79: Special Guest Agent 57Cell, Ficto, and Everything Ingress


Today's podcast is brought to you by audible. Get a free audiobook. Download and said he day free trial at www dot audible trial dot com slash agent academy over one hundred and eighty thousand titles to choose from for your iphone android kindle or impede three player now. Welcome to the agent academy downloading latest Intel. Package welcome back was getting worried about you. Number Seventy Nine reported on March twenty seven twenty twenty. I'm agent Gooney Guy. Age Do J. J. in an interesting fifty centers. If he's he's he's a little far away like Australia. Like nine o'clock in the morning there. So that's right. We're glad you're here. I was tiny. Your time is relative. They also are you. Are you anywhere near Adelaide? I mean if you don't want to mention where you are. That's fine well Westminster so it's kind and almost the oxide of the country from everywhere else in we. We could with three thousand kilometers. Fields Skull grow units. What do you call those like? I haven't candidate loose units. Kim Greely units all units. There that works that works. What are they will? So we've got some news to talk about and I'm sure if you've ever watched videos on Youtube fifty-seven sells videos fan fields and like all this too much math for me crazy like how to really maximize fields in a bunch of cool stuff so go check it out if you haven't seen it. You're living in Iraq. If that's the case and thanks for the subscription their Arctic revel. It's good to see your your name and have a bunch of people in chat so that's often to you. I I'M GONNA go ahead and start with my week. It's a very short week just more work but also I did get the scan my first portal. It happened to be a church. The church sign. It was the church Jan while actually scan the whole thing. I got probably a quarter way around the building before the game ended and I guess I can send multiple scans but I started with that one and then I haven't done any more so really working that Badge Ele. I smaller church like no titan statues and and things like that but Zebo Gazebo. Iphone doesn't support little scanning currently and with everything going on the world right now. I don't think I'm going to be looking at doing portal. Skin's a little bit of time. Potentially what else have you been doing this weekend? I know you've probably done some vanguard Steph. Watts it work. It's it's pretty much it's been work and just trying to maintain sanity with all of those social distancing and everything else going on so do a lot of you know Brooks in around my apartment complex and trying to hit the back roads just to avoid people and there are supporters on that route so I am still able to get a couple of accidents and trying to get some extra power cubes because right now it's kind of like deciding which I wanNA maintain is is most of my ingress game. Play right now is just making trilog the strategic things that I wanNA keep up or charged and like hiking. Portal's his oddly enough. Everybody seems to be flocking to the trails. Making it to where it makes sense. You don't want to be anywhere near the trails. Are you seeing a lot of spoofing? Since people can't get out they decided to do it that way out. It doesn't really seem to be more than more like a Hagia put it that way. I'd say it's been pretty satisfied with reports coming in so there isn't a big increase. Hopefully I did know. I thought maybe people would try that since I can't get out and they thought well maybe I'll just do it this way there was I heard. I don't think there was ever posted but there was there was like a Polka Mongo campaign. Can't remember what the name of that petition cited where it was like niantic allows disprove during the worst. Now I have been still doing some car. Grassing I still am travelling to and from work so I'm being very careful. Of course we're kind of a health provider so and putting in computers and making sure that they don't lose networking stuff because that's their Gatien so throughout a couple more layers on feels nothing like nothing like fifty seven sal does but now keeping keeping my little cell alive and throughout a couple of prime tips episodes figured people were just caught in the house or looking for something they get so they would probably listen to that other than that. It's not like you said hasn't been a whole lot but it's been a lot of rain here lately so I am feeling I may be gets good. Make out and do a little bit and just like you. I'm planning I've got some trails that I could hit and I can stay away from people I hope but it's small enough down. Its rule enough that I could walk around down. Nobody within that size is definitely winning in terms of that advantage to people. Come what about fifty you sell would you? Would you get this week? Yeah well these crazy. English found only thinking. If you've mentioned if he was really homebound what can they actually do and crazy organs like they could get together with other agents who have keys for their own couch portals and so forth but I should say not? A lot of people have couch. Portal's great ideas they get In terms of my own self will be working from home since last week. My company's been good that