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United States v. Nixon - Dont Record!


Hey everyone welcome to. Let's get. This is the podcast that breaks down politics government structure and dives into the context of current events Bun all still fun. Way I'm lizzy. He Stewart. Comedian feminist and political junkie. And I'm New Orleans Hausky former Senate intern campaign staffer political. Strategist in this episode. We're talking about the United States. v Nixon so grab your tapes and let's get civil uh-huh Hi guys. Thank you for coming back. Because he was texting accident the other day and she said I can't believe people keep leaving to us is literally. It's it's it's wild when I meet people who are like listen to your podcast. I'm Mike what is this just feels like it feels great way just like just so just for me like a Ed like I do this purely for myself and I think that's how you have to do all artistic endeavors like it'll just be very sad this this little child that we we have created and raised is just for us. Listen I was at a party on Friday night and people are going to you up to now and I'm like we haven't seen this. podcast is Really Fun da Da. This is what it's about really. It's just a two hour stand up experience for me because I get to watch Elizabeth Stuart exist as a human being does like how meltdowns meltdowns breakdowns and just be down and then up and I it brings it out and then it's just it's sort of you can listen to my me. Spiral forty-five minutes every week about any given thing but today I'm going to spiral about can you even guess so. I just want to preface this by saying we. We decided we wanted to do a supreme court case. Yeah that's what we decided arden. Didn't tell me what she was gonNA research. And so I found out like two days ago when she sent me the notes and the United States versus Nixon and I felt that this was my Mary. Is this man that we're GonNa talk about you. I was like I was racking my brain thinking we're GonNa have to citizens united and I was like. Oh I don't WanNa do citizens united right right now. It's being it's heavy. And then you gave me the gift of United States versus Nixon. This is a really good one. It's so much fun. Yep We love of this case. Yeah okay so I just. I'm I'm excited to jump right in because I mean I'm beaming. It didn't even occur to me because I forget I forget that sweet sweet baby Dick Nixon We're all the way to the supreme bream. Dick No oh look at your life. Look at your choices. No Oh good go direct direct and and I love him for it. Birger himself said we'll go go. Google goodbye don't let the door Lord that's very large hate you. I know that area large door guys. I have knocked Ding Dong on that door. It his little hard. Yeah but that's not the door they send you like around. Yes now remonial door and is the ceremony door. That day I will walk through as a the justice of the court but it is not this day not the state but anyways just just lay out lay out some facts for us about United States v Nixon. Okay so this is what happened before this is like what led to the case which is the Watergate water get a towel. Watergate Watergate Watergate so a brief brief brief history. Seven men broke into the Democratic National Committee's headquarters located in the Watergate complex. Veasley quick quick thing to say there are no women. Seven women wouldn't have gotten caught. Women would not have. They might not have done things so stupid but they also. If we did decide to do this I would not have gotten caught. We would've been men. This is this is one of those cases where I'm like. This is the product of men. This is the product of men. This absolute from top Tiptoe is just stupidity of the male species like the Hubris of like thinking. You could do this and this is now. We're not talking about Watergate. This just giving details but just why seven to. I don't know what they were trying to bucket and I think they had multiple things. They're trying to do but for whatever dude over multiple days. Certain people obviously is going to draw attention. There's a lot of people a lot of people people in this room right now. And I'm sweating. It's full it's full. It's only or let's say okay. Let's compromise sent by by seventy seven. That is more or less than ten. It's more than half a dozen. That's how does does I have in my house right now. More sent into the DNC to steal. Shit I'm like one of you ever heard of something where you're breaking in. And they're seven People Apple Watch a movie clearly it's it's three or less always and one of the People's probably in the van take a cue from home alone any any bank heist movie. There's never more than three anyways anyways. Anyway I just had to get that off my judge already. This is an ideology enterprise where it's seven men breaking into a national facility. Oh my God being like all. We won't get caught. We'll just use flashlights again. You okay bullet point one buck me. Okay so these seventy s were indicted by a federal grand jury and President Richard. Nixon was named by the grand jury as an Unindicted Indicted Co Conspirator. Clearly all roads lead to Dick. You know what I mean in a way. That's really poetic. Isla I mean I don't love Nixon but I I love Nixon in this way and just everything. We're about to talk about. Yeah he tried he he's he. He was not going to go down without a fight. Ah Man fought so archibald Cox who had been appointed as a special prosecutor to invent investigate the Watergate affair obtained a