Aug 25 - Pete Buttigieg, Bill Weld. David McIntosh


This sunday trade war and the economy another escalation is china poses retaliatory tariffs on the u._s. The president orders there's u._s. Companies out of china and the dow falls more than six hundred points having a spat with china and we'll win it. A world economy slowed by the trade. War is the backdrop for the g. Seven summit of world leaders and friends plus a head-spinning week of presidential pronouncements and reversals on a tax cut payroll roll taxes. I've been thinking about payroll taxes for a long time. I've looked at a tax cut now. We don't need it on gun background checks. We have to have meaningful background chat. We already have very serious background checks even on buying greenland. It's not number one in the burner. This is something that's been discussed for many years by guests this morning. Former republican governor bill well who is challenging president trump and trump critic turned ally club for growth president. David mcintosh also democratic dilemma isn't enough to run against the president's character and competence or do voters want a nominee who will radically transform washington. I think the biggest risk we take i'll talk to democratic candidate footage of indiana and team of rivals and unlikely group of former trump allies turn earn critics prepare to take on the president on the trail and on the air watching a full blown meltdown of the united states joining me for insight and analysis this is our washington post columnist eugene robinson betsy woodruff of the daily beast new york times columnist brad stevens and kristen solta sanderson columnist the washington examiner welcome to sunday. It's meet the press from n._b._c. News washington longest running show in television history. They did sunday morning for much of this week. We wondered whether we should take what president trump says seriously early anymore. By the end of the week we were reminded that the words and actions of the most powerful man in the world do have real world consequences in just the past few days. The president was not interested in buying greenland before he was so interested that he postponed a trip to denmark when the danes wouldn't sell on tax cuts. Mr trump was against new ones before he was for them before he was against them again. Stay with me on expanded background checks on guns. The president who is traditionally against them then was four them after el paso in dayton didn't against them reportedly after talking to the head of the n._r._a. Then apparently for them again but now maybe not. This is not a left right issue. It's a factor fiction issue but there was no denying the implications of what the president was saying and doing on friday both china and mr trump escalated the trade war that mr trump has initiated she aided the president flirting a bit with authoritarianism with this tweet directed at america's business community are great. American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china the result of the president's tweets. The dow plunged more than six hundred points as the president headed off to france. I g seven meeting with world. Leaders who already nervously eyeing a slowing world economy threatened further by trade wars. Donald trump came into office promising to discard traditional alliances and practices and better worse. He is delivered on that promise but now real questions are being raised about whether the united states can continue to be counted on to provide the leadership. The world has come to expect from it since the end of the second world war tariffs coming in by the billion as president trump meets with the u._s. Allies anxious about slowing global economy his own volatility is raising questions about his ability to manage the world's largest one. The president is ratcheting up his trade war with china threatening to raise taxes on chinese goods presidents and administrations allow them to get away. We take you hundreds of billions of dollars every a year claiming sweeping emergency powers to quote here by order u._s. companies to cut ties with china in nineteen seventy seven. We had an act pass. A national emergency act the absolute right to do that and attacking the federal reserve chair. He appointed again tweeting. My only question is who is our bigger enemy jay powell or chairman you. I want him to resign. Let me put it this way if he did. I wouldn't stop them. Some of mr trump's own allies say the the president is increasingly worried about a recession and are concerned his own focus on the darkening picture could be self fulfilling the president himself. Just can't can't seem to stop talking about it. The word recession is a word that's inappropriate. We're very far from recession. The fake news of which many of your members is trying to convince the public to have a recession. Let's have a recession. You people wanna recession. Maybe that's the way to get trump out and the president's erotic style has been on full display on tuesday. He floated a tax cut payroll taxes something that we think about by wednesday. He said it was not on the table. I'm not looking at a tax cut now needed. We have a strong economy. He is using satanic language to describe himself. Somebody had to do it. I i am the chosen one. Somebody had to do it so i'm taking on china tweeting conspiracy theories and zigzagging basic policy this week reversing basing himself on guns. We can do meaningful very meaningful background checks. We have a lot of background checks right now and even on buying greenland after after claiming we may be going to denmark not for this reason at all on tuesday he canceled the trip saying based on the danish prime minister's comments that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of greenland. The business community is wary. Just like another one way ticket on titanic and twenty twenty democrats are already taking advantage running on a return to stability. We're seeing the president of the united states has become more and more unhinged. We know so the words were president matter. They can move markets. I don't know what the president is thinking when he says he can just <hes> here by order companies to do this or that. We need an economy that actually