142: The Buffalo Plaid Anniversary and a Sweaty, Sweaty Witch


video a longtime ago on Youtube and I was twelve and I thought it was hysterical and it was all about Halifax and I watched it every day for I was really into the video and I wish I could remember the it was the same people who did that viral video when we were in high school called power thirst they did and two most importantly I have the reason I'm in love with Canada and I don't want to explain the reason why but I'm going to because otherwise people are going to ask there was the word I was happening a lot of buffalo platinum freak out that was really smooth I thought I what is happening I am officially Canadian well welcome to the will two years and people have never been able to watch me open anything and some others still deal with all our gift exchanges I don't know how or why well we're GONNA find out shit I can I open it oh yeah police I figure now that we finally have a video element to this it's less annoyed I'm sure I've said it on the show before but I have a specific aesthetic that I like to call nature cozy and pretty much if if there's Buffalo Platte at all if it's the number my entire life and that was when I decided I was going to move to Canada one day and before you judge we all watched that video of someone saying Badger Forty Thousand Times in that got a million views so I appreciate this backpack I'll wear it so just open it up I don't know yeah this backpack says Canada on it too does it yeah so I mean I figure it was pretty hard it's called the Halifax that video made me fall in love with Canada so I really don't like the reasoning behind but I still have the race but no way Bandana love it I already I already love everything about it and one of his antlers says Halifax Nova Scotia which one is where Christine was sometimes I told blaze everything was nature cozy and he caught onto the fact that even I invented funeral chic when we knew our love funeral chic by the way a combo the two is just can checkerboard next I see a loose oh yeah he's an old fashioned Moose and it's okay so it's a little moose it's got another checkerboard Buffalo WanNa justice everyone can see my my face the right way all right that's diversion of my reaction I remember what the Hell it put in there I want to say there's nothing I love more than I call and will how nature cozy is this not to sound like a garden but it's printed on leather it is so that makes it extra nature cozy Yes so it is a buffet for those Taylor says Halifax on it is just like a little stamp of approval that I've made full circle here yes I went pretty wild all the whole okay yeah next I already see what club joined your clan don't you just love it welcome to the great side It was a blast I got a backpack with his mind it's full of Canadians I love writing my Canadian ruffles the all dressed which the Canadians hate that Americans say this it does tasty barbecue to me it does but it's really Nana's dead in a cabin that's funeral chic and they chose actually yeah one of my stories I feel like Oh wait good wait okay so here you I know about the titanic in Halifax where all the victims of the titanic are buried you didn't know this either like why are they so upset it kill us right now this is a plaid backpack entirely but there's not like now like a like a smattering of the whole thing is a big we're brought back home to wherever they were from and a lot of the the remainder were all buried in cemeteries in Halifax get here and so this is anyway it's a titanic apply I did not know that look at that double Entendre if you will definitely what that word means exactly here are these are fun plaid coasters that's the Novi kind of fucked up slash genius marketing to keep selling this yeah because I absolutely would want they seem pretty popular they were low on stock so I bought one the address is the Canadian way yeah all right all right thank you for that you're gonna eat those not on the show so people don't complain can you imagine of Halifax and then the The Headline Is Titanic Sinks four hours after hitting iceberg it was like the closest to health X. Wild I had no idea wow and also uh-huh it's from starbucks been their series open across the globe collection ornament Super Kiesel Little Baby Canada Mug all you know tasty I'm GonNa eat the hell out will love barbecue apparently it's like red pepper and onion and it's got a whole bunch of things going on they also have ketchup flavor but I I was I was dieppe guys this is truly this is like and then I found the back hell you put it all in loving this is a some eyeglass lead talk about that but not the titanic probably so but yeah so two thousand people died it was insane it was just like a copy of the paper from the day the Dow it does it's The Times Times in the Halifax or the Times of Health X. which also they had an explosion it was the largest man-made explosion before here Shema oh that was in the Halifax video on Youtube Asleep there's a lot of fucked up people out there included you're included thank you for spending your money on that I'll enjoy ever what's next this little box that says oh that's Scotian plaid specifically stop Nova Scotia Means New Scott New Scotland Guess Latin for new Scotland and so I feel like the hulk when I carry it that's another reason why the MOF I can't ask for more except I can and it's probably in this bag Oh God there's so much in there I'm sorry go ahead they are really into Platte I'm because of Scotland listen legal and other coasters but there are those local Nova Scotian plaid I'm sweating the timing because my birthday this year Christine surprised me with my lumberjack nature cozy birthday party where I took home all the buffalo plot Napkins and last week Tanna and then we went on a ghost tour obviously and they were like Oh yeah all of the victims it was the closest port so they were all brought here somehow some of them were buried at sea summit definitely from the Canadian dollar store I had to buy some stuff at the Canadian dollar short why wouldn't use was the I think one of the things I was one of them it's just an eye glasses case I just thought it was funny oh no I'm GonNa put sorry there's a lot of shows but what is going on do you know about this no holy crap I was like I wonder if knows about the titanic yeah yeah I thought it was just kind of cute I was like I have to I mean I'm going to drink I'm GONNA do a Lotta shots at chocolate milk outta this espresso but the people watching on youtube this tiny syrup on it it's got mittens it's got hockey stuff as Scott Putin on it's got oh it does and it's got a little beanie and a ski mask and a mounties paper Napkin I'm the messy one in this relationship I see some chocolate coins those are loonies those are chocolate loonies chuck does or the other candidate Donald Canada dollars good to now so that was what oh on the it's on the outside of this backpack I learned as big buffalo planning on the inside is little buffalo shit out of these they're a very lovely plot is the trademarked Nova Scotia Plaza yes that is there so like Montreal has a different plaid get out of here Nova Scotian plot I'm going to be I know I was losing it something I'm going to start collecting everyone's going to hate me for it I'm glad I started I'm GonNa love it goes feels it's an easy gift teasing thank you and next a white silhouette of a Moose and cursive it's as Canada on Buffalo plus I don't know what's interesting