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Wow. A day later even a day later that is still else in deemed, everybody that is still rattling around what magic did yesterday key. It's it's all anybody was talking about there is a game last night. Obviously Porton get swept by Golden State, but the NBA world, at least right up until tip off was just all magic all rob all Lakers and very, very little of a good yesterday. It was a basically an impromptu press conference with Stephen who'll be on with this at six fifteen this morning, the aftermath of his interview. Imagine Johnson, but then you had the Frank Vogel press conference so within a what would it be a three hour time period? I would say, yeah. Four hour period, you had the Magic Johnson. He had the introduction press conference in between. The only thing you can think of is what magic said and waiting to see the response of the Lakers, what they could potentially. Say and then you get the Frank Vogel press conference with rob Pelinka sitting on the side. Then he had to say it wasn't a Frank Vogel press conference, or was that a rob linka press conference. I know that it was designed as a Frank Vogel press conference, but it shouldn't feel like one, turn in it turned into something totally different. How long did it take for them to fire off the first question 'cause I missed it not long not long. I handed it. I said seven minutes yesterday when I left, Jim hill had the first question. Yes. How deep was it into the press conference three minutes into the conference? Very questioners Justin. Yeah. They got they got. They got a new coach. But what they did you. More or less. That's what it is. There's a million different things to kind of get into dissect about what's going on with the Lakers right now. There's Magic's comments yesterday, there's Rob's reaction to them. There's a leadership vacuum in the Lakers. Arguably, I think the genie certainly kind of skated through this thing without a whole lot of criticism for the most part. So we'll get to all of that, as you mentioned key Stephen, as coming up in just a little bit more than ten minutes. So we'll get his thoughts on what happened yesterday as well. But we'll start right here for the fifth consecutive year. The Golden State Warriors are into the NBA finals five times in a row, as team since the Celtics in the sixties. I mean, we're talking about some really rarefied air that the warriors are in like fifteen black do's and a whole league eight teams back. The with this way, there were guys that look like me playing the league back this six, slow white guy. Everyone else had a chance to do it. But only the Celtics did it. The first black player I have a black coat. We were headed the curve, that's fine. You're head of the curve. The league was made a guys like me that's the last time that something like this happened. I know in when you look at Golden State, did you? I mean, I know UNLV kind of for whatever reason. The guy that used to be here that chairs cobwebs on. This year we should do that. Go to Hala weaned store. Get the cobwebs. Around good bit. You, you guys said, hey, they're going to he said seven, you said, six I thought it would end in five ended in four with a sweep Steph curry drain mongering. Klay Thompson defense aside. He didn't shoot the ball, particularly well last night when they needed him to, but you got a lot of help from the bench. They went all the way down. I wanna say they wanna tend him probably ten deep at the bench. Yeah. In terms of players that they were rotating in and out at various times throughout the game giving a minutes in those minutes where obviously severe to, to the calls of them winning the game in Portland losing the game. Thaw Daimler played his best he could. But the and McCollum pad night shooting the ball, they couldn't make specically. I mean at the Europe gun is too deep now that you can do he. They won the game last night, Golden State did with Alphonso McKinney and Jordan bell in the starting lineup. I mean regular. Didn't play last night. We know Kevin Durant hasn't played in a while. They won a closeout game on the road with Jordan bell Affonso McKinney playing real minutes, playing important minutes, hitting shots, by the way, not just out there filling space. I mean it did feel at times like it was Klay. Steph and Draymond going three on five at least offensively. But the warriors, I'm telling you, I said it before the finals have already been played it hasn't they haven't gotten their rings confetti hasn't come down yet. The finals were played when they beat the rockets, the rockets were the only team I think that is going to scare them. Portland wasn't scared. I don't think Milwaukee's gonna scare them. I don't think Toronto's goes they might get a game or two here there. But you look at what they can do when they're fully engaged when they're not bored with what's going on? There's nobody that can hang with these guys. Yeah. In in. That is true coming out of the east. Oh, I just think there's a couple. You don't wanna Lakers play the Sixers back in a day. You just felt legs go in. I