104 11 Habits of Millionaire Evening Routines


Hi, this is Craig Valentine host of early to rise radio. Have you ever wanted to become wealthier healthier wiser or just have more time to appreciate the finer things in life on this show? We reveal what high performers doing every day to be more successful without sacrificing their personal lives early. To rise radio is sponsored by the perfect day formula. Get your free copy of this game changing success guide at free perfect day book dot com now, let's get started with today's show. Hey with every guru out there sharing their morning routine. Have you ever noticed that nobody's ever dug deep into the evening routines of multimillionaires and billionaires or maybe we're just to terrified of the thought of Warren Buffett getting his groove on just bury white. You know, maybe we don't want to know what the oracle of Omaha doing in the bedroom. When one picture him as oracle orgasms would be. Oh my goodness. I can't believe I said that listen, hey, don't worry. Warren only likes to play bridge at night. So, you know, maybe it's Dairy Queen. So just forget about what I said, don't worry get your head out of the gutter. But seriously, this is worth examining what the rich and the empire building superstars at night, high scrape Ballantyne host of early to rise radio and don't worry. I'm not going to destroy all the beliefs. We had about our morning routines. In fact, our nighttime routines of billionaires and millionaires is going to prove to you that what you're doing right now is exactly right. And I am going to share with you. Some cutting edge stuff that will allow you to achieve even more success. All right. We're going to reveal the nighttime routines of billionaires millionaires. And it's really great stuff that you can do at home for free. You don't need a single dollar to invest in this stuff. It's absolutely amazing. The fundamentals of getting to sleep on time and priming year brain for an amazing morning. It's all within your the palm of your hands within the reach your fingertips, and really is all just about you controlling your time. So you're gonna increase your of success, and this is going to be like the last evening routine guide you will ever need. So if you wanna create that perfect morning like I've always wanted to you. Gotta know it starts the night before. Okay starts the night before with you know, how you set up your bedroom all that stuff. But I've talked about that in a past early to rise podcast. And I don't wanna talk about that. Now. I don't wanna talk about. Hey, you know, you gotta have your room at sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit, and you gotta have a night high mask on at night. And you have to have your. Plugs and all that stuff. Listen, you know, that I know that we all know that. So we're going to dive deeper in to what's going to make you more successful. Okay. Now, this is going to be a routine that you're gonna be able to tailor to your goals, your dreams and your personality. Okay. So if you wanna go to bed at midnight. Cool you still gonna follow this stuff? You want to go to bed early like me? Cool. You're still gonna fall this stuff. Even if you wanna go to bed to clock in the morning, you're still gonna follow this stuff. It's not about the time you go to bed. It's about what you do in order to get to bed on time. All right. It's like I always say it's not about the hour that you get up. It's about what you do with the hours that you are up. Now, I've said that in my books and early to rise radio is brought to you by both of my books. First of all unstoppable. A Wall Street Journal bestseller, and you can get a free copy at be unstoppable, book dot com. All right be unstoppable. Book dot com to get your free copy of my book on. Stoppable? It's a Wall Street Journal bestseller and most importantly in there. It has the ninety day planner that so many of my clients are using to make millions and I want you to make millions to say, even if you wanna make thirty grand a month. This ninety day planner is going to be a game changer for you. So going to be unstoppable, book dot com. Now, this podcast is also brought to you by other other book the perfect day formula, which is actually sold more copies than on stoppable. Took a lot longer to sell them. And you can get a free copy of that at free perfect datebook dot com. And it shows you had to have your perfect morning routines. All right. So you get improve every area of life. And now last thing before I go, listen, I've been doing over one hundred episodes of this show. And I realized I don't have a hundred five star reviews. Now, we've had tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of downloads. And I'm like, oh my goodness. Either. My content is not good enough. And I know it is or just not asking you to make review. So can you put this on pause go over to apple to the I tunes area and give me a review and get me over? Hundred to two hundred and fifty because I was told nobody takes you seriously until we get to two hundred and fifty review so please head over and do that that would be a game changer for me. Now, let's dive into the Content's going to be absolutely amazing. But I warning a warning to orange actually to warning stories. We gotta pick