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Problems it's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things. Ben Things make things things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays delays to food safety smart loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more. Yep It's time again yes it is. You've entered the steam room. Please keep the towel on. That's the fluid situation on the towel. I mean when there are other people in the steam room I tend to keep the town. Yes yes yes and we're in here. Someone just came in the steam room and I'm saying keep the towel please So welcome to which what by my calculations is the fastest growing podcast in the history. Three of PODCASTS. At at again at last count chuck six hundred trillion subscriptions. My goodness esteem Rene said we would never make it and that's just it just jumped some rough. Estimating that I've been doing but it it probably is subject to change In this episode will review the Super Bowl. Yes what a game. We'll have tim. Kylie are longtime producer. Who's what about the Lincoln of the no game the Oscars coming up? Oh Yeah we will gaze into the Crystal Ball Charles has never missed. He tells me never missed a best picture prediction addiction. That's what you say. But I I've been there when you've missed Misfired on those before all of that to come along with Chuck's answering during machine but we begin as we always do this way. First of all you get cheerios. I've had two regular cheerio for Nevada route. A motorcycle Asaka who make millions of dollars in the first of all zero plus zero zero. It's first of all yes so first of all. What's on the Chuck Stirs Mind? Well this is personal for me. This is about Some idiot lady in our I don't even know the Lady's his name I just know she's an idiot and I'm gonNA give you a couple of reasons. Why so? I'm watching all the stuff in our and it had this lady eighty who says she walks up to the pulses. Can I have my vote back at this at the Iowa Caucus and the latest. Excuse use me she says. Can I have my vote back. I want to change it and later says why she says I just found out compete. Buddha Jake was gay and laces excuse me again. He's yeah he's gay. He's got a husband and she says A. Why can't vote for a gay Gotcha and it hurt me for all my gay friends? There's somebody could be that narrow minded that she says I. I can't vote for Giga. Don't worry about his policies intimate and that bothered me and well. Apparently her his policies Zeze were enough to garner her suppor- no no you'll she found out but see backing up. What your CEO? But my thing is what's worse her discriminating against gay people or being so stupid. She didn't know that. So it was multi-layered so that's what bothered me like lady. You should know whether he's gay or not in his policies before you hand in the boat. You like one thing I can say. I don't judge other people I got plenty of gay friends. Blessed him blessed him but to no two are at a place you vote. It ain't try to go back just because the guys that you're stupid but I think was more stupid it did. You should do your homework. John Every candidate and and I was GONNA say. I don't know what I'm more mad about her. Discriminating against for being gay or her being so stupid it does. She didn't do her homework. ONA candidate it was. It was a piece of piece of Video that went viral. You can you can certainly find it if you choose to find it. We're not going to use a name or any of what is now. You know you've got this impeachment thing going on We got the greatest country in the world. I've been around a where America's greenest place in the world but this embarrassment of this impeachment stuff stuff and away our country's ran now when you see embarrassment of the impeachment stuff. What do you mean I mean people just vote with party lines? uh-huh that to me was embarrassing. This and you know chuck stir it was Like watching the results in Iowa and how mangled that was where you have you. Have this big build up to the Iowa caucuses. Who's going to have the head of steam heading into New Hampshire? Well stick around. We're going to know one another day or so so that was all messed up and watching the state of the Union would you talk about being strictly strictly divided down party lines and vice of NECE and all right. I'm not shaking her hand. I'm ripping up his speech. We're GONNA chant four more ears. It's too embarrassing. I couldn't watch him to the notice that the president of the United States would not shake hands with the speaker of the House and then her tear knows papers up. Like this is a joke. Just get this do is present the United States and she's the speaker of the House and she tears. These papers up there was embarrassing. You know what it was like if I'm the rest of the world and I'm watching this this is this is like we like we watch. Sometimes we'll see Government bodies around the world where. Hey suddenly a fistfight out or this happens or somebody through and you know what if I'm watching this from a distance I'm saying what does one of those is it going on. Yeah so I I was just embarrassed by the whole thing. I'm like dude you the president. You got to shake her hand. I didn't cheat trump's it. Oh Nice Nice play on words Yes yes I asked him. I didn't stop him before he does. But I'm just so disgusted with