actually is that these come in as someone who loves things that rhyme an cartoon and Canada also claims that they are a local of Health X. I'm I'm such a local I don't even have to know losses I'm sure if you hit something in here you know I should have that I didn't that was my last stop so those are I love the into a dollars although USD or is it Kurt that looks like something I'm GonNa wear for the rest of my life and nothing else I see I see patches of buffalo plaid everywhere it's a zip up it says Halifax that was a good thing I thought I'd throw it out this announce the beaver on your boob every everyone on youtube comments oh my goodness all right so I appreciate Weird Grandpa one day that just collect plaid swatch please I almost bought you because we were at the airport in Montreal and Toronto and I was like what if I bought do they all have their own man at the finished out that pack of Napkins and now I have more Buffalo Plaid Napkins literally mentioned that subconsciously I think I remember it because I was like M. Needs Napkins on this why the fuck would md Napkins plane. I my show by the way in Canada our show you're in the pajamas listen we know who is steamrolling who on that stage and it was me I was silent doc but like we don't really have this here apparently I looked it up in their opening like three stores and so I was like better get it on the ground for my God go a hit but said I'd be weird your boobs area because that's fuzzy looking first time yet it's nice little beaver he's just like we'll sell to touch my I put on this Canadian sweatshirt and it's hot I saw you come in here with a sweatshirt like you're gonNa that's a rookie mistake there they if this brand they're called roots which I'm sure you can easily things are proportionally not going to buy the real big manganze like no this one's cue you can just hang it wherever you don't need to feel like you're lugging Moose and it's got Snowville Scotia there's a nice little trimming on the match look at my trimmings to top it literally is the same trimming where's this from the same store no oh this is from the root store that's When we had the show that Christine guest starred on and in Canada so many of you brought me Canadian up and I have blown through all Canadians are so join a looney toon army you've got to be there dollar call the looney store no but it should be certainly should be they should have bugs bunny just selling these it was called a dollar abut chocolate loonies actually brought you a looney toon but they're downstairs somewhere oh I love a good looney toon I had to do it so they're not so you know but so yeah you like touristy stuff yeah I stay away from the from the tourist titanic ignore my giant bag of Torchy's act double excess all right thank you for by the way I have not thanked you know my gosh I'm just glad I'm just blacking out actually this is the front pocket a little four tour stores and three like grocery store for the chips and the candy on Christine's anniversary by the way this was on her wedding day next up is something I've never seen in my life so that's a local candy to a Canadian candy it's called eat more so I looked up the most popular candy in or most commonly educated or for a diamond in the shape of Canada or something or Canada the size of I don't know what the fuck you said it doesn't make any sense but I loved it this is something from Jennifer I see more Buffalo Platt are these just snapped fanatic into the Meuse I I love it as sort no that was actually the touristy store oh I'm down so Canadian most Canadian candies and a lot of them were like from cadbury or like British companies but the race one of them I've never seen this ever dark toffee here it is a new one oh I did not know this there's more stuff and there is there's another thing okay well in the last big part of it there is sizes trying them on and which is as you say okay you're you're you're getting a quadrant if it doesn't make it work and it's actually an eight ornament and there's little bear in there he looks way way Happy Way Cozy Nature Co. Nature Cozy and The science as I am in Nova Scotia bear here the bump people seem to find your car because it literally has the most M on it yeah a lot of people have literally found my car and taking pictures of it and then Dion instagram saying I found your car that means you're nearby right you got me to mugs for my birthday after we vowed to never by each other a mug ever again we have both of our partners have made it very clear we're not allowed to buy another Mug ever against anybody first of Nova Scotia another story went to just a local handmade store okay I'm down in Halifax where are we going with this deep peanut chew sounds right up my alley I don't know I was just at the groceries either from why were you in so many random convenience stores candidates had a conference and I was in seven I went to seven of Maple Syrup to get the local which I'm out of Canadian Maple Syrup you Canadians by the way I know you're like stereotypically Nice but you guys really are bananas Nice when we had thank you this full gear so sweet you know you don't need like million ornaments but I'll find a reason for them Alison I hate me I don't care if she's GonNa hate me it's terrifying hosted your license plate on the L. O. L. A. Law Luggage decal which will be going on my suitcase is the Canadian flag I thank you I love it to bring you lots of cheer to wish you well and all you do so happiness will follow you listen you're from Canada you're GonNa do nothing but good wishes for me but I love the the reminder dollar store purchase I don't know what that is a Luma O. M. Gashi of so much learning okay a looney dollar Oh and A and a two knees or two dollars Eva and yet all three of us always come home with new mugs listen I bought a mini one that doesn't count I'm just grabbing all these at one point at one time but I'm just going to look at them individual okay so this good boxes smarties these AK Canadian slash European Eminem Better EMINEM STARE I say I love era so these are the most places like L. Fax it was in Gosh Mahone Bay and there was a little ribbon and I was still pretty bitter that I haven't been verified on instagram and you have so I bought you the all possible and God it's only the paper anniversary this year because the diamond ones going to be a riot I would like a diamond the size of Canada they died yes I'm glad that I was on the forefront of your mind on your wedding to intimidate people which by the way I had to learn about over dinner so that that was my punishment for all ought to learn how to put tubes down to your punishment you really did your punishment was a gift to me this is just bananas this low Moose an empty suitcase and I'm sure blaze was like how what this is what happens when I leave you alone in your best friend's favourite countries on our anniversary to go to a conference sort of consider this your annual thank you for literally marrying you emily literally tax would be like this better become a tradition and I was like for you I would like something as my thank you for making it happen before I left by the way in case you guys are wondering I got rejected for it like five days after got approved and so nobody seems a lot of people have been saying why isn't Chris Internees I saw on a list arrows some good ass chocolate and it's got the popping sensation I love a good aero love good air now this is something that I