on the lawn musk. All right. He's working one hundred and twenty hours a week. He might be getting five hours of sleep per night. He probably forgets things all the time. He's probably he's probably putting like hair gel on his toothbrush, and he is using like egg beater to shave his face. And it's just like, you know, like all the comedy because he's so tired, and that's why he's saying crazy things. And my goodness. Would you want that guy building your rockets? I don't know. So you don't wanna be like, Elon Musk. Okay. I'm going to give you a little bit more warning about that in a moment. But I also don't want you to be like, my client, Joel Marianne. So Joel Marion's coaching glenmont since two thousand nine and when he was building his hundred million dollars supplement company that you heard about I think we did podcast, and it was in the nineties where it had Joel come on and talk about the five deadly sins of mediocrity and how overcome them well Joel admits like he was living a bad lifestyle back then. Yeah, sure, he built a hundred million dollar business. But he sacrificed so much. I mean, this guy would stay up for three days in a row. And I don't know he stayed up for three days in rows like Hackworth on three to five times per year. And there's no way that is not gonna come back to haunt him. So I don't want you to live that lifestyle either. Okay. He he probably could have delegated a lot of stuff. They still would've made, you know, eighty million dollars instead of one hundred million dollars. And he, you know, he's probably gonna say I wish I had that had give that money for you know, my health right now, he's doing well. But I don't want you get into that. You know, he's gonna work they'll four o'clock in the morning sort of thing back in the day. Like you did all the time today he has a regular schedule. Just like the billionaires that you're gonna learn about Nasek. And I remember funny story that I think I told this one in the past podcast, but I would stay at jewels. Mansion in Florida, I get up at four o'clock in the morning, and I'd go into the work area. He is his giant office and he'd see me come in. And now as his q. Go to bed of four o'clock in the morning. And then I'd see him at about nine or ten sometimes earlier because he has take his kids school. So I don't want you to have that lifestyle. And it's not right because he would cry. She wasn't doing any of the things that you're gonna learn about today. And so maybe you could have built one hundred twenty million dollar business if he had a different schedule. Now, of course, he's a machine your machine I'm machine, but we all need to treat our machines properly. So let's take a look at some billionaires and the time that they sleep every night. So Tim cook CEO Oppal is kind of like me he gets seven hours of sleep. He goes to bed at nine thirty and gets up at four thirty. Although I heard that he gets up earlier on Mondays or a stays up later on Sunday night and does crazy early meetings. So, you know, take that for what it's worth Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft, currently is doing midnight. He goes bed at midnight gets up at seven AM, which is probably about as traditional as you can get Richard Branson does not. Sleep very much. He loves getting up with the sunlight, and he goes to bed at midnight. So he's a twelve to five or twelve six kinda guy. And then Jack Dorsey out in San Francisco. He's pretty boring. He goes to bed at ten thirty and gets up at five thirty. So he cofounded Twitter if you didn't know that so, but we'll just talk a little bit about sleep. And so there's this guy this Dr Walker guy, I forget his first name. It's not Christopher Walken might be Christopher Walker though. And he's he's been written up in magazines all over the place, and he was on business insider talking about he's a he's a literal doctor of PHD or medical doctor about sleep, and he talks about how a single night of four to five hours of sleep can lower your body's natural killer t cell count, which is your Munich system by seventy percent. So when you sleep four to five hours, let's say you go to conference, right. You go to conference. You're you got germs all over your hands. You're drinking. You're staying up late. You're in a room with five hundred people you come home. Eight hundred ten times you're sick. Right. And it's probably one of the factors is that you're not getting enough sleep. So missing sleepy says put your body on a crash course for chronic disease. So what diseases Elon Musk gonna get is going gonna Alzheimer's obesity, stroke, diabetes. Who knows those are some of the things in fact, this Dr Walker says that even if you sleep for a week of five or six hours you have signs of prediabetes. So your blood sugar's elevated, your insulin is elevated, so listen get enough sleep using this stuff. I've talked about the past. But this show isn't about sleep. This is actually about nighttime success routines. And we all know we have our morning success routines. We get up. We do work we do meditation. We we do we've done our to do list before. But we go in dominate so by implementing the right habits in the first hours of the start of the day you succeed, but also by implementing the right habits in the last few