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Here are your hosts pal Abrahams and Judy Francis. Gotta make sure all the dogs are company in their little beds. When they come into the studio here, they they have a routine don't they Judy? They know exactly what's going on. And where to go do and they do not get into each other's beds. They of course, not they're assigned beds. And it's funny because whenever we say, you know, goodbye kitchen next week they pick up on that. So they know when we're finished with the show get up, and they're ready to leave the studio go outside. Ok well, they have two hours to nap. Now. A while we answer your questions at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five, and I shouldn't say we answer your questions because as you know, I'm a wealth of misinformation. So you're not asking me any questions. You're not asking Judy any questions. You'll be asking Dr Debbie who has a lifetime of experience with animals all kinds of weird animals too. So she knows she'll be able to help you in pretty sure about that. In fact, I've never ever seen her stumped in the last nineteen years has she ever said. Up to really get stops. You know that you're going to jinx me. I'm just mentioning it's a true fact one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five Lorie Brooks in the newsroom, also, very smart gal. What do you got coming up this hour? I don't know about that. But I do know I have this cool story about another unique way. I'd say incredibly unique way to remember a pet and some former NASA employees is the one who's giving us the idea. He's probably going to be the first one who's ever done this. But will learn from it. I'm always looking for great ideas to memorialize my animals. You know, the first thing that comes to my mind again is always the drone the drone. Yes. Making your cat into a drone. I always think about the wine glass that we that's cool. Yeah. The wine glass wine glass says you'll have another way that we can do that coming up in just a few minutes if you'd like to talk to Dr Demi right now pick up the phone and call one eight six six four oh five eight. Eight four zero five, and we go to is it cinnamon, high, cinnamon. I I love your name. Thank you. What's going on? Well, we have a boxer who is he is about three years and about five months now, and we got him when he was about three months old, and he was great and no problems. You took him to dog park many times. All he wanted to do was run. And just recently the last about four times going to dog park. He seems aggressive, and it's not towards specific dogs that can be any dog. He just kind of seeks him out and wants to attack. So I don't I I don't know what any hasn't been traumatized by any dog. So I don't know what is all of a sudden changed. And so is he you said he's about three plus years is he intact. Or is. He neutered is neutered. He is neutered. Okay. And then so you said there hasn't been any kind of altercation. So what kind of dogs is he playing with at the dog park. Oh, yeah. But when we go to the dog park for he goes in the big dog parks. So they're all big dogs. But he's gone after Saint Bernard, a German shepherd, a husky and the gist this weekend was very well behaved Rottweiler that wasn't causing any problems with any dogs. And then he just kinda we walked in the gate, and he he gave that look and he just kept seeking amount. And finally, you know pounce on him. He's actually having physical contact with the dog sees actually like trying to bite them. Wow. Okay. And then would outside of the dog park. What is your dog's personality like at home or if you're out leash walking? He's great. So well at home, the is great with everybody. You know, we have two kids at all to older kids at home. But he's great with the family, you know, playful, and but never harm to anybody. When we do go for walks. He's very skittish. He gets scared over everything cars found loud town. He gets really freaked out. So that's why dog parks ben- beneficial firs exercise in the past because you know, going for walks in and just out in the public is pretty hard. Okay. All right. Well, this I'm so sorry because that's for dogs that need some exercise in that are well socialized dog park can be a great thing. But for any dog with a behavioral problem? I it's the wrong place to be and I'd have to say right now. I would you know, unfortunately, I think ceasing dog park activity is really important in the fact that you say that he has some ings -iety outside of the home in other situations kind of gives us something to work on because that may give us some clues as to his behavior and the dog park so anxiety to noises to new things to movement to novel things outside of the home environment rather than being maybe protective in the home environment. Jog outside their comfort zone may actually have generalized anxiety, and how one dog response to that versus another is very individualized. So some dogs would be very fearful and trembling and cowering and others will actually react with an aggressive type behavior. And that would be part of my concern, certainly we'd have to see the individual interactions with the other dogs and see kind of their body language and their behaviors the only reason I'm. Not a super fan of dog parks is there are a lot of dogs that run around there that really have not learned proper social cues. So meaning that, you know, new dog comes in they kind of go. Hey, who's that? Hey, we don't know George Georgia's year. Hey, hi, I'm Tom. I'm Bob some dogs. Don't know how to do that kind of interactions penalites like taking a friend out that really doesn't how to socialize at the bar. So that can be off putting and other dogs with saying Boy, George is a little weird. And instead of just saying that a dog might react in an aggressive manner in that might be, you know, hackles up that might be a lunch that might be a growl every dogs a little different. So that's why dog parks. I think would be the absolute worst place for him as you trying to battle this. But the things I would work on are things that kinda take command of his anxiety. So things that bring him confidence. And for a lot of dogs. That's doing things that they're good at. So I always say like agility and exercise sports can be really empowering for dogs that need to build confidence. But obedience is really a great confidence builder. So this is something that you can do at home in a controlled environment and really practice in work, those kind of things and teaching quiet calm behavior. So a lot of people teach us settle command or a place command. And that is. Is something that you practicing reward and reward in reward. And then eventually once we get that down to a mastering then we can go out into slightly stimulating situations and try to test that and that might be only outside on the leash with a dog. You know, two blocks down the way that he can see nothing that's going to be too close up front. But that that would be kind of my prescription for working on that. Now that may mean getting a personal trainer to actually help you especially with you know, aggression issues. It can be tricky. The other thing is that the are some dogs that having zainy components that I find that anti anxiety. Medications can be part of how we approach this. But I always like to get a behaviorist to do if I wish in before we start any medicine because it does kind of alter their personality and responsiveness. So we wanna make sure that behavioral gets good evaluation beforehand. But that might be something we need to look at like, Dougie, Prozac or clip remain or something to help them. Just. Be a little more chill with those things that are unusual noisy or kind of upsetting to him. Okay. Well, that sounds great. We're on the training at home. And if that, you know isn't successful than maybe like you said get a personal trainer and Mt. What we can do in finding some other opportunities to burn off his energy interfere loves running at the dog park. Doggy treadmills are something you can train them to in the home. I have a one of my doctor friend's here. She has a treadmill for her large boxer mix at home, and it just just kind of takes a little off. So that he's not eating things around the house. So I didn't even know that was the thing. I'll look into them. Yes. Yes. Well, good luck with things and give us a follow up. If you have any questions the calls by now, one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five is the number to Dr Deb, your joy Valenti, and you can ask your questions from the free radio app for iphone, Android, blackberry. Will this delectable delicious serve Anibal radios? Brought to you by the grain free red barn. Naturals K and food for dogs and cats always made in the USA with natural functional ingredients to support your pets optimal health. You can learn more at red Bard Inc dot com. Can thanks red barn for underwriting animal radium. You're listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. Hi, this is an chef cat Cora on animal radio lease pack. Hi, it's