they don't pretty on the ball with this whole thing and timetables ballgame kickstarter just finished and now's traction put that ballgame together. Get it up. I've got a couple of teachers. They're looking forward to that. I can't use it for like a month. But they're looking forward to it. That's great all right under the news. Yeah sorry I'm Kinda riding the down here on some audio issues but Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's the news. Well today. I think about noon central standard time. So that would probably be what middle of the night for you. Fifty seven in I did some back in maintenance and they said it would last for a couple of hours and it may caused them. Increased latency in your scanner. Of course people to let him know what was going on. So I saw some agents reporting that they were unable to to deploy portal's very slow response and I think about four thirty central standard time. Some agents we're getting some four thirty some five three years so that tells me that they were working on some things especially the Intel. They noted that the engineers that said that the Intel should be better based on some changes. They made so. I popped into the Intel map about that seven o'clock and it seemed to be happier but I didn't put it through paces of changing things to see of it catches those changes. It seemed to be good for me. I haven't really seen anything because most of my plays normally on the way to work and on the way home from work and working from home has really put a dent in that. Because by the time I've done with work it's like time to start dinner and then after that it's getting late and it's like well then I will be out way too late to figure out and do ingress and So I haven't been playing much lately. I need home portal. They need to get in the item in the game to give us well. Just just grab some Gazebo and move it into your yard and then rotated it was private property though. Okay move it out on the sidewalk next year. House pavilion here lakes beautiful. I'll just run down to the hardware store staying six feet away from everyone decoding they do have the decoding cutting challenges and go on. Is that right? Is there something going on there? Is that right? Well I I saw something about two pieces left so there must be. There must be working on something. I haven't haven't really kept up with the television as much as I have. But evidently there's still waiting on round eight predictions and then they're figuring that around nine. I'll start after those come out so I don't know whether the tether band is stuck at home or whether they're just holding off on that for some reason or another but one of the things that agents could definitely do without having to go out into the field. I believe a throw the hand sanitizers on l. The debtor Dan. Yeah wash those tethered hands before they touch two three. That's that probably is where it's at the portal. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. I wash my hands so much the back of my hands or read the moisture is and I got to start doing that stuff but it will be the next thing to show Joel Toilet paper. I still don't understand the toilet paper thing well. Somebody explained that to me the other day when people panic they get the basic materials that they need and evidently toy vapors very basic and so everybody feels they have to have it like I kinda wish it could be. You Know Panic. Buying Power Fugit. Balk right down micro pack but if the Big Lake. You know. Forty six pack. Power accused were each power to has a little bit more in it. It's like this power. Cube is a little weight. But it's got like two hundred exit more than the regular power because it's in the bonus pack lays there you go yes double. That's nothing I mean they they. They've all sorts of things that they allow you to do extra resonator and cut down on the time but I don't think I've ever seen him do a boost on on a power back. We said like increase drop rate on before and things of that not only tweak to the actual no. I think if we were going to get anything it would probably be increase drop rate. Because that's probably something that's a little easier on the fly but I think it should make it fun. Just give it give it a random charge so you may get one like ten percent charging you're screwed and one that's like one hundred and thirty percent charge. Your bonus hyper before us right and they get free packs out all the time in Harry Potter. Like just every other week. It's like. Hey here's a bonus pack with nearly what's this foreign and I guess it's whatever events going on at the time you're ready for it so they could do that within growth. I would like to see what they've done. Similar for some of the anniversary events where you can to discourage multiple accounts from being able to redeem Mike mass amount of codes. Just have it set up to where if you go into the in restorer. There's like a daily number of cubes or weekly total or something that you can redeem from just zero caddick in you just so you can do that and get small amount of cubes keep going keep. Something's charge but I guess we'll we'll see what happens with that. I think right now just the. Ar Gaming space in general is kind of struggling