hours. You'll supercharge your sleep. And you'll you'll get up dominate. So so let's go and take a look we're going to actually talk about the eleven factors. Okay. There are eleven really awesome habits that empire builders are using in order to be more successful. But also have less stress and sleep better. So the first one is from Ed my let at my let is one of the fifty richest people in America under fifty I believe very successful guy. He was on the podcast. You can go back. And listen that episode. I don't remember what episode was maybe I'll go and check. But at my let what he does is. He does gratitude at and he does gratitude at night one of the two things I'm going to share with you that he does at night. And actually this episode fifty seven so episode fifty seven of the podcast is with Ed. My let make sure you check that out. Now Ed does gratitude at night. Whereas my friend bedrose has gratitude in the morning. So it doesn't really matter. But if. You find yourself not being able to fall asleep. Maybe you're negative mindset. If you pick that up from Ed my let gives shadow to Ed tell him as mentioned, I'm here in the podcast. If you pick that up and you add gratitude, maybe you're gonna fall asleep better. I mean, but at the end of the day, I mean, I've often had clients say, I don't know what to be grateful for. And I'm like, what do you mean? I mean so far today I've been grateful for the protein cookie had grateful for the for the amazing green smoothie I made. I'm very grateful for the dog walk. I had with daisy the dog we went on a huge forty minute walk. It was her biggest walk ever grateful for that grateful for the dead lifts that. I did. I'm grateful for the t shirt the man up t shirt, I'm wearing grateful the Instagram video made a great over getting this podcast. I mean, I'm just so grateful for all the little things in life. That's why don't have fancy cars, and I do have fancy -partment, but I don't have fancy cars, and I do love to travel because oh man just so grateful, and I'm actually relatively negative skeptical person. But I am very grateful for all the little things in life that bring me joy may just easy to please. I'm also grateful for the books. I read them talk about talk to you about what I'm reading the. The end of this podcast. So gratitude is one habit to add to your nighttime routine. Second habit of Ed, my let is also shared by my client. Sharon, robots social, Ron is one of my twenty five K clients. He spent entire day with me, and you know, give shout out to Sharon here. Telhami mentioned him. He's been interviewed twice on on the podcast. And so listen with Wisha Ron he realized during our day together. And we were doing our day together at the montage hotel, beautiful beautiful hotel, and we were doing our day together there and Sharad and I. Go and deep dive all day long. And he goes man, Craig, I just realized as we go through this that I've gotten away from doing visualization at night, and it was like man 'cause I was saying how can we make your days better? What has worked for you in the past goes, well I used to do visualization. My days were amazing. I don't do that anymore. And so now he does visualization at night before he goes to sleep and it's a very short visualization. Then he talks about it in in the podcast episode forty four that that Sharon, and I did here on early to rise radio the tenets immigrant edge formula that he and I did down Joe polishes event recently. And so that's really great. He does visualization Ed does visualization because both Ed, and I and a few other people believe in a secret factor that allows your brain to do work overnight. I'm gonna share that in a moment after I talked about a few other people here, but it number two visualization haven't number three is goal setting. And so. My man grant Cardona I was just down at a grand card known sales bootcamp. And this guy's sixty two years old. He has the energy of somebody half of half his age. He talked for four hours straight. I didn't see him take a sip water. He then took a lunch and did QNA at lunch, and then came back and spoke for another three to four hours on believable. Sixty two years old didn't have his kids until fifty one his first can at fifty one got married a forty five. Man. He's in great energy, great shape. He is just an awesome awesome role model to me. I know you might not like me you say, oh, he's got bro attitude, and I don't like how GRIs of us. And you know what? That's okay, you don't have to like him. You just have to learn from him. Okay. We don't have to like Trump, and we don't have like Obama. We don't have to like, you know. Pit bull. I don't know. Why said pit bull. You know? We don't have to like everybody in the world. But we do have to learn from them. We have to learn we're gonna learn from Mr. worldwide pit bull. We got learned from grand card. We gotta learn from Obama. We gotta learn from President Trump we have to learn from Hillary Clinton, we have to learn from Arianna Huffington. We have to learn from Sara Blakely we have to learn from her husband Jesse. It's ler call Sara Blakely the world's greatest entrepreneur. So we have to learn from everybody we help to like him though. We don't have to like anybody learn so anyways grand car down one of