Will Joe Biden Be the Democrat Nominee?


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Make sure you are subscribed to the Charlie Kirk show type and Charlie Kirk showed your podcast provider hit that. Subscribe Button and leave us. Those five star reviews those help us more than you can imagine. We can surge in the charts and beat Joe Biden. Also feel free to email me freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot com with questions. You want me to ask our guests feedback and anything in between freedom. At Charlie Kirk Dot Com. Here we go Charlie. What you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know. We are lucky to have Charlie. Charlie kirks running the White House. I WANNA thank Joe. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country. He's done amazing job building. One of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. As many of you know there has been growing accusations against former vice president. Joe Biden in regards to Terry a former Senate staffer sexual assault allegations pretty serious allegations and this has been a slow drip. It's an in the words of Ernest. Hemingway it's happened gradually than suddenly all of a sudden. We have top Democrats asking. The question is by going to be our nominee. Whe- has been so amazing for me to see out of this in the last couple of days and watching the weekend. Shows is the incongruent response from Democrats. They have not been all getting behind Joe Biden. They have not been just categorically getting behind him saying the stuff they used to say with Bill Clinton saying Oh that's all nonsense and throwing it out the window. A lot of this is because the left has gone all in. Think of it as a poker game. They've gone all in on the METOO NARRATIVE. There is no room for debate or dialogue or disagreement is just me to or bust and so to try to dispel some of these accusations. Someone and Joe Biden's campaign thought. It'd be a good idea to put. Joe Biden on television knowing where Joe Biden currently. That's a really bad idea. Putting Joe Biden in an unscripted format where he could be asked any question. Anytime is a really really bad idea on not trying to trivialize whatever issue he might be dealing with but there's something not right about his mental cognitive ability. He struggles to make coherent sentences. He's obviously going through a great amount of effort just to try to put together. Coherent thoughts. You almost winces when he has to talk and again. I'm not trying to trivialize that. I'm not trying to say that we should make fun of that. I'm just saying it's actually very serious. So they decided to put Joe Biden on television. Which again is not the best strategy at all and they decided to put him up against. Mika Brzezinski Mika Brzezinski. I think is now engaged or married to Joe Scarborough. Joe Scarborough is the anti-trump allegedly Foam Republican. Who used to serve in? Congress hosts the show at six am whoever's watching on NBC at six Am Eastern. I guess watching a Mika and Joe talk about how much they hate trump and how the country would be better under President Barack Obama and that show actually used to be somewhat semi watchable in the Obama years. It's become it's become unwatchable television and so I bet the Joe Biden campaign said well. Who Do we have? Who's a woman who could really help you out of this? Joe Who would get kind of an Atta boy and take it easy on you and Joe Biden thinking too long years past when Mika Brzezinski used to be a pseudo democratic operative said Oh morning. Joe Now maybe Joe is maybe maybe. Joe Biden was thinking morning. Joe There'd be easy on me because I'm Joe Biden. I'm not exactly sure the thought process but was so telling to me during this interview was how hard music. Brzezinski was on Joe Biden. She did not let up in fact for her. I would give her a B and a B for Mika Brzezinski is like screaming a plus for the activist generalist media community. I mean it's like off the charts town attend one hundred percent because I expected her to be like Joe. There's all these unfounded unsubstantiated allegations push forth by fringe conspiracy conservatives. What you have to say about that. Instead she was very direct. She was very prosecutorial almost as if she was trying to almost make a case against Joe Biden. Dare I say Mika Brzezinski the first form of honest journalism that I've seen against Joe Biden a long time now by the way. I'm not getting on the Mika Brzezinski Train. I'm not saying that she's all of a sudden found had some newfound integrity. No no no what everyone is missing and few were talking about is what this really means. Mak- presents did not do this without permission from the higher ups of NBC Universal and Comcast. Mika Brzezinski did not do this on her own. Mika Brzezinski had many editorial meetings Mika Brzezinski talked her higher ups and the executives and they said for ratings and maybe an ulterior democratic agenda. You need to go hard on Joe Biden and this begs. The question is Joe Biden. Going to be the nominee. The New York Times editorial just recently came out with a piece that said it's time for Democrats to consider plan so I want to actually play the tape of Joe Biden getting cross examined by Mika Brzezinski and Migos was very firm on him and there is a five or six seconds of just awkward. Theri very uncomfortable. Silence between Joe Biden Meeker Brzezinski. Play TAPE WHY NOT APPROVE. A search of her name in those records through search of her name. Yes and we're the only thing that might be related to Tara Reid. In the University of Delaware records there is nothing they wouldn't. They're not there and if I you know I don't understand what you're the point you're trying to make the definition the point. I'm trying to make is that. You are approving and actually calling for a search of the national archives records of making pertaining to Tara read. I'm asking why not do the same in the University of Delaware records which have raised questions because they were supposed to be revealed to the public and then they were sealed for a longer period of time. Why not do it for both sets of records because the material in the universe should Delaware has no personnel files? It has but it does have a lot of confidential conversations that I had with the president about a particular issue that I had with the heads of state of other places that that would not be something that