mean, they got Iverson, okay. They're going to win or when New Jersey was playing in the championship coming out of Indiana. You just knew. Yeah, this is a little feels a little bit different. Feels closer to, you know, not closer just. It just feels different because I think, with Milwaukee comes out of it Jaanus is just such a presence on the court even though he struggled to last time out or time before that. He's just one of those guys are so unique. It's like what does go to state having Nassar for on defense inside of the ball for him? They don't really, they don't have co I won that slowed Jaanus down so far in this series. And quiet is unique guy. There's not a lot of guys that can do what he's doing, but, but I think goes stay run away with it anyway, because they don't have anybody that's going to be able to do anything with them. But at least you got I think it'll be interesting because of the situation, it'll make it'll make good TV and Draymond has had some sort of time, machine factor going on the dream on looks like Draymond looked a couple of years ago member. It wasn't just this season. It was this season. And last season were on shot seem to Joe away, where his ballet wells energy drain on was great last I right. Watch the game. Yeah. Of course. Try Bob scared to shoot them threes and get the ball. Like. Yeah. Knocked him down. He hit a company one. The one. He had a couple, but it was some way that whole team was underneath the basket just waiting for the rebound. He would bull forty three minutes, eighteen points, fourteen rebounds, eleven assists, three steals, and two blocks. I mean he was everywhere is the first time two teammates. Added in a playoff game. Yes. And I think he have four Tyke fouls too. He did he know he have four titles early. And I was like, oh God, he's gonna get Gil mess around and get kicked is like in Vegas. We can Steffes the guy that's knocking down shots. Steph sky that had thirty seven last night. He averaged thirty six and a half in the series. I mean just he's, he's away, though, full Steph, he's easy stuff right now, but the ball from half court and it's a good shot and rain right to the bottom of the it's, he's, he's in that mode, where he wasn't as back-back back MVP seasons where the second, he comes across the half court line. You better have him, you better at least to defend him. So do they need Katie? It's the weirdest question. I think it's one of the more fascinating questions. I think that the, the answer is no. Yes, they're better with him key. They're, they're, obviously better with the best doing the need him to win a championship. I don't think they win it all without him. You don't think so you don't think they'll be Milwaukee or Toronto without Kevin Durant. I don't think they just I know they wax Portland and they wrote through Houston. I got it, but I just think that eventually, that could catch up to you. If you ain't got top dog on the court, the other good part about it for Golden State is to they're going to be sitting at home getting right for the better part of a week. They don't he'll get healthy he'll, he'll get healthy. But whatever tread on the tires that they wore off in this series with Steph and clay, enduring on plane heavy minutes, and they've been playing I mean they're short handed on Rego dollar will be back to they're going to be rest through the Eastern Conference finals feels like that's going to be a six or seven game series that, that thing could go down to the wire. They're going to beat the, you know what out of each other. They're gonna come in tired. The warriors are going to be sitting there. Fresh in waiting for them. This one feels like it's already over and I don't think they need Katie to win it there. They're obviously the odds go through the roof with him. But even without him. I think they're the favor. I think they think they're going to still be favors the, they're going to struggle without him on the court at times, and it's going to be closer without him on the court and what most people realize. All right, Stephen Smith, who was with Magic Johnson yesterday. Blew up the NBA world. We will talk with Stephen A coming up in three minutes. Stephen a Smith coming up in just about a minute or so. So we'll talk to Steven A and I it's remarkable key how the reverberations the took place yesterday after Stephen did that interview with magic yesterday. I mean it just was everywhere instantly. It's the power of Stephen A. It's the power Magic Johnson since shock waves to the sports community. Yes, they like to say on sports talk radio. I think that. You know, it was interesting because one I kind of knew and I told you prior to magic going on Steven, he's going to name names. A lot of people probably didn't and like that naming names. But if you know, magic in, you know, the situation when a person's fed up with something and it's in it's burning inside. I knew he was gonna name names ju-? I just why if I was a bed man, I had to take a bit Vegas. I have just pushed it all the chips to the table, because I knew that a lot of people probably didn't. So it takes you by