found in a store in Oh is it oh perfect decal of Halifax which will be on my car today figured like laptop car or whatever you want car if you want to know my car looks like it'll have this on ribbon it's those most likes on Instagram Hashtag no field felt like I was being followed around by my shame Canadian shame I could it was it was just me steen it's not because we're not trying it's not like Christine you have to request it I was like Oh what a novel idea I got the podcast verified but I can't get myself you might Canadians spirit just following around being like try and verified and urine Canada yes and I literally kept checking because I had I had requested a few days it happens when you when you get a house guys stay in an apartment in a small small space and you WANNA end up with extra suitcases of things because you'll move in somewhere and you'll go oh this is with gifts like you guys mail us gifts and I'm like these are international like it's expensive but you somehow mail a syrup the Times you have a lot of coming because why do I fucking love your syrup all right uh-huh I am at a loss of words I was like I know there's a lot of things you don't need more but I figure I did I actually Napkins and coasters I need it all this is the first thing I don't even remember anymore oh it's so low ornament Nova Scotia plaid but read the little thing there's a little Nova Scotia plaid stocking they're five now you just gotTa Use Q. Christine that's the problem anyway you haven't succeeded in that I can't do it it's too much work so well you are thank you for all the everything home and nobody else will help me but what happens when we decided on day one that year house would have the studio that's true that will drive down that's your punished for the very purpose of buying presents so that makes I it's like you're on tour all over again when we when we were on tour Christine would always bring an empty suitcase because we he's today and I saw someone leave their apartment in jacket because it's just has not even been that cold and so long like we lived in Boston like we understand what cold how much space we can't fit it and to be fair all of are the things that we get one where super grateful for but sometimes you get things like a haunted horse that brings in demons and that's why he's because it's literally the same trimming I know I think Canada I think they dislike that there I will be I'm I'm not gonNA wear now it's so fucking hot I walked around with it with that's the truth works that's the truth you feel it you have an empty house you fill it with ghosts that's just how logic and mathematics work my dad's engineer I'm very jealous that Christine gets to like mint my punishment is too low yeah you're right I I always get to bring home the Canadians we also do the gift videos here so we really just load up in this house of St now you hold onto it it's already been tainted by the environment yet yeah so although here and look at it and admire it and then you how's it with your demons of all the candy and stuffed animals and cool books and paintings from everyone but I would easily trade off that for not having been the thing is every time leaves I'm like hey do you want it's just you lose it you really do I feel like I used to have tough skin like I walk around we were there during the blizzard in two thousand forty s and I feel like I had really tough skin the art I dance song aw by kit more which was really sweet and then and then he got me the IP tickets to the ruin my favorite all time anyway thank you for everyone watching an experiencing that yes anyway so I just wanted to give you some key Canadian cheer but I had a great time in Canada thank you it was cold for me I mean it was in the forties at certain points and raining long I don't even know what that is remember when I freaked out the first time I saw Canadian fruit by the foot oh no oh yeah no I didn't even look for that lost my mind I expected that a little bit accounts in Canada's better sorry I'm not I'm not if you are yet anyway I feel like I wrote some things down that I have to say before we get started otherwise I'll forget then but if I were to go back there and experience a now I would be such a little bit and it's really sad how how quickly you lose it but anyway thank you for all of us I'm surprised there was no fruit along that's okay I ate literally there they've a meter by the meter that would be way more fun they I remember when we went to Vancouver and then if I ever want elders come borrow it that's like the never give Geo I'm like I sit around like having to deal with locking them every day and then you come over to play and then leaves how wonderful that gift is but for people to understand for some reason we must have the same booking manager or something because every single time we've gone to events in there and it was really nice so it was technically our paper anniversary we didn't know what to do with that so he got me the vinyl of Music Festival called Innings Festival in Tempe Arizona next year where three of my favorite bands of all time are performing didn't even know about this death cab for Cutie it's so many wonderful wonderful guests from people will be like I was gonna say either but it was just being like how many bags do you need and I'm like this was literally empty because I'm going to easily one to two to three boxes just on principle because it looked I in my brain told me it tasted better to I am a met sally does though anything but it was really lovely and I feel like I finally got like fall like it was beautiful and the fall leaves and everything it was just a little chilly wasn't totally I prepared I don't know what that to keep the apartment so that your co host has to the hottest because there's no reason 'em should have it I have an S. bear closet that now has ghosts in it so and then I got him Oh a giant book of our wedding photos which took me way too long to put together I can confirm every time okay so did it up oh I wrote down can I just tell you what blaze got me for university because I thought it was nice yeah okay so we had our anniversary in Canada because blaze's conference and I just followed it was fun I like how for him like the papers like tickets or paper yeah I think he's like well I try he actually tried to order tickets and they were like Oh yeah you have to pay extra means anymore I forgot what chilies does like packed for Chili and then I showed up and realized I had not even a little bit packed for sure I was like why on earth that I think this would be enough layer eighty degrees else know what a surprise anyway so it was really good and I was really happy and I wish you were there I miss you the whole time so instead of just went shopping trust me I wish I was in Canada oh I felt so that was my fault and then what else oh and then you already saw the other one was like one of our wedding readings yes the one lisa read so Lisa literally never escapes that's why they call it really works out for your favor so one day you'll be an Christine and I'm going to get such a punishment back harm is gonNA kick my ass I'm GonNa it's GonNa be good I was like God damn it and so I miss her tour and I was so bummed about it so blaze found out they were doing this Kosovo festival yes thank you any bought like the like platinum tickets weezer and Rainbow kittens surprise Oh my God and following around the country we've been following rainbow can surprise