would be revealed while I was in public office or while I was seeking public office. It's just stands reason the best of my knowledge. No one else has done that either. And I'm just talking about her name not anybody else in those records a search for that nothing classified President or anybody else. I'm just asking why not do a search for Tara Reid's name in the University of Delaware records? Look me who who who. Who does that search so again? This tells me one of two things. This tells me that there is a true Democrat effort to try to get Joe Biden to no longer be the nominee. They know that he's not all there. And they are going to use. Tear read accusation to completely remove Joe Biden now as a trump supporter and someone who loves America. I actually fear that this might be happening too fast. I actually think that this should be something. She happening in September or October. In fact I think that if we were actually to make this full mounted attack against Joe Biden under the Tara Reid accusations this should be something that should be like an October. Surprise the fact that this is happening in May during the corona virus could play. Joe Biden's hands the second thing that it might tell me about me. Brzezinski is that somebody coordinated with her to go hard on Joe Biden but not ten out of ten go nine at ten and then Joe Biden can bounce some female vice president and that can just wash away. The sins they can say. Oh those are those are old allegations. And they aren't true those are just those have been dismissed. They are not. They're not they're no longer corroborative. Already been through this and dismiss it as if it's old news so tells me one of those two things so she did do a tough interview against Joe Biden but she didn't actually ask the most important questions. So here's five questions that should have been asked of Joe Biden now again. I expected presents you to do the old old Obama routine where they used to say. How does it feel to be president? I mean Brock. Obama used to have to feel the most ridiculous questions as president. What shows do you like to watch? How difficult is it because of all the conservatives attacking that's what I expected coming Presents you to Joe Biden and I was actually refresh to see some form of journalism done. But here's five very simple questions that Mika should've asked him and the activists leftist journalists need to ask of Joe by number one. Why did CNN delete the episode from their archive of Larry King? Live were terrorists. Mother called in complaining about Joe Biden. One thousand nine hundred three. Why is that why did CNN almost act as pseudo auxiliary of the Democrat National Committee and delete that tape? No one has answered that at all question to what about the fourteen other? Accusers OF JOE. Biden. That's right fourteen other now. Not all of them are accusing him of assault. But a lot of them are accusing him of uncomfortable heavier. And it creates a pattern a fact pattern and a trend. No questions about that question. Three what about the double standard in the media especially when it comes to how CNN and MSNBC or the New York Times The Washington Post covered. Cavanaugh and Terry's accusation has much more corroborating evidence to back up their claims. So just so we're clear. The activists leftist journalist quote Unquote generalist. They're perfectly fine with destroying an innocent man's life of accusations that have no merit no basis from high school despite a sterling and perfect career in the White House and then as a circuit court judge. They're fine with destroying that man's life but as soon as a Democrat wants to be vice president of the United States and there is a credible accusation against him from the time that he was in the Senate all of a sudden they have to just dismiss that question number four. What makes Joe Biden more believable than Brad Kavanagh? In fact there are zero. That's right zero videos of Brett Cavanaugh. Fondling little girls there. There's minutes of footage of Joe Biden and very uncomfortable footage of him touching young women. Minors what makes it more believable Joe by needs to pal around with Ted Kennedy? The entire activist media gave Ted Kennedy a complete total pass after he left. That women. Die. After your let that woman die and Chappaquiddick to Joe Biden pal around Ted Kennedy and not engaged some of that behavior. We don't know question five. What makes Tara Reid less believable than Christine blase Ford Tara? Reid worked for Joe Biden. Joe Biden was a US. Senator Christine blase. Ford was a high school student. That had no corroborating evidence. That didn't even tell her friends couldn't remember where it happened or when it happened yet she was treated as if this accusation was a couple of weeks old and that it was perfect and sterling. Do you know what a big difference between Tara Reid and Christine blase. Ford terror read filed a police report. Christine. Blase FORD. Never filed a police report. So to be honest with you as a trump supporter. I'm not convinced this is a good thing for us. I'm not convinced that this whole Terry discussion right now is great. Am I enjoying watching it? Of course I love seeing leftists squirm and have to defend their own double standards at the left didn't have double standards. They would standards at all. I love seeing the left. Trying to defend the indefensible. I love seeing the left. Have to prove that. Truth is not a left-wing value. I enjoy all of that. But for the goal of trying to get president trump reelected. This is not happening at the best possible time. It is not happening at the operative time and number two and might dismiss this altogether as a discussion point coming into the fall and I think Joe Biden is very beatable. I think Joe Biden is the most corrupt most confused candidate to run for the United States. History even more corrupt than Hillary Clinton. That's right even more corrupt than Hillary Clinton one point five billion dollars in the Chinese Communist Party the dealings with Ukraine. What his brother did in Iraq with other brother did after the two thousand eight financial crisis there are so many questions about how Joe Biden used the instruments of influence around the United States. The Treasury to make himself and his family rich. Now Mind you. The Democrat. National Committee is simply going to say we have to let the American people decide just like with