the things he does every single night is he looks at his goals. His massive massive goals. Now, you might say, gee, should you really be looking at your massive goals right before bed? You might get to excited. I understand that. Maybe should look at them an hour before bed. But when you look at them, it kicks into place this one secret, then tell you about a moment that I have used that Dan Kennedy has used that even Polian hill the author of. Can grow rich has used. Okay. So look at your goals. Look at your goals at my let he does that as well. Okay. So Ed, my light does that next thing. We need to write down the list. Apparently, according to Tyler Pez of your three biggest items for the next day, three big items. Okay. So that's what tight Lopez does. Because that allows him to dominate his mornings better. You've heard me talk about this. You've heard me talk about doing the priority to do list every night. And Wendy do your priorities to list, you do that after your brain dump. So so far our habits are give gratitude visualize look at our goals right down our three big items and then do a brain dump. And so my coaching client Jason capital has a long been using the brain dump and I talked about the brain dump and both my books, but I really go deep about it in the be unstoppable book dotcom book and the brain dump is where you take all the thoughts running through your head. And you write them down on paper. You basically get you empty your mind, you empty your mind when you empty your mind, you can go to sleep better. So you should do this about more than our before bed. Again. It's like looking at your goals and get to excited you don't wanna do that right before bed? You wanna maybe that an hour before bed, and then then you do the three big items. Okay. So if you go all right, listen, I've got twenty things to do to tomorrow. But these are the three and you take Tyler Pez advice, and you do the three big items. My goodness. You're good to go. Because when you do the the brain dump allowing the priority to do list. You you close any open loops now, my editor Austin Gillis is very smart young, man. He wrote about this on our website. And he says your brain is very similar to computer, and like a computer it has a million open tabs and programs worrying in buzzing in the background. If you're like that it won't matter. How hard you try to hit sleep. It doesn't matter. If you take melatonin doesn't matter if you throw them, I'm ask on. If you got a million thoughts racing racing racing in your anxiety engine reading in your wheel spinning you're not going to be able to fall asleep. You gotta go close those loops you can start to close those loops with the brain dump. Okay. So get that stuff out of your head. Get it down on paper, empty your mind. Get your to do list in place. Now, you okay, let's get all that stuff solved in the morning. And then the cool thing is that your sub conscious kicks in your subconscious kicks in and when your subconscious kicks in does the work overnight. So let's go back through so far. We have gratitude is one thing you have to do or you can do. So these are habits of successful people. You choose member. This is like choose your own adventure. You get to customize and tailor your thing. So you can do your gratitude you can do your visualization. You can look at your big goals. You can do your brain dump. I should've mentioned that before the three the the next thing the fifth thing is doing the three big items with Tyler Pez. Then you you make sure that you close any loops, and then you move on to getting your subconscious to work overnight. So you're telling your subconscious very much, again, your brain is computer, and it can run in the background while you sleep. So there's a very famous story that I don't. If it's true. But I was told by Dan, candy, and it goes like this. Dan, candy said that Napoleon hill when he was writing his book thinking rich he had a deadline to pick a title for book. And I will tell you coming up with title for a book is very very important. My friend Badri cooling nailed it with man up. I nailed it with the perfect day formula. And I took two years to figure out the name of unstoppable. I really didn't know what's called. I I was gonna call it. How to overcome the blackbox having Zayed's and Ryan holidays do that sucks. So I'm like, oh, man. So I struggled struggled struggled. And I changed the book actually a lot. And then some reading relentless by Tim Grover, and I looked at that cover so many times and it says from good to great to unstoppable. And so I'm like, you know, what that word Unstoppables, and Tim subtitle. It's not in his it's not his title of his book. So I'm gonna call my book unstoppable. Because I'm gonna teach you how to overcome anxiety, overcome entrepreneurs, anxiety and become unstoppable. That's where I got the idea for the name. It wasn't something that I said forever. It's not my model. But it's since become my motto. And I like it. All right. So that's how I came up with unstoppable. Now back to Napoleon hill. So Napoleon hill he had like five hours to come up with a name for his book. And eventually he settled on thinking grow rich, but up until five hours before that deadline. You know, what the title of his book was called? It's