with politics right now and like. I say I'm not going to sit here and act like whoever. The president of the United States is is going to change my life dramatically but man we got. We got to. What happened to civility? Excellent question What happened to I wish I had the answer? But it's going to be interested in next year and a half seems a lot of times. That ship has sailed You know what I want to talk about when we come back much lighter stuff. Yes Sir let's talk about the Oscars. Yes let's talk about the best movies and all that stuff. We'll do that when we come back with more on this team becky around the steam room. Where one of my? This is my favorite part of the show. Today I'm not Golah. What is the Oscar stuff? Okay good do more. We're only this is only the second segment you don't know the next two segments could be absolutely you know at take movies though I know you. Do I love my movie. So is this list and I'm looking at say one. Two three four five six seven eight one of their nine or or are there more than nine. There are nine best picture nominees now and I know you like to go to the movies. I do so the Irishman yes. Once upon a time in Hollywood I did no yes yes or no will suffice. I five nine thousand nine hundred seventeen. Yes joker yes parasite no Joe Rabbit. Yes Ford versus Ferrari. Yes marriage story no little women no all right so having not seen all all of them of the ones that you've seen chuck stor because you've seen six. I guess you know five six of these. What get your vote for best picture? Nineteen seventeen I've heard that it was outstanding is outstanding. But the two that I really WanNa see told me about nine hundred seventeen world so typical. Oh wait a minute. I have seen nine hundred seventeen. I Apologize See when I'm dealing with. No no our policy. I see these chuckles goals around the crew. No no it's not gonNA Latte T I thought I have not okay. So you're in nineteen seven. I was no. They've seen the Irishman. I have absolutely Irishman is okay. There's the same group Casino. Goodfellas the departed. Have already that that same thing. I take all those movies are the same first of all good fellows is probably one of my top five movies. You don't like I just love talking to you. Maggie cracks me up but I know I do. I love Goodfellas. So that was one of those that you're flipping around and it's like Oh goodfellas. Oh I'll watch on AH CASINO. Yeah those all the same movie. No older they're just. Oh but I will tell you this. The two movies I've got to see and I've been told this three actually nine hundred seventeen is one thousand nine hundred seventeen Gioja Rabbit. We know remember tonight. We had Adam Sal in here you sir. He said it's not nominated for best picture. Uncut gyms but Adam Sandler is sensational in that Heaven Garden Garden. But guess what he said the best movie I don't want to paraphrase. We sit. He said parasite yeah. I haven't seen see net parasite WanNa best move as he recommended that. Okay so back to the question of those that you have seen and again you have to take nine hundred seventeen see something. It was really weird about movies. Are you going to answer this question. I am what's the best movie you've seen. I just WANNA hold on one second because I have issue with does joker. I didn't like it okay. Okay and it'll have but I'm saying is won every award and I'm thinking I need to go see it again. Tapie Miss something that you were supposed to see. Yes and I know Joaquin. Phoenix has won all the awards. And he's probably going to win the Academy Award but when I'm sitting Sydney watching this movie I'm like I'm not feeling this at all so as we are so let's get back to your list. Well can I see. The listing the Irishman once upon a time in Hollywood nineteen seventeen joker parasite Joe Rabbit Ford versus Ferrari marriage story. We're in little women and you have not seen those two. They're not GonNa win but the best one I've seen on that list. It's for versus Ferrari. I actually thought Matt Damon and Christian Christian Bale Awesome Awesome. I loved his little son Christian. Bale's little son his wife. It was cool but Christian. Bale going back to the fighter. He was great in one. Came out about Dick. Dick Cheney Obviously it was amazing. I just in Christian Bill and Matt Damon is fabulous. You know and I remember telling you. I said you need to see this movie. It's really good because when it when I first saw the the Advertisements for it was like I don't know I don't because I'm not big gearhead you know I don't know cars that great but once you start watching such a wonderful story and characters actors and everything and my man. Josh was such a prick in the movie. I forget Josh Josh. His last name. Oh Yeah I remember. We had him and for glory. You exactly right we yeah. We had a screening for glory and he was his name Josh because he played the coach in yes but yet he was here. Just deep test in that in that movie and I and I was like yeah man. If do but Christian Bale played his part amazing and Matt was fantastic so so cap our producer. We you know Charles and I were kind kind of stumbling all around this Josh Shoe Izzy and expecting to hear cap. Say here's the last name and there. It is Josh Josh Lucas Josh Lucas. Thank you so he. He's done some good stuff but man that's one thing. I love about movies when you hate a character