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It for more news for about people of color code for our website news dot net. I think we've passed neely. I think it's time to go into actionable items. I think everyone knows the issue. Is what's up y'all. This is b.j murphy today on the twenty minute morning show. We're gonna talk about jay z partnership with the n._f._l. Is causing a lot of controversy. Today is friday friday august sixteenth. We're talking talking about jay z. partnering with the n._f._l. And him being questioned now he dr roger goodell had a meeting with a lot of media people charlemagne to guy was in there and some other people and they were questioning jay z on why he's choosing at this time to partner with the n._f._l. Did you see that again. It means nothing. It's another way for me another min- to become more of a millionaire you're going money as the billionaire billionaire and you bring him into entertain and that's what we're good for anyway and they're paying to entertain but they're not making a impact. They say wait a minute. This gentleman was on his team to say stop killing my people. You're not supporting any organization to do bet. You're not putting any kind of initiative <music> out there to stop the killing. All you did is bringing another person to entertain so you know that that's a red herring that to get up to talk about something something else now. You can have a say. Hey look what we did. We gave j._v. entertainment but that's not affected getting killed on the street. Yes it just this makes j._c. Look like a clown because you listen to all his lyrics and his rap songs. He's protesting n._f._l. And then he turns right around and be another slave for them. It's just like mass asa in the barn beating the slaves and jay z outside beat box into the sound of the whip. I don't understand how could they say that. Entertaining mass is fighting. Social injustice house could be a weapon against social injustice. We'll let me let me be jay z's attorney for one second because jay z the statement that he made which makes sense now and everybody's got to deal with this question after you kneel and you want the people that you're kneeling kneeling against to come to the table and talk about this and then when they do come to the table then what you can't neil forever in protest but now we all all know what's going on what week going to do. How are we going to stop because the kneeling was not about a job. It was about injustice. Let me bring attention to justice everyone san going forward and tap doesn't have a job. This wasn't about him. Having a job has no. I'm talking about the n._f._l. Players i didn't feel so we really don't know how great the movement that captain extorted could've been and that is true but that's that's not the reality of it. That's the deal. Let me let me need a lawyer against that. Okay all right. I understand sounds good but you entertaining the crowd mr jay z. lawyer. How is that making a change. What are you doing. Are you saying okay. This is opening the door to other things because all you're doing the clowning take you're not doing. That's going to change why latman neil so after we kneel yeah there needs to be some but not the crown and be entertainment overpayment and you'll have to jay z lawyer. Just be yourself because you are a supporter of j._c. Embar jay z. I mean mean b._j. I don't see how you don't understand it. It's it's just like they date j._c. Fan okay only ten percent of the plantation now does that make any better got a slave but this is. This is a little percentage of okay but this is. This is the question that everybody has to answer after the people people say all right. Let's talk. Let's let's come to the table less top. Do you not talk to roger goodell. Do you not talk to the n._f._l. Owners i mean why are we doing all this in the first place if there it wasn't going to be a series of discussions and just so happens the jay z. happens to be the person does out front right now this leading this discussion. Everybody's mad the j._c. No it's not being mad at j._c. It's about okay you can have a discussion but i can talk blue in the face and won't do a god blessed thing where eric that money. If we're going to talk about some he needs to be at the table talking about well. You need to direct that money somewhere to help a._b._c. not to make me more money. That's yeah james. He's not a dummy dummy. He is a dummy because that's what white people do they buy the richest nigga in the room and make all the other black people look stupid on the richest nigga in the room and this is the problem when you idolize diller's because you get dealt with when you do okay listen listen. Let me ask you this b._j. Is entertainment gonna stop one in the bill from getting killed by paddle -lutely not sunday what purpose yeah well. This is what i'm saying his knees protecting data from police officer against black men right. What does the entertainment retirement at half to do. Well you know entertainers and football players that people say black people anyway but since jay z is the frontman right now this give jay z. Just just a little bit more intelligent credit for being a person who sees beyond the veil of what some white people in the back room sam well. Let's get gene easy to be our front man. They'll they'll follow whatever he says. He's the guy putting him out front and j._c. Format. I'm not going to give him any credit. He doesn't deserve any credit that was because see b._j. You are a supporter of jay z. That's why remember when he was playing that song. My skin is black and you were saying shawn. Jay z is a song rapping about owning eight million dollars worth of artwork in a world full of starving poor people who look like him one of the best investment into what is the eight million dollars sitting in your house. What what people can't even eat is impressive because it's an investment. It's an investment that he could use at a later time to help people. I don't know what he's invested in that. We will always always have rich people because we have people like you advocating nut. I'm just not saying the jay z. Shallow they would let people use him like that. He's not like that. I don't believe that he's okay so so why not at that press conference while they're announcing how you gonna now entertain hey. They didn't announce that new initiative that the n._f._l. Is gonna do to help. Stop the killing of black by police. Wouldn't that be the time that that he needs to speak up about such an initiative is he's leading the rate. He's at the table during the conversation where that conversation that is colin kaepernick. I think <hes> supporting jay z. You see him who are jay z for what he's doing well. There's an interesting comment. There was interesting comments surrounding that from the flight nubian queen podcast here's what she had to say about colin kaepernick's girlfriend talking about jay z cabinets girlfriend nasa just scorched earth on jay z firing back at the rap mogul for working with the n._f._l. Calling it quote disgusting and disappointing it happened at girlfriend is against j._v. He then capper nick is against the debt debt so it's a clown move in other words. He reduced capture next move to look at food. She even made himself. Look foolish. Looking on the surface level of what jay z is doing. I don't believe the man is going to let these people use him like that and in front of all his constituency the j._c. put himself on the line with this and it's actually backfire. His backfiring is backfiring on jayjay right now. 