Al Kibble with another dog tip. Are you thinking of getting a dog? Here's some things to think about before you do it firstly. Are you out of the house a lot? Do you work all the time give the idea of getting a dog some thought if you're in that situation? I mean, put yourself in the dog shoes. Imagine being locked up all alone all day with well, nobody to play with there are some dogs that like to lay around a lot in their less active, but most dogs need exercise. They need playtime and interaction sometimes folks don't think about it. But dogs are living things, and you can't turn them on and off when you want to like your TV when you get one you're making a major commitment to spend. I don't know the next thirteen to sixteen years of your life committed to a living thing making sure it has a good life. I bring this up because a lot of folks go out and get dogs without actually knowing what they're in for and again, educations your most powerful tool. You should read up. Ask yourself why you wanna dog and make a list of all the reasons then look your list over closely. And if you still think you wanna dog because you'd be a great dog parent and enjoy satisfying your dogs needs. Decide whether or not you wanna puppy or an adult dog puppies have lots of needs. They need exercise. They need to be around lots of people in lots of other dogs. They're learning about the world, and it's up to you to show it to them. Plus, you got potty train them teach him what not to chew on. In fact, you gotta teach him all the rules in ropes adult dogs, usually are a lot less work and a lot more mellow too. In fact, it's possible to get a rescue dog and adult dog that requires very little maybe just a good long walk every day and some affection the one thing you don't want to do is bring a dog home and being for lots of surprises. Not know what to expect, you know, stuff like finding your favorite shoes toot up or the drapes pulled down carpet pulled up door chewed up. I've seen it all you would not believe the destruction that a dog can do to your house. So before you get a dog think long and hard make a list and do a lot of research and reading so that you both can be happy. I'll tell you this much. There's nothing more rewarding than having a dog. They're incredibly loyal. They're always happy to see. They never lied to you. And they give you unconditional love. People say less is more at red barn. We think less is better. It's what you won't find that sets are natural premium pet food apart. No, byproducts, no, corn or soy, no fillers. Just the natural ingredients your pets need to live the healthy life. They deserve. Look at the label. We want you to read bar naturals. Petfood simply the best. Find it in your local pet. Specialty store. Jar chicken rolled food as a meal or shredded as topper everybody Lewis in the Steve Miller band just want to tell everybody out there on animal radio. Thanks for loving your pet. You're listening to animal radio bones are open at one eight six six borough five eight four zero five. Live at the red barn studios. Here's how in Judy Joey dancing in his new shoes. Here at Anibal radio. That was a song that was new shoes. Well, that was the group. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Back in the day was something as the guy you were a metal guy in the mid eighties shoes. He played that for you, Joey. Yes. Because you do have your shoes for your closet. You'll actually have to build a third closet for your sheets now to turn over his bedroom. You would make Mel the Marcos gel in me. Yeah. The Italian in me, you know. Got a question. We got an answer. Well, not necessarily I'll make it up. I want to send you knew picture because my picture on animal radio is a good old like a hundred and ten pounds heavier. You know, why was going to mention that? When I sent that picture. I thought I looked good now I look back ago. My God, I was fat. He's got one of mine from two thousand five when I weighed two hundred pounds, and he still hasn't taken it down. I've asked him agree to I'll tell you that. He's that way. You know, if you ask them nicely. He'll change the pictures because I want mine change to joy, it's we'll do it together. There's two of us now. Now, they're going to have to change it. And you know, Joey shoes look really dated in that photo. Yeah. I think they're so yesterday. What would what how what would a shoes that? We will back day flipflops versus you. Did you ever do that was before my time her shoes? Right. Thank so moccasins. So what do you have coming up on today's show? Well, I'm not all that technology like savvy died, I'm going to talk about how new software an interface, all your grooming and pet services together to give you a pet a really safe and happy experience. How's that? Okay. We're talking software coming up in just a few minutes with Joey Villani, the dogfather Laurie. What are you working on? Rabies is doggone expensive or in this case act catastrophe. You will not believe how expensive rabies can be who would wanna buy rabies. It's. James silly. Okay. That's on the way. Just a few minutes. Let's hit the phones. One eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. Hey, john. Hey, how you doing? I'm doing really good. What's going with you today? I got to pug there about thirty pounds the great. But when we get their toenails, clipped, they go crazy. Is it normal for punts? Yes. And they're a force to be reckoned with in the veterinary world, and I'll take a hundred and twenty pound Rottweiler over a pug, bernie'll trim any day. So yeah, they they tend to be really funny about their feet. Now, how how old are your doggies? They're six years old. Have they always been this way? Or is this something they've just kind of developed recently. We always been this way. But it seemed like it's getting worse. Elders. Get the getting more stubborn could be but. But for some reason, they are the the most stinky dogs when it comes to kneel trims in their fairness now nails on pugs do kind of curl in a little bit. So even the process of trimming their nails could be a little bit more upsetting than a regular pets nailed trim. But around our office, they sound like aliens when they're talking it up for the nail trim. I would do my impersonation, but it would sound really freaky. Let's go through. Okay. I'll do my best to hug with a nail trim. Wow. That's. We have a black one fon Munda, but the fawn money's the more. Larry. You know, it's sometimes challenging when you've got an adult dog that already kind of acts this way for Neil trims. But the same kind of training principles still apply that we want to make sure that we make all nail trimming as favourable as possible. So we don't want to hurt him. We don't want them quicked. So in many cases, I'll ask a veterinary professional to get involved or groomer. So that we don't cut them too short and having out she experience, and we need to really make it a super super fun experience. So I pretty much would try constant feeding of treats and in my office will use things like little little dog treats, we'll even pull out some of the Neutra calcium of the calorie paste to distract them. So we want to make it a good experience. And then even at home we would ask to really work on the foot handling. So we don't want a dog that's foot shy. And it's not just pugs but any dog to make Neil terming a favorable thing down the road. Road. We want to teach them handle the toes. So at home, you would just kinda squeeze a little bit on the nails hold their foot, and it's still position and then reward them in and we work on that regularly at home, and that makes that Neil trimming much much easier. If we practice that kind of kind of like, they do with the whales SeaWorld. They ask them to kind of come up on the on the training platform, and they give him treats for showing their their fins, and where they draw blood in. It's the same thing we got a really train dogs to really accept this and to not mind it, and you know, in some dogs occasionally pull out sedatives and tranquilizers if they're just really going to hurt themselves or hurt someone else over the whole event. But for pugs, they are just they are a special kind of dog with Neil trim. So a lot of patience and a lot of positive reinforcement goes a long way. Appreciate your call today. Have a good day. We'll then stimulating portion of animal radio is underwritten by Kensington books, cozy up with your furry friend in a great read something worth saving by sandy ward is a wonderfully touching and surprisingly funny story of a fiercely loyal cat named lily and the unbreakable bond. She shares with her human clever and observant Lilly knows that you don't have to be the biggest or the strongest a fight for the ones you love. You can find something worth saving everywhere books are soul. And learn more at said the ward books dot com. Thank you Kensington for underwriting animal radio. You're listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. Hi, everybody. This is Lorrie Morgan reminding you to please stay or neuter your pets. Something