actually works for all of us and joining me now from the g. Seven and france is n._b._c. News chief white house correspondent halley jackson and halley. I know this this white house. At times and republicans here in washington at times don't know exactly how to defend the president and and some of what he says any moment in time i know that the white house has had a hard time finding somebody to provide us for this show today and it may be because of misinterpretations of what the president may mean at any given point in time the president this morning asked about having second thoughts about china. I wanna play for what he said and then. I want you to explain what he really meant here. It is pretty sure monday's wealth the second thoughts about everything all right that certainly sounded after two followups that sounded like a president who at least was hearing the criticism he's been receiving from his fellow world leaders about this trade war but apparently he didn't mean what he said. That's according to the white house press secretary stephanie grisham that was big news that sound bite you displayed for about six hours here on the coast of france in biarritz that the president who rarely concedes regret on any topic seem to be signaling some kind of regret here but the white house's will wait a second not so fast that is being misinterpreted the press secretary saying the president's vince regret with actually that he was not tougher on china and at the terror were more stringent so inverting the way that many people read that moment in the room. You asked me to explain what the president meant there chuck. I can't tell you i can only look at what the president is saying and doing the issue here at the seven is that he's saying and doing things that are contradictory in this instance for example of these china tariffs and whether or not the president is having second thoughts. The white house seems to want it both ways in front of two different audience. This is a president chuck and and you know this who knows how to read the room and he is in a room now right and he was in that instance with other leaders who are gently pushing back on the issue of trade. He gets that and this is a president who at least for this trip does not want to be it seems the wrecking ball. That's different from what we've seen from other summits but in this instance the president wants to portray that everybody's going along to get along that the french president had hoped for a no drama sound that seems to be where the president wants the perception to be but at home the press secretary and the white house seemed to be sending a message that no no don't worry. This is still a tough commander in chief. This is still the guy who's going to put those tough tariffs on china. Hey we're still fighting for you. So within the span of about eight hours you have these two different messages produce unjustly topic which notable to me here chuck is we've seen these meetings unfold throughout the day is the pushback that the president is getting it is not tough pushback the cape the worst johnson and the president this morning very gentle he even said i'm going to make a sheep like noise here and tell you about my pushback. They know that they can't come out to strongly. Only against the president you also saw the same with prime minister shinzo abe of japan when president trump downplay those recent missile tests by north korea said he wasn't happy about them but also said they didn't violate kareem <unk> shinzo ave very quickly in the next breath came out and said well wait a second. No those missile tests do violate agreements and we have a problem with it all right holly jackson <hes> for us at the g seven halley. Thanks very much by the way and that same in these same boris johnson back and forth the president was asked about the discussion of bringing russia back into the asia and apparently the president said they had a bit of a disagreement on that and let go anyway halley. Thanks very much joining me now. Former governor bill well who was mounting mounting a long shot primary challenge president trump david mcintosh. He's the president of the conservative club for growth which spend money opposing candidate trump in two thousand sixteen but now apparently plans to support support him for reelection wanna welcome both of you governor well former congressman mcintosh comfortable. I want to start with you because this is what you said about not supporting a candidate trump back in two thousand sixteen. You said this year is different. This is when you guys were supporting ted cruz because there is a vast gulf between the two leading republican candidates on matters of economic liberty. Their records make clear that ted cruz is a consistent conservative who will fight to shrink the federal footprint. Well donald trump would seek to remake government government in his desired image summary that quote congressman and say you know what you were pretty oppression. That is what donald that some will say that is exactly what donald trump has done and chuck we were supporting reporting ted cruz then and in the middle of the campaign you mix it up but what we base our current position on is the results president trump has governed as a free pre-market conservative cutting taxes trying to get rid of obamacare deregulating their oil and energy industry deregulating the internet and it's working. The economy is still at two and a half three percent growth. That's a reversal from his predecessor unemployment at the lowest rate ever and you see more and more people the entering the workplace and getting higher. I wanna follow up something. You said you said he's governed is a free market conservative. I'm just lifting this directly from your website. The cost of protectionism largely totally born not by some foreign country but by american businesses consumers and taxpayers this was based on urinalysis clipper gross analysis of what for instance tariffs on the steel industry would do do how can you say he's governed as a free market conservative when he has been issuing tariffs left and right and the trade is a difficult issue <hes> bay ah you're struggling with this. The tariffs are attacks on the american people problem. I