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President trump on any possible military action against Iran what what the president said late today after the devastating attack on one of the world's largest oil facilities in Saudi Arabia oil prices already shooting up tonight with Americans will see see at the gas pump and soon the deadly explosion firefighters have been called to the scene already amid fears about gas then the deadly and powerful blast debris raining down on the neighborhood massive strike tonight at General Motors nearly fifty thousand workers walking off the job this evening we're with the workers what they're now demanding manding and GM and the rare move what they made public that who firestorm tonight surrounding Supreme Court Justice Brad Kavanagh a new report another incident of alleged sexual misconduct while at Yale tonight ABC news reaching the woman at the center of this new story at what she now says tonight the hurricane right right off the East Coast gaining strength approaching Bermuda now where it heads next ginger zee with the track and the warning the deadly culprit in the water the ten year old girl we're all dying after contracting a rare brain eating amoeba while swimming Watt Stewart tonight revealing his very personal battle and attributes tonight but rock could roll hall of Famer Rickey Kasich founder of the cars at what his family is now revealing about his file hours this is ABC lose tonight with David Muir very beginning. It's great to have you with us here as we start another week together and we begin tonight with President trump and what he said late today on the possibility possibility of US military action against Iran after that massive attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia one of the world's largest facilities targeted there and unprecedented it'd blow to the world's energy supply drivers here in the US will see this too in gas prices administration officials quickly pointing the finger at Iran the president at one point tweeting tweeting the US is locked and loaded but tonight what he said when asked is Iran behind this and will the US strike ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Carl was in the Oval Office asking the questions after the attack on the world's largest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia today's a day a restrained response from the President War with anybody. I'm somebody they would like not to have war attack produced an inferno so large the smoke was visible from Outer Space Senior Administration official tells. ABC News attack involved nearly a dozen cruise missiles and at least twenty armed drones launched from Iranian soil within our secretary of state. Mike pompeo pointed the finger directly at Iran tweeting. Iran is now launched an unprecedented accidents attack on the world's energy supply today. The president was less definitive evidence proof that Iran was behind the attack that way as soon as we find out definitively. We'll let you know immediately. Following the attacks President Trump tweeted the United States was quote locked and loaded depending on verification but today he said this that was an attack on Saudi Arabia and There wasn't an attack on us but we would certainly help help them. They've been a great ally. Do you still think it's the responsibility of the Saudis to defend themselves. Oh I think it is certainly the responsibility of them to do a big big deal of the defense. The fact is that the Saudis going to have a lot of involvement in this if we decide to do some think I think they'll be very much involved and that includes payment and they understand that fully the iranian-backed who the rebels in Yemen have claimed responsibility wants ability releasing a propaganda video of drones flying over the Saudi refinery Iran for its part insists. It had nothing to do with it. Let's revisit missile wrong. I think I'll have a stronger message or maybe no message at all when we get the final results of what we're looking at but right now it's too soon to say this plenty of time. You know there's no rush. Giancarlo this live at the White House tonight and John the president had tweeted the US is locked and loaded but today it did seem there was a much more cautious tone with you shortly. David he talked quite a bit about the strength of the US military and the US the ability to have military response but this did not sound like a president eager to get involved in another conflict in the Middle East all right giancarl leading us off on a Monday John John Thank you the price of oil has already soared across the globe how soon will driver see it right here in the US in gas prices at the pump. Let's get right to ABC's chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis with US slop tonight as well Rebecca well David oil prices spiked immediately on that news up fifteen percent today the biggest one day surge in more within a decade in for consumers that means higher prices at the pump anywhere between ten and twenty five cents higher in the coming weeks in particular higher prices in California neo which relies more heavily on imports from Saudi Arabia. The big question going forward