worth saving by sandy ward is touching at funny exploration of family life as told by a highly perceptive and outspoken narrator named lily who happens to be a cat Vilis of fiercely loyal friend to our humid. So when things start happening in her family, she's ready to step up and prove that she may be tiny. But she's also mighty something worth saving will make you a believer in the deep connection between humans, and they're very friends pick up a copy of something. We're saving today everywhere. Books are sold and visit Cindy ward bookstore com. For more info this animal radio news update. I'm Laurie Brooks compassion for a hungry stray kitten led to a nip on the finger, especially kittens are so bad about that. But he also took a huge chunk out of Jeanette Parker's wallet and Bank account after she cleaned off her wound. She did some research and began worrying about rabies since where she lived in Florida that county had rabies warnings up at the time. So she headed off to her local emergency room where she spent about two hours, which is actually think about it. Pretty good for an emergency room. Right. She's air for about two hours. She gets to different types of injections and an antibiotic, but she never ever even got to talk to a doctor. So it wasn't there. Very long. So she goes home, she's happy. Then she gets the Bill to nets total Bill for that little stray kitten catnip ni- catnip, I guess kept bite forty eight thousand dollars. Can you believe that eight thousand classes and care? She went to a hospital because I mean, she had to be treated for rabies. Okay. Forty eight thousand five hundred twelve dollars when the Bill comes forty six thousand of that a little bit more was for the rabies immune globulin, which is an antibody that kick starts the immune system because it provides protection from rabies until the vaccine that they also give you kicks it now normally rabies treatment, which includes the immune globulin and four doses of the vaccine which are given over a two week period. The normal cost is about three thousand dollars on average. But you know, how it goes each hospital gets to set its own prices, right? So yeah, that's crews Razi they've done a lot of things since then when the Bill came slightly a couple of weeks after that the hospital changed the prices that it charges and it went down significantly tens of thousands of dollars. But they still don't give her a break. So if you ever need rabies treatment, and you know, you don't have time usually to shop around for the best price for something. Like that check with your local health department first to see if it offers rabies treatment and still, you know with a serious disease like rabies that has to be treated. If those services are not immediately available locally at your health department. Don't wait head out to a hospital. Make sure it is in your insurers network. If you can if you have any choice in that. And by the way, it is really important because just last week as a matter of fact, rabid cat in Florida again attacked three other people, including a police officer. Yeah. You know what I do? Okay. Let it run. Its course attack of Hugh people run. Its course jelly your foaming over there. One of the editor. Remember, if it's the vaccine or the globulin wish doctor Debbie were not in the restroom right now. By the way, she's been in there for a long time since. Kill you. But one of them is actually made from people who have had the rabies vaccine. Interesting. I thought. Yeah. So is that time of year when kids are choosing the college that they want to go to and now these days, many kids are able to choose a school that will let them bring a pet in fact in Pennsylvania over the last couple of months. Several universities have recently unveiled pet friendly policies, even setting aside a portion of campus housing, so the students can bring their pet with them. There are some typical restrictions. If you're thinking great, my kid gets to take fluffy to school, well, most schools allow dogs under forty pounds over that. They're not too thrilled. They allow cats that are at least six months old. Oh, by the way, let me rephrase that dogs under forty pounds when they're full grown. So don't think that you're going to get a great Dane or a bull mastiff? And it's gonna work because it won't pets at most schools, though, can also not just oxen cats, but can include a rabbit hamsters chinchillas gerbils, Guinea, pigs or even rats, but not normally for most schools, not reptiles or anything with feathers. And I assume that has to do with respiratory diseases. That can be carried with birds. Also, a few dog breeds are excluded from a lot of campuses. And normally that's rottweilers pit bulls German shepherds, and even sometimes Dalmatians there's a former NASA employees up in Portland, Oregon who is now raising money to send the Cremades of his pet cat into space. What an incredible idea. Maybe maybe you don't have to have worked at NASA to do this. But Steve Munt did retire from his job at NASA. And then he began studying animal nutrition, he knows an animal lover retired. He gets to own seven cats will his warns tab. He named Pika chew died from pancreatitis few months ago. I think it was January was so far. He's raised fourteen hundred dollars of the five thousand dollar cost to put Pika chew into space. There is a company called Celestis, which is going to do the blast off into orbit. It says the P Q is going to be the first cat that it's memorialize this way. But every day we're coming up with new ways to remember our pets. So Mark that one of the first one this is the first off in the space for five this company will have done. Okay. But I mean, I don't know maybe we should call Ilan mosque or SpaceX and see if they've done cool way to. Memorial. I'm Laurie Brooks, get more breaking animal news anytime. We've always got it animal radio dot com. This has been an animal radio news update. Get more at animal radio dot com. Live at the red barn studios. You're listening to animal radio. Here's how and Judy. Well, Judy if you think your shoe collection is huge you should check out dogfather, Joey Villani, I believe you have your own walk in closet for just the shoes. I actually have to walk in causes. Serious one for close and one for shoes. Wow. I I do have oughta shoes. Let's put it that way. Hugh's. The me. Have you ever seen him wear the same shoes more than once think about that? For a second. Never the strange conversation is hey so again this past weekend. This is my active season at least twice a month every weekend and one the road doing some sort of pet events speaking judging something, but there was something I found really really interesting, and it's not just one company, but it's a bunch of companies and what they're doing is. They're linking all the pets services together. And what I mean is this? So if you go to a groomer, they're linking the groomer the veterinarian the dog Walker the day care, and if you'll within their systems, so let's just say that Judy. Okay. I know you do a lot of dog walking. So let's say that you accompany is linked. With the people who where they have their dog. Groom so Fluffy's groomed up the street that snipping clip you walk the dog. They go to Dr I'm Debbie you guys now all linked together. So you guys can talk and communicate in a good thing about this pet owner is, you know, golf a bit of something happens, and I'm just going to strictly talk about pet grooming because that's my, you know, foot say something happens in grooming, salon. Well, you know, you have now a community of people who can help you can't get a hold of the pet owner. So let's just say there's an incidents. Okay. We know Fluffy's veterinarian is we can get to them immediately. Because they apart of this tracking system if there's an emergency. We can get your contact them emergency people immediately, and it's all interface. It's really good stuff the company that that I that I and I have known Lincoln. But I do want to mention it because it was quite amazing was called babble balk. And as a pet owner, you can, you know, get on this system, and and and and try to integrate, you know, you'll groom you train a you of dog. Walk your veterinarian, whatever whatever services that you have a good network to have. And it's also more is on the dog in case the dog Walker notices something the groomer noticed something someone else notices something about the Doug got everybody working together. I think that's great network, except you're going to have the privacy people either the people that really re- really respect their privacy. Don't want that kind of tracking. I mean, really that kind of data what kind of animals you have the size. What they eat who takes care of them is data that could be sold to and that is being sold. Right. And I'm sure it listen. I I am sure that that is probably the, you know, the big picture and all this which but that's not the pitcher that that I'm looking at. But but I agree with you. How one hundred ten percent. But what I'm looking at is this now, I'm looking