think you've got to step back and in fact what's going on at the g seven. This is explained explain same thing. It's the art of the deal and what we like about president. Trump's vision on trade is his goal of zero zero tariffs and we support that strongly family and i have come to recognize these tariffs are his way of forcing the chinese to come to the table. They're costly and we we want them to go away but he's using them to get to that. Ultimate goal of zero zero tariffs governor you've been thought it was a very moderate republican but where you align nine with the republican party over the last couple of decades always was on fiscal issues. You just heard congress macintosh. Make a case that the president is a free governing like a free market. Conservative is governing like a free market conservative in your mind <hes> he's not a small government guy at all where we're spending more on interest on the deficit now than we we are on national defense interest on the debt is the fourth largest item in the federal budget. Their spending money in washington like drunken sailors a trillion in dollar a year. Mr trump's budget admittedly a multi year budget but it added nine trillion dollars to the deficit three days ago. It went up another eight hundred hundred billion dollars. That's almost another trillion dollars. You can't keep doing that indefinitely. Every household in the united states every governor in the united states as mister mcintosh knows has to balance the budget by constitution or by necessity and my motto when i was in office is there's no such thing as government money. There's only tax payers. There's money well. They've forgotten that in washington led by the president and they think it's their money and it's not well governor though this only play devil's advocate about about the debt there have been folks like yourself and others who have been talking about that if this debt keeps increasing. It's going to be a drag on the economy. There hasn't been a drag on the economy yet why well it's gonna be a drag not just on the economy but on our national security because we're effectively relying on other countries countries to buy our treasury bills to get us out of this terrible deficit position. We're in order to forestall the united states going into bankruptcy and that's economics economics one. Oh one <hes> and so i it's just <hes> very much against the economic interest of the american people to keep going in this direction and everybody everybody who thinks about it. <hes> knows it furthermore. <hes> you know the president tax <hes> as you were pointing out earlier on every single issue in my view it no longer are matters what the president says because that may be his first thought of the moment or as i ramble or as first raving but you can be assured there'll be a second thought a third thought aforethought all of which are going to be different from the first thought comes from mcintosh that i i remember during the obama years. A lot of conservatives criticized the obama administration because hey you know all these big ideas you guys are talking about. It's creating instability in the business community. How is what the president's doing not. I mean it's clear the reason for the slow down is the business community is is suddenly nervous because they don't know how this trade wars going to turn out isn't this creating instability and as i mentioned earlier the key to understanding this is reading donald trump's book the art of the deal where yes things are going to change you get the i want to be your friend. I wanna work with you donald trump when he's trying to push towards the deal when the deal breaks apart you get the donald trump. I'm gonna impose lizzy gotten. Where's this work. I mean this. This art of the deal thing gets thrown out there a lot. Where's this actually really worked. He doesn't have an infrastructure deal. He didn't new healthcare. He doesn't have a new deal with china. It hadn't worked yet. It worked on replacing nafta and that was a successful we'd it had this yeah and the only blocking that is ansi pelosi and the democrats in the house. What did what did nafta literally after two point. Oh you didn't really change them old. Hold a better deal for the u._s. In the president's eyes and it's an example of how the art of the deal worked. I think the key thing for donald trump is to show that he's got a vision for the second term and to continue with another round of tax cuts and he's deciding which way he wants to go on that right. We're going to urge one that is for small businesses to give the pass through the same tax. Break the corporates to governor weld. You're obviously challenging the president of primary you don't think he deserves renomination shen. If you don't get the nomination does he deserve reelection absolutely not let let me just say i think president trump does have a vision for the second term and it's what steve bannon bannon. His political robespierre says he says if president trump is reelected. You're going to see four years of unadulterated unrequited payback. Mr mr trump is going to pay back all his enemy payback for what it's just. It's another example of his extreme malignant narcissism. He's he's only happy when other people are losing. It's not enough for him to win. He makes sure his vendors get paid five and ten cents on the dollar why he and his rich banker friends walk off with hundreds the millions of dollars. That's just reputation in new york new york new jersey as one of the most dishonest businessmen in the area governor. You're the first republican to jump in. A bunch of other. Republicans are thinking about it. Any of these other republicans would convince you to get out and support them not to get up but i'm thrilled about joe walsh and mark sanford getting getting in. I think that's terrific and it's going to be a more robust conversation. Who knows the networks might even cover republican primary debates they can ill afford to say they cover only democrats but i'm looking forward to both those fellas getting in and i hope <hes> more as well it can only contribute to more robust dialogue and that'll be good for for the country. We need to assemble rational people. You know sure a crazed