subpoena that required President Nixon to deliver deliver to the district. The Federal District Court tape recordings of his meetings with various assistance. So they yes. They knew that he basically like when the when. LBJ was there before Bj recorded like some things you turn on some recording machines and so they. They knew that they knew that they were there. And that Nixon was he recorded a lot more stuff. Just leave the recording machine on the way new. Yes that like this that there were tapes there were like tapes. Yeah and he knew that there were various conversations that he had had with his chief of staff other advisers and assist. And there's again seven people involved right. Odds are you probably probably talked to one of the seven right now. We're talking about trump and a phone call to one individual. Imagine there being seven people. Well that's the thing and these this this is coming from somebody like there wasn't seven men who elected on their own It's Thursday break. They're all being like. Oh Hey hey or just go now dell and I just feel like what if we just went I'm broke in to Watergate and just stole some piles and bulk walk off watched a movie before. Like we're just I'm not so who wants to go one two five six seven okay. We'll have to tropic seven. Put a Prius. If you WANNA meet US hereafter it'd be great. You know no it was. That's my impression of the seven men who broke into the dancing shadow highly implausible. So you know from the get. Go like somebody's this is coming. This is an order coming from all right. This is an organized effort. The president released as as a response to the subpoena subpoena. He released certain edited versions of the tapes to the Public Actors Hindenburg. Ah I would love to know what he added on. 'cause editing is really is really hard editor this podcast. I have to say I would love to know what Nixon US just to. Kind of compare notes. ooh That is a good question but refused to yield to the full transcripts to the District Court so I think what they were giving them was not like. We're GONNA cut this audio. It was like you will. We're GONNA talk about this. But his Secretary Rosemary like had transcribed a bunch of the tape what they were giving and response to the subpoenas where the transcripts of the tapes. Yeah more minim- like you know shutouts Rosemary. Don't trust her. You know like you know. Give me transcript from tapes. You're GonNa give tapes now. I just feel like they're like Dick. What are you talking about now? Give me tape going to the transcript. It's also it's not great audio because high seventies and it's like under the desk where it's like you know they've got a Sony like interviewing you know. Eighty the dollar recording microphone the PL- nicely sitting on the Oval Office Deny Court at Killoren Studios Brooklyn New York. Both Archibald Cox and the president didn't file special petitions to have the issue heard immediately by the US Supreme Courts Yeah so Algebra. Algebra Cox was like No. You're gonNA give me all all of the tapes and the transcripts and the president was like no. I'm not and they were like great. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA go to mom and dad yet and they're going to decide and they're going to Indus case gives it the seventies. We're going to go to dad. Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad and Dad yes which is they're they're nine justices but only eight of them decided on this list recused himself he did a good a good civil servant. Yeah he was like I can't do it and then we're like okay. Great Yeah then don't because he have you been a part of the Nixon administration so he anyway. Let's talk about the tae so between I love love. This is my favorite fact between February. Nineteen seventy one and July of Nineteen seventy-three President Dick Nixon secretly recorded three thousand thousand seven hundred hours of his phone calls and meetings across the executive offices. So that's one thing. I JUST WANNA point out that. He chose to record word his stuff right thirty seven hundred hours. I'm just over here being like Dick. Don't do that you I do it. I know I'm like you chose to do this. I would never record anything. I am a nobody but I just feel like you're the president United States. We're all all human. You're bound to say something shady no put it on record. No put it on record but it's so I don't know I just feel like we're in this position because he was like I know this'll be a great idea. Just record everything and this won't backfire at all. This is going to be a perfect. I could think this way only getting the thirty seven one hundred hours of clean audio is possible thank you Alexander Butterfield. One of Nixon's White House. Aides told the Senate on July Sixteenth Nineteen seventy-three that President Nixon quote had been using a voice activated tape recording system for all Oval Office conversations. Why I know like Dick top recording? This is still like all of this stuff was trump is like it's secret and there's like you could look got it a couple of different ways and whatever but this is very cut and dry. They're not even denying that like the conversation happened. They're fighting over the tapes. Yeah they're fighting over like if he asked to release it. Yeah it's crazy to give some back story. Since Truman presidents have recorded some conversations but Nixon's habit habit of recording. Everything was unique. Yeah sure you want to record some things fine. That's fine. I mean I personally