GSMC Social Media News Podcast Episode 179: Viral Cottage Cheese and Talking Like a Pirate


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We are together again to talk about what is going on in the world of social media what is trending what is showing up on our news feeds all of that good stuff and our first story makes me feel all although I should have realized that that this was the case because it is the twenty-fifth anniversary of friends this fall and when I think about it I do realize has it has been twenty five years since it came out but it doesn't feel that long I remember starting to watch it but when I realized how old I was and where in the world I was when it started yeah. It has been twenty five years at any rate to celebrate liberate this twenty five year anniversary. There is a a Google doodle. I don't know if anybody talked about on your social media news today but it popped up on mind several times and this is about the Easter eggs that are pretty probably very well known to friends fans so if you are if you Google let's say friends Ross and then that comes up and there's a picture of a a couch next to it see quick on the couch and it changes the so it's straight in the angles up a little bit and and you hear pivot yes so you click it more than once and you'll and I keep saying pivot of course and pervert as he said if you clicked one too many times though you'll hear US say okay. I don't think it's going to pivot anymore more and I did not click it too many times so I did not know that that was a possibility if you do the Chandler search you get and it's so cute his armchair POPs up which isn't a coupon but then chicken duck come out and they just waddle all around the screen or back and forth across the screen. It's very adorable Rachel's I didn't think was that exciting. It was just a picture of her hair wasn't really interactive at took you to pictures of Jennifer Aniston with the Rachel which her hair became iconic for and so the other three you'll just have to go look because look for because they're cute if your friends fan than these will definitely make you smile because they are some of the some of the the the moments pivot many many memes have been made out of pivot which actually reminds signed me oh my gosh for fans who search for friends glossary. I did not know this part for friends. Glossary the search engines will pull definitions for unfluffy full Lange Flange hand twin and Mississippi Valley just in case you needed reminding and actually I had forgotten about a couple of those so I may have to go google friends glossary but also I learned something think rather interesting this week about memes and this again is where you're going to know that a Dork because I subscribe to the daily word from from Merriam Webster Webster Dictionary and they told me where the origin of the word meme came from and I've always wondered that frankly so since this is the social media podcast news podcast it seems logical that we should talk about memes and maybe you've wondered where that word came came from because it's kind of a dumb word I mean mean it doesn't make a lot of sense when we think of memes we usually think of you know pictures with captions or things that pop up on our social media fee feeds but the word museum isn't new it actually dates to evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins nineteen seventy six book the selfish gene and again this is from Merriam webster where it functioned with a meaning other than its current most common one that says kind of pop pop culture sort of thing in dachshunds conception of the term it is a unit of cultural transmission. The cultural equivalent of a gene and his book is quoted as saying we didn't we need a name for the new replicator announced conveys. The idea of a unit of cultural transmission or unit of imitation. Mini name comes from a suitable Greek route but I want a mono syllable. That sounds a bit like Jean. I hope my closest friends will forgive me. If I abbreviate rebate. Sorry not many me am I m e m mean to me it is if it is any consolation it should it could alternate alternatively be thought of as being related to memory or to the French word men it should be pronounced to rhyme with cream team so it's not Mimi it's me and then he goes on to describe what it is actually intended to refer to examples of memes teams are tunes ideas catchphrases clothes fashions ways of making pots or of building arches just as jeans propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperm or eggs so memes propagate themselves in the mean pool by leaping from brain to brain via a process which in the broad sense can be called hold imitation so there you go so memes in in that I mean that's the way they were originally originally thought it's definitely different. I am not sure when Mr Dawkins wrote that book he had any idea of how it was going to evolve over time but I don't know would he be pleased with the current iteration of names. I don't really know the answer but I I'm so happy to have finally discovered the origin of the word and to figure out what the heck and now I'm less annoyed with it because it used to just seem dumb now. I know there's an actual story behind it. This next story makes my heart happy and it kept popping up on my news feed my facebook newsfeed from several people one friend said to me directly and then others posted about it and that is that little people there are now Yellow Submarine Little People Beatles Yellow Submarine First of all. I know you'll see the marine it's bright. It's colorful. It's crazy so most but there are so many figurines with yellow submarine and I would be fine with little people that weren't yellow submarine and Beatles little people that weren't yellow submarine but a when you look at them on the shopping page Fisher price says get ready to rock and roll with a little help from your friends John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrison and Ringo Starr