president trump. And they're going to try to dismiss these accusations. You did say that with Justice Brad. Kavanagh what you did with Judge Cavin on Justice Cava. We drew a line in the sand. And we said we will remember this. And Guess What? We're not going to let you guys get off easy with this. You're not because you made us for weeks. Defend an honorable man against baseless accusations when you were running millions of dollars attack ads just because you wanted to have more abortions in America. That's what Cavanaugh was about. Basically Brett Cavanaugh was pro-life or at least he was in the direction of prolife policy. And you and the committed groups narrow and planned. Parenthood wanted to stop his nomination. All costs and camera Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand and Nancy Pelosi. And all of you. That went after judge. Cavanaugh your silence on Joe Biden. Guess what it's actually destroying your own base because a lot of the activists in the metoo movement are now more upset with the Democrat party than ever before. I have no love lost for that but I do ask. The question is Joe Biden GonNa be the nominee. There's two schools of thought here. They're getting out of the way they want to take the cough syrup and get through it because they think it'd be better on the other side of it or there is a true plan to get rid of Joe Biden. Why is amazingly beatable? I think president trump will be Joe Biden. And maybe put someone in that has higher favorability ratings. Who can actually put together a sentence and whose son did not sell us out to America's greatest enemy. Are you guys being crushed by the cartel the colleges? Are you worried that Joe Biden is going to jeopardize your current student loan situation? Do you have a son or daughter? Granddaughter that is suffering under student loan debt. Well I wanNA tell you. About credible dot com credible dot com is an online marketplace. That gets you prequalified student. Loan refinancing rates from up to ten different lenders. What do they do? They help people get out of student. Loan debt if you've got student loan debt you could benefit with a lower rate. 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Your granddaughter has got to check out. Credible DOT com. It is a marketplace. I put my name behind it. Credible dot com slash Charlie speaking of the election coming up in November a huge push by the Democrats. Right now as mail in voting. I was watching president. Trump's terrific townhall on Fox News and I was watching advertisement after advertisement by left wing advocacy groups to try to pass mail in voting. Democrats are trying to use the China virus to Ram through one of their longest held pipedreams mail in voting for so I just find this perplexing that Democrats they want to regulate everything in your life. They want to regulate where your kids go to school. They want to regulate if you can buy a weapon or not a firearm. Which a constitutional right they want to regulate your speech. They want to regulate how much money you can earn. They want to regulate whether or not you leave your house. They want to regulate if you can go to your second home in Michigan they want to regulate if you can kayak they wanna put sand and skateboarding parks yet. The one thing that they just seem so lazy fair with the one thing that they just don't want to regulate the one thing that they don't want to grow government in fact they just say Oh. We just have to distribute ballots in every single direction despite dead people illegals and everything else happening out. There is voting now this is a poll from USA. Today it says Americans overwhelmingly support vote by mail. Push okay. I think that's a very misleading. Poll it says but re Republicans more wary first of all I. I don't know how they asked the question. I'm sure they I'm sure people answer by. I think some people should be able to vote absentee so the New York Times published a piece that kind of contradicted itself and its own piece. It was almost a cell phone by the New York Times where they said. Trump is pushing a false argument to vote by mail fraud. And here are the facts but then in the same story if you keep on reading. Here's the key line experts. Say That The mail in voting system is more vulnerable to fraud than voting in person. Yeah that's the whole point. Ask Yourself why is this? Why are Democrats so motivated to ram this through well because it helps them win more elections? Look we talked about this a lot in the Charlie Kirk show. I'm going to talk about this with Congressman Crenshaw so make sure you guys are subscribed on the Charlie Kirk show which is all the left cares about is power the the number one thing that the left cares about is assuming more political power. It's going to help them win more elections. That's it mark. Hunting way over at realclearpolitics highlighted the most troubling truth about vote by mail. He said between two thousand twelve or two thousand eighteen twenty eight point. Three million mail in ballots. Remain unaccounted for. That's right twenty eight point. Three million mail in ballots remain unaccounted for according to data from the Federal Election Assistance Commission. The number is likely even higher because some areas in the country notably Chicago. Yeah no kidding. Did NOT RESPOND TO THE FEDERAL AGENCY SURVEY QUESTIONS. Chicago has thrived on voter fraud. Did you know in one thousand nine hundred sixty John Fitzgerald Kennedy Democrat against Richard Nixon Republican the nineteen sixty presidential election won the election simply because of Chicago voter fraud. This is well documented. This well agreed upon by historians and people who lived pot live through it mayor. Daley at the time in nineteen sixty made a secret deal with. Joseph P Kennedy. The father of John Fitzgerald Kennedy to basically rigged the entire election and Chicago. Voter fraud was born. Run by the unions. Run by the mob run by corrupt corrupt interest. Chicago has not changed at all sense. Then would only difference is that they're not as blatant about the fraud that they commit in Chicago now. Obviously not all. Twenty eight million ballots were used for fraudulent purposes voting but that's twenty eight million opportunities. The election. Assistance Commission agrees. That this is a major concern. Here's a little truth that you can go tell your friend right now and look your liberal friends in the eyes and