You're listening to how they did it in. Why were we learn from the experiences of others. So today we are going to have a food experience that hopefully you will learn from because we are going to be trying something that neither of us have tried not even tasted not even a sampling. Nothing's of a totally new to us dave's hot chicken so we've never tried it. Maybe you have if you haven't maybe it's new in your area and like i don't know if it's good or not if that's the case you may enjoy this food reaction or food review so am kind of put this whole thing together which i was so happy about. I was like yeah. We said we're going to try. Days had chicken. And he put that altogether so tell me what was the ordering experience like. Just you know. Thirty seconds overall. How do you feel it was ordering you know. I used a famous food ordering out that a lot of people use it. That was super simple. however We wanted to sub our fries for espn for their slaw A pet peeve of mine is when someone gets an order wrong so unfortunately they they did give us they give us rights so we asked for a side of slaw which they forgot But other than that. So the law. Yeah that was disappointing. Because you know these great. Naw but i'm trying to cut back on friday. Because i love fries. I love potato. And i've eaten them too much thus far in my life and So this is going to be so these fries. Do look good so i mean i'm not mad 'nother thing that is a pet peeve of mine if in this case it was two orders. Okay if they are not the same order There should be a sticker on them. And why what. I mean by that. Is you wanted their light. Mild chicken right. I wanted to try their mild and medium right. And there's no stickered. What are you telling us. What's what so. I'm going based off of looks. This chicken looks a little bit darker. Looks like they did it in something. I'm going to say. This is the hot chicken. But i really wish they would have put a sticker on it saying hot or spicy. Then i would have known and said okay. This is mine so you don't accidentally by into something. You're not expecting now that now. I am sitting up here. Hungary impressed though is. I don't know what now what i'm impressed with. Is you get to straight up chicken sandwiches. So when i ordered these there was a couple of combos you can get to sliders. You can get one slider and one chicken tender or you can get to chicken tenders. I thought it was pricey for sliders but this is straight up to now ges generally sandwich. Yeah they don't even need to call these. This is the price. this was fifteen dollars. I hear in the southern california area. That's not bad for two huge sandwiches. Yeah so a couple could share this and it would be you know a would taxes a little over seven eight dollars a piece And you get two of these sandwiches and some fries. That's pretty good all right. Well i am starving so It smells really good french fry. Let's get this. I tried to fry charming already. You have a good. I haven't homefires alone now. One thing i will say for me that i am not a fan of. I'm trying to get away from the styrofoam guys it's unhealthy because of food sucks up all the chemicals and the styrofoam and then now you've got They call forever chemicals whatever fooling around your bloodstream. Every now and then i think is fine. Our body got immune system. They know how to lock fad Things away chemicals away our body kind of can perform. Excuse me a protective shield around that stuff. So i'm not super worried about it but if you eat out a lot like you don't wanna be eating out like this every day with this kind of styrofoam and it's not even the kind that is resistant knows you take it because it's buckling so that it's anytime the styrofoam buckles you know it's gonna seep into the actually see on your head whereas it actually melted a bit from the touch. Know your fry. I like to eat this. But if i will say one thing i do appreciate they did. Put the fries in a paper container. Yeah that's nice because see now. If you look at the bottom of this. I can take that out. And i don't have you know when you they ha- fries right on styrofoam witch pro- tip guys. They're not actually supposed to do that. There's always supposed to be like parchment paper or something down if it's something that's coming out of fire and your starbucks so that that doesn't happen but people have visited forget to do it or whatever but that's the way supposed so i appreciate that they did. Put the fries in a separate thing so that When auburn on that now this so pretty good. I just wanna take. They do put forewarned. They do put a lot of dry rub on their fries. So i mean here's one for instance you can see it's coded in this dry rub so some of them are pretty salty so four warning. It would've been nice to have the slot the would really now join our saw. The saucers good. This is dave's famous saute demeo based sauce. You know some seasonings and stuff. It's at sauce. You had a million town but don't know what it is a good fry sauce. Yeah yeah mayo. Based allies nour's these burgers era. Not just in case. I got it wrong. Don't take a big bite. Because i did get medium on one. Oh yeah that's right. See i might add some extra sauce to mine. I'm a sauce person. Guys saw is that one spicier mile. Can't tell them of fried flavor on my that Maybe the chicken order wrong to. Maybe they didn't if they miss the fun. This is mine is not too spicy. Because i don't like super spy little changes something. I'm okay with if it's burning my mouth. And i can't enjoy my food. I lose interest now. I'm about eating that fan of my mouth. Wa you out like this. It's a really good juicy piece of chicken. yeah i. I'm not going to be able to eat all these fries because i'm