across the board to figure out how to adjust to the situation. And I think ingress is no exception. Where so much of our game is go out. Travel places people and right now. Isn't that the best thing that you should do that? That's right yeah I. You're probably right there. You know that you're talking about changing the games and stuff like that. I don't know whether it might help on. It seems like we see Spoofer that I think what they do is to get those forever codes and then just run a bunch of those coach through in that way they can get get that spoofing account up to like level four something and work a little bit more and get it up to five. And that's when they start to use it so I don't know whether they need to put like a slow mode on those forever coats. He knew one a day which I know is the yourself anniversary year when they released the historic codes that you get zero caddick matter Your account had to be like a certain amount of time Aged that way you couldn't just create like a new account all the items transfer them off so the selling a similar. I'm done before we take the AP off all the codes completely now forever. It's have had that at a p stripped so it might be incorrect on some of that but I do know that there was like back I think during the first Navarro there was like a huge avalanche codes and what it was was a lot of the forever Coz it had been retooled to not have the AP in but because of that they became active for pretty much everybody again and speaking of active or not active for everyone facto was released clock the city. Yesterday I think lead ballooned in it and I don't know issue but when I went to download it and it was like well. I don't see it on the store and finally went back to their twitter. And it's like we're corona virus. It's the reason why it's not up on Google yet. Now he's out there for IOS. I assume it is because they just said that it was a Google playstore issue. Yeah that's yeah that's where I tended I. I went to their site so they had like. Oh you know sign up if you want to hear more details and then could not get the APP so it was like well I tried. I am hoping Sony got a recording or has footnote somewhere kids. I'm interested to see if they didn't lower related with that. So if you're out there and you know if you know Lord teasers with that police says something little dino it's it's so on brand that fits really well so don't worry about it. We'll get get into the description I saw. It looks like they said it's going to be describes it. As an accidental case of mistaken identity lands to clueless young journalist in the crosshairs of secret agents cult leaders like that and the global conspiracy hidden under the veil of everyday life. So now we're a cult evidently seems like your resistance. Call you work like a cult but yeah so I guess. Maybe that's where some of the people talked about. Maybe it was a reboot of ingress. It's what is it not ingress obsessed theory my theory so you got the number right. You got the two people right. I don't know if it's going to be. Ladies are not a so something about empowering viewers to become part of the story and secret codes includes will lead viewers to explore their world and intercept intelligence left by a mole in the series. Sounds like a drought. I think they're gonNA look for Co located portals. That's theory that I worked on have been able to buy one of those. I've been looking but they are in the ones that should be. There are no longer. There have been moving. That's terrible do that doing that's right. So what are the predictions? How long it's going to be before we see. Vikto roll out a if it's already out on IOS somehow grab it and put it on Youtube and you'll be able to see it. Yeah we just may not be able to vote in the polls or whatever. The interaction is they have So that might take some time because it may be like click on this or that like while you're watching the video it'll be interesting to see one day and hope from the Chat Room Pixel Bite says that it From what they know the first three clips were reused clips from twelve eighteen. Been where he found the phone. Oh wow so like the really old clips from the the first investigation board was posted. So Jacqueline one of the light twelve eighteen. Not a researcher just kind of like. Well he's complicated. His background is complicated by Da Vinci. Phone guys this. The other day I remember now Ritchie Phone Guy. Yeah so he gets the prototype. Ingress scanner that Deborah manages to smuggle out during Epiphany Night Race. It all heart because he gets it in like a used phone sale on Ebay or something starts ringing on its own and Oh yeah statu doing things like this. Drone swoops in late starts photographing. You'll see guys in the suits in the background talking into their hands so so I did. Send them a message. 