I it's not gloss over discover pods is seeking nominations for their twenty nine hundred podcast awards they have kids and family podcast section last year C. K. Classic Kevin's show Murzyn monsters got to the finals section but didn't win so I'm hoping maybe we can get him further this year voting ends like this Tuesday when this comes out okay voted but I urge you guys to vote because it's such a good show university that is exactly what it is and also I wanted to add that I was just recently on Adam Fares podcast where we talked about he and his wife or Super Great We and I was like Oh my God what does that mean and it's like front row and all this stuff and I was so excited I guess he does Cabbie and Weezer and the streets and oh my gosh it's going to be great anyway when what is that do you know in March march march march March Yeah I'm very excited anyway so that's awesome I didn't bring you but I think blazed probably wouldn't have been super onboard for that part but she would been fine he would have been way fine you really should of just I mean you were going without him complain about anything with all these let's see what to talk about today Oh yeah my notes okay for hard copy tickets that's weird how the world's changing and they don't mail them until after the festival so he's like I just gave up and like printed out instead of here's and he's such a good friend of ours and it would be just so awesome to get them further than the finals this year and that is a awards dot discover pods dot com boom boom slash drink ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire a little known fact about me is that other pretty sweaty inviting you you just jumped off I should have done to he wouldn't have been surprised by the addition no I would just show up I would have been actually folded into that empty suitcase that you brought it said talked about true crime and go st things and he's obsessed with forensic files so we have that in common in East Brunswick Lisa so we talked about how is friend whose another host on the show has ghost who stands over his bed at night I talked about that it's called Adam for our podcast and I'm on that and then real quick I just wanted to add that like really one of our first blisters ever where we were like do you know this person not you know one day he just followed both of us on twitter and we didn't know what was going on hey guys excuse us telling you are current stories for the week and let me tell you another story real quick about quotable co-founder Gretchen hubner hiring can be I've Seen Christine put together a scrapbook she gets bananas intense with I want every photo Vienna eleven hundred photos so it's like this is never ended show and like who are you your best friend and your worst nightmare you just don't even know you touched the chair remember the haunted chair and he's around that's why we have to stay on has talk about C. 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So if I've not convinced you guys I think you should try it out for yourself so this is a fun story that someone recommended to me dammit I forgot to write it down actually hang on a second maybe I have in my bag I thought you meant the someone I went to a school called SIA new if you're not from Virginia you probably don't know what that school is it's fine but I was driving the car parked on the side of the street that had like four different show nuts I'll put it on the Youtube Okay Eve up I'm texting you in the next forty five minutes okay so this is a story that's actually it close to where I went to school for those who don't know I went to school in a town of Virginia called Newport News just look at car you'll find out you will well that's how a lot of people have found me his decal from when he was a student there and so it showed the year that that like decal was valid for parking and it said allows twenty fourteen I'm close to twenty four night we hung out and was like I'll bring my girlfriend she also went to see noon is from our year and I found them on facebook and before I even met them I like was creeping on them like CNN decals on it and I like halted my car and I had a pullover to be like what is going on I've never seen another person from seeing you out here and had e- still had candida backpacker was like how could you possibly have it in the Buffalo Plaid Oh my God you know what I'm just going to tell me I'll put it on -sation and we really wanted because I was driving through la I won't say where but I was driving through La and all your posts yeah and I and and found out that we had like sixty mutual friend angsty sixty holy and what are the odds of that very slow them yeah I didn't yeah yeah I well well because I wrote it down and then and it doesn't matter m okay well I'll just have recommended it on twitter ten even put it in Oh them but we knew so many people in between us and I found out that we actually we were in some of the same classes together we went to the same restaurants all the time on the same days together that's bizarre like we were definitely in rooms together and never met and but yeah so it's very weird it's still a new friendships I'm afraid like Asim manifesting this into the world they're gonNA ghost meet tonight but so far so good and we've had really good hangouts and I've got two new friends all because of some senior decals on a car no no no we were talking about something where like anyone with social anxiety would have probably had had would have been nervous in that situation and I don't suffer from social anxiety and I remember telling you as someone without social anxiety I was freaked out so you definitely hearing you after that I went what I don't understand what that means means but okay I was saying anyone would be uncomfortable in that scenario well maybe that's why you're verified maybe that's why that's exactly it actually I called instagram since I don't have social anxiety Christine Twenty uh-huh Pungo Congo it's now Virginia beach but he's be called Pungo funds should never have changed that never ever no love the sound of it it's a good one so it's whole time and I I could feel her sweating get past it yeah I bet the Wichita Pungo it is set in early seventeen hundreds and prince and county slash what about Fredericksburg coming up I can't say end of the story it's only fun for me anyone who lives within thirty miles and my new friend I know his name treats everyone knows is called prince in so it was just a little nod Resitvo I've I've heard I've heard that before okay also there's another fund any no I did not call instagram nobody asked me what their numbers Okay so yeah actually asked me because I'll give you I'll give you like Iran talking about something and I was like Oh God I was so nervous and you were like yeah for someone without social anxiety and I was like no wonder I've no fucking Ongo Virginia which is now Virginia Beach our main character her name is Grace White Sherwood she was alive from sixteen sixty to seventeen it's in the Hampton roads area where if you are from Virginia you already knew that but it's near Virginia beach and so this person on twitter reached out and said hey there's this I have two new friends so don't make fun of my decals maybe it'll get me somewhere to someone want to be my friend no not even me I'm just stuck at this point we pay urban legend of a witch Virginia can you cover that so I said of course I can't so this is the story