with the special edition celebrity little people's figure pack each member of the iconic band. The Beatles is brought down to little people twice is and they are addressed of course in their classic yellow submarine outfits and they're adorable and I would like them so I need to. If you have somebody who loves me by little people or a I love me. I love me. I could buy them for myself. That would be fine although well it's it's showing doing walmart out of stock target out of Stock Amazon Not Available Day so I don't know where to tell you to buy. Oh no recall alert. Click here for more information. Oh the Beatles have been recalled now. I'm so sad never mind. It was something completely different. I was sucked in. It was like Click Bait only important click bait about recalls but it's not the little people they have not been recalled. Everyone calm down. It's fine okay. Here's my little I think these were horrible. I would like to set but little people are not what they look like. When I was a little people when they now ah feet when I was little they just little round was a round bottoms which is not exactly conveying the correct yet so the the bottom portion of the little person was just around circle? They didn't have legs or feet and then all of the little people accessories just had little round holes holes and so they popped right in chair at a camper and the truck had little holes the school bus had little holes you just pop them in. We even had a toilet for the camper of curse and so yeah. I don't mean to again once again. Be telling you how old I am. I am sad that that the little people of my of my childhood would no longer go with the little people of current childhood. Oh well we can all coexist together together right. All little people knew little people my sesame street little people from when I was a child could hang out with my Beatles little people from my adulthood. I think it works at any rate. We are going to take our first break of the podcast and when we come back we'll be talking about boot snake doodles among other things so stay tuned you're listening to the GE MC Social Media News podcast and I'll be right back. Hey sports fans. 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The health and wellness podcast dedicated workout trends healthy eating habits Diane everything about healthy living join us in our banters as we help you not just live life to the fullest the limited to the healthiest welcome back to our this story is an animal story but thankfully not like youth animal story as we often get in the world of social media and the Internet and all of those good things but they'll this is and it's about snakes and I know everybody is a fan of snakes but snakes actually are pretty fascinating creatures and well you know the latest in the latest thing that seems to be happening is that people are either using sharpies on regular pictures or they are using probably probably not sharpies on regular pictures but they are using photoshop or whatever to make look lecture. He's on regular pictures and So oh according to this article which is from Poured Panda sometime ago a wise person decided to doodle hands on a cute picture of snaky found the result was so satisfying he shared it on the Internet and then the doodle war began sometime time ago we asked our readers take part in this war and we are so glad we did snakes don't always have the best reputation and are certainly not the cutest but it turns out that all they needed were some expressive arms and hands see all snakes need to be cute as just a little jazz. They just need jazz hands. Pour snakes were born without jazz hands. so these pictures are hilarious. I mean there's a snake that is the first one is the snake is this guy looks like an albino snake. First of all it is coiled and it looks like it's going to strike but then somebody gave an arms with finger guns and so so now instead of being the snake is going to bite you and kill you. It is it's doing a little you know hey kinda thing and it's pretty fabulous but according to National Geographic if you want a little more information there are more than three thousand species of snakes on the planet three one thousand species who they are found everywhere except Antarctica Iceland and Ireland Iceland. Excuse me Antarctica Iceland Flint Ireland Greenland and New Zealand about six hundred species are venomous and only about two hundred seven percent are able to kill or significantly wound a human actually. I didn't realize that there were so few the venomous side when I think of snakes that leaves twenty four hundred non on venomous species of snakes that's pretty impressive non venomous snakes which ran from harmless garter snakes to the not so harmless python okay they can still squeeze you to death dispatch their victims by swallowing them alive constricting them to death whether they killed by striking with venom or squeezing nearly all snakes excrete their food whole in sometimes astoundingly large portions. Thanks National Geographic actually that's that is interesting. Okay a snake on towel but somebody drew arms on it so it looks like it is leaning on its leaning. It's Chin on its hand looking kind of bored a snake the snake and says I need my morning coffee and when you draw arms and a cup of coffee the snake just looks completely disgruntled and like it's too early in the morning wing almost all snakes again according to National Geographic are covered in scales and as reptiles they're cold blooded and must regulate their body temperature externally scales serve several purposes they trap moisture in and in an era of climate sorry or not and in arid climates and reduce friction as snake moves there have been several species of snakes discovered that are mostly scales but even those have scales on their bellies snakes also have forked tongues which they flick in different directions to smell their surroundings. That's how they know. When danger or food is nearby? Why Oh my