'cause THEY WANNA get your show on Fiqh though so who knows. Maybe you'll see the agent Kaddoumi podcasts on FECTA. And you'll be able to poke us in the face while we're while we need man put out one other thing that you can do without having to go outside and let's share your favorite portal. I guess the post in in the community forums so starting a couple of days ago Fifteenth They WanNa hear about your most interesting portal's encountered and put it in your favorite social media or keys and shared a screen shot of your favorite portal. So what's in it for you other than just being great looks like there's going to be exclusive? Pasco that could be redeemed by two. So you get to share So they ask you to put out a screen shot a short not white special. You your agent name. I think they said codename tag it with my favorite portal and maybe not an Intel link. Then they'll start I guess it's just a good way to kind of get people talking. Now people out there on social media that may not know what ingress? What does this thing? I don't understand? And so maybe they can generate a little more interest that way So I think the policy the pass code come out Macbeth or something like that day table. Sixteen excuse me. This is when the passcodes might start dropping so you won't get them right away. So yeah because the few passcodes. I've gotten through their social media. Stuff have been pretty decent passcode. I don't know if that will change with Andrew sending them out but We'll see maybe vein sending them out now. Right hand has made me into an Avatar on occasion where I've had to send out some reward passcodes agents so it could happen again. Just activated Agent Academy Alison passcodes. Goodbye might send him during the show and just a secret milk who knows the passcode and the jets. Have anybody knows it was a dead drop or alive drop. I Dunno social distant drought news. You're complaining about people chasing the last drop so we really bad this time. Just stay in Max. Deploy Rain Steinway. Sojourner badges anybody relying upon the recharge or are you like me paranoid. You're going to have just to keep it alive. Just in case though no soldiers been out dead. Anyway actually yeah. I'm still euro right now even with recharge so actually can it concerned about that because it'd be recharging daily so that's so you don't think it's working or do you think it's something they'll do later. I might missed a date somewhere there. So we'll try to take a closer look at it it's been it's been crazy the last couple of days. Needless to say I have just not trusted. I've been I've been hacking portal. One close by so I can do that. So that's that's if you're if you're on fifteen hundred days you kind of don't really want to take the nature can before you try another one thing. I haven't really done is taken the time to really workable. Because now the charge rate is are the. It's like ninety seconds and then you can get sixteen hacks before you burn it out so cool down second sixteen acts you could fill your inventory. Pretty Darn quick good. I I did that on the the Puerto Portals game because it's basically been the only portal. I've been able to go to Just because they had to run to work and grab something Before I kept myself inside and unfortunately it was a neutral portal and not throw any bones and I couldn't really get it up higher than And I didn't have any AIDS like I am Dr Aids and so it's just like sitting there. Just fill in my inventory with crap more crap and more crap but I got a bunch of keys so I will be thinking. Imagine how many keys you can harvest. That's a great idea. Throw around there and just really feel quick starbursts from in like a month or two and you can get the time down if you throw on those heat sinks in okay. Could you get down to their on some crappy ones and it was down to like thirty seconds. I think pretty low right now. It's fifteen to ten fifteen seconds so I'd say thirty second spot so this is one thing that's been annoying me like when the items pop up like when you're trying to hack something and see the time that you have on it and you're like no. I just want to see the time so I never really got an accurate like okay. It's this long because the time that took was probably so I'd say forty five seconds. Yeah sure if you had to agents and you get loaded up with some pretty rare heat six you could probably get it down. Then move on to the next one won't be really only use a now. Let's your area that you're not just be on opposite sides of the parking lot is you're putting them on my bland. I wanted to talk to one or agents. That's on the other side of the cell and him you know him having a couch portal and me having a couch portal that works but we just can't find that third guy you gotta find that. Third Guy South of the blue and then he just mowed it between you over the weekend. I go on the summer with another agent but it was because of everything it was like we took separate cars an hour and a half drive. I've and then we had a couple of times like hey well we can just drive down to the bottom and it's like why don't just one of us go and it was horrible just because there were so many people in this park where there's never anybody there and I'm like what I'll do Yeah the two sir so I can't really system right away. I haven't made it out to our trails but I imagine that's what I'm going to see the same things I've seen a lot of people walking dogs and things like that. So but we digress. We need to get into the real stuff sell. You are a fielder extraordinaire. Well least is your travels big and and makes them all nice. I like that but the homogeneous