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Hello word nerves. Welcome to yet another episode of the dictionary every day. These are getting added to your feed thank you if you're listening to this. Thank thank you very much for downloading and listening and if this is your first episode go back to episode one listen to how this started a very terrible way but then I hope slowly got better and better but it still the dictionary. I'm still reading the dictionary so that hasn't changed but I do want you to go on this journey with me in order orate first word is anastomosis and it probably would have made sense for me to read this in the last episode because our last word was a nasty mos they are related but I decided I guess unconsciously to split them up and confuse you. This is a noun from fifteen forty one one one the union of parts or branches as of streams blood vessels or leaf veins so as to inter communicate or <music> interconnect to a product of Anastomosis and a synonym is the word network a nest demotic is an adjective adjective. The etymology says this is from the Greek Aniston Moon M. O. U. N. which means to provide with an outlet and and that is from stow ma which means mouth or opening and there's more at the word stomach <hes> and I am aware that if somebody has a stoa that's that's usually something <hes> that's on their stomach area their belly somewhere that it's a basically an opening that goes directly into their either stomach stomach or intestines and they'll have that for a variety of different medical reasons <hes> so that's where <hes> so we get the word stone means mouth or opening and all right moving on. We have a nasty trophy A. N.. A. S. T. R. O.. P. H. E. This is a noun from circa. Fifteen fifty inversion of the usual syntactical order of words for rhetorical effect compared to histor- on Pro Theron on <hes> H. Y. S. T. E. R. O. N.. Second Word P. R. O. T. E. R. O. N.. I don't know what anything is that I just read but this is from the Greek a nasty which literally means turning back <hes> that is from a Nostra Phen- which means to turn back and that is from strafing gene which means to turn now. WE HAVE A N A T. This is an abbreviation for anatomical or anatomy now now. We have an attack as an A. T. A. S. E. VIS is a noun from circa eighteen R. A. G. O. N.. A. L. A. Think in this case it just means a thing that has a bunch of faces on it <hes> <hes> I don't know if it's a specific amount of faces like five or ten or one thousand two hundred and five <hes> but yeah that's what that is so it's a it's a mineral in Tektronix shape that has titanium dioxide the etymology says this is from the Greek Ananta <hes> Anna tacis which means extension and that is from an attack scene which means to extend <hes> and that is from tiny which means to stretch catch and there's more at the word thin T H I n next. We have Anathema A. N.. A. T. H. E. M. A.. This is a noun from fifteen twenty six one a one that is cursed by ecclesiastical authority one be someone or something intensely disliked or loathed usually used as a predicate nominative as in this notion was anathema to most of his countrymen that was from s Jay Gould to a a ban or curse solemnly pronounced per nunes solemnly solemnly pronounced a ban or curse solemnly pronounced by Ecclesiastical Authority and accompanied by excommunication indication to beat the denunciation of something as accursed or occurred to see a vigorous denunciation synonym is curse <hes> this is from the Latin anathema which is from Greek probably the same word <hes> which means thing devoted to evil or curse and that is from an antithesis by which means to set up or dedicate and that is from tiffany which means to place or set and there's more at the Word Do D. O.. Next we have anathematise a related word. We just added T is e e to the end. <hes> this is a transitive verb from fifteen sixty six to pronounce an anathema upon <hes> Annatto Leeann but honestly my ignorance and memory are slipping through here and I don't really know what it is. I know all all the people who know me. I'll come on. How could you not know what Anatolia is <hes>. I'm sorry I'm just not very well versed in that part of the world and I should be and that's why I'm reading the dictionary Mary but if you WANNA know what Anatolia is go. Look it up because that's what I'm GonNa do now. We have Anatolian shepherd. I'm GonNa Guess is that this is a shepherd in the Anatolian region <hes> that deals with sheep. Maybe <hes> okay this is a noun from nineteen seventy any of a breed read the large rugged working dogs of Turkish origin so it's not a person who's a shepherd. It's a dog that's a shepherd and they probably shepherd around cheapen. Things next we have Anna thome is A. N. A. T. O. M. I. S. E.. This is the British variation version of the American English amortize with a Z.. Instead of the S now. We have anatomist so we've added a T.. Instead of Vigny e to Anatomic is this is a noun from fifteen forty three one a specialist in anatomy to one who analyzes analyzes minutely and critically as in an anatomist of urban society and now we have that American English word anatomy is <hes> this is a verb transitive verb from the fifteenth century one to cut in pieces in order to display or examined the structure picture and use of the parts synonym is dissect. I took biology in. I think it was a sophomore. Yeah I think it was a sophomore in high high school and we had to dissect a frog and a worm <hes> but then we had to do a fetal pig and and we were in groups of maybe three for that one and all three of us basically just refused to dissect the pig we it was. D- Too I don't WANNA say Human Lake but it was more humanlike than the frog was there was quite a smell. There was an odor with none of us liked it. I think we ended up just like writing an essay in replacement of that assignment <hes> but I'm glad that none of us wanted to do it because it was is just one of us who didn't want to do it and the other two are fine with it then that would have been all unequal and not cool but <hes> yeah I I wasn't cool with dissecting a fetal pig big and then I knew people in other schools who had today sect a cat owned. That would have been even worse. I have two cats and I just that's too much for me. Back to the word anatomies of the number two definition just has these synonym analyze a right now. We have anatomy this. is a noun from the fourteenth century one a branch of morphology that deals with the structure of organisms to a treaties cds or treatise of anatomical science or art three the art of separating the parts of an organism in order to ascertain their position an relations structure and function synonym is dissection and obviously to learn anatomy in the first place many hundreds of years ago people had to dissect things <hes> specifically humans <hes> so number four is obsolete a a body dissected or to be dissected i guess you would call that and anatomy five structural makeup especially of an organism or any of its parts six a separating or dividing into parts for detailed examination analysis is a synonym seven eight one synonym is skeleton seven eighty two synonym is mummy seven beat the human body that's all the definitions for that one anatomical or anatomic are adjectives and anatomic lee is an adverb verb now we have a natural office a. n. a. t. r. o. p. o. u._s. this is an adjective from circa eighteen forty six having or being a plant ahve you'll inverted so that the micro pile or micro pill <hes> is bent down to the for nicholas to which the body of the fuel is united i probably won't understand what i read until i'm listening back to this to edit <hes> let's go through a few words words here obviously which said twice is spelled o. v. u. l. e. <hes> micro pill or micro pile is m. i c. c. r. o. p. y. l. e. and then funicular this is f. u. n. i. c. u. l. u. s. just in case i didn't say those words clearly or whatever all right next we have a n c this is an abbreviation for the word ancient and last word for this episode is a. n. c. all caps it is an abbreviation for the african national congress and oh what word shall i pick for the word of the episode <hes> i guess maybe the most interesting word to me was anathema <hes> vat one has a bunch of different definitions <hes> specifically one that basically just says <hes> it's a curse <hes> i think that's kind of interesting and it's a fun word <hes> it's different it's new to me i hadn't heard it before <hes> and maybe it was a new to you as well so there you have it that is the end of the episode the next episode we'll

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