would record nothing. I never put anything in writing. I'm I'm just because anything can come back to you but I just feel like you want to court everything. You're the president of the United States. I don't know maybe it's because I'm shaking but like don't don't do that if I was his adviser This this is really bad us us this. Oh it's the seventies eighties deepen the seventies. It'll just come back to buy you okay. Two days after Butterfield's revelation the taping system was dismantled told and the tapes put under the custody of Nixon's chief of staff Alexander. Haig yeah but this okay. I'M NOT GONNA do this after every bullet point I promise I just love these facts if I have thirty seven hundred hours of tapes that are potentially damning or just like honestly if I have thirty seven hundred dollars tapes. I'm not putting them under somebody else's control no. They're going under match going in the safe in my home home that I own. Yeah with my birth certificate. They're going in that safe giving Alex the president of the United States. And you're giving your tapes to Alex. It's not even Improv. I I make up names all the time but Alex has the tapes. No I would never and I don't mean this. I'm not saying this to attack yard but I would never get anybody might tapes. Oh No no no no and I know you wouldn't let me give you your tastes. Also Alex was not a friend friend. Yes Mr President Albert should have been like Dick. No put it in your safe with your birth certificate typically gave them to him because he also implicated Alex in this whole scenario our than new because there were conversation with Alex he was the only person that like maybe Alex Hamas actually interest rates like okay. Fine Dick I'll take the tapes bad burn. The tapes relics burn the tapes or are literally tape stay are been tate but yeah I was Alex. Burn the tapes. We go to burn. The tapes million Archibald Cox walks the Special Prosecutor and the Senate committee overseeing the investigation quote both issued subpoenas for some of the tapes but Nixon refused to comply claiming aiming executive privilege. Have we heard of this. Both flirt executive. No Qatar executive privilege is the right to withhold information from other government branches to preserve confidential communications within the executive branch or four to secure national interest. Yep Yep which is like no sometimes it sometimes it makes sense like national hundred hours our threat. It's not all national. No no no no no agreed. Among the tapes at issue was the June twentieth. One thousand nine hundred seventy two Nixon Nixon Alderman meaning. That happened on the morning. After the Watergate. Break in Dick you mean to tell me you know that they're breaking into to the DNC right. Yeah he knows that this is happening. He's a part of it right. And you're GONNA have a recorded conversation the morning after Dick. Go play golf the morning after do something. It's incredible to me. It's incredible to me that he literally was like. I'M GONNA keep recording right after the break. What I don't know this is this is? This is a man's world that we're living in okay on November seventeenth nineteen seventy seventy three. The White House informed a federal district. Judge quote that the eighteen and a half minute Nixon Haldeman Conversation of June Twentieth Nineteen seventy-two had been a raced. Yep White House counsel Fred Burr. Buzz Heart told the court that he had no explanation for their racer guys. I just don't just don't record I don't know is that. Is that what this episode tunnel is. Just don't record record yourself saying things that are super burn criminal record kids. Don't just don't record as we sit here in front of me. As recent record got Nixon Secretary Rosemary. Woods took the blame for the first five minutes of the erasure Rosemary. No don't let them do this to you claiming that when she reached to take a phone call her foot. It hit a pedal on the recording machine. She had been using to transcribe the audio inadvertently causing the tape player to quote record over the tapes original contents. Okay well it was Mary okay. Art and it has been teased. I really so we're going to post this picture on instagram business. Like listen to that explanation and then like go look at the pictures so they they had her. You're going to read some more about it. They had her do a reenactment of it. Rosemary Nola la okay laming happened okay producer. Kate this why is that she's regis reaching Rosemary. She like and she was reaching and had her foot on the pedal and she reached so far to answer the phone. ooh Yeah that she erased it she erased Rosemary. They did you dirty. You didn't take the fall will buy you a yacht. We'll buy ED also. Her name is Rose Space Mary yes capitalism which I thought at first was a Typo in the notes but now I realize that's how she's about. She's about okay. Yeah Rose Mary what's Rosemary only have to say is. I'm sorry that you got dragged into this reenactment. Yeah that's bad guys you have to scream and look at that picture and we'll do a poll. Could Rosemary have dates in that posture. My answer is is now okay. So after this reporters were called to the White House to watch her. Perform a reenactment as we you'll see posted on instagram and the photos of her performing tremendous tremendous stretch which she supposedly held for five minutes five minutes. Yeah come on did Rosemary Yoga. Show me to answer. The song is like the gigantic stretch. Once you answer it you go you go back to your like