it's really bad. It's really bad guests come out throw, it, some ideas. I can't hear I can't hear you. Okay. So anyways, it was called according to Dan Kennedy legend, and Dan, Kennedy's a marketing mentor of mine. Napoleon Hill's thinking rich was originally called use your noodle to get the Budel. I can almost I can barely say it without laughing use your noodle to get the Bootle. And so Napoleon hill stresses out he goes, you know, I'm just going out. I don't know why. He's thought he was going to have a nap. If this is even true. I don't know. But anyways, he goes in has an app any wakes up with think and grow rich, which is a huge lesson. Right. Like don't be cutesy with the title of your gym or your book or your business. Don't be cutesy just be straight to the point think and grow rich. Great. So that's that was his subconscious mind doing the work while he slept and Kennedy says write down what you number one thing you want your brain to work on. And I've done this so many times of brain dumps, and I planned out my writing. So the next morning I wake up in fifteen hundred words three thousand words, poor outta me. Just pour out of me like as fast as I can type the words come out of me. And the next thing, you know, I've written two thousand words. An hour who writes two thousand words in our and the quality words, they're practically finishing an essay for early to rise or a book chapter for my next project. It's so simple when when you do it, right. So Jason capital believes in it and Jason capital uses. My brain them tie. Lopez is clearly using it at my let believes in the subconscious mind, Dan Kennedy. So listen, it is powerful. You just write something down and put it on a sticky note put right beside the bed, and then, you know, use your nighttime routine to fall asleep, and your brain will solve that problem and you'll wake up, and you will dominate. So here's another thing that I do that helps me drift off to sleep. So I've done the brain dump. I'm going to do another activity in a second before I go to sleep while Sherry through that because I do on talk about my three to one formula for going to sleep. But what I do. I lied there. I walked through my next day. So I guess I'm visualizing, but I'm walking through like minute by minute. And this is so boring that usually fall asleep within three to five minutes of trying to do this. So I'll be like Cameron wake up three fifty seven. And then I'm gonna walk across the room. Turn the phones off because I have to alarms and then and then I'm gonna go pee and them in a Chuck some water. So I can go pee again in like ten minutes and then on a walk downstairs this. This is obviously me either drunk or tired. I don't walk downstairs, and then when I get downstairs Manam feel so guilty because my dogs in a cage. Go let my dog out of the cage. But I I'm gonna drink more water. So I gotta go pee. And then so now. Like, this is obviously putting you to sleep. It's putting me to sleep. And the next thing. You know, I wake up and time for me to go pee. And then drinks more water. So I can go pee again though at my dog side. So she can go pee. So I want I do this walk through while I'm lying in bed. And that's one of the things allows me fall asleep so fast. In addition to have it number nine, which is using the ten three to one zero formula for better sleep. So I've talked a lot about this. Obviously my perfect formula book on early to rise. It's been featured in Russia on television in Australia on television. It was recently featured on life hacker Austrailia, even though it's been on life. Hacker dot com. The regular one on Inc dot com. All over the place on in the telegraph dot co dot UK because people hate it. And they like they get so angry when they read this formula, but it works because I tell people things they don't want to do. And they think like, oh, this is really boring. I'm like, well, the whole point is to fall asleep. So you can get up and dominate your day. This is not like the formula you use on your water daughter's wedding. Night when you want to celebrate. You don't follow this? Okay. This is this is for school nights. So the formula is simple ten hours before bed. Stop drinking caffeine. Caffeine will keep you up. If you toss and turn the most likely culprit is caffeine because caffeine gets your mind going your mind is racing now, and it physically and physiologically stops you from falling asleep, caffeine blocks Dennison receptors in your brain. And when you have that happen, it stimulates you so you don't want that so three hours before bed. You also have to stop drinking alcohol and a lot of people still drink wine before we go to bed helps before sleep helps you fall asleep doesn't help you have deep sleep. So you fall asleep get our sleep. And you're like, oh, man. I'm still tired. I don't I'm still tired because you had a glass of wine and our before bet two hours before bed. Stop working an hour before bed turn off all screens some of these guys like my friends Jason capital. They're using these blue blockers and stuff, okay? Cool. Listen, there's a lot of things out there that can help you another one of my clients guy. Greg O Gallagher from Keno body. He sells these things. So if you wanna use that fine you can use that. And then