of the witch of punk like I said it's now Virginia Beach but fun fact called Pungo auspey called Princess Anne County which is interesting because I as someone who grew up in Fredericksburg Virginia our main one of our main like I don't think I'm going to listen to it anymore because I feel like I learned a lot about you in that in like you weren't there to like help break down the context of it and I was like that's a fair other girls shrieking and Haley was like soy listen to one of the episodes and she mentioned in a good way before anyone gets all up in arms but she was like I don't think I'm GonNa keep listening and she meant it in like I want to go yes yes yes yes and also in Virginia evidence is quote obtain Oh sorry I did these notes a week ago so excuse me trying to act like I did this recently thirty and this story takes place where she's in her forties she is believed to be a witch and Virginia and this was around the same time as the Salem witch trials but Virgin Kenya was much different than Salem during these times Virginia's much more conservative about claiming people were witches they believed in like having some sort of like structure a proof that you weren't a witch or that you were which in Salem you need proof that I was right right right so very differences suddenly not innocent till proven yes we'll give you ems number and be like here calling you giving you on my number so anyways so back to see new slash Newport News Virginia it's in the it's no you organically not find out about you through the show Oh my God no but alerted never meet with you until she gets up well it's probably for the best imagine if you just became friends with me and then find out being defeated I dunno on the grounds you in the corner crying on the ground so I would need proof but but in Salem courts you the actually the think Christine's a witch I would need through example just as an example like if I told you Christina Ricci obviously which I would need in Virginia before just claiming someone was a wet shots nice yeah go Virginia novel idea so in for example in Virginia courts the accuser someone like saying oh good okay so but but at the end of the day no one died from being accused of witchcraft. I don't know how good of a statement that is I mean it's better than what you can fun fact in Virginia alone in the seventeenth century there were nineteen known witchcraft cases okay but all but one of them ended in person who was being accused of Bingo which had to have proof of otherwise I to be taken serious okay well that's nice that's more than normal feel like so like if in Virginia I would have to it to have proof before they would even take seriously fortunately you have plenty of that I look in this room there are so many like Pentagram and spell book literally have hot adults the killings really I say that with a grain of salt because even though there were no executions there was you'll find out there was attempts wasn't In Virginia evidence quote obtained super naturally was ignored while in Salem courts would convict based solely on it so wow okay they were like l. usually leave their county in sixteen eighty grace married a farmer slash planter named James and would help him on the land through another avenue that I was a fucking clown reverend yes I can't imagine because that's literally what happened to me but reminding the world of it but so she she yeah no he has named Ed Ed and his girlfriend's name is Haley Ed inhale in both of them are wonderful and they found out after hanging out with me that I had a podcast he all you have is paranormal proof that no one else can like confirm them we can't do anything about it and we kind of like using their brains a little bit logical yeah I grew their own herbs and she specifically was really into gardening to heal animals and people okay oh so like what people do now in there were no executions for witchcraft in Virginia that's good so a very different very different story than sued incredible how different okay I mean we'll make him like only the finest organically source fruits and then he eats I literally pay for Elliot how you say we will do it but I mean true you feed him for had a sense of humor me were trousers instead of address me ll which apparently was unusual for the time which is also what people say about me fries but yeah I will literally pay for a stupid food because I'm like I want him to be healthy and then he'll eat a snickers bar a full stickers off the ground I will panic and he won't even have a stomach ache wear pants we'll also it's unusual apparently because people said that she was wearing pants but also was attractive and so people she active apparently she just was threatening people left and right who actually knows why allegedly she was threatening everybody in some way but specifically the wives in town and so they started son's named John James and Richard and she was said to also be a midwife okay sh this is how she described to people attractive me tall me stories of her so her looks and personality were known to have attracted local men and threatened their wives while also threatening the men at the same time because a lot of people so actually in Harper's magazine they wrote that she was a quote secretive made and her neighbors were they told envious pursuing the accusers the first allegation was in sixteen ninety eight when a neighbor named grace our neighbor claimed that grace bewitched his crops and basically that allegation created a huge slew of more allegations to come through the next decade so accusations coming get her she eventually was charged with witchcraft several times she was said to have ruined many people's crop she was known to have bewitched or killed livestock she was known to conduct storm rumors so that their husbands wouldn't be attracted her anymore I feel like that's how a lot of those which stories start though like yeah you just don't like someone say something young beautiful women and then the so grace and her husband tried to sue these neighbors for slander but lost every time they ended up having to pay the court costs every single time so she would kinda get out I don't know so so Grace Yes oh grace was helping her husband James on the land she was known to grow her own herbs to heal people and animals they had three terms she was accused to have quote assumed the form of a black cat enter a neighbor's home jump over her bed with her and understand why they were liking a woman ants which was I got that from only one article but I thought it was whether or not that's true I thought it was an interesting per away yes exactly research artisanal peanut butter for GEOS trump gio eats trash off the sidewalks reasons is because there's a legend or a rumor that grace actually ro rosemary over from England and stowed it all in a hollowed out eggshell people talk about I haven't heard it before but I guess different parts of Virginia Beach have a lot of rosemary everywhere and one of the right so Elizabeth Hill is now sued for assault and battery and the next month Elizabeth Hells husband who still mad about it accused grace of bewitching basically he was a shitty farmer and his crops and Grassley and he was like it's grace's fall can blame anything in somehow people will find a way to make it work into witchcraft yes they it never worked people kept citing slander one of the rumors about grace was also that part actually became a town legend that apparently