit. It's over you know like I don't think you can go that far but but I agree with the point in general I mean. I'm not trying to shit on anybody here. I actually called the street. Province matches pretty good Alexa. Bliss can get it at any time in my life. I'm happy about that. That being said they don't need to be on this car. They just don't agree on the other side if you know if you're going to have both of the men's title matches the terrible and clearly neither Goldberg Nebraska Interested in being there. Gobert just capable. Then I guess you you need you need those other matches because you actually need some something with the real work rate Becky has no excuse at all. That match was terrible for no reason but You know that I think you're big superstars brock. If you only want to be a once a year you better fucking bring it that once a year and the factually shoplifting Ripley Charlotte re Ripley brought him. They did maybe scratch my head as to why that was not the women the major women's match and I guess new that's why I was on the second night because it kind of was I think I think we we're now seeing. I would say after this weekend. Becky Lynch is now. Maybe the she's the most popular woman. But I would say she's probably third or fourth in terms of Work Right Charlotte Rae Ripley or the most talented women on the roster now And I do think we should mention to like yes. Both world heavyweight title matches were terrible broths Rahman be Gobert in two minutes. Drew MCINTYRE BROCCOLI. Her in four minutes or whatever it was. I think with rocket was niece. He didn't want to be there with Goldberg. I think if Goldberg if Bill Goldberg is capable of wrestling for fifteen minutes. I think he would do it. I think he's just not capable so they made the best of gas now. They can't force brock to bring his a game. But I will say I am glad to discuss the decisions made. I'm looking forward to stroman and McIntyre having the titles and if we can get back to any semblance of normalcy having them have the titles on Ron smackdown. Every week I liked what even if I didn't like how they got there. I liked the results. One hundred percent all right so there you have it a little bit odd You know it was a two nights spectacle because of the situation the world is in I for one. I'm tired of all the bad news. It was nice to spend two nights. Not Worrying about anything so there you have it Wrestlemainia. Thirty six in the books guys. So it's that time of the show again where we go back to the island So episode four Walkabout Bill Written by WHO? Let me give you this specific okay. This is season one episode four original air date. I'm adding that was over thirteenth. Two Thousand Four. Sixteen fucking years ago who I know. The flashback was locked centered as will discover every lock flashback. At least for the first two years is fantastic. This is days four and five on the island okay. The writer of this episode is Buffy Angel. Vet David Fury who John and I met. Who got out director ones again was Jack Bender? so yeah. Those are the those are specifics. Take it away Frankie. So we We in this episode. We finally get to dig into to John Locke we we ended episode three with the very foreboding three sixty creepy music John. Looking very menacing in this episode. We start to figure out a little bit about what's going on with John and John. John is a man with a haunted past to say the least right. I mean he we find out essentially. He was paralyzed from the waist down before the plane crashed. And the flashback. I thought was awesome because like even you know they don't go right for the he's paralyzed and like we talked about before. I think John brought up before. This show is so good at not telling the audience what they need to know. They just let it happen so when I flashback starts and he's in the lunchroom talking to his CO worker and they're playing the game or whatever they never really tell you. You still don't know really. He's paralyze yet. You know he wanted to start to layer on the levels of how much of a loser this guy is like. He's like a TPS report guy. At work he makes he makes us co worker. Column Colonel Like it's you know. He's he's risk at lunch. Yeah and his only real relationship outside of work with a fucking phone sex operator and they they mentioned at work they mentioned Helen. And you think Oh that's must be his wife or his girlfriend then they show him talking the ten minutes later in the episode they show him talking on the phone with Helen. And you find out. She's a phone sex operator. Yeah no for that. And that little seam when Helen hangs up on him and he gets frustrated. He's trying to get her to go walkabout with him and Australia. Which is obviously. If you're trying to get a phone sex operated go on vacation with you. Things have gone awry are but that's the first time he drops the you know. Don't tell me what I can't do and what I loved about. The don't tell me what I can't do thing is like he says it. Why think four different times in the episode and they go from saying it in an extraordinarily pathetic manner to the end where he says? It had an extraordinarily confident matter which I think is really great writing. And it's he's he's this guy who he knows everything about everything right like he just he. He knows how to hunt. He knows how to track. He knows how to do all this shit. And how right right and then you find out. He was paralyzed. And it's like how. How does he know how to do? This stuff is just from reading from watching movies watching documentaries like how does he know how to do all this shit or is he. Is he just a guy who who's actually ever done any of this stuff or just read about in? This is the first time now that he's on the island and all of a sudden it's a miracle he can walk now he can. He can actually do this stuff right and not only that. But he's GonNa you know he's been given this miracle he's not going to take no for answer you know after Michael. Gets hurt trying to hunt before he goes and does it by himself and I. That's what I love when Kate is like we have to go back to the beach. You can't you can't go after it alone. He's don't you tell me what I can't do? Which is fantastic. And you know like the flashbacks are so well done because you know they go through these different