you can say. Did you know voter fraud is real when you have a hundred and twenty million people doing something it is fair to say that. A percentage of that is going to be fraudulent. Would always perplexes me. Is that the left. Says we have to go after all the greedy businesspeople all these loans that are getting out to the P P. Program. People are going to be used that and we have to go after them. We have to go after all the people that are scanning old people with credit cards. We have an by the way I agree that we have to go after all the people that are scanning on pharmaceutical prices and yet when we talk about voting the left axis if everyone acts ethically all the time they act as if there's no criminals back this if there's no-one trying to gain the system so every single talking point from the Left and Elizabeth Warren is the one that bothers me the most because Elizabeth Warren created entire career around creating the consumer financial protection bureau which is a separate wing of the Executive Branch. Which has way too much autonomous to protect consumers. I put that in air quotes protect consumers when in reality it goes after business people unfairly and it punishes them if they dare go into businesses that Czar Elizabeth. Warren does not deem appropriate yet Elizabeth. Warren says we have to go after all the greed and editorial behavior her whole belief system is that there's a lot of bad people in the world and I agree with that and I actually think that the free market system and competitions the best way to make sure that people are treated ethically given the best product possible with sensible government regulation yet when it comes to voting Elizabeth. Warren says voter. Fraud is a myth that there's no such thing as there have been proven. You cannot say that human nature all of a sudden changes when it comes to voting. That people won't lie steal cheat. Fill out fake ballots. If the very same human beings are acting unethically in the marketplace Czar Elizabeth Warren the leftist so philosophically inconsistent. And when it comes to the voter. Id think about this. Democrats would love Corona virus antibody cards they WANNA do content trace testing. They want everyone a car that want to give everyone a vaccine. They WanNa trace everyone but then they won't support voter ID. I mean the very same leftist that want to know everything about your life to say that you have to have a specific amount of antibody card. Yet it's racist to say that you want to have voter. Id cards and by the way. It's not whole idea that voter ID is somehow racist. That's the bigotry of low expectations. You're actually a racist if you believe that if you think that black people are too stupid to go. Get an identification. You are the racist if you think that black people are too dumb to be able to go get a ID card you are. The racist again is the bigotry of low expectations. And it is embedded in the talking points the left and by the way. Here's all the things that Americans actually need an ID four or rated movies driving a car. The bank boarding a plane checking our library book ordering a beer checking into a hotel donating blood picking up a prescription buying cigarettes. All those things require and identification but why shouldn't voting in our election and now the counter-arguments probably know those things are rights. You're right so it's actually more important to show an I D. It's more important to prove your identity when you're trying to exercise an inalienable right then when you're just trying to go get a beer. It's actually the most important point to make sure you are who you say you are when you're trying to do something that people bled to make sure you could do that. People died to make sure that people protested make sure you could do that. That's actually the most important thing to make sure that there's no fraud to make sure that there's no corrupt behavior to make sure that there's no evil seeping into that process. Mail in ballots also enable something called ballot harvesting now. Valid harvesting is that is so borderline illegal and opens the door. It is a gateway to voter fraud. So here's what happens. Is You get a ballot in your house and you might fill it out or you might not fill it out. You might fill out just the president or the congressional. This happened so much in Orange County by the way. Orange County California. It flipped just because of this and so you get a ballot and then a couple of days later you knock on the door. Hello my name. Is Sally Sue? I'm a left winger. Who LOVES ABORTION? Can I have your ballot please? I want to turn it in for you because I take care of it for you. And a lot of people including elderly people and Newfound citizens and Immigrants United States plus Mary. They're like Oh yeah sure. Take my ballot. There is no oversight and there is no guarantee that they are not filling in the remainder of those ballots at all. There's no way for the actual voter to track their vote. There's no way to actually oversee what happens to that ballot. It encourages fraud and look. We know who the left is right now. We know the left is a group of people that tears up speeches after the state of the Union. Which is a violation of the official document provisions of the Federal Government? We know the left Watts three thousand abortions a day. We know the leftist purse perfectly. Fine with having four nationals. Pour INTO OUR COUNTRY. We know the left is perfectly fine with siding with the Chinese Communist Party. Not Us. Are we supposed to act as if they're intentions with vote by mail are perfect course? Not these are power. Hungry Anti Western civilization individuals that want nothing more than a quicker way to get to power. Now Democrat. Senator Amy. Klobuchar didn't really work out well for her when she ran for president and Ron Wyden have proposed a natural disaster an emergency ballot act of two thousand twenty. This bill would allow every eligible voter the opportunity to vote by mail regardless of states governed by mail in ballots. This would get rid of states rights. This would get rid of the tenth amendment. It's very important to point out when it comes to vote by mail. If you care about your vote you should care about other people's votes right. I mean by that because if you care about your expression when you go to vote if you just don't care about the fraud happening on the street it invalidates