at the. As a groom. So that's why I'm actually putting in as my tip most. Whoa. I'm gonna take. I think it's everywhere. But I'm not I'm not sure, but most places that I've done seminars and have them seminars in almost every state in the US. They require rabies vaccinations in order to get licensed to you know, to own your pet so in grooming salon. There's a lot of times where it falls through the cracks in this situation. Just something so simple weakened tan. Stay on top of if the pet is up to date on vaccinations, and what you know, maybe the dog was just treated full kennel, cough was something like that. Now, what I can do is I can interface with the veterinarian say, listen, I have fluffy here, fluffy Jones and dog seems to be coughing a little bit has it seen you recently in say yeah, red flag. You know, this dog is still contagious. You need to get it out of the out of your song. Call the pet owner right away. So this is all really really good stuff that. The way I'm looking at it because if keeps the other people's pets safe and keep not only that keeps you pet safe as well. If if things that you feel about like, vaccinations, or whatever you want it to be you cannot tell you groomer or anyone that's on the system. You know, what keep me abreast of what I need to do. You know, when I need to go for my next checkup. My next appointment. Good technology if it's used properly. If you've ever shared, your home and heart with a charmingly naughty animal who's always up to mischief you'll fall in love with macgyver. The matchmaking klepto kitty in the secret life of MAC by Melinda. Metz Larry and heartwarming this possum romantic comedy. We'll have you laughing out loud as MAC that leaving tabbies deals, your heart. The secret life of MAC by Melinda. Metz is on sale now everywhere books are sold. Visit Kensington books dot com. For more info. You're listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five will this portion of available radio is underwritten in part by Schmidt's naturals, smells, seriously, amazing support capable conservation with Schmidt's special edition lily of the valley, natural Yoder it. It was created in clever with the Jane Goodall institute in five percent of each purchase supports animals in the wild. It's available now at whole foods markets and Schmitz. Com and thanks Schmitz for underwriting, animal radio fi. Who is this? Hey, casey. How you doing? Devin year old moon healer German shepherd mix and about a week ago. She's come up developed a spot on her right rear hip. And it it just he's scratched at it for a day or so, and it sounds small, but she's not expected any longer, but still just all Bishop peace, and you know, by week, maybe a week and a half down the road. Now does seem to be moving more getting worse. And so she's pretty bothered by originally though. Yeah. In fact, when I noticed it, you know, a lot of dogging scratch Montebello kick their legs. Never been wanting to do that. And she had there for just a couple of days when I knows that ball Bonder skin kinda crawl when you gonna you know, better grocer back. And all that stop within just a couple of days but the ball, but still there. Right. Where what did you say? You were calling from Casey, Dallas, Texas, Dallas, right and has Casey ever had any kind of skin problems in the past that you can ever recall. No. She never had never has. All right. Well, that scratch reflects that you're describing we look for that a lot of times with dogs as a sign of having intense itching, and that can definitely be from a wad of different things. Whether we're talking about an allergy or an infection. And I guess I'd have one more question for you kind of before we're going further is has Casey had any kind of vaccinations, recently, any kind of shots of any sort. No, she hasn't had a rabies shot about three months ago three months ago threes, and I asked that is just there is an occasional situation. Where can have a little bald spot that develops at the site of the rabies shots or some other vaccines can happen with other injections as well. But sometimes we'll see that on the right lane because a lot of veterinaries give the rabies shot in that area. So that's a possibility. But gosh, I just don't think that would really make Casey very itchy scratchy. And you're you're calling from Texas, but you travel to other states as well. Drive a truck. She gets all over the country. So naturally, she's exposed to a lot of different things. And that's the other thing is that, you know, you're going through so many different states. And in Texas. There's a lot of problems with fleas and a lot of potentials for parasites. So things such even as ticks, and those definitely cause some problems where we can see itching and scratching the other potentials we could have even like a hot spot and are have you ever heard of that before? Yeah, I've heard of it never been built with it. But it's kind of interesting things, and it's kind of layman's term, and you know, it's mostly we we describe it saying like it's a hot area, you know, as hot with inflammation or infection. And sometimes that truly is the case with a hot spot. We can actually see that from an infection or an allergy that starts it off in at scenario where the pet is very scratchy, very itchy. We'll even see some moist crusting in the area. So you know, you kind of look at it. It's like a big scabby area in the here might even come out of that. Area very easily with just mild plucking. So that might be something. If that's like he's we really need to get on some antibiotics see about getting that area cleaned up. You know, maybe some Medicated shampoos. So I don't know if you have that ability is is Casey pretty much up for any kind of a bathing any kind of topical things. Have you ever had to try that before? Really any sort of issues whatsoever. But he, you know, he'll take the past balmy to find all that. I don't know. I guess my question was this something you'd recommend. I go ahead and take her into a veternarian forum. Absolutely. I think this is, you know, especially since you described that was bothering her so bad anything that starts off that way, you know, when our pet start telling us in in having such a drastic change in their behavior, you know, focusing on that area. Then I'd say, yeah, definitely there's something that we need to address. And hopefully, it's just something where we can try with antibiotics or anti itching. Allergy medicines are so many things that we have out there that we can help. So I would say definitely that'd be the first step and the from there. I would definitely look to see if there's anything parasite wise, and I'm assuming with Casey, you're traveling. She on her own prevention and flea and tick prevention. About really on anything. She developed this. We had just left the house out to Mexico at I thought it might have been a somewhere she got much protein or something a lot of times for all. She gets AAC. What I eat rather than Dow Puccio lead a lot of faith. And I want to hear about that. That's that's like ringing in veterinary ears right now. But actually did say when you said one thing when when you said, she's not really on any hardware prevention, and I've got to stop you. They are in. I'm going to be a crusader for Casey's health right now. And I think you really need to see about getting around prevention. So go get that skin thing looked at but heart worm diseases carried by mosquitoes. This is peak season pretty much every state has it and all it takes one bite of a mosquito pass that so I would definitely encourage, you know, you call about the skin thing, but I'm gonna put my commercial in for her and to make sure we keep her healthy and protected so we're gonna do. This portion of animal radio is underwritten by Kensington books. Inspired by true stories of cats who've been caught stealing. Yes. Stealing from their humans. The secret. Life of MAC by Melinda. Metz is a hilarious in heart warming novel about an adorable klepto kitty with a passion for thievery the sideline in helping the humans in his life. Find the love they deserve the secret. Life of MAC by Melinda. Metz is available everywhere. Books are sold. You can learn more at Kensington bookstore dot com, and thanks Kensington for underwriting animal radio. You're listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. People say less is more at red barn. We think less is better. It's what you won't find that sets are natural premium petfood apart. No, byproducts, no, corn or soy, no fillers. Just a natural ingredients your pets need to live the healthy life. They deserve. Look at the label. We want you to read bar naturals pet food. Simply the best find it in your local pet. Specialty store. Giant grain free rolled food. It's protein packed with less risk of food sensitivity. Celebrating the connection with our pets. This is animal radio featuring veterinarian, Dr Debbie white groomer, Joey Villani, news director Lorie Brooks. And now from the red barn studios. Here are your hosts Hal rooms and Judy Francis. Thank you so much big. I