gonna feel like trash tomorrow like my. My heart is going to have issues beating. So i see what you're saying. Maybe they got the chicken order wrong to mine okay. Let's give them some information about the flavoring here. First of all look at this so this is like a premium chicken breast here. It's not It does not taste cheap. Get some chicken you this nasty particle chicken where they just like take bits of chicken put it in a press and those ronning you bite into his own nasty on inside. This is an actual chicken breasts. It's a quality piece of me. They're good quality the breading on it isn't overpowering. It's not too sick. It's not Barely there either. It actually stays on. How sometimes the breading falls off. That is not happening Good i like the flavor. Yeah the flavor's really good. It's the same exact rub that they put on their fries. Chicken and they throw Their cabbage us law on top of the sandwich. Which you can get without i. They didn't mess up or listen. Mark i would be in business right now because of them i have to eat fried I'm not even touching those fries against but very juicy very juicy piece of chicken not dry you're not choking it down whatsoever. It's really good. I wouldn't eat it all the time. Chicken itself them is not greasy. It's not it's not. How sometimes eat a fried chicken breasts ended. The breading is just drenched with greece. I wasn't hot enough when they cloaked it. This is a great fry. It really is in love with the sauce to their dave sauces. Good if i asked for hunting and catch up just in case and it was craft craft honey and a catch up made by a company called west. I just personal preference. I would have liked to see dave's hot. Chicken labeling packaging. I ain't out of just a personal preference. I i understand where you're coming from but new frills. If i'm getting some some grease back alley food. You know what. I'm saying that holding the time. This is basically Fide hole in the wall booze. What i mean by holding the wall is the place. Ain't nice everybody that worked there as ru but the food is amazing. You know it might even be a little dirty on the outside the inside. The kitchen is legit. That's like this kind of experience of food that you're getting except for it's a national chain so it just picked up a bit but it's got that kind of down home food taste so for me i'm okay with them having the bootleg you know if i was at the chart house or something i might be. I just want to be a little bit more disney associated with threats. You know what. I mean if you're buying presley graph because on a normal although there are crap just come up. Let me we do. Have some craft dressing. Come up if you're buying craft condiments. I wanna feel that you're putting a lot of fried into your food and your pride. No not really. I'm just you know. Hey i'm not knocking craft. I like your dressings. But i don't know what you're saying. I know i would. If it was my brand. I would want my own branding of condiments just to well. Maybe i don't have to tack a locations. How many how new is this chain though. Like you know what i'm saying. Argh these franchises. Because remember i don't know how new it is. I should have done that research. But they are in their peppered in certain areas of canada. Toronto is one on ontario. Excuse me a new location is coming soon to tennessee i believe they're already in texas So they're they probably started in southern california and they are now branching their way the they do have franchise information on their site. So you can fran cells. That makes me so we could actually take that little point out on the franchise. Because you know with franchises not everything comes from corporate. The franchisees have a bit of discretion on what they do they could not place the order or something has just get something you know but still. They should be drew to the brand. Anyway we get the rawness much over here. that's true covert has put some dampers. I think we've eaten other food places. Yeah felt like quality has gone down. Portion size has gone down so they could be just filling avoid. Yeah it has hurt the food industry you know and i feel bad because no one's fall is nothing anyone can do. It's just one of the products co. But now i do have a problem with this share. This this is the one coleslaw that we did get that was like an exercise afterthought side. Here's my issue. Why isn't it filled up. And why do i see greasy handprints on inside so someone was touch and then went and just stuck their hand in here. I can eat this ham prints all on the outside. I don't get a glove getting there. And i see them like they're just busy. They're just you know whatever. And i could see like you're you're being legitimate your stuff still but when i'm not there and i'm like ill there's someone just like clean like the kitchen counter or something and it's like touch up my thing i would just say i will say this is a brand new location says okay. I understand that just opened up so some of the staff might be maybe young and learning as they go so You know. I don't know if the original guy is dave or he's still around but You know they. They probably were there for some type of training It seems small enough to where they would probably be there for. Grand opening I just don't see this location being busy to where you'd have to rush to where you'd have to give somebody but there could be short staffed the dirty kovener. I don't know here some that. Wanna get them onto is. How do you feel about the pickles. That's kinda of go through to collects what's let's go do. What's on the sandwich. I'll say this. I am not again personal preference on the condiments. Not going to hold them against that. Wish the fries were not as