fields. Yes what is that all about well? That's that's kind of a attorney what let's if you make. A bunch of land fields usually see different shades of your favorite color within the if you mentioned you've got to be by sliding along along layer along herringbone lighter fields in these ones would be really intense blue green and then listen to go but a homogeneous field homogeneous field. It's every single. Point in that whole region has the same number of less loss. That's technically really difficult thing to do. Yes kind of because it's kind of a random bunch of fields together. You can get a uniform number of letters. That's what that's what these implants you first. You have to understand. How structured because with the traditional ones. If you if you're not making cross links if you don't have doubled puddles then there's really only one structure these can have so. Yeah this the says. Is anyone structure? These can have your large triangle. And that you'll first line runs so everyone's eight hundred units field as long as you've made a field you've made one hundred one layer on US air and you're done maybe thousands of poorly in between and you had improperly. Then you get to leads attuned to make three layers you kind of need each of these smaller triangles. Each of these smaller triangles. Vani to split as well so you've got an extra three puddles in between the and the number of the number of Paul's you need for a number of leads goes up exponentially. I mean. We're all very aware of exponential growth. Now that's unfortunately it's the same thing with hundred union sealed. You won't you won't fall as you need three times as many puddles and five dollar three times until six is three hundred sixty eight. How many hundred and twenty four hundred and twenty fall quarrels? I think it is creepy. Comments from around on around about the three sixty six links and seven mayors would be three times more complicated than that if it could be done and one mistake and you have to like Jarvis just up and that's exactly right. Yeah kind of thing. Nine mistakes committed here. That a single agent from the team can come and stuff. The whole operation on Excu- frogs. You probably do that. Just a single agent from your stuff making rolling in run time and we're playing one of your videos that you have on your youtube where you make a six layer one of these solo. Yes try almost as soon as possible. The reason you can only go to six lands is you need a seeks laws. You need three things one of the portals and you can't do that Sala normally so luckily agent here agent. Ekg Who's actually working also getting ready to save lives a-coming which is fantastic. She she put the extra mode on that. I needed to complete this field and then I stopped it up so I had to flick the call. Why our present sufferings that was time for warning? And how long did it take you to do? The the six layer Took that see six thousand twenty minutes. Six thousand twenty minutes. It would have been for twenty minutes except for the mistake. I made yet just bemoaning confident there. In that clip. Well you should be finished it off your right now. How does that? How does that work out for like Ap As a good AP generator for an agent to really GonNa Genitive. This did this during wip and scored me one point. Seven million just money. Yeah it's even normal times eight hundred thousand. Ap flooding around that's including the catches and so forth. You know it could be more than that. It could be less than that depending what field is not when you star three hundred sixty four fatal. There's a lot of it. Yeah that is and I assume that works out pretty good. Mu For your cell when you do that as well tippy large year. So and I mean I haven't. I haven't seen one that smaller than I think. Seeing one of the smaller than a couple of kilometers across and these are going to be in really dense areas which will be massive anyway so they do tend to six and not the most efficient way to get in you. Simple multi-layered herringbone or something like that. But they do score on the New Year. So if you're looking if you're looking at doing one of these you need a dense portal area that that has some kind of laid out right in some respects. Yes you could enough photos you can find the right layer inside you just have to leave all other portals unused interesting now. I'm curious seem pretty much all of your videos on Youtube but I can't quite remember if there's ever a record discussion smallest six layer so I'm wondering if that's if that's something that anyone's planning on if it's something that anyone does or maybe it could be a challenge. Nearly thirty calling you on boasting about making smallest one and making the biggest one so the biggest thing was about yes. Three thousand six hundred and fifty S. Columba's. I'm not sure that he didn't square miles. I can look at it would be more. Did six feet smaller than six. Eight one thousand four hundred miles to do so and that was about one point four million. Mu In Germany was Jimmy timber by forty eight forty musicians. I remember reading that one day and they they kind of kept it quiet go ahead at all and and everything you'd want anybody to of course mess it up you throw that twice. I