your vote if you care about your representation and dead people you'll eagles foreign nationals and fake ballots are happening. Well then guess what your vote gets canceled out. For example in Wisconsin. This is back from January. Three Democrats and Wisconsin were held in contempt for refusing to remove names from the voter rolls in Wisconsin. Two hundred thirty thousand names have been ordered to be removed from the rolls. Donald Trump only one Wisconsin by twenty two thousand seven hundred forty eight votes. And so why do you think the Democrats are fighting for this? Did you know back in November? Nine people were arrested in Texas for being part of a voter fraud ring. Falsely claiming to live in addresses so they could sway local elections. They were being paid by Democrat Party leaders. And that was the second major voter fraud bust and Texas in the last two weeks and one more piece of data do you know the United States has three point. Five million more registered voters than living adults so by vote by mail. They would send a ballot to every single registered voter in the country so three three point. Five million more ballots out there than actual human beings to facilitate them your trying to tell me that. The Democrat operatives that are okay with people illegally crossing into our country that are okay with the current status quo the lawbreaking all across America that are literally leading pedophiles and murderers out of prison into the streets of California. You're trying to tell me that they're not gonNA use those ballots as a way to try to assume more power a California. Dnv was audited in Fresno California for Mishandling Voter voter-registration for twenty three thousand drivers. They double registered seventy seven thousand others and issued voter registration two sixteen-year-olds changing party registration without voter approval. All of this behavior if allowed to go without challenging would invalidate. Your vote would invalidate every single. Vote of people. You care about if you care about the future of America and you care about the First Amendment you should reject vote by mail demand voter. Id reject vote by mail and assertively make sure that the Democrats do not pull off. The greatest change of our electoral system would be nothing more than another leftist power. Grab getting in shape. 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If you're out today NEUM DOT com slash Charlie. No Dot com slash. Charlie what do you lose visit? Newman dot com slash Charlie to start your free trial today. That's an OEM DOT COM SLASH. Charlie throughout this entire China Corona virus crisis in our country. We have seen heroes and villains pop up and honestly there's been a lot more villains than heroes and across the country seeing Americans becomes so restless and peacefully rebel and by the way I love it I love it when I see people with American flags that are screaming for their freedom and liberty back. These are heroes. The villains are the tyrants that stay in their ivory towers that are able to survive a shutdown. The heroes are the people that need to get back to work because their life are being spent and are disappearing evaporating said the ruling class can insulate themselves are used this as a gateway to socialism so some states are beginning to reopen Arizona. California Texas Georgia to just name a few California's a lot of protests happening there for good reason. And as this lockdown is beginning to wind down I I want to recap some the biggest heroes and villains so who made it worse and who stood strong. So here's one of the worst villains mayor Bill de Blasio so first of all someone in his communications department should have said. Hey Don't send a message to the Jewish community threatening arrest specifically targeted to just Jewish community. He did this trying to break up a funeral in Hasidic Jewish community and it went over awful just really really bad. He showed an awful double standard. His enforcement. New York City Parks were brimming with visitors so strict enforcements seems to be totally discretionary. The blasio bragged about recently reaching milestone of less than four thousand criminals behind bars after releasing more than two thousand over virus fears so he's cool with releasing criminals but when they start raping people. Miss Breaking your homes and they start actually committing crimes. Against is he going to celebrate that as well bill the Blah's Gio is the worst mayor in the history of New York and one of the worst mayors in the history of America. He is an absolute disgrace to one of the greatest cities in the world. And guess what New York is going go into a death spiral because of people like mayor. Bill de Blasio New York City is going to go the way to Detroit because of mayor. Bill de Blasio. New York City is also seen a seventy five percent increase in commercial. Burglaries sense the lockdown March twelfth. Mayor Bill De Blasio. You are a disgrace. How about a hero? We know this governor Christie nome back in the trolley couture archives. Listen to this interview. She could be something more than Governor. One Day folks. She could do something really special. E Mail your thoughts to me freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot com freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com of your thoughts of governor Christie Numb Freedom Charlie Kirk Dot Com. Because I think she has some superstar potential the courageous governor. She stood firm against the mob. It was one of only eight governors to not placer citizens under a draconian home order and the results. Just twenty six hundred confirmed cases of the virus only twenty one deaths at the time of this recording not minimizing twenty when people dying but it still so minimal compared to the national death rates and the National Chinese corona virus totals hero Governor Christie nome villain. Nancy Pelosi I mean. We're even start with her. Let let them eat ice cream. Okay She's Nancy Antoinette obviously modeled after marie-antoinette who used to say to the masses. Let them eat cake which was so unbelievably at touch when it was said back then and to be equally as a touch when Nancy Pelosi stands in front of twenty four thousand dollar refrigerator while the country is shut down in Congress is not at work. She delayed the initial round of P funding. So she could fight for tons of money. You make sure that we terminate more