greasy or seasoned So the next time i go i probably won't get the fries but as far as the chicken sandwiches i think chicken sandwiches are great. I like the quote. I'm a pickle person growing up on the northern east coast. We tend to like pickles. Especially if you live near new york. I think they're pickles were great. I liked their slot. I like that slot on the sandwich. I like it on. The sandwich had better tales. All around. And i do like their sauce so i mean if i honestly was going to go back again i probably because they do have the option. You can just order the sandwich. I probably would just order the sandwich and leaves the rest. Yeah yeah yeah but the sandwiches. Great what do you think. What do you think about the sandwich. I like this Just again we've touched on a bit but again the quality of the chicken is really good. The bread is also really good It's not dry. it has good flavor to it. It's not like a potato bread but it just a good nice. You know simple. Good bread Looks like they also did grill the bread before they put the sandwich together as well. So it's a little things that make Something like this tastes really good. I do like the pickles. Although i'm not in a pupil i'm not a pickle person. I'm eating them today. And i have to the move pickles. Today i'm in the mood but Just really good. I also like the chunky nece. Excuse me the costa it's a course coleslaw which i think that crunch goes really really well with the chicken and yeah. I like the bread like chicken. I like the breading on the chicken. I also like the fact that it is flavorful. Sometimes i feel like you get a chicken sandwich. And all the flavor comes from the condiments like the chicken itself in the bat are having no flavor. And i'm not you gotta give me some flavor. Okay i'm not gonna be buying food you know and getting home dry. It doesn't taste good. You know the flavor. I gotta have flavor so for me i really like i also really liked your mayo. Based sauce dave sauces. Ed gray and i agree with you on the batter their their flavoring their coleslaw their flavoring their fries. They're grilling they're bred to try to eliminate that guinness and Yeah there flavoring their batter so to me. You're you're firing on all cylinders. When you're doing that you're putting surpri into your your food. Which i like and i am definitely gonna go back aside from the other things that i said. That's just personal preference but i highly recommend dave's hot chicken And yeah. I'd recommend anybody to go there and i'm going to go back for sure. Yeah this isn't really great. I'm just so happy that this has flavor 'cause you know we are like you know transplants here and so cow and You know no disrespect but the food a lot of places out here has no flavor whatsoever and that has been very frustrating to deal with your related food. We're still trying to find our our spots but a lot of spots honestly. I just think because overhead is so much that the unless you go to a very very expensive place and beverly hills or on rodeo drive. Who's gonna wanna you know you can't you can't eat there all the time. So a lot of these places you go into expecting it to be good and fortunately the quality just isn't there and you're paying top dollar quality. It's like ridiculous so this is a conversation we have another day. 'cause we're going to get out of here a little bit and finish our sandwiches but this right here like wage. Which place do you think which coz has the best food. I must say right. Now i'm gonna go hidden say the east coast. I'm a southern girl at heart and I still strongly build the best. Food comes out of this out. You know. come from me if you will in the comments you know but Aid that's just my opinion. That's just you know an experience a lot. I like all different types of international foods. Call me a foodie like you could definitely put me in that category So i was really refreshing to get a taste of something that has some flavor and that isn't super expensive here in so cow because i missed the food back home like no lie. You know me too on the tri state area. And i miss the the things in new jersey new york but it is nice. You know i again going into it. I didn't know what to expect. I thought the price was a little expensive. But now that i see what you get down. I was expecting a small chicken tender on bond. And that's what they do out here in california to the little itty bitty portions and i'm like a but especially on their menu. It's called a slider right and so this is a sam. This is a full blown sandwich so you can get them shots big sandwiches again. I like to eat okay. i'm not. I couldn't finish all so i have another sandwich notice. I'm still eating. My wife finished my first one. Yeah i'm heading my. I have another sandwich for tomorrow. So for fifteen bucks. I got two meals. I would've liked to have the slot instead of the fries but oh wealth man. Yeah i got a great sandwich for tomorrow's lunch so that's great. No i'm i like it. I think if you're on the fence if there's one near you or one close go for it try amount. You're probably not going to be disappointed. Well guys if you're watching us on youtube in new have survived me grossly eating the sandwich and smacking and doing all types of discussing Thank you for being here and thank you for supporting thanks. Everyone subscribes in comments and everything. So yes draws a line on what you think we discussed in the episode regarding this review but also let me know what goes you think has the best food in your experience. I would really like to know. Alright is thanks so much religion listening to how they did it. Why have a great day and we'll see in the next episode.

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