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I just to ruin the other captains probably going to be Greek freak looking at at the voting, but the games in Charlotte and Kemba Walker is obviously more deserving for this season than Dwayne Wade. And looks like doing Wade's going to rightfully though. Be named starter. The fans giving them one last if Kemba Walker were to like make some crazy comeback and take over as the starter. Do you think that the players coaches would give him one last like Karaz as a reserve or news only shot to get there? I think he's only shot is to be a starter. He's got a pretty big leap. Yeah. Yeah. He should be the starter. You see well since starting in the Western Conference or some interesting results, Luca Danni, which would be an all star Derrick rose would be back court start on their Minnesota just turning out to that amazing moment that fifty plus point game an incredible comeback stories having pretty good season in probably so it's cool. That's another cool story. I'm all for these cold stories twain, weight and Derrick rose, it's an exhibition. Let's nice moment. I want to bring in Brennan Tobin, our friend, hashtag third hour. Congratulations. We're very happy for you. That's one less hour of content. We have to produce him. We're going mad over here. So congratulations to you beast and LeRoy well-deserved. Sir. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it. There is a big combat sports weekend. Coming our way this weekend. We have many patio and Adrian Boehner I didn't even know this fight was even possible. I thought they were different weight classes, I just this is the ignorant casual fight fan in me. I didn't know that this was in the Roma possibility or that this was coming until this week. And that seems like just a celebrity fight doesn't it? Yeah. This is kind of just an many major sound of the new promoter. Al Hayman who has agent Brunner unders promotion, and so yeah, they both were they both were way better when they wore lighter. But this is what they don't wanna cut that way anymore. They're both older men's way older. And the hope I think is if Manny wins this fight it will set up for him another matchup with Lloyd Mayweather. So he's kind of doing Mayweather's promoter here a solid now Heyman. And and hopes that he can get another crack at Floyd. Does. He win. Kenny win many. Yeah. I think many will probably win fairly easily against Adrian Bronner because of the styles like many throws to many punches and Adrian ever since he moved up to welterweight. He just doesn't throw enough. And so he doesn't win on scorecards. He can't really knock you out of this size. So it's this is pretty made for many to get a win. He just signed a new contract without Haymond. So I don't think they want him to lose his first fight. But with Adrian, you know, he's so popular because of social media has outrageous tastes, he's like. He's kind of the first boxing star that was built through like worldstar and social media and all that he gets huge huge ratings people always tune into watch him fight. So there's gonna be a lot of eyeballs on this fight. But but manny's better skill was we're talking Brennan Tobin our good friend producer of the morning show and host of middays here on seven ninety the ticket. He is a fight game expert combat sport expert, so this is the first time many patios fought in Vegas in forever. Right. Yeah. He's huge tax issues. So because of that has been fighting overseas and China and things like that. But I guess that's all settled I think that was part of the agreement with Al Hammas like, hey, can we make some of this tax stuff go away? And and and have me fight over in America, which is much more lucrative. And apparently they did. So he's he's over here. And you know, the one thing that man, he's made a lot of money. But it was crazy. Just watching all access the Showtime twenty four seven that they put on before the fights and on Saturdays before he. Goes to jog he has like a DisneyWorld line outside of his house of people from the Philippines, and he's just giving them cash. Just just giving them cash. And so he's he's basically just funding a country out there. It's pretty wild. There's no way that he's going to be able to keep onto this money because he just he takes care of too many people. So the end game is to get even more money. Take care more people and give us a rematch to a fight that initially happened several years too late the end game here is yet another pack yell Mayweather. Yeah. That's definitely it's definitely gonna happen like because they're gonna they're gonna talk it into because when they when we came up with that fight which was a wild disappointment. Everybody was pissed because they had to pay a hundred dollars. And you got that was. Oh, yeah. Many had a shoulder injury. The entire time that he didn't disclose. And people were like what that's not fair. We bought a busted Manny Pacquiao fight. So, you know, people ended up putting a class action lawsuit together against these guys. Don't think anything really came of that. But people really mad, but they're going to go with that angle in the lead up is. This time any is at full strength. It's five years later, and he's forty years old. But this time that shoulder is fine. I have no interest in seeing that. I honestly sorta got much rather see McGregor