you bring your own phone you. You don't set set stretched out in that pose birth five minutes Rosemary. Now that's so funny. Okay moreover the particular tape-recording machine does not operate the way she had claimed all Rosemary simply pressing the foot pedal to record would not initiate a recording unless ask the play. Button was being manually depressed at the very same time. Because it's the seventies the seventies and you have to like literally like pull a lever and press the button and like you know like give a fingerprint and it's just a whole thing poor rosemary. Now you look you look silly okay. So basically everybody found out that Nixon who's lying about the tape and covering something up basically there were like does it all feels very suspicious because it was because it was it was Rosemary Rosemary. Alice was a very bad. This was very bad. Cover up Federal District Court judge. Sonia rejected Nixon's motion to quash the special special prosecutor Safina for the tapes and she ceriga ordered that the tapes be delivered to him. Yes got it get it was like Nah bag goes to bring them to me Amazon. Prime them to my doorstep popped right no signature required. He stayed his order pending appellate review. And the case went to the Supreme Court with argument on July Eighth Nineteen seventy four and a decision. Sixteen in days later arden tells out the case was insane. Okay tell us about Skoda's oh I mean I can't get over this. This is the craziest thing. It's insane. Nine okay so here's what happened so the Second Special Prosecutor Leon Joie Sqi because inbetween so we had Archibald Cox we did. Where did he go out so this? This is the big Saturday night massacre. Oh I did anything in here about that. Because it's like a whole other ordeal early. We're just focusing on the United States being Nixon. What the Saturday? Night massacre where he fired his Nixon fire the special prosecutor and then like appointed this gentleman rate like Leon Leeann appointed. Leon is never appoint somebody named Leon to oversee your case of the Supreme Court. That's what I'll say that also it's again it's like I think the fact that nobody at any point was like a dick. Don't fire everybody on a Saturday night. Don't do that got it makes you look Hella guilty. Yep I'm just like who's your lawyer in your cabinet call. My was such a big deal when when trump fired Komi drunk and when they were like when they were talking about going to is he gonNa Fire Muller. Yeah Robert Taylor like is he gonNA fire Robert Mole. That's 'cause that those those are obstruction like those could be obstruction cases. They're investigating what this president. They're investigating what this president has an did wrong. And if you fire the investigators especially hills like it's wrong borough just like a whole. I don't know I wish Nixon would have called me tick. Why are you doing? Watch watch a forensic like op- you don't know about law order not on yet but I'm telling you why God notch one literally like Mariscal gives a great performance and then but stay for the second half with the lawyers stay stay I know. P P K okay so leon is pointed Leeann. Leeann is the new special prosecutor after the Saturday night massacre he argued the the state's case before the Supreme Court along with his council. Philip a local VEIRA YEP and James de Saint Clair argued on behalf of the president so there were two people arguing. The case dates one arguing the case on behalf of Nixon. The case was argued on July. Eighth Nineteen seventy. Four and Lizzy said was decided sixteen. Sixteen days later on July twenty four associate justice disc like I said we said before William Rehnquist recused himself from the case because he had previously served in the next administration valid. Yeah so he didn't he wasn't there he. It wasn't president. Yeah like had no input in writing the decision. Yep just like literally took us on the APP Yep essential question before the court was whether or not the president in had like an absolute right to safeguard certain information using his executive privilege confidentiality power or if it was like entirely immune from judicial review basically really like is the president. The pope is infallible. I love how like the thing. Is there at the Supreme Court and the President's councils it's like we have the right to be immune from all of this All of you all of this the drapes ups the aid of you this room. Immune I mean why it is anathema. That in here right now later today like wait a second. You can't be immune from where we are the love that exhibits except it's all men so it's more like okay. Okay okay okay. Yeah sure yeah argue it so that was shot. You're shot chief. Justice Burger argued in the court's opinion. So basically it was an eight zero decision against Nixon. uh-huh girl like you in a hand basket earn over the damn tape. It's like literally. I know that you're going to quote the opinion but this is what it's really saying quote Dick don't be a Dick. Don't be don't be predict. Why did you record thirty seven hundred hours like if you recall if they're one tape one tape we could've we could've been? We could have been there for you but you got you got several tapes con. You've got a plethora of tapes. We can't protect you against that and also you decided to tape the day after I feel like this brink was just like you did this so poorly. And you've given us no choice. You are stupid when you do crime you are a bad. You are bad at being a criminal if you were a better