is still something get him like you are like an iron stomach very creepy very maybe a witch what wait a minute wait a minute you're onto something he's a familiar oh all over something and grace ended up suing her for assault and battery and one O. J. necessarily defending herself up first artisanal peanut butter to their dogs a thousand also yeah yea so actually we're finding although like to for someone to wear pants back than a woman so according to an article by this time by the time her husband had passed quote Princess Anne County had obviously grown tired of Mrs Sherwood as a general nuisance they're being death yeah so Grace Grace Sherwood she was born the sixteen sixty s to John and Susan White in Virginia probably Pungo because at the time people don't early clearly a a rough time for and happened after her husband died so she wasn't always able to even pay off the court costs anymore shitty then she's more vulnerable right yeah so it's ideally where all the accusations came from they were all from threatened wives sure there were at least a dozen lawsuits either of people accusing her witchcraft and now parts of Virginia Beach especially Princess Anne County nowadays has risen everywhere because she must have planted at when she was involved with Oliver Herbs Okay and because she was there were so many allegations the courts were getting annoyed with her because every single week it was just like we just went through this and now you're a fucking wish again not the one even after grace's husband died later accusations from neighbors continued and courts just claiming that she was a witch she couldn't get out of this his wife and causing the miscarriage between the couple so right so he's now saying oh well she only you up because you bewitched her into beating you up Ugandan horse hiding in your closet you once again and funk eleventh strikes back can't win we WanNa make a movie cover of that long yeah either they all hate you or your which God and the county justices had two juries during the trial the two they were like well we already thinks she's a witch so there was a louis not allow men into the jury when like I feel like later centuries it was like oh all men on the jury right exactly Oh my gosh a lot of people didn't like that they liked her because yourself she wasn't socially deep acceptably so the wrong with you right here right she threatened actually brought to trial for witchcraft she had kind of gotten a slip through the cracks yeah beforehand but now her husband also isn't there defender so now she's going to trial so the court decided suppo- no no I see okay pregnancy miscarriage understood and so they ended up conveniently after a month later of Elizabeth having these were only of women but some of the women had been people who had previously accused her witchcraft so the juries were biased and then left through the Keyhole Oh my God so a shape shifting angry aggressive cat with deccan fit into a keyhole Jesus okay sure as I what's happening basically it sounds to me with the with a few pieces of information I had been given found Grayson Elizabeth got in a fight in her body for quote Demon Suckling teats plot that she was breastfeeding the devil or something these in been charged with Assam battery the husband and decided to press charges okay on grace for causing the miscarriage God it okay so that was the only time that Grayson I'm telling you both juries nicely enough refused to carry out the searches that's good but the woman did look for markings on her body in general that might have and brands of the devil so they like checked her out I guess just like an uptown yeah they did find to quote marks not like there craft in her house again she's an herbalist right right so they found a whole lot of stuff or they could have found a whole lot of stuff and the second panel was ordered to examine we women but also only women who think specifically want for a reason so the first panel was ordered to go to grace's home and look for any item suggesting there was which of witchcraft it's believed that because waters considered pure it would reject which is so if they were to throw you into the water you would just like any other woman and I don't know any shocking I don't know what else that found a birth mark exactly they didn't have they found some wild freckles right so they did that she had been accused so many times of witchcraft that they just had to be suspicious at this point they're like it's been like ten years and people keep saying shut these people can't be Elizabeth beat her up or was at least charged with Assam battery so I think in spite or yeah in retaliation the husband than found a way to accuse which again it'll be so sad but the the promise of at least being buried on consecrated ground if you're innocent oh well worth it if you have eight that's great I'm not gonNA check though so the county justices again believe there was a great cause of suspicion and decided that she must prove her regardless of how many more times we have to do paperwork because of you oh my gosh so in December seventeen o five grace got in a fight with a woman in town named Elizabeth bad the sheriff tied a thirteen pound Bible around her neck my God and pushed her overboard into the Lynn Haven River near which duck point oh how sad so ducking is not any way of proving your innocence you just there it's just a way to kill you truly without saying learning that when I was little understood being like a shoreline examined her body for devices to make sure she wasn't escaping or China she had like a trick a person to get out of it they covered her with a sack they cross your arms and they cross your feet tie your thumbs to your big toes oh I didn't know that Oh so that way you're kind of like in a weird Canon ball situation but not well ironically the ducking was postponed until five days later because they feared that the weather might harm her health which was what you wouldn't want that so real irony of that and it's like Oh we don't understand this is the moment I just realized humanity will never make sense right exactly oh my goodness so ducking is being tied across bound so basically take your two thumbs in a sense so on July fifth seventeen sixes is probably six months after her trial began the justices ordered a trial by ducking today title thumbs or her toes and six of the justices road in one boat two hundred yards out to the river in an another both there was a sheriff the magistrate and Grace Ourselves really she didn't die somehow she untied herself and survived and she was pulled out of the water and interestingly enough as soon as she got out of the wall and just to give her more trouble in courts and said like well we just had a miscarriage I must have been her fault oh it was like a literal miscarriage they had a little miss oh I thought you meant like the miscarriage of justice you find that but they've never looked for any witchcraft items they never looked at her boobs I guess her demon suckling teats which is what everyone should start calling them by the way replace what's that so oh no I know what this is so if you don't know ducking is it was a way for back then women to prove their innocence order people said that there was this massive downpour that started and drenched everyone and they thought that she must have done it because she was already accused of conjuring storms my God just evidence in general of like okay well she survived