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L. Makers entrepreneurs are journalists they often share one thing in common at some time in their lives they experienced defining moments that inspired them to make an in. Hi I'm Mike Pesca we've got a great show for you today but before we launch into it here's a word from our first sponsor when you talk to those who have shaped your world whether they're business interests now trump's meandering repetitive defensive claim which by the way preceded hr that Barack Obama negotiated his netflix trump executive Alan Weisselberg and donald trump junior past presidents have used a blind trust controlled by an outside Party a third party share their stories they might just inspire you to what would you like the power to do you can find that made all the difference anywhere you get your podcasts. He's in criticism that he shouldn't have announced his intention to host the G. Seven summit at his Florida Golf Course President Trump wanted us to know that he this show may contain my tips for making money on Bitcoin it won't it also may contain explicit language and it really might eggs deal while president that claim also we lighted other historical facts like president hoover and President Kennedy did giveaway there turns out was paid twenty five thousand dollars he took the twenty five thousand dollars to almost seven hundred thousand in today's dollars Washington did try to turn down eighty and they are not told how trust is performing now it is true from what I understand that Donald Junior actually can't let his father even take a salary like perhaps some say George Washington listen to how long it takes to make this point but I give away my presidential sour they say I would have said to my family because they run my business I don't run my business I actually put all the stuff entrusts they were It's Monday October twenty first two thousand nineteen from slate it's the Gist I Mike pesca Donald Trump President Donald J trump today how to point that he wanted to make are too many really rich presidents but there were few they ran their business hey Obama made a deal for a book is running a business that no other president has done it I'm surprised to be honest with you. They actually say George Washington may may have been the only other president but see whether or not Obama game the twenty five thousand dollars but the writers of the Constitution calculated that it was better to have a president who could focus on being the president then worrying about his outside how his trust is doing but the chairman of Trump's advisory board can make those disclosures to the president and chairman's name is Eric Salary see whether or not all of the other of your favorites give up this alary the answer is no all right let's figure out what he was saying here George Washington a sage and resonant voice what if Morgan Freeman were saying it what if I don't know Jeremy Irons at his poshest were saying from Connecticut to California for Mrs Risotto recap the president that trump said gave away his salary did not to presidents that did give away their salaries he did not mention which takes us line connect with new customers and work more productively learn more at google dot com slash grow that's google dot com slash grow and lasting contribution to society it will be in the realm of the linguistic but I know all that stuff trump was saying what if it were said by all his money is in is called trust but he's not a trust like we think of trust it is not a blind trust it is a trust controlled by writer bikes can hire more employees back home in the US the grow with Google initiative is committed to helping American businesses like strider bikes used the web to grow saying is that the word trust and the trumps are somewhat at odds who knew on the show today the trump administration's great this new book both stated and unstated because academics and Writers Steven Martin and Joseph Marks have put together a new study of and Joseph Marx Messengers who we listened to but we don't and what I trust these guys they have good accents trump who told Forbes that each quarter he would give his father financial briefings so the kids are talented that is what I'm saying and what I'm further mm tools like Google market finder and Google ads to expand their reach and connect with more customers globally and more customers globally means that uh-huh economic competence dominance and attractiveness meaning the perception of those things on behalf of the person receiving the message. Okay let's just he didn't even discuss it while he was president yeah all right that was a really bad George Watson now about trump saying he puts his money in a trust yes the Investment v to this next claim about George Washington but I was willing to do this for free and they would have had it would have been the greatest G. seven ever I didn't have to do that but under no obligation you're not I don't know if you know George Washington he ran his business simultaneously while he was president many other presidents talk about them so it seems to me that attractiveness the perceiver will always be right about that like they know if the person is attractive sippy to Minnesota millions of American businesses are using Google tools to grow online businesses strider bikes in rapid city. South Dakota are using that's why growth with Google provides free digital skills workshops and one on one coaching small businesses in all fifty states helping them get on they don't kill the Messenger is more than an idiom it's the exact theme all the studies of why we listen to people and who are the people we listened to it is called messengers who we listen to who we don't and why and I guess norms of attractiveness in society do perhaps change over time but that seems like an entirely different category than competence because Hi and when I say don't kill the Messenger is the subtext they wanna get out of this interview alive and I don't know if I could guarantee that but we hope to make it possible other than attractiveness though are some of these hard domains mostly male mostly what we consider male everything said about dominant says male-male to me signal compromise you know we know that for example people are much much more likely to remember a message their physician has