president. <hes> <hes> makes the stock market. Go down but that doesn't mean we have to like it all right well governor well well congressman mcintosh. I think we show that we can have a disagreements without sounding disagreeable with each other. Thank you both for sharing morning. Thank thank you check good to be with you later. This hour pete buddha joins me live and when we come back the economy has been the president's strongest selling point for reelection could his signature issue become reliability panelists next new for meet the press chuck todd cast. It's an insider's take on politics the twenty twenty election and more candid conversations with some of my favorite reporters about things we usually discuss off camera listen for free. Wherever you get your podcast welcome back the panelists here washington post columnist eugene robinson christian soldiers anderson for the washington examiner betsy woodruff political reporter order for the daily beast and new york times columnist bret stevens. Welcome to you all <hes>. I think the best way to set up. This conversation is i'm gonna i want to read for you. Andrew sullivan's taken eric erikson's take on the president this week they both agree on one thing that the president had erratic behavior and that's as far as they get here is andrew sullivan. If you can begin to engage this bizarre dangerous arranged an ignorant stream of consciousness and try to discern some kind of logic or pattern. Your brain will break. Here's irks. I'd rather have a president whose behavior makes other people feel comfortable being braying jackasses then a democrat who wants to take away my healthcare while giving health care to illegal aliens. The president may be nuts in his behavior but i'll take his crazy over the insanity. The democrats would unleash on the united states red stevens. I feel like that that it's an interesting the eric ericson rationale. I thought i heard a little bit of that rationale in d- mister mcintosh's extraordinarily manichean. I mean let's let's see who the democrats a a wind up wind up nominating the real issue for for republicans simply to call out the fact that the president does not stand in any way for the <hes> traditional conservative economic principles that have defined the party for the better part of the last seventy years. They don't even stand never mind the economic principles wrodwar principles of character. I mean what what we saw over. The last few days is a president who is either mentally unwell or morally unfit. Maybe both i don't know but it's important born to simply. Call these things as we as we see them. You have behavior that is unprecedented in any kind of presidential oh history in the united states or frankly elsewhere so when i hear guys like eric's wow you know this is at the end of the day. This is a choice. I'd actually rather have a candidate debate on the democratic side who at least doesn't scare me every single every single morning. I feel like this entire debate of the twenty twenty campaign just right there that's right and part of what's going on in the background as the president's comments about particularly china trade unfolded over the last week. Is that the way the united states government thinks about our relationship asian with china has changed dramatically right now. I can tell you that white house officials think it's less and less likely the u._s. will actually reach a trade deal with china and rather is going to lurch from a truce truce postponing tariffs postponing punitive action. That's because within the ill always hang over there. That's because in the background in the white house and the the intelligence community they see china first and foremost as a national security concern rather than as an economic concern and that's where voters come down to this question as well. <hes> pew research center has been studying american views on china for the last decade and a half. We're record high levels of americans saying that they have an unfavorable view of china and most of that's actually driven not bhai economic concerns in the poll. Most people say they're okay with china being economically strong. It's national security concerns that our chief and this is why i think the president is able even in the midst most of what feels like complete chaos in terms of the trade issue to have a little bit of latitude there were his economic job approval remains about eight to ten points higher than his overall overall job approval but it's going down and it and it should be at look at the real world results of donald trump's erratic behavior whether through mental deficiency or moral deficiency or some combination thereof look look at your 4._0._1._k. Today go on it. Go online right now and look at it and see what happened to it on friday. I chose. I'm not i'm not gonna. I'm not going there either but it's it's extraordinary and when i hear people like the congressman talk about you know the art of the deal you know donald trump didn't write a word of that book including the title driven by tony schwartz with through my what to school. He wrote the whole one wonders. If donald trump is read it but what has it gotten the united states it has it has made no aw agreements it has gotten us nowhere and so this idea that there's this sort of master player of four dimensional chess who's sir i will say this. The only is not true. The only thing i will say to people if there's one thing you've got understand about. Donald trump has said he doesn't believe anything's on the level and i do think that that is i mean. He doesn't believe anything's on the level whether it's the press whether it's the government he's always believed he doesn't believe anything on the level including a conversation he will have with somebody who's an ally library and i was just saying this is a big piece of his economic messaging at the moment which is he's got to juggle both touting what he believes very strong economy trying to keep those economic job approval numbers hi well sort of laying the groundwork for if this begins to fall apart to be able to say it's the feds fault. It's china's fault. It's congress's fault for not passing minute nasmyth classic autocratic autocratic strategy. When your economy goes south you blame