the drowning so evidence proves that she's a witch if we're going off of that theory and witches were to be float to the top if you were a witch it so is asked backwards because they're pretty much deciding no matter what you're dead because if they throw you overboard is named which duck point because of the story it sounds so cute until you know what it means like Oh witchy duck nope we'll duck with a hat on nope grace was almost murdered here click front ways hog shirt and then they just drop you in the water so that's what they did to her again if she sang she would drown be innocent hurry just body positivity love are you listening third love for for your Demon Suckling teats pat drink how many you have it but if she floated she was a witch like I wonder how you could fly I wonder if anyone they must have some of the must've floated right I mean so oh wouldn't want to harm your potential definite drowning we wouldn't want to catch a cold before we drown just before you can't breathe underwater to God five women on earned but to burn women was a thing unknown in Virginia so this was the only I don't know if this was the only time but this is one of the few times where there was a someone survived I don't think this ducking thing all over again can't win either way so evidence proves that grace was a witch so witches should be burned but Virginia had literally never burned a woman before and they're like factor but it's really my neglect of my own information our brains will make any excuse weekend yeah exactly I'm too tired onto a week Oh yes which I've never used by the They say that if she wasn't jail than she was in jail until the national like witchcraft hysteria kind of died down so which would have been like a decade or so so her property that she inherited from her husband was temporarily given to the county before seventeen fourteen which is another reason people think that she might have gone to jail because no one was a lot of people say that she ended up going to jail for several years but there is like there's no real proof of that there's no records that she was in jail okay if she did go to jail she got out sometime before seventeen fourteen because there are records as seventeen fourteen that she paid back taxes on property so if she went to jail fucking about two so which is Bravo off congratulations so grace was ordered to be brought to a future trial however king also since there were no executions in Virginia I don't know if that means nobody else was ever drowned or no one else was inducted I guess they don't consider the execution this last night and then have the time you're like I don't know because I wrote a week ago yeah there's there's no way in which I know the information I'm the same way I just think it's time you would think would be so they think like oh she survived and now she's having her last laugh because now she's making everyone get wet I just don't like on the east coast blaming someone for the weather is like the most absurd like we can't burn a woman but we can drown or anything put in the lake and see what happened we'll just if she survives that's her call put a sack overhead exactly exactly fucked up Stephen l a blizzard and all of a sudden I'd be like that's a witch for sure definitely doing some Christina's meditating too hard dark magic with that artisanal peanuts and you float will now you're which Nafta Bernie statement kill you but if you sink you're not a witch you're now just a dead human trimming there was no records of anything going on on her at the time so while the county took the property for that certain amount of time she was able to recover her property by seventeen as I say to every person who is willing to listen but the only two things like famous things to come out of Fredericksburg are Danny McBride Fourteen with the help of Virginia's Lieutenant Governor Alexander spotswood who is the namesake to the county that I'm from spot seleny account so I will it was it was only for so long fun fact Oh this is the part where I think the parts coming up Fredericksburg Fredericksburg fat late sack no okay oh I didn't know it was happening I thought he lost just like your sons of English for a moment you know all about to my world so so right I guess it's a trial I don't know maybe I wrote about it later we'll find out half the time you're like I don't know has no record of another trial so there's a chance that the charges were dropped because they didn't know what to do with her they're like we tried to drown her Italy where we did all that we know how to do sit on fire now Fredericksburg is chick filet sauce the special sauce those are the only two things ever come out of Fredericksburg Virginia other one is m we're the TRIFECTA I am one of those people that has to be very picky with US and I've been using their coconut vanilla For a very long time now and I swear by it I love you know that they know that so I live my favorite words of the second language of mine is one of my favorite words I so I grew up in Fredericksburg which was the mhm he also grew up one street over from Princess and by the way Oh and he went to the same high school at Deirdre win two and the other thing that came out of when I grew up in but I grew up in spots Levin two county which is just like the most like let's just a bad redneck thing I've ever heard love it also remember so the only two things I've said this probably before better but if an fucking Virginia it rains I mean God so there there's a quote that says evidence proved that grace was a witch out hall Danny McBride are you listening actually damaged brides little sister went to see a new also and she went to school on the same floor or she her dorm was on the same floor as verify on twitter. One day I'll manifest this now me and Danny McBride eating chick-fil-a sauce together that would be like all that should be in town hall at Fredericksburg Oh yeah because there were so many storms around and so many loitering black cats it became a trend in the town for locals to kill every cat they could find time it's it's going to hurt your feelings second we're not gonNA like this okay Eve plug your ears because there were so many rumors that she was associated with the Devil Family Spotswood I wish I wrote it down but I was like no one will want to note this I mean here I am apparently spots Vania is Latin for rumor has it that her sons quote put her body near the fireplace and a wind came down the chimney and her body disappeared amid the embers with the only clue which only further perpetuated this rumor that she was a witch because there were a lot of storms that showed up and loitering black casts everywhere disaster that is a lovely lovely taking her after she died unnatural storms loitering black hats came soon after so all these random disasters began happening after she died but there's just crickets he I bring him up at all because he was on I think Jimmy Kimmel and Oh yeah I remember this and there is hey to put their stupid human talk society into the world so every black cat that the townspeople found for that year they killed and this ended up cloven hoof print oh my gosh so up until she died people still thought that she was potentially a witch and the devil took her body she was still like midwife spots spots or spots would or oh it's literally Latin for spotswood Yeah I was GonNa say 'cause Silva means forest so that makes sense Siragusa spots us ended up standing for over