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NPR News: 11-14-2018 5AM ET


Support for NPR and the following message. Come from breather. Workspaces and offices designed for growing companies book, your ideal space with one click for hours days or months at a time. Visit breather dot com slash NPR. And see why companies choose to grow with reather. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. Authorities in northern California say six more bodies have been found in the town of paradise raising the death toll from the campfire to at least forty eight many residents are still listed as missing the fire. North of Sacramento is a little more than one third contained, Bob Moffitt. With capital public radio says thick smoke from the fire is making it harder to breathe for a lot of people. There's a blanket of thick smoke caused by the fires. The air is the color of burnt umber and ash falls from the sky, it's hazardous to breathe even for someone young. And in good health within two hundred miles. The air is varying shades of gray, and people are also feeling the effects Paul Osborne is in downtown Sacramento ninety miles away from the campfire she's wearing a blue surgical mask. I'm allergic to the trees that are burning. That's the problem. So the particular matter is, especially you know, it's problem. I cannot go out without the batsman. County health officers hearsay staying indoors is a better idea unless a doctor approves a mask can actually do more harm than good for NPR news. I'm Bob Moffitt in Sacramento. The campfire has earned about two hundred square miles and has destroyed more than seven thousand homes and other structures at broke out six days ago. Some California residents or blaming Pacific Gas and electric for sparking the campfire a brief power outage occurred before flames were first reported. At least one resident says she reported utility wires, sparking a day before the fire broke out a lawsuits been filed against PG any the cause of the fire remains under investigation Defense Secretary. Jim Mattis will be in Texas today where thousands of troops are supporting border patrol agents along the US Mexico border has caravans of migrants continue making their way northward from Central America. Here's NPR's, Tom. Bowman medicines expected to visit with troops outside mcallen, Texas who strengthening in the border with razor wire and. Other barriers some five thousand active duty soldiers and marines have been dispatched to the Mexican border in Texas rezone in California officials say the troops are in a support role. It will have no contact with any migrants. Besides strengthening barriers the troops could erect tents and mess halls for border patrol agents along the more remote parts of the southern border. The dispatch of troops has been criticized by some retired military officers and members of congress medicine self has defended the move as practical support to the department of homeland security, adding quote, we don't do stunts in this department. Tom Bowman NPR news Washington. Vice president Pence is in Singapore today at a regional trade summit while there he met with me and Mars leader, Aung San Suu Chee where she rejected Pence's criticism over her government's treatment of minority Muslim or Inga's more than seven hundred thousand of them fled to neighboring Bangladesh last year after military crackdown began this is NPR news. Later today on Capitol Hill Republicans are choosing their leaders for the next session of congress in the house, so high oh, congressman Jim Jordan is challenging California's Kevin McCarthy to be minority leader in the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is expected to win. Another term Republicans lost control of the house in this month's midterm elections. They retained control of the Senate Democrats. Choose their new leaders later this month, the Catholic archdiocese Philadelphia says it plans to compensate victims of clergy sex abuse. This follows a grand jury report detailing decades of abuse by Catholic priests across Pennsylvania, Laura bench off with member station. WHYY reports in the aftermath of the grand. Juries report a Bill that would have suspended the statute of limitations allowing some past victims to sue the church made it through one house in the state legislature. But it didn't become law promises to start victim's compensation. Programs soon. Followed from seven diocese. Kenneth Feinberg is an administrator for Philadelphia's new program people focus on the money. How much compensation will a victim receive? No amount of money is going to provide closure to that victim. He says there's no cap on how much the archdiocese of Philadelphia will pay survivors for NPR news. I'm Laura bench off in Philadelphia. Stocks in Asia ended the day mostly lower following yesterday's losses on Wall Street and a sharp drop in oil prices. Wall Street futures are on the downside this morning. I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington.

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