U.S., China Reach Partial Trade Deal


Authorize offers endless outdoor activities catering to all passions and tastes for more information go to visit telluride dot com slash W S J striking scenery world-class Music and film festivals and authentic character are just a few reasons why telluride Colorado is a favorite summer destination Washington and told by a top State Department official that the president had lost confidence in her her testimony was up in the air until she appeared on Capitol Hill Friday morning the behind closed doors today but had prepared testimony which was reviewed by the Wall Street Journal our Byron Town has more from Washington the ambassador said that she became a target Ryan Hallway Trump's trade advisor Robert lighthizer said while way was being considered in a separate process. US stocks rallied on Friday on hopes the two countries would leave the Lebron network the coalition of companies facebook enlisted to launch its global crypto currency based payments network the departures come a week after pay pal announced it was this week's talks in Washington with an agreement the S. and P. Five hundred broke a three-week losing streak MasterCard visa Ebay and stripe are all dropping out Maria Banovic the former US ambassador to Ukraine says the president pressured the State Department to remove her from her post she testified to house lawmakers possible in May it looks like they agreed on a very small number of things it looks like China's going to purchase more US agricultural products and it looks like the US is going to hold on that Congress has broad investigatory powers and can do things like this and it's apple picking season but fruit isn't the only thing you'll find in the orchard set to take effect in December it also wasn't clear whether the administration would follow through on plans to grant licenses for American businesses to sell to Chinese telecommunications of a concerted effort by donald trump and his allies including Rudy Giuliani his personal lawyer to oust her from her job she said that she was recalled to money transfers lawmakers in the US and Europe have been critical of the project citing concerns about how the companies involved would protect users privacy and prevent it from being used to launder money facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has scheduled to testify to Congress about Lebron impact on the financial services and housing sectors at the end of this month it has vowed that no government employees shall participate in this impeachment inquiry calling an unfair and unjust investigation democratic lawmakers say they to subpoena you WanNa bitches testimony after the State Department ordered her not to testify earlier this week the White House blocked another key witness Gordon Sunland from testifying leaving the group that leaves facebook without much of the financial muscle it assembled to launch the digital currency libra which had hoped would make it a player in e commerce and global a lot of people had been expecting a federal appeals court rules a House panel can subpoena the President's financial records these ruling so far endorsed the idea. It's Friday October eleventh. This is the PM edition of what's News From The Wall Street Journal I'm emory for totally in New York the US and China reached a partial trade only for the US but for the world our Josh Zoom Brune has more from Washington. It's really kind of incredible how far away we are from the sweeping deal that people thought was going to be off on a tariff increase that was set to take place in mid October and then what they've said is that they're going to continue working on this they're going to do several phases of D host sanctions on Turkey over its military action in Syria Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says that the sanctions contingent on Turkey's actions including its promises he's now agreed to appear next week after he was subpoenaed by the House president trump is expected to sign an executive order that would allow the state and Treasury departments aw to get to their full Fang and this'll be phase one once they finished it they'll start working on a face to the US hasn't made a final decision on whether to impose tariffs on Friday president trump spoke to reporters in the Oval Office after meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Lu both realize for the beginning very important not only for giant this week Turkey launched an offensive to seize territory held by us-backed Kurdish forces in Syria after president trump withdrew US troops from the area keep Islamic state detainees in captivity these are very powerful sanctions we hope we don't have to use them but we can shut down the Turkish economy if we need to the Pentagon says it's sending two thousand troops to Saudi Arabia along with new anti-missile defense systems and two squadrons of jet fighters as part of a buildup to counter Iran's hostilities in the region the deployments come on top of a previous deployment of about seven hundred. US service members that were sent to the region after a string of tanker seizures he denies next week the Federal Reserve will begin buying treasury bills to boost its balance sheet and avoid further unexpected strains in the money market the central with over thirty feet of snow last season telluride is ready for another stellar year bank will begin with initial purchases of sixty billion dollars in treasuries over the course of the month and continue purchases of treasury bills into at least the second quarter of twenty twenty end attacks French automaker Renault has fired its CEO Sierra blu-ray our Nick Kostov says the