Mayweather too. You're not with me on that. Chris was much more fun fight. I had way more fun watching that fight them. Pack Yale Mayweather. I mean, I probably would rather watch that. But I'm not like a fighting kind of like, I feel like Tobin wants no part of MAC of of Mayweather McGregor to I I wanted May- whether McGregor so bad. It was so much fun. The fight week the lead up. I just don't know how they could do it again I'd like to see McGregor box. Again. There's there's there's some talk around him fighting paulie model nausea is a former world champion does color analysis on Showtime's broadcast, and they've kind of had a personal beef because of stuff that went on in the may whether campy sparred with McGregor. So I would say if he's gonna box again, he's probably on a fight somebody like that. I can't imagine him doing doing the Floyd fight again. Jisr people flood ended up saying, oh, I carried him all that way. So I I don't think that's going to happen. Again, we work for ESPN. And by corporate mandate, we have to mention the UFC debut coming your way on ESPN. Plus, which is such a steel. I mean, really, I mean, an incredible bargain to watch all the UFC and get that entire library and have cards like this. It's so exciting. Greg hardy is making his view, which leaves me feeling very conflicted. So what can we expect from this card? Obviously there's champion versus champion main event. Dana obviously trying to make a strong impression. So what what can we expect from this card, and then if you can go into what can we expect from this relationship with the UFC and ESPN, and what that means for the future of the sport? Yeah. There's been a lot of a lot of you of secons. They're going to victory lap today because they're tied with the SPN it feels like this mainstream acceptance because obviously it is you know, the biggest is the biggest sports network in the world. So there's been a lot of that. The championship fight is is is a really good matchup. T J dillashaw the one hundred thirty five pound champion. He wants to go win another bell. That's the big thing. And you have see these days is to win belts in multiple weight classes. So he is shrinking himself down to one hundred and twenty five pounds to five hundred pseudo who beat mighty mouse Johnson for the championship. It's very good matchup. One's a wrestler. One's a dynamic striker very very even magic, but lean dillashaw, but we don't really know how that we gonna affect them. But should be really entertaining fight as far as the Greg hardy thing, it is a conflicting thing because you know, he everybody knows him for one thing. And and it's it's that it's it's how his NFL career unravel with his domestic violence with his domestic violence convictions. And that stuff getting dropped and all that stuff and basically played his way out of the league with all this stuff around him. And the thing that made it even worse was on the same card. You have page van Zandt versus a woman named Rachel ostrich. And she was she in the lead. To her five with page van Zandt was attacked by her husband had an orbital bone. Broken was in the hospital was taken off the card. So in the meanwhile, while she was off the car that aside let's Greg hardy on the ESPN card as well. And so nobody thinks that ostrich and page Avanzi are going to fight then doctors decide to clear her and she does wanna fight on the same card. So now, you have a domestic violence survivor on the same card as a notorious domestic violence of user. So that's got some odd stuff around it because Dana white is, you know, a few years removed from saying you there's no coming back from hitting a woman, and yet he's been on his TV show on the fight pass smiling from ear because Greg hardy, and he's got he's got this guy in the co main event on this debut card, which you know, he's he's he's, you know, celebrating I'm on ESPN. Now, we're finally here. And to celebrate have a former football player with all this stuff in the background. And it's the Komeda then on you have see it's kind of weird. It's like it's not it's not some dumb before they've had CNN punk. They've had in Brockton. Listener Ray Mercer on the often on before. But you know, for them to have this idea of oh, we've been accepted by the mainstream now, but we're also going to give you a little bit of freak show. It's it's it's very conflicting there, but I'm super excited to have them aboard because they have these pay per view cards, obviously. But these fight nights that they put together for sensually free, or at least a vast discount from what you would pay on pay per view, those cards or often better. I don't really understand the business model, but as someone that works for years PM thrilled about it. We need. I'm sorry. Go ahead Tobin. No, I'm just saying like that. They they do a really I think because you guys, you know, nobody nobody promotes sports better than ESPN. I do think that's going to be very good for the fighters and people will learn more about the fighters. I just think that I think that will bring it along a lot further than the relationship with FOX did I we gotta we've done enough of this fighting stuff. Yeah. It was just a big ESPN plus commercial. I don't think that's the way they'd want to promote of Greg hardy personally. But until we have token here, I got a real quick just get to what's up