The QB Factory #6: The Mahomes Mega-Deal


Hey there podcast pals I'm John Stolnis. The host of the PHILLIES pod hidden season. One of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from espy nation. Look the baseball season is one hundred and sixty two games long, and there's no way you can watch all those games, so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week. For all the fills goodness, you could ever want and make sure to check out our other podcasts including the award winning dirty inning with Justin clue and Trevor strunk and continued success with Justin Endless rozier. On, apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP. Hello dental listener. This is Michael Kissed with a quick qualifier. An update on the deshaun Jackson situation. We talk about it in this show. A still mean what I said about it, so that's not necessarily out of date. What is out of date is that the eagles have issued a statement regarding the Sean Jackson situation which I'm sure you know about again if you don't know about it, go ahead and Google it. The Eagles released this statement quote. We have spoken with Sean. Jackson about his social media, post, regardless of his intentions, the messages he shared were offensive, harmful and absolutely appalling. They have no place in our society and are not condone or support it in any way. Way, by the organization, we are disappointed. And we reiterated to disarm the importance of not only apologizing, but also using his platform to take action to promote unity, equality and respect, we are continuing to evaluate the circumstances and will take appropriate action. We take these matters very seriously, and are committed to continuing to have productive in meaningful conversations with Sean as well as all of our players and staff in order to educate learn and grow and quote, and of course the Sean had his own apology which you can have your own opinion on for me wasn't enough, but that's another discussion for another day as we continue to work through this with that, said here's the QB factory. Six? You are inside the Q.. E. Factory were magical development dusted dreams. Come true I'm your host Michael Kissed. This is all a Porsche brought to you by SP nation leading nation episode six qb factor with me as always Marcus Goldfield, quarterback, one in our hearts in our minds mark brother. Alive we are alive. You know I never liked that expression. When you ask somebody how they're doing, they would just say I'm alive. I used to have a boss at work for back when I was awful lawyer before it was an awful sports writer that would be his response is like wrote Catchphrase Adam. How he's doing I'm alive and I. Never Understood I always hated in this day and age in the year of the Rona I I kind of get it. It's dark. It's macabre. is very gallows humor, but I think we're all kind of their right now. How you doing buddy, I'm doing well. I got the quarantine bureau GPS. Go- win Nice. The people look at see on news channel eight. They love it now going to reach out to beard club and get them to sponsor the show so I can plug them some more. More, but yeah I've got some gets a product. And now it's possible, but other than the fantastic beard on calling fantastic I don't care. Of course. There's some eagles news that I want talk about before we get into the obvious topic of the show, which is going to be the Patrick mahomes setting the world on fire contracts never seen before type thing, but of course there is something to get to that before. Before the homes of it all I want to address something eagles related in that I don't know what the Hell is causing. deshaun Jackson to do whatever it is. He thinks he's doing, but it's disgusting and don't know what I'm talking about I. Encourage you to hit the Google Button and get all the context. Do need it will be brought out into the light with bigger media attention once an apology issued. Issued in the eagles deal with it as we record right now I haven't seen anything on that front. I might be behind on that so I apologize, but at the bare minimum of what needs to happen on apology from Dijon is definitely first on the list, because pushing Semitic anti-gay misogynist views while posting fake Hitler quotes about Jews. That's as they say not and look. He's old enough to the point and maybe. Maybe it's ignorance by. He's old enough to the point where ignorance is not an excuse, even though he seems very confused on what exactly the passages he's sharing or really saying then as of right now I know that the eagles are going to be responding to this today per Adam Schefter I saw a tweet that out, so we'll see what happens with that because there is absolutely no room for any of. Of that nonsense, it's indefensible, so we'll see how the eagles deal with that mark, but talk some mahomes. Where do you think I think we can talk some by you said what you said about Sean was perfect. It was well said and they're right. There's there's no room for that and we wait to see both his and the organizations response. Let's start as usual with our history reference to get ready for. For today show dusted off a gift from you, or at least a recommendation I believe from you MS analyst the storm before the storm, the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic from Mike Dunkin, and I'll read from this for a moment while Selah, fretted over sovereignty, the remained