appreciate it. Here's the number one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five on the other end of that phone right now is Judy Francis. Or we call her Saint Francis around here, and she is screaming your calls to talk to Dr Debbie or Joey Villani. Why do you have to screen? We don't really have to screen calls. Can we just put them live on the air? Do we have to we have to screen them? Okay. Screen them. Trust me you. Yeah. Okay. Firing. If I let go. Thrill you'd be surprised, and you know, the days long ago when I was first in practice. I used to take a cell phone calls in the middle of the night for emerging in. You would not believe that the many people that would call in wake up a veterinary professional at like midnight or one AM to say, hey, what time can I come pick up? My medication war. Joe ease refill. Oh, no. Where you know. My dog's not really eating can I give him chicken and rice, and yet the so there's all sorts of things that may not rise the level of something that's really worthy of say an emergency aura full conversation may be out. So you understand why we have to screen your calls here. It's one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five if you wanna talk to Dr Debbie right now, a Lorie Brooks. She does news at the bottom of the hour. Well, there's another famous face joining the foray into CBD oils, and this one wants to make some for pets. Your eyes are rolling once again, doctor did and again. Hey, chris. How're you doing? I'm doing good guys. How are you? Good. Where you calling from today. Alpine California alpine. Okay. I love that area down by San Diego. Correct. Okay. So what's going on? How can we help you? Well, I have a two and a half year old English lab black. His name is Wally and for the past couple of weeks Wally has decided that he wants to coop in the house. The only thing that I can think of you know, as far as like changes around the house that we've made we've good half to move his crate from one side of the living room to another and he's pretty much free to come and go out of the crate as he wants to. But you know, and and we have a visitor in town, my mother-in-law's here visiting and so, you know, other than that, they're not really anything. That's changed. But he will just you know, he doesn't give us any sign that he wants to get. Outside and go use bathroom, and we're not looking he'll find a spot normally right in the middle of the floor and take care of his business. And then going to look at us like, you know, what did I do? So interesting. So does he have how does he go to the bathroom? Does. He grew doggy door that you have to let him out when he goes. No, we we take him out. We live in a condo. So you know, we go and walk in pretty good and we've got several green common areas. And then, you know, we walk up and down the street, and, you know, get them to stretch his legs out and sometimes we'll take them out. So the grass pulled his leash off and just let him like run around in circles, if you times, you know, burn off some energy in suggests this the accidents does that coincide with when your mother in law has been visiting them pretty close to it. Yeah. No. She's she's a great woman. You know? I don't want to get myself in trouble years. Absolutely not. I'm calling you here because I'm not even you even go there. But guess what? I was going to get at is that anytime there is a major change in household schedules. Anything that could be perceived as a stressor to a dog and a stress is something that alters the way that they perceive or that they feel that they can move about within their environment. So that certainly could have some role that combined with changing the location of the crate where he resides, so certainly can't. So that made me, and we need to really look at his overall what he's telling us if he doesn't signal. Well, when he needs to go to the bathroom, that's one thing that we can start to try to work on hopefully, this, you know, once your visitor leaves, hopefully the poop in problem will go away. But if it doesn't than in actually can just kind of trigger this type of problem, so knowing we have a stressor things -iety dogs don't know what to do. So they fall out of their habits. And we're more. Likely to see a problem with house training. He will normally let us know if he's gotta go. He he has a way of kind of gently nudging are hand kind of grabbing our hand with his teeth. But not really by you know, she's kind of like, okay, it's time to go. He he really hasn't given us those signals like he normally does he just, you know. And this is when we have a change in the household. There's different things going on. So there's a different pattern of our behavior. What we may notice what we may recognize. So a lot of this is also addressing our own behaviour. So if you have our guest in you're having something like this than it does mean addressing some of those basic house house trained in skills in going back to square one. So, you know, making sure we are setting up special time where he can go outside without soliciting in asking for it. And you know, making sure that he is feeling included. So that, you know, we're not if we're all we're doing is visiting with our visitor, and we're not paying attention to him. We don't want to say that he's feeling bad or feeling like he's left out because then we put human emotions on it. But we've maybe more art to see some stress anxiety behaviors. So so so that's definitely and since you are in an appoint apartments, if this was a home, and he was doing that. And he still say had a doggy door access. I was still say take him on that leave and take them outside. And positive rewards. You know, when he does a potty on outside and really make it a big deal and that he's doing the right thing in the right location. And this is what makes me happy and stressed that and not so much when he has his failure. Because we don't really want it well on that because that actually can amplify a dog. That's having some anxiety over situation. And so that certainly would be the better approach with that. And and then make sure you are the areas that he is doing this. Make sure that we are using a good enzyme based cleaner to take that sent out because that is a very important part of things because there are some that when they have anxiety in they feel unsure about things they will actually defecate in the close environment because that is where they feel safe that's their homes. Oh, so for any reason he's feeling less than safe right now. You know, we wanna make sure that we're also working on his confidence in his basically has self esteem. If you will. So you know allowing him to do. Things that give him satisfaction in that he can succeed at. So if he likes to retrieve throw the ball have him give it back to you some dogs. Just physical mediums is a real reasserting on a daily basis, I'm going to request you to do this. And you do this. And you get a reward you get love, and that's just one of those things that just helps give them confidence that they're they're learning a skill. They're challenging their mind and really can make them feel more complete awesome. All right. I appreciate the advice guys. Thanks for listening. We appreciate your call toll free at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five good luck with the mother law. I know when my mother-in-law's entail. I just I get nervous and the dog picks up on that. But I try to hide it. But the dog is just smart. And so hopefully, that's not your situation. Sounds like you get along with your mother in law. Right. Yeah. Absolutely. He says with confidence. There you go. Let's head back to the phones. Thanks for calling. We'll this portion of animal radio is underwritten by embrace pet insurance providing knows detail accident and illness coverage for your dog or cat. It can be customized to fit your budget and needs simply take your dog or cat to eighty submit a claim form and get reimbursed quickly. You can learn more at embraced pen insurance dot com to get a quote in. Thanks embrace for underwriting animal radio. Let's go ahead and take another one for Dr Debbie, we have Diane. Hi, diane. How are you? Today. Good. Where are you calling from Orlando, Florida Orlando? Okay. How can we help you? I found kitten of female kitten, and we brought her in the house because it was wintertime winter for Florida, and she stayed here for a while. Actually, she's living here. Now was named her spare kitty, but spirit Titi has swollen glands. It feel like that looked like the mumps, and I know what to do about it. Okay. So she's about how old right now. Then while she's had her first heat. So I think it she might be about six or seven months old. Okay. And is she feeling sickly in any way? No, she she's very healthy. She's active. She bounces around. Okay. Got. Okay. Well, we have swollen lymph nodes especially in the neck area. A couple of things do come to mind. One of the first things I think of in kittens of about the is between three and seven months of age is they can get kind of