have to look it off or something that done a lot of these attended before. They're successful in attempted rape. They must be silent. Many grits tried and knock are done. Told anybody yeah I mean I mean you can. If you're one of those people listening in then you can. You can dust off your accent. Keep the Clarence. If are there any more? Don't play now's a good time for do planning yes. Are there any plans that you have that you've been that you're thinking of doing a video for coming up? There was there was talk a while back of having an international six edging is Field Day in June. But I suspect that's not going to happen so I had a little plan prepared. Well the start of a plan prepared for bat again. You know. That's all that's on hold. Ill dusted-off at some point in terms of videos. Some of the things. I've been thinking about now. Fields how do you make really complicated arrangements of fields? Beautiful something quite cynical but to me just show you know you've you've you've got master over this guy you know how to do. So that's that's that's being that Halloween challenge make a jackal land with no fields. Why is it now? Do you think is it possible to come up with emergence field? That's not the triangle. The classical triangle shape that maybe you can do. I know that you've come up with like two different ones together to come up with a Rambus or something like that. Yeah Yeah Yeah you could definitely I mean at the very least you could just stay together. And then you've got your you've got your own this and make any pet. There has been some beautiful work done with them. I think there was some amazing green. I can't remember what country wants now but this beautiful artwork of these these Green Line. Where a lot of the elements of the genius fields and one thing that drives drives me to make this video. Let's is to put ideas into the hands of the agents so that they can go and do something better. Do something incredible with his some. Now you've got your basic you your basic paintbrush and paints ingrained in blood. Has Some has an extra drawing tools you can use. What can you come up with? That's what I that's what really excites me is just take the stuff that. I've put out the ten times for me. And some people think it math is involved so they run away from during the actual challenge enemies like sending your videos out to different people in kind of encourage them because we had a lot of agents locally. It's thought that that was too high of a number to accomplish and I was one of the people that skipped out on going for the third tier of the extra five Controller badge so for didactic was kind of like well. I want to go for the top tier on this because I had some life commitments and other things going on during at so five or approved myself that I can do it and I want to do it. Smart rather than just go out and do a lot of microfilming so actually the first time in a long time. Kinda dusted off the the brain announced to put together a couple of AP generators and actually do some pretty much. Just like herringbone type. Setup spoke with anchor points that way I could flu become cold and the same portal's is over and over again while I was waiting for cool down. So wasn't using his name. Flip cards or you know. Softbank's wasting the soft bank's that's been a good resource. I think a Lotta people so yeah. I'm sure work is appreciated by regard. And if you're a beginning Agent and you not done a lot of fielding and you want to know how to maximize your fielding. These are probably the best videos to explain how to do that. And I really want to steal your software that you use for that by the way but I'll deal with that later but he does a really good job of explaining how to get every bit that you can get and I've used your you know Examples a couple of times like this isn't GonNa work and it's like by. Golly it works so thank you for that. I still get comments from time to time saying I thought you couldn't feel the puddles already under a field that says you can't make from. Its you can link to do it and having people contact or reach out in the local Chevy like when. How did you understand this inflatable seeds? Yeah as long as you're throwing for something it's not completely under a field you can throw something under a field. Launched crossing a link to so. Yeah that that takes a while for people to grasp it in their heads that we talked about throwing back at one time back links or you guys give different names and Yeah beginning agents they. They just can't grasp that idea split in that field. Monroe Act like that shocked me the first time I did it by accident. You're getting jaded resistant. Software L. splitting fields was almost kind of like something that wasn't intended. I think to some regard like early early on I can remember. There was a point in time where they took away the ability to to split fields but it was only for like twenty four hours eight hours. Maybe because of the complaints came. This never really intended for this to happen. But it's it's it's an important thing because I mean if you want if you want that feel stand after they take out one of the anchors these split the fields and half of. It's still there if you don't split the