rump of the Senate took steps to legitimize his actions. Dunk is a great writer by the way I just love that sentence. They accepted his Report on the myth riddick war and confirmed all the settlements he had made in Asia. The decree, making him an enemy of the state, they even ordered a large statue of Syllabi erected in the forum bear to miss script of his own devising Lucius Cornelius Felix the title Felix now entered his official propaganda admit solo the fortunate, but all of those decrees still left Selah on the other side of the walls, so seller offered a radical suggestion revived the ancient dictatorship. Had Been Hundred Twenty years since wrong. Give itself over the hands of a dictator, once ubiquitous office in the early days of the Republic did dictatorship had been abandoned in the triumphant era of the Republican Empire Selah composed along letter to the Senate proposal that they make him dictator. He said that Italy was devastated. The republic gutted by the fire of a brutal civil war. There was no aspect of social political or economic life that had not been up ended by the events of the last decade. If Selah was to fulfil his destiny, restore the republic to its former glory, he needed more than console authority he needed. Needed absolute and unquestioned authority, his suggestion was shot deviation from accepted custom, but what was the Senate to do? Say No, so they complied with sellers request to bridge the constitutional gap. Now boatswain councils were dead. The Senate revived the office of interrupts. The Republican occasionally use an interacts to oversee consular elections. If the counselors were showing indisposed, that cannot return to Rome. Since was obviously the case the interacts convene assembly presented a bill to make a dictator, Legis fussiness replicate constantia dictator for the making of laws and settled of the constitution. The assembly passed the bill unanimously now Mike I. Bring this up because of the idea. Was the Senate to do say no, and I think that leads us to Patrick. Malls, et does because also somebody who took the mantle of dictator for a ten year period. Was Julius Caesar? Network you know getting it in perpetuity for life, a quick book reference to follow up on that story before the storm fantastic Mike. Dunkin is excellent dynasty. Which is what I'm finishing right now from Tom Hall into also did Rubicon many of you have shared your? Love for that book that recommended before and I, also recently bought the poison king, the life and legend of Mithra ladies because you mentioned the method Riddick Ward and everything like that. That's my mayor someone to be getting into that soon as well so those your QB factory book suggestions of the month. Make sure you check those out, but let's talk about the ten year Dictatorship of Julius Caesar Aka Patrick Mahomes were very similar off coarsely. Mark I mean it's. It's a ten year extension. He's got two years on the rookie. Diaz deal still so it's twelve years overall. You're looking at for the future for homes. It is a five hundred and three million dollars of money, and if you're wondering how much that can buy your what back in by you, I recently tweeted out. He could buy either four thousand private. Private Island lots in Fiji, or he could by roughly ninety, one million, nine hundred eleven, thousand, seven, hundred and sixty five crow nuts, so that's a lot of that's a big choice. A lot of credits. He could have it his laws if he so chooses, but I mean it's a huge contract, and as you wrote for the touchdown wire it Shit had shifts the paradigm because. Because a contract, we've seen tenure contracts before this one making Mahomes, the the most paid a quarterback in history and the way they've set it up in done it with the the cap in mind, the different things that can activate all this these these details about the contract, a lot of them over my head, but what I know is a lot of money marco. What about? About this shift the paradigm. What do you think overall about the contract? You know that piece I wrote over touchdown wire. It was sort of revisit in something I wrote you know in the two thousand eighteen season like early on in two thousand eighteen season, when we first home Dr Breakout I, said look. He is the paradigm shift of a quarterback that we're GONNA see. Because, we still had organizations coaches. That would get a rookie quarterback. Try to make them do what they wanted them to run. Try to make them fit that square peg into a round hole and we solid mahomes read. Ten gently around the similar tie with. Sean mcvay and Jared Goff to his certain extent, but we the homes or read reeds, willingness to say look. People thought you were area quarterback, and that's what you were going to run, and that's all you could be. There are some like bill. Polian, that did you draftable prospect? There are some like you know. A certain will say Irish. quarterback evaluator who looked at Mahomes game against Oklahoma and said he did not even see draftable quarterback. There was some that had that opinion, but reach a look. I'm going to get them up to speed using stuff that he ran college, and you saw a lot of air raid, concepts and things like that. Early on them all his career I, said look, you know the the Hoffitz. A paradigm shift is coming because people are going to look at this and say we're going to do that with our guy. At what did we see