shocked. When all of a sudden you look up in magic is up there. Who's the best Laker greatest Laker of all time in? He's basically bombing the organization, you know, at that point. And then he's he's, you know, nothing really said some nice things about karema's here or a little Jeannie there. But nothing to the point where it was a ringing endorsement. No, no. You know he he. Basically, lit a torch to Frank Vogel without lighting torch to him by basically saying, we'll tie Lou. I should have got the job because he's better coach better choice, which I said, anyway, though, I say everybody buys said he's the best available coach in the NBA right now. He's the best vailable coach easy only coach that I think of that has a championship. I don't care if he came LeBron or whomever, unemployed. He everybody else has employment that unless they retired like Larry Brown or Phil Phil Jackson. But he's the best available coach but the Lakers decided on a different direction. I it was it was funny how work to that. There was the initial reaction. We're all listening to what magic is saying, and then trying to figure out what's going on inside the Lakers after magic had set it, and then as the day progressed and you could if you go on social media, and look at these things magic, eventually it started to come back on magic a little bit that the way the like where you were just saying key, because he was so. Forthright because he did name names because he basically said what he said about rob and that he didn't go and deal with it in house to begin with. There was the criticism that magic had had blown up the team that had done so much for him and vice versa to to a street. But magic didn't try to keep this in house that he let it not only let it get out. But was the one that lit the fuse he got some heat for that go and get some because what happens is waves and cycles as you know, you magic did his deal on Stephen it settled down for a little bit people had what they needed to say. They say what they needed to say the next thing, you know, the national media in the social media, created the magic Shinhan dentist. He shouldn't have did that. So you got that wave that came then you got the press conference where rob Pelinka and Vogel, that wave came, and then Pelinka at the press conference to me still felt it just felt like he was this this fake high road. You know, it was like a fake high wrote well. Speaking of here's rob Pelinka the press conference yesterday saying that he was saddened by magic perception of the situation. Let's take a listen to. And then react truly saddening disheartening to think he believes things that are misperception I think all of us in life, probably have been through things where maybe there's third party whispers or he said, she said things that aren't true. So these things are surprising to hear disheartening, but I look for the opportunity to talk with him, and sit down with him, and work through them, just like in any relationship because they're just simply not true. Okay. Let's say. And I'm so disheartened in it really broke my spirits. I just really want to sit down with urban Magic Johnson. Have a sidebar? I it's, it's interesting because look. Somebody was calling me a rat. If someone was saying to me that I was backstabber, if someone was saying to me that the reason I'm gone. Is that guy over there, rob Pelinka? And I was the one that was all of a sudden a couple hours later. I'm on a podium answering questions about this. That's not the tone. I tasted look, I'm sorry, went this way, those things aren't true. That's not the that's not the feeling. I imagine a problem. I wish you would come to me. I wish magic what a sat down with me, and we could have had a conversation about this, because the problem is, is that what magic is accused him of, of being disingenuous of being two faced of being a backstabber that's the sort of answer that guy that does those sorts of things they would give and Steven was all over sportscenter last night. He was everywhere saying it's not just magic saying these things he's heard it from everyone Ross the league. And he just reinforced the perception that he's a guy that's talking out of both sides of his mouth linka like he came from a non o'clock yoga session. You know that's what he's. That he just say like a nine o'clock. He just came from a nine o'clock. AM yoga session, and everything is just going to work on his nose. Like like you said, if somebody was torching me. Yes. And I'm going to defend myself. I'm not gonna give this fake kind of, like you know take the high road approach when everybody has been saying this about you for the longest. I mean they've been save. Whether it was the, the blind man that you members for extra twenty five million for your client, which is fine. I use the word. I want my agent to do the same thing. I wanted to get me pay and I'm not worried about that. But when people feel this way about you, you could connect the dots. It's like, you know, some I don't know if it was my mom might have been my mother years, many years ago when she was about something. And people say