speculators you blame the media you blame someone else but this one of the problems i have with a lot of certainly conservative apologetic for trump is they always say you have to separate the signal from the noise and the reality of the trump presidency is the noise is the signal and and and it's dangerous we are blundering our way into a contest with with the chinese. That's not about national security. It's a contest of face between two leaders who see themselves as essentially supreme supreme leaders and for which neither of them is easily going to back down. We ended up at a war in in world war two in part because we were trying to impose an economic embargo on japan. These things have a precedent and they're and they're worried we should be worried about china but trying to wage a trade war with a bit with no outcome. Insight is going to have consequences. These questions of signals noise and art of the deal are going to be front of mind at the g seven and this is something that white house officials a really desperate for keep an eye out for some sort of announcement or conversation about bilateral trade deal with the u._k. The white house would love to say that they're going to be sort of throwing some sort of assistance to boris johnson. He's negotiating to leave the european union toward the end of october as far as this question of national security and how that affects the united states trade relationship with china. It's an existential issue for the u. S. china relationship arguably the most important relationship in the world and for white house officials right now. They see this as incredibly origin. They believe that the unit that china is in danger of overreaching in hong kong. They're worried about concerns of overreach in taiwan. The navy spends a huge percentage of its budget on activity in the south south china sea and for trump and his aides to navigate that is increasingly complex for what it's worth. This is a weak that we saw and while it's sort of a motley crew of of of trump opponents on the right. They're starting to percolate <hes> we we had one and bill well. Here's a few others that may challenge them in a primary a friend calls that god's clear calendar for reason. I know what it is. You need to primarily the president i'm like. Are you completely. Here's the deal. This guy isn't fit for office office. Every time he opens his mouth. He tells a lie. We're watching a full blown. Meltdown of the of the united states. He has been melting down like a nuclear reactor now. Joe walsh was one of the three people in there by the way he's actually officially announced. This is a guy who's who at one time tweeted if trump didn't win grab a musket yup. Would you see the people that have turned on this president. You start to wonder. Is it going to happen. Impact actually of the of the three the more significant in terms of public opinion might be scaramucci mucci accidentally because people know him in the mood and he's come out in a new yorker fashion gone all in on on the sort of trump is crazy line in this very interesting at at this g seven how the pushback from other leaders is coming. It's it's very gentle very measured but <hes> but it's definitely there week is it now. It's week but it's it's it's. Let's just get through this. It's you know it is the six plus one at this point and bilateral deal with the u._k. They hitting out something that is going nowhere in in the house of representatives according to pelosi unless the ireland issue was settled and it won't be settled with a with a nobile that might come on the u._k. Would be almost entirely entirely symbolic but for the white house even symbolic witness something. They're desperate for right now well. They think they're doing johnson a favor but i think in his negotiations whether that's true or not. I think it's it's unclear when we come back. Democrats are debating how to take on president. Trump will running against the president on character and competence be enough or we'll democratic voters expect to be inspired by some big transformative ideas not just as joe biden said so bluntly this week to swallow a little bit buddha. Jr is next welcome back. Democratic presidential candidates face their own dilemma. Do they argue that. Whatever differences voters have with them. President trump needs to go because he's unfit for office. Essentially the biden message or as restoration and preservation of the obama legacy simply not enough should the right response to the election chian of trump be to campaign on new and boulder ideas. Mayor pete joins me now from freedom new hampshire mayor booted. It's good to see you again again and let me just dive right into that question but ask it this way. This was a week where the president certainly had some erratic moments back as you know. Many voters have that safe harbor mentality <hes> especially during weeks like this. This strikes me as particularly challenging being for any candidate not named joe biden any candidate. That wasn't a former vice president. How do you talk to those voters well. I guess what i would say is this the the president is certainly a problem a big one but he's not the only problem. Ask yourself. How a guy like this ever got within cheating distance of the oval office in the first place i would argue that doesn't happen unless the country's already in a kind of crisis and we see it in the fact that for pretty much as long as i've been alive even when the economy has been growing and quickly most americans haven't been getting ahead one of many reasons why in places like the industrial midwest where i live back to normal is not going going to be a good enough message because normal was not good enough of course there are huge problems with president especially now. We're not even debating whether the president is telling the truth or making sense we're just debating whether it matters when he doesn't and it does matter as you can see by the way he has created turmoil in global markets with his words but even so getting rid of the president is not enough. We need to replace this presidency with something better that actually works for americans or somebody even more unstable could would gain power and emerging our politics in the future well as