this past season with Lamar Jackson right? Yeah, you know so, and now that you see mahomes and his evolution as a passer, his growth as a quarterback result in this kind of contract, the next guy that's going to get paid. I know we're going to talk about Dak I know, we might talk about Watson, but Lamar. Jackson also coming off at MVP season. He's GonNa get big numbers. I bet as a result of this. And so you know the the game has changed was fascinated about this mahomes contracting. There are much smarter people than me to break down the numbers of this. What I find fascinated one they as an organization, thank. The salary cap is going to change. You know because. You see the first you know. The first two years of this basically twelve year contract are the rest of his rookie deal, and then the number slowly jump in. It makes the big I jump in twenty twenty three when his base salary goes to five point five million. That's the first big jump. That's right around the time. We're getting a new TV deal. Ed So. If you think about the world we're living in, we might not see thousand people packed the Fedex field anytime soon. We might not see eighty thousand at arrowhead anytime soon, but everybody might be home watching from the couch. This next TV deal might be massive, and that's I think. The the chiefs are obviously making a bunch of different bets with this contract. One is that Mahomes is going to be great and healthy, and that's probably a safe bet. We saw the guy suffered a horrific knee injury. He missed a handful of games. You know there's also making the bet that he can elevate the level of play once she takes up more of their cap beyond the rookie deal might be a safe bet, and they're also bet the caps goal to explode with a new TV deal, so now I mean. What are they GONNA? Do say no. I mean the time to figure this out in terms of their captain. We can kinda delve even further into that and they're. They're gonNA. Need time to figure that out, because the two thousand and twenty one caps situation in the bottom tier along with teams like the Eagles and they're going to have to restructure some things to free up money, but twenty twenty cap, it is only five point three mill, two, thousand, twenty, one is still a bargain capital, twenty four point eight, even twenty, twenty two. Two regardless of what happens to the cap in that year in the few years coming up thirty one point four Koch Mahomes is a bargain in after that, obviously, it gets crazy, but for this first three years were Mahomes is going to be twenty, five twenty, six twenty seven years old. Those are manageable cat numbers. If you're just looking at him alone. One big impact for example is the Chris Joan situations. They're they're talented. Defensive Lineman who they have franchise tagged and they're in this weird off. With a looming July fifteenth deadline to get a deal done with them and none of these franchise tags along with Jones are turning into long term deals right now because of this weird season, so they don't get that deal done. He would have to play this season on the tag tag is worth sixty point. One Million Dollars I'm sure they want to roll over as much as they can. In the end they may end up doing with the forty niners did with Eric Armstead and deal him for first round. Pick and that would give. Give them some cap relief long-term. Get a 'cause controlled rookie at a premium pick in the building. As well they could also sign Chris, Jones to frontloaded deal. Where in Mahomes light years they, they can kind of mitigate that hit in kind of play them off each other, but either way this shows you the dilemma that the chiefs are eventually going to face in the foreseeable future, and it limits what you can do from a team building perspective, so the chiefs aren't always going to be able to field an all star supporting cast. CAST around Mahomes much like you saw the in his last super bowl year. Does that give you concern mark, or are you just like screw it. It's Mahomes. He's not going to need that supporting cast at that level a to be so illustrious, and and do the things that he's able to do. Have MVP numbers I mean I think I'm more in the camp of screw it. It's mahomes laying out. We talk about you know I think it's to be interesting to track over the next twelve years or so is what is the situation? Situation Look like at the end of this deal you know because having lived through the twenty years of Tom Brady you know there was a certain stretch where he was throw it to reshape caldwell and Heath Evans, and he came at a relative discount, compared to other quarterbacks of quarterbacks. You know they're not married to to to Giselle technically made the money, but he was taking these team. Friendly deals and a lot of people around the league said there was the t twelve thin, and it's ballot check. They're free to money different ways. Like we talked about last week. Yeah, and I I got some grief for last week. was almost anti. New, England with my stance against grief, both it'd around the family as well as other places like the slash channel for my show. But here we go again, but at the end of Grady's time he needed help you know. And that was one of the face, so would we get into twenty, twenty, eight and twenty, twenty, nine, twenty, twenty, nine, when his cap number is forty four point nine million dollars. Yeah, that might be the time when he starts needing