it had something to do with me just growing up. You know, and it was like when people start saying these. Things about you in not one, but it's too in his three has four and it's coming from different places. There's something there's some there 'cause I don't know you right? I don't know you. When I first met you told me watch Chris just whatever you do. He's a guy that you, you know, I'm not saying bad, about him just telling you sleep with toothpicks in your eyes. It's all of them say in get it. I get it. That's you know, and I get I at the risk of being. Obvious. I I'm the sort of guy that win stuff is going. I if for instance, if you and I had a disagreement. Right. And, and you were saying, Trump's is bad guy. He's a I'm telling you. He's a bad guy. I would be okay with the fact that everyone else that I deal with. Thanks. Good guy. And I wouldn't need to go back at you. But when if you said Travis bad guy, ask anybody these guys as a Bagai those guys as banks at that point, you come out firing. You can't go the high road. At that point, you can't come out and say, well, there's, you know, I'm saddened by the perception. It's week. It's clinician. Positioned this. I'm saddened Qissan perception of our relationship is to the point where we weren't able to work together. I look forward to sitting down with Keyshawn again at a future date, and working out because I will Keyshawn and very high regard, and I very much like would have a reputation with him. At some point it just it's so saccharin in artificial and fake in weird and terrible. Get mad. This is this is the time we said, look, this is. So we're giving you, we're giving you the opportunity were blessing you to go ahead in blog ask just get mad just go crazy on the podium, just, you know more, we're, we're allowing you to do that. Say something that look the relationship with magic is obviously deteriorated the point I don't think it's fixable. We don't get along. We didn't see we want to take the organization in different directions. I'm sorry that it ended up here, but this is what it is. I'm here he's not. He has his feelings. I have mine, we're gonna move forward until you some of that as, as I've dealt with people in my life that. That are a lot like what rob Pelinka has been described as I've dealt with those type of people banging having his Magic's word. Yeah. Those type of people people that you think got your best interest and the end of the day, they're the ones who's trying to benefit in move into your position. What? I've been there in my life, multiple times, not just once but multiple times is sometimes you just gotta separate yourself from those people. You gotta just, you know, and you would say why did magic just sit down and talk to him. He doesn't need to sit down talk because you know what you did was wrong. You know, you want has got a sleep at night, toss and turn in think them. I wonder what I did if I did that is that what he's talking about is that what is going on? I can't really quite put my finger on it. But that's what you gotta do. You're gonna be the one getting two hours of sleep worrying about what about you. Keep a rat if I'm a bad guy, and you cut me off. What do I care? I got what I want. He still there if you can't guy around I worry about it, but not if I'm a bad guy that you got to walk around. But, but you even know you back, you may not think you bad guy because you still thriving you still get an accomplished things in life. So you may not you may not feel you back. You may feel. Oh, that's the way you get ahead. I get ahead by backstabbing. Get ahead by negative talk at people because I'm in front I get ahead by when I was in agent, stealing other people's clients, I get ahead by bamboozling, blind guy. I get here about all of those things. It's the tip of the iceberg. This is just getting going. We got a lot of things to get into a new mentioned a second ago, key should magic and rob had some sort of conversation before it got to that point. We are back in five minutes. ESPN. Frank congrats and welcome to LA you rob question for you, though. We know that you guys did speak to smother coaching candidates before he said, on Franken, obviously money Williams and Tyler do seem to be higher choices. What went wrong in that coaching search and, you know, all do respect Frank. There were other people you intended to hire before. I think the important thing of any processes to be open minded, and to be methodical and to be prepared. And I think at the start of this, we had a committee of people internally that we had many names around Frank was one of those strong names and throughout the process. He just continued to emerge someone that had those qualities I talked about at the beginning of this, and we celebrate that we he. That it has come to a really weird spot when the introductory press conference for your new head coach has a question that includes, hey, welcome to town, real quick question for the general manager, why is he here wrong? I mean that's a helluva way to kick things off Frank congratulations on the job welcomed LA. Thanks. Hey, rob. What the hell