given them if that position has took training too low the tone of their voice so that they could essentially emulate that signal of dominance you know lots of research that shows that that and Margaret Thatcher before her both took voice coaching training to lower their voice get rid of that kind of heightened shrillness and as a result or elected into office how good a doctor they are so there are other cues that we're using to determine competence attractiveness someone's socioeconomic position even the Stephen Joseph thank you for joining me good soc- having us okay so you separate these things into hard domains and soft domains and the hard domains are how could you know how could you ever really know at a glance if the person is competent you know competent faces tend to be a little bit squarer and then we we were closed dominance yes so what dominance bay then what are the cues I understand what would connote socio economic position an accent the word you use the way you its competence there are ways to measure actual competence and there are fairly easy ways to measure socio economic status you could we could all debate if socio economic rest your haircut I'm GonNa sing this song you know the way you wear hats but what would be the cues that would dictate dominance deep voice height is another one well they're all female examples in fact you know with two British guys and we have to past female prime ministers right both of whom creating the environment where their messenger characteristic will do its most work where it's going to be most attractive there is to me though another the voice tonality of a politician correlates pretty strongly with people's perception of their competence and whether or not they're likely to be voted in so no surprise the both Theresa May on and then kind of posture so big open displays just a more aggressive sort of demeanor more brash competitive you know those people that come into the room manekshaw stick their feet on the table they literally consume the space right there essentially signaling that predisposition dominance that they have that characteristic mkx status is a proper standing for who makes a good messenger but competence is if we could accurately decide who was competent that wouldn't be the reasons why they've come about but I think it's moving actually and especially with competence so a recent large metro analysis of studies from nineteen forty six till now eh would it I'll stop myself there it's still terrible but it is true that the Messenger does affect the message that is the theme of the new book by Steven Martin I think the the males have been serotypes as the hard messages Sof messengers men as more authoritative leadership focused powerful sees a speaker as attractive they will be with dominance I don't even know what that means with competence the problem seems to be accurately assessing it not whether it I'm women's more socially harmonious emotionally sensitive and these have been entrenched for a long time these stereotypes as you know both biological reasons and culture so far we're staying in the domain of the hard domains there seemed to be a lot of differences between these and one of them is that with attractiveness if the listener so the dominance associated with men remains why do we still prized dominance as a way to decide who's a good messenger well it depends on the imminent character right so you know so absolutely no surprise that those that are predisposed to be dominant often create the fear themselves they literally housing should we be preparing for the potential for nuclear bomb to be dropped on the UK and if so who the right messages to deliver this crucial information Loa slow voice right well but it doesn't either about my point that these things that we think are dominant are male men coming down or women women going up actually and what's interesting about this is it also shows that in other places there has been no change infection via the rectal route that's old probably probably not the way to go is there a correlation is it just not a strong correlation for England and these people knew nothing about the topic they would have no idea what to do in the event of a nuclear attack but yet the parliamentaries recognized was next I mean if we are kind of anxious if we're on certain if the ambiguity those are the kind of context in situations where we're more inclined to look to a harder more showed that actually competences changed and women used to be viewed as less competent the men now that viewed as equally if not more competent than men and is the perceived competence and you may think that they would come up with nuclear physicists or kind of public health experts or some some kind of public official who would have breath scope around their neck I mean the fact that the commercial yeah they don't use the stethoscope right it's almost like the patient is using the doctor stethoscope to make a judgment about actually people are going to respond to them and in a time of crisis you need somebody who draws attention and who can change behavior so that's an example of the least breath I think maybe Margaret Thatcher as a result I mean the circumstances with Theresa May gaining office where much different but it's it it didn't it didn't hold so that she had that D and is there a negative correlation with the perception of some of these traits and if the person is a proper Messenger oftentimes you say competences yeah we have this kind of emotional capacity to respond to another's needs and therefore we do so in that context I think one of my favorite examples of exactly opposed but yeah it has a powerful effect in specifically in times of need humans are prone to hearing requests for help and responding with sympathy and all be all of who is the Right Messenger very incredibly smart accredited expert can also be wrong okay but so what I'm saying is there seems to be hacked that's the subject of that made all the difference a new podcast from Bank of America here from achievers Ken Burns and Arianna Huffington as in the book which is kind of crazy this idea that there's an individual in a hospital that is has got an ear infection and you know the the doctor comes along and not in this domain but the names that were food were Kevin Keegan who was captain of the England soccer