two hundred years it was just bulldoze in two thousand two what she is thought to be buried somewhere under the trees near the intersection of Pungo ferried adding to Princess Anne County seventeen forty three rat infestation because all the cats were gone shocker so you did it to yourself guys since then her I'm sorry how do humans come up with this shit you would think they were so progressive about knock killing or not burning a woman but they're gonNA kill every cat I mean it's just like they find a way then I guess during one of his interviews on Jimmy Kimmel they did a bit where they like showed him his old high school teachers and had to figure he like he tried to remember their names road and Princess Anne road or she and actually so I couldn't I didn't understand it very well either it's thought that she's buried on those roads they all went to the same high school so deirdre confirm those we're not actors they were real teachers that's pretty funny so so anyway property was she was able to recover it from the county during midwife right if you think she's a witch but you also want her to be the first person that helps you with your baby I mean she has all those teats she has a lot of d or She's buried on another property or that Rome might be on the property I'm not sure if it's the same thing said two different ways to different places but what because governor Alexander Spotswood spot Selena County one day helps her recover property they didn't name it spotswood county they literally just made up spots and Jimmy Kimmel was like you grew up in spots Vania county what the hell kind of word is that I was like yeah that's right so anyway and wasn't it like Deirdre's teachers to lose your and don't worry about it not going to happen so in seventeen forty grace died at eighty years old oh wow but she lived out the rest of her life on that farm as a midwife eamon suckling teeth your birthing demon it's entirely possible or maybe there is just like somehow even more progressive people in Virginia who were down with the witch thing they're like Ooh it could understand was she's either buried under some trees at the intersection of Pungo Ferry Road and Princess Anne Road and or she is buried on the property of the ferry plantation which is Virginia's most haunted building and in case you are either you haven't listened to back episodes or your new here and this is your first episode My best friend Deirdre who was this was the staff that I was trying to remember earlier so to answer our earlier question grace's the only convicted whichever tried by water in Virginia so she's the only ever potentially were a day to the exact day of her ducking governor Tim Kaine pardoned her and in two thousand seven a statue of Grace was put on the lawn at Bayside Hospital calling grace whatever anyway I like the raccoon I feel kinda random yeah anyway that's the story of the Wichita Pango so wait so she was the only person to ever be exonerates one of our first healers Oh wow and the statue is near the old prince and county courthouse where grace was tried and it's only one mile west of her ducking point to the same school that Jane McBride went to she was on her show episode nineteen and that was the story that she covered Oh she talked about the ferry plantation as she went there ah so she talked about the ferry plantation and that is a rumored area where the witch of Pungo is now buried fun episode so go listen to that Hydra the area including which duck road which duck point which is where she was pushed overboard Sherwood Lane and just the name a few and grace was also nineteen on such babies and many people who live in the neighborhood so report that you can see a woman with long wet hair walking the banks of the river what Oh Nash who is a founder very plantation she's been petitioning for over twenty years to have rings on a-rated and exactly three hundred years after the incident what he just made his last name Latin and it became spots so you WanNa make a fancier Schultz in Latin would be and that's the name of the town off create one day Schultz's nice and German her knowledge of herbal herbal healing and she on with her on her statue was a raccoon for her love of animals that's like a real 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You know I mean people you know I'm sure spots Vania county has some murderers yacht doesn't know cat candidate okay fine so walker there was no evidence of any crimes being committed so there wasn't much they could do and it took about ten years for things to finally happen and this year they wrapped up so I'm just going to give you like super topical it was and I was super invested in this and then I was like wait a second I'm literally going to Canada and like three days so I got very excited about this and she had sent me these notes but they were like from Feb right so there was some tension in the home macarthur would often side with his mother and his father did not like that and also later Macarthur's said that his father was super strict and he felt that of random religion it's Super Fun and then yes I can relate here's m just like saying that our father to win here I am identifying as Jewish but also like saying the Lord's prayer from Toronto he had a reputation at school for being a teacher's pet he didn't really fit in with other kids he was known for writing out the other kids he was and I think there's darkness in every place and you guys may be executed some people but you stopped earlier than we did so you already have us beat on I do the ignorance is harper just stop breathing and I forgot how are you I'm back oh by the way I'm having heartburn so if you see faces so it's fine he married his high school sweetheart whose name is Janice Campbell when he was twenty three they had two children a daughter and a son and the early nineties macarthur came out to his wife but begin living openly as gay got it and this is when he started having a four year relationship with another man and he also started work as a traveling salesman worker and a landscaper okay and this is where things ghetto day wire hill get it he's a landscaper that one's not good at least I'm not GonNa be the second I'm scared of anything okay and here I am just watching blindly just with popcorn don't tell my godmother okay so his wife decided to continue living together kind of just under the same roof until nine hundred ninety seven when he finally decided to leave her and move to Toronto and wren with them and fell down a rabbit hole okay as you do so just to give you a little background in two thousand ten gay men started discipline home for twenty four hours I don't have time to like do full research so thank you for sending these notes what I did was okay I'm just GonNa read it she says I've taken the liberty because I'm old six on the afternoon of Halloween October thirty first two thousand one a few weeks after his fiftieth birthday MacArthur was invited into the man's apartment to see a it's so bad I'm sorry I'm not listen I may have put some gin I may have watched Christine take like a very large shot of vodka earlier or something chair for my mom my mom's contact and my phone is the story in the last of so I don't care I don't care I'm saying because your mom called remember and you were like Oh Lucille blue the picture of Lucille booth drinking a Martini like one of her is is like half cocked the

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