fields then they take out one side and everything goes down. You know but if you're wanting to flip and re throw you split the fields so yeah it's it's it's something you can use to your advantage. You Know I. It doesn't add something to the guy on biased. Of course you understand or expressive has just Chit Lucky. That's what happens so I am curious because this popped into my mind but what is your. What is your link to field ratio is something that you boast on or that you. I did go after I am age. Die Reached three thousand links with two thousand fields and some of the local plants. Wow that's a really good ratio. Oh is it something I should be? Tediously pushed it up to one to one and says it. Stay there for a long time. I did go onto one during operation. -Til Star we were making a league star into a doubled so you know I dropped back and and I collected foods far outstrips maids Racia- he had a go at me. Enjoy CUSHY BACKUPS. Winning so yes I try to maintain. Its just almost a habit that now. It's like I see I could make field but I need to throw two leagues just one. Oh I don't want to do this. Fifteen point nine thousand links to ten point four thousand field so like I tried A. That's about every rich average. I've been my terrible. I live on if it if it shows it goes which must be. My rule is late four portals for fields. And that's the way to try and keep it. But yeah that's Vanessa the game. I mean that's it learning fingers now early age of Academy. They're all looking at your phone. Indicate where mindset. Is there any anything you wish that was in? Ingress like a feature. That isn't into anything. I wish it was in English as a feature. I guess the things that the things that annoy me the most is when I need to key in Conchita. But this is this is this is the game. I don't really wish that would change. It's a it's a matter of if I just go out there. I think I'm on my way somewhere. I happened to look Intel and say all as a field I could make and I'm not really thinking through sometimes I wouldn't have the case. That's it's annoying but that's life there's I really do like the game as it is I. I'm sure if I thought carefully about come up with a big long laundry list of suggestions that I wouldn't change a lot about it. I mean we had changes when we went from redacted to prime in our discussions. Were saying you know. It's really close to parody at this point and I think it's beyond it's added a number of things that we didn't have and redacted so moving forward in it seems to me anyway Stability on the scanners is much much better. I don't I can't remember last time I've had a crash out on the weird things now on the back end they're they're still struggling with things But that's for the scanner I and on the ANDROID. It seems to be doing pretty good. I don't know about fruity phones. Now I don't know if they have issues there or not so it's a pretty stable hat now again. Yeah that there was a while that it was. It was pretty ugly. There are a lot of complaints speaking of what is your flavor of mobile phone plus an android prison. I we came out. I had an eye which is why I didn't get a founder's badge. Yeah now I'm pretty certain. This finance pretty solid. Where cost device? I think they're selling the Founder's badge in the next pack. Heard so I think just get it their every one so I don't know if this is horrible or not but I've got eleven thousand links to our eleven thousand seven twenty nine links to five thousand two hundred fields. That's every probably by where I'm at. I think I'm marriages about two to one. Yeah I'm thirty four so one so I'm GonNa go the other way I'm gonNA raise to see how many links I can make without making a field or those therapies very see but only two veins home portal farms and keys around his. He can't get out. I think there was a guy who did that. I mean he may be misremembered this but I think of this guy who had from level one from the beginning carefully avoided making Siegel field ever could only a couple of agents resistance agents. Sleeves might be butchering that one but No no control fields. No those purpose purposeful all up. No no mind control because they're resisting the XM K. I I I understand. I understand her idea behind it. But no shields I believe. I think it was only only bursting. Wow Wow I can't imagine shoot. I feel every now without knowing it so they headed points. How did he get that once? I was had to make about a hundred links with fields and that was torture every single. Incognito Mike was so this is where I I had nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine fields and I was saving my ten thousand field so when I flipped. That was extreme. I had about one hundred links to catch up to get my link staff at the same level and so every time. I threw Link House terrify. Normally I had to tell the team leader. I'm not trying any links to nominate. We're fine with that and told totally on elephants up. That's going going all the way to going. All the way to h without making single field is unimaginable. I can't see I can't quite growth how someone do that. That's incredible number so you've been playing for quite a while. I have this since the second year I think did you. Did you rehearse yet? Or are you