team and Ian Botham who was a top cricket again king in sounding right all right I want to get some of these soft domains here you list warmth vulnerability trustworthiness and charisma when asked about his pocket and but that's the really interesting thing is is in that context what would otherwise make absolutely no sense at all is now irrelevant you know I see corrective to the idea of dominance do think yeah no they are in stock position on your on a signal a need for help to show force is often Noor ability this I don't know twelve years ago that that would be up there as a soft domain it seems to have we've rallied around the idea of vulnerability perhaps his but in the least qualified person being the best messenger exactly it's that poked example of being right mattering a hell of a lot less than look way to the people in front and can I break in the line please and no surprised well no people don't like to do that but no surprise in the studies when they ran these was that the this feature of competence and expertise perceived competence and expertise are kind of just like follow it you know and I suddenly do these crazy things that make no sense I mean treatment of we wanna listen to but yet they are not the Best Messenger and I think there was a nice case that we talk about in the the final chapter of the book where Parliamentarians in one thousand nine hundred one itself is accurate way to know who to listen to well I think that's fair and so we use these cues to to to to decide and there's you know there's one exhaust house they abbreviate the prescription on patients car instead of saying please these drops in the patient's right ear they bring the right with the letter R so now reads rear thought his studies where you guys went apple you're gonNA train station and there's there's a long line and you know you need to make that trade needs that flight and so you offer money and then the nurse says why well clearly that's what the doctor says so let's see that discovers clearly he was called the doctor he's got he's white coat he's got his little were was that no one ever took the money it's almost like you know that signal of hey if you're willing to give me like a hundred bucks to cut in line you really must be in a vulnerable situation more money you offer someone the more likely you are to be able to cut in front of him in the line there's absolutely no surprise it's all any economists in the world will tell you that's probably what's going to happen what was really interesting find him trustworthy for doing that because you're telling our truths by not adhering to the facts or what some people say is a fact you're speaking the broader more important truth and there are others who are afraid to say that truth I think that goes on very much yeah there's almost like a questionable genius the more he in certain situations the more he lies and prevaricates and spreads falsehoods the more that his people who love him overweight people pay attention to those messages and turns out with safety related messages you know five six year old school children giving those messages over the PA far far more effective to show them that we respect their autonomy respect their welfare and you see in studies where they've measured doctors tone of voice they see the in that instance it was a signal another one of these traits of I'm in need and I'm reaching out to other humans and that connectedness between humans is truth I see this all the time in American politics but what do you mean when you say that yes so they are different things actually and truthfulness relies on us kind of weighing trust somebody even when we think that they're lying directly to the audience and sometimes because they're lying and this was I think Donald Trump does this a lot in that hit and you commissioner these remarkable cliffs in effect okay one of the most important distinctions is talk about trustworthiness but that's different from is that talk about the importance of holding the hand rail and you know being saved when taking the elevator with your suitcases and things like that if you change the messenger you can have a dramatic influence watson that might be uncertain but trustworthiness relies on these kind of vague broader assessments of the person and the underlying late and motivations and goals and values and so we can boosts his credibility so he can lie and his trustworthiness goes up in that group but he confers another advantage as well which is all the people that disagree with him start talking about him attention to who is saying what is being said so for example you know on the London shoe by you know all equivalent of your subway system here in New York we have messaging jat because it doesn't just appeal to his supporters you know the fact that the underlying value of what he's actually saying what they've signed up to coulee incompetent yeah so I in your in Your Business Stephen His influence at work do you do any consulting which might recommend the those who are rated as woolmer tend to actually be sued less for malpractice than those who take more dominant approach even though the equally competent at their patients or in the standard you know I'm the safety officer pr the handrail these kind of things so there's an example of how what's being said doesn't change it's all which has changed Hussein what do we mean warmth is ability to express kind of benevolent some positive for God for other people so you know we're not trying to show that we're better than them like we support him to pay more attention to him and as a result he becomes even more important right messenger who we listened to who we don't and why by Steven Martin and evidence and create you know doing computations are head whereas trust love in truth one this is an objective standard exactly yes and well given the evidence that is available the state to Straits but rather actually endow respect to them and show the hour really admire you I wanna be your friend and that has a powerful effect doing something magical to happen and I'm gonNA open is to your request I'm going to open myself up to your message and potentially responded favorably now turn to warmth when we say warmth future from conversations with Ilan mosque about Tesla's early struggles to Tim Cook's perspective on government regulation each edition of Axios helps you dispose of distraction which is paying attention to and so if that attention orientate equality of his you know misinformation miscommunication is is actually causing the people that don't is dependent on the premise to execute the thesis. 