is how quickly Saudi Arabia can bring production back on on line and whether this conflict escalates the United States is still the world's largest energy producer but this is a global market David and what happens in the Middle East impacts prices and consumers here. David and we'll be watching Rebecca. Thank you in the meantime we turn to weather news this Monday night into the deadly explosion firefighters had it just been called amid fears of gas when they got to the scene. The explosion smoke from the blast obscuring the sun. Look at this to brief falling from the sky this is in Farmington main that debris covering the ground like snow in one of the firefighters who had just arrived on the scene because of those early calls was then killed multiple injuries tonight in ABC's Gio Benitez. This is on the scene for US tonight. The scene is apocalyptic debris and dash falling from the sky after that devastating building explosion in central may may the blast completely leveling this special needs centre damaging nearby homes and coating the surrounding area in dust than packed blew our walls often often. Everything's ruined by it is what it is. The state will be alive a maintenance worker from the building reporting a gas odor just after eight a m leading employees to who evacuated the explosion of routing as Farmington firefighters were on the scene investigating the blast injuring six and killing one firefighter colleagues colleagues paid tribute to their fallen comrade as the body was removed from the site tonight as authorities sift through the rubble employees are calling that maintenance worker who who reported the odor a hero if he hadn't been putting tables away in the basement at that time we'd all be have been in that building when that happened just incredible pictures from that scene. Gio Benitez Live at the scene explosion in Maine Tonight and Gio. We're learning more about that fallen firefighter and his brother also firefighter on the scene there that's right David. That firefighter was a captain. He sixty eight years old his brother the fire chief he was also injured in this blast. Four other firefighters were sent went to the ICU. Investigators are here searching for answers but no doubt about it David. This community is in mourning Gio Benitez. Tonight thank you we have new reporting this evening on the massive strike at General Motors nearly fifty thousand united auto workers have now walked off the job workers argue they helped save the company nearly a decade ago and that they deserved a share in the new success in tonight the rare move from GM going public with their offer ABC's Alex Perez from Detroit Tonight at General Motors factory workers off the job in on the picket line after the two sides have failed to strike a deal on a new contract GM turning an eight point one a billion dollar profit last year workers who took concessions before the two thousand nine government bailout now want to see some of those profits we made some sacrifices prices and al the contract good and you come up and give us fair wages fair benefits at affordable prices and that's all that really GM making the unusual decision to reveal the offer it made to the union inside that offer is over seven billion dollars of investment in plants and new product programs programs that also impact fifty four hundred jobs the offer includes rescuing two of four plants set a shutdown but the union rejecting that tonight. The President says he wants to see a deal. I'm sad to see the strike. Hopefully it's going to be a quick. One to stalemate comes as union leadership is under scrutiny not last week when official over US did accused of conspiring to embezzle more than a million dollars in worker dues allegedly spending it on video rentals lavish dinners inexpensive champagne and alix. Both sides were back at the bargaining table today yes David. They were at the bargaining table all day today but union officials told me at this point they are nowhere near reaching a deal one thing they would like to see jobs that were moved to Mexico brought back to the US David Alex Perez in Detroit tonight. Thank you the new firestorm tonight. Surrounding Supreme Court Justice Brett Cabot aw new report another incident of alleged sexual misconduct while at Yale L. Tonight. ABC News has reached the woman at the center of this new alleged incident and what she now says here's ABC's senior national correspondent Terry Moran The new allegations against Brett cavagnaud reigniting the bitter partisan fight over his fitness for the nation's highest court and prompting calls for his impeachment the New York Times is now reporting that Max Dire Kavanagh's former Yale classmate told senators and the FBI last year that he saw Mr Cavenaugh with his pants down down at a drunken dorm party where friends pushed his genitals onto a female student his claim never investigated by the FBI. The shocking story story strikingly similar to an allegation made by another Yale Classmate Deborah Ramirez at the height of Kavanagh's confirmation battle. Ramirez alleged cavenaugh exposed himself to you're at a different party when they were both drunk and when she shoved him away she says