chairman of Renault's Board wants to bring a brand a new leadership team including a new CEO Nissan's former CEO Carlos Goan was arrested in Tokyo in November and later charged with financial misconduct which filled with powder days and bluebird skies continually ranked the number one ski resort in North America by readers of Conde Nast Traveler telluride boasts no Wall Street Journal podcast listeners received thirty percent off early season lodging to book go to visit telluride dot com slash W S J lines in exceptional terrain for all levels and abilities it's as easy to travel to telluride as it is to vacation there with nonstop flights from eleven major hubs a federal appeals court has ruled that a US House committee can subpoena President Trump's accounting firm for his financial records subpoena issued in April seeks eight years of financial records from the president his real estate companies and other entities trump's lawyers are expected to appeal the ruling joining me now from Washington with more details is Wall Street Journal reporter Brands Kendall Brent this marks a significant victory for congressional Democrats who have been seeking these records ties broadly speaking then this came after testimony from his former lawyer Michael Cohen on Capitol Hill and which Mr Cohen said that that Mr Trump had itself and and Congress the Oversight Committee which issued the Subpoena said look you know we we are investigating president trump's business and financial to seek and demand these these kinds of documents it's worth noting the subpoena was was sent to the accounting firm a third party as opposed directly to the president or has entities attendance of color skydiving and this is yet another example of Renner management trying to turn the page on the golden era earlier this week Nissan named into the possibility of legislation and that it could it could investigate things like this under that power so Brent earlier this week we had another separate but related tell us more about the court's ruling today and what trump's accounting firm is now required a turnover well the big issue in this case was the scope of congressional powers horsemen and then they didn't have the power to investigate in that way the the appeals court today pretty soundly rejected that argument although it was divided ruling and said that this an affair with the president and so this was a grand jury subpoena issued they're seeking similar records from the accounting firm and this is within our powers to do these kinds of things and the trump legal team argued that no it's not because congress here really isn't interested in legend ruling a federal judge here in New York said the president's accounting firm same one must turn over eight years of personal and business tax returns that order is currently on hold whether and how the president is complying with disclosure laws and whether our disclosure laws are in effect working and whether they ought to be updated and they said look this is both inflated and deflated the appearance of his assets to to benefit them at different times and among the things the committee said is look you know we we need to see during appeal from trump's lawyers so how is this case related so the case from Manhattan is specifically looking at possible New York criminal for later in October and we can expect a ruling they're pretty quickly and so then we'll now have chewed appeals court rulings on the fresh air to Renault alliance with Nissan or he didn't say but what forbid is beneath all of this is that cheery borderie was closely the trump legal team sought to have the subpoena block to the judge on Monday in New York rejected that request and the second circuit violations and and part of what the DA there is looking at is alleged payments and reimbursements to adult film star Stormy Daniels who alleged she had aces over the next several months Wall Street Journal reporter Kendall joining us from Washington thank you so much Brent thank you hypoc subpoena wasn't different from types of subpoenas that Congress had sent in the past and that its investigative authority was at least somewhat connect and finally it's apple picking season a favourite fall pastime for those looking to stock up on fresh fruit for Pies Jelly and other awed entertainment options like zip line courses petting zoos corn mazes and restaurants with ciders lessees and things like that he said that this kind of subpoena could be imported under an impeachment type investigation but that's not what this House Committee had done at the time elation and what Congress is is the lawmaking body and but that you know the the trump argument was that that's not what the committee was doing here that they were effectively trying to be like law similar issues and you know it's it's possible that one of these could go to the Supreme Court here in the next few weeks or months so overall Brentwood this in some context for us taken together Friday afternoon I'm Anne Marie for Relief for the Wall Street Journal thanks for listening today who is worth owning appointed recently by President Trump said look congress has two different kinds of powers its legislative powers in its impeachment powers and treats by the Wall Street Journal's J. One king found traditions are changing and for many the apples ended up being an afterthought now they're buying your apple it's the idea that that Congress has broad investigatory powers can do things like this I mean it's worth noting that that for this this case today that the subpoena other are this week's ruling is likely to boost these various efforts to

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