gosh this one is not only got arms on it but they did little sunglasses? It's Cobra little sunglasses saxophone. Okay you really should look at these because I'm not just going to keep describing them to you but they really are adorable. Who Knew Yeah you should definitely you should definitely go to board panda and find snakes with arms because yeah? I think you'll thank me. It's it's pretty entertaining but moving on from snakes with arms because someday you have to move on from snakes with arms sadly we are going to talk about Sean Bean Sean Bean is an actor if you aren't familiar with him and it turns out that Sean Bean Has Been Killed Twenty three three times it not Sean Bean Himself Sean Bean's characters have been killed twenty three times his most maybe well known roles where when he was killed he was born near and Lord of the Rings and he was killed in the first movie of the trilogy so he didn't even get to you know he didn't even get to continue that quest well. I mean you know boroughmuir dies in the first book to it wasn't just like it was shot because it was sean bean but he also played Ned stark in game of thrones and people thought oddball. It's Sean beanie well. Maybe people didn't think because they'd seen Sean bean rolls before but ned stark dead so many people on campus drones are Ted Though so Hello Sean Bean Twenty three twenty three times his character has been killed and he said that he started to rethink how he he accepts roles you know he doesn't want to continue to be killed because he says it's it's now. It's just predictable. People expect him to die and he made some comment about his character was supposed to die in a role well and he was like really no and they said well. Can you just be severely wounded. There's even a campaign Hashtag something like stop killing Sean on being. I think that's what it is. Stop Killing Sean Bean and there's a picture of Sean Bean wearing a shirt with the HASHTAG which I think is appropriate so this is just an example to me of weirdness that shows up on the Internet but still makes me smile. I mean that's the thing with the Internet anymore. Is You get you noticed something. Sean bean gets killed a lot in his roles that kind of stinks but then than you realize other people have noticed it too because they have made memes they have made you know things pop up online and that makes me laugh so I lost my my train of thought but it does make me laugh. Don't Kill Stop Killing Sean Bean. I agree I like him but this also makes me think of the vicar of Dibley which is a BBC show so if you've ever seen it it is about a female Anglican priests in the fictional town of Dibley. It's been it was a while ago that it was on. It's one of my favorite. BBC shows starring Dawn French and dawn French the picture changes in her in her home but she is the she is the the vicar the priest in this village and above her desk in her home she has picture of Jesus and next to it a picture of Sean Bean sometimes it's other actors but for a while she had a picture of Sean Bean and she often talks to Jesus and these liberty picture simultaneously simultaneously during the episodes ended always made me laugh so I have a soft spot in my heart for Sean Bean simply because of vicar of Dibley we're sure but hey you gotta you gotTa Find Your Fun. Where you can right okay we are going to take our second break break of podcast? When we come back we are going to talk about some viral cottage cheese which could go in many directions so so you're gonNA have to come back after the break to find out what is viral about this cottage cheese so stay tuned listening to the GMC Social Media News podcast and I'll we'll be right back? 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This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching the golden state media concepts podcast network our is here nothing less than a podcast list with endless hours of podcast cupboards from news sports music fashion looking Tabeth fantasy football so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed deep to build that podcast whatever it may be visit us at. WWW DOT JESUS MC podcast dot com follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play the food in essence part so cottage cheese. Some people are fans. Some people are not we once had an intern at a place where I worked highschool intern nicest sweetest kid but he was just horrified by the thought of cottage cheese so one day when we were out to lunch he and another coworker ordered some cottage cheese just because neither of them had tried it so I commend them for trying hit I don't know if it's an acquired taste or if it is just something that you either love or hate but this is a cottage edged cheese tub that has gone viral not viral well. Actually it might be viral for one reason because it could be filled with okay so this bacteria virus but work with me here here but it went viral online because it was left in an office fridge for seven years. That's a health hazard people so so this is the you know we when when you think about office refrigerators you tend to think about things that get left that don't that are in there after past their expiration date you get the the snarky notes about don't steal my food than you get the people who steal the food a the office refrigerator as a place of much drama but this story story is from a Reddit user J. B. J. G. Bones also known as Julia from Philadelphia and she shared. I heard the office legend that is a tub of pineapple cottage cheese okay. Does it have chunks of pineapple in it. I would assume so I mean cottage cheese is often served with fruit but I didn't realize that they made pineapple cottage cheese. I don't get out much so this little tub of cheesy weirdness as survived in the Fridge for seven years. Now why okay anyway happy anniversary to this little tub of pineapple oh cottage cheese it has now survived seven years in our work fridge without being thrown out. I take a picture of it each