she was touched without her consent cavenaugh flatly denying that and all allegations nations of sexual misconduct none of the witnesses in the room support that the if that had happened that would have been the talk of Campus Cavanaugh is not commenting on this latest latest charge but his defenders call it a political smear and they point out that the times article adapted from a new book out this week originally omitted a key fact act which editors later added the book says that the Female Students Dyer described quote refuse to discuss the incident and quote several of her friends said she he does not recall it. They've just announced as a correction but to do that about a supreme court. Justice is a terrible thing tonight. ABC News has learned that Senator Chris Coons Democrat of Delaware who served on the Judiciary Committee heard from style and he said this letter to the FBI urging investigators to follow up on October second. Cavanaugh Cavanaugh was confirmed to the court for days later on the campaign trail. Several Democrats are questioning the investigations legitimacy not in a low-priced a meaningful I investigation my concern here is that the process was a sham. Terry Moran Live at the court tonight interior. ABC Go has reached the woman at the center of this new allegation the Times reporting that her friends say she doesn't remember the incident. She refused to discuss it with them but she did. Have something and you say to our team when reached she did David. She said she's not doing interviews but when we asked her are there other sources that we could speak to about her story. She told US simply. All I can say is ask Brett Terry Moran Live at the Supreme Court thank you next to the weather threats on both sides of the country tonight dry awry gusty winds fueling wildfires in the West Red Flag warnings from California to Utah Horseshoe fire near Riverside California forcing evacuations and another fire popping popping up along the I five in Eskin. Do while off the east coast tonight we're watching Hurricane Umberto now a full on hurricane degree rip currents right along the coast. Let's get the chief meteorologist Ginger Zee tonight. She's in California tracking both stories force ginger. It's only breezy here but it is downright windy to our east and that's where the fire danger is his highest much of the state of Nevada in extreme fire danger into Utah Red Flag warnings there for us of thirty to fifty miles per hour then we've got the tropics who got to watch out for a couple Blair areas twenty percent shot for the Gulf of Mexico there to get something but even if it doesn't become a tropical cyclone you have ten plus inches possible for the coast of Texas Hurricane Umberto could could become a major hurricane in the next forty eight hours heavy rain big surfer Bermuda as it passes north of there on Wednesday five to seven foot waves North Carolina to Florida David Ginger Zee with US tonight. It is well thanks to injure tonight here in New York City. We have learned that the Manhattan. Da Subpoenaed eight years of president trump's personal and business tax returns sources say this part of the investigation Asian of hush money paid to stormy Daniels we turn next tonight to Antonio Brown. There are new developments in the allegations and lawsuits brought against him today he's accuser answering during questions from the NFL and here's ABC's Keilor. Tom Brady from the gun ban tonight the woman accusing NFL Superstore Antonio Brown of of rape and sexual assault meeting with League officials for several hours in investigators questioning Brown's former fitness trainer Brittany Taylor who filed a civil lawsuit last week in the League allowing the all pro wide receiver to play on Sunday despite the troubling allegations ESPN reporting Brown wasn't put on the Commissioner's exempt list because there's no criminal investigation ground celebrating his first touchdown as a New England patriots Sunday then avoiding avoiding all questions Patriots head coach Bill Belichick still saying Little Authority about the game afford commented on them. Looking Brown denies the allegations posting this video on social media. You were going to try to bring you down. You get closer to your goal David. They'd been in settlement discussions for months just days before. That lawsuit was filed a source tells. ABC News Brown refused to make a two million dollar payment that same source telling US Taylor initially requested more than ten million David Kelly. Thank you at a medical headline tonight the CDC is stepping pick up its response to vaping concerns activating its quote Emergency Operation Center Twenty four seven center now the CDC has confirmed six deaths tied to the use of e cigarettes. Let's and they are investigating three hundred eighty cases of severe lung injury across twenty six states. There is a new casualty to report tonight from the war in Afghanistan. NATO officials say a US Servicemember member was killed in action there today. Seventeen Americans have died now in combat this year the highest number in five years. There is still much more ahead on world news tonight this Monday today. The NASCAR great killed in a plane