young recruit to level fifteen again? No okay slowly recovers pretty much as soon as the feature came out so on forty two. Ap So I only just possible sixteen ounce because it so doesn't sound like you're an agent that wants to grind and get get the AP just grind grind grind and get the or AP counts as you play by play. Yeah Yeah I'll set myself some weird challenge. Go for that and what to do for love. I we got a couple agents around here. That are just like Ryan points. I gotTA grinding get points. I'm like you're just making this work have to grind and get points that Some frogs no I actually. I'm a member of the fifteen forever club right here. I'll tell you that now. We actually one of one of our players. That's pretty active in our cell. He unfortunately started playing on a school email account and I think he got up to like level fourteen and then of course that that went away so he just he just grind grind grind grind grind and got it back to sixteen rather quickly and it made me feel because you know he passed me twice. Wow I mean if you know what you're doing and like I think host Rogen I load up to twelve before the W. was even over for that year select broker. Zhang came out a very quickly. Got Up to all nine then. Wbz kicked in and then from nine to twelve during wip that year. And then like I'm only backup to fifteen now on the recreation. So if I were playing the same way. I was playing during that period of W. p. all the time. I'd probably be able to recurs like two or three times by now but it's just not sustainable but all the time I'd be burnout ship and that's exactly what happened to him. He got he got burned out and the loss for our side. He may come back standing out of College. He might be back but yeah just kind of burn himself out because he was just running. Ab generators like every couple of days. You're just going to earn but like the the field challenge a relief like doing that because it was probably once a night career thing where pretty much said. I don't like wasting the items like this but I know I can do it. I took the time to plan the generators. So I'm going to run because I kind of always been a proponent is like no get. Ap Hardaway through regular micro fielding inefficient play because over more purist and had some people like issued a challenge like you candidate hundred data act. I'm like watch me. Oh well we don't want people to get sick and tired in burnt out watching the show or we're hitting almost an hour here and I WANNA make sure. There's no no more questions for fifty seven sell for we do some housekeeping and then turn off the feed. You will get the code out before we turn it off this time right now. I will. I mean that's part of housekeeping. The show we get all the way down crazy now. We're not be ready till tomorrow. Sorry J. Lo and do a telegram when it's ready trying to midnight tomorrow and speaking of with all the Coronas stuff going on. I don't know how it is working from home that like three times as busy than I was beforehand but the last episode is out now on Youtube and a on your audio listening devices whichever one that may be so you can download it and if you're just now hearing this one hopefully it'll be out much sooner. I will try things. We love everything you do. We know it takes a lot of time and a lot of trouble so just be a nice bonus like if they're stuck at home slating you get to Agent Academy One but I was kinda thinking with prime dips like I need puppy suckers out because people are getting home board and I made just put the audio out. Real quick from like the twits recording which will be lower quality than replace it with a better quality went to edited. It just depends but just keep that in mind and same thing with the code. I will probably done tomorrow and speaking of let's go ahead and give you that code. It is a fifty-seven sell a and that is new. Mer roles new numerical those are the numbers five and seven words. L L upper grace so Go put that in tomorrow at some point the episode. We'll be on our say that don't make any promises other housekeeping before. We shut this down. Anybody have anything for US your hands. It's rice dodge unless you have to buy field or having to go. Buy a portal on your way to the grocery store. You know you just might have to hack. Yeah and just be safe and and if you do go any on any adventure with other ingress cohorts other agents. Don't be embarrassed to say. Hey let's take separate cars. You know the time to do that and North that. Have a good week bye bye. Os Fifty Seven. Salford joining the show. Thank you and next time you have like a big Video and You WanNa talk about it. Just let us know and we'll get you back on the show and and let tell folks here's to tag over to youtube which has channel will end the shutout at least it's the Chad at twitch channel. If you're in there just click on it. Go Watch some videos. Learn play better ingress and give him a light to while you're at. It subscribes doing that. Next big awesome video comes out and then head over to our channel you but We'll see like probably next week. They probably I'll go with properly. Sounds good thank you again and everybody good week bye bye.

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