with Dwayne Wade boulevard is this happening. I'm trying man. The there's a big thing with this. There's a guy in the state who's like holding it up with some law. I think we talked about this before the with the Jose can say go thing you guys wanted. You know, we had an exchange. You guys are going to promote the way boulevard, and and I was gonna promote Jose Canseco streak coming back. It turns out it's Jose can Seko's fault that Dwayne doesn't have a street yet because because of Jose can say getting his street taken away. They don't want to give people who are living roads anymore. That's that's what I've been told state. State roads, the guy who is in charge of the now is from down here and knew what happened with the whole Jose can Saco thing. So now, he is taken to stay policy on a wanna give people who are living state roads. What if doing away becomes a mass murderer, and then we're stuck you Dwayne Wade boulevard. So there's a bunch of arguing over that. Like, there's big support from the city and the county to make it happen. But it's just trying to get this. This this students have people in the state to budge good thing is we do have some people down here. Repin the state that do want to tap enough. So they're trying to get into his ear, but it's just kind of held up a politics or now, but their hope is that it get done before the season's over. But I don't like that excuse there's plenty precedents still there's plenty of living people still getting roads. And he can I agree and he can tell his Rubio avenue that guy's a living Spanish language radio legend down here. He's still alive. He's still doing his damn thing. Dan, Marino's got one doesn't probably private under eats on the property owned by the why don't they just name that street like behind the arena between the water and the arena known. Wait alley. Unsettle? No, don't settle. That's not a that's that's like a drive with. That's not a road driveway. No, man. Dwayne we parking lot. How about that underneath the arena twain Wade parking lot. Can we just do this on an odd say what are the odds? Dwayne Wade's going to do something really embarrassing and his old age. I mean, what's the big deal? If it does happen. It's going to be updated on Google. It's not going to be a big deal. And it's like it's like three screws on a sign. It's it's not really that much of a big switch. I don't know what this guy. So scared of Tobin. I have a new cause to see if you want to get in on this. And I feel that you hate me. But I have this new caused I want you in on can we name the bench? You Don is has lem bench just moving forward like forever all through attorney. It's just you Don his bench. His confirmation. Good. Like the bench in the arena. Yeah. Yeah. That the players sit on no man because he's gonna get like the statue. We should get all you're gonna you know, I get that too. But I wanted to the bench after him because it won't be enough to you think you've done has it. We're going to be one to be named after the bench. Now the bench you'll be named after him. We're not gonna call you, Don his bench, mental horrible honor. And I'm Jay, congratulations. Here. The bench is named after you. Remember what you sat the last five years of your career? I mean, we get into the point where there there's a generation of heat fan said don't know you Don Heslin was actually pretty good player. And they just know you Don has lem a guy that's at the end of the bench and never plays were naming a street. Dwayne Wade drove on after him. What's the difference? Boulevard man to boulevard. It's an app fancier. There's a big difference. Purple shirt guy shows up to the all star game because we need one last weight moment with purple shirt Gheit awesome at the top five Dwayne Wade moment. So if the all star game is in Charlotte. Dwayne Wade starting we need purple shirt guy to make his comeback because purple shirt guy. He wore that loss. He went into retirement. There's no more purple shirt guy. He said he was done because he felt like he was the blame for that. Law's bring it back one last time that's happened in the memory. That's a top five Wade moment. Yeah. Man. Oh underlying. I mean, come on in here for line five. Oh, definitely not dude. He was bombed from outside talking smack five or threes that game right? First round of the playoffs, and we're facing elimination. That was an elimination game on the road. Mike. That was a gimme at five threes. Right. Yeah. And he hadn't hit a three since December that year. I'm sorry. That was a top five moment right there. That was the I was little he fans everywhere. We're losing their minds. I think it's absolute Tobin is that a top-five Dwayne Wade moment. I don't know if I a top five, but we're making these vignettes doing, it's definitely. Like in the top ten. Thank you. But what what what what? Got his floater as a rookie. You got. This is my house where he's on top of the thing shot. You got you got shot against Detroit. You got the flip alleyoop till LeBron. And that's just not top of my head for you guys. The step stepping around Gary Neal game four to even the series was tremendous. I would I would put I would put purple shirt guy. Getting lebron. We're not saying it's more important it yesterday right into the play described as more important than terms of more memorable purple shirt guy, man way, more than I