you know the counter. The argument is going to be well. We the trump was a big risk. Trump was somebody would never tried before. You're you're asking voters to take a big risk. In that sense to it is i i. I i understand exactly the the message. You're trying to send their there but that is the other side of that message. Which is we'll wait a minute. He was new and different your new and different. There's some very different versions of what new and different my presidency will be about making sure. Americans can actually get ahead when we have a rising tide it actually lifts all boats votes in addition to restoring american credibility around the world. We need to explain what we're going to do to make your life better and the less we're talking about him. The more we're talking about <hes> you good news is this is winning turf for democrats. Remember the american people broadly speaking agree with us on wages agree with us on healthcare agree with us for sure on on gun safety <hes> when it comes to the things that are actually going to decide whether your kid is safe at school whether your income is going up whether your healthcare is secure whether there's a good outlook in your we're everyday life. That's a winning message for us and we need to explain what we're going to do on that out with the old compelling though it is is not a complete message. I want to talk about <hes> some national security issues because i think as political pointed out earlier this week democrats aren't gonna just be able to unwind the trump foreign policy. If you are going to try to put it put it back. I mean look if you're if you're in favor of a two-state solution with the israelis and the palestinians that feels like that's taken ten or fifteen steps back no matter who the next president it is did it with china or other countries not sure okay. They can cut a deal with this president but given what happened with the last president. How can i trust this deal. How much harder is it going to be for the next president to do any sort of trade pack or multi multi-country pack and how do you reassure these countries of that. If you're president my focus is president will be restoring u._s. Credibility by pulling together in the name of values that are american values that our country at its best has upheld advanced but are also universal shared values that means standing with the people of hong kong when they're insisting on democracy it means leading on climate diplomacy remember part of the u._s. Isolation on display this week is that at the g seven you have world leaders coming coming together among other things talking about what they're going to do on climate and you've got an american president who doesn't even believe it's a problem the u._s. could be restoring our credibility by leading the world in facing facing some of the biggest challenges we have from issues like climate to stability in the global economy to advancing human rights and democracy to things like <hes> dealing with terrorists threats from islamist extremism or from the rising tide of white nationalist violence that is a problem not only here in the united states but around the world. Let's dive straight into china your president you've got these. You're going to inherit. Perhaps a bunch of tariffs that are been slapped on china is your initial instinct to <music> remove all the tariffs and then try to start anew with china and would you use the issue of hong kong as part harder than in any trade pack. Well certainly the people of hong kong need to know that we stand with them and china needs to know that if they're going to perpetrate trait a repeat of tiananmen they will be isolated from the democratic world that being said we can find areas of cooperation from climate to security to trade it just has to be something that actually works for americans now obviously the current strategy. I'm not even sure you can call it a strategy. Let's say the current pattern of poking china in the eye with tariffs and seeing what will happen isn't working. It is crushing american soybean farmers other farmers in american consumers. You know we are already estimated to be paying five five hundred thousand dollars more americans this year because of this trade war. I don't know where we're supposed to get that kind of money. President says he's gonna delay. Some of it. Till christmas is but what are we supposed to do. After christmas. My focus in terms of china strategy will be identifying areas of mutual advantage and holding them accountable for the problems problems that we've seen created by currency manipulation just realize that they're not going to change their fundamental economic model and because we poked them with a few tariffs that's why are the the alternate way to stay ahead of china is to invest in our domestic competitiveness and unfortunately we're doing the reverse underinvesting everything from education to infrastructure here at home. President president obama thought one of the ways to confront china was to create an asian pacific trade pack. I know t._p._p. Became this sort of red herring. If you will or litmus test among democratic arctic primary voters let me ask you a question of it this way i know where you stand on teepee but putting together a non china asian pacific alliance is that the best way to confront china. It's certainly part of how we can set global economic cooperation on terms that makes sense for us instead dead of allowing them to be dictated by china the problem with t._p._p. Had to do with the fact that basic standards that we have on corporate governance and environmental and labor expectations expectations weren't being met. Yes we can do it but again. The fundamental way to stay ahead of china is to invest in our own competitiveness. They're investing billions more and artificial intelligence. According to a national strategy then we are then there is a very strong likelihood that they will be running circles around us by the time. I have kids who are old enough to vote. I don't want to the art official intelligence in the world being led by china knowing that their vision is about using technology for the perfection of dictatorship very different from how these things will work in american hands. We've