children which what planned parenthood. Does Nancy Pelosi if you want to see her get excited. If you WANNA see Gleeful Nancy Pelosi talk about more human beings being removed from the womb. She gets so fired up. She loves it. More funding for planned. Parenthood she would march in the streets if planned parenthood. Get a billion dollars a year instead of five hundred million dollars a year. She refused to let the final bill pass unless it included things like twenty five million dollars for the Kennedy Center and three hundred fifty million dollars for refugee resettlement. Nancy Pelosi is a total disgrace to America. She is someone that does not love America. That's right Nancy. Pelosi does not love America. She loves ice cream more than she loves. The United States of America. She loves planned parenthood more than she loves. The United States of America. Nancy Pelosi is the worst and the bottom of the barrel of the ruling class. Elites that have destroyed America from within Florida Governor Rhonda Santa's Rhonda Santa's has Taylor to surgical approach to fighting a virus. Say Florida we are going to have him on the Charlie Kirk show very soon. He is a friend of mine. He's someone that's amazing. Despite being the third most populous state in America a state that I'm a resident of and probably a resident of zero percent income tax Florida despite being the third most populous state as of this recording Florida's has the tenth highest number of deaths. Thirteen hundred ninety nine in a state of twenty one point three million and now the beaches are back open in Florida. Rhonda's Santa's you Love Liberty. You get a stamp of approval here on the Kirk show. You also have superstar potential and it's the total villain. I mean she is the wicked witch of the West Governor Whitmer. She is awful. I could do a whole show on her. It is so draconian so backwards. Governor Whitman is a power hungry Marxist she inexplicably bland the sale of gardening goods Sicilian. It's foolish she is prohibited travel to and from people's homes. If you want to spend time in your second house in the upper peninsula despite the fact that it's your property you're not allowed to and it's surprising that even she had the time to enact and enforce these draconian orders between your endless auditions to become the Chinese Communist. Party's selection for the United States. Joe Biden she wants to be the second most revered person for the CCP. Because she wants to be. The Democrat Party's nominee for vice president. Again I spent an entire podcast on her. You can go back in the archives and check it out make sure hit subscribe. Email us at freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com. If you're currently in Michigan shoot me a note and tell me how bad she actually is freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot COM. And by the way. It's not a stretch to say that the talking heads on MSNBC OR CNN will be apoplectic to hear Greg Abbott Rhonda. Santa's were using a GOP data firm to mind health data on their citizens which is what she was doing. She contracted with GP van. Which was the leading political technology provider to the Democratic progressive campaigns to collect health data in Michigan enriching the ruling class and political class of the Democrat National Committee hero this whole thing President Donald Trump president trump under his leadership. The curve is flattened he was dealt and impossible handy shot off traveled to China early. And now he's been arguing to reopen America. He made America King of Adelaide. He sent the UN SMS Mercy to California. He built a temporary hospital to the javits center and he sent in the comfort of New York City. He has been a problem solver. All along the way hero President Donald Trump against the Democrat tyrant villains in every single one of these states. We need to look at things. In terms of hero and villain and remember to hold these left wing Marxist anti-american governors and lawmakers accountable. This November do not forget the pain that they inflicted on you. Show up do something about it. Votes not by mail. Unless you have to absentee hold these people accountable. The fight for liberty has never been more important so speaking about the criminals on the loose. What are you doing to protect your home? Are you just hoping that people breaking they won't shatter glass and go after your loved ones? Are you just hoping the criminals on the loose? We'll just gloss over your home or do you want to make sure that your home is secure. 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You don't need to pay any outrageous monthly fees or signed to your contract for some homes. I care about and some of the people I care about. I literally sent them this product. Right here simplisafe dot com slash Charlie. Because I said with co vid. There's so many bad people out there and they're acting unbelievable right now crazy stuff. You need security. They have cameras. They've won assistance. They have quick turnaround time. It simply safe dot com slash. Charlie free shipping sixty sixty day. Money back guarantee do something people have been released from prison. They are releasing thousands of criminals from prison. You need to be protected. Crime rates are going up dramatically that simplisafe DOT COM slash. Charlie to make sure that they know our show sent you. That's simplisafe dot com slash Charlie from simplisafe and all of us here wishing you safety and good health. So I want to debunk one of these talking points. That has just been so pervasive in the media and that this has gone unchallenged by many people to something that we have to accept that we can't talk about it. We can't cross examine it and I understand the root cause of this talking point. I understand the root cause of this concern because there is some truth there but like most major media lies that truth has just blossomed and it has avalanched into an absolute gross false fake awful and destructive narrative. What is that what this whole idea of the people of Color and Kovic nineteen so? This is from the Boston Globe. I sent this article to our team. I said we have to spend some time on this on the Charlie Kirk show and here's the quote covet. Nineteen is ripped off any cover but still obscures the deep inequalities burdening communities of color in America inequalities. That have been a few months have become too obvious and are too ugly for the