forgot about it until might just run. Oh, that was cool and important about it was all those other twain weight and moments that you mentioned those were when he was in the prime of his career playing next to LeBron. This is when everybody wrote him off everyone thought he was a shell of who he was and Dwayne Wade put an entire franchise on his back again when no one thought he could do it and gave us one last moment seemingly one last moment because that was his last really great playoff series for the Miami Heat. If you're gonna go moments like like moments like that. Then you gotta go like him murdering Andersen version. That's a good one. Those are just stick out in your mind. If we're doing this by YouTube, it's probably a sex moment than purple shirt guy. But in terms of what it Brandon what emotionally what drew out of me? And just yet the way that's why he's a go that was was epic and purple shirt guy needs to be there for the all star game. Brennan tobin. You can listen to him with peace, and LeRoy hoard, what time is that show? One to four one four you gotta third hour that happen. All right. Renton. Thank you so much for joining us. Next segment. I think we're going to explore mean technology truth brought to you by Geico. Truth. You will certainly send any text about your supervisor to your supervisor, what's rats Janet's? Fangs did she lose a that? With a weed whacker? Oh and Sint, wait. No, no, no, no, no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something. Gogo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more donlevatar on me. Tweet is that Gordon? Five point going into the league. Stugatz of me. We did that Gore's which is a tough five point guard in the league. This is our show with stugotz on the ticket. Hello. And welcome to our first. In our one hundred nine episode series. Where we explore I mean half. As always I'm your host, g Lewis Gail, and I'm joined by my Sosi. It's m Ryan. Beer, are Anthony Bellamy and c w Cody C Wilford code. When you also Bennett. Point of this journey today is traverse the rugged terrain. It is amino acid. Amine. Are you ready to go on this journey with us said Ivy whispering too? Should do ever. You feel is right. Do you think you should be whispering? What do you feel his as? I'd like to speak with interesting chewing. Good. A main. Who are you? Interesting question. Data I suppose. One has to start with the definition of the word who. The ancient Mayans didn't have a word for who. They just walked around and say you. That's I don't think that's accurate. What is a mean? I'll has it. That's a good question. You know? The agent aspects didn't have. A word for what they say is. Grandma is holding onto the bed. It was working the first this is not going way or either meal how you build down to the crux of it. You know? Spectre back to the aspects. The agent visible teniente. Was going Inca fastening to think. What I did mind aspects. Choices today. They did not have a word for is. So they would just say where Meena hasn't. Talk about you, though. When is a me no acid right now. Excellent. Great. Excellent. Let's see what the pros this differently. There's some things money can't buy and for everything else. There's mastercard. Is it a question? It's whatever mean wanted to be. Inaccurate. Speaking of wow. Speaking of money number are you? Twelve twelve twelve twenty. I think that perfectly into this next question on a scale of eight through j what letter you a? Verse initial most common. This mean is it in you? Yes. How did it get? There was born with it. Maybe you're born with. And maybe it's maybe lane. It is is it may have been to the makeup whom lot LA's. So could be would you rather have a broad knowledge base or a deep knowledge base? The no lot about abroad. On the line. Leave home without it. Never don't. I mean, if you a fish, what fish would you be? Parana may call. You mean, we didn't get to know. You may not what you middle name. I don't have one. So how do we do this ale house nothing? I'll have nothing like, you know, has the agent Babylonians did not have I nothing if you were fish fish. Would you be Veronica you would just checking the CNN different answers consistencies? So what is your ideal outdoor temperature? Eighty four degrees. Normally people go in the seventies. But what's your ideal indoor temperature? Seventy four degrees. It's a truly better. If it's a dry, heat tend to variance depends on how we're talking at some point. It doesn't matter. What point is that? I would say somewhere in the one oh seven one eight. Harry, warm, my favorite degrees. Ninety eight degrees on the band Nicklaus question. Thanks, a lot nickel question nothing ocean or leak ocean. Psalter fresh salt. About you doper? Nope. Nope. Whole milk or two percent. Neither up got milk. Don't anymore. Macos? Before interest fart didn't always have happily happened as got older when did that start the farting you have to milk about three or four years ago? And that concerns you. Yeah. I missed cereal. Syria without milk. What's a breakfast of John's? No, I can't what's practice champion weeds. Interest. He feel like you're blaming the milk when it could just be you. I thought so for a long time try to fight through it. But then I realized one day look, you gotta give it up give up the ghost. Are you concerned that society has put you in box where you feel