crash after initially walking away from the wreckage the deadly culprit in the water tonight the ten year old girl dying after contracting a rare brain eating amoeba while swimming the motorcycle rider going over the edge plunging down this cliff the water below the only thing saving his life and tonight singer Rod. I'm Stewart revealing his very personal battle of news on his condition tonight and of course we pay tribute to a rock and Roll Hall of Famer Rickel Cassock and what we've learned about his final hours. There's a lot more news ahead here on Monday night. I'll what if you can make your work take less work. You can with Capterra compare thousands of software options read reviews and instantly narrow your favorites. You'll have more time in no time. Find the right software right now at Capterra or a dot com slash tonight with over one thousand reviews of products from real software users discover everything. You need to make an informed decision. No no matter what kind of software your business needs. CAPTERRA makes it easy to discover the right solution best buy more than one option in your search you can utilize capterra's aris product comparison to see detail side-by-side visit capterra dot com slash tonight for free today to find the tools to make an informed software for decision for. Your Business Capterra dot com slash tonight capterra. That's C. A. P. T. E. R. R. A. dot com slash tonight capterra software selection simplified next tonight the ten year old swimmer contracting a rare brain eating amoeba while swimming in Texas. Yes she did not survive. Here's ABC's Victor Oquendo tonight a warning from the family of a ten year old girl in Texas Lily May Avant Doug this morning after contracting a rare brain eating amoeba while swimming in a river near her home Labor Day weekend thing you read about but it doesn't happen to it until it happens to you. Her family says when Lily I had a headache and fever dodgers thought it was a virus but her condition quickly deteriorated she spent days in a medically induced coma today her cousin saying we wanted to bring awareness to Amoeba up in an effort to prevent any other family from having to go through this over the last sixty years one one hundred and forty five people have been infected with this rare Amoeba but only four have survived including Sebastian de Leon who contracted it while swimming in a Florida Lake in two thousand isn't sixteen these types of infections typically occur in warm freshwater lakes and rivers the best advice. Keep your head above water swim with those nose clips and if you start to feel sick let your doctor know. David just a devastating loss victor. Thank you Dixon other news tonight. A Nascar Great Mike stanic has died after a small plane crash. His plane went down in Sterling Connecticut. Just after takeoff he initially walked away from the wreckage but then dying of his injuries at the hospital he was sixty one to the motorcycle rider going over the cliff. In crested crested butte Colorado look at us rich hog writing on a narrow rocky trail suddenly going over the edge plunging about seventy feet into the water below. It saved him he was not. I heard at Rod Stewart tonight. Revealing his personal battle the seventy four year old singer going public with his fight against prostate cancer during a charity event diagnose during a routine checkup three years ago. Doctors doctors just gave him the all-clear. We love hearing that finding tonight here. He was a rock and Roll Hall of Famer Rickey Kasich. The car has died he provided so much of the American soundtrack soundtrack of the seventies and eighties recoup cassock was a singer songwriter guitarist and music producer and the band started in Boston releasing their first album the cars nineteen seventy the eight tau he and Benjamin or met you Cleveland after a Cassock saw or performing they would then start their own band their music just well. We need the band's. First top. Ten hit shake it. It would be twelve more top forty singles and a wife he would marry sports illustrated swimsuit model Paulina Ports Cova. They had two sons Oliver Jonathan you might think was MTV's video of the year in nineteen eighty four but oh cassock live much of his life away from the spotlight graduating from Maple Heights high school near Cleveland returning last year with the cars were inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame. I'd like to thank my wheelchair chaired grandmother for forcing me to sing in Nepal in front of her friends. When I was five years old the she also had the nerve to buy Guitar Sears Roebuck when I was about fourteen the rest is history tonight his family saying he was home recuperating recuperating from surgery his two sons were there and that he passed peacefully during the night reportedly suffering from cardiovascular disease the family grateful tonight the outpouring of love thinking about his family as we celebrate his music tonight. I'm David Muir. I hope to see them all. Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes set up screener questions. Then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight.

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