character. I love a character. Well that's how you know that's the sign of a good film is because the the they developed a characters to the point there that makes them ruble. Or because if you don't do that if you just have a bunch of folks but but the way they develop these guys you either pulling forum or you're saying boy hope this this guy gets it at the end of this movie. That's that's what makes to see mayors marriage story because I'm a big fan of Adam driver with a big fan of marriage marriage story. I said I'm a big fan of with me man. I'm a big fan of atoms. Rava going back to Black Klansman shot my boy spike Lee. He's really good. Yeah but he's really good. I I saw him. He hosts live about Two three weeks ago. I can't wait to see what comes out of this once. Seventeen is GONNA win again. You haven't seen I haven't overseen Yes for some. I like watching one Areso store going to see different movies because like what you see when they win awards deaths when you're like okay. A lot of people voted. They liked this movie. And that's a good way to who go start going and seeing movies I just I just like the way you started describing in one thousand nine hundred seventeen you know. It's kind of your typical hold it. I haven't seen that. No because you know what I went. What happened? I went to see I was going to see nineteen seventy and then I walked. aww Marquee and I wince all the gentleman would matthew mcconaughey Oh okay I got a man crush on Saudi hunting right now. That hyper says name You're the one with the crush. Yeah I do I. I started watching him He played a role guide. And one of these recent recent movie. King Arthur. So I don't see it. I didn't see him in. Anarchy whatever it was but I got a man Chris Charlie on right now but who grant was great Oh some a man named he was great too. It's no question and no surprise is when you listen to this segment of the steam room that people who are searching for entertainment news. No there's only one source and that is the steam room. Yes that's we're we can tell you about moves you haven't seen and guess at the names of those who might appear on the screen and remember everybody's name that's what puts us right up here way on the top rung on the credibility ladder. I think that guy's really good. The guy got a crush on. I don't know what his name Charlie Hanin is his name. Okay okay anyway. Good luck to everybody. WHO's nominated members? It's an honor to be nominated. Yeah unless you lose excellent point back with more on the steam Brunetta this problems. It's human nature church to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things. Ben Things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety. SMART LOVES PROBLEMS IBM. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more. Br Can you imagine a world filled with folks wearing the steam room bathrobe as as nicely as Tim. Kylie we are longtime producer. Are you really wearing a Dan Marino. He will let me tell you something. Chuck the way patent homes was throwing the ball around. He reminded me of my teammate. And my friend Dan Marino. Let me ask you a question if I had a dollar every time you drop Dan Marino's name I'd Extra ten fifteen. Because you WanNa talk we ever think Danny you on the phone. Ah Serious talk believable tonight Bam Marina. What's up breath? Uh Aw Charles how you doing man. I'm doing great. He wanted me to surprise show. You definitely surprise me. Hey because he dropped your name. I've been working working with a nineteen years and he bragged so much about you all the time and you know what he should he was at a dinner and he looked at all of us and said how the hell did I win a game with any of these. That's the truth man. I've been given by your buddy Tim Kylie. You know a few a few bullet points on your career. But before I get to any of those can you describe honestly Dan. Tim's football skills. Well he's one of those guys like like yes you would call a fringe player. Thanks ice yeah you got to them anytime. They are always referred to him as a wedge buster sent him down on kickoff break up the wage. And that's probably why he's bald now. Uh You had a final week down that last week I bet you know what it was. Yeah it was. I thought Miami put on a good show man. It was a lot of fun has good parties. has you know corporate stuff like that but the game was great to game was outstanding outstanding. Tell me about What Patrick Mahomes does Dan that? Get your attention. just You know his ability to throw the football the way he does like from all angles and he has a real. Oh good sense in the pocket you know good feel and he could flat out sling it you know. And that's that's you gotta be able to do that you know in the NFL and he has he has all the throws. Let's put it that way. I'm s you a football. Of course I'm GonNa Start with a basketball question. Track could try to compare the two so in NBA. Now we don't have big eyes anymore. We just have a bunch of little guys running around e even bigeye shoot threes. I don't think is great for the game. Now my question to you is how are you happy with the way. Football has become all offense now. yeah I mean I see that it's It's something that's exciting for the fans you know. I mean the way the rules are announced. You know you look at a quarterback you can't hit them in the head or again in a below