a criminal. We wouldn't be here. We're now you get a D. minus for crime. Do Better Dick do better are bad bad bad dick and then also coming in here and saying Oh we don't we don't have an effect on you. Aha AH show you so you. Eight to zero eight zero. That's big. It's big ANDRO. The tapes and over the tapes so chief. Justice Burger argued in the court's opinion. That quote the president's broad interest and confidentiality of communications will not in our view vitiated by disclosure of a limited number of conversations over stations. which have preliminarily been shown to have some bearing on a pending criminal case? Basically they're saying just because you're claiming confidentiality and like you're like that doesn't give you the right to say that we can't have any of the tapes like just 'cause you're claiming confidentiality doesn't mean you have the right to the criminal. You know like you like this still to the criminal. Justice system has to work right and because they're connected to a criminal case. We're talking about like these people broke into a building right right and that is a crime. Yeah like I wondered talking about the crime. Yeah exactly right. I wonder if if they had tried to subpoena Gina the tapes. Nothing has happened there just like we want. President Nixon's thirty seven hundred tape hours of tape just just for us. I'm like no you can't have that. Maybe maybe maybe maybe. But if it's like we want a tape that specifically linked to a crime right Nixon's like no executive immunity. Right been there been there. Newsroom courts like no criminal case. Yep you're a criminal. Yup you're correct. You cannot cover up crime you cannot cover over crime weirdly enough really in the constitution article five section six. It's not there. It's a party. So birger goes on to say we conclude therefore that when the grounds for for asserting of the privilege as to subpoenaed materials sought for use in a criminal trial is is based solely on the generalized interest in confidentiality as distinguished from the situations where at where it may be based upon military secret or diplomatic secrets egrets it cannot prevail over the fundamental demands of due process of law in the fair administration of criminal justice. Okay Yeah so because this is connected to a criminal case that takes precedence over any kind of executive privilege yet. You may enjoy. Yeah Yeah how you commit a crime. There's no privilege there's but also they're not. They're not saying that he committed the crime. There is. They're saying they're saying there was a crime committed. Yeah the the there's sufficient evidence that these tapes hold evidence right. That can speak to that crime right. We're not saying anything about what to do with right. You're saying you have to hand over the evidence of it because it's related eight of us. I love it. Yep Eight zero. Really zero zero feel so good. The court held that neither the doctrine of separation of powers nor the generalized need for confidentiality of high level. Communications without without more evidence can sustain in an absolute unqualified presidential privilege which is basically them saying what we just said which is that we are. Supreme Court mortgaging our JD. Jd In jurisprudence will be on the courts so birger then went on to say the court granted there was limited executive privilege and areas of military or diplomatic affairs but gave preference to quote the fundamental demands of due process of law and the Fair Administration of Justice close quote therefore the president must obey the subpoena and produce tapes and documents. So the court did not find that the grand jury naming Nixon as an unindicted co-conspirator had any bearing on whether or not Nixon had the right to refuse to comply with a subpoena peanut to hand over the Oval Office tapes. So it wasn't even that they completely separated the two like it wasn't like this is not about you. It's not about hat about you. This is about your tapes. Yeah this is just about your tapes. Yup We deserve your tapes right. Whatever you do go with God? Yup Okay no malice. No hard feelings. No hard feelings except Mu should resign but no no her feelings. Dick you're guilty. And you have your own accord. So why does your records did it. Did the opinion end with Dick. Why did you court thirty seven hundred dollars I period? That's not that's not even a full amount that he recorded just in from seven hundred seventy three Dick Thought. Stop Stop Recording. So while the outcome of the case was unfavourable to Nixon biggest understatement of the United States United States versus Nixon expanded the power of the presidency. It was the first time that Supreme Court acknowledged that an executive privilege exists The court's decision resolved decades of controversy over the constitutionality of executive privilege. But there exist or not and if it exists and practical in paper if it's constitutional right right Yup okay aftermath. The Supreme Court decision compelled Dick Nixon to turn over the tapes he recorded. I love that you refused to call him. I'm Richard Nixon no stick Nixon. We're close the record. Show that it is Richard Nixon type out in the notes and every time Richard Nixon was he has has the Dick Nixon Nixon. The only time I get to do this come on. I'm not I'm encouraging you. The Supreme Court decision compelled Dick Nixon to turn over over the tapes he recorded of Oval Office meetings so that the special prosecutor could use them during the criminal prosecutions