strep infection in it's called juvenile streptococcal lymphatic night as if that's not a mouthful than than I don't know. But the basically it starts as a strep infection that they get in the tonsils and it works its way to the lymph nodes in the neck. So that certainly could be possibility there among other things. So other things in kittens that will cause they're lymph nodes to be enlarged can be some viral diseases like feeling Kimia. We can also see bacterial infections like bartonella, which are associated with cat, scratch fever. So any of these things I think are going to really justify a trip for your veterinary. And so we can get her checked out. And that might be something as I starting with getting her viral tested as well, as you know, getting a sample from the lymph node because that can tell us. A lot there. But for a lot of those things if we're not dealing with the viral thing, and we're talking about getting antibiotics and getting her treated appropriately. So that that I feel pretty favorable about that. And then we need to get this gal spayed my goodness. Oh, I know. I thought she was an older cat when I first brought on. But I went to give her to some friends because they wanted to see her for the weekends pen. When I did that she went into eat mice. I this is not a cat. Great that you took her in. But yeah, let's get her into the vet, and we can get all that team care of pre pretty easily. If it is what I think it is. Yes. Okay. Good. You're listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. And now an animal radio news brief, well, we all know that birds sing, but did you know that mice do as well, and they do it to protect themselves. So they must sing really bad or it's the same tune over and over and over again, but anyone with pet rats or mice know that they make all kinds of weird vocalisations, and of course, most species on the planet do, but when it comes to defending their territories birds tend to scream and not saying so it turns out that at least some mice do sing songs. Consist of a set of rapidly. Repeated notes called trills and notes are produced each time in animal open and closes its tiny mouth. That's about fifteen times per second. The songs vary. So mice live in the jungle of the Amazon may sound one way mice in Detroit. They've also been studied they sound another way. And I'm not really sure how mice and L A might. But next time you hear a mouse saying you're going to know why. This has been an animal radio news briefs. Get more at animal radio dot pen. Do you travel with your dog? Of course, my pets are part of our family me too. I take daisy with me everywhere. Right. Daisy too. How do you find out what hotels? Welcome you're dawn. I read Fido friendly, the traveling lifestyle magazine for you and your dog sounds perfect for planning our next vacation, right? Daisy. It is their motto is leave no dog behind and they have great hotel in destination reviews. Where can I find the magazine? Go online to Fido friendly dot com. I will for sure come on. We're off to find our next adventure. You're listening to animal radio bones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. It's radio. We love our pets here in edible radio. They eat better than us. We worship them. They're all our screen little. Little better supplements than us. And I think my dog has more clothes than I do. I think you're right on that. Surely, not as many shoes as joy Villani has in his to shoe closets. So we're a little crazy about our animals. And if you are, well, then this is your show, and we'd love to hear from you one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five and here's a little handy tip. If you can't get through on the phones right now. You're busy right now. You can download the animal radio app and ask you questions right from the animal radio app. Just like that it is for Android, iphone, and blackberry in it's free. Go download it now and another beautiful thing about the app is if there's ever a recall food recall, and you know, in the food business, there's a lot of recalls, the you'll find out I with the animal radio app, we send notifications to you. As soon as we find out about a recall and their free. So download that app right now actually know what that's ended a little rough. You don't have to go. Download it. Now, you can download it later. I didn't mean to be that wasn't a command yet, certainly not just a suggestion. What are you working on Lori? Well, there was a very civilized country. Not like some off the wall place that recently took a family's pet and sold it online. I heard about this. Yes, they thought they were right? They maintain their right? It was it's mind boggling. Yeah. We'll case dick around for that story. It's about ten minutes away. Cindy, how you doing city. Good where you calling from. You got one of those new Sports Illustrated phones, didn't you for a subscription? Didn't you? Where where are you calling from again? Stillwater oklahoma. I drove through there. Once you live there. Outside of town near. Yes. Okay. What's going on with your animal? I have the dock here in the train or we're all here for you. Well, I've got a he's about a four five year old pit bull that I've I read your that rescue animals, and I've had locked them spayed neutered at this is the first one that I've ever had murdered that he's growing up larger now than he was before heading neutered. Wow. Okay. Just rate in screwed elyria. Yes. Okay. And how long ago did he have surgery? I'm may okay. Is it getting bigger or did it get to like a big size and how how big are we talking? I mean, we're talking he fruits oranges. Softballs? That clearly. Yeah. Okay. And she told me, you know, that it happens sometimes and they're put some EMS. Oh, furious on it. But I've done that and done it, and it's still not going down. And he licks it off as this about as soon as I put it on there. So. You know, the first thing is he can't be Licken because we need to make sure this boy is in one of those lovely Elizabethan collars has with a scrotal hematoma. So basically when this happens in male dogs testicles are removed, but either because of a bleeding tendency small blood vessels that kind of choose to keep on bleeding after surgery or even some drugs can that are used for pain relief. And sometimes alter the ability to clot in. When that happens, we can get this very large buildup of blood in the scrotum, and sometimes that can be painful so for some of these dogs, they do need pain medications. We may decide to put him on antibiotics if they're the incision decides to open up at all. But it it does really require some supervision by the vet. So I'd make sure they put their eyeballs on this in it's not terribly common. So when I do see this happen, sometimes, you know, the first instinct to say, oh my. Bosch the surgery. Holy cow. And you know, before I rush rush to judgment. There are these other factors in sometimes pit bulls. Believe it or not can be a dog where I do see a tendency for some types of problems. They can't have a tendency for some types of EMF infection, some parasitic infections, actually that can alter their blood coagulation their cladding so in some areas of the country if you have ticks it might be worthwhile. Having him check for some tick borne diseases. Most of those can be treated with antibiotics if that's the case. So that's where I just want to get an eyeball on them. And in other cases, it's just like I said pain management and tincture of time the swellings as long as they're not getting bigger it can take two weeks three weeks for really for this to to go down. It looks horrible cozy feeling overall with that. Okay. You seems as if you know, everything else is, okay. He other than you know, just the way looks the acts on. Yeah. He had some bleeding afterwards. And I did have to take him back up there. And they did wrapping up for the night. Maybe that's part of it. Like you said. Yeah. In iphone through the years at every pets different. But sometimes I'll encounter a non steroidal pain reliever that we use for pain relief. And in some patients, it may cause them to bleed more just like my father who's on aspirin and blood thinners. And you know, he he gets poked with something. And you know, we've got a bleeding mess. And it's kind of like the e r when we go out in public where always wringing bandaids stick out on them. Just to try to stop the bleeding. So just to kind of relieve him until I can getting back to the vet anything. I can put on him or hitting the biggest thing is keeping him in we from that. So if you can get an Elizabethan collar without going to the vet you can check your pet stores feed stores that might be one thing. But as I pain relief, you you really got to get to the vet because I would be hesitant to tell you any over the counter pain relievers. If he's already having a bleeding issue. So I would see your vet for the pain relievers. That's gonna be the best way some doggies, you know, if he's really anxious or uncomfortable. He can get freaked out by this. So sometimes I'll use tranquilizers