scenarios I at work then with the FRONTEX operator and you can. I guess I guess people could have guessed that he was paralyzed. I'M NOT GONNA try to like when I watched this episode the first time way back in two thousand and four. I was completely flabbergasted that he was paralyzed. I never yeah I never I. Totally not till they. They Dali back at the at the very end when he's trying to get on the Australian tour bus and you see the wheelchair. Did I really understand what was happening? There are some some hands. There's like the machine next to his bed. They don't notice when you're for the first time you watch it but the second second or third whatever around you start to notice the the that they did drop some incidentally I had a lot of thoughts about this episode. I think it's probably top five all time lost episode You know I think one of the things as you guys mentioned that you know lock centered. Lock flashback episodes. Tend to be good another commonality I think with all the really stupendous episodes loss is that the flashback portions of the episode are as good or better than the action on the island itself and this is definitely a good example of that. Where even before you know? You know the big reveal that he's handicapped. You know it's it's it's very well done is very interesting The the way that they shoot the flashback in this very the office slash office space sort of the the. There's a different sort of like lens on the camera that makes everything look very washed out. And then you go back the island where we were bright and And exciting so. It's it's a very well directed episode which which I appreciate the other thing I like about it too. Is I think again the first viewing. You're so blown away by this. You know as we alluded to when you're talking about a previously this like the first one of the first major sort of mystical reveals the island. That lock was handicapped. And now he's not and that kind of your reaction to it but on this you know now like my fourth or fifth time having watched it you know it's it's such a powerful episode outside of that in how it informed his character and how it lays the seeds for the fate that he has in the island and the again that dichotomy that we mentioned previously between that. It's going to be between him Jack where he's the man of faith Jackson of science. And why does he have this faith and this is because the island is a miracle for him and it's a I think that faith is what gives them the willpower when he probably does only have book knowledge about how to haunt a bore and yet he's able to go out there and do it because he believes himself and he's able to face down the still not smokey but now machine sound smoke monster because he has faith at this at the island is now giving him and I think you're right to like you know watching the first three episodes as we have just done. You know you kind of get the you know we just we just do that right. You kind of get the idea that something mystical is happening on this island but our and I remember watching it like I remember not being quite sure like some of the stuff could still be explained away if they wanted to but this is the first over fit overt revelation. Where it's like okay. That's magic you know. That's not that can't be explained away by anything except this island is magic so this is really the episode. Where where there's no turning back you know in terms of like okay. This is not just going to be marooned on an island show. There's something else happening here right right in. You know so one of the other things that happens with block in Johnny kind of touched on a little he gets. I mean he doesn't admit it but I think it's pretty clear we're supposed to assume he saw the monster Brett right. He saw it and he knows what it is or at least knows what looks like. What for whatever for whatever reason at the end. He doesn't tell anybody that he got a look at it so I don't know what do you guys think about that. What do you think John You know? I think it's It's it's something of a indicator of things to come with lock The way that He and eventually boone sort of Play Dow the discovery of the hatch later on Locked definitely plays his understanding of the island close to the vest so I think there's an element of sort of foreshadowing Some things to calm as far as You know the way that that lock interacts with the island interacts with the the other oceanic passengers about the island but John. Do you think. Do you think the smoke monster or whatever do you think it. Do you think it showed him something or told him something. I believe it. He actually at some point he says that it does. Kinda showed him the his dark parts of his soul or something like that I can't remember opt to get there on the on the rewatch but I do think that it it did. It definitely showed him something and it definitely reinforced his knowledge that he alone currently has about just how mystical this place is and how different it is and just even more so even more so reinforce for him they'd like this is a place that he needs to be and that he was destined to be there in the same way. He thought he was destined to go on that. Walk about. Yeah and you know our aside from lauck and hunting the boar. We did get some other things you know character things that maybe talk about well. If anybody was wondering I think the black smoke monster showed him German Scott Porn Hoof cleanest. There's plenty of that out there. It is exactly theory on the loss boards as well. We do finally get introduced to rose in this episode. Who despite you know not being a main character? She's a character that is with the show for quite a long time. Yeah and she's another one where you know it's not quite the man of faith verse the Man of science that Lakhan Jacquard. But you get a little. You get a little tease of Jack's reaction no people of faith. 