of former White House. Aides that that led to the release of the smoking gun tape that proved the president was intimately involved in the cover up of the Watergate. break-in y'all This smoking gun. Conversations conversations took place from ten Oh. Am to eleven thirty nine am okay. Okay okay I'm sorry I'm not okay. Okay so you're recording all of your conversations right like you are Dick's then you're recording all your conversation. You record the conversation where you are clearly involved with conspiring with seven men and to break into the DNC right and then you talk about it for over an hour and a half. That should be a five minute. Phone Call Deck. Like how bad. Why did these seven dudes bucket up like this hour talking about whoever talked to an hour and a half anybody? I've ever spoken to my mother for an hour and a half. You're going to talk about water for an hour and a half. I think the first time I ever got my own like cell phone or landline. I talked for a long time short. It was a novelty aval cheese. It was a new one hundred hours in not new not new not new an hour over an hour and a half speaking about a crime. Dick Be Better Dick. B B Stig. Oh my God for an hour and a half. uh-huh room knows better conversation. I want to be like Dick. Can we actually we just tweet so China. If it's in I'm gonNA hang go away. Even recording deck call me from a payphone like Mafia. Ah Shit like call them from a payphone. It's the seventy seventy you know there's a payphone on the White House lawn anyways okay. President Nixon released the tape on August. Fifth it was one of three conversations he had with Helderman six days after the the Watergate. break-in sorry I'm laughing. It's one of three conversations you had. He's ever conversations an hour and a half converse one of them being in our conversation decision a days after the Watergate break-in somebody sent a letter for God's sakes that can be thrown into a fireplace like like. Oh my God in a way that can be destroyed okay. The tapes proved that he order order a cover up on the Watergate burglary shift coursey did. Oh my God the tape also reveals that Nixon ordered the FBI to abandon its investigation. Shen of the break in Dick after the release of the tape the Eleven Republicans on the Judiciary Committee who voted against impeachment charges said they would change their votes. It was clear that Nixon would be impeach and convicted in the Senate. Nixon announced his resignation on August so three days after here lease the tapes he announced. I am not a crook. I am not. I'm not a cook. I just Amana record. Thirty seven hundred dollars of it is amazing. How howls can manage Joel's l.? Sounds like that Mitch. McConnell he does he's more of the throat for him but But Yeah I'm GonNa like Dick. You are a crook. And what's worse. What's worse is you're you're a bad crook? He's a bad crew the assets minus crook. They're crooks who committed crimes that made their way onto unsolved solve mysteries and those crimes have still never been solved. Oh my God I know. Those criminals lived in a bunker in the woods and this man is president of the United States in the the shittiest criminal criminal. Really bad criminal and it's all his own fault. Yep Thirty seven hundred hours of tape they had to do is be like Alex. Walk with me. Done Alex Alex were burning. The tapes and Alex would have been like I laid idea. Burn tapes the minute Alex walked into that Oval Office door or walk into the end of the Lord or coordinate. No leave the recording on you. Take Alex on When you go Alex Fresher? Let's go let's go have a cigarette. It's the seventies everybody. Jimmy's okay. That's all that's all they ended and they just simply had to go. Oh for a walk. I love okay. The day after the decision was reached. Anthony Lewis with the New York Times wrote quote and the Institutional National Sense. The Supreme Court performed at its best in the in this case it was unanimous. It was clear it was prompt but not hasty. The opinion carefully touched every necessary legal base and said nothing about the unnecessary and the opinion was by Warren e Burger whom President Nixon. John chose to be chief justice of the United States. Nail in the William William Yeah but that's supposed to be right it isn't that's that's South Korean court supposed to act like it doesn't matter who appointed you or what affiliation liaisson appointed you right at the end of the day was the law land. What does the Constitution say? What is precedent say That's what we decide on. It doesn't doesn't matter who it is. It's just matter who it. It shouldn't matter who it is and I think and I agree with Anthony. Lewis of the New York. Times is that this is right that it didn't matter that it was was Dick Nixon. It will mattered was precedent. What mattered was law? It's like yeah dude. You got to hand over the tapes. You gotta hand over the tapes. Sorry worry Okay and then twelve days. After the decision the president made an abridged transcript of the tapes available to the public. Stop trying to bridge the tape. I know he's like I'm just gonNA cut his back. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA edit at one look at it. And then fifteen days after the Supreme Court of the United States. Eight eight to zero decision. President Nixon resigned. Yep Yep Yep how I also I when. What's his face? Turley Tuli the Republican lawyer. Who testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee uh-huh Trump's impeachment hearings? He his wife was like you should go through the courts. First of all is dumb argument. There's nothing in the constitution. Constitutional law professor says anything and then impeachment has to go through the courts. Patently stupid right. But also it didn't work out so well for Nick I recommend going to. The Supreme Court lasts for trump. I don't think it'll be good. What history are you looking to answer? The courts are not also yeah. It's like you're right. It's like that's not. How impeachment pitchman is written right because also those mother fuckers can be impeached? So like if if the if the justices like the Supreme Court justices but in the way it's working its way now is going through the district yards going through the court system for trump and if those people were to make a ruling that was based on political persuasive or whatever and that was provable. Right that can be impeached. So it's like it's not advantageous for you know the course of not been friendly it to trump no not even just on this but in at all his policy it's executive orders but it's like how impeachment is renowned. It's you know Congress becomes the court. That's how that's how it's supposed to happen. But that's how it's intended what our boys and Benjamin Franklin intended it to be. You know if that's what our founding fathers intended my dear that's what it is what it is the Senate. The trial will happen in the Senate where the senators are the jury. Yup John Roberts would be there overseeing everything that happens you know like it becomes it becomes the court. It is not without judicial process impeachment. No it is not without. It's just it's not. It's not different judicial Prussia very dyslexia that exists partly and not partly in the judicial system. John is there and if they do because they call it a trial it is a trial it is an. It's a hundred jurors. It is one hundred zero which is more than what normal people get. Yeah usually get eighty eight more. Were surprised that I did that math. So wow I love this case in this case so much and you're right it is just this moment. 'cause I often saw I so often disagree with the Supreme Court and I have such a tumultuous history with it but in this case I think we just handled it right so it wouldn't even feel good seven to one right no the fact that it's eighty Atyrau yes like the Ni- who could have you know potentially you could argue would have been swayed one way or the other recused himself uh-huh chief justice was a guy who was appointed chief justice by the guy in question right. This is every like there's so many opportunities where this could have gone wrong but everybody was on the up right. When reports works it works and it worked it worked against Nixon was guilty yep so very guilty and also so so bad at being a criminal and that's that's the takeaway here really is that it's like kids? Don't record yourself for thirty seven seven hundred hours and expect to not get impeached. You don't do that. Don't do that don't do that. I just want to say that a lot of this stuff came came from PBS. We WanNa say oh my God there was an extra kind of like pdf publication that they did call news for students and teacher the resources lie. David Koppel Bram at the Washington. Post wrote a great piece Some of this has come from that. Watergate Watergate Info or Watergate invo excellent source thank you also Nixon tapes dot com. Yes they also says like all of the they're so great but Nixon tapes is like all of the the actual tapes like they're like the biggest source of Nixon tapes which I didn't realize they like weren't really all in one place. One thing I'm curious Think Nixon wanted to do was the dream I know that's a great array gouache if anybody knows what they think. Anybody has any guesses of what they think. Nixon's dream was with these tapes. Let us know. Because I'm just like okay. You're recording this for a reason and recording everything for a reason like were you trying to put this in like your presidential library. Was this year league. It's like why why. Why did you think at what point did you think this piece of audio would be a great piece of audio that you would want out anywhere anywhere anywhere? It's not like you. Do you want it playing when people walk into your presidential holiday. It's not quality content for are you. Oh no other journalists and I WANNA shout out to is James Hillman from the Washington Post. Thank you up. Oh yeah sources guys. That's our episode on United States V. Dick and I love it so much. It has been very fun to talk about it such as a price gift arden. Thank you for surprising me with this very excited guys. If you like what you heard you can find us on twitter and instagram. At let's get you can read us view us and you can Hashtag subscribes laws. We love you so much we will see you next linsay why mm-hmm it is and I'm racks and we play Roller Derby together. Yeah we do we also host this kick ass podcast called Tau podcast. So Frau is a podcast. That tortoises odd those really uncomfortable conversations racism and sexism and mental health and physical health and basically anything. That is gonNA become a really interesting conversation. Anything that kind of like kisses your dad all the one that voted for trump. That's what we want to talk about. You can find on instagram at bow podcast for also on facebook at propel podcast but not twitter because for old white men. We hope you check us out as we always say. Don't be a Dick.

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