rest of us to ignore. Americans at large are now clearly dependent for their sustenance if not their survival on their countrymen of color on recent emigrants and on those different sounding. Names I read that I said well. What are you talking about? So I started dig deeper and I've heard this online and again. Just leave it to Senator Kamala Harris or is it camera. I. It's it's irrelevant. She's not she's not someone who seeks truth which he did to judge cabinet. I don't care if I mispronounce her name for the rest of my political career. She does not deserve a correct pronunciation. Me I don't care. If she's a senator she's a far left wing apparatchik leftist who tried to destroy justice cavs life so therefore. I don't care if it's camel Kabul or come a law I don't care so Senator Kamala Harris. She said this people of Color are being infected and dying from Ron Virus at astounding rates. Who recently introduced the cove in nineteen racial and ethnic disparities Taskforce Boston city councillor? Michelle Wu said. This communities of color bearing the burden of this pandemic have been bearing the brunt of systemic inequalities inequities. I'm sorry since long before cove in one thousand nine. So what is the truth here? First of all. We don't know for sure. The true extent of the illness and death disparities between blacks and whites. Many states and cities don't report based on data and race on the on the pandemic so we don't know but we also know that viruses are racially agnostic. The virus isn't like going after black people's houses more white people houses less. It's silly to say they're trying to say is if the virus is inherently racist. I mean in both Louisiana in Chicago. Statistics show that roughly seventy percent of deaths occurred among blacks even though they are a minority in both of the areas according to US news. So this is where a lot of these talking points are coming from and North Carolina's Mecklenburg County home of Charlotte. The state's largest city black people made up thirty two point nine percent residents but accounted for forty three percent of reported corona virus cases in Michigan State. Health officials reported thirty. Three percent of cases have occurred among blacks or African Americans. Ten percent ten percentage points higher than whites and more than twice the state's percentage of black residents so th this on the surfaces. My goodness absolutely right. That black people are way more disproportionately affected hold on a second. That is not fair and that is not an accurate way to interpret that data at all again. This lie started with a kernel of truth. Like a lot of the big mainstream media activists leftist media narratives do and then it blossomed an avalanche miss. Something completely untrue. Here's the truth. It's not because they are black. The virus is not inherently more deadly for blacks than for whites or Asians. Experts have warned that long standing health disparities between racial groups in the United States such as higher rates of conditions like asthma obesity and diabetes. It's also likely true. That blacks have lower access to health care per capita than whites. Not just likely to know that to be true and many black Americans also hold low wage jobs. That may not possible to be worked from home. So it's more true to say the virus kills a disproportionate amount of poor people not black people and if you think all poor people are black people you're racist the same thing with voter. Id If you think when you think of a poor person if you think of a black person your. The racist person leftist activists on television. There are a lot of poor white people in America too. That are dying of Corona virus. And it's not because southern states are conserved in general have declined to participate in Obamacare. A Lotta people are trying to say. Socialized medicine leads to less hospital beds. Less hospital beds not more since two thousand three sixteen hospitals have closed around New York City. Four in Brooklyn alone. Why because heavily socialized medicine that pays less and requires greater volume to keep doctors and facilities up and running? This hurts New York City during the pandemic and it also has hurt black people just look at Texas. They have one hospital for every fifty thousand people in New York and California both have over one hundred thousand residents per hospital Texas way more free market way more decentralized yet New York and California way more socialized so look framing. This entire thing in terms of race is awful policy and this is so typical the left the left is so hyper fixated on what divides US everything. The left cares about is putting you back into your post. Modern tribal group rich versus poor men versus women but they don't even believe in men versus women because they think a man can instantaneously become a woman if they just believe that there are women. I'm a woman therefore I believe it. That's silly and backwards and foolish. We know that to be true but everything the left cares about is pitting each other against one another. But let's pretend it was true. Let's pretend the virus was something out of the book of Exodus in the greatest book ever to exist and the history of the world the Holy Bible. Let's pretend that the virus actually was selective in what houses it goes to. Let's pretend that it was like the merchant of death at night and only went to black people's homes. Let's pretend that was true? Which of course it isn't because that would be against everything that we know as far as data science of infectious diseases. And why does the left all of a sudden care about things that disproportionately affect black people do not? Black women are more than five times as likely than white women to have an abortion on average. Eight thousand nine hundred seventy six black. Babies are aborted every single day in the United States of America. One Thousand Eight hundred seventy six black babies or board every single day black people make up about thirteen percent of the American population about half of that. Thirteen percent are women law of averages about half of that are infant bearing age about three percent of the. Us population are black. Women that are able to bear children yet they account for forty eight percent of all the abortions in America three percent of the population forty eight percent of the abortions studies show that the black population we thirty six percent