help again like in the first six years of this deal I'm not too worried about him because he's so athletic is operatives so grade like you? You do things that are going to mitigate the downgrading talented. The often were seen. His guys can come in and have an impact earlier. You know especially in an offense like this the imagined at some point you know maybe Eric Anna becomes the head coach, or you know as long as anti radar and Eric B enemy there. It's going to be a creative type. Offense I'm not worried about it in the near term. It's why I'm very curious to see at the. The end of this? Is he still going to be good enough to elevate the level of play when his campaign is or twenty thirty fifty point, four million dollars? Yeah, that's a big number. Nothing is guaranteed. You know you your hope for good health, obviously and everything like that and doesn't take a step back. They don't think mahomes is going to take a step back I'm not worried about that, but one thing I do to talk about. Is I actually want to turn? Turn the clock back. Because a lot of different people and you kind of said it smarter than US can explain the contract in better detail than we can moisture Lee so so I wanted to turn back the clock and talk about him as a prospect coming out and the evaluation process with all that, so we're gonNA. Talk about that we'll. We'll talk about Dak. we'll talk about Deshaun Watson all that stuff. That's coming up after the break here on the QB factory. 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Waldman's RSP and he had you on for his youtube film room session with Mahomes as he was coming out for the actually watched that this morning and for. For All the dunking that you've probably seen from people acting like he was this sure thing prospect you know after the fact and I don't want to muddy the fact that you were absolutely high on him, but people forget just how polarizing of our prospect that he was even his supporters like people like me and you that were comparatively high on him had to acknowledge that despite the ridiculous ability that was very apparent. There were plenty of flaws. Flaws to pick apart, and there were causes for concern in terms of his projection to the NFL refinement was a word that you used in terms of what was needed from him in terms of what he's been in the NFL. Has He achieved that refinement, or has he more transcended that need? Because there was a point in that film breakdown were Waldman Point. Asked you talking about a play. Do you coach this out of a guy and you just? Just had this exasperated. Deep Exhale as your immediate reaction ultimately said globally. No, but like you would like to see some of this fixed like wear. Has mahomes changed as a prospect to an NFL quarterback? Has He made that refinement or has he transcended it I think he's done a little bit of both his mechanics now and mahomes is mechanics were a massive point of contention like when I spent some time last night revisited pre-draft profiles on him. And people were like you know mechanics won't work in the National Football League. He's too lazy. He's too loopy. He's not you know in any sense refined doesn't have this sort of consistency with mechanics to work in the national football league. He was the guy where in that video I started talking about the idea that mechanics don't matter until the matter. Because what I saw from him was, he could throw it around his neck between his legs behind his back, and he's always put it where it needs to be so I wasn't so worried about the mechanics, but I did think I pulled up my draft profile autumn like I said he'll need to refine footwork mechanics time in anticipation. You know, but he'll need some game speed to make an action. What I? Look back. Talk about a hedge because I wrote with him, mahomes might carry with him a bit of a boomer bus tag, but I'm leaning towards the Boom Side of the ledger and believe that by third year in the NFL, he's a solid starter in the league. Your. Up to like it was Watson. Mahomes to and people were like. How can people had you Bisky One? This was the year. A lot of people had Kaiser. One and I felt like our to live with Watson. Mahal's you know, right. I said he might be solid starter in the league by year three. You're still way wrong. I was still rod is I. Did it right? I believe by Sturdier the NFL. Ted Year five hundred million dollar God drags. I posted this clip on the time line today. It's one of those players that you covered in the film room. It's third and twenty against Homa John. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, he's flushed up into the pocket. He's moving towards the line of scrimmage. His shoulders are perpendicular to the line of scrimmage. As he flips this on the move from mechanic standpoint. You're like what the? The Hell but it's perfect placement over twenty yards in the air down the middle of the field, and it's just astonishing, and that's so rare the ability to just throw out the rulebook it to the to the degree that he does that at the same time it. You're trying to evaluate him by old conventions of what you think. quarterback plays supposed to look like I can see why you might have missed the. The boat on this guy because everything except the result is wrong by those conventional standards, but again I'll emphasize everything except the result because the results were always there with