got to invest in the future and do it in a way that his ass systematic or more as the chinese. I don't think anybody believes that. This administration's approach on anything right now is systematic. Let me make the final question about the state of your campaign took off like a rocket ship. Obviously obviously like you know these things ebb and flow and i know that but if what do you say to your supporters who were saying okay when are you're gonna take off like a rocket ship again. How much patients should they have. A lotta people are starting to ask okay. Is this a campaign to prepare to run for president another other time it is not i'm in it to win and you don't do something like run for president. At least i don't unless you are aiming to go all the way we we have exceeded every expectation from the beginning of this campaign when we started with literally four people in a room in south bend in january and a mailing lists smaller than most congressional campaigns where we are now is that we have arrived in the top tier of candidates but this is where you really see how much this is a distance run and knowing that so much has decided in literally the last few days of the caucus and primary campaigns. We've got to make sure the stretch from now until then that key six months or so where the unglamorous work is happening organizers on the ground building. The relationships are going to build this campaign. That's our focus even as they're these <hes> day to day ups and downs are are you a there's been a lot of hand wringing over the d._n._c.'s handling of the debate process and the creek and what it takes to me not meet it <hes> how you feel feel about how the dnc has handled this. You know it's mission impossible to set up a debate structure that everybody can agree on and be happy with what i know is that each the debate represents an opportunity for our campaign to present our vision for me to explain why my presidency would be different why my approach on healthcare makes more more sense. Why what i will do with the u._s. In the world as president is the right way forward and we're going to focus on our plan work the plan and accept the rules as they come to mayor people coming to us from freedom new hampshire. I have to say i had not. I thought i had known every single town in new hampshire. I think this is the first time we've had a dateline from freedom hampshire sure anyway people stay safe out here. Yeah stay safe on the trail and thanks for coming on us when we come back. President trump keeps saying the economy is in great shape. The sizes aren't so sure well. Why the pessimists that'd be right this time. That's next welcome back data download time. President trump has been cheerleading the economy at election rallies and press availabilities but new numbers suggest s. that beneath the public optimism the economy is not as strong as mr trump suggest more importantly. It may not be as strong as it ever had been touted this week. We learned that job. Creation numbers reported by the labor department. We're off like way off by about twenty percent. Two million jobs were created between april two thousand eighteen in march twenty nine hundred dollars. That's five hundred thousand fewer jobs than the estimates originally showed in fact those estimates were also off when it comes to our gross domestic product g._d._p. Figures originally showed that the economy grew at three percent in two thousand eighteen but it turns out it was much more tepid two point five percent. That's still decent recent but it's not the three percent cheerleading that president trump promised the estimates twenty nineteen two point three and the forecast for twenty twenty. She is only two point one percent and despite the cheerleading from the president americans aren't feeling all that optimistic consumer sentiment which is about how people feel about the economy dropped six percentage points from july to august the lowest. It's been by the way since january and it mirrors trend. We've been seeing an other important indicators in the last six six months one number that might be particularly concerning for this white house manufacturing declined in august. Why is this important. It's the first time that production has shown a contraction and almost a decade plus. Thousands of jobs have been lost in wisconsin michigan and pennsylvania since february three pretty important states so when it comes to the economy perception is almost as important as the reality if consumers think the economy had trouble they're less likely to spend money which could lead leap to actual trouble for the economy and economic trouble would be bad news for all americans and president trump's reelection argument in twenty twenty as well when we come back three three more democrats dropped out of the presidential race this week and it's still the largest field in history now. A handful of republicans are eyeing longshot fits. The may make the field meals even bigger again. Endgame is next back back now with endgame the democratic debate over electability. I'm gonna pit jill. Biden here versus the democratic field. Here's joe biden on the case for supporting her husband. Your candidate might be federal healthcare than joe is but you've got to look at who's going to win this election election and maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say okay. I personally like soto better but your bottom line. It has to be that we have well. It's a tough message to combat but here's how his fellow primary trying. They don't need someone. I'm one to say. Let's just turn back the clock. They don't need someone to say. It's all just too hard. They need a leader who is not afraid. The next leader of our party can't be someone that is a safe bet. I think the biggest risk we take is to try to play jane any well. Okay so you listen to all those candidates and they would all tell you it's early it's still early and and by the turn you don't standards of our elections. It's not actually that early but this time it is because joe biden is the clear front runner and people have questions about him. He's he hasn't uh really made the sale with enough of the party. I think everybody's comfortable with joe biden but they have questions about