year. Julia wrote and there is in fact fact picture of her with this each year so Julia said that her secret is that the cheese is indeed hers. She says I bought it back. In twenty twelve opened it tasted it hated it and threw it in the fridge so apparently it's low fat and has weird faked pineapple apple in it. Okay it managed to get pushed to the back. I forgot about it. No one touched it and then sure enough it managed to survive a whole year with no one touching it then it became a joke. No one wanted to throw it out. Have they open it recently other cheeses and a tub with the lid on the seal has been broken but it's never the perpetrator of any weird odors we moved offices earlier this year and now we have more room to fridges no smells and were happy family. Besides everyone respects the the cheese. It has been there a long time. I admire their commitment. Wow again. I'm just wondering do does. There's no smells clear. They're opening it. I'm thinking because it would definitely smell if you opened it. Julia is waiting for the right time to open up the cheese as or throw it away either when she leaves the job or it hits ten years residents in the fridge or maybe bestowed on another colleague. She adds the laugh. I I haven't opened it since I bought it so I wonder what it looks like inside. My boyfriend is incredibly against it staying in the fridge at home so it's got a bunch of post it notes saying don't toss and everyone here in the office knows not to touch it and there's a close up of the cottage cheese container with the expiration date which was September number seventeenth twenty twelve wow non-fat pineapple cream cheese or cottage cheese interesting. Oh the I comment makes me laugh. I'm depressed to think that a container of cottage cheese lasted longer to company I ever did oh sorry that is sad but but also kind of funny finally we shall talk about the fact that today is talk like a pirate day every year September nineteenth talk like a pirate day and I was never fully sure why it was was September nineteenth but it turns out that this was created by to Oregon two men from Oregon to Oregonians and they created it because they were playing a game of racquetball. The of course does not make sense so this is from Albany Oregon and the holiday which is known as talk like a pirate day was started during a game of racquetball between two friends. the quote is we started taunting each other with pirate phrases like our that be a fine cannon aid and you slap that one off the off off me missing being massed. Maybe can't even say that we had so much fun doing this game with pirate words that we decided there ought to be a day in every one day and every year here where every band woman and child is encouraged to talk like a pirate said Mark Mark Summers otherwise known as Cap'n sloppy of course there's a picture of the two of them in there pirate gear looking very festive and entertaining so he and his friend John Bauer Org Chum Bucket as he's otherwise known played the game on June sixth but new since it was d day that day was off limits so we settle on September nineteenth which was my ex wife's birthday. We weren't being mean. The date was just stuck in my head summers and it stuck for around for the first seven even years the holiday was observed by close friends. It was really simple. It was like about four or five friends all knew about it and we would call each other at work and talk like Caparo Day and go and hang up and that was the extent of talk like a Pirate Day back then seventy seven years later they pitched the idea to a columnist at the Miami Cami Herald after his column was printed the holiday took off pretty soon mark John or getting phone calls from all over summer said we're getting interviews for with media outlets from Australia to the BBC New Zealand Ireland Denmark South America. We were headed. We're hearing from everywhere from people who were just excited to be playing pirate. Never expecting it to become what it is. Today summer says he's happy to be a part of a somewhat cult holiday. We gave the pirate community Christmas. This is their holiday. It's been kind of fun to be the Santa to a whole new celebration that is awesome. I have never thought I mean I. I always think about how the holidays get started because as I've said before there are multiple holidays as on every day of the year if you ever go to one of those calendar sites and look at the holidays you will see that there are just a million holidays and so I always kind of wonder how they get started and it's fun to know the back story of this of this this son Pirate Day in conclusion inclusion. I will say that tomorrow is September twentieth because today is September nineteenth. Talk like a day and it's the day we're supposed to we. I don't mean me. I'm not going but the day that people are supposed to be storming area fifty one. You know that there will be reporting on what actually happened because there's there's going to be news stories. There's going to be stories who knows if anything will actually happen but there will will be stories regardless of people you know they'll they'll be there. They'll be looking out for people to Storm Area Fifty one. There will probably be food trucks or something. I don't even know I know they were. They were talking about doing a festival at one point. I'm not sure that that ever came about but hey as always I will. I will bring bring you that news next time on the next episode because we need we need to know what happened at Area Fifty one on September twentieth so so please do do join me for Monday's episode of the GMC Social Media News podcast in the meantime have a wonderful weekend and like I said join me on Monday so we can find out what's trending. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts social media podcast part of the Golden state media concept's CBS podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. 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