like union Mead milk in your cereal? No, I quite enjoy. It. Have you tried other things in your Syria, tried almond milk? Didn't like what are you drink with your milk and cereal water? I wouldn't put watering your cereal because it's a completely different. Have you tried it? Your cereal water if you could have you. I don't believe in college. When you don't have. Confrontation. I apologize for that. Just believe all these are like this careful if you could if you could cut any produce into your Syria with water. Which would that be strawberries? With Detroit's choice. Chocolate cherry, airing. Favorite flavor milk? Strawberry. Going to go talk to the no I d joyous. Did you know that strawberries closely related to bananas? I know that they're always together when it comes to yogurt strawberry banana seems to be a very winning common. Cousins other cousins, do they share a mother or father cousins don't work like that. That's true. While their parents do is early country. Yeah. Arts countries, do Senator. I would like to apologize part of the country. Trying to figure out strawberries parents are related bananas. Parents if it's the mother father. Ternal? Yeah. Nothing. We'll move on. Nothing has in do you. Let your fingers do the walking. No. Good. That'd be impractical. Describe your perfect meal. The right temperature not too hot were burns inside of my mouth. But also hasn't gotten coke. Just the right warmth. Describe your perfect gluten free meal. The glass of water. Do you agree that when it rains it pours? Do agree. In every instance. In the. Metaphorical sense. Yes. In the literal sense now, sometimes destroys, okay? Truly believe that New York never sleeps. Yes. Never never no naps. Who think it's the city that never sleeps this Lawrence, O, months Vegas. Yes. There's like a two hour window. Biggest were sleepiq acids seekers. What city sleeps the most? Depends on how you define city. Wow. How do you define funding? By the ancient. Malade this again. Lays over this entire thing. Have you seen the new Cardi B music video? I have not should check it out. You should check it out at degree. Did you like it like that? You will. I enjoyed it was. If you had a cat will would you name it? Get out of my house. I'm allergic bit wordy once been wearing with it's ineffective names true. Yeah. Could you take licking and keep on ticking? I prefer it. All right. Take liking what year were you the happiest wait don't think about. Don't rush take all the time you need Sarah Satit, check out this video grace too much time. I mean, Jessica dire. Like, I would say two thousand she's not now chichi and all of friends on a boat and just like half of two thousand nine. Bought second half of two thousand nine in the first half of two thousand basically July two thousand nine June two thousand spots as Vanik heritage situations half, she has an outfit made of red bandannas breathtaking. But I think it might be related to king Stotts offering what flavor ice cream, are you? Cookies and cream. Try scream topping best describes your current state. Cheesecake bites what ice cream topping would you like to become? I would say. Blueberries it's almost as if she's a leader of a torquing Colt and everyone ASA follower instruction vol. Get stronger than the last let nice cream flavor. Aren't you? Pistachio? I cannot. Ciro alexa. Carney goings, RDA Barney. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Mike contract. Do you prefer crush lease or cute? Depends on the beverage. Buy some beverages. Go better with nice queue by some. A question which beverages? Slushies go peddle question. Well, slushy slushy is crush dice. Plus, she doesn't have any. What slush she is going to have slushing liquid? No, I understand what is cube as discussing what he's a crushed ice where ice cube said question ice cube rights t. I scoop really it's really talented body painter. You should really see this not at work. And that's the. City is that what they'll be stands for? That's not safe for not suitable. Nick. Lineup. This is not safe. The saints. Safer. Suitable earned a city girl before this video. Easy. I don't watch the video you'll know member forget. All right. I think we learned absolately nothing today Amine. You seemed very uncooperative if I'm being completely Frank. I enjoyed the journey. Learn something city, but ancient Israelites again Jesus. Thank you so much for wasting everyone's time on city girls. Donlevatar would you mind if the new owners of the Marlins knocked down that statue and centerfield eyesore, but it's gotten to the point that it's you know, our eyesore. It's something that we all laugh at together. Right. So bad that it's become good. You wouldn't go to New York and take away the apple then come on still God's would you guys? Look at a lot of other things and describe it that way, it's something that I mock. But it's something that is in the middle of my city. So therefore, I'm proud of it and don't want it removed pit bull. Okay. You went. This is Dr show with stugotz on the ticket the telephone number. If you wanna talk to David Sampson, seven eight six four five six four eight three seven baseball questions movie questioned entertainment questions. Etiquette questions have added with David Samson at seven eight six four five six four three seven. I mean, I'll has it's going to be filling in for Stu dots today