'cause the majority the majority of black people against this the the majority of black people against jay z. making this move but i'm saying i want to go down this road and see what jay z going give him the benefit of the doubt then i'll make my jab uh-huh judgment but not on the first initial announcement of his partnership a something deeper to hold on p._j. Let me ask you to understand you wanna to give up but we've been waiting for so long. Nobody wants to wait. If you're gonna make the move make the moon and then we can get behind that move but i don't think as a race of people we're going to keep backyard. People say oh just getting in place to make hell. How much longer did we gotta. Wait to the movement may well. You know the thing about this is the only way black people would approve of this kind of partnership as if colin kaepernick was is the only one sitting at the table because it's jay z doing this deal people la suspect and they're looking at jay z with side is saying this all about money i i don't believe that jay z's a dumb man to put his career and his relationship with the black community on the line over money. He caffeinated the j. Maybe they're gonna be capitalized off. Kaffir knicks loss because if it wasn't for cabernet jay z would not be sitting at table right now it does kind of funny with him and roger goodell and the chummy and buddy buddy and everything looks it looks suspect it looks it doesn't look right but at the end of the day all good whatever but the man who excellent what he did. They blackballed him out. He's still active. John king lane to groundwork for what sunday just said colin kaepernick is in the prime of physical life and has had his career stolen from him by the n._f._l. Not a single n._f._l. Player not one believes that colin capital is out of the league for football reasons. It's the league has over. One hundred quarterbacks half of them are older than two thirds of them have never won a playoff game. Ninety percent of them have never been to a pro bowl over ninety. Five percent of them have never taken their team to the super bowl and colin dunn all of those things he has records in the n._f._l. That stand to this day. It's not just that the n._f._l. Banned him once from the league the n._f._l. Is actively banning this man from the league right now. I haven't heard one comment fan. Oh this is opening up the door to make sure this great athlete can come back in so all a a so. It's like everything else. You put a red herring out there. Not everybody's station that red herring but the big cats is still in the in the pond so you give them a little something. Oh look at look at that but the big catch is still in the palm. Ethnic doesn't have a job so we can talk all day about james z. but at the end of the day the blessed thing demanding job back and now you notice a piece of garbage. She's not just activist. He pretends to be his saw now. We know that jay z is malcolm x. He's i want to play this clip from the stephen. A smith show about eric reed and see like stephen smith has got it in for eric eric replaced with the carolina panthers but he was protesting with colin cabinet when they were together in san francisco and this is what he said the other day about eric reid's comments regarding jay easy partnering with the n._f._l. Jay z. doesn't need the n._f._l.'s help to address social injustices so says eric read it. It was a money move for him and his music business the n._f._l. Gets too high behind his black face his black face to try to cover up blackballing collar era agree. Do you need the n._f._l. Football field to take a knee. Do you need to play in the n._f._l. In order for your message to be hurt but it ain't stopping you from taking the knee and it ain't stopping you from plan in the n._f._l. So you get to do what you wanna do while getting paid okay to do it because correct me if i'm wrong anybody. I don't think eric reid is planned for free in this issue i in urban internet news national news and information for and about people of color versus you. I n urban internet news. I'm aka along with brooklyn alexander. Inspiring comparisons should the water crisis in flint michigan. New jersey's biggest and predominantly black city of newark is handing out bottled water to its residents amid a worsening contaminated water crisis like flint. The problem in newark is that much of its tap water is contaminated with lead while flint's problem mm stan promo decision to change the city's water source new issue apparently stems from how little things have changed plagued with an aging infrastructure and decades caja poverty and fewer resources many of the houses in newark that are owned by black people still have lead water pipes according to recent studies over twenty percent of incoming college students battled some type of mental health disorder texas based paul. Quinn college is not okay with that stat. The dallas news reports that paul quinn now has an onsite mental health center in addition. They're making one on one meetings with a mental health professional sessional available to both transfer students and incoming freshmen and what serves as the latest example of hashtag existing while black back twenty year old devon myers was stopped by police in royal oak michigan for looking suspiciously at a white woman that's right. He was looking at a white woman and she call the police. The cops came out and questioned the man. The royal oak police department department has launched its own internal investigation trying to figure out why the two officers stopped and questioned the man in the first place. You've been listening thank you i in urban internet news brought to you by maintenance heroes. They are looking to hire maintenance workers. Call them at seven zero four three nine one seven four four four and don't forget forget to tell them you incent you more news and information point about people of color or is it the urban internet news website at you. I news dot net. 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