October 18, 2018


Good. There's a morning. I'm Anna Palmer and welcomed your political playbook. Audie reaping. Stay tuned after the show for a message from AARP. We've got some news out of the White House this morning. The Trump administration is gearing up to launch a public push for congress to pass a farm Bill with work requirements for food stamps. Ahead of the election President. Donald Trump has enlisted vice President Mike Pence to lead the push alongside eggs, -tary, Sonny, Perdue the farm Bill, which includes renewal of food stamps alongside a culture. Policy is currently stalled negotiations between the house and Senate. The White House is expected to make the case that there are jobs that need to be filled in America. So Democrats should see to the work requirements for food stamps, something that they say has doomed. The usually bipartisan farm policy. Legislation Trump is expected to pick up this message in his stump speeches House. Democrats voted against the farm Bill. Voluble Senate Democrats have held it up in negotiations. Of course Congress's out until after election day, which makes the immediate renewal impossible. But the administration believes this to be point political issue. On the campaign trail. The Chicago Tribune has a story up on house majority whip. Steve Scalise visiting Representative Peter roskam's district in the Chicago suburbs. Last night. If you'll remember Ross Kaminsky lease ran against each other. Any competitive race for whip in twenty fourteen a race propelled Scalise toward the top of the party for your situational awareness for hill residents. Whole foods in the navy yard is opening today. New York Times is reporting that while other Republican candidates have struggled to brand campaign cash President, Donald Trump is stockpiling cash. He had forty seven million dollars going into this month in his campaign accounts. Trump's decision not to spend money on the midterms has frustrated some Republican strategists Burgess Everett and Alana's shore report that a handful of Republican senators met yesterday to advance a half dozen of Trump's judicial nominees. The unusual move with no Democrats present just underscores how there's nothing that matters more to. Republican senators than adding judges to the bench. Here's the latest undermine kashogi. The New York Times is reporting that US spy agencies increasingly believe that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia is tied his disappearance on the hall to see rights secretary of state. Mike Pompeo come to regret the friendly stance. He took with his Saudi, sit down and the Washington Post has published what will be show. These last column, the column was filed by the journalists assistant a day after he was reported missing from Istanbul, Bryn Griffiths and Nancy cook. The download on White House counsel Don Mcgann meeting with Trump for twenty minutes yesterday before he left the job on the investigations front CNN is reporting that Michael is meeting with prosecutors investigating the president's family business and charity. ABC news has a story up on how the special counsel is pushing Paul Manafort to disclose information on Roger stone and Darren Samuelson reports that the judge has ordered Manafort to appear in court for sentencing. Prison clothes, rejecting manafort's request to where suit during a hearing. Later this week, here's what's on tap. For Trump's Thursday. The president is meeting with secretary of state, Mike Pompeo at ten AM two pm. He will meet with the South Carolina delegation in the Roosevelt room. Then Trump will leave from Zulu Montana at six thirty pm mountain time Trump will attend a political rally and afterward fly to Phoenix, Arizona subscribe to playbook at politico dot com. Slash playbook. Today's episode is sponsored by AARP the latest issue of politico magazine series. The deciders takes a look at voters over fifteen, Pennsylvania, her being crushed by the cost of healthcare. It doesn't matter if they're Republican or democrat, they don't see hope for themselves or for future generations and our voting for help you the latest, politico AARP poll results and read the latest issue of the deciders at politico dot com. Slash the deciders.

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