his. You know about his ability going going forward. He's still sort of leads on the electability question very important to democrats but i think there's a sense that he could falter the and then someone else would have to rise. We don't know who that is at this but joe biden can be right and still be wrong about her husband. That is to say the central question. Shen for democrats is nominating someone who is electable who isn't going to scare off. Those voters who democrat desperately needs is that you essentially those. Does it basically republicans who don't like trump no look. I think it's a lot of voters who have voted for bill. Clinton voted for george. W bush voted for barack obama yeah. I think it's actually a fairly wide sway the people at one of the things i found i mean i think every people like mayor pete and and elizabeth warren and so on are are saying you know we have to be change agents because really there. This is a primary fight against joe biden sort of the incumbent front runner but the democrat democrat who's going to win is going to have to communicate to the american people a sense of sanity balanced that they're not there to change the system but to reform the system. That's is going to be the winning ticket. It just won't necessarily be vice. President by the democrats also can have to excite the democratic base have to bring the democratic base out and there are two schools of thought doc within the democratic party about this one is trump is an emergency and we can't take any risks and we need to go safe and that's the jill biden argument the other that democrats will make privately although perhaps not publicly is that the democratic party could nominate and edible arrangement and it would beat donald trump. That's the kind of thing you're a lot more. People in the democratic could excite that quietly do believe this. This especially really turned this week and this is part of the difference between the elizabeth warren bernie sanders message and the joe biden message biden his arguing. That trump is the problem. Sanders warrants and other progressive candidates are arguing. That trump is a symptom of a larger problem in your party christian for years ago. There was this debate about. Oh you gotta find somebody that can beat hillary clinton and there were quietly. A bunch of republican strategist says no it doesn't matter anybody's going to be able to beat her and it turned out anybody did it. Well and i think the real question here is democrats trying to choose someone to contrast trump. Do you pick someone that fights trump sort of on the same type of terms trump likes to fight on somebody. Who's is going to be bold. Someone who's going to be a fighter or do you try to nominate someone who answers the question. What do americans want who've what to stop thinking about the president every day <hes> and so oh do you as the democratic party you know we've talked about kenny nominate as you put it in edible arrangement and he would beat donald trump. I wonder can democrats nominate somebody who in any other year would not excite the progressive base but because they're running against donald trump and it is a binary choice that progressive base if donald trump is not vulnerable than wire are twenty plus the republican running but i have to say i gotta play this joe biden et. He's using polling. I've never seen a front runner do this before using polling alling to make his case watch we know in our bones. This election is different. The stakes are higher the threat moore series. We have to be donald donald trump and all the polls greed joe. Biden is the strongest democrat to do the job bread. I keep bringing this up again. I just you that you normally don't talk about polls. You don't talk about it. Only the one on the only that matters is the one argument because the moment binding goes south any pool case wait biden which edible it just happens sometimes even an outlier poll but it's inevitable. It's a poor strategy by him. I mean he should be talking about his pulling. He should be talking to you about his experiences. Reliability polity has decency the fact that he's met every world leader the fact that he's known on the world stage a an ad like this. I think is poisoned for everything to keep in mind and you've seen these ballot test match ups that actually the trump versus bernie sanders and trump versus elizabeth warren matchups. Don't actually look that much different in the numbers. We've got a long way to go till next november but it's way too soon i think for anybody to really claim the truly big the edible arrangement trump only get thirty eight and thirty nine against as well right now. I mean it's his numbers his numbers the same against against whatever democrat you put up there. It's the democratic number changes. The democrats are going to be able to argue look. There's going to be an influx of fundraising support as kristen said said the democratic base and they believe energized no matter what just by the fact that trump's in the white house and that number of random democrat versus trump they're gonna say is strong enough for them that <hes> that the biden may not be quick. Gene is a week like this make it that much harder for people to which you know meaning a week like trump's eroticism becomes the oh my god. The risky because is to new mayor small town is that is that how yeah maybe i don't know you know he'd. He certainly comes across very different for donald trump and and i i actually think he's been on the scene as a candidate long enough enough number who've gotten used to it's so younger than on well macron was when he became president of france. It's an excellent point. Which is i think think he's our first millennial world leader anyway. Thank you guys. What a great round table for <hes> this week. That's all we have today. Thank you for watching. I do appreciate that and we'll be back next week. Because it's sunday. It's meet the press uh-huh uh good bring everyone breaking news. Are you afraid iran is playing with fire. The most trusted tv news anchor in america here in normandy hundreds gathered to honor. The heroes means to be american evenings on your local n._b._c. station.

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