him. No, he had some weird game. Some really bad games thrown in there too I mean. How difficult was it to see? You're always trying to like fifties, quarterbacks in a box or find a cop form like. Could you find a cop for? For mahomes that was just like I mean I. Guess I hope he's Brett Farr. But could you really say that with any kind of confidence? It was such a weird out in still to this day. In the you look around the NFL who is like Mahomes like the? There's really nobody that does what he does to the level that he does it though there's nobody and he was such a tough evaluation and He's a perfect case of wine. Scheme fit is such a critical component to everything that we do in terms of player, evaluation and landing spot with the coaches. And I talked about it at the video. We talked to the ad like about scheme fit and coaches, and it'd be both said Yeah Andy Reid a bruce. Arians like that's what we said. We said look what he needs. He needs somebody that's going to be willing to see him. Make mistakes and say I'm not going to try to make you. You know this cautious conservative Guy I'm GonNa live with you in a game where you throw three picks. Because the next night you might go out and throw sixteen as like. I'm ready to be okay with that if he lands like a Jeff. Jeff Fisher or John Fox or somebody like that. He is not Patrick Mahomes like he may still be solid starter of the League by year three type, but he's not the guy that signed this contract. He's not the guy that's on the cover of Matt and he's not the guy that entity Gordon wants to emulate when he's making. No look throws to the. The, middle of the field to a wide open guy, missing it by ten yards because he needed that and so, and that's not really an might sound like a knock. It's it's not bad situation that would limit the cap for the potential of any quarterback we spent in. This business is so much time like breaking these guys down and studying the film. Just go to take that time and go to Arby's and eat there because the owner of it matters none of what we say matters. What matters is where these guys land, and that's why we Trevor Lawrence. Trait lands when we get justice fields and this next crop, like whichever one Lens With Adam Gates whichever one lands with Eric be enemy like bet on the guy that lives with the enemy. Enemy, yeah, one hundred percent, and it's like it's like with the golf went situation right? Yeah, think about the night after that first round I remember sitting with our chatted with our mutual friend. The Great Dane Happened Goth had God one to the Rams and Jeff Fisher whence gone to to the eagles with Doug Peterson of Frank. Reich, and that quarterback room at dead told me in no certain. Though certain terms during that compensation, bet on wets wide look where he landed and look where Goff landed. Like Gough Winston is a perfect example, but we're talking about, and then you're to. Goth gets a remake of the offense with McVeigh, cutting in and things look completely different for now last year was a bit shaky, but you see the ceiling. A quarterback can hit you. See the floor quarterback had hit, and you definitely see why, in those situations Carson wentz coming into a situation with Doug Peterson, frank. Reich Frank, you know. Like all these different offense of minded quarterback minded coach, meanwhile golf is there with Jeff Fisher and is just an an object Maso that's a great way to kind of Lay that out. Make the case. That Patrick mahomes would be much different if he landed into golf situation in your one, and at that had extended beyond your one that saying he would be jared. Goff would still be better, but he wouldn't be ten bill five per mille or ten year five hundred type of thing wh, what does that mean that contract that brought up against, so we might as well kind of take a look around the league, and what it means for other quarterbacks like Dak.. Dak Prescott has got to be like Oh. Thank you, 'cause. He's not GonNa make that he's not going to get that contract. But when you look at what it means long term, he's looking for a long term deal. He could say well. You know I'm worth near close to that, aren't I? Do you not want me here? What are you GonNa? Do say no so right now. He doesn't have a long term deal, and you're looking at Shawn Watson. WHO's probably looking for a long term deal as well? What does it mean for? Those guys? Yeah I mean I think the other thing to think about with respect to Kansas City. Did his zipper got out the gate right? Like. Look at it this way from their perspective. If your the chiefs and somehow the cowboys get a deal done with Dak. let's push it. Maybe forty, forty, one, forty, two million per. Like you've got to look at while what's mahomes going to be worth that kind of world at so I think it was very smart. Kids city to get ahead of this I. think if you're back now, you're going to say my demands of forty million per art debt crazy. Am I that much worse than Patrick Mahomes I'm not maybe on his level, but. You know maybe getting ten. Million less forty, million as opposed to fifty million Douglas looks cheap by comparison. Right so payment out gotta money, which makes you look at the contract and go hey. On a rookie deal at this point. is like making know Marcus. Mariota money, site. Again the paradigm is completely shifted so I. Think Watson I think they're going to be like. Yeah, pay me forty. Two