playing the role of getting sent to the penalty box. Whenever it is that he does something that is show killing David Samson with us now again telephone number seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. He's the former Marlins team president. What what is the movie we're talking about this week? Hey, it's a great time ear it's Oscar time, I'm reviewing bohemian rhapsody, which is obviously what everyone knows movie about Queen, Freddie. Mercury. Played by Rani. Molla Kuh is going to win the best actor it's between him and Christian bale and vice which we talked about last week. It's an unbelievable performance better than Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison and the doors. That's how good he was being Freddie, Mercury. The movie itself is absolutely imploding with three exceptions. Is it too early to do? Spoiler alert as everyone else to do. Spoiler alert. Yeah. You can't you can't be telling people yet about human rabbit in terms of things that are going to spoil the stores spoiler. Could there be it's a bio pic and thirty plus years ago? I agree with that. The fact is he dies at the end. Deigned it right here for all listeners. Freddie. Mercury dies. So you'd like them moving. I had no idea you'd like them movie David which is a little surprising. It's actually the worst reviewed movie to ever win the Golden Globe for best picture drama, and I'm a huge Queen fan. And I also like Remmy Malik, and I was disappointed by the movie thoroughly I thought they took such creative license at then think it was honest, but the Live Aid scene at the end that was worth the price of admission. Well, those are the things that was going to talk about I was very disappointed with the four five things that they did that they don't need to do. And it made me think about all the movies that are based on true stories. Why is it for dramatic purposes? You have to add certain things when the story itself is so dramatic. This is the number one example where they didn't have to do it. And they did. And that's why it's been reviewed so badly, but you have to see it not just for the Live Aid seen, but. All the musical scene. You end up. I was here in the last twenty minutes of the entire movie thinking about the impact Queen had. And what a group they weren't. How sad it is. But he died so young it is kind of awkward at award season two because Bryan singer was essentially kicked off the project because of how he was treating people onset. So it's now winning all these awards yet Bryan singer is not there yet got full credit for the first thing that I did after watching this movie, by the way, I woke up the next morning, and I saw the actual Live Aid performance. You should always get to shot. Shot. It's amazing. How will they did that down to the, you know, the the soda on the piano, everything every little thing? Remmy Malik deserves the award just based on how well he imitated him. I had a chance to talk about this movie with someone who is who is not alive during the time of live eight because I wanted to understand what their view of Live Aid was and the worst part is there would some recognition of the words Live Aid or band-aid. But no idea that it was that type of concert. No idea that it was simultaneously in Philadelphia. And London that Phil Collins did both on the same day. No idea of any of it. Bob geldof. I might as well have been talking as though I three is. It was terrible. I'm curious though. Because the reviews that I've read one of the main criticisms is that the story doesn't seem authentic that for as as much as they got the details. Right. And I haven't seen it. But what's dissuaded me from seeing as the number of people? Think that's not how it happened. That's not real. Well, the majority is real and you're seeing it for performance sometimes you see movies because the performance by the actress so good that you have to see it. And this is an example, he became, Freddie. Mercury. You go back and not just look at Live Aid. But look at concert footage of Queen look at some of their videos, and he practice Rani Malik did for months to become Freddie, mercury's got the draw line. He put in the fake to do it. That itself is worth your time. With all the crap that you watched Dan, this is two hours. You'll be brought back to the musical times of your childhood. And it will make you smile. I don't remember who it was yesterday who was talking about Will Smith being the best actor of our generation was you mean was I was I said it, but it was Stanley down to the Detroit Pistons with I express well, but Will Smith, and I know you guys can laugh at that. But in terms of recreating personality. Well, what he did with Ali to me felt like the height of acting that he reached a place where? I was like man I can suspend disbelief and here Ali and here the there was that's another great example of the shot for shot recreation. If you watch the fight with Sonny liston, the first fight in the movie, and that's the fight that Mohammed Ali becomes heavyweight champion the world. It is exact same oceans exact same faints the same blows same pacing. It is pretty incredible. Inner win anything for that. Didn't all it was nominated win. What did you want anything? I thought he was great. But I think that's that's another example. That's the performance you have to watch the movie was fine. But, but