is this guy doing here because that's the clearly magic sanity said that he would prefer tie Lewis owes a million other people. And everybody was expecting tie money Williams, Frank Vogel. Could have been a defensive assistant for one of them. But at the end of the day that was basically, your third, maybe four fifty. We don't know some of the quiet candidates that they probably reached out to, but he got his man, he made the higher. He made the recommendation genie bussey signed off on and he got his man, I got Tim involve Frank vocal has a chance to make this, right. Because Fred Vogel gets the opportunity to go out there and coach game if they win people people forget. All about question. If I think, in, I think, based on Indiana in based on a couple of people that have played for him coach with him, they liking they think he's a hell of a coach, don't look at what went on Orlando. The problem you didn't start with Frank Vogel. Yeah. If you want to start with Frank, Vogel, you would've told me. Hey, I don't look at the Landau situation because it was a rebuild. It which is crazy chaotic no one last down there you the gave me some of that I could've bought it, and it would have been great. But when you, it's difficult well key, it was it was so obvious that at best at best he was their third choice. And but I'm saying if you put him out front. Yeah. And you make him your first choice. Sure. Fine. Nan we go okay because you could sell me on indie, not Orlando. My last visions of him Orlando back, coach mcgarth, third choice. You just you just wanna coach. So you just hired. Somebody that's what you think about. But if you, if you sell it to me from the beginning, I'm buying it, you can go back to college football and just go to P Carol he was the thousand shores you ever like what a disaster where worked out, it worked out. But the problem with the Vogel press conference the problem with the Vogel, higher is the same thing. It's just it was another brick in the wall of Laker chaos, it was another as another example of the fact that the Lakers just are not on top of their, you know what that they just have so many different things that are going, they've got conflict between magic and rob. They've got an owner that doesn't seem to be willing to make difficult decisions. That's too. It's too tied emotionally to use. Magic's word to the players to the past. So there's no clear road for them to make these decisions and then Frank Vogel shows up, and it's just you. This was even your first guy if he was your first guy great. But it clearly wasn't their first choice it yesterday I was thinking when is. Last time we've talked about something Lakers on the court Xs and os, just last time with the topic like you know what I'm saying shortly after the Super Bowl, because that's when they started to put on the cement shoes and fall out of the playoff picture and then shortly after that they were done. They're, they're out of the Mickey I think important question is this. Should Magic Johnson had a sit down with rob Pelinka before resigning. The president of the team to try and hash out their, their problems to try and have a conversation and sit down and say, rob. I'm hearing that you're talking about me. I'm hearing that you're that you're gonna for my job. I'm here in that you are actively working undermine my thority. What's your problem? Let's go should he have had that conversation. No one. Because when you're in a position like Magic Johnson. I don't need to talk to you said before you, you know what it was that you did me sitting here trying to convince you that you did something when, you know, good, damn will what it was that you got me to this level. Remember magic said it wasn't one thing, it had been building up for stretches and loan periods of time. And I'm hearing people out there say things like magic took. The job knowing he explained the genie, I wouldn't be there all the time. I said that magic said that but saying I'm not going to be there all the time. He's not saying, I'm never going to be in the building. He's not saying that twenty four hours, seven days a week. I may stop in and he's not saying that he's just saying that I got these other things going, but I'm still doing a job over here because I can do both. But to have somebody walk in, in a building consistently in saying when they know that you're not they're trying to create this narrative, that's already people, you don't even need to create because people know you're not gonna be there. Five six seven days a week that you're going to be in and out people know that that's in the building, so walking in and saying, hey, where's magic anybody seeing magic magic? There's not around. I like come on. I agree with that. That's starting something that shouldn't even be started at his. Really? Why should I sit down and talk to you? That's the question why here's the answer. I think it depends the Y depends on what was magic. Johnson's goal was Magic Johnson's goal to go in there and do this as a quasi. And I'm not this is not shade. This is just a quasi part time job, where he has these interests over