million per I'm a I'm a cheap date by comparison. To the what is Lamar like if he goes out if he wins a playoff game like if they make a run to it as she championship game to Super Bowl like is, that seems to be the one knock Jackson right now is like. Yeah, you'll hit a great regular season last year. Is it sustainable you? Can they want a playoff game vs Owen to in the playoffs right now with whatever you WanNa say about Qb wins like. If you make this kind of investment, you WANNA see a super bowl. Right so this is be honest here, so I think. They have a deep run. This year they went a playoff game will will see no that possibly come to fruition. The interesting with Baltimore is look what they did this off season. They loaded up to do one thing. Stop Derrick Henry As what should we think about the game? Does it matter? They drafted a paralyzed backers Patrick Patrick Weeden in the first round, but week Harrison, third round, just a matter Buke gay in the third round, they added some defensive line fillets Campbell like. Derek had we dropped one ninety five on their head in the divisional round. They were a bad run defense. They were top four defense against the past defensive Devi Away, but they were twentieth in League and stop the run and Defensive Devi away. They WANNA. Stop the run. That's what they're worried about right now. It's so thick would've playoff game. Jazz is going to be okay. Where's my bag? Yeah, a Baltimore reinvesting in the defenses. I mean they understand of the top five. Away defenses two thousand nineteen. There's only one that has stuck in the top five for five years straight. That was the legion of boom. The Seattle Defense Denver. Chicago all did it for three years or row. Baltimore's going into your four. It's just highly unlikely to keep a defense at that level for that length of Time Baltimore obviously invested in that now when they sign Lamar and I was thinking you know now every every quarterback contract isn't resetting the market. The market is now Patrick Mahomes, but if you get to a situation with Lamar, Jackson where he does that where he wins a playoff game now you might be an into a situation where he could end up getting more than homes, and you look five years down line. You look homes the gull well. It's not as bad as Lamar on track. Fast at trae leg, steal the trae legs, decide rights and he just signed for Ted Years. Seven, hundred fifty million dollars. I thought when this thing I thought there was going to be three commas. I thought this was going to be a trace. Deal. Get to be like you know so by comparison. There's only two comments here, so it's cheap. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA see a trace. carbons deal at some point. You are mean the the big new before as much uncertainty as our is right now with the cat because. They may might spread that hit out, so they don't have to like lower the cap for the next couple of years or few years, or the case may be new TV deals are coming down the line I think it's like two, thousand, twenty, three, two, thousand and twenty four, and we're going to see a big influx of cash into the NFL and you might see that that three Comma paycheck come to a guy like Lamar Jackson or a tray, lands or a Trevor Lawrence in the future, so who knows? As in? The first three comma deal went to a runningback. Kit. y'All got you, could you? Dave Dave Gentleman needs to. Take one Barclay because that's who it's going to be right. Who else would it be? Would it be I mean? God Bill O'Brien with his love for running backs he'll be. You'll be fine. David Johnson gets it. What was what a squid brained? Eighty okay, that's going to do it for our talking to Mahomes a contract mark. Thank you as always any last words for the dental listeners before we get out of your where the masks I guess I. Don't know they deserve. Crazy wear masks. You know it's. Okay, that's all I like people people not to die in. SEASON, football and fall and Do My job gotta hope so we'll be back. We're going to do that third year. Projection thing the third year breakout candidates. Thing that I've teased for idol know roughly a month. We're going to do that on the next show. We were going to do that today, but the homes contract obviously superseded all of that. We had to talk about it, so we'll talk about that next time on the factory there might. Might even be come and see us sometime later this week, so keep it. Keep it locked in here at BG. An Liba five star review leave a rating if you have questions for us the best way to get an answer on it put it in I tunes with a five star. Review and we'll get to those ones that we have enough question, so make sure you do that and thank you for listening. To the qb factor. G Herb. Hey, there podcast Powell's I'm John Stolnis the host of the Phillies pod hitting season, one of the shows that make up the good fight podcast family from SP nation. Look the baseball season one hundred sixty two games long, and there's no way you can watch all those games, so make sure to check out my podcast twice a week. For all the fills goodness, you could ever want and make sure to check out our other podcasts including the award winning dirty inning with just inclu and Trevor Strunk, and continued success with Justin and Liz Rozier, subscribe Apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP.

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