the knee and it's made for throwing the football I mean it's it's the way it is. That's what people I wanNA see. And that's why they're putting up these huge numbers you know mahomes last year. He threw fifty touchdowns. I mean that's for first year player. I mean that's amazing. So Yeah it's it's fun to watch because no doubt about this thing where you can't touch the quarterback anymore like right. I don't I don't like it personally because is like they're saying one guy. I don't want anybody to get hurt but to me. What Tair saying is because it occurs to play football? I admire them but to say that one position we have to protect that one position existed above all other position. I get a little frustrated with that. Well you know what I think. It is a certain extent. I can see where you get frustrated but also also the other you know other players receivers can't get you know you can't have the head shots anymore down the field so it's a little easier going across the middle sometimes because you know most most of the time you're not going to get your hands off so all that stuff plays into it and it's not just I mean it is it's more. There's more emphasis on the quarterback. You're right But at the same time I think there's it's it's the same with other players to you know so it's not quite. I agree with what you're saying to a certain extent but it's also the it's a factor for receivers and running backs and you know anybody. That's touching the ball Dan in all objective honesty Better Performance Charles in space jam. Or you an ace Ventura pet detective. There's no doubt that me playing in as mature. That was way better like I feel like I made Jim Carey Star Star wasn't his toughest college football team. He ever faced Georgia right speaking. I got got a little present for any drug. You'll enjoy this. You got it. The nineteen eighty two sugar bowl pitted the ten. And one can Thurs against the highly ranked Georgia bulldogs the with just seconds remaining in the game trail by three it was fourth down. What be the last play for? Yeah I remember watching that stuff. That was good stuff. That was a good Georgia team. Though Ari sorry buddy they should have blitz me on fourth down. Yeah if you bliss on for down you better get to him. They didn't know all this time. You know you gotta get over it man you just gotTa accept it now you were. You had a little time to throw. That ball not surprised that it was that it was a bucket. Shut down there man alive the best job. When you're a Dan Kurtzer Heck Outta work number one? I've been around you minute ties. Man I tell people you're a good man. Thanks for taking the time for the steam room. Oh no problem at any time there. I don't know what I know when your resume man. I know first ballot L. at hall of Famer Etcetera Etcetera but Steam Room guest. That's going to go right up there near the top. My friend as Hey dan thanks man no great great job man thank you know. Call me for awhile coming down to your house either. So don't worry about it. We'll see you next week on the steam rupe group guys appreciate it thank you. Thanks Pamela. The Super Bowl cooks man. That was that was. That was a good one that that was a heck of a game. I mean both teams you know like I said I'm not gonNA blame the Ford announced. I knew everybody's ragging on cow Shanahan right now but like man. Patrick mahomes especial but I was really more happy for Andy Reid. He's because he's Charles Barkley Shit Shit List for guys who had great careers would never want a big game. I always root but those guys and they're like why China read has the most wins. Never win the Super Bowl. I'm like why had to finish it like that. So I love when guys who haven't won a championship and Sports Wean it. Because I know it's always a crappy list of beyond so I was really happy because he confers well being in Philly for the last thirty some years Bruce and it was there for like fifteen sixteen years and evening in Kennison. I've never heard a bad word about and so I was happy. Happy for him. Can I give a shout out before we throws out here. I just wanted to mention that my friend Dan Marino built hospital for autism in Nineteen Nineteen ninety-five. Wow in Miami. It's called the Dan Marino Center at Miami Children's Hospital because one as boys is autistic. He adopted two children from China. Much like Ernie. That's awesome great job getting him by the way it is wonderful talking to you know how big a sports fan I am right. Yeah Eh. So I'm planning Dan Marino's golf tournament and when you meet somebody who's great you. Hope they are nice is guy because we know some guys who are just total jackasses when you meet him but from the first time I met Dan Marino he's just a good guy. It wonderful having Dan with us and when we come back one of everybody's most I don't know I'll say favorite are most entertaining parts of the show the the answering machine chuck's answering machine is it ever full. Ernie sure Oh no question we we had a bit has. It's a specially made answering machine has two big. Reel to reel thing. We'll be back back here in the steam room and if you were regular listener or a steamer as we like to call you. That's what God calls us. Yeah I liked it. I liked it. Anybody who listens to the steam room is a steam. A loyal A loyal steam right. So if you're a loyal steamer you know what it's