here, and I'm going to run the Lakers. And if it works out, great, if it doesn't, whatever or was his goal, to want to fix the Lakers have been bad for while I want to get them back to where I want to get going back to where their championship material. Because if it's the second thing he if it if my goal is to fix this organization and get them back on a championship track. And I believe that this guy over here is a rat. It's my responsibility to get him out or fix it. The, the great thing about all of this is we don't know exactly what rob was saying. But whatever rob was saying was so hurtful to magic that he decided to exit the building. And we don't know what he's saying because magic didn't tell us exactly what he's saying, but in ain't just as simple as and I can guarantee you this, it ain't just as simple as he's not doing basketball things. It's not that simple. No. I that. Try the sprint people's hotline in LA bre and. I what's going on morning months ago long before magic even resigned. I told you all Palinka with not qualified to run the Lakers. When I said, who would you rather have key raw Lincoln? I meant that with all due respect, you, I think he'd make an excellent GM. Rob Pelinka had no -cations insane. That magic was a rat. He didn't need to go up there and do that. I don't know if you're godfather to fans would Frank Pantano. He was gonna go rat out Michael Corleone and the coastal most of he wouldn't get bumped off. You just don't do that. If your Magic Johnson. You kick rob off to the side to. Hey heard you're running smack and you and you put them in his Eddie Johnson has way, more power than rob Pelinka. You put Robin's place that little boy, and you set him down, and you them into place not shouldn't with anybody in the place. Take that back. Then you go to genie and you tell, hey, look rob saying this, are you aware of this? Are you seeing emailed with him? So you need to make a choice genie. Are you gonna have me help you get the Lakers back to the glory days, or you're gonna have rob doing yours? I'm not fighting for her attention. If I'm magic, and that's an interesting question. One answer. Steve's question. I wanna get more reaction from Laker fans as well. Eight seven seven seven ten ESPN we are back in three minutes. Around leach. Happy birthday. The you know, I do. Okay. Dig eight. Yes. This is getting everybody would know this one, right bins. Oh, no. Everybody should this is the first line knowing that young, the first hit year would have been forty seven today have been forty seven. How wasn't when he passed twenty something? Twenty six twenty seven in that long me, Lena easy. You know, the crazy king, the crazy thing about this is I was at that I was at the party. I was at the at the auto auto center over there on Fairfax. Yeah, I was I was on the strip the night that to park got killed Travis. The night of Tyson fight. We're they're covering the fire and we were there, having dinner on a belief in it was like two o'clock in the morning, or whatever it was. We're eating Denny's across the street on, please. All the way in Vegas and you then he's boy on to him. Wait a minute got plenty of over that topic. That was not only choice. Hank cakes. What would you back then back then? And he's still cool. It's fine. Then he's still cool daddy's their stock his way up. Yeah. Right. Prince toes, Biaggi's birthday, forty seven years old birthdays brought to you by Jaguar Land Rover Newport Beach off the Seventy-three towards the sea. Visit Land Rover Newport Beach dot com. Land Rover above, if interesting to see people's reaction key to what magic the interview the magic gave yesterday. And it's it's kind of swung back. I think in the moment people like see here's what's going on. And now, people are frustrated, what, what magic and the reason in the reason that's going to happen is because their certain ways he got his way in the morning, the last thing they heard was in the afternoon in the rebuttal from rob in the yoga class. And then all of the sudden, this is what you get. Let's try Pasadena this time and, or Nesto. Line. Good morning. How are you? Going. Hey man, I'm gonna magic is gone, and this isn't a wave. I thought right after he said the press conference is, oh, genie magic, gene, should've never higher magic knowing he wasn't going to be there can any regular job. I'm there. My and my coworkers are only half the time where he always calls out. I'm going to say somebody always calls out or someone else say like Dan, he's not here, heat and all the may they weren't perfect. You live a little bit ago. You didn't get Paul George and he traded Buchan downplay that trait. Well, I think you, you, you the one thing that he admitted to was making mistake about the Lopez situation. Zubak being EMMY everybody tried to hammer, but he laid the cards out of say, look, here's the -til. We was trying to space fluid. We were try to do this, or that in what you think it is in any moved on from that. So I give him I give him a on that one in the Paul George situation. That was call George decision and not a Magic Johnson decision. So in any