larger if it weren't for the sixteen million black babies that were terminated in the womb since nineteen seventy-three so since one is the left actually care about disproportionate pain the left says. Oh this disproportionately affects these communities of color. No but what since? When do you care about that? And just one other example. While African Americans constitute thirty two percent of Georgia's population sixty two point four percent of abortions in Georgia are performed on African American women by contrast whites constitute sixty percent of the Georgia population but only twenty four percent of abortions. Do you think Stacey. Abrams is GONNA blame planned. Parenthood for losing the elections that of voter suppression. I don't think so. Despite black. Birth rates totally flattened. You WanNa talk about a curve. That has been flattened at black birth rates because of population control planned parenthood that has three thousand abortions day in one thousand eight hundred seventy six of them being black babies and so no the virus does not disproportionately impact the black community but at the left was actually honest and they cared about things that did disproportionately impacted their communities. They'd be very they very very vocal. When it comes to abortion so now just breaking Nancy Pelosi suggests that illegal immigrants for nationals illegally domiciled in the United States of America should get a guaranteed minimum income in the next corona virus package so instead of putting criminals back in prisons where they belong instead of taking care of our workers. Twenty seven million people out of work. She wants to give free money to illegal immigrants the the ingrate Ilan Omar from Minnesota. Whose again ingrate. If you look up with the actual word means mean someone who is not thankful ingratitude. She tweeted out that we shouldn't just suspend all mortgages. We should cancel rent and mortgages. Look when you just create money like we have been and we've opened up our central bank the way we have you're going to get shameless. Marxists anti-americans that are going to take advantage of the endless money. Supply that will result in hyperinflation that will result in these awful policy proposals. That means you just cancel rent and mortgages this is so fundamentally dangerous to private property and a Western society congresswoman Ilan Omar. You do not love America. You WANT TO SEE AMERICA BURN. You want to see the fundamental deconstruction country. You want to cancel Renton mortgages. What about the people that work for US Attorney Point? Usa that show up to work on time that have their act together and they've been paying rent and mortgage every single month for their entire life. You should cancel that for the people that can't pay for that. What about the people that have saved? Whatever the people that have invested dutifully for decades. You're talking about the greatest erosion of individual responsibility and individual liberty and the history of America you congresswoman Don Omar. You have no gratitude for the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world you instead want to see the advancement and the acceleration of the decline and the demise of America suspend all rent and mortgages. What about the small business owners that might own those properties but other people that benefit off the actual rent that you pay? Oh Yeah if you're renting something you must be a villain congresswoman Eline Omar. You are the lowest of the low of Congress even lower than Nancy. Pelosi Rashida to leave Alexandria Kazu. Cortez Ilan Omar all these shameless left wing. Social Justice anti-american Marxist activists are looking at this as an opportunity to use the United States treasury the four trillion dollars that we have created to achieve long held policy goals. That would do nothing but devalues our currency get our generation further in debt and get you closer to end goal which is ultimate power. This is nothing more than a Maquiavelian power. Grab that you and your squad wants to achieve at the expense of our freedom and liberty and guess what we're not gonNA take anymore. We are going to peacefully rebel. We are going to get into the streets. We're going to push back against people like you like whitmer like new semi Cuomo like evers like Pritzker like all of you ruling class tyrants that want to continue to put us in a box and literally not. Let's leave our home to cancel all renton mortgages and create another four trillion. Out of Thin Air. We are not gonNA take it anymore. We will fight for freedom and liberty and fight for the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world. What a great episode. That was here on the trolley Kirk. Show make sure you subscribe on the Charlie Kirk. Show Tomorrow. We HAVE CONGRESSMAN. Dan Crenshaw on the show. You guys are not going to miss it. It is a deep dive on philosophy and so much more. You guys can email me freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com. If you have a question you want me to ask Dan. Crenshaw you can email me freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot com type and trolley Kirk show your podcast provider hit. That subscribe button. Give us those five star reviews and you guys WanNa get involved with the largest student organization. The country fighting for liberty fighting for freedom fighting for the constitution go to teepee USA DOT COM. Go Right now. If you're a student started chapter bieb old do something about the erosion of freedom and liberty in our country started turning point. Usa Chapter if you're an adult and you want to help turning point USA. We rejected all federal government money. We rejected all federal bailout. Assistance you can go to cheap. Usa DOT COM and chip in some money again. The email is freedom at Charlie. Kirk Dot com freedom at Trolley Kirk Dot Com we got congressman Dan crenshaw some other episodes. Coming UP YOU'RE NOT GONNA WANNA MISS. Go back in the archives got Nikki Haley Governor Candice Owens Donald Trump junior and. That's just in the last week. Go further back in the archives for President Donald Trump vice president pence and so many others. We also got the press secretary of the United States Kaley mechanic. You're not gonNA WANNA miss that. Email me freedom. Charlie Dot Com freedom at Charlie grew dot com. Thanks much everybody God bless.

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