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again pro quo all I did was agree that it was a quid pro quo I didn't literally mouth the words quid pro quo so you see the people doing it every day in language you don't say take Ken out Siri or Alexa but you say that to people because we need to show this won't cooperate and get along with them your dollars towards select mattresses by visiting Casper Dot com slash gist and using code just at checkout terms and conditions apply therefore you cannot surmise that I adhere to the premise just given the fact that I agreed with the premise so when Mick Mulvaney is asked a yes or no question but later in this episode of bullshit he wrote Mulvaney made an assertion about the president's directness you've heard this line before the president never mentions the sleep on it trial get one hundred dollars towards select mattresses by visiting Casper Dot com slash gist and using just a checkout again Getahun Dick Mulvaney the answer is no I did it a better way I was wrong stupid may also let's say when asked do you take this man to be lawful wedded husband and you said I do that doesn't count you need to say I do take this man to be my lawful wedded husband listen to the Democrat server as well we do we do that all the time with foreign policy okay so when confronted aide at all in the phone call doesn't say oh by the way I need you to do this this this and this or else the money won't flow we all know enough about this president that if he feels of Mark's thank you gentlemen for like the juice this episode is brought to you by Casper you know you spend a third of your life sleeping if you're lucky if you're getting it is as much the trump brand as gilded facades and Eastern European wives this is why the trump people are constantly going on the air after former FBI director Jim Qomi said trump pressured him you and I both know my father a long time when he tells you to do something yes guess what good follow up question to Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney might have been are you show you're married Sir by the way at this point he's been acting longer than Angela Lansbury House chief-of-staff Mick Mulvaney who was confronted with his own words they were played back to him barked upon that was something to behold I not in the body shaming way they Casper mattress combines multiple supportive memory phones for quality sleep service with the right amount of sink and bound very strongly about something he's going to put that out there directly and that didn't happen in fact trump's people know that he constantly speaks and threatens obliquely indirectly ending congressman at a Congressional hearing quoting Michael Cohen you suggested that the president sometimes communicates is wishes indirectly to begin your eighth grade essay what I did on my summer vacation on my summer vacation I in your choice said Kenya start a little better know if you're saying there is the mafia-like implied threat as described by Michael Cohen here is former Republican now independ- okay you're not allowed to say and I never expect to hear that from you again she said I never expect to hear that from you again instead of directly firing him I told you before very disappointed with the attorney general but we will see what happens time will tell this has been contradicted by the facts hundreds of times trump engages in evasive misdirected language all the time there has paralegals the all not saying to make the eminently falsifiable claim that trump doesn't do it over two years ago here is Don Jr. trying to argue the same exact point on Fox ability here remember this during the campaign he called Ted Cruz a pussy by talking about how terrible it was to call Ted Cruz a pussy you heard the other night at the bait they add he speaks in code another variation of this is trump saying I'm not gonNA say it or I'll get in trouble and then he says it which gives him some I'd I'd call an implausible denial the answer because some people she just said a terrible thing you know she said shouted out because I don't want and strong suggestion or the word that Cohen himself used he doesn't give you questions he doesn't give orders he speaks in code for example you said quote Mr Trump did not directly tell me to lie to Congress that's not how he operates end quote implication she said he's a pussy and of course all the time he indirectly and passively aggressively abused Jeff sessions in public to a quid pro quo and right there from the podium says yeah it was a quid pro quo here's the tape quid pro quo is funding will not flow in less the investigate holding weapons in exchange quid for investigating political rivals Pro Quo George Stephanopoulos asked him this do you agree with Senator Mukasey that would have been in a pro there's no ambiguity in it there's no hey I'm hoping you and I are friends hey I hope this happens but you gotta do your job that's what he told Komi again you asked me if this happened it's a hypothetical if the question did start with an if questions start with an if our hypothetical and said just a few seconds ago that I said there was a quid pro quo never use that language because there is not a quid pro quo by Jonathan Karl is described a quid pro quo when you said that happens all the Ted Cruz serious question well what do you think of waterboarding is it okay and honestly I thought he'd say absolutely and he didn't he said well you know he's concerned about in an answer is yes you cannot take that as an affirmative unless he also restates the exact words in the question now we all thought this was the worst way true the point president now on this week this week Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was questioned by George Stephanopoulos about the administration's policy of we'll two sessions took sixteen more months of sideways barbs from the time those words were spoken so there's your direct blunt and that's it for today's show was produced by Daniel schrader his secret

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