you can watch Netflix, and you can read kindles and all that type of stuff. But personally what I do is I go onto habit number ten here. Which is I read a chapter of fiction book or biography? Most of the time I'm reading history right now reading the decline of the Roman empire. I'm also reading the rise and fall of the Third Reich. I just because when I read history, it's very interesting. But I don't have to use it for anything. If I try to read a business book, I'd be like trying to take notes and man. Just not a big fan of reading business books because it's so much work. Right. I won't be doing work at nine o'clock at night when I'm lying in bed. But I will also read stuff like recently, I've been reading not only the surrender experiment, Michael singer. But also, the untethered soul. I've also been reading I really loved reading sapiens by you've all Harare, Noah, I don't know this name. But that was great book was great book, really interesting and always put me to sleep. So I was reading that. I've got some other books sitting around, but I've got Huckleberry Finn. But I'm not really interested in that book that back when I was a teenager. I'd be read Stephen King books. But the problem is when you Steven king book, you know, two hours go by in your sleep an hour and forty five minutes ago, so reading history just me super tired. It's like a sleeping pill for me. And I go to bed. So that's what I read right before a fall asleep and then the last habit. The last. Habit that nobody's really talked about. But it's really really important is that you must deliver yourself from temptation. Because you can do all these habits that I've mentioned. But if you are checking your Email, ten minutes before bed, if you're texting people if you are consuming caffeine, you know, at eight o'clock at night, if you're having a heavy giant meal, you know, like you go to Morton's or you go to mastro's or you go to an amazing steakhouse like there's a couple of great steakhouses in Toronto. I go to Jacobs. I go to blue bloods, I go to S T K that we got one. Now, man, I can go there in need a rib by and have a glass of wine. I actually don't like wine. It makes me stuffy. But I might have a cocktail. And then I'll have a baked potato, and I'll have all the sides because I love sides. And then the next thing, you know, like, I'm having meat sweats at four o'clock in the morning. Well, more like to clock morning, and I don't sleep. Well, and I get up the next day, and I may have been in bed for seven or eight hours, but I'm not in the best mode and my work. Cout suffers my work doesn't suffer, but my workout suffers. So you have to deliver yourself from temptation, which means cutting yourself off from alcohol caffeine, stimuli, Email, electron IX, all that stuff drama debating arguing with people. You have to put that stuff in place in everything that we talked about the gratitude the goal set individualization, the brain dump these things are all positive and allow your subconscious mind to work optimally overnight. So deliver yourself from Thame tation make sure that you room is not too hot. And do you have a comfortable bed, and you have your I'm asking your ear plugs? If you need them and the next thing, you know, you're gonna have a great night's sleep. Plus it's going to be a productive night's sleep. Not only physiologically for your body, but mentally for your subconscious. So that you get up the next day and dominate. So every morning is an opportunity to begin again, more intelligently? But only if you dominate your nighttime routine and don't let your tempt get your best. Yo que. So those are some really really cool habits that was a fun podcast do for him really excited for you to put these in place, and I would love first of all I love the five star review on itunes. So just go. Make sure you go to the American teens and give the five star review. That's where people are looking all. Time also grab my books at beat unstoppable. Book dot com and imperfect free perfect day, book dot com. And then please let me know how this helped Instagram. Direct message at real Craig Ballantyne Email me at supported early to rise dot com. Let me know what you thought today show. Okay. There's some really cool stuff in here that you probably never heard before also want you to tag, the influencers that we mentioned at my lead Jason capital Tyler Perry grand card own Sharana saw bedrose cooling, all these great people. Some of them are my clients as well. And if you wanna be like Joel Embiid Jason capital in Sharon who have hired me to go to the next level. Here's what you need to do. Next goto. Perfect life workshop dot com and apply to work with the next coaching event. So I got coaching events all across North America. Got Tronto Miami LA, I'm going to London in the UK the London in the wrong with me, and I'm going to Frankfurt in Germany. All right. So I can't wait. A meet you and help you build your business and structure your day dominate your. Time build your team and have more vacations and make more money. All right. I wanna make you on stoppable. So see soon, my friend put these habits in place today. And again, make sure you contact me. And let me know how things go love you.

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