time for as we wrap up another episode of the Steam Room. We're going old school you'll re- we saw Barclay leave a message America talking personal Larry's when you call wing slappers anyway. You got me thinking. Describe your perfect way Buffalo Barbecue Lemon pepper. You like an extra hot or mild dipping rancher blue cheese to seem as one or now thanks chuck well and I and I also thought it was hilarious when you because I was asking you. Do you like the drum mets or the flat when the flappers you first of all. I don't have a debt my wings I might. I think I've seen you. You saw me dip it in the red sauce the raspberry every solves. Yes yes but I don't have a diplomat rant or anything like that but Lemon pepper and jerk burke sauce are probably my two favorite wings. I mean I do. Lemon pepper's always good but you get a great jerk. Place the jerk sauce. They're pretty awesome and I have. I have no problem with the buffalo sauce. I'M NOT GONNA lie but if I had my preference if I can get get lemon pepper jerk. I'm good so you don't need a real hot a real hot sauce. They kind of know her. And you're like Oh man. Give me something to drink and I don't mind spicy. I don't WanNa go overboard. Some people want him really really hot. I'm like that's just stupid. I won't enjoy my food. I don't WanNa have to grab grab a glass of water every bite we have. I don't know if you have a favorite place to get your to get your wings but I know which is hard but we you know there have been a few nights so yeah we have up who locally local mile and a half from where we're taping the steam team room right down the pub and those are some lemon pepper and that's where they had that raspberry sauce. Yeah who who would have thought I know who came up with that. I don't know but they do a fantastic job with dilemma pepe. The TERIYAKI BARBEQUE DOT COM. Well the the the buffalo but man wings are you're a they not easy because a lot of places they crispy on the crease crispy on the outside and have don inside with just pisses me off to know in. And we shouldn't mention the place where we really love those. We really love those wings. Because I don't I don't know if it's allowed that we mentioned eleventh street pub but Y- just said pub. Yeah he's on Leominster. Yeah it's awesome. That's probably why they call it. The Levy Street. Yeah you're right. Hey I think we have another call. Ernie what's up. Chuck Charles wanted to ask you back something bump days who's got the bigger ass you Mahorn. One of my favorite people in a world is Rick Mahorn. You know there are some teammates that you play with. Derek Smith Johnny Dhaka's Hersey Hawkins Wins Mark West. Dan Marley Kevin Johnson. There's some teammates that you really really love being within around my Jamaica. I don't WanNa leave big Mike out but mahone and me got along really really well. He was great for me. Are you kind of wandering a wave. No but I'm offended by that question. You Seen Rick Fat ass but I just wanted to other teams but I'm a little offended by your question. If you've seen Rick Mahorn you know. His ASS is a lot bigger than mine. Love Your Horn. Shut the next call. Hey guys this is Kayla from Chicago excited for my hometown all star weekend. My Hi question is what is All star weekend. Like Charles Barkley. Well it's different as a player and an announcer number one's ACOG. Oh second favorite city in the World Rollout Toronto just fun I think sometimes people get carried away saying the game is not competitive like you. You have an obligation to your team and not go out and get hurt anything like this you just go out to have fun. To highlight of the weekend is proud of the slam dunk. Three point shooting contest. But it's just a great celebration I think the NBA The does a fantastic job of bringing back auto. Oh guys and to me to highlight when you walk around and you see magic. Johnson Larry Bird. UC Bill Russell. You See Kareem you see Jerry West Lake to be around those guys. I don't think I don't think like and I'm an old guy but I don't think we ever highlight. Highlight the old guys enough because we want for those guys It wouldn't be an NBA today. So just walking around seeing Dan the auto older guys to me. If the highlight of the weekend you went to a lot of all star games as a player. Did it ever get old. It never gets old because because unless you know that like wow. I'm doing good. I've accomplished amazing distantly consistently. I like some guys you know. Oh Kenya always say his biggest regret as never make an all star team and still like some guys make it once or twice they never get there again. The has sustained sustain excellence. You notice thought it was going to roll off my tongue. Sustain excellence It really meant a great deal to me. and it's an honor and a privilege on that note. We put the wraps on another episode of the steamer. Yes just can't wait until next week to see Z.. Exponentially like that one exponentially. The number of subscribers will have grown by that we might be into the GAZILLION EH. Eh you go. Thanks loyal steamers problems. It's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things. Ben Things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety smart loves problems. IBM MM-HMM LET's put smart to work. Visit I._B._M. dot com slash smart to learn more.

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