that's that's the performance same with the doors, which which we talked about. But there's a lot of actors were a lot better than than Will Smith. He's he's good. But I to call the actor of generation, I think that's a little mutt. No. Of course, it is. But what I'm saying? Is that in that one roll man go and give me all the time in in terms of what it is that we're talking about here with Bahamian rhapsody and Mohammed Ali where somebody was so realistic in a role that you were able to suspend the disbelief and believed that they were this pioneering figure that you. Remember, I got one for you. Jim Carey man on the moon plane. Andy Kaufman, excellent. How about Malcolm X, how about Denzel and Malcolm X? I didn't suspend belief. That was always Denzel Benz L is always Denzel. That's one of the things. He it's hard to go past him diso one for training day that year alley the same year that Will Smith was nominated. However, we should correct Will Smith did win an award for Ali. He won the B T award, man. I I apologize. Could anybody sit here and say that Denzo in training day? And I love training date was better than Will Smith. And I'll Li like that's not the degree of difficulty on that kind of acting come on. Like, I'm strong, Denzel wasn't good. I'm saying you're trying to recreate a legendary pioneering figure and you did it. So well that most people were awed by that's not what Denzel didn't training. And I think it's just a I think that's probably the rule Benz L is going to be remembered most for and that's a that's a really difficult year for Wilson to have his role that he's going to be remembered most for to go up against dens out on the poll place at lebatardshow outta virtuosity. I'm gonna I'm gonna remember the titans. I wish I'd given you the room to tell gel Washington will not be remembered for training day and Will Smith will not be remembered for late. We'll Smith is way more of an action star. He is he's made more money. More people seeing that more people have seen Will Smith and bad boys and in focus than they did in Ali. Focus all man, man. That's anything with Margot. Robbie is something that people are watching. Sorry. A great movie. Oh, come on. It is. I'm on David focus is a great movie. Right. Focus was a great moving. No, have you seen focus. You know, how the whole Super Bowl because of focus. I'm like really concerned every time I go to an ATM because I'm afraid that someone's going to combine like a couple minutes later and just pop off the thing, and they're gonna take my code the of the guy. Did it seems so simple to do that as your ally? David the better one for focuses you'd worry about which is the power of persuasion, when you're asked to choose the number to choose the colored think about something, and you there you may have been set up the entire week before to think about a specific thing that was the freaky scene of that movie. Billy the idea that you would put focus in the same category of Wilson's playing Ali. I put it above that. It's one of the most offensive things I've ever heard. I've never seen Ali. Well that explains your day. All right. All right congratulate that interested you gotta look past your love of Lee. And you've got to talk about the actor who played it. I leave course is bigger figure more important figure that a made up movie about a con art. No, I'm talking about degree of difficulty. You're trying to capture night kind of no one disputes that you captured him no one. Well, he's right about the dairies are easily able to imitate they just are you take enough time. Rami Malecki did great. But he put in the time if what about Christian bale with every single accent. He uses never heard him talk. He's one of the seminal thespians of our time. This other guy was with the fresh prince. He is a fresh friend is that he was sorry with jazzy, Jeff my bad. But it's a fine. He's Jeff would have also been comedic -ly funnier is a phrase, but he's absolutely right about zone. Not being remembered for train. He's going to be remembered from alpha mex-, Philadelphia what I would guess Philadelphia to city maybe jazzy, Jeff the cornermen in the movie because that would be dope, Jamie Foxx list. Jamie FOX is going to actually pretty dope man on fire. And don't forget the equalizer that's on the sequel. Cheney is. Yeah. That's asking for that. Sequel is we have a pretty now remembered for Katie Holmes, and that's about it. Oh, we gotta do this more often with David because it's fairly evergreen concept where we pitch an actor. And you say what role was that person known for in your mind? I would have liked us Denzel that question. We'll ask him next time. He comes on David. We'll talk to you next week. Thank you, sir. All right. Take care. Bye. I wonder what Harold shirts pinions every week. He's got he's got questionable move. Just wait till he leaves to say their specialty in your thank him. I mean is so good at that. You think David who's on hold listening to him back up? I'm David did. You hear go ahead of me taking up with David always gone now. It's time. Now you next time. Oh my God. I mean, your your level of cowardice I have yet to see its limits. Like, you gotta give them a piece of my mind, by the way, you were giving Mageza PC your mind yesterday. But it was only happening inside your mind.

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