too. So, but that to opinion, you're going to need to talk to your vet and see them for that. Okay. Okay. I will. Thank you very much valued help pay for listening. Cindy, linens knew how that goes one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five toll free to our dream team. That's my dog. Annie, she's healthy now. But recently, she broke her leg, and I had to rush her to the vet, thankfully, she's protected by embraced pen insurance. They covered her surgery and reimbursed the clean quickly embrace offers one simple plan for unexpected accidents illnesses that you can personalize to fit your budget to learn more. Visit embraced pet insurance dot com to get a free quote policies. Underwritten by licensed insurer of American modern insurance group coverage subject to policy, terms and conditions. Visit embrace bed insurance dot com. For coverage. Details. Reminding you to stay in new your pets. Checkout animal radio highlights all the good stuff without the bla-bla-bla rows on over to animal radio dot pet. This is an animal radio news update. I'm Laurie Brooks. Well, celebrities have gone into the cannabis business. You know, what be Goldberg snoop Dogg Melissa Ethridge the list goes on. Now, we hear that. Martha Stewart is too she's teamed up with a Canadian company to create and promote new line of hemp based CBD products. And this company says it Martha's going to have an advisory role as well as the cyst with the development and brand positioning. Because Martha does it all of a new line of CBD products for humans and for animals, Dr Debbie sit down seventy seven year old that Martha is seventy seven. Can you believe that I had no clue I thought maybe sixty two years. So yeah, she is so cool when I saw her team up with snoop guy. I'm like, okay. You got me back. She she is pretty hip. She is. She says delighted to establish this partnership and share with them the knowledge that she has gained after years of experience. I love this years of experience in the subject of living. That's martha. And she had said she is his specially looking forward to their first collaboration, which they will offer sensible products for pets does when he that. She's in a she's an expert in CBD them is. Expert things you're exactly I heard that she went up there and toward the Canadian nursery or smoker, Riano what you call it where you grow it. And she taught them about how to properly smell a plant. I don't know how you'd do that, I'm a gardener. But I thought it was pretty funny. Very martha. You gotta love her. There's a town in Germany. The town is called all land spelled H L E N. They have been in the news. They are defending their decision to seize an indebted families pet pug and sell it on EBay because they say it was their last resort. They basically claim they didn't have a choice because they say they were unable to find anything else from the family who had all these back taxes to pay who said there was nothing else that they had left that had an value. So they took their dog. The town's treasurer said that the seizure of the dog was legal and only happened after other non essential household goods had been taken. So this is pretty crappy. Sorry, that's just raw take a family member. Whether they be four legged or two bigoted and hold them as ransom and try to sell. It wasn't even ransom wasn't ransom dog is gone. I mean, that's why. You know here. Even in America. We treat them like furniture their property our property, and we got to change that. So this can't happen anymore is a step worse than that. This is saying that your dog is a piece of item that we're going to cash in. And I think that's you know, there's other types of debt collection and bankruptcy. There's no reason to take someone's beloved pet. I wanna point out that they didn't pay their debts. That's why they had the dog taken. They didn't pay taxes including dog tax. So right, something we don't have here in the United States a dog tax. Well, we have tags in licensed. That's kind of a dog Tatchell. I guess you're right now respect. Dog. Her name was Atta she's a little black pug, and in the city shook it because like you said how they didn't have enough money to pay their back taxes or their dog tax. But they sold the dog EBay, right? They got eight hundred fifty four dollars. I it was actually sold in euros, of course, because it was Germany seven hundred and fifty euros. While I was shocked. That's for they can defend that decision. How can they sleep at night know, I try not to be better in in negative and everything, but I just think karma. How do you get around that one? That's just awful. Hey, when it's time for cats to go to the vet a lot of we can owner struggle with that. It's an easy, and it can be almost impossible to get a cat in a carrier, and that's an already bad start for a car right in vet. Visit that hasn't even begun yet. So there's some new research out. I wanted to share with you that says training your cat. You're not supposed to laugh, but training your cat to use a cat carrier can reduce a catch dress at the vet's office each cat in this study had twenty eight training sessions each lasting about eight minutes and involve the cats getting four traits per minute. So this is heavy on the positive reinforcement. In the study eleven cats were trained to use the cat carrier, and then a control group of eleven cats were not trained, and then all twenty two cats had this mock visit to the vet the results showed training proved to be effective in. Reducing stress during the car ride and also lead to shorter veterinary exams during which the trained cats appeared to be more relaxed. I did think there was one other interesting note in the study here in I'm sure Dr Debbie knows this to be true, they found rectal temperature. Taking of the cats was the part of the vet exam. The cats appeared to dislike the most really. Yeah. It was the only reason why some cats in the study had to have their vet exam stopped early. Well surprise on. And you know, I I love this. And I think it's a great idea. I love when my clients teach their cats accept things, but I think this needs to go even further in you need to train your cat to go into a Curio at other times other than when you go just to the vet because they will associate that curiouser with going to the vet. So it doesn't matter if you're training them if then it's followed by something scary, then they're not necessarily getting the best training out of that. So you treat them put them in the carrier, and then don't go anywhere or go to the Burger King and pick up something and go home, and you never have them removed out of the carrier. So that that goes to the next level where we did is. We took our carrier. We just put it out like it was a piece of furniture. So it's always out, and they can get into it anytime they want, and you know, they think it's door's always open. There's catnip inside. Yup. Great. You know in this study, they said they use an I actually went online and look for them this type of cat carrier, and I couldn't find one. But maybe you've seen them Dr Debbie, it's a two-part hat carrier. And you can it can go in through the door or through the top like a hole in the Trump. And it said that during the exam that the cats all went down under to the bottom part? So is there like a two part cat carrier like that? Well, there's the different access panels. No, there is a kind of cat here that I think is amazing. I've only seen one client habit. It's the kind that collapses all the way down to a flat unit. And that is you talk about getting a candidate cage. We all struggle with that November. It's like it's like the big joke. It's like, okay. We got the cat in the care. Now. How do we get it out of it? But this one particular curious actually all sides kind of full down open flat on the table, and you can examine the cat in their carrier on. That surface. And it's it's definitely less scary. So I wouldn't want your job Dr Debbie, I'll tell you the. Estranged cats that you have to dig in prod and poke in in all of I mean, they gotta get bit. Don't you've you know. You know, count mates happened. Definitely more commonly than dog bites in the veterinary practice, it just things cats are funny. They you know, things that them off a little bit differently. Where you know, if you're working with dogs, you might think, oh, this is good. You know, I I can read this. But you know, there could be one little thing. I'll tell you the worst thing in the veterinary world that will set a cat off his someone is connecting or disconnecting. The are oxygen lines to the anaesthetic machines. And if there's a count in the room in it's being examined, the courtesy is to say, hey, I have this. I'm going to connect. And you know, if you have a cat on table, you don't do that you wait because they don't like it. It sounds like a big and just kind of sends them crazy. So we try to be more thoughtful about cat handling. So we can kind of avoid those bad situations. Cat wrangling. Yeah. So Dr w need to invent a new way to take a cat temperature. Well, they