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The Strange long life of Rosa May


Welcome to kiss myths and Mystery Syam your host kit chrome today. The strange long life of Rosa may the the ghost town of Bodey California's often referred to as being frozen in time. That's because buildings have been preserved just as they were when the state took over. Over the care of the town there are no plaques in front of buildings no signs directing tourists although the nature of the goes town of Bodey as being frozen in time has been intended for the buildings there is a citizen rather a former citizen who qualifies for being frozen in time that person would be Rosa may also known as Rosa Elizabeth Whiten Rosa May or lick one story. Rosa Rosa May is that she nursed sick miners during an epidemic and succumbed to the onless herself when it came time to bury her good citizens of Bodey warden want her in their cemetery because she was a prostitute yet. There is evidence that she made enough money implying her trait to buy a house in town. Oh but there is equal evidence that she left Bodey and moved to Virginia City Nevada about that same time says there is no record of either an epidemic in Bodey or of a house in her name. Virginia City Seems To win out surfing residents but wait. There's more in eighteen sixty the eight. A woman in Virginia sitting about identified as a prostitute named Rosa May. Oleg was run down by a wagon pulled by a team of Horses Thirty One Mile Southeast abode is Lee vining in eighteen eighty eight a prostitute name rose. Elizabeth White was pushed out a window of a two story building holding. The sheriff's report said that she broke her net twenty years later in nineteen. Oh eight Lee. vining a known prostitute name Rosie Rosa was found shot to death at our living quarters in nineteen eighteen during the epidemic Spanish flu prostitute. Name Rosa may made the rounds of the boarding boarding houses and minors in Bodey and treated them but by nineteen twenty body was down to a population of one hundred ten and the last banker James. CAIN was buying up every parcel of land. He could get his hands on including many mining claims by the nineteen forties. Most of the land. That town mm sat on was still owned by the Kane family except for a few old timers including the son of the town's only butcher John Donnelly. There were only empty. The buildings in one thousand nine hundred fifty four John Donnelly son moved him to Tahoe and his residence there. It was there in Lake Tahoe. That John Donnelly senior would tell stories about these last days as a mining boomtown anyone that would listen among the stories was how when he was a young boy his father became became ill and how a town prostitute Rosa may nursed him day and night totally recovered at one hundred five John. Donnelly senior was placed in a nursing in home on the outskirts of truckee California. It was here that a certified nursing assistant cared for him until he passed away on the death certificate the name aim of the attending. CNA who was in attendance at the time of his passing was Rosa. May the strange long life of Rosa May was produced here at night. Owl Sound Studio Radio and brought to you by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library now creek cabin and Al Creek Cabin Dot Com. Check it out. Listen tomorrow to hidden history history and every Monday Wednesday and Friday to kiss myths and mysteries. This is Ken Chrome thanks for listening.

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