'cause you know rose shots. Jacqueline you know. He assumes she's sitting by yourself 'cause she's mourning for her husband and she says Oh. My husband's not dead and he said you know the tail sections gone all those people are gone. And she says they're probably thinking the same thing about us and Lo and behold she's GonNa eventually be proven right The other key thing about that scene is that at the very end of that when he finally gets her to stand up and come back. This is the first time Jack sees the strange older man in the suit. All that's right fucking forgot about that. Yeah Jack Jack Has I while. I'm sure he thinks it's a hallucination whether it is or not we still have to find out but I thought that was another interesting scene. I like that seen a lot. You does he think it's a hallucination because he chases after it well I mean you know I guess you know. We're not really worrying about spoilers here like He. It's his dad so so he chases after as I think anyone would if they randomly saw their dad on I would I would probably be same thing even if I was complete. Manno of Science. I'd be like what the fuck you doing over here but that was another one another scene where I remember watching it the first time being like what the off fuck is going on. Yeah but I did. His reaction is so awesome. When you see like what the fuck going back to rose though that was also the kind of that that sort of be plot was the kind of thing. I probably have very little patience for when I was watching the show and I was just much more interested in getting back to what was going on. Lock at the time but I did think it did it on the free while on this rewatch. I appreciate it. I thought it was. You know one thing I thought was a good kind of counterbalance too much work faster. Pace lock storyline but I also thought it was a you know. It's a good character. Be for Jack Episode. Were probably the first episode. We really doesn't have that much to do and You know I thought you know totally I thought it worked There's like a weird lock at a lot of this to a weird sort of Zen Buddhist elements to this entire show that runs around and I thought they sort of like the two of them just sitting there looking at the ocean and thinking about the everything that's gone on and taking that be. Was you know now looking at it. I thought I thought was very smart. Storytelling even though gunslinger at the end of the gunslinger. Yeah exactly dark. Our podcast right. But I think I think even more you know. We got a lot of great specifics on Kate in the third episode. And you know we got some good stuff about Jack in the second episode but like Johnson Really. This is the first you know real. I thought real they did a great job. And maybe it's you know it's the writing in the direction and everything but you really start to get who. This guy is that he's going to be important in you know in in whatever happens here so. I mean it's it's worthy of being up there as a top five but maybe at least top ten episode of the show. I think it Sir I I. I feel like it's been a lot of the top lost episode of All Time Lists and I'm not sure just because as an early episode. It really packed such a punch but I think even you know even knowing what's going on down the line I think it's I think it's just everything about it the way it's written in the way it's directed the acting and the the story tells. I think is a very powerful and I think it's deserves to be up there personally. Yeah I mean I. I can't argue with it. Some Trivia regard for this episode Dominic Monaghan Lord of the Rings Tattoo can clearly be seen. When he's being cleaned up by Jack which is pretty cool. I didn't see that yeah The names of some of the dead passengers mentioned by Clare during the ceremony could be heard. Judah wechsler Stephen Kristen Harold Walstein and Milton Lewis Destino. Who'LL TRIGGER WORKER? Randy Confronts Locke about the TPS reports lock returns to work using his adding machine as the receipt prints. The clicking sound of the boxer can be heard which is pretty cool. This makes what this makes sense. As according to the producers podcast monster sound was taken from a taxi receipt printer New York taxi. How crazy the smoke. Monster's down. Yeah well part of it like when he's when you hear the clicking yeah yeah Cool in the flashback. Lock has electro-medical nerve stimulation machine by his bed. With John mentioned. It's an electrical device from us for stimulating motor nerves for the purpose of providing muscle reeducation. So that that's the machine. John was a alluding to earlier fans and then like John also saying sort of as you know fans often mark this episode at the point in which most people get hooked by the show. It's usually called the walkabout effect a lover. Yeah this is the first episode are the are the original name of this episode Lord of the Lord of the flies just pretty funny And then in the two scenes that He appears in Christian Shepherd. Which is Jack? Sheppard's dad is played by actor. John Kerry who will portray him in all subsequent episodes yeah. I didn't think that was him as. Yeah that's interesting and that is actually the first episode where Claire is named by name which is also interesting really. Wow just first time you find out that that the pregnant woman is named Clair. Oh I didn't Yeah some fun Trivia. Well thanks for that Bill. You know problem I'm here for here for everybody's entertainment All right guys well as we head into another week of isolation hope Mothra what with her Adam Sandler Canteen Board. No no no. You're thinking of key Cajun man masturbation L- what would you say we're doing right now? Cage isolation all So hope this sixty minutes gives you some sort of escape and joy as you're sitting in your house working from home or doing whatever you're doing working out in the yard taking a walk but I'm we'll be back again later this week with our good friend Dr Tony Ortega and yeah. He's a lot to say about cancel. Culture he's got a Latin culture. He you know going. Back to the conversation we've had the last couple episodes. Tony is an independent comic writer. Creator of sure. He'll have a lot to say about what this is going to do. A comic business also from shortly from from a non pop culture point of view. Tony Lives in New York City. He's in the belly of the beast. It'll be interesting interesting to get his thoughts on what it's like right now. Living in sort of the American epicenter of this virus and all that and of course. We'll go back to the island for episode five so with that. I'll say mas- Johnny thanks for hanging out. You got a brother the U. L. Everybody is what I saw.

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