have there's an ear thermometer. But you know, sometimes it's safer to be a the non biting him than sticking something in near the biting. At least in my opinion. Yeah. I I'm going to end this with some I'm determined to do this. Happy news ready, a pet cat who had to flee its home. No other choice because he was trying to escape the wildfires in northern California last year up in the town of paradise. This cat who the family has no clue. How it got out of the house? They had four cats. The cat. Dexter has finally been reunited with his family, which now lives in Missouri. They had not seen Dexter since November when they left paradise. They they fled the area themselves shortly after their house burned to the ground had their other three cats with them, and they had to leave Dexter. They had nowhere to stay no home. They had no idea where Dexter was. They had tried searching. Couldn't find him. Well, deck Dexter. Luckily was taken in by the field haven feline rescue center, which said because. Dexter was micro-chipped. That's why he is now back in the loving arms of his family. And by the way, though, I have goosebumps from this. The rescue says it's work is going to likely continue in that burned out area of the paradise big campfire area up there in northern California. They say they're going to be there for another year. Maybe two years searching because there are about a thousand other cats were still lost out there, some more happy reunions. I'm Laurie Brooks hit more breaking animal news anytime at animal radio dot com. This has been an animal radio news update. Get more at animal radio dot com. You're listening to animal radio. Find us at animal radio dot com. Log on learn more. Today's up. What item you story? I'm Nick miles. The new alpha male Tonelli concept vehicle was shown for the first time ever at the Geneva motor shop from Tonelli concept is where electrification meets beauty and dynamism. They promised a stable full of electrified vehicles. But this will be the first alpha mayo plug in hybrid premium compact SUV for the brand the Tonelli has the distinctive features of Italian style. Striking the perfect blend of valued heritage and patient of a new evolution from Alfa Romeo to see more. Go to our auto expert dot com. Our auto expert is brought to you by O'Reilly autoparts Finkel Reilly auto parts for all your car care needs. Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service at O'Reilly auto parts. Better parts better prices every day live at the red barn studios. You're listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five here's Halland Judy. Hey, Rick, welcome to the show. I'm doing great. What kind of critter do you have? She's a black lab. She's almost she'll be five in July. All right. I'm a black lab lover myself or good. We've got a little problem with her old being overweight. She's about ninety pounds. But she rides it. She did a ride with me and the truck over the road, and she was six weeks old. And I try to exercise every day throwing a tennis ball. Like I ever six times a day would do that. I mean she runs around and runs and just he's not putting the weight on. Other times of the day. Then she's writing with you and just kind of sedentary kind of ROY. Okay. So the big thing I would have to say as being a labrador. Now, I always talked body condition. So numbers to me don't always ring true. But if she's a ninety pound, and you can say as her father, you could say, yeah, she's heavy then then I trust that because the body condition is by far more meaningful than any number on the scale. So if you put your hands on her chest, and you feel like some fatty resistance before you can actually feel ribs. You know, then we then we're talking about. Yeah. Or carrying extra weight there? And if we don't have a nice little in we're turning hip when you look at the top of your dog or the side view then. Yeah. Then we're probably in the overweight category. They're so big challenges for you would be, you know, limiting your calories in an increasing your exercise. So I like the idea that you have tried doing retrieving and playing ball because that is a great way to help expand. Energy. So we want to remember that seem kind of formulas for us about thirty minutes to sixty minutes of continual exercise. So vol playing may not be able to fill up that whole time, but leash walking in other types of physical activities swimming with you wonderful things were. Yeah. And you know, what that's such it. It exhausts them. It really burns up the calories very wonderfully. But calorie-wise we really got to watch what you're putting in in the the dog is Gullit. So if if we need to get on a series weight loss program than I like to go into some of the therapeutic weight loss diets. Are ever spaded and seemed like she put on a lot of weight on right after that. Is that common? Well, we have to remember is basically when you're spaying dog where changing their metabolism. So it can lead to weight gain. If we don't change our feeding habits. So I definitely recommend a pretty much. The day ahead is leaving my office getting spayed. We have that talk about metabolism. And any lady that's gone through menopause or ended up with a hysterectomy. We'll pass that is hard to keep the weight off afterwards, and we can run into that with our dog so June continue to feed her like you did when she was, you know, a young juvenile. We really just have to limit the calories in and make sure that we keep our activity level up, and you know, keep that in mind. So it's not a reason not to say just to know that it can happen. And we just need to kind of get ahead of things before you know, they pack that weight on any one other thing, you might try, you know, even even things to keep her occupied in busy innkeeper, mentally stimulated in the cabin that Trump would be some of the different interactive toys, and you might throw some of her food and into those different little toys, if she's into the Kong toys, there's this. Z buddy is brand in and you can hide the food items in there, and that kind of has to work to get them to fall out of the different toys in Kern keeps them occupied mentally stimulated. And in really, we make it super easy. Putting that food in front of our pets that this is a great way to to make her kind of work for it. If you will. Another question. I have she expects to treat every time. She goes bad. So that's my fault. Because I. Every time she goes to the bathroom. Right. That I get out of the truck and I come back in. You know, I get real a biscuit night used to give her the medium size viscous cutter down to the puppy ones. In the puppy biscuits. And there is something in the puppy viscous that she shouldn't be getting. Okay. Well, here we go to the nitty gritty now that she's comes out Rick now, I know what the problem is definitely she's being over treated, definitely. So I guess that's the first and foremost thing you're doing exactly what my mother did every time the donkey went outside even if it wasn't. He didn't do anything. He would fake to get a cookie. We call them cookie runs in our house because my dog was so smart he'd run out come back and get a cookie. I'm like, mommy, didn't do anything and she'd be like h rely. So so, yeah, definitely I would say want to go to a high fiber biscuit, so puppy, if you're talking small, that's great. But if you're talking made for puppies. Yeah. Those are probably higher calories. And we don't need to go there. We can try substituting other things. So you can try those little fresh baby carrots. That's a great little treat. You know? You can look at her daily food amount. The what's your feeding her and take one Kibble out? And remember that you can't add more in for the day measure out her feeding amount. And if you're giving her piece of goody every time she goes outside. She may not have anything left over to eat at the end of the day. So you may want to re think your reward system. Flicker hop out. Just like a good girl. Good girl. Or something like that. You'll look at me look at the tree box. Look at me and looking at three mile. This is where it takes tough love, and I can tell you. I got those big Brown eyes from my labradors too. I treat them maybe one out of one hundred times when they do something on a command. And that's all it takes. You got some great tips there, some great ideas. Unfortunately, we are out time Rick, but thanks for your call. Well, it's time for us to bales. Let's all the kids are sales day. Now. I never heard that. I'm going to go belt with my dog around the block right now every day. I learn how unhip I am. I think he's making this stuff. I think it's for real listen, if you need a fixed or in the week, and if you do perhaps, you should also schedule an appointment with a therapist of some sort, but if you're during the week head on over to animal radio dot pet or download the animal radio app for iphone, Android, and blackberry. It we'll see you next week for more animal radio right here. Bye bye. We're bouncing is animal.

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