and what I want to say so that people can understand. This notion of your all lean you gotta be all in. You gotta be there. You gotta be open up the doors at six o'clock. You can't leave to seven, you get anything accomplished their get any that's not true. Man. You don't have to be sitting in damn office all day loan to construct some business. That's why they're cell phones and that's why there's office phones, and that's why people take meetings outside and office. Okay. Many people running corporations around this globe or not sitting in their office. Twenty four hours, seven days a week. It just doesn't happen like that. So I wish that people would understand that. That's why if you look at it, the, the joke around California, LA, in general, is you go to work at ten in your plea. Yeah, you're, you're off by two right? Because you're never back in the office. You're just everything we do on our phones. I talked to rob Pelinka about a deal being done from a satellite office somewhere else. I could talk about a player that I got film on, and I'm watching in a satellite office somewhere else in have a conversation about that. Particularly hit. Look, I wanna go back something or Neste said when he said, she never should've hired him in the first place, we can go around and around on that. And there's different opinion, whatever she did desire to hire him with the full knowledge that he was going to conduct his schedule the way heated magic, come in and say, I'm all in OB, there from seven to seven he came in there saying, look, I want to do this genius understand I'm still doing all this other stuff the second, she said, yes. To that. She, it's her responsibility to make sure that if he's not there that someone else isn't trying to undermine his authority. Yes. She signed off on that schedule. She was the one that gave magic the power and the second that she started to let rob do it. Rob was reportedly doing or, or Tim, or whoever else. The second anybody else's starting guy. Undermine Magic's authority. It was her responsibility. Say, hey, rob shut up. I know that he wasn't going to be here every day. I signed off on this. He's the president of the team, you're the general manager. I knew this is what we were getting knock it off. And she didn't I don't have a problem with her hiring him. I have a problem with her not going and taken rob out of this, or at least get in that to go away from the beginning because magic didn't sneak this by anybody. Magic said this from the beginning that he wasn't divesting from his other relationships as other businesses that he was going to do these things that's on genie for not killing it not on magic. No, gene Jeanie genie should've stepped in when. When she knew that there was some rumblings, because this is not something that happened overnight. There was some scuttle button going around somewhere at a time during the season where she got a wind of in got a hold of it, and they just ignored it to the point where like magic said he wanted to at the end of the day one to fire Luke Walton, and then he couldn't fire lukewarm because they said, don't firewall. Let's think about it, and he came back and said, now, we don't wanna do it, and then all of a sudden, I'm sitting in a room to do that. I don't ever talk to name Tim telling me now. That's the way described guide it all of a sudden he's finding his way on the up to the other side of the building. That's just like in, in here, just like in here. If somebody came in, and all of a sudden they start telling Rosh in, in, in Chris, how to produce this show. But there from the marketing side, you know, I got Tim McGraw. Yeah. Like excuse me, look at the risk of stealing align from lavar. Paul stain your lane. Just take sailing, right. Let's try one more quick ones sprint people's hotline in LA and Calvin Calvin, you are in the morning show. What's up? Yeah. First of all, like you guys show, you do a great job. Outweigh. Way backwards. It was a very low budget move. You say you love. Jeannie. And yet, you couldn't even tell her that you were quitting. How is that you tear around? You wanted to fire Luke. She gave you permission to fiery. You said you didn't want to because it would hurt her, you quit the day, the next day, they fired Luke now you on TV talking about somebody saying, he said she said magic you so high up on the food chain. Nobody could stab you in your back, and they can't reach you people have talked about you for your entire career. And now you quick. You another thing you get all these damn tampering fines. And then when it comes time to sign these guys. Yes, is not even around. Brings up some good points here. I think the point about magic completely playing the victim here is a little bit disingenuous. I think that certainly there are some things that went wrong, but magic